Ghislaine Maxwell Joins Keith Raniere at MDC in Brooklyn; Will the Two Ever Meet?

Ghislaine Maxwell, 58, ex-girlfriend of the late Jeffrey Epstein, was transferred to the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Maxwell is charged with decades-old sex crimes perpetrated against three then-teenage female victims, which occurred between 1994-1997, and two counts of perjury arising out of a 2016 deposition in a civil lawsuit involving the same alleged victims.

The victims, who were, when the alleged crimes were committed, as young as 14, are now around 40 years old.

This is a surprisingly antiquated case, which leads some to think there is a lot more going on behind the scenes than bringing a woman to justice for things she did in the previous century.

Maxwell is now housed in the same facility as notorious sex-trafficking cult leader, Keith Alan Raniere, although, obviously, in a separate wing of the facility.

Maxwell was arrested in New Hampshire last week. Her indictment charged that she “assisted, facilitated and contributed to Jeffrey Epstein’s abuse of minor girls by… helping Epstein to recruit, groom and ultimately abuse victims known to Maxwell and Epstein to be under the age of 18.”

It is interesting that Maxwell was not assigned to Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center, also a federal facility. That may be because Epstein, the most high profile person in federal custody, purportedly killed himself in that facility, after cameras broke down, guards fell asleep, and he managed to hang himself by a low velocity hanging with three fractures on the left and right side of his larynx just like what one would normally find when a person is strangled to death.

No matter, the government says it was a suicide and the mainstream media parrots that it was suicide; all we can hope for now is that Maxwell won’t commit suicide in a similar fashion.

She was residing in a $1 million mansion, nestled on a 156-acre property, in Bradford, New Hampshire, at the time of her arrest. She will be seeking to be released on bail, but odds are against that happening.  First and foremost is that should the judge [U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan] grant bail and she flees the jurisdiction, the judge will become the biggest goat in the USA, if not the world.

Maxwell’s wealth [she has reportedly $20 million in US banks], her three passports, her international friends, her pilot’s license and [reportedly] a license to operate a submarine [which means she knows how to drive one]. plus the fact that she might face a long prison term, if convicted, makes her a flight risk, as prosecutors argue.

Presently, according to an MDC source, Maxwell is in the “East Wing” of the MDC jail, in isolation.

Raniere is in the West Wing, reportedly under modified lockdown. They are about 400 yards apart.

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell during happier days – for them.

Before Raniere is sentenced and moved to another, permanent prison, and Maxwell goes to trial, there is a slight chance the two might meet – since the 60-80 women at MDC are occasionally assigned work duties in the men’s section and vice versa.

“She could be assigned to laundry, which would bring her to the men’s side and Raniere might be assigned to janitorial, as he was in the past. The two might meet, might even be able to converse, although it is unlikely they will be able to traffic anyone,” said a source familiar with operations as MDC.

Keith Alan Raniere resides at MDC while awaiting sentencing on his conviction for sex trafficking and racketeering. Maybe he might be able to teach Ghislaine a few judo moves if they get together.

MDC houses about 1600 men, most of them awaiting trial, in custody because they failed to make bail or were denied bail.

While at MDC, Maxwell will be watched closely, hopefully more closely than Epstein, unless, of course, it becomes more convenient to not watch her closely on any given evening.

It is widely speculated that she may have information on other alleged pedophiles, some of them high profile, who joined her and Epstein in various exploits and jaunts into illegal sex territory, and that she may be willing to inform on them in return for a reduction in charges.

There are some who believe the only reason Maxwell is being charged with crimes that occurred 23-27 years ago [and might be time-barred] is that prosecutors have a weak case against her and are hoping to bluff her into informing on notables who enjoyed underage girls with Epstein’s help.

Others opine that, though the case against her is very old and possibly weak, this is the best way to wrap up the entire high profile affair without charging powerful elites whose sex crimes with Epstein occurred in this century.

According to a source close to Epstein, he was reportedly willing to inform on his powerful, alleged pedo friends, and was optimistic about cutting a reasonable plea deal in return for fulsome testimony. Then days later, he purportedly committed suicide – on August 10, 2019.

Meanwhile, Maxwell is at MDC, not MCC, and like Epstein, she is the highest-profile pretrial detainee in America.

Hopefully, guards will not be stricken with sudden narcolepsy, the monitor cameras won’t suddenly malfunction, and she won’t implausibly break bones in her neck as a result of a low-velocity self-inflicted hanging.

But if she does, count on the mainstream media to faithfully report it as a suicide, just like they did for old Jeffrey.


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  • Prince Andrew must feel like it’s the end of his world is right about now and no it’s not just the bad press.

    If Ghislaine Maxwell has evidence or eyewitness testimony to offer the court that the Prince bedded underage girls, she can then corroborate all of the testimony of the victims of Prince Andrew.

    There is no statute of limitations in the United Kingdom for crimes.

    Higher court of UK:
    Unlike other European countries, the United Kingdom has no statute of limitations for any criminal offence. Following a number of acquittals and wrongful convictions of people charged with serious sexual crimes alleged to have been committed several decades prior, there has been some debate as to whether there should be a statute of limitations for historical rape and sexual assault cases, as prosecutions rely solely on personal testimonies and have no physical or scientific evidence due to the passage of time.

    In layman‘s terms, Prince Andrew is screwed.

      • Anonymous: True, Maxwell, from reports, currently has a fortune of only 20 Million. But Raniere may have lowered his standards in his current situation.

  • Ex-Friend Claims Ghislaine Maxwell Has Copies of Jeffrey Epstein Sex Tapes

    Ghislaine Maxwell, the accused recruiter for the late Jeffrey Epstein, has a secret stockpile of Epstein’s sex tapes that she will use to save herself from federal charges, according to a former friend of hers.

    Police arrested Maxwell in New Hampshire last week, and she was transferred on Monday to a Brooklyn, New York, jail to await trial on four counts of sex-trafficking of minors and two counts of perjury for allegedly acting as Epstein’s recruiter, the New York Post reported.

    Christopher Mason, a television host and journalist who had known Maxwell since the 1980s, said he was told that Epstein bugged multiple homes with cameras and kept watch on everyone and everything around him.

    Mason added that Maxwell had access to the allegedly compromising tapes, saying that she will use the tapes as her get out of jail free card.

    “Ghislaine has always been as cunning as they come. She wasn’t going to be with Epstein all those years and not have some insurance,” the ex-friend said.

    “The secret stash of sex tapes I believe Ghislaine has squirreled away could end up being her get-out-of-jail card if the authorities are willing to trade. She has copies of everything Epstein had. They could implicate some twisted movers and shakers,” the former friend said. “If Ghislaine goes down, she’s going to take the whole damn lot of them with her.”

    Maxwell is accused of luring three underage girls to Epstein’s various properties in New York, London, and New Mexico. She also faces two counts of perjury for allegedly lying during a deposition, but prosecutors have left room for a plea deal to be struck if she is willing to cooperate against unidentified accomplices.

    Maxwell is due to appear in court on Friday.

  • Technically, you don’t drive a submarine but that is something to look at if proved. In terms of actual driving, I am pretty sure but not certain she was charged in the UK for drunk driving years some years ago but I cannot find anything on the net as everything is now recent in search results but she seemingly had a bad spell at some point when she knew Epstein.

  • As Shadowstate pointed out, getting rid of Berman was a good thing and once done, Maxwell was arrested. Schiff called then for Barr’s (and Trump’s) impeachment.
    I have called for Schiff’s, and on this site a number of times have pointed out Schiff’s involvement in the Humpty Dumpty Institute. He, and the other 30 reps in the HDI, REFUSE to answer a single question about their involvement.
    The HDI is headed by Jeffrey Epstein’s brother Mark and has links to Maxwell cronies like Amir Dossal…who is close to Ted Turner, handling $1billion of his $.

    I this they have a lot to hide. And so does China, which is tied to the HDI, Schiff, etc.

    And the of course there is Clinton, who just about a year ago to this very day had lunch with Maxwell in NY.

    The HDI is founded by a Clinton donor and ally.

    The impeachment proceedings are a red herring for the yellow state to continue its power grab
    of the US. Hopefully Maxwell will talk and give us more info on this, as I have pointed out many times her intel gathering on rich folks is NOT Mossad (she is Jewish, some point out, but so what?). Take a closer look at what Epstein was doing back in the 70s/80s and the dots connect more to China than to Israel.

    In fact, Maxwell and Epstein may be the biggest traitors to the Jewish race ever – possibly targetting rich Jews to give China their info.


    This rebranding of pedophilia as a legit “alternative” sexual preference was or IS one of NXIVM’s outright, stated goals.

    It’s all over NX’s secret “Rational Inquiry” tech, Raniere and Salzman’s teachings and, unfortunately, their recruitment and other practices from the “Rainbow Culture Garden” growing future, little diddler victims, to GBD, to the Knife media pedophile propagandists and it’s been going on for decades at some of the highest levels of NYS (especially) govt. and Federal authorities in partnership with NXIVM principles and financiers.

    They began trying to brainwash me online with literature promoting pedophilia about Simon de Bouvier and Jean Paul Sartre (who attempted to pass laws in France lowering the age of consent starting in 1979) in at least, 2017 when they took over my FB account, and to my shock I came across notations in Gina’s journal from the mid-nineties that Keith & Co. tried to brainwash her into believing she was the very past life incarnation of de Bouvier, although Gina held fast to “Samayatara,” the first past life Buddhist Goddess incarnate Keith & Co. “recognized” her to be.

    Pedophile rights is now a movement more real and dangerous to the collective psyche of America than any “Antifa” or alleged anti-fascist “terrorism” going on but you can be sure no Antifa arrests will occur among anyone with any connection to any govt. leadership — a big plus for making them the ONLY scapegoat supposedly in league with BLM and other “leftists” allegedly attacking the Trump administration and good, god-fearing MAGA in this Country.

  • Now Maxwell has her own number:

    Register Number: 02879-509
    Age: 58
    Race: White
    Sex: Female
    Located at: Brooklyn MDC
    Release Date: UNKNOWN

  • Your tiresome suspicion about Epstein’s death is really ridiculous. He knew he was toasted, so he killed himself. People of wealth who lived well like him prefer to die, rather than rotting in cells for the rest of their lives. He saw the uproar that was occurring and knew he’s chances of clearing himself were near zero.

    I remember the piece you wrote about Maxwell’s photos and LA. And how your speculations went off the wall (predicting that she will somehow die and disappear). She did stage the photos and sent them to papers to throw the police and FBI off. This is what the Feds are saying. Now they busted her in New Hampshire. Her trick didn’t work.
    The book she was reading is a book she actually reviewed on The photo was real but it was stagged to mislead the investigations about her whereabouts.

    I want to read the case against her. We should keep an open mind.

    Frank, stop over-analyzing things. Sometimes you desperately try to convince yourself with crazy things.

  • Raniere brutally raped Rhianon — who was only twelve years old — repeatedly in the early ‘90’s.

    Due to her age, it was classified as a predatory child molestation class B felony at the time that carried no time barred statutes.

    How is Raniere ET AL’s crime including the timing different than a Ghislaine Maxwell — except the two years younger age difference for Rhianon.

    Plus, Rhianon reported the rapes to authorities.

    Be great if the two rapists met at MDC and ratted each other out for a plea deal.

    #justice for Rhiannon

    • It is curious Rhiannon’s rape by Raniere was time barred. He can’t be charged for raping her despite the fact that he raped her during the same time period when Ghislaine allegedly helped in the rape of 14-17 year old girls and Rhiannon was only 12.

      • Well put, Frank. I’ve been asking why Rhiannon’s case is supposedly time barred since 2011 when Jim O’dato told me the Albany TU legal dept. made that conclusion and he, likewise, got nowhere with local authorities he spoke with himself in Albany.

        I’m not an attorney but I can read and the statutes — the laws at the time Rhiannon’s rape occurred that apply to her case — specifically state that there were NO TIME LIMITS on prosecuting the crime Raniere and accomplices perpetrated on Rhianon. At the age of 12, Rhianon was clearly to be considered A CHILD where the 13 and 14 years old they raped were in more of a gray area, she was not.

        I fully expected Raniere to have been locked up within days after the TU expose’ appeared. Something very different happened instead.

        #Justice for the statuatory rape victims of NXIVM!

        • To Alex at 12:24 pm

          Looks more like No-Rules Justice to me. That’s international, not limited to the United States.

  • Some observers believe that the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York Jeffrey Berman was recently fired by AG Bill Barr because Berman was dragging his heels in indicting Maxwell.
    After Berman was fired, the maniacal Congressman Adam Schiff started calling for the impeachment of Barr and Trump.
    It appears that the Democrats are very afraid of Maxwell cooperating against Bill Clinton.

    Was Clinton a client of the Epstein-Maxwell child sex ring?
    Was Clinton using the Epstein-Maxwell child sex ring to entrap and blackmail wealthy powerful men?
    Saagar Enjeti: Ghislaine Maxwell’s friends predict she will ‘SELL OUT’ Bill Clinton, powerful people
    Berman prevented her from being arrested. THAT is why he was fired. Berman is a Clinton crony and donor.

      • You’re welcome.
        The best book on Epstein is still “Filthy Rich” co-authored by James Patterson.
        Hopefully, Ms. Maxwell can be coaxed to fill in the missing information.
        Suffice it to say the DOJ and FBI had enough information to prosecute both Epstein and Maxwell back in 1996 when Bill Clinton was President.
        Why didn’t the DOJ act back then?

        • “Why didn’t the DOJ act back then?”

          The dish Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were not on the menu of the DOJ and FBI canteen.
          What is not on the menu cannot be ordered.

          • —Can this get any more disgusting?

            Oh, Alex, of course it can. The artist formerly known as Bangkok could be more disgusting. Alas, he is forlorn and gone, because of Parlato’s draconian censuring and unhinged cruelty.

        • Hello, Shadowstate… Epstein didn’t get prosecuted because he was busy funding the CLINTON FOUNDATION amiryght??

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