Raniere Moved to Different Cell so He Can’t See Dancers; as Dancers Admit Raniere Connection and Vow to Continue!

Taking a shift in tactics – the weareasyou dance protest group [AKA The Forgotten Ones] has admitted their Nxivm connection. In addition to one of their founders, Eduardo Asonsolo, disclosing it on a podcast, the group has issued a press release on their website issued admitting their relationship with Keith Alan Raniere, the Nxivm leader. 

In my opinion, it is an excellent thing that the Forgotten Ones have admitted their association with Raniere. Now, they can protest and dance without misleading others. Their ostensible cause is a good one.  This is one of the more honest statements made by anyone connected to Nxivm seen in a long time.  

In their press statement, they say that Raniere has been punished for the dance group and moved to a different cell so he cannot see the dancers.

Here is their press statement:


On July 3, three friends visited the parking lot of Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn to wave to their friend Keith Raniere, who has been detained there since April 2018.

Those incarcerated at this facility have had very limited communication and experienced harsh restrictions due to COVID-19 lockdowns. At first, they were given only five minutes outside their cells daily to shower, make a phone call, buy from the commissary, etc. And yes, it’s as impossible as it sounds.

Eventually this time was extended to an hour, and now three, but they still haven’t been allowed any visitors, including attorney visits, since March, and have been told that may continue until next year.

In addition to being deprived of basic medical attention or proper COVID precautions, the men are subject to invasive raids and violent and punitive treatment. The conditions inside are worse than what most people would accept for their pets.

During that first visit, it was evident that the conditions and scarcity of communication with anyone on the outside made every little gesture that much more meaningful and precious.

In the absence of humanity, even a flickering light in the distance can be a beacon of hope. At first it was just waves and flashing lights, then one of the friends did a moonwalk and more men started to come to their windows. The subtle feeling of connection was so uplifting, she cranked up the car stereo and started to dance.

Suddenly there was a cacophony of banging on the windows and, in that moment, the movement was born. Every night since, more people have been showing up to dance and show support for those who have mostly been forgotten. The movement is intended to honor the humanity of all the forgotten ones, starting with those behind bars.

The team receives messages and phone calls every day from friends and family who are being told by their brothers, husbands, cousins and fathers that there are people dancing in the parking lot and how much they love the show.

In the midst of bad news, like court dates being pushed indefinitely, the dancing and human connection is a welcome reprieve. Also, loved ones who haven’t been able to visit, or who live far away, are touched by the gesture and the ability to feel closer through the Instagram livestream.

The gratitude, while heartwarming, exposes issues within our culture and justice system that should be unconscionable in a so-called civilized society. Treating anyone as less than human, no matter what their circumstance, background or belief system, goes against the very foundation on which this country was built.

While the spirit of these gatherings is one of service, without political agenda, the response is already shining a light on the oppression within our system that is otherwise hidden. What happens from the time of arrest, to trial, to sentencing and thereafter in this country is largely under veil. There is a deep need for transparency and accountability on an individual level because the transgressions taking place within the system are an effect of personal decisions.

Rather than asking, how did this happen? We should be asking, who made this happen? For example, because of the prejudice in the media against Keith Raniere and his friends, individuals armed with hate and lies are trying to hijack this peaceful movement and make it into something it’s not.

Keith was promptly punished for writing an email about how wonderful it was to see his friends connecting with and recognizing the men inside. Keenly aware of the dire need for humanity inside, Keith encouraged the movement to expand, with the hope that anyone with friends or family who are incarcerated could gather and dance like this at facilities across the country.

Although Keith was moved so he could no longer witness the dancing, his friends and others continue to show up because this is about restoring humanity to the people inside and bringing joy to the forgotten ones. For this reason, the show must go on, and the punishments that run rampant within our prison system must be seen and addressed.

While speaking up about these issues is highly dangerous, both for people inside and outside, it is a moral imperative for anyone with a voice and a conscience. The individuals who enact these crimes against humanity behind closed doors must be held accountable and it is up to the public to say “enough is enough.” It is equally important to remind the recipients of this oppression that they are not forgotten.

No matter what amount of hate, fear or prejudice is unearthed in this process, what matters is that we show up and not get distracted. Love and human connection conquers all, and through these acts of joyful expression and humanity, we hope to inspire others, whether they have loved ones inside or simply love in their hearts, to join these efforts.



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  • I’m profoundly saddened and frustrated by this display of crime cult madness, however worthy the “cause.”

    One thing Nicki Cline could ask herself if she ever dared question is why “Nico” (a masculinization of her name) became her pet name for Keith? (I’m not even going near “Dee” as for Keith’s nickname for Nicki.)

    I believe it’s bc from early on Keith and his she-wolf pack applied some basic psychology — straight out of my own psyche 101 college textbooks, in part — about Animus projection to hook in acolytes and cause them to fall in forever “love” with Keith.

    They’re in love with a false, contrived image that matches their intangible, subconscious masculine identity, not with the real Keith Raniere.

    I personally know some former NXIANs who are STILL entrapped that way, much as they may appear to be against Keith, NXIVM and all it’s really about.

    My sister, Gina, was caught up in that trap for years with Keith and, as Keith boasted of following her ultimate demise, it contributes to a state of “cognitive dissonance” —when one struggles to regain herself from it — that Keith has publicly boasted he can induce on any individual through psychological manipulation.

    Keith, with the help of his partners and devotees, deliberately, calculatingly represents himself as the personification of the inner Male that pervades the subconscious psyche of females and, perhaps, gay or even more effete males who aren’t necessarily sexually attracted to the same sex.

    It is a projection, reflection of themselves, to which they are attached and it’s going to take some serious intervention to deprogram these slaves of their own projected psyche’s.

    Even Keith’s death won’t cure it any more than his imprisonment, obviously. In fact, without any reality to compare this internalized fantasy image to, “Keith” or “Vanguard” or “Nico,” whatever you call IT, could take on the proportions of Jesus Christ and/or Lucifer – or, at least L. Ron Hubbard if not Kim Jong-un, to which Keith Raniere in his megalomania or “God complex” has always aspired.

  • You really hit the nail on the head in this article. It’s very strange and immoral to follow and worship a pervert, not sure if these people understand that concept. After listening to “Eduardo, the Raniere loyalist”, he literally believes, his Vanguard, is a victim of injustice. Somewhere, is a fountain of rainbow-colored Kool-aid flowing endlessly for him. Plus they’re all idiots, just like Nicki gave good face in Mexico and foiled the hideout, she’s now ruined Keith’s cell with a view. These are absolutely the shittiest slaves ever bestowed upon a “Master”.

    • “These are absolutely the shittiest slaves ever bestowed upon a “Master”.”

      Nicki is one of the best slaves you could find just to take down Keith Raniere. Without Nicki, he might have been spared the 15 years minimum sentence for child pornography, if Nicki had only destroyed the evidence as ordered. And now Nicki delivers the arguments that guarantee that Keith Raniere is allowed to spend a contemplative life in a supermax prison. Hoora,y for Nicki.

  • Kim Snyder
    They need to move Vantwerp under the jail- he has NO business seeing or hearing anything. He is a twerp!
    Vantwerp is NEVER getting out of jail. He is in to stay. He committed the crime- he needs to suffer the rest of his life.
    Vantwerp had a hand in my ONLY sister’s death – and he needs to sit and suffer the rest of his life. He will be a menace for the rest of his life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The prison needs to put him in solitary confinement, and keep him there – until he dies – bread and water until he is dead.
    He is NOT getting OUT – so people, get over it- he is a menace to society.
    Vantwerp admitted- “I killed people, and had people killed- for their beliefs”. He is a seducer/ rapist and killer!!!!!!!!! He is NEVER getting out – unless it is in a body bag!!!!!!
    Vantwerp does NOT deserve computer time, phone time or anything else – he needs to suffer for what he has done. He is NEVER getting out of prison – get over it- go find something else to do. Vantwerp is NOT a hero- he is a child predator- and a killer!!!!!!!!!! Get over yourselves- Vantwerphas been convicted for his crimes- and he is where he needs to be!!!!!!!!

  • Just ignore that NXIVM is a sex slave cult, because they are virtue signaling pretending to be good. That makes anything okay.

    • Along those thoughts, why does Edgar Bronfman ignore that his sisters were actually enslaved and branded? Why hasn’t he murdered a hundred people? Same for all the other brothers and fathers. Even in the collapse, nothing makes sense.

  • Don’t you see that this is a lesson from Keith? He is teaching humanity about horrid prison conditions. Once that is done he will be released. First, the world needs to see how badly the USA treats its prisoners.
    This is Keith’s purpose for being arrested and convicted. He is in control. Do not doubt. When his purpose is fulfilled, he will – with the power of his cosmic mind – release himself.
    He will be physically with us this year. As a woman of color, I appreciate what he is doing for the many many men and women of color disproportionately imprisoned in this brutal butchery called the racist US prison system or incarceration nation. We love you forever Vanguard and will never leave you!!!!

  • Nicki Clyne’s new group, We Are The Forgotten Ones, follows some very radical people.
    People like Brooklyn’s Linda Sarsour, an Islamic radical.

    Linda Sarsour

    Who is Linda Sarsour?
    Ingraham: Anti-Semitism hiding in plain sight

    • I would not watch this botoxed highly paid monkey deliver scum hogwash as “news”. Typical of the Murdoch family… typical.

      No, I am not a Muslim. Not even religious.

      This long haired botoxed monkey does anything but broadcast objective, impartial news.

      What an imbecile, smug airhead, dressed up monkey…

      • You don’t have to pay attention to Ingraham, [redacted]

        Just watch Sarsour in her own words on video. LOL

  • Islamic radicals recruit new followers in prisons.
    Watch for NXIVM under Legatus Pro Tempore Nicki Clyne to see prisons as a fertile ground for finding new recruits.

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    1. Frank Report is a nicer place.

    2. We each think we can do a better job than Frank at picking and choosing what gets redacted.

    3. It’s already been a smashing success by driving away Bangcock. Will redacted be next to go? LOL

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    9. Frank posting 3 comments a day and sitting on 100 comments may very well be his writing on the wall for these poor degenerate FR commenters. Some of us may want to start researching stamp collecting, quilting, model airplanes, or the latest & greatest MLM. I’ve spent the last 2 days learning how to ride a unicycle.

  • Here’s the real reason why they take down the videos, below are the people making comments during the first several minutes of the live feed – feel free to contact them after the show and educate them about NXIVM, plus it’s good there are some soy-boys dancing for the gays and Ghislaine Maxwell, and I can’t wait for the inevitable Brooklyn drive-by shooting:

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    brettgdiamondPowerful interview on this movement: https://youtu.be/P_tKxCa7Vv8
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    dasunsoloTune into hot 97.1 to listen what everyone there is listening to!
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    Also, doing an instagram search for “weareasyou” which should be weareascriminalasyou, provides LOT of NXIVM information: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/weareasyou/

    These people are as smart as Raniere himself, who has been confined for over two years and probably will be for the remainder of his life. LOL

    Now that they got the media attention that they were seeking, they don’t want it. LOL

    When Scott was in the U.S. Navy, he often needed to do three things when he got done standing a watch, eat, sleep, and shower, but he only had enough time for one or two of these. He also stood what is call “five and dimes” which means five hours (one of these was four hours) on watch and 10 off, it means your body clock is continually being shifted and it has been blamed for some of the recent collisions at sea: https://search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?hspart=Lkry&hsimp=yhs-SF3&publisherid=57529&type=YHS_OBSY_57529&obt9bpdyed=0&p=five+and+dimes+navy&param1=mT_EH2EkghhPxHkC7jJFENiQX0PLZpPEXkWqmzVaTVJhyfmtiBasZEaq1GL_lYHplYhjBJ5qO42MwIVQfCbCagfk-LO_5fCo-h2Y2eZIKkFothf7odmhN9oKjW8NRn0WgfrD9Hz6veaPDaYLmrlO1O93PunLPz4KAqV4Hyj3DgKR-RyMM_X7Icc99GVesYzFqLmhHqtLkPEG2QDWBaIeVgLkEUcUZmVjc2SF0nDgV6XR00o9gWw%2c. Of course, the 10 “off” meant he needed to do his Division Officer work during the working day, so it wasn’t a picnic, whereas these people are just sitting on their butts. LOL

  • The press release, and the cause, in my opinion, would be more believable but for the Nico and love signs to KAR.

  • There is a saying that a friend and I sometimes employ when discussing someone’s hopes of getting their lives in order:

    “What do you think their chances are?”

    “Not in this lifetime…”

    Or even shorter:

    “How are they?

    “Not in this lifetime…”

    And so it is for some.

  • So much for the much-vaunted NiceGuy 666 Morse Code theory. LOL

    I said several days ago they probably moved Raniere so he couldn’t communicate with the “dancers” in any manner. LOL

    Morse Code. LOL

    On another note, Scott served as an officer in the U.S. Navy as a “nuke” on a nuclear-powered surface ship and the personal space and confinement on a ship isn’t much different than the criminals locked up at MDC, and submarines are even more intrusive with the use of “hot-bunking” because of lack of space, so Scott won’t be crying himself to sleep tonight over the “plight” of these prisoners, and I doubt the public will be willing to spend the taxes necessary to improve the living conditions at MDC, because the anarchists want any funding that comes from defunding the police to continue their criminal activities – good thing Trump refused to bail out Minnesota for their damage claim. LOL

    • You should write this:

      Lying and deceitful women and men dancing for slavery and its slave owner and for the end of all freedom.

  • I’m glad to see that these jackoffs feel so badly about prisoners who have been forgotten. wearetheforgottenones.org

    I don’t, however, recall much sympathy for Daniela while she was locked alone in a room for two years. ‘I was gone from the world and nobody noticed,” Dani said in the most crushing testimony of the trial.

    Did they dance for Dani outside her blacked-out window? Did they make sure Dani was getting adequate food and medical attention? Did they ever even care?

    So hey, Eduardo, while you’re begging the world to listen to you, how about starting with an apology to Dani?

    • I might also add that Marianna, who is Dani’s sister, is watching these nitwits dance around every night. Nice to see her care so much about Keith but not a single tear for her sister.

    • He is moving forward! Eduardo doesn’t want to acknowledge his participation in evil. But I do admire his ability to appear so sincere in wanting to “Help Others”. He is a father to a 1yr old. And that child will be 17 in the future. Just like Dani?

      He is a great con artist!

      Great insight and point, Ice-nine.

  • This will not work out in Vanguard’s favor come sentencing time. The government will use this as Exhibit A in how he continues to exert control over his followers and, as such, remains a danger to the community, etc.

    • Agree. For me, this is very dangerous and scary behavior. I hope someone is sending those videos to the judge. I am worried about the doctor who has not yet lost her license.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. Not very smart before sentencing. U.S. Attys Office could use the dancing to seek an enhancement or increase in Keith’s sentence. Or BoP could use this as a reason to send Queef to MDX Colorado, aka SUPERMAX.

      Isn’t it ironic?

        • He is not worth it, but Keith Raniere gets what he deserves, but not out of appreciation.
          LOL, I appreciate your thriftiness, and you are always very concerned about the careful and economical use of tax money, but I wonder, if everyone is so thrifty and cost-conscious, how can you come up with the idea of buying totally overpriced products from Amway, or think you can find enough buyers for overpriced products when there are many other cheap alternatives. There must be something that turns off common sense or prevents people from thinking about it properly. Amway, like other MLMs, are probably using psychological tricks and deception because their business model only pays off for a very small group.It is suggested to people that they will belong to this [very small] group of winners of this business model, and that is absolutely unrealistic.

    • After stating that she has a hell of a lot of loyalty, I am now wondering what kind of slave/girlfriend Nicki is. First, she exposed where he was hiding and helped to get him arrested pretty quickly (by Maxwell’s standards) and now she is going to get him punished with a new kind of hell, if it wasn’t bad enough already. What next? What Captain Moonbeam said!

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