The Super Surveillance State, Aided by 5G, and Fake News, Is the Platform for the Devil

By Fred

For those people who seriously buy into the Brave New Hi-Tech World  — once the food is all genetically modified, they’ll find they need genetically modified people to consume it, and get busy with that. The elites will have all the finest nanotechnology swimming in their bloodstreams and plug chips into their skulls.

Just read any of the pre-9/11 William Gibson novel for details. Johnny Mnemonic is the best-known example:

Looking back at Johnny Mnemonic | Den of Geek

I was a member of for a year and a half before I escaped the plantation, this is the Liberal Tech Elite on parade, oh boy, and they really, really believe all this stuff. And then, of course, if everything goes GMO-pear-shaped on this planet, they can escape to Mars with Elon Musk. The genius whose answer to the terrible threat of artificial intelligence is that we all need his “scalable” electronic brain implants so we can compete against the computers:

But since you ask a fair and very important question, I’m going to give you the deepest answer I can.

Elon Musk-Twitter
Elon Musk is ready to take you to Mars and help you with your own brain, if you let him.

I took a lot of flak on this forum for taking Dr Rudolf Steiner and his “anthroposophy” or Knowledge of Man seriously. I tried as hard as possible to indicate that the Steiner movement was infiltrated and sabotaged right from the beginning — before Steiner’s body was cold, they had turfed his very closest associate, Ita Wegman, out of the General Anthroposophical Society. You really have to work on your own to get a picture of what he’s saying, and the picture I’m giving you is entirely personal, I’ve never been part of any Steiner organization or movement or reading group.

For me, Steiner’s really big prophecy for our times is the manifestation of a very particular Antichrist, whom he calls Ahriman, after the Persian term for this demon. He’s known in the Bible as Satan — not Lucifer, they are very different powers and personalities, in many ways working in directly opposite ways. Lucifer is part of the retinue of God, in fact the brightest star in the heavenly line-up, and tempts us to set ourselves up as gods. It was the luciferic influence that caused the “fall” from heavenly into material existence in Eden.

Ahriman - Ancient History Encyclopedia

Ahriman, on the other hand, denies the existence of the spiritual world altogether, and creates and sustains the illusion that the physical world is all there is. Now, we need ahrimanic forces in order to maintain the physical world. However, when we start thinking that the human brain is like a machine, a meat computer, and nothing else, this is pure ahrimanic ideology.

And this is the dominant paradigm we have in psychology. Go ask a psychologist what “consciousness” is, and they’ll probably talk about it being an “emergent” property of electrical activity in the brain cells. The fact that this is completely insane does not seem to faze them.

The brain is an organ of perception; and what it perceives are concepts, thoughts, that are appropriate to the three-dimensional world of which the brain is a part. The brain is not adequate to super-sensible, spiritual realities, which you experience in deep sleep. Dreams are like picture-postcards of this super-sensible experience, where the brain translates what it experienced into the 3D archetypes of physical existence. If you dream of a wildfire, the brain is using a metaphor from physical reality, maybe to describe a raging danger in your personal life.

OK: now, Steiner’s big prediction (which I’ve gleaned from many sources) is that Ahriman himself would incarnate in the USA in the second half of the 20th century, and come into prominence in the first third of the 21st century. Like, very soon. Many anthroposophists are certain that this personality is very much alive and active on this planet already. I also am certain of this, based on three facts:

(1) 5G;
(2) Vaccines, not least for COVID-19; and
(3) Fake news.

Steiner’s prediction was the development of what he called “mechanical occultism” in America, which you can translate exactly as “artificial intelligence”. Super-duper-AI will enable you to put on goggles and scan the universe and know everything. You’ll be living in an endless virtual world, each of you floating into your own private virtual reality.

If you want a little pep talk on how this will all look, here’s one from the European Union, it’s just two minutes:

You can see that absolutely every sector of existence will be part of the Internet of Things.

I’ve said that 5G is the platform for Ahriman, and I really mean it.

Even if Rudolf Steiner is completely nuts, even if there’s no evil genius in incarnation, do you think the super-surveillance state is just happening all by itself, all over the world? This is a vast, concerted program to turn the human race into clouds of data, which will be used to manipulate us.

Now, COVID-19 is directly linked with this. I predicted, over and over again, that the rollout of 5G in 2020 would coincide with some vast event that required mass surveillance. I kept saying, I don’t know what they’ll do; but something will happen that requires tracking of the entire population in real time using smartphones and the 5G grid.

What happened in South Korea? They tracked the movements of the entire population, finding who was in proximity to an infected person in a grocery store, a hotel lobby. This is how they “contained” the pandemic.

Where is there more monitoring and surveillance of the population: North or South Korea? Li’l Kim could only dream of the surveillance apparatus they have across the border.

The fact that COVID-19 presents with so many of the symptoms of microwave irradiation is an amazing piece of symmetry, the kind of thing that is more artistic than scientific, I have to hand it to the super-illuminati, this was very clever.

Finally, “fake news”: Steiner says over and over that Ahriman is the true “father of lies”, everything he says is lies. The moment I heard Hillary Clinton talking about the threat of “fake news” in early 2017, I said — this is it, the final sign that true End Times are upon us. Fake news is truly the clearest sign of the apocalypse. Remember, “apocalypse” just means revelation or unveiling — it’s an information explosion, not nuclear holocaust. The atom bombs will just be a distraction.

The Spear of Destiny by Trevor Ravenscroft at Skylark Books

Now, the lurid book that got me into Steiner — and which I discovered to my surprise is largely fictional and not to be trusted at face value — was “The Spear of Destiny” by Trevor Ravenscroft. He was a brilliant, but deeply troubled man. The very last book he produced was called “The Mark of the Beast”, written with the psychologist who was treating him, Tim Wallace-Murphy, who found fame as a world expert on Roslyn Chapel, long before it became known from Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code”.

You can hear Tim Wallace-Murphy talking about Ravenscroft at 3:40 in this video:

Now, I don’t have this book to hand, I sent it decades ago to a journalist who specialized in religious affairs, but he didn’t respond. Anyway, I don’t have the book to hand, and it’s become quite rare. So I’m going from memory here.

But there was one observation in this book that really struck home with me. They said: it’s very likely that Ahriman will manifest particularly as a biochemical genius, bringing all kinds of new technologies, genetic modification, AI implants, super-vaccines.

Remember, Steiner prophesied that they would develop an inoculation that would prevent children’s spirituality from developing properly, which would literally trap their brains in the 3D world. He said they would give these vaccinations right at birth, to make sure the connections were never properly established. Look at what they’re doing with vaccines right now — the CDC recommends that every single baby be given hepatitis-B vaccinations within 12 hours of birth:

Now, the main ways you get hepatitis-B are from: (1) sex; (2) sharing needles; (3) accidental needle sticks.

Mothers with hep-B can also pass it on to their children; but if she does not suffer from the disease, what is the chance that the infant, in the 13th hour of its existence, is going to start engaging in sex or sharing needles? Surely this vaccination is ONLY relevant if the mother tests positive? Can anyone justify this blanket vaccinating of tiny infants? For me, this is sheer barbarity and savagery, but then I’m not a doctor, am I?

So maybe the tech elite knows something we don’t: that there really are going to be miracle vaccines that are going to allow us out of our houses, out of lockdown, out of isolation, get back to work. And having thoroughly terrified the world, many people would happily take the vaccine, if it means they are allowed out of their houses.

This is a very interesting video made by a lawyer that describes how “social isolation” is actually the most vicious kind of torture you can inflict on people:

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3 years ago

When the lie becomes the new normal, here in my country I have seen several testimonies on Facebook of people who ask to be registered as a patient by COVID-19 to enter as patients in a hospital, even if they do not have any associated symptoms These guidelines are consequences of the measures imposed by the government on hospitals and clinics, which make the natural process of collecting evidence go by wagon while the presumption that you are infected travel by plane and first-class, in this way. Not only do you appear registered as a patient by COVID but if you die, even due to the negligence of the doctors, your diagnosis will be death due to the COVID and the worst thing is that the protocols imposed by the government involve compulsory incineration, but even so, they say “If you decide not to enter the patient, you do so at your own risk”

3 years ago

lol wtf

gerald brennan
gerald brennan
3 years ago

YES on the almost immediate corruption of the Anthroposophical Society. (Does it ever happen any differently?)
NO on the Ahriman prediction. Steiner indicates only sometime in the ‘third millennium.’ The best speculation I have found is here:

3 years ago
Reply to  gerald brennan

Well, technically it is the third millennium. 1st: 0-999 AD; 2nd: 1000-1999, 3rd: 2000-2999. We’re obviously at 2020 which falls in the latter.

3 years ago

An antistatic device is any device that reduces, dampens, or otherwise inhibits electrostatic discharge; the buildup or discharge of static electricity,[1][2] which can damage electrical components such as computer hard drives, and even ignite flammable liquids and gases.

Many methods exist for neutralizing, varying in use and effectiveness depending on the application. Antistatic agents are chemical compounds that can be added to an object, or the packaging of an object, to help deter the buildup or discharge of static electricity.[3] For the neutralization of static charge in a larger area, such as a factory floor, semiconductor cleanroom or workshop, antistatic systems may utilize electron emission effects such as corona discharge or photoemission that introduce ions into the area that combine with and neutralize any electrically charged object.[4] In many situations, sufficient electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection can be achieved with electrical grounding.

Damn you Fred!

The catching away
The catching away
3 years ago

Or the rapture as it has been coined in recent times, transpires before the Antichrist is revealed. And we are not far away from both events.

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago

I have had some exposure to the “Johnny Mnemonic’s” — my Ex and I partnered with Silicon Valley CGI pioneers in the early – mid nineties on an interactive TV startup venture, “da Vinci Time & Space,” and hired some of the brightest of them from there and MIT media lab.

There is an archetypal, rather demonic, controlling personality, as Fred describes, that eschews any belief in a “soul” yet seeks eternal life through technology and views mere mortals — all natural life — as lesser, ignorant beings in dire need of transformation to meet the minimal requirements to share space in their future utopia universe they believe they shall rule…forevermore.

Unfortunately, they do have more money than God these days and, I imagine, are panicked at the prospect of aging out, dying before their “reality” (it’s not fantasy to them) comes to pass. Deception is, to these egos, a test of intellect not morality. And they excel at it using tools of technology to deceive. Fake news, yes.

They simply do not value reality, life.

I’m just an average person but when I really listen to my heart, I know I am, we are all, part of nature and nature is part if not all of God, who will never be fooled — but not without consequence to those who try to play God and undermine His/Her timeless plan.

Ken Gibson
Ken Gibson
3 years ago

Fred’s article is interesting, yes there are idiots out there with lots of knowledge they wish to use but no wisdom. Or care for the rest of us.
BTW, some of this was going on decades ago, Dr Delgado and his control of nerves via implants. Wires that can send images to your eyes that are 1/5th the width of the human optic nerve. And yes the digital angel tech stuff that a FL company shared with IBM (IBM had to relinquish its rights in a lawsuit to the smaller company).
Getting rid of paper money so that a microchip in your hand, aka Mark of the Beast as in Revelation 13.
There is a God and he alone can turn back all this madness.
There is a satan and he controls many US politicians.

Who are you going to choose?

3 years ago

None of this matters, because AOC said the earth will end in about a decade owing to global warming. LOL

Be sure to add the above “theory” to this list of failed predictions – all these people were wrong, but Fred is right: LOL

3 years ago

Interesting article Mr Fred. You have me thinking outside of the box. Thinking of 5G and magnetic little nano technology running through the body ingested or by vaccine may have already been secretly happening. If also micro-chipped, in parts of the body like fingers, wrists, elbow and spinal cord, who’s to say someone couldn’t control a populations movements by a remote control using nano technologies and 5G EMF. I think that by placing tiny little slivers of nano technology inside a particular race and flipping the EMF on high would ultimately fry the unfortunate race like a bug zapper.
In the beginning stages of experiments on mass control, using nanos and magnetic radiation one can use small trucks that carry the control and monitor on an experimental subject prior to the completion of the 5G switch or future master switch. It doesnt seem far fetched at this point. In the game, of world domination, a group could master world order. Can you imagine a monitored race that can be controlled by a flip of the switch? BIG TECH tele-commies and the WHO are an interesting rabbit hole. Thanks Fred i may need a hand getting out of here.

3 years ago

The elite psychos and sociopaths are just like Raniere in that they want to control you in order to maintain their pyramidal status quo where they rule over the world and require of the rest of the human populace who they effectively regard as their slaves (who must necessarily less than them) what they don’t require of themselves. The few people at the top (in relative comparison to the billions of people on the planet) who control the money supply directly or indirectly which they exercise via central banks or the the dozens and dozens of companies they own indirectly via stock, shell companies, or otherwise, from which they control politicians who enact laws that benefit them to control you, hidden from general public knowledge.

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous


3 years ago

like your style, frank….have you read solovyov’s ‘short tale of the anti-christ’? i found it quite absorbing. i guess the thing is, if the antichrist, ahriman, is already manifest, then christ cannot be far off….never would have given this stuff serious consideration til recently, but now….well….biblical times indeed.

3 years ago

Hm, I emailed Frank and told him that a fairly nuts draft had completely accidentally sent itself, just as I was trying to paste in a link. Please don’t post it, if it arrived, I said, just send it to me, I’ll fix it up.

So I see he fixed it up a little himself and sent it to me the really quick way, grazie mille again, Frank. I was so sure that post got lost that I wrote another little (and much more safe and sane) comment here:

So I’m just going to paste in the video link that caused all the trouble. I promise you, I will NEVER write a major post in the comments box again, really, this post sent itself. I’ve taken a good look at the WordPress keyboard shortcuts, and there’s nothing near “Ctrl-V” that says “Submit this post immediately and lose this content forever.” Truly, a ghost in the machine.

The link I was trying to post is a video by Leigh Dundas Esq., a lawyer who has done some homework on torture. You’ll see that just about the very worst torture you can inflict on human beings is “social distancing”. This is the kind of thing the CIA was researching decades ago, in mind control experiments with people like Leonard Cohen, who signed up to be a sensory deprivation lab rat when he was a student in Canada:

There’s no doubt that the most vicious torture imaginable is currently being visited on the world, mass social isolation; that this torture is 100% deliberate; and that the intentions are to force us by fear to accept the needles, the towers, and the sanitized reality with news headlines written by AI bots.

This is honestly the best picture I can give: to expect a major personality to intervene in history, but very much behind the scenes, behind clouds of fake news.

As it happens, talking of personalities intervening in history, there’s chatter rising about a new self-proclaimed King of the United Kingdom, one Joseph Gregory Hallett, a.k.a. King John III of All England and Dominions. He says his claims are not being contested by the illegitimate House of Windsor, who have removed their seal from the gate of Buckingham Palace and fled forever into seclusion. He has a seal and a key and a letter from Queen Victoria that he says entitle him to the crown, and he’s going to claim it imminently. He has the lineage to prove he’s the Messiah we’re all waiting for:

You’ll see he talks a lot about himself, so I was pleasantly surprised when he started talking about something else, namely the “Vatican’s biggest secret”. Oho, I thought, what is this now?

This biggest secret – and the key to our claimant’s lineage of Biblical destiny – is that there were TWO Jesus children, of the same age, third cousins.

This may seem a huge revelation to you – and as I keep saying, Apocalypse just means Revelations, discovery of information – but this story is literally Jesus 101 in the Rudolf Steiner account of Christ. When I got entangled with the whole Steiner mess here, I went and read his whole account of the two Jesus children again, just to be sure I had it straight. You can check it out for yourself, starting with the lecture series on the Fifth Gospel.

So I’ll be interested to see what King John III has to say about Dr. Rudolf Steiner and his prophecies. I must say, Hallett’s highlighting of the two Jesus children is the one thing that makes me take notice of him. If the English decide they want a new King, that’s their business.

Along with the Antichrist, of course, there is a Prince of Peace in Revelations who appears from nowhere to seize power and bring an illusory peace over the world. He is traditionally the forerunner of Satan himself, they’re secretly working in tandem behind the scenes.

Steiner emphasizes that Ahriman’s greatest victory would be to sneak into power unobserved, as invisibly as possible, a stealth operator. The Prince of Peace will appear very openly.

Now, whether or not this is all complete madness, I can’t think of a better crew to dissect a would-be cult leader than the denizens of Frank Report. I’ve kept an eye on Joseph Gregory Hallett for quite a while, he’s been around on the forums. I honestly haven’t made up my mind about him. Basically meaning: he’s a con man, no question; but: he may just be what he says he is, the very con man set up from birth to take the whole planet for a ride. The timing is right, with Ghislaine Maxwell singing Andrew’s alibis to sleep, Harry absconding the Firm, Philip crashing the car, and the Queen going into permanent social seclusion at Windsor.

I haven’t had time to check out King John III carefully, but he seems to be associated with a pyramid scheme called NESARA – correct me if I’m wrong. Now, this was a scam that circulated back in the day with Ramtha:

So here we have two more angles for the denizens of FR, namely multilevel scams and the Ramtha cult. It was the whole J.Z. Knight scam that brought me onto Frank Report in the first place. Ramtha is such a dangerous and insidious cult, and this is one of the few places capable of dealing with it.

I myself am about to disappear into a cloud of editing work for the United Nations in Geneva, which includes taking guidance from the World Health Organization. I can report that the current best UN editorial practice per WHO is to use the term “physical distancing”, rather than “social distancing”. I think this is more than just being practical on the ground; I think they are trying to distance themselves from the very tangible damage to human existence they’ve caused with “social distancing”. But you will perhaps understand the very tight high-wire that Monsieur Fred walks here, between writing and editing. Not so much without a safety net, as without a rope — until Frank decides to hang you out to dry, when there’s plenty.

3 years ago

Fred makes a number of good points in his article. He needs to provide hard data.

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Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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