Should Sara Bronfman Be Arrested?

Sars Bronfman Igtet

In my post, Did Allison Mack Pay Me to Go After Kristin Kreuk? – Reader Wants to Know,  I wrote, “I was not trying to get anyone arrested other than Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman”.

Ice-Nine made this important comment:

I don’t think that is genuine, Frank. You outed Emiliano and Sara Bronfman while they were hiding from the Feds and had fled to foreign lands (and I am glad that you did). This was well beyond the trial of Raniere, so you didn’t need to bring attention to it anymore. It seems pretty clear that was to help get them captured, and rightly so. You did the Lost Women of NXIVM (which was awesome) and would definitely have served the purpose of exposing conspirators to have more charges brought against someone other than Keith or Clare. Otherwise, what would the point have been to produce that?”

Ice-Nine is correct.  The statement I made about not trying to get anyone arrested needs clarification.

What I meant was that I was not trying to get the other Nxivm defendants: Lauren Salzman, Nancy Salzman, Allison Mack and Kathy Russell – arrested.

I desired that Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman be arrested. I also wanted Sara Bronfman arrested and, during the course of my investigation into the Raniere-related deaths of Gina Hutchinson, Kristin Snyder, Barbara Jeske, Suzanne Kemp and Pamela Cafritz, I wanted anyone who may have been involved in any murder arrested.

Keith Raniere with three of his inner- inner circle: Karen U. Pam Cafritz and Barbara Jeske. [Cafritz and Jeske died and I am investigating their deaths.]
Gina Hutchinson died of an apparent suicide, but I have doubts about the official version of the story.  Until I chose to do so, no one investigated the possibility that Gina needed to be silenced to protect Keith Raniere’s insidious plans.


Kristin Snyder has been missing since Feb. 6, 2003. She is considered a presumptive suicide but her body was never found. I broke the story that she claimed to be pregnant with Keith Raniere’s child just before her disappearance.


Kathy Russell

I did not want, and never wanted, for instance, that hapless Kathy Russell be arrested.

Not-So-Happy Allison Mack

I tried to reach Allison Mack to help her avoid being arrested. She declined to return my calls.

I realize that Allison and others had to be arrested by the Feds in order to make the racketeering and sex trafficking case stronger.

But that was not my goal. There were certainly others who should have been arrested like Sara Bronfman and Emiliano Salinas.

Keith and Clare, who were arrested, and Sara Bronfman and Emiliano Salinas, who were not arrested, powered the cult.

Nancy Salzman of course and Lauren were the face of Nxivm and they did not escape arrest. They had to be arrested.

Nancy and Lauren Salzman shared the same man, but he is gone now.

But Emiliano powered the cult in Mexico and Sara and Clare Bronfman powered and financed the cult in America and worldwide.

My position today is that Allison, Kathy, and even Lauren Salzman were pawns compared to these bigger fish, two of which got away altogether.

I have written repeatedly that I think the judge should show Allison, Lauren, and Kathy leniency.

I also know that the feds selectively chose whom they would charge. They said that all the first line slave masters were guilty of the same racketeering charges. They could have charged Nicki Clyne, Monica Duran, Daniela Padilla, Loreta Garza, Camila, and Rosa Laura Junco with the same crimes as Allison Mack. Yet they chose to prosecute Mack and Lauren Salzman and not the others.

DOS First-Line Slaves

Chances are they did not want to crowd the case. But Loreta Garza, for example, did far more criminal activity than Allison Mack, in my opinion. But who cares about Loreta? No one, it seems.

Rosa Laura Junco offered her own underage virgin daughter to Raniere for him to despoil but she walks free and can enjoy her inherited millions.

Sara Bronfman with Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, at a charity event. The smiling face of Sara Bronfman disguises the fact that, as she was donating a little money to the Ferguson charity choice, she was putting millions into the destructive Nxivm cult.

All of the first line slave masters pale in comparison with the Bronfman sisters. Next to Raniere and Clare, Sara is the one who kept the Nxivm racketeering enterprise alive and well-funded for more than 16 years.

She may not be as sinister as her sister, and when I worked with them, she was nice to me. But it is impossible to believe that she did not know her money was used to punish others, including me. She signed off on the lawsuits that sought to destroy others, such as her old friend Barbara Bouchey.

Barbara Bouchey was the financial manager for the Bronfman sisters, though, in reality it was Keith Raniere who called the shots.


Clare and Sara Bronfman sit on stage with the Dalai Lama, pretending to be devotees of love and compassion while they used their enormous wealth to destroy Nxivm’s enemies.

Because Sara is outgoing, her desire to use her money to destroy others is less obvious. But she used her money to go after every Nxivm enemy from Joe O’Hara to Sarah Edmondson and everyone in between.

When Sara refused to come to the USA to help bail out her sister, I reported it and disclosed the likely reason: She was worried she would be indicted.

When she and her husband, Basit Igtet, worked to overthrow the government of Libya and support ISIS terrorists, I was the first to break that story outside of Libya.

When she fled to France, I announced it. She started another Rainbow school there. I reported it and helped break up the school. It is now disbanded. When she went to Portugal, I announced it.

Somehow the Feds, when they prosecuted Nxivm gave Sara a pass. I don’t know why.  They did not include her in the list of inner-circle members, while including names that were far less important, including names that had been out of Nxivm for many years.

The “Inner-Circle” of NXIVM/ESP.

For instance, the Feds included Bouchey as part of the inner-circle. She left in 2009 and fought against a series of demoralizing and expensive lawsuits funded by Sara Bronfman.

The Feds included Daniela, who testified to help bring Raniere down. Daniela had been out since she escaped from Nxivm after being confined in a room for almost two years, She was never an important member. She was just a kid. So she is in the inner-circle?

But Sara, who helped fund her imprisonment, is not named?

Mark Vicente worked with the feds to help take down Nxivm and is named as a member of the inner-circle.  And Sara Bronfman, right up to the day Raniere was arrested and well after his arrest, in fact, likely to this very day, supports Raniere.

But she is not inner-circle?

Now, as she enjoys her lavish life in Portugal, in Cascais and Algarve, with her millions and her servants, amid other English expatriates,  she need not reckon the lives she destroyed or be held accountable.

Should she be arrested now? Yes, but I think it unlikely to happen.

Her sister was arrested, thank goodness. And Clare’s ability to ruin lives is diminished for the Feds will be watching her every action for years to come.

She had great wealth to use as she chose. She chose to use it to hurt others. Now she is a convicted felon and will soon be sentenced to prison.

Even if Clare gets only two years in prison, she will be on probation for another three years after she is released. So, I think the world is mostly safe from her vengeance for at least five years. It could be even longer since Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis has indicated he is considering sentencing her to more prison time than what was calculated [21-27 months] on her original plea deal-estimated sentencing guidelines.

As for Sara and Clare and Keith Raniere – they did their best to ruin my life. I think I repaid the favor to at least Keith and Clare. I have not fully returned the favor to Sara yet. I have made it a little hot for Sara at times. I hope to continue and, in time, completely repay the favor.

Presently, Neil Glazer is suing Sara, along with other Nxivm defendants, on behalf of some 80 plaintiffs. Sara and her sister, Clare, are the main targets of the civil suit since they have the most money.

More of Sara’s crimes will likely be revealed through that lawsuit. I hope to expose some of her crimes on this site.  She is not out of the woods yet.  She may still have to answer for her and her husband’s work to sponsor terrorism.

So affectionate with their baby and so ruthless with others. Sara Bronfman and Baset Igtet with their first daughter.

If I were advising Sara, I would advise her to settle the lawsuit with Glazer and avoid more public exposure.  For what she will spend in attorneys fending this off, she might be able to settle the case. She should also set up a fund to help her victims get therapy. This could even restore her public image a little.

But she won’t do it. You have to understand, behind the manners of Sara Bronfman is the same beast as her sister. Sara just smiles more.

Sara Bronfman authorized her NYC attorneys to admit that Keith Raniere’s claims of genius were “improbable” in a lawsuit brought by attorney Omar Rosales.

Just to let you know the type of character Sara is – I am suing her civilly for $7 million – over a Los Angeles real estate project wherein I uncovered fraud, recovered $26 million of hers and her sister’s money, was supposed to develop the project and get one-third of the profits and for which she thanked me by firing me after I recovered the property and got possession of it, sued me, and then had me indicted via perjury.

Our civil lawsuit is ongoing. And after her sister, Clare, was arrested, Sara and Clare retained dirtbag shyster Michael Avenatti to sue me and go after me in the press.

Michael Avenatti

I was more than ready to go toe to toe with Avenatti.  I welcomed the controversy, for controversy helps my brand. And since I can dish it out I can also take it. I wanted a feud with that shyster.

But unfortunately, Avenatti got himself arrested for extorting Nike and then his house of cards fell down. Soon after the Nike fiasco become public, it was discovered that he had stolen millions of his clients’ money.

He stole Stormy Daniels’ book advance and in another, even more despicable case, he stole millions from a disabled veteran, while leaving him destitute.

He was much like his clients, the Bronfmans, a true criminal. And he was the choice of Clare and Sara Bronfman to go after me, instead of settling with me. For less than what they would have paid Avenatti, they could have settled fairly with me, but that it is not in their nature.

Of course, I expect to win my lawsuit against Sara and Clare Bronfman.  I will eventually win millions, I believe. I also know they will never settle and I will have to win this in court, with suitable discovery and possible new revelations of crimes.

I also know they will spend more money than they could have settled with me. This is their beastly nature. Since the lawsuit is ongoing, the statute of limitations will not expire on my civil claim.

However, as for their criminal side, I only hope I can get full discovery and depositions completed within the statute of limitations on certain of their crimes so I can refer this to the Feds.

It is now more than three years since I first broke the DOS branding and blackmail story which led to the curtailment of much of the Nxivm criminal enterprise. Many of Nxivm’s crimes are now beyond the statute of limitations and others are soon to expire.

But we may yet see Sara Bronfman land somewhere far from Portugal, maybe quite close to where her sister will soon uncomfortably land.

Viva Executive Success!


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  • “I tried to reach Allison Mack to help her avoid being arrested. She declined to return my calls.”
    You did it AFTER you accused her…frank!
    Seriously, you expect that she would trust you after you accused her? Especially since it was far from reality (well the content was right, the culprit wasn’t)

    I know you knew only what your source knew and the sources were not in the knowledge of all the “cards”…but you still directly accused Allison (at first).

    You can’t expect her to , all the sudden, accept to talk to you .
    You also ignore the coercive part…Allison was in LA for a long time before the story exploded, she was there since around november 16.
    All the sudden, the story exploded, she is DRAGGED (and i insist because her friend said that she was reluctant to go back) in NY state…

    No counting the many spies that raniere had everywhere and the people he was recording (remember the recording YOU talked about? remember the recording of the interview? these are raniere’s method of indirect pressure…)

    “But that was not my goal. ”
    not true, i might not be in your head but at first, you were the most violent against Allison…and even once some of the proof debunked many of the versions accusing Allison, you ignored it.
    You still have that problem with some facts (despites the fact that you are more fair to Allison).

    You might have changed but at first, you enjoyed Allison’s arrest.

    And you point “in order to make the racketeering and sex trafficking case stronger” but it’s not…
    The reality is that thru time, the prosecution started to avoid MANY subject because of the wholes.
    They had nothing on those (especially on Allison’s position) so they started to try to prove but clearly fail…this is why the resorted to coercion (pressure , if you prefer).
    They tried to tie Allison with things happening before she was even there (some happened when she was 6 year old!!!) and this forced her to accept a terrible plea “deal”.

    In the end, the court managed to prove what Allison never rejected…she collected the coercive material (while she was coerced herself…but this, the prosecution avoid to point).
    But the rest was never proved for Allison’s implication.

    No forced labor, no extortion , nothing… Allison helped Nicole 3 times in return of 1 service. And Allison never extorted money or anything for herself…
    What happened in background, is another story and is raniere’s responsability.

    “My position today is that Allison, Kathy, and even Lauren Salzman were pawns compared to these bigger fish, two of which got away altogether.”
    It’s your position and i respect it but i’ll give you mine then:
    I believe Kathy is a pawn, Allison is definately a pawn…but lauren was not…and “compared to these bigger fish” is working for lauren as her implication is heavy but lower than some others…
    But Kathy and Allison were victim pressurized to obey…so not comparable to these “bigger fish”.

    “But it is impossible to believe that she did not know her money was used to punish others”
    Actually it’s not…if you read the interview with forbes (if i recall properly), she sound like she is not exactly that sane…she is definately disconnected to reality.

    She is even proud to show (and bare) her scarf (i were one too in winter…i don’t get cocky for that).

    ” likely to this very day, supports Raniere.”
    Sadly, it could be true…maybe her sister herself is still supporting too.

    • I never enjoyed her arrest but I knew she had to be arrested to get out of the cult. She should thank me for what I have done for – otherwise she might still be in the cult – and I think you would agree that she is better off with a few years in prison than a lifetime in the cult.

  • BULLSEYE, Frank Parlato! (And thanks for including Gina.)

    I’d like to offer this up for discussion:

    “Somehow the Feds, when they prosecuted Nxivm gave Sara a pass. I don’t know why.”

    I propose they had close to a billion reasons why, despite the fact that Sara has well-proved she and her ISIS-supporting, also ESP / NXIVM and Islam programmed, hubby, are a danger and menace to society.

    One of the greatest feats and public service FR has performed thus far, IMO, is the influence on the Ministry of France to prevent these pedophile peddling terrorists from gleefully taking over the Province WHILE US OFFICIALS were prosecuting this case in New York — and they not only gave her a pass but a pittance of an apology on her Albany property they purchased from her!

    Yes, ISIS really appreciates shows of U.S. support like that!

    And, I could add some details as to why, no, it’s not safe for YOU or any NX “enemy” so long as these criminals are at large and being protected by elements of the US Govt. against prosecution for ANY of their US and International crimes.

    • Sarah Bronfman will never be arrested. People of her kind know how not to, and have the money to pay their way out of anything.

    • Prediction:

      Donald Trump is President and will be President again…And Sara Bronfman will still not be arrested.

      Shadow, the Justice Department has limited a budget and limited resources.

      How many times has the DOJ slapped corporations with fines for criminal acts and no one goes to jail? HSBC laundered money for drug cartels and not one executive did prison time. It’s why the DOJ cut Bronfman a deal.

      At the end of the day, I am happy Keith Raniere will never have the opportunity to victimize another woman or girl. The prosecution of the other 5 defendants is gravy.

  • Hi Clare bear-

    I want you to know your sister has a child, a husband, good looks, a nice body, and most importantly a life.

    You possess none of those things. However, you do, now, possess less money.

    Did you know Sarah had made outside investments besides the dumb-ass restaurant, hotel, and mini-winery? Surprise! It’s a small world after all.

  • Money is the route all evil. Sara Bronfman has boku bucks [ a shit load of money]. Sara is big time evil. LOL

    [redacted] lives matter. LOL

    Neighborhood dog lives matter more. LOL

    Woof-woof-woof. LOL

        • Scott you have a hair dresser and an above ground pool? I am indeed impressed. Did you splurge on one of those garden hose slip’n slides for the full water/park theme back yard?

        • Scott, you have a hairdresser and an above ground pool? I am indeed impressed. Did you splurge on one of those garden hose slip’n slides for the full-waterpark-backyard experience?

  • You’ve also outed Nicki Clyne numerous times, exposing her for working at the Izzy Rose restaurant in NY. And you have called on her to be arrested and deported. She’s a much smaller fish to fry though and I doubt it was ever a major focus of yours. And frankly, a part of me hopes it never happens so she can continue to do silly and entertaining things that make my day.

    Where has she gone from FR btw, I hope she comes back soon!

    • Speaking of Nicki, depending on what they all know and may have yet to share, or not, with DOJ investigators,— I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she doesn’t disappear once all the ‘Furor” dies down.

      • The thing that sucks about the pandemic as it pertains to Nicki is that she is probably laid off from that restaurant now and who knows where she went. We know she’ll stay close to Vanguard though. She won’t disappear. There is something wrong with her brains. I hope she comes back to FR though, it’s way more interesting when she’s on here.

  • Whether Frank, or anyone else for that matter, “wants” someone arrested is not his decision. LOL

    Frank exposed NXIVM and it was up to the FBI/DOJ to decide who to go after. LOL

    This decision is based on the law, the evidence, and political influence. LOL

    What is perplexing to me is why Frank was apparently never involved in the FBI/DOJ investigation. LOL

    The DOJ needed some of the witnesses against NXIVM to be considered insiders, or else their case would have been much weaker. LOL

    Just because a person was listed as an insider does not mean they always were an insider or they always will be an insider. LOL

    • Scott-

      —Just because a person was listed as an insider does not mean they always were an insider or they always will be an insider. LOL

      Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge and earth-shattering insight on insiders.

      So let me get this straight, insiders can be outsiders before or after they become insiders.

      Scott, I believe your revelation is more important than the meaning of life.

      • You’re welcome, Nice Guy 666. Just think of how much more you (or anyone else) could learn if you [redacted] talk on the phone, and you don’t even have to provide your phone number, Scott’s Facebook ID is ScottTexJohnson, go ahead and contact him. LOL

  • Everyone involved in one way or another with the inner circle of NXIVM was about the money. It was never about ethics. All of you are dirty. LOL.

      • What about Flabturd, stuffing his piehole with Kraft macaroni & cheese? Like all true visionaries, Keithy-Weethie has found his pot of gold. Now all that he needs is a tossed hair salad and he can pretend to be Nxivm’s head muffdiver again.

        • I expect that he’s gradually settling into an apathetic psychotic state, slowly losing all touch with reality. He’ll withdraw into himself more and more, and live his life in wistful fantasies of what might have been.

          • Raniere lost touch with reality decades ago, it’s just now catching up with him. LOL

          • —Raniere lost touch with reality decades ago, it’s just now catching up with him. LOL

            Sounds like a familiar story…….

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