Should Emiliano Salinas Be Arrested?

Emiliano Salinas

Emiliano Salinas remains largely untouched by the Nxivm criminal enterprise he helped lead for almost 20 years.

Salinas ran the Mexican branch of the racketeering enterprise.

Emiliano Salinas, with his actress wife, Ludwika Palata, and father, former Mexican president Carlos Salinas.

He, along with Sara Bronfman, were the two big fish who got away in the Nxivm catch.

As for Emiliano, I reported that the Feds considered him a criminal in the Nxivm case. I also reported that the Feds in the Eastern District of NY were, according to a high-placed source, were having trouble getting approval to indict him from Main Justice in Washington DC.

They apparently never did get approval. I was told that the Clintons used their muscle to help avoid an indictment for the son of former Mexican president Carlos Salinas.

I also reported that Emiliano left Mexico and was fleeing to Cuba, at a time when the Feds were seriously considering his arrest.

At this time, however, it looks like he is in the clear and I think it is also telling that attorney Neil Glazer has not included him in the Nxivm lawsuit as one of the Nxivm defendants.

I wonder why? Why sue Karen U, who has no money, for instance, and not sue Salinas and his lover, Alex Betancourt, who have deep pockets and did far more harm?

Perhaps they are helping out. Maybe they are doing something for the victims.  Although it is not the Nxivm way – to help others.

Nancy [Prefect] Salzman cuts the ribbon, opening up the Mexico NXIVM center. Alex Betancourt [l] and Emiliano Salinas [R] look on with joy.
Emiliano is out of Nxivm now.  He only left after the going got tough for Raniere.  When the scandal broke in Mexico, it was only then that he announced he was out. Although there were reports that he had wanted to get out around the time I first broke the branding story back in June 2017, he stayed in for several more years.

When he was in, he was ruthless with some in Mexico who were trying to whistleblow and stop the branding of women.

One of them was Toni Zarattini. He almost succeeded in ruining Toni’s life and getting him imprisoned in corrupt Mexico just because Toni objected to the branding of women and wanted Mexican Nxivm women to know what was in store for them when they were being recruited for a supposedly all-female sorority.

When Toni Zarattini [above] learned about DOS and its deceptive methods of getting “collateral,” he tried to warn the women in Monterrey. For his efforts, Keith Raniere ordered Emiliano Salinas and Alex Betancourt to fabricate a story about him trying to extort ESP. Zarattini had to retain lawyers and was threatened with arrest. It was a harrowing time for him.  Thankfully, Raniere was arrested and Salinas had to distance himself from Raniere – which spared Zarattini further attacks.
As for Emiliano Salinas, he goes on with his life, with his famous actress wife and his inherited millions, as if nothing he did to destroy others and prop up the ruthless cult of Keith Raniere means anything today. He left and believes we should all forget what he did to others. He won’t be arrested. He offers no recompense to any of those he terrorized.


Not long ago, Emiliano Salinas would have said, “He does all my thinking for me”.


Not long ago, Emiliano Salinas embraced his worshipful master Keith Raniere.

Today, Emiliano Salinas has put it all behind him and not a word of apology.

I have criticized Kristin Kreuk for making only one tepid, somewhat misleading statement about her distancing herself from Nxivm.  She did not do 1/100th the damage of Salinas or Sara Bronfman, who both left a trail of destroyed lives.

Emiliano certainly owes an explanation, but don’t hold your breath.

Emiliano and Cecilia Salinas, operators of Rainbow Multicultural Gardens in Mexico City and ESP Mexico in Mexico City, Monterrey and Leon, salute their glorious master, Keith Alan Raniere, AKA Vanguard, on his birthday. [Aug. 26, 2016.]
Emiliano Salinas [green t shirt] dances for his inestimable master Keith Alan Raniere.

Nancy Salzman, with Mark Vicente [whistleblower] Alex Betancourt, Karen U., Clare Bronfman, Lauren Salzman and Emiliano Salinas – all wearing their sashes indicating their rank.  Nancy was the highest ranked, wearing the gold sash.
Don’t expect him to do anything with his vast wealth to help the victims of Nxivm.

He should know. He and Keith Raniere did a lot to make others fearful.

No story on Emiliano Salinas would be complete if one does not understand that behind Emiliano’s ability to scare others is his deadly father.

Carlos Salinas, the former Mexican president, has been called the most hated and feared man in Mexico. He has been identified as the boss of bosses of the Mexican crime cartels. Journalists have been murdered for opposing his candidates. He killed his first victim, a 12-year-old girl, when he was four years old.

Carlos Salinas. Sometimes he meets a guy and then he never sees him again. He has a lot of turn-over when it comes to friends.

Much of the fear associated with Emiliano Salinas when he scared Nxivm defectors or kept them from defecting was that his father was known as a world -lass gangster, a murderer who, in corrupt Mexico, could have anybody killed.

When I was doing an interview with an important Mexican media outlet, the head of the bureau told me that he personally feared being assassinated by Salinas. He was not kidding. Imagine, if a high profile journalist for a major media outlet was in fear of his life, how the rank and file members of Nxivm would be worried. Emiliano Salinas wielded this threat, much like John Gotti’s kid would in America.

He did not have to say it, Emiliano implied it with every gesture, that if you go against Raniere, you may not be seen again. And when trouble hit Nxivm, Emiliano went to the fore at first to try to silence whistleblowers.

He also participated in the spying on Nxivm enemies and, according to Kristin Keeffe, he played a major role in trying to lure Susan Dones, Barbara Bouchey, and other Raniere enemies to Mexico, where the plan to was to have them falsely arrested and imprisoned and raped.

Emiliano participated directly in this quest to literally destroy several women for no other reason than Keith Raniere hated them.

This is one sick man, and any smiles Emiliano makes for the cameras or any claims he makes that he is a noble, compassionate man are lies.

Emiliano Salinas is a coward and a liar with a dangerous bent, a corrupt bent, like his father, and, as of today, he got out of Nxivm scot-free – while others like hapless Kathy Russell and pathetic Allison Mack face imprisonment and destruction.

No, it seems, there is no justice sometimes in the Nxivm prosecutions. Raniere deserved it, of course, as did Clare Bronfman, but to destroy Kathy Russell and Allison Mack and let Sara Bronfman and Emiliano Salinas remain untouched to enjoy their wealth seems to be a grave miscarriage, and one of the reasons I have been urging leniency for the pawns in this game.















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  • I hope Salinas gets arrested. Mexico has lots of creeps and they destroy the honest hard-working Mexicans, but of course, much blame is to be paid on the heads of the Yanks who buy the drugs and sleep with underage girls who are made into sex slaves, many right here in NY – Corona is famous for that, why AOC does nothing is a big question. She talks a lot and does nothing.
    Doing nothing is normal for Dems.
    And talking about Mexico, corruption, Dems and doing nothing, what is happening with the trial of Michael Bagley, who bragged to me about his top-secret documents from the Dems – about whom I talked to DHS, etc., and who was arrested on money laundering charges. He bragged he worked for El Mayo. He has ties to top Dems congresswomen – and wanted Hillary to win the election, along with his London based partner Jonothon Boulter.
    Arrest Salinas, prosecute Bagley – and you will be helping real Mexicans to have better lives.
    If I had more time, I would follow the Bagley case – which is probably in limbo due to COVID 19.

    • Ken, were anyone in the current WH administration truly concerned with slowing illegal immigration — be they Dem or Republican — the NXIVM foreign elites who committed crimes in the U.S. would be indicted just like any other criminal or lawbreaker.

      Instead and in fact, they are obviously ALL being protected from indictment by certain persons (prolly Burke and Sandweg, for starters) who continue to, apparently, attempt to cover-up their own complicity and hypocrisy by failing to take any action, not even deportation, on these foreign elites —practically giving them permission to commit crimes in the U.S. against both their own citizenry and American citizens.

      THAT is the ELEPHANT in the courtroom stinking up the entire NXIVM case and don’t tell me you don’t smell it.

      IDK, though, [redacted] cute little nose of yours?

  • Frank – Since you said you are after clicks, why not write more about Salinas’ “wife” Ludwika Paleta. If you ignore Richard Branson, I believe Paleta, who has 2.5 million Instagram followers, would be the NXIVM or former NXIVM member with the biggest following.

    In her book, Oxenberg wrote about Ludwika “Mika” Paleta, “I was shocked to see how different Mika’s attitude was this time. Gone was the resistant rebel I saw at my first class. Now she sat on Emi’s lap the entire week and embraced him–and ESP– lock, stock, and barrel.”

    According to what you wrote previously, Ludwika is/was a DOS slave and at first was, “opposed to Mr. Raniere but in time, she came around. Part of her turnaround may be the robust sex life she enjoys with many men, some of whom are the beta males of Raniere.”

    In 2019, Paleta apparently told the press, “Knowing that I have nothing to hide. Everything is clear. We are good people who do not want to hurt anyone” and denied being branded.

  • Salinas and Betancourt [redacted]. LOL

    My favorite poem is “Rub-a-dub-dub,
    Three men in a tub,” LOL

    • Frank you are cracking me up with all of the redacted words. Is there a poll going yet on who has been redacted the most?

  • It’s been quite a ride Frank, and we’ve all changed in the way we view the characters involved in the NXIVM outrage. I use that word very consciously. It was an outrage.

    You have done more thinking than any of us, and you’ve had far more food for thought. Like you, I have moved more in the direction of leniency for the smaller players. I feel no sympathy whatsoever for Raniere or Claire Bronfman.

    Kathy Russel should get probation and be left to live out her life in obscurity.

    Mack and Salman could also be given fairly long probation and supervision orders. Maybe a three month prison sentence for Mack, if the judge feels it appropriate.

    Salinas will suffer no consequences. He is surrounded by so many layers of legal and physical protection that he is essentially untouchable.

    Sarah Bronfman will move countries whenever it is expedient, and will experience no consequences beyond some diminution of her wealth.

    As the old London song goes, “It’s the rich what gets the pleasure, and the poor what gets the blame.”

    • Speak for yourself, I haven’t changed how I view these criminals. LOL

      I also refuse to accept the two-tiered system, which is the same thing as accepting defeat. LOL

  • congrats Frank! I am excited about seeing your show.
    well done!
    I think that emiliano could be prosecuted especially given that mexico is currently helping to prosecute old Mexican government offcials that have ties with Obama corruption. The president of Mexico is traveling to Washington soon. Likely to show some of biden’s corruption during Obama era in Mexico. i think that if Emiliano could show democrat corruption, he would be prosecuted.

    Mexico’s president talked about emiliano salinas here (see below): (Basically he acts indiference, as is his usual tactic, but attacks heavily what his family did. I think that if emiliano shows a way to attack democrats, Mexico’s president would have no problem throwing him under the bus. It would help his agenda.)

    • From what I gather poor as my Spanish is, Mexican President Obrador would be happy to indict the Mexican Elites who perpetrated crimes in the U.S. However, his hands are tied by jurisdiction issues. (Please correct me if I’ve got it wrong.)

      Hmmm. Funny, the US DOJ seems to have the same problemo as President Obrador when it comes to not only the NXIVM foreign elites but certain full-blown U.S. citizens — namely, the Salzmans and Bronfmans — bc the majority of the crimes happened in the NDNY (Upstate NY) District, not in the EDNY where the matter was undertaken.

      In fact, the EDNY had to officially pass the most heinous statutory rape crimes up to the NDNY (where they occurred) for prosecution — or NOT, as the case, despicably, appears to be.

      There have, however, been some notable exceptions both in the NX case itself — some of the crimes for which the NX defendants are now convicted DID occur in the NDNY — and in other cases, such as the case of señor El Chapo, who perpetrated his crimes in the most Southern US ‘District’ — Mexico although he was tried and convicted in New York.

      But I may have lost something in translation. Thank you, Mexican Lady…is there any way we can get a transcription in English?

  • Why the 2020 election is important.

    Godless America is BUILDING A RELIGION

    Felix Rex
    15 hours ago (edited)
    This is the climate of censorship. This video was uploaded 4 days ago and flagged by a bot. It was then MANUALLY REVIEWED and APPROVED for MONETIZATION. It was then premiered and in 45 mins was taken down for an UNSPECIFIED violation of the TOS. Ten minutes later, it’s back. Not one email to me either way on its take down or its reinstatement. This video is about an emerging religion. This is ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE as we get closer to November. Check out my Bitchute channel, link is in the description.

    “A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, ‘You are mad; you are not like us.”

    ― St. Antony the Great

    • These punks are already been put down, arrested, etc. LOL

      There is no overarching philosophy in America as there was in other times and other countries. LOL

      This is just some bored, unemployed, and confined (owing to the beer virus) punks who are looking to cause trouble. LOL

      It will soon be over IF we keep up the pressure that Trump has already started. LOL

    • —“A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, ‘You are mad; you are not like us.”

      And to you, my dear Shadow, I say…

      “In an insane world, the sane must act insane. Are we acting?” – Unknown

  • I’ve heard that there’s a severe shortage of adult diapers lately, both in jails and in prisons. So even Emiliano Salinas shouldn’t be arrested just now, not even for a brief stopover before making bail.

    Things could get very messy.

    You understand, Emiliano is used to and possibly dependent upon a good $22,000 bidet or at least to having a handy cabana bum-squirter, if in a crunch down by the pool.

    But the truth is that Emiliano Salinas is not really wanted by “the law.” Plus, his reputation has never needed to be salvageable. He’s just one of those kinds of boys, a puddy tat with big daddy, big money.

    • Peaches,

      You just said the sanest and most intelligent thing anyone could possibly say

      “…I’m just like, wow.”

      My sentiment exactly!

  • If Creepy Joe Biden is elected President, Emiliguano Salinas will not be arrested.

    Indeed according to one observer, the anti-Hillary Kim Iversen, if Kamala Harris becomes Vice President, then Hillary Clinton will become the eminence grise (power behind the throne) making most of the appointments in the Biden-Harris administration.

    Éminence grise

    An éminence grise (French pronunciation: ​[eminɑ̃s ɡʁiz]) or grey eminence is a powerful decision-maker or adviser who operates “behind the scenes”, or in a non-public or unofficial capacity.

    Will Hillary Clinton will be Biden’s REAL VP?

  • BRAVO, Frank, and stunningly well-spoken!

    IDK Emiliano from Adam but how could he, any spawn of Satan (figuratively speaking), NOT have a bad seed in him?

    He is, however, photogenic in a demonic kinda way.

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