The Politics of Defunding the Police and the Leftist Insurrection

Tear it down? The Bronze statue of George Washington on the front steps of Federal Hall in Wall Street, Manhattan, New York City. Photo Tim Clayton via Getty Images)

Instead of focusing on defending our Nation, our institutions and quite literally “our property and our safety,” politicians in DC and across the country seem to be “focused on attacking the police, and coming up with federal regulation to track what they’re doing, as if that’s the problem,”

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a recent statement,  “We are facing an insurrection.”

Tom Fitton: FBI looked for excuses to target Trump's team | Fox News
“They don’t want to defund the police, they want to erase the police. The bill that Pelosi is promoting, is an anti-police bill that shovels money to their leftist allies,” Fitton stated in last week’s Weekly Update.

It is one, as Fitton argues, compounded by political forces in Congress which  “want to give over your policing over to the leftists who are trying to destroy the police.”

In other words, “a power grab to replace institutions either completely or with people who share their agenda.”

As Fitton outlines, Pelosi’s “Police Reform Bill” – H.R. 7210 (which you may read here) gives “La Raza, the ACLU and other “radical left groups a specific role in accrediting police departments.”

Under this new legislation, “the police are now going to be answerable to the deep staters who have been trying destroy Donald Trump.”

Furthermore, “the DOJ and FBI and all those other agencies who abused the civil rights of Trump and other innocent Americans based on their political beliefs, are now going to be running the police departments under these reforms.” 

This would be in effect the federal government taking over local policing, which is precisely what the deep staters have desired for years.

While our “nation’s institutions are failing the police, and failing the citizenry,” – “the violent left is going to push everywhere there is weakness, ” Fitton continues. “Where you see those statues being pulled down, that is the result of political decisions not to protect public and private property.”

Moreover, Fitton argues, if you’re convinced that the political ruckus related to the removal of statues and the proposed renaming of military installations “is limited to the confederacy,” think again. “They [The Left] hate America… they believe our constitution is as corrupt as the confederacy. They want to tear apart the constitution … tear down statues of Washington and Jefferson, our founding fathers.” Quite simply, we are living through “an attack on our republic.” 

“I support the police, I stand with the rule of law. so I want you to be skeptical of this police-reform movement,” Fitton concludes.

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  • Chinese Style Mass Surveillance in the US.

    The FEDERAL BUREAU of Investigation may be watching what you tweet and where people gather.

    The federal law enforcement agency’s records show a growing focus on harnessing the latest private sector tools for mass surveillance, including recent contracts with companies that monitor social media posts and collect cellphone location data.

    – Lee Fong (Yes, a Chinese name, but an American, so don’t freak out.)

    The clichéd respone is, “The innocent having nothing to fear.”

    But some might say, “Why are they monitoring innocent?”

    Does the FBI really need to know that you went to uncle Mike’s birthday party, and exactly who else was there?

    I think not.

  • Some good news for cops:

    “Last week, after drinking some weird tasting shakes, three New York officers alleged they had been poisoned with bleach. The claims were formally investigated and quickly dismissed by the NYPD’s own chief of detectives after video footage showed that the drinks had not been tampered with by employees. Subsequent New York Post reporting has shown the officers checked into the hospital even though they weren’t sick and, importantly, that Shake Shack could not have known they were cops because they pre-ordered through the Shake Shack app.”

    – Poppy Noor

  • How I wish I could believe in simple solutions. Vote for Trump or Biden and everything will be fine. But there are no simple solutions. Neither of them will be able to correct more than fifty years of bad governance in a few years.

    And that is the true explanation of the present crisis.

    It was a long road that brought us to where we are.

    There is no quick fix

    • “The immediate concern for many of those I interviewed was the apparent hollowing out of American capacity. Lawrence Freedman, a professor of war studies at King’s College London, told me the institutions of American power themselves have been “battered.” The health system is struggling, the municipalities are financially broke, and, beyond the police and the military, little attention is being paid to the health of the state itself. Worst of all, he said, “they don’t know how to fix it.”

      – The Atlantic

  • I agree with Shadowstate. What we are seeing is right out of the communist playbook. Verbatim.

    And note that the perceived underclass is being used and manipulated. The left is paving the way for a new country, erasing the old one. Trump is our only hope.

    George Floyd is suddenly no where to be found.

    Now, they are going after white Jesus statues.

    Then, btw, they will be coming for you.

    These are not Americans. They are murderous communists.

    The police, through petty harassment stops for blinkers and headlights and nonsense have become their revenue agents.

    Threatening to march to the suburbs? I caution the communists. You are not coming this way because you know you’re out armed.

    And with the murders in Chicago, NY and elsewhere ….well gee, I thought guns were illegal in those cities, no?

    Where is the uproar?

    Why is black on white crime not mentioned anywhere??

    • The primary fault lies with the Libtard politicians not putting down the riots and the conservatives not speaking up against the riots, although it could be a campaign strategery. LOL

  • Frank,

    I know you probably find me annoying,

    ..But for the love of God, can you please post an update regarding the sentencing!

    I and so many others have been following this story a long time. Personally I am on year 2.

    I beg you!!!! Please post an update tonight!

    • Frank may want to post a more detailed response but here’s what I recall in terms of the sentencing dates:
      – Both Keith and Clare had been given a “date certain” for their sentencing – and those would have been carried out if the pandemic had not occurred. But when the court indicated that it was going to conduct both of those sentencings via videoconferences, Keith and Clare both invoked their right to be present for the proceedings. The court responded by delaying both sentencings to some to-be-announced date after the court is back to full functioning.

      – I think Nancy, Allison, Lauren and Kathy also had their sentencings delayed for various reasons – and that new dates have yet to be set for any of them. When I have time, I’ll go back and look up the details for each of them – and post an update here.

      The “bottom line” is no one is likely going to be sentenced for several months.

  • I agree with this article on the subject of police and liberals. I want to point out that the Bush administration, the Obama administration, and the Trump administration have all closed National Guard bases and reduced National Guard numbers.

    The General Public didn’t realize that the National Guard swears allegiance to the governor of each state and not to the President of the United States as their military commanders.

    Why is this important? The National Guard helps ensure that the United States military will not take over the United States. There never will be a military coup.

    Many pundits believe both liberal and conservative globalist politicians are attempting to ready the United States for the new world order.

    RE Raniere Sentencing:

    Frank’s mentioning of “quotas and media exposure” affecting justice yesterday, now seems apropos.

    Keith Raniere’s sentencing was supposed to be today and not a single media outlet covered the story or reported the sentencing was delayed again.

    Nothing is out there on Raniere’s sentencing not even on the Frank Report.

    I guess Frank and the whole world has moved on except for us commentators.

    • You are mistaken [redacted] NiceGuy 666. LOL

      Nobody in the U.S. military swears allegiance to any person or position, they swear allegiance to the U.S. Constitution. LOL

      I know, because I did it when I became a Naval Officer. LOL

      I won’t correct the remainder of your [redacted] just direct the other readers here for the facts: LOL

  • Frank’s mention of quotas and media exposure effect on justice, now seems apropos.

    Keith Raniere’s sentencing was supposed to be today and not a single media outlet has covered the story.

  • The writer appears to be unaware that Nancy’s bill has to be agreed to by the Senate and signed by Trump in order to become a law, and neither one of those are going to happen. LOL

    This is election season theatrics at their best. LOL

  • The only thing I have to say about defunding the police, is that it isn’t going to happen. There might be ‘optical’ changes in the way they appear to be funded, but that’s all. There will be some efforts made to appease their critics, by making things look different, but nothing of any significance will change regarding the actual amount of money invested in them. If anything, it will increase.

    You might as well be talking about defunding the military, which isn’t going to happen either.

    • NYC got rid of their plainclothes cops and murder and other crimes skyrocketed. LOL

      The Libtard politicians can reduce the police funding if they choose to do so. LOL

  • Last night Tucker Carlson made a brilliant comment.
    This insurrection has nothing to do with police brutality.
    The riots and tearing down of statues is nothing less than a Communist attempt to overthrow American society and destroy our freedoms and liberties.
    The Communists are working from the same playbook they used in Russia and China.
    Unless the American people stand up and vote Republican in the upcoming election the future looks very grim.

    Tucker: Why mobs are tearing down America’s monuments
    These aren’t protests. This is a totalitarian political movement and someone needs to save us from it.

    • I don’t think you are “someone,” because you won’t even speak up about Amway and other MLM scams. LOL

    • You know Shadow, whether you like it or not, you live in a more or less democracy. The future of the US will be decided in part by the coming election.

      Do you have a plan B?

      What will you do if the ‘Communists’ win?

      There is very definite possibility that Trump will lose. His popularity has declined very markedly. I don’t think for a moment that Biden would be any better.

      Whoever wins, you’ll still be living in a country with very serious problems: Decaying infrastructure, a terrible school system, sky-high murder and crime rates, a chaotic and patchy healthcare system, the world’s largest prison population, an ever-increasing percentage of the population living in poverty, and a growing hunger problem.

      These problems are the result of more than 50 years of bad governance.

      No matter who wins in November, these problems will not magically disappear. It’s just not that simple.

      There is simply no one with the will or acumen to resolve these problems in American politics. They are all afraid to admit that these problems even exist, so inept are they.

      To solve them all would take a generation of good governance.

      People will instead, have to become accustomed to living in ‘reduced circumstances’ as they are doing, right now. That is the future for years to come.

      Your November Christmas will not happen even if Trump wins.

      Good times are not just around the corner.

      Plan B: Make one. Really.

      Take care.

    • Confederate Statues across America are statues of losers. Are there statues of the Chicago Cubs? No, because the Cubs are losers.

    • Chris Wallace has a better show on FOX than Tucker Carlson. LOL

      Why don’t you like Chris Wallace? LOL

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