FBI Agent Who Worked to Identify Herman Bell Blames Cuomo for Cop-Killer’s Parole

The Right Side

by J. Gary DiLaura, FBI, retired




When people commit crimes at an alarming, increasing rate, you don’t reduce punishment… you increase it.

If you don’t, people who go through the turnstile of justice, like NY State, with 100 serious arrests will come out and assault a 90 year old female senior who is using a walker. That just happened in New York … you have got to be kidding!

What is wrong with Governor Cuomo? Has he completely lost all his marbles?

He encourages NY City residents to disregard the early Federal Health recommendations to fight Covid, changed his mind, then allows rioting and lawlessness, then opens the prison doors and demands no bail on scumbags committing not so serious felonies (didn’t know there was such a thing).

318. Herman Bell — FBI

He released Herman Bell, convicted cop killer, sentenced to life who was involved in at least six police killings/shootings. (I worked one, as a volunteer in an extensive crime scene search).

This search resulted in an FBI agent finding one shell casing with Bell’s fingerprint! Dozens of NYO Agents, at the request of NYPD, volunteered to search every square inch of the crime scene and law enforcement was so livid at the way Bell ambushed and executed these two officers that we would have searched a hot bed of coal to find any evidence.

I just reviewed some newspaper and online articles on the execution and nowhere did it tell the TRUE story or even any of the actual facts! They were too gruesome!

Although it was some 50 years ago, I remember many facts. Here’s the important ones… in 1971, Herman Bell, and two other, Black Liberation Army members (BLA) placed a domestic violence call of some sort and came up behind responding officers, Joseph Piagentini and Waverly Jones, two lifelong friends, one black and one white.

They joined the military together and survived Vietnam and joined the NYPD together. Bell, after unloading a 9mm in their backs …took their revolvers and shot both in the groin first, as they plead for their lives and then shot both in the eyes. Bell and two other BLA members, then did an Irish Jig over their bodies.

Piagentini came from a police family. I know that because about 45 years after the murders, I spoke to one of Joseph’s brothers by accident, on the phone, while making a purchase online. When he told me his name… I hesitated to ask… but if by some miracle he was a relative I wanted to tell him how sorry I was… it was one of his brothers… unbelievable! We both choked up on the phone as he was not aware of exactly how we identified Bell and he wanted to know everything.

How Cuomo could allow the parole of this piece of garbage is unacceptable…there is NOTHING… that should have allowed Herman Bell to be paroled… not a freaking thing! Bell should have been put to death.

Cuomo says he has no control over the Parole Board… Bull Shit…!

AND here is another “mistake” that was made on Bell’s charges… the USA’s Office could have “added charges”.  In the Federal Firearms Act, (FFA), the “use of a firearm in a violent crime where the gun was transported in interstate commerce”, allows add on charges. The element of “interstate travel” is a Judicial assumption if the gun was made in one State and USED in another … it’s assumed by the court that at some time that gun was transported in interstate commerce. The sentence for the Federal Gun Charge, cannot be served with any other time!

I tried, several times, to get the US Attorney in several different districts to add-on charges on Bell …but they claimed it was overkill and refused! So much for more gun laws…we have them but they won’t use them…so why pass more?

As I recall, the way Bell was caught …he and eight other BLA members assassinated a desk officer, Sgt. Young in a San Francisco police station. That gun was the same one used to ambush two other NYPD officers who were guarding the Manhattan DA’s house.

That’s three separate police shooting that resulted in officer deaths. Why he didn’t receive time in the other shootings makes less sense than Bell’s parole. There was a plea deal in California based on the fact Bell was serving life with no chance for parole… so much for a life sentence when you have a governor whose plea for votes from minority voters supersedes the scales of justice…

who’s the Tyrant, Andy Cuomo?


Make any felony assault on a police officer a mandatory sentence, dependent on the extent of injuries to the officer(s). …no pardon allowed!

Make killing a police officer, by any means, a Federal Crime, and a mandatory death sentence with no chance of parole or pardon.

Make the “enforcement of state laws”, regarding violence during a riot or protest of any kind… mandatory and not an option, as some idiot mayors and governors seem to mistakenly believe… that they have a choice!

Force the local, county or state officials to enforce their own laws… making it a Federal felony if they do not and the elected executives criminally responsible with mandatory sentences!

Call it Federal Criminal Negligence Act… directed at elected officials in an executive position… to include governors, mayors, elected council members, or anyone with any authority over the police… there MUST be accountability by elected executives as well as by the police!

They cannot continue to be allowed to hang the police out to dry!

Previous Presidents ordered the US Marshals to force governors to allow black children access to segregated schools in the south.

Now white and black citizens are denied access to their city, Seattle, similar civil rights violations, under the 14th Amendment… they are destroying government property and endangering lives in WDC… all Federal crimes…where the hell are the US Marshals… all Federal agents have jurisdiction over law enforcement in DC?

Mr President…enough is enough…time to ACT!

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3 years ago

Re Bell and Agent DiLaura’s OpEd:

I am in 100% agreement with former FBI agent DiLaura.

Governor Cuomo’s inaction allowing the Parole Board to cut Bell loose is disgusting beyond words.

Cuomo has more pull in New York State than God. Cuomo probably has over 100 different strings he could pull or favors owed to keep Bell in prison.

2022 is the next election year for Governor of New York. Nothing like garnering the votes of different constituencies (demographics) ahead of time.

I guess law enforcement officers’ lives do not matter as much as votes. Governor Cuomo has alluded to running for a 4th term.

3 years ago

Looks like his wife wasn’t very excited about Bell getting released, either: https://nypost.com/2018/06/21/wife-of-freed-cop-killer-herman-bell-commits-suicide/ LOL

3 years ago

News Flash!
Emperor Cuomo now blames nursing home staff for infecting and killing elderly residents!

Cuomo: Nursing Home Order ‘Wasn’t a Mistake’ – Staffers Brought Infection into Nursing Homes

3 years ago

Cuomo is symptomatic of today’s degenerate Democratic Party which has become a Marxist-Leninist Party.

Cuomo was warned by nursing homes in New York not to house contagious COVID -19 patients in nursing homes.

Cuomo deliberately ignored the warnings.

And now Caligula Cuomo is blaming President Trump and the Republicans for playing politics for the tragedy which Cuomo exacerbated.

3 years ago

Reading about Bell’s release made me nauseous.

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