MDC Protest Dance for Raniere and Other Prisoners Keeps Going Despite Rain – DOS Slaves Dr. Danielle Roberts and Michele Hatchette Lead Protest Tonight

The movement is fledgling no doubt but it may grow. Tonight the dance protesters in front of MDC numbered about 12 and were led by the decidedly plumper Michele Hatchette and Dr. Danielle Roberts.

Both women have put on considerable weight since their grandmaster, Keith Alan Raniere, was arrested and placed at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center in April 2018.

When Raniere was free, his slaves were required to be ultra-slender, often being limited to 800 calories per day.

Hatchette and Roberts were slaves of Allison Mack. Following her arrest in 2018, the two were transferred to slave master Nicki Clyne who is leading the protest dancing to free Raniere.

During happier slavery days. L-R Nicki Clyne, Allison Mack, Michele Hatchette, Samantha LeBaron and Danielle Roberts D.O.
Dr. Roberts in front of MDC.
Michele Hatchette at today’s protest dance.

Hatchette is certainly a unique individual for she is Black and believed to be the only Black slave of the 21st century.

Despite the rain tonight and recent exposure of their movement #weareasyou on Frank Report — as being connected to Nxivm and the DOS slave sorority – purportedly meant for women’s empowerment but led by a man who is their slave master, the incarcerated-at- MDC Raniere –  the movement seems to be slowly growing – and not all of the dancer are Nxivm members.

Here is the first, almost seven minutes of the protest dancing tonight. The group had posted a full 53 minute video then I seemed to have lost it. Perhaps they took it down.

Frank Report is pleased to show you this little snippet for readers delectation.

Before we move along to further describe the protest, readers might enjoy the spectacle of Dr. Roberts doing her nightly flips and other acrobatics for grandmaster Raniere, who is fondly called by his acolytes, Vanguard.

This unfortunate rascal, Keith Raniere, is not only convicted for crimes that may send him to prison for life, but he has the terrible fate to not even be in a regular prison but in the torture chamber known as MDC.

It is not known if Raniere can see the dancers from his cell or not, but the slaves fondly hope that their master knows of their faithful dancing and their magical wish that he will somehow be set free.

Raniere is facing up to life in prison for his conviction of sex trafficking, forced labor and racketeering.

Of course, no report would be complete without the acrobatics of Dr. Danielle Roberts. She is presently an osteopath who is up for revocation of her medical license due to branding female slaves without informing them that she was secretly branding the initials of her grandmaster, Keith Raniere, on the women’s pubic area.

She told slaves that the brand was a symbol of the four elements – a willful lie and for which she is likely to lose her medical license. A hearing was scheduled earlier this year but canceled due to Covid. Numerous witnesses are expected to testify against her.

The brand as it appears on the flesh of a woman coerced into being branded by holding collateral [blackmail material] and withholding crucial information that the so-called female sorority is led by a man, Keith Raniere.

Dr. Roberts’ handiwork turned 90 degrees counterclockwise. It reveals the initials of her grandmaster, the wondrous Keith Raniere.

Dr. Roberts’ Acrobatics:



Since we do not presently have the entire video of the event, readers will have to content themselves with some stills from the protest:

While some believe that the dancers have a just cause and their lack of transparency is of no consequence, for the greater good of bringing attention to the forgotten men and women at MDC, others think they are dangerous because of their seemingly insane devotion to Raniere and his directive to them to recruit more slaves.

Others think they are just harmless fools.

I choose not to judge, since, at this moment some 1600 men and 160 or so women are suffering in this ghastly chamber of horrors – MDC  – that incarcerates mainly pretrial defendants, who are by law innocent until proven guilty.

One of Frank Report’s longtime readers sent me this link, to a Frank Zappa song on YouTube, entitled Dancin’ Fool with this comment: “Frank Zappa wrote the perfect song for the We Are As You morons. Your readers may enjoy it:”




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  • “Hatchette is certainly a unique individual for she is Black and believed to be the only Black slave of the 21st century.” You couldn’t be more wrong: LOL

    In Raniere’s wettest wet dream, he couldn’t conceive of having this many slaves. LOL

    You remain fixated on a “hangnail” problem while a “severed arm/leg” injury goes unnoticed, much like the dancing girls outside the MDC and a few Black people becoming whiter while millions of new people are being scammed by Amway and other MLM scams every single year. LOL

  • PeaOnYou–

    If you were as proud as you say, you would inform the world of the weareasyou nx roots.

    Instead, you discuss it on FR, but hide it from the public….? Twitter, etc?

    Isn’t that deceptive? Do proud people deceive in a cause they are truly fighting for?

  • Very cool! Determined and Life Affirming!

    It’s not about KAR, it’s about humane treatment of all prisoners. If I had someone I loved in that hell hole, I’d show up and dance for him or her whether FR approved or not.

    Why all the hate here on the FR? Are people here just looking for a vehicle to spew their resentments and powerlessness they might feel in their own lives?

    • “Why all the hate here on the FR? Are people here just looking for a vehicle to spew their resentments and powerlessness they might feel in their own lives?”

      Don’t you know the history of the Mormon (Moron) Church?
      Founded by the polygamous pervert Joseph Smith, it was – and is – hated by right-thinking Americans everywhere.
      Joseph Smith was also a pedophile like Keith Raniere.
      Smith “married’ a 14-year-old girl.
      Smith was a grifter chased from upstate New York to Ohio, Missouri and Illinois before the freak was lynched in Carthage, Illinois by moral Americans.

      To this day, Mormon morons like Mitt Romney eagerly stab President Trump in the back.

    • Why do you have to know someone you loved to dance? LOL

      Yes, people here feel very powerless in their lives, it’s also why they don’t help expose Amway and other MLM scams. LOL

  • I’m not a man so maybe you guys can help me out but I am not so sure how good an idea it is for a woman in lycra to be stood on her head doing the splits whilst shimmering her hoohaa for a bunch of frustrated incarcerated men. Is that just not teasing? It is a serious question!

    • The gyrating motion of the upside-down vagina seen in the video was meant as symbolic – of obedience to only one man, and not for the other prisoners. She is his possession. He may do with her vagina as he pleases for he owns it.
      With his mind, he can offer his glorious sex essence and insert his penetrating presence into any of one of us at any time and no other man can compete with the pleasure we will feel.
      I do not care if Scott Johnson or Shadow State or Nice Guy or any of the shallow men on this site are envious. There is none like him.
      I’m proud of my loyalty to my husband and master. Can any of you say the same?
      This protest movement has true value and will perhaps show the world that Vanguard and his followers are a force for good. We shall dance with him in our circular dance until he is freed. I love you forever my Sweet M.

      • Pea, since you know about symbolism, can you tell me what happened to Keith’s 6 and a half inch….or was it 7 inch penis? Word on the street he’s got bump 🧐 and so what is the symbolism of erectile dysfunction?

      • “I do not care if Scott Johnson or Shadow State or Nice Guy or any of the shallow men on this site are envious. ”

        Envious of a Petri dish for venereal disease.
        How many sexually transmitted diseases does Keith Raniere have, Pea?

        Yes, Pea, wear your face mask to protect against a relatively harmless virus while your Vanguard shoves his diseased organ up your Hoo-Ha!

      • Pea, thank you so much for your thoughts on the upside-down gyrating vagina. Very, very funny. However, I fail to see the symbolism.

        I think it’s very disrespectful to your limp willied master and should be for his eyes only. Now, he will never get it up thinking of all those men drooling in their jumpsuits. Do you remember how Alison, I think it was, was scolded for hugging a guy in the presence of her master? I think there should be a long paddling session and ice-cold shower for this disrespect shown.

        • I was thinking about this. The vibrating vag is pointed at the Vanguard. I’m starting to think Peaonyou is legit. It is symbolic for the Vanguard’s use and enjoyment.

    • The answer is it will result in Raniere getting the sh!t beat out of him by all the other men, and that’s a good thing. LOL

  • Wouldn’t it be cool if these people could get a life? Maybe just donate to Meals on Wheels or something, like I do. Then they could avoid all the weather and the ridicule.

  • They are at again: Recruiting people for a group that is presented very differently than what is actually is. They are saying this is a pro-prisoners group …bla bla bla… it is a group for Keith. He is showing the power he still has over people. It is not about the prisoners’ rights.

    I feel disturbed looking at the doctor. It is embarrassing to see a professional woman shaking her booty like that. Any sane person would be embarrassed to continue to loose their reputation to Keith. She is not embarrassed. She is still deep in love with Keith, willing to do whatever he says. Even if she looks like a fool. She is dangerous. She is dangerous because she has specialized knowledge that keith can use for his nefarious causes.

    Has anyone sent these videos to the judge? To whom should they be shared with? The doctor needs to be banned from doing medicine or anything related to her specialized field. She is not sane and she is a weapon that Keith, even from prison, can use.

  • Still bright out and Nicki has her flashlight. Definite Morse code. Affirmative.

    An enterprising individual could establish contact with Raniere. He not doing anything. He probably would respond for the very simple reason he is lonely. Believe it or not sociopaths do get lonely too.

  • “Hatchette is certainly a unique individual for she is Black and believed to be the only Black slave of the 21st century.”


    • First and foremost, Hatchette is a brainwashed airhead. Being black is only incidental. So sad and shocking…

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