Dance Protest at MDC, Headed By Nicki Clyne and Other Nxivm Leaders, Gains Outside Support, as They Hide Ties to Cult

Nicki Clyne dances in front of a sign seemingly directed to keith Raniere.
There are some who doubt that #WeAreAsYou, the group  I reported on yesterday in my post Nicki Clyne, Dr. Danielle Roberts and Others Perform Nightly Dance Protest Outside Brooklyn MDC Prison for Cult Leader Keith Raniere is connected to Nxivm
The protest features a nightly dance from 8 PM to 9 PM in front of the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center, where Nxivm leader Keith Alan Raniere is being held.
The evidence is in.
#WeAreAsYou – is definitely Nxivm led.
Former Nxivm member, Ivy Nevares took to Twitter to warn others about the them
If you’re following #WeAreAsYou and come across @WeAreAsYou , be warned: Some of the organizers belong to the sex trafficking ring #DOS and support convicted pedophile #KeithRaniere. They are Nicki Clyne, Danielle Roberts, Michelle Hatchette and others. #NXIVM #SOP #cult
So, who is this group and what are they about?
They have an Instagram account
We Are As You
They write “Join us every night as we provide joyful expression + dance for those locked up at #mdcbrooklyn 8-9 pm in the parking lot 80 29th st, Brooklyn New York
Here is the Instagram profile picture:


From left to right: Michele Hatchette, Nicki Clyne, ?, Linda Chung.
Their profile picture on Instagram features at least three Nxivm members, and the woman in the blue skirt may also be a Nxivm member.
Not only are they Nxivm but DOS members as well: Michele, and Nicki are known DOS members and Linda Chung is believed to be a DOS member.
This leads one to want to at least raise the specter that these women are not just dancing to entertain all the prisoners, but especially for Keith Raniere – and that they may also be trying to recruit other women into their sex slavery group which follows Raniere as their master or grandmaster.
Before we move on to the next picture and message, I want to call your attention to sign above Nicki Clyne’s head.
It reads “Nico, I love you, I miss you. I kiss you. Love Always, Your Wife Dee.”
It seems innocuous enough. Perhaps it is from some wife of a prisoner named Nico.  But a former Nxivm member, who knows Nicki very well, told me that Nico is the nickname Nicki called Keith Raniere. And she called herself Dee.
Keith Raniere is the reason for the MDC dance protest.
To hear them tell it on Instagram, the movement is growing – not only from Nxivm members but outsiders, people genuinely interested in the cause of the plight of downtrodden and abused detainees at the cruel and inhuman MDC.
Keep in mind that almost everyone there is awaiting trial because they did not get bail, which means they are innocent until proven guilty. A few others, like Raniere, are there awaiting sentencing.
Here is one of their Instagram messages:
weareasyou's profile picture
Logo for weareasyou
“We couldn’t be more moved by the response so far. Thank you to everyone who has reached out, shown up, or stumbled upon us and stayed to dance! We continue to receive calls from friends and family thanking us, and messages of gratitude from inside. These hard times have taken a toll on everyone, but most especially our most vulnerable populations. Let’s let them know they’re not forgotten 🖤”

Here are some of their hashtags:


[Are DOS and Nxivm leaders really forgotten?]
[Raniere used to say “He who has the most joy, wins.]
[What’s second?]
[Didn’t Raniere get his just reward?]
[Really? Free them all, meaning let everyone at MDC be freed? Or do they really mean free Keith Raniere?]
[Raniere is almost 60, so he may qualify as an elder.]
[I doubt Raniere will get clemency or a pardon.]
The new Instagram account has 146 followers and not all of them are Nxivm.  They may actually start to get some followers who are in it for the ostensible cause – to protest the injustice of MDC.
And before we take a look at the followers who are Nxivm, let me say that there is no question that MDC is one of the worst hellholes in the USA, a disgrace to the Bureau of Prisons and there is a growing number of people who think it is kept deliberately horrifying because most of the inmates there are pretrial. It is speculated that by keeping these”innocent until proven guilty” people in a gruesome, health-robbing jail, that they will more likely take a plea deal or if they go to trial, their health will be so bad that they will not be able to put up their best defense.
It is diabolically clever and something one would expect from the Orwellian named Department of Justice.
Here are some of the Instagram followers of weareasone who are known to be Nxivm members.

thismixelepoetry's profile picture

Michele Hatchette
thismixele's profile picture
Sumant Chakravorty
mariannamx's profile picture
Marianna Fernandez?
vane_moments's profile picture
Vanessa Sahagún A, the wife of Nxivm leader Edgar Boone.
vanessasahagun's profile picture
Vanessa Sahagún
eboonesa's profile picture
Edgar Boone
  • tripletrouble_plus1's profile picture
    Boone Sahagún
    justinoelliot's profile picture
    Justin Elliot
    ms.chungona's profile picture
    ms.chungona – Linda Chung
    angelitahinojos's profile picture
    Angelica Hinojos
    lyviacohen's profile picture
    Lyvia Cohen 🧡
    jimdel77's profile picture
    Jim Del Negro [He wrote on Twitter  “Since July 3rd there has been a dance protest outside MDC Brooklyn 8pm each night to support prisoners. More prisoners have shared in the celebration each night & joined in by flashing lights & banging on windows. Prisoners are being punished for demonstrating their solidarity
    brandporter's profile picture
    Brandon Porter. You would think that after this dude lost his medical license and lives in disgrace that he would have had enough of Nxivm, but apparently not so.
    e_asunsolo's profile picture
    Eduardo Asunsolo
    danidawnrob's profile picture
    Danielle Roberts
    whatmakesmetic's profile picture
    Marc Elliot
    caprisanj's profile picture
    Sanj Chakravorty
    suneelius's profile picture
    Suneel Chakravorty
    brettgdiamond's profile picture
    Brett Diamond
    dasunsolo's profile picture
    Diego Asunsolo
    painsolutionsnyc's profile picture
    Pain Solutions NYC
    thisismeesh's profile picture
    But what should be noted is that there are more than 100 followers who do not seem connected to Nxivm at all. I wonder if they realized that this was led by sex cult members if it would make a difference to them?
    Here are a few of the images from Instagram.
weareasyou's profile picture
Someone commented that the logo for Weareasyou features the initials of Keith Raniere. I cannot immediately see it.
Another day, another dance✨The energy was incredible once again and the audience was as receptive as ever. We all need something to look forward to and it’s beautiful how this has become that thing for so many of us.
Here is another Instagram message:
We are HERE!! Helping others doesn’t always involve sacrifice. Sometimes it is a mutual exchange of goodwill, good vibes and good times! And we are here for all of it!! Join us, bring posters, flashlights, glow sticks and be prepared to dance! 💃🏼🕺🏼🔥
The message reads: We’ve been receiving calls from family members across the country expressing their gratitude and that the guys are loving the show! 💃🏼🔥❤️They want to know why we’re doing this and when we say it’s simply to inspire joy and human connection, they can barely believe it. For families of people inside who haven’t had contact in months, this is an opportunity to feel closer and share in something with a celebratory spirit, something rarely felt inside. The two dancers in the picture are Michele Hatchette and it appears to be Danielle Roberts.

They are getting some support from relatives of other prisoners. Here is the message that accompanies the photo: Special shout out to Ty! ❤️ Your family loves and misses you, and they are HERE for you!! We’ll see you tonight and are ready for you to bring the beat💥 Let us know if you want to share a message with a loved one. People at MDC may have loved ones who are too far to travel. We’re here to pass on the love! 🖤
We have a phone number for friends + family of people inside. We’ve already received requests for signs and waves at specific windows. It’s amazing how the smallest gestures can make such a big difference, especially when you’re locked in a cell nearly every hour of the day. We are here for that. Please call us if you want to join or connect. Mass incarceration affects everyone. You are not alone and there is a space for joy amidst the pain 💜 Please respect this communication line. For media inquiries, email:

That phone number is 646-820-7870

No post on this subject would be complete if we did not include Dr. Danielle Roberts doing a flip.

She flipped for Raniere so severely that she will soon lose her medical license [the hearing was postponed because of Covid] because of what he had her do  which was to brand women.

As you can see from the video below, she does not seem at all concerned that all the education and hard work she spent most of her adult life obtaining and doing is going out the window. She is sticking with Raniere has flipped over him.

Note how she looks up at the MDC to see if Raniere is watching after she does her flip.

The Instagram message, accompanying the picture, reads: Only with support from the media can we draw attention to these seemingly small, but egregious infractions that fuel mass incarceration and undermine justice. MDC Brooklyn is a pre-trial facility where inmates have been on lockdown with extremely limited time outside their cells since COVID and no outdoor space. Some have been in there for years awaiting trial or sentencing. Through the media, we hope to expose what happens when a small group of people try to spread joy to the most suppressed in our society. For further questions or inquiries, please email
I wonder if the media would not only support their cause, but also note that the leaders of the cause are followers of Keith Raniere?
The dancing is not in vain. As you can see the prisoners are flashing their lights to show that they are appreciative of the dancers below. One has to wonder if among them is that prince of a man, the real reason the dance protest was created, the Vanguard, Keith Alan Raniere.
In our last post, we asked about the last name of Suneel, which we did not know at the time. We have learned that it is Chakravarty.
In our next post on this topic we will discuss the website and Twitter account.
And present more images of the dancers who hope to magically free Keith Alan Raniere.

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  • You’d think these people would want to get a life, it is actually somewhat of an embarrassment to humanity. What a waste of life to glom onto such a despicable human as Keith. Rather than help people who actually need help, they act like complete and utter brain dead fools publicly.

  • […] late in the day. I am extremely concerned and worried. The below link was brought to my attention:… I appreciate this release of news, I am shocked, to say the least. We believed this was a group of […]

  • Pain solutions NYC ?
    Is that for, like, when you’re getting branded and can’t stop screaming ??

  • Totally off-topic, but did somebody say the word “COMMUTED?”

    I say, Popeye. Roger.
    Over and out.

  • “We are as you” is the most Ranierian name they could’ve possibly come up with. I wonder if this nonsense phrase was dreamed up by the Vanguard himself. Certainly sounds like him.

  • RE Morse Code to Raniere

    Again, there are a couple of pics of Nicki intently holding a flashlight up to Keith Raniere’s cell.

    One pic is in daylight. The flashlight is over 200 lumens. She is definitely set up for Morse Code with Raniere. During the day, Raniere is probably using a reflective material such as a small piece of stainless steel.
    Skills learned in the military helped an injured man communicate with his wife across a rocky beach using only his flashlight in 2017.

    You can become fairly proficient in Morse code within two weeks of study if you are committed to learning.

    The Morse code angle is of little significance but I find it interesting and thought I would share it with other readers.

  • Several commenters have written that the DOS, etc. “dancers” are acting like the Manson girls who sat in front of the L.A. County Courthouse for Charlie’s sake, more than fifty years ago.

    One big difference between the Manson girls and Raniere’s chattel is their ages. Manson’s girls were a good decade or more younger than Flabturd’s infatuated asswipes. Mmmm hmmmm.

    The Manson females came from the lost and confused runaway, dropout population and were certainly not looking for Executive Suck-cess.

    My fiancés father’s office was in the L.A. County Courthouse, before and after the summer of 1969. A couple of times per week during the summer of ’69, we’d go down to the Courthouse and meet him for lunch.

    I was 18 when we watched the Manson girls sitting there, talking in their creepy, sing-song widdle gurl voices. We observed them only one or two days before law enforcement told them that they had to go elsewhere.

    People gave them a very wide berth while they sought attention, as they aroused profound silence, horror and disgust. Very deeply. This was my first time in L.A. as a young college student. We were right there for the whole Manson she-bang, not far at all from Los Feliz house where the LaBianca’s were murdered. Unforgettable.

    The Flabturd Raniere fanatics, to me, are even more pathetic than the Manson chicks. The Flabturd fanatics are pushing 40, for crying out loud. The train they keep riding pulled out of the station more than two years ago.

    But they still don’t get it that Raniere is a psycho perv and a schmuck, and they are on their way to middle age, mostly childless, seemingly irrational and getting paunchy. Oh yeh yeh. Happy happy joy joy. Cumgratulations.

  • Nicki’s arrest couldn’t be easier, wtf is wrong with the police!

    She is openly admitting to marriage and visa fraud, she is telling you the time and place she will be every night, and she is literally walking up to the front door of a prison full of police officers LMFAO. Somebody walk out the door and arrest her ass for fucks sakes!

    • Nothing is wrong with the police, they were all laid off. LOL

      Police don’t arrest people based on where they are standing, they arrest them based on evidence of committing crimes. LOL

      When did she openly admit to marriage and visa fraud? LOL

      The police don’t need for her to stand out in the open, they have other means of finding her. LOL

  • Re: ‘weareasyou’

    The logo shows two stylised right hands of two different people who do not shake hands but hold them horizontally at the same height next to each other. And the sign between the hands is a stylised eighth note symbolising a sound or language. So the logo actually symbolizes what the saying ‘we are as you’ is supposed to express.

  • “Pain Solutions” ???!!! Like, branding empowerment rituals or what?

    “Dee” – aka Nicki Clyne — your “Nico” is convicted under something called RICO whereby any member of his troupe or crime syndicates may be charged with the same crimes, whether they personally perpetrated, participated or not.

    IDK what Clare’s paying you slaves these days — you do appear better fed — but I hope it’s worth the time you’re gonna serve for it when justice catches up with you. And if it doesn’t I can assure you KARMA will.

    At least NXIVM is finally doing something for a worthy cause!


      • Gracias, señorita. Like you, I’m fear-inspired.

        I would say at least I’m not in Mexico where it’s a lot easier to get away with disappearing people but, lately, I’m not so sure about that.

        Well, thank God we still have Roger Stone and his merry MAGA-teers on the outside to protect us.

        [Heard you guys put up a wall in Sonora to keep out Covid-infected Arizonans — careful you don’t get tricked into paying for the extension on the whole border wall — just to keep US all out of Mexico now that your most corrupt elite resettled to the Evil Empire Capital of Albany, NY. Might be worth it, though. 😁]

        • Wow. [redacted] You should probably talk about the school shootings you have in the US, or veterans who end up blowing things up Heidi.


  • Nicki Clyne has to do SOMETHING to make up for spilling KAR’s location in Mexico! This idea is about as brilliant as posting her pic posed on a unique Mexican landmark. LOL

    I do think it’s a nice movement though. Many of those in MDC are simply awaiting trial. And, as another poster said, everyone deserves humane treatment, including prisoners. Think of John Tighe.

  • The dude with the blonde hair and gold yellow pants is definitely Bangkok. Those hulking arms are the result of a life long dedication to playing video games.

  • Am I the only one who thinks the good doctor’s ass is rocking? [redacted]

    Sorry PEA, I am a fickle [redacted]

  • If Vanguard had any brains, he would use his wall lights to send Morse Code messages between he and his female acolytes women.

    I suspect they are currently sending messages to one another via Morse Code.

    MDC should be alerted.

    • Looking at how intently Nicki is looking up and holding her flash light, in the above pic, makes me think Raniere is probably using Morse Code to communicate with his harem.

        • Prisoners all the way back to WWII and the Hanoi Hilton and modern prisons have used – and continue to use – Morse Code by tapping.
          Morse code by using light is just as easy to learn and effective.

          Anyone, if they sit down and put some effort in, can use it.

          If the message gets garbled ie lost in transit, one can leave the light on and the other person knows to start over.

          It’s an incredibly easy way to communicate; most people just don’t realize it.

          Easy Morse code course

          It’s easy to learn. Morse code flashing lights:

          Laugh all you want why do you think Nikki is looking up so intently. I could’ve easily learn Morse code from any of the inmates.

          It’s our inmates communicate with each other when you’re locked in their cells for 24 hours.

          Just about any television program on prisons and it’s some point to cover how prisoners talk to each other using Morse code

  • Here is how “not smart” his followers are. At some point, Raniere is going to be sent to a Federal Prison where he will remain for most if not all of his remaining life. The only unknown is whether he is going to admax or to one of the prisons that holds inmates with SAMS (special administrative measures). This “Manson girl” show of support for him will be part of what the US ATTY for the Eastern District sends to the BOP when the placement decision is made and is likely to insure that when Raniere receives his placement, it “buries him alive.” There won’t be any demonstrations, letters or even visits where they are getting him sent.

  • I have several thoughts:

    1. Nicki, great dance moves;

    2. Danielle–amazing flip. I’m impressed;

    3. Your logo person is amazing;

    4. Your latest direction is timely;

    5. Many people agree with your cause.


    6. It is reminiscent of the “Manson girls” after his arrest;

    7. While perhaps non violent criminals should not be incarcerated, I am not sure Vanguard fits this bill.

    My opinion.

    • Exactly. It loses all value because it is similar to the Manson girls. It highlights how much control Keith still has over these women. For the doctor, this is extremely stupid. This showcases just how manipulated she is and how dangerous it is for her to keep her license. This should be mentioned in Keith’s sentencing. He is still a danger

    • 8. The dancing dudes are hysterical.

      9. We need to start a collection to incentivize someone to get us nightly video.

      • I don’t think I’ll ever be able to erase the mental image of those dudes in tandem springing into a back bend sort of penis salute aimed at Raniere’s window.

        Nicki dances a lot like Gina did. Sigh. The saddest part is there’s nothing I can do for any of them, either. They go unpunished, they’re doomed. The corruption that’s protecting them goes unchecked, we’re all doomed anyhow.

  • These beautiful people stand tall and proud and dance with such joy and I support them with gratitude.
    May they free our prisoners everyone.

  • Nicki Clyne and her friends are more clever than one would think.
    The main recruiting ground for Islam in the United States is the prison system.
    Moreover, her group also has reached out to TV stations and print media to push their message.
    And Nicki Clyne’s group is associated with Black Lives Matter!
    Among the craziest proposals pushed by the Demonic Democrats is voting rights for incarcerated felons!
    Who would Keith Raniere endorse for President?

    Mother Jones

    New York Law Journal

    David Lucas

    NTS Radio

    The Lot Radio


    PIX11 NEWS


    News 12 Westchester

    News 12 The Bronx

    CBS New York


    News 12 Westchester

    News 12 The Bronx

    CBS New York

    Fox 5 NY

    NBC New York

    New York Post


    Rep. Nydia M. Velázquez


    • Voting rights for social dirt? What’s going on? How low can they go? They obviously have no lower limit LOL

  • The women look like they have put on weight. Compare Michelle Hatchette’s arms in the dance photo to her stick arms in the thisismeesh photo.

  • A mob of possessed imbeciles are allowed to display their psychological problems on the streets… They should be pushed into a single MDC cell for two winters if they’re so convinced they are akin to the social scum given free shelter and nutrition inside the MDC!!

  • Nobody here likes Raniere and what Nx did but Raniere still has the right to be treated humanely, just as all prisoners do at MDC Brooklyn. I support this protest, not because of KAR but for all prisoners there. This is a peaceful, life-affirming means of demonstration.

    Nx has been defeated completely. The fact that some former members have affection for their former leader and want humane treatment for him is not unusual. We need to let it go, go on with our lives, and let them go on with theirs.

    • Too bad these giant fools weren’t doing it prior to their master being there. This fact just goes to show anyone who still has a lick of common sense of their lack of sincerity, as their true motivation has nothing to do with the supposed injustice of what they are professing to protest against, but only WHO happens to be directly affected by it.

      This has ever been the case with most of these inner circle NXIVM fools just like it has been a way of life for Raniere. Like all sociopaths, he never gave a shit about ethics or helping people except how it could be used to benefit him.

    • You have it wrong, I’m afraid. This is Keith using DOS to torment the girls, humiliate the other people that show up, and save his own ass from getting beat up and raped on a daily basis. He is currying favor from the other inmates by having pretty girls and friends showing up outside to entertain them. He is possibly also building an army of followers inside by doing this. There is nothing life-affirming going on here.

    • ANONY 1, delusional might be defined best by they who ignore the reality right before their

      Diehard NXIANS are not “moving on” — they (some) continue to promote and propagate the toxic philosophies and practices of their masters under the delusion they are doing something positive for all humanity even if they must resort to criminal activity — which I know they continue to do —including unlawful surveillance and harassment, hacking, cyber stalking, gaslighting, extortion, perjury, bribery of law enforcement and political officials, framing or ensnarement of “enemies’ etc.

      Further, the PI firms NX hires to do some of their dirty work, such as Interfor, cannot be prosecuted criminally or civilly per an astounding, dangerous, precedent setting verdict that held Interfor harmless for the harassment of Rick Ross and Peter Skolnik on behalf on NX — paid for by Clare Bronfman.

      There’s no accountability and nothing stopping any true believer OR paid goon from continuing to get away with the crimes they are getting away with now or WORSE.

      These unprosecuted crimes may include statuatory rape, mass food poisoning, attempted (at least) Murder…

      Just don’t see much moving on happening — especially when at least Clare & Sara’s if not Salinas fortunes to boot provide ’ billions of reasons these loons are dancing for Joy without fear of retribution for ANYTHING they do in the name of their captive Savior.

      • Heidi

        Are you saying this is still occurring? Do you believe you are a target? If so, who is paying for and conducting this harassment, bribery, and surveillance? And, given the results of the trial, why would anyone be so foolish to do this?

        Wouldn’t it be better for you to get over your own issues (traumas and resentments) instead of focusing on ghosts?

        A few people outside the MDC hellhole is not a threat to society. It does provide some levity and if these people continue to fantasize about KAR, so be it. They have unfinished business and they’re acting it out. Is that criminal? Frank is right in that it would be better for them to be transparent, use Keith’s name instead of code, and state they are former Nx members.

        • Its ramifications on my life and my son’s life are, yes, still occurring — albeit in large part bc my son’s dad is taking advantage in his own interests.

          It goes without saying and has been said we are most definitely targets of not only NXIVM but those who have an interest in covering for them and certain members or former members who, apparently, believe they can play games with others lives and get away with or be rewarded for it. And why not when the justice system increasingly favors favors not justice at all and certainly not for all? And when criminals are dancing in the streets flaunting their freedom. Half the crooks inside MDC are prolly there for far less offenses than the suffering Dr. Daniella Roberts perpetrated on her victims.

    • [redacted] tell us how much money you’ve given to improve conditions and how much money you’ve raised from others? LOL

  • Hi, Frank.

    I wanted to thank you.

    This is very scary. I did feel sorry for several of the women involved with Keith and I felt it was wrong for you to post their information.

    …Fuck that shit. A lot of them are still involved with Keith. Keith is still orchestrating them.

    The one that scared me the most, to be honest, is the doctor. She has power because of her profession. She is a powerful weapon that Keith can use. She needs to be banned as a doctor. She is not sane. Doing cartwheels outside the prison of her cult-master is not normal. Isn’t she embarrassed of herself? Any sane person would distance herself from Keith right now.

    You were right. DOS is alive and well. They are recruiting (look how many new followers their bogus accounts have. They could easily recruit people from there into DOS. They are acting for Keith.)

    This made it much clearer for me that it is still necessary to expose the women of DOS. This is scary. Keith needs to be sentenced. Has the judge seen this? It is similar to what the Manson girls would do outside of the courthouse. I am amazed at Keith’s level of control.

    Thanks for reporting this, Frank.

  • Here’s your chance to partner with DOS, Frank. LOL

    You both deplore MDC conditions, start wiggling your butt and get down there. LOL

      • We can dream….. 😉

        God I wish I lived on Long Island still.

        My guess is they’re going to secretly change the time they go or stop going to the prison temporarily until the curiosity factor dies down.

        I do feel sorry for the non-sexual nonviolent offenders who couldn’t make simple bail. If if you are low flat risk they should waive the 10 or 20 grand bail fee.

        • You wouldn’t go if you lived on Long Island. LOL

          It’s not that far from Massachusetts to NYC, it’s not even part-way across the great State of Texas. LOL

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