Ellie Williams’ Sex-Trafficking Story – Raped, Beaten and Trafficked by Pakistani Men in UK

I think this is the hardest post I’m ever going to write.

Last night, I went missing as some of you may be aware, as Lucy shared it. Sorry for concerning people. I’m safe now. I didn’t want to share this because I’m scared of the judgement that will come with it.

It’s why I keep quiet about what has happened to me.

But people have asked me to tell my story. When people have asked why I have had a black eye or bruises, I’ve made every excuse, from falling over to banging it on a door.

I didn’t want to share this, but people need to know about this local and very real issue. People need to be looking out for young girls and protecting them. If me sharing my story helps raise awareness and helps just one person, then it will make this worthwhile.

Yesterday, I was put into the back of a car, taken to an address to have sex with three Asian men. Afterward, I was beaten because I was in debt to these men for not attending “parties” for over 7 weeks due to coronavirus.

The organisers of the party decided to beat me to teach me a lesson. They decided that I don’t learn from being battered as I’ve received beatings before but “still continuing to make the same mistakes” so they decided to try and cut my finger off! They then continued screaming in my face, waving a knife around saying they would kill me.

MK10ART’s painting of Ellie.

These are evil yet clever men.

They know how to manipulate, convince, and threaten girls into staying – and when they can’t, they use extreme violence!

I used to believe that these people loved me. I realise now that they used me for their own gain and profit.

They have beaten me on multiple occasions, sometimes for no reason at all. They have given me drugs to the point I was nearly addicted to heroin!

They have stripped me naked, beaten me, and dumped me in the middle of nowhere with nothing, I mean nothing, no money, phone, ID, clothes, shoes, nothing!

They did this once in winter where I got found with bad hypothermia. They have broken my ribs, many bones in my face, they have split my ear, cut my throat, attempted to cut my boobs and nipples off; they have carved words into my body, branded me with letters; they have dislocated my elbow; they have stabbed me; they have burnt me and used me as an ashtray to stump cigarettes out; they have beaten me black.

I have had a bleed on the brain from a head injury, I have lost some vision in one of my eyes from being smacked so badly. Now, I have had my finger cut. They have put lit petrol rags and threatening letters thru my letter box, they have followed me home, tried to drown me, strangled me, and they have stalked me.

They have had guns they have waved around and held to my head. They have abused me in every way possible. They have emotionally abused me calling me every name. It got to the point where I was being abused all the time and being hit and hurt weekly! I am incredibly lucky not to be dead already! I thought the only way I could escape this life was to marry one of them, get pregnant, or kill myself.

I used to just laugh these situations off, pretend like I was invisible and I would always be okay There’s only so long you can pretend everything is alright before you break. I did break and tried to kill myself to escape.

I lost all my self-respect and I didn’t actually care if I was killed because at least then all of this would be over. I know now that this has gone too far and everything is not okay. I have scars across my body that won’t go away but, even worse, I have memories that won’t disappear that I can’t forget!

This has been years of me being trafficked to places across Manchester, Yorkshire, Lancashire,, and Cumbria. Mostly Leeds, Huddersfield, Oldham, Preston, Blackpool, Lancaster, and Morcombe.

I have also been to other places as well as attending “parties” locally in Barrow. This is to have sex with Asian men with me receiving nothing for it. I am not the only girl in Barrow who has gone thru this or is going thru this. I know plenty of girls involved, including girls from away. These are local men and men from away. These are mostly Pakistani men and some are business owners.

I wish I could name all of those involved but due to current ongoing investigations, I’m not allowed. I have spoken and it was the scariest thing I have ever done. My world completely turned upside down and I was a “grass” and it’s been so hard dealing with all these beatings, making excuses and covering things up. I know this is only a temporary stage and once this is done, I will feel the biggest relief.

I will continue telling the police everything I know and helping them to fix this. I will get the justice I deserve and I will be so proud of myself. I want to encourage any other girl to go to the police and speak and also remind them that this isn’t a normal life.

I hope me sharing this means that people can notice signs. If anyone suspects a girl to be involved, report it to teachers, social services, child abuse hotline, police, parents.

Parents gain trust with your children so they won’t be afraid to tell you things, so they don’t hide things, so they don’t become secretive! Don’t cause unnecessary drama which will push them away from you but closer to their abusers.

Adults in responsible positions, look for this in young girls: look for them becoming withdrawn, acting strangely, look for signs of intoxication, drug habits, mental health, look for bruises that they are unable to explain; don’t rule it out, always consider it as a very real possibility.

Girls, open up. Speak to your friends and parents. Tell someone you trust, you can speak to child abuse hotline, samaritans, people at the women’s centre. Tell the truth, you will be believed.

Please also remember these men will promise you the world and deliver nothing. They don’t love you. Every word they say is a lie.

Also, remember if a man asks you to keep it a secret, it’s usually because what he is doing is wrong. Remember, it’s not your secret to keep.

Please also remember there are age restrictions on sexual activity for a reason. You should never feel pressured into having sex. You should never be bribed or convinced that it’s the right thing.

These are real photos taken of me during this abuse. They are disturbing and embarrassing for me but it’s the reality of this abuse.

I could post more but this shows enough. Show young girls these photos if you must, might scare them/ teach them it might be fun and nice at the start but this is how it ends.

I am very lucky to be surrounded by amazing friend/ family/ work colleagues that have always stuck by me and never given up on me even when I had given up on myself. They have always supported me through the hardest and darkest of times and for that, I am forever grateful!

They have always given me the strength to continue when I couldn’t find it myself. They have always remained by my side even when I’ve been filled with hate and anger towards the world❤️

This is not okay. No excuse justifies hurting another human in this way. If anybody needs help or a friend, my inbox is always open! Please do not hesitate to contact me. I will listen and I will help in any way possible. You will not be alone and I will understand.

Like I said, you are welcome to share this story. If it helps just one person it will make everything worthwhile.


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  • If this is a real story, why are the police not involved? Instead of contacting police, this girl posts pics of her injuries on Frank Report?
    Nothing in this story makes any sense.

  • Now people are doubting this woman’s story.

    Take a gander at her bruises. She was beaten to a pulp. No one takes a beating like that to tell a lie.

    • No doubt she has bruises, the question is who did it and is there sufficient evidence to prosecute? LOL

  • From Shaun Attwood, (at YT) and very recent, “I Am Being Drugged And Trafficked,” parts one and two. These are interviews with a young woman named Kali and are similar in content to what Ellie is saying and showing.

    In Shaun Attwood’s backlog of interviews, he speaks with a man who lives upon a hospital bed from the severity of internal damages done to him as a sex-trafficked boy.

  • Ellie-

    Thank you for being brave and sharing your story to help other young women not become a victim and statistic.

    You have done an incredible brave and selfless thing.

    Your story is one of the most gut wrenching stories I have ever read. I cannot possibly imagine the torment, pain, and suffering you endured at the hands of those Pakistani monsters.

    You are a good person. Stay strong. You deserve joy and happiness in your life. Take care!

  • All across Britain Grooming Gangs are sexually abusing underage girls.
    The corrupt media calls these gangs “Asians”.
    They are not Chinese or Korean or Japanese,
    They are almost exclusively Pakistani Muslim.

    In the Northern English city of Rotherham around 1400 school girls were pimped out by Pakistani Muslims over a ten year period.
    And who the corrupt English police arrest?
    The parents who protest this atrocity.
    The British government deserves absolutely no respect or loyalty from the people of Britain!

    Grooming gangs have been in operation in Rotherham since the 80’s. In 2014 the Jay report concluded that an estimated 1400 children had been groomed and raped in Rotherham, 5 years later and we believe that figure to be much worse.
    Our documentary looks at the grooming in Rotherham and how it’s been covered up.

    • Brit pedo and friend of the Royal family Jimmy Saville got away with his lewd and immoral crimes for decades. Not to mention the people in white power structures facilitating sex slavery or creating honey pots such as J. Epstein. None of these types of crimes are exclusively committed by people who have a particular skin color, culture, or profess to follow a specific religion, and no absurd generalizations of the whole should be made from such particular instances.

    • How do you know her blog keeps getting deleted? LOL

      There are other stories on that same website, we don’t know whether any of them are true. LOL

      How do you know the police are brushing this under the rug? LOL

      Perhaps they don’t have enough evidence to prosecute. LOL

      • Ah you again. It’s called simple research. The police knew about these issues decades ago and were worried it would stir up racial tension. It’s only recently proper investigations were conducted and people jailed for it. The police watchdog are involved https://www.google.com/amp/s/theconversation.com/amp/asian-grooming-gangs-how-ethnicity-made-authorities-wary-of-investigating-child-sexual-abuse-130099.

        Be careful with all that laughing and [redacted]. I am worried for you. [redacted].

        • Sorry, Frank. I thought I could toe the line and not cause you to have to edit my posts; but I turned to the dark side😵

          • It’s ok Natashka. We [redacted].

            Getting redacted when directing a comment to [redacted] has a bigger impact than the actual word. He’s been called [redacted], so calling him redacted lets us use our imagination.

        • [redacted]

          It’s called simple law enforcement. LOL

          The police need to treat each case individually and prosecute based on the evidence. LOL

          Whether these specific women’s cases can be prosecuted is the question. LOL

          You provided ZERO evidence regarding the blog being shut down repeatedly. LOL

          These are messy cases and, therefore, difficult to prosecute, as most of the girls were already involved in bad behavior, as stated in the article. LOL

  • I just googled this quickly so I may have missed a lot. There is nothing up to date but the police apparently charged her with a crime in May and her town went wild. I wonder what is going on

    • I cannot believe Scott compared the “Amway and other MLM scams” to Ellie’s sexual abuse. Scott, is this MLM scam awareness, exclusive to the hill you will [redacted]? I’m just trying to understand why my insides cringe everytime I read those, in my opinion, moot words.

  • That is one of the bravest things I have ever read. Please never doubt that you are a victim and if anyone tells you differently, they should fuck off. Thank you for helping to educate the rest of the world that live in our white picket fenced homes (its an analogy people, don’t start).

    God Bless you and may your strength that you show and your bravery in coming forward to help others carry you through your darkest days. I am horrified and speechless. I hope you get the justice you so greatly deserve

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