Follower Shocked by Nicki CLyne-Led Dance Protest Group! – as 24 Staunch Nxivm Members Signal Support!

There is no question that many of the people who have joined in the dance protests held nightly outside the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center were unaware that the organizers were Nxivm cult leaders.

Every night at 8 pm since July 3, Nicki Clyne and her slaves, Dr. Danielle Roberts and Michele Hatchette, and others from Nxivm come outside the detention center where their leader, Keith Alan Raniere, is being held after his conviction on sex trafficking, forced labor and racketeering. He is awaiting sentencing, which was delayed by the pandemic.

The dancers have sought anonymity and, on their website, and social media accounts, [Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook] they make no disclosure of their connection to Nxivm or that their leader, Raniere, is one of the detainees at MDC.

Instead, they herald their dance protest as a way of bringing attention to the plight of all detainees at the horrific, third-world style federal holding center, notorious as a place of humiliating and mind-numbing punishment – despite the fact that most of the detainees are pretrial who could not make bail. In other words, they are innocent until proven guilty, yet the conditions they endure are worse than many maximum security prisons for convicted murderers and rapists. Many have speculated that this is by design – to make conditions horrific for those awaiting trial in order that their health is destroyed and that they cannot properly prepare for trial, thus encouraging defendants held there to opt for plea deals – even if they are innocent – to get out of the torture chamber there.

The conditions deserved to be protested.  But with transparency.

Frank Report was first to identify the leaders of the dance protest as Nxivm-cultists, which caused alarm by some who participated or followed them on social media.

Following Frank Report’s expose on the #weareasyou dance movement, the Albany Times Union wrote a story on it.


They dance each night to both protest and entertain the men above in their cells. They communicate with lights and some of the dancing is decidedly sexual.

Here is a sample email I got about someone chagrined after learning the true leadership of the otherwise anonymous weareasyou.

Good evening Mr. Parlato,

I apologize for contacting you very late in the day. I am extremely concerned and worried.
The below link was brought to my attention:
I appreciate this release of news, I am shocked, to say the least. We believed this was a group of honest individuals who were looking out for the incarcerated and trying to begin a movement for support, as they claim. I was shocked to read this article and come to see one of the usernames added under the ‘Here are some of the Instagram followers of weareasyou, who are known to be Nxivm members.” 
I would like to respectfully request the link [redacted] be removed from this article. Please. This is damaging and scary, we do not have ANY relation to this group and not a known member or was ever a member. We have no relation to these people or what they believe in or follow. I am shocked. I am worried. We noticed them on social media and decided to follow believing it was a TRUE and HONEST support system. We have unfollowed and blocked all of their social media accounts. We have contacted the Federal Bureau of Prisons and made authorities aware. I do not want any relation to these people; innocent bystander, not even physically joining them outside there.
I would like to request please do not make this request public to shine more light to my name. Please help me. I am very worried. This is a scary time for me. We do not support such movements and were not aware of any of this until reading your release.  I thank you very much for releasing this news for the public. Please let me know if you are able to help me. I appreciate your time and any response you may provide.
Thank kindly,
[Name redacted]
After confirming the truth of the writer’s statement, I removed the link.
Meantime, the dances go on nightly and their followers on Instagram have increased by 100 over the last two days. Most of them are clearly not Nxivm followers but sincere people genuinely concerned about the torture of human beings at MDC.
Keith Raniere AKA Vanguard. This picture of him has been used by some of his followers as an icon of his divinity.

However, there are well known Nxivm members involved in dancing at the MDC, such as Nicki Clyne, Danielle Roberts, Michele Hatchette, and others. There are a total of some 24 people following weareasyou on social media who are known Nxivm members. This helps to establish that Nxivm is not dead and that there are followers of Raniere still dedicated to him.

    1. Esther Chiappone Carlson
    2. Tracy Christopher
    3. Damon Brink
    4. Marianna [Believed to be Fernandez, mother of Raniere’s youngest son.]
    5. Vanessa Sahagún
    6. Edgar Boone
    7. Justin Elliot
    8. Angelica Hinojos [DOS}
    9. Lyvia Cohen {DOS]
    10. Jim Del Negro
    11. Brandon Porter
    12. Eduardo Asunsolo
    13. Danielle Roberts [DOS]
    14. Sanj Chakravorty
    15. Suneel Chakravorty
    16. Brett Diamond
    17. Diego Asunsolo.
    18. Pain Solutions NYC
    19. Linda Chung [DOS]
    20. Marc Elliott
    21. Farouk Rojas [Associated with a Nxivm group]
    22. Nicki Clyne [DOS leader]
    23. Leah Mottishaw [DOS]
    24. Michele Hatchette

    Leah Mottishaw
Leah E. L. Mottishaw a longtime Nxivm devotee, signaled her support on Facebook.
She wrote, “The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a bunch of unanticipated domino effects. I’m inspired when people come up with creative, safe ways to bring awareness and solve a little bit of a problem they see. This group is addressing the isolation of the men in MDC Brooklyn through dance! #weareasyou.
Most of the 246 followers on Instagram and perhaps many of the people coming out to dance have no connection to Nxivm or DOS – and would not wish to be associated with this cult.  It is not known if the dance protest is being used to recruit new members into the cult.
Which points us back to the real shame of this dance protest. The stated cause – giving some comfort to men being held in extremely brutal conditions and drawing attention to the obscene and horrifying conditions of one of America’s worst detention centers – is a noble cause.  More power to them.
The problem is the lack of transparency.  Their not mentioning Keith Raniere and who their leadership is, [comprised of his sex slaves] imperils the otherwise good cause they are promoting with their nightly dance.
I believe they ought to make a statement – on their website and social media  to the effect that some of the organizers are followers of a man they believe was wrongly convicted – name him and identify themselves.   Then address the horrific conditions of MDC.
They could even add – “even if you think that Keith Raniere is guilty, which we do not, it does not lessen the deliberate cruelty of MDC. He should not suffer unnecessarily any more than any of the other 1600 inmates who are being tortured there.”
With these words, they would have nothing to fear.
They might even bring attention to Raniere and his plight. An argument could be made that the crimes he was convicted of – a single offense of sex trafficking under unusual and non-standard conditions and possibly without intent [He argued he was trying to help not harm the victim] and other crimes he was convicted of – even if true – do not warrant a life sentence, which he is likely to obtain when he is sentenced.  Raniere is 59 and faces a minimum sentence of 15 years for the sex trafficking charge alone.

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  • Anyone know who the fine piece of ass in the Daisy Dukes?

    [redacted] has been kind of quiet, lately I wonder if he’s twerking it hard.

    Twerking is a dance move. Calm down Frank!

      • Mmmh-mmmh-mmh. Sounds like somebody knows a little something about the booties of Shadow and Nice guy in their daisy dukes. Mmmh. Mmh. Mmh

        How might you have acquired such intimate and carnal knowledge? Mmh?

        My car needs its oil checked. Do you have a long enough dipstick to check my oil?

        How would you like a hot wax on your car’s grill?

        Have you ever been rear-ended by a truck?

    • It looks like the IG account is edited for comments as well. For instance it says “view 17 comments” but when you click on the link there are no comments except positive ones

  • 8pm has been for months the clap for the carers in the UK as we have a free medical service. Ironic how the same sort of thing has arisen in the USA. I wonder where that idea came from in this instance?

  • Important off Topic!!!!

    RE Ghislaine Maxwell:

    “After the paper clothes safety precaution, Maxwell is now in prison regulation khaki shirt and pants, the report said.”
    -New York Post

    Total BS the warden decided to give Maxwell normal cloths.

    How long until she commits suicide [is murdered] or chokes to death on her grits?

    • Factors mitigating against bail for Maxwell:

      1. She wrapped her cellphone in metal foil to hide its signal.

      2. She can claim French citizenship and the French seldom extradite citizens.

      3. The FBI believes she was ramping up plans to flee the US.

      She is being frequently moved from cell to cell in the MDC.
      Her cellmates are being frequently changed.
      She is constantly monitored.

  • The latest post on Instagram We Are As You

    Dr. Danielle Roberts does a handstand posted one hour ago.


    M.D.C Federal Prison

    Liked by
    Just another day hanging out upside down to let our friends at MDC know they are not forgotten 🤸🏼‍♀️💕

    #WeAreTheForgottenOnes #WeSeeYou #WeAreYou #WeAreAsYou #mdcbrooklyn #clubmdc #hot97nyc

  • Decent, normal people don’t want to be associated with criminals no matter how good the cause is. Charities, protest groups will never be successful if they are run by people who have such ties. If they are trying to make change, the very people running it are distracting from the real issues. Perhaps the people with no ties to the criminals need to take up the cause and be explicit in that they do not associate with these psychos. They could dance from 7pm and wear something a little more than a bra and dance something a little less crude and generally be a little more respectful so they can be taken seriously!

      • Oh yeah, I’m the biggest prude ever! Ha. Actually I just think there are smarter, less ridiculous ways of getting a point across!

    • These woman haven’t gotten laid in over 2 years. They’re horny. They are sex slaves for Christ sake.

      What do you expect? Seriously.

      • After some of that testimony, I am not so sure if we can call whatever Keith did as getting laid. It sounded like he had to convince them it was in!

          • I know. It’s shocking. If there was an award for loyalty, hands down they win it!

          • Natashka,

            It’s incredible 2 years later. They all had a sexual relationship with Raniere and they all know Raniere lied to them.

            I am blown away they are still so loyal.

            I wonder if Mack and the other defendants, not including Nancy, are under the same spell.

          • She who hangs in there the longest gets her man – only they haven’t yet grasped that KAR doesn’t work that way. Look at Karen U – she hung in there for 40 years while he tossed her whenever the next “best thing” came along.

            What all these devotees have yet to realize is KAR is not a prize-worthy of their efforts. He’s still a demigod to them and, therefore, more valuable than their own interests and worth. A little bit of self-respect goes a long way toward recognizing that vying for the attention of a psychopath is a worthless occupation.

  • A fictionalized version of dancing for prison reform will be the premise for next season’s Burden Of Truth.

    Hollywood Reporter—In season four, every night Joanna Chang (Kristin Kreuk) dances provocatively to bring media attention to the plight of one of her incarcerated clients, until evil white cops abuse and arrest Kreuk, then she is imprisoned in that same hell hole. Now, every week, she must fight off rapist guards and lesbian prisoners until desperate to save herself, Kreuk agrees to be the exclusive bitch of the prison’s top bull-dyke. Together, they reform prison conditions by day, and by night share the joy of each other’s sexuality.

  • Hey Paisan!!!!

    Did you get the photos I sent you by email?


    Just simple “yes or no”

    • There is one video of Dr. Roberts getting her sexy on, upside down on the roof of a car, spreading her legs open and close. Not kidding. Funny as all hell.

      The link I sent is their Instagram account.

  • I followed the IG account to see what was up. I have not seen a word about this being related to NXIVM. They make no mention of the NXIVM connection. I have been tempted to say something and call out the bullshit, but I want to still be able to see what’s going on. Sad Nicki, Michele, and Dr. Danielle have not moved on. Ultra creepy that Brandon Porter is still following the man who destroyed his life.

    • In reference to the human fright doctor Brandon Porter, he still claims his MD status on his social media.

    • I also follow the account but for the same reasons as well. I’m intrigued people can be this wacko. It has nothing to do with feeling compelled to join the group.

      This brings me back to the Manson girls outside the courthouse jail in LA.

    • You are on point!

      “Sad Nicki, Michele, and Dr. Danielle have not moved on. Ultra creepy that Brandon Porter is still following the man who destroyed his life.”

      People say brainwashing isn’t real.

      How else does one explain the DOS holdouts?

      Sad stuff indeed.

    • I think these are all the disgraced ex-Doctor Porter’s Angels. The ones who giggled their way through footage of rape beheadings and sundry other ‘snuff-film’ subject matter. OK, maybe some of them didn’t giggle. Maybe some of them yawned a bit. They all ‘Passed’ though, of that we can be very sure.

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