Video: Roger Stone Celebrating His Freedom – Dancing

Roger Stone’s sentence was commuted yesterday by Pres. Donald Trump. I doubt any other president would be brave enough to pardon a deserving friend during an election season.

I know there are many who think it is an outrage. These are purely partisan haters and hate the fact that Stone, 67, is not going to languish in prison. They have no problem, however, with Los Angeles or New York City releasing thousands of criminals from prison because of the pandemic.  But one non-violent Republican [actually Libertarian] spared of possible death in prison drives them to partisan madness.

Well, Roger Stone has an answer for them. He danced. And frankly he is a pretty good dancer.

This video was tweeted by Terrence K. Williams, who has some one million followers.

Terrence Williams

Williams wrote, “They say Roger Lied to Congress Members but Congress lies to the American people every single day. They lie and steal from us so when are they going to be held accountable?… ROGER STONE IS A FREE MAN Thank you @realDonaldTrump  for doing the right thing and freeing Roger Stone. He is a patriot and the Democrats should be ashamed for ruining his life.”

The reaction from Stone’s many fans and admirers was the opposite of the prophecies of doom from the left mainstream media who seem to think Stone’s commutation of sentence for an unjust conviction by a partisan judge and a biased jury is the end of democracy.

Instead, it was a moment of true justice.

Here are what some of Stone’s fans said:

Donna Lynn Browning

I’ll BET he’s celebrating his FREEDOM! I am so happy for him!

Perkins Ricky
Dancing with you Roger Stone

The Stones can move and groove.

David Stewart
That’s awesome!

Barbara Jones
Rog has some moves and rhythm

Cindy Ebbers
Love it!!

At last, something good during all this madness. I am so happy for him. I’ll bet everyone is happy.

Janet Middleton

Congratulations #RogerStone! Thank you, Mr. President

DC Carpentry Dennis Lee Carter
Get me a Roger Stone!

Tracy camuso
He has moves!!

Ken Burton

God is good!!!!

Good for him!

gran fan
Roger has some moves! Good for him

David Stewart
That’s awesome!

Barbara Jones
Rog has some moves and rhythm

Love it!!

Liz Beasley

Elizabeth Valenzuela

He’s got moves lol.

Lmao love it. Good for you, wish my son would finally get justice. It gives me hope.

Peace Ambassadore To Earth
good on ya mate!!!

rose dickerson
Love it!

Jesus Online
Yes Roger, God does answer prayers. Be worthy of His kindness as you go forward.

Debora DuBose
Roger’s a pretty good dancer!

He can dance.


He’s got moves


Hell Yeah he did!

Love it!!!!

Cindy for Trump

I’m so happy for him and so thankful to President Trump!

And here is another video of Roger, who is now a free man.



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  • So basically, if a Whistle-blower wants to spill the beans on government corruption and graft, the government Crooks can then go after the whistle-blower because the whistle-blower tried to stay anonymous.


    Best wishes and good luck to Roger Stone. Another Greatest Hits brought to you by The Department of INJustice!

  • Robert Mueller said: “A jury later determined Stone lied repeatedly to members of Congress. He lied about the identity of his intermediary to WikiLeaks. He lied about the existence of written communications with his intermediary. He lied by denying he had communicated with the Trump campaign about the timing of WikiLeaks’ releases. He in fact updated senior campaign officials repeatedly about WikiLeaks. And he tampered with a witness, imploring him to stonewall Congress.”

    Atty General Barr said: Roger Stone had a fair trial and his sentence was appropriate.

    Donald Trump said: ““Roger Stone has already suffered greatly. He was treated very unfairly, as were many others in this case. Roger Stone is now a free man!”

    Cue the dance music!

    • A jury led by a completely biased forewoman who lied repeatedly in her jury questionnaire, as evidenced by her own Twitter feed.

      • By “biased,” you mean not a Trump supporter? And a jury foreman controls nothing except when to take a vote. Seven counts, seven unanimous guilty verdicts.

        Here’s a straw, grasp it.

  • I hate to draw the parallel to the Raniere women dancing outside his jail. There’s some shady cult dynamics at play with Trump too.

  • Stone should go dance with the DOS folks at the MDC. LOL

    Williams wrote, “They say Roger lied to Congress Members but Congress lies to the American people every single day. They lie and steal from us so when are they going to be held accountable?” So two wrongs make a right? They are held accountable when they are voted out of office and forced to pass laws to make them accountable for the laws they hold the rest of the citizens to and pass term limit laws. That would be worth dancing about, not some low-life political dirty-trickster hack with a tattoo of Richard Nixon on his back. LOL

  • How come you defend this dude Stone but the man who taught you everything and tried to help you most in life – your Vanguard – you denigrate? Repent!

    • You really frustrate me sometimes, Nicki, to the point where I am obviously being very obnoxious to you but I honestly wish you could get out of that state of mind and free yourself. You deserve a lot more. You are a human being and are entitled to freedom, something you are not currently experiencing. It is so sad to see you like this.

    • Pea Onyu, you are mistaken. Frank Parlato learned nothing from Keith Raniere. Raniere could have learned something from Frank Parlato. And Raniere didn’t try to help Frank most in life, because Raniere couldn’t do that. Were you there the whole time?

    • ” you denigrate? Repent!”
      Pea, You are starting to sound like an Old Testament Prophet!

      Repent, You Sinners!
      Repent before you are consumed in the Lake of Everlasting Fire!

  • In addition to his dancing, he’s got an impeccable fashion taste, not just in public! I can’t say I don’t like the music either!

  • There is so much negative press regarding Roger Stone’s sentence being commuted.

    My question is to anyone who believes Roger Stone is guilty and deserves to be in prison…….

    …..Do any of Rogers Stone’s alleged crimes merit capital punishment ie a death sentence?

    At this time, in the new Covid-19 world, prison is a cruel and unusual punishment.

    Lauren Salzman, Allison Mack, and Clare Bronfman’s crimes are far worse than lying to Congress.

    I guess Roger Stone is less defensible or deserving of sympathy because he is a man? Rhetorical question.

    • Shadow, help a man out!!

      Does twerking lead to jerking?

      …And have you ever paid for a lap-dance with a happy ending?

  • There are bluebirds on Roger Stone’s shoulder. He was born to outlast some trippy, trippy stuff. Some bizarre sense of no doubt kind of faith that things would work out this way has been here all along.

    Now for the book and the movie and a few savvy cha-chings.

    Love love love to see him dancing. “It’s the truth. It’s actual. Everything is satisfactual.”

    It took a whole lotta bluebirds this time, though. Happy scatting, holy flamenco! This is some good medicine, dancing.

    Yet we inhabit duality, whether voluntarily or as inner revolutionaries. Not every dancer is experiencing what can be called letting go. Some dancing is mercenary.

    “A common misconception among people is that if you drown at sea you’ll be eaten by sharks. The truth is, you’re much more likely to become lunch for a sucking, writhing mass of scavenging HAGFISH, (caps mine) which feed by boring inside the bodies of dead animals. Not a pleasant thought, to say the least.”

    A Fascination for Fish: Adventures of an Underwater Pioneer. David C. Powell

    Hagfish are out dancing for themselves and for Raniere, the Hogettes of Brooklyn. Their very own twerking Tonight Show. It is a manly display.

    Roger Stone has got some bluebirds who like him. He also has a flock of coiffure angels who watch out for him parttime. Dance with awareness, eh.

  • Good for Roger! Talk about a witch hunt. The investigation and prosecution was completely political. Free Speech is a right that everyone in our country has. If you start to pick and choose which people have this right, and which people don’t, you deserve to live in a country where speech is not protected like North Korea or China.

    Stone’s arrest was a political hit job. I hope the man is finally able to get a good night’s sleep.

  • I am happy for you Mr. Stone!!!!!

    No one like yourself should be sent to prison and in all probability die as the results of a 21st-century plague.

    Live well, live long, and God bless!!!!


    PS: Party hearty and drink copious amounts of alcohol. You deserve to!!!!

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