What’s Going to Happen in November? — 10 Differences Between Democrats and Republicans Shaping of the Nation

The opinions of J. Gary DiLaura are his own and not necessarily the opinions of Frank Report. Still, as a respected law enforcement officer for decades, with a legendary career, he should be heard.

In this time of civil strife, giving voice to different sides of hotly debated topics seems appropriate to me.

DiLaura, lest anyone doubt his law enforcement chops, played a major role in the investigation and arrest of Timothy McVeigh, set the one year record for arrests of bank robbers in NYC. [This is an old-style FBI agent, who actually confronted dangerous and armed criminals with guns]. DiLaura was in real gunfights, high-speed chases, surveillance, and did top-notch investigative work that led to arrests of criminals, terrorists, and mobsters.[Guys that fight back].

He played a major role in the investigation that led to the arrest and conviction of John Gotti and other mob figures.  There are very few FBI agents ever who can match his track record for bravery. He also trained FBI agents and other law enforcement agents in safety and protocol.

So when you get angry with his opinion, consider where he is coming from and how it must gall him and those like him, who risked their lives to protect others to see their profession as a whole denigrated. That is not to say that there is no reform needed in police [and even more so with prosecutors] but I think at this time the public should listen to many voices, including those in law enforcement, without censorship and without insane anger or – which is also quite common today – faux outrage.

By J. Gary DiLaura, FBI, retired

FIRST AND FOREMOST…IN MY OPINION… INSTEAD OF President Trump winning the 2020 ELECTION BY JUST THE LARGEST electoral vote in history, this time, Republicans across the board will win the Presidency (again by record numbers), win back the House and win a super-majority in the Senate as well as most state and local elections.

The differences between the two parties are the biggest differences EVER… the difference between Night and Day, Real and Fantasy, Right and Wrong (Democrats), Up and Down (Democrats), Legal and Illegal (Democrats).

Democrats have lost all sense of reason; they are actually bizarre in their thinking… Joe Biden … President… never happen. He can’t put enough words together to make a sensible sentence… somebody has to write the sentences for him.

Who will do that when he has to meet with Putin, or the Ayatollah or the Chinese President Xi Jinping…huh?

Biden says, “Guess what I just did with China…I just traded an old Nuclear Aircraft Carrier for one of their new surveillance ships called a ‘junk’…pretty smart …huh?”


1-Borders Closed to Illegals versus Borders Open to All

2-Police, Fire, and EMTs responding to 911 calls versus Social Workers responding

3-Clean Streets versus California filthy, disease-carrying streets

4-Your family afraid to go shopping versus an armed “you” going with them

5-You afraid to go out unarmed versus you must go out armed but still afraid

6-Fossil Fuels versus no Fossil Fuels (Don’t think they are kidding)

7-Commercial planes grounded (Fossil Fuel) versus only those who are “gifted, elite, few”, like AOC, Omar, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, can fly…and make new rules for you to obey

8- A Constitution versus No Constitution

9- Equal Rights to All versus No Guaranteed Rights (only the Rights “they” grant to those they want)

10- Welfare For those in “need ” versus Welfare for those who “want”

Let’s expand a bit on the above;

1-      Borders between countries are what defines a country of law and order versus no laws and no order, just chaos. How can you know who is coming into your home…if you don’t have “borders” …property lines… Doors, locks, fences? The same applies to your country’s borders. We want those who deserve to come into the greatest nation in the world and want to improve their lives and build… not destroy. We don’t want countries like Mexico and Cuba flushing their toilets into our country by opening their prison doors and flushing them into our country.

2-      The left does not think anything through… they make thoughtless statements with no foundation in the thought. Fire Departments and EMTs will not go into ANY situation UNLESS they have police backup… Police with guns, clubs, and mace. Think this through…let’s say you reduce the police budget by eliminating the police from serving Harlem, S. Bronx, and Brownsville but not the rest of NYC… Because you want Social Workers to help you. The rest of the Big Apple gets the police and all that comes with the police. I use those areas because most of Harlem, S. Bronx, and Brownsville, Brooklyn are minority… Brownsville was 90% black and the most dangerous part of NY (when I was there as an FBI Agent).

Five large black males (I use black males because 90% of the crime committed to minorities is by minorities, in minority communities) so if you live in Harlem, South Bronx or Brownsville Brooklyn, the five males kicking in your door will be black… and who will you call?

Calls like that are defined as police calls, “first”…then fire, then EMT… the dispatcher will not send fire or EMTs or social workers into a police call …without the freaking police…morons!

3-    These conditions exist in every Sanctuary City that ignorant politicians have allowed to exist…it is actually defined as criminal negligence and could result in manslaughter charges being brought against those who allow those illegal Sanctuary Cities to exist, in their imaginary minds. There are, by Federal Law, NO SANCTUARY cities in the United States of America! Enough said!

4-      Some of us have been doing that since Hussein Obama became the President of Lawlessness!

5-      Even the left needs no explanation of that.

6-      Would you want a person like AOL who, as a 30-year-old US Congresswoman, who doesn’t know what a garbage disposal is, doesn’t understand the Constitution, has no idea how important fossil fuel is to her very existence, believes the world …that’s what she says…yes the world, will end in another 10 years, if “she,” and other morons like her,(Democarps) don’t ELIMINATE fossil fuels completely. Guess what… some of you did allow her to help run your country (the Bronx). The first thing she did was to stop Amazon from bringing 25,000 high paying ($150,000) jobs to the Bronx. She is capable of anything…in my opinion…she is nuts…certifiable crazy, or mentally challenged!!

7-   Without the use of fossil fuels, America will come to a complete stop; crash! We will be overrun by every country that has a fossil fuel tank, bomber, ship, or truck! There is nothing in the world that can replace fossil fuel. Most oil-rich countries use fossil fuel for everything. Even if the US eliminated the use of fossil fuels, it would not make a pimple on the world’s fossil fuel’s ass! The only real alternative to fossil fuel power plants is nuclear and we all know what the geniuses like left-wing Democraps Cuomo, AOC, Pelosi, Schumer (nobody really knows what Schumer thinks because his opinions are based upon whatever the Democrat majority wants him to believe and say…you know.. “me too”).

8-    We have a Constitutional Republic, where we all, winners and losers, are guaranteed equal rights. The Dems want NO Constitution that guarantees any “rights” to the losers… they want to make all the laws, as the winners, (remember Speaker Pelosi said after Obama’s election… “We won, we get to make the Rules”?)

Do you believe she was kidding?

Remember she impeached the President of the United States solely because she could; she had the majority in Congress. There was NO evidence against the President…what crime did he commit?  She did it because she could… she controlled the House of Impeachment and no other reason! What do you believe this absolutely insane woman will do if she controls the Presidency, the House and Senate?

9-      Our Constitution, by many Amendments, guarantees all citizens to be treated equally no matter who wins and leads. That’s how a Constitutional Republic works. That’s not what the Democrats want… they won’t come out and admit it like Bernie Sanders but what they want is Socialism with one ruler instead of a leader-president and absolutely …no cumbersome Constitution!

10- Welfare is meant for those who cannot work, not for those who just don’t want to work. Everyone would extend a helping hand, but no one wants to take on a freeloader and that is exactly what we have become, a nation of freeloaders who just won’t work. There is no work incentive. They can stay home, live off their girlfriend who has three kids and collect up to $67,000 in California and $47,000 in New York! Why work?

We have to change that. How… all the common sense things the left has lost… drug tests, proof of disability…real proof of a real disability, proof they are seeking employment but most of all…LIMITS! A lifetime limit and a short term limit. Then you are done with welfare!

It was never intended to be a three-generation career. Then they will have no time to protest!

The evolution of the American voter.

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  • We all know it. No matter which candidate wins the election, the other will call “Foul!” “Fraud!” and people will be wringing their hands and gnashing their teeth for months. It will go on and on and on and on and on and on…

  • https://www.npr.org/2020/06/09/873278314/no-sign-of-antifa-so-far-in-justice-department-cases-brought-over-unrest

    Funny, no anti-fascists or “Antifa” have been identified so far among those arrested at protests. They got some “boogaloos” and “KKK” but ANTIFA just keeps alluding them even though Roger Stone’s appeared in pictures on one of their websites.

    …There was that little old man, though, President Trump (and the Gremlin Kremlin) caught trying to spy on his riot troops before they busted his head open. He coulda been Antifa!

  • I’ll think say “No thanks” to this vaccine.

    “Brazilian officials have announced an agreement with China’s Sinovac Biotech to produce its coronavirus vaccine in Sao Paulo, where tests involving 9,000 volunteers are to begin next month.

    Brazil has the world’s second-highest coronavirus caseload after the United States, with more than 770,000 confirmed infections and nearly 40,000 deaths.”

  • Mr. Obama would be the perfect vice presidential candidate. He would be the healer of the great racial divides that are being engineered right now. In fact, I suspect a lot of the looting and violence is preconditioning for Mr. Obama’s return to the spotlight. JMO.

    • IMHO, Obama’s presidency inflamed racism…not by any actions he took, but simply by becoming president.

      The Whiny White Wusses’ nightmare of the country becoming non-white came true. So they stopped pretending they weren’t biased and let their hatred spill out into the open.

  • “Amazon is implementing a one-year moratorium on police use of its artificial intelligence software Rekognition amid a growing backlash over the tech company’s ties to law enforcement.”

    “In tests, Amazon’s facial recognition technology mistakenly matched 28 members of Congress to photos of people arrested for a crime.”

    So funny. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

  • These Communists are even taking over Zimbabwe!

    “Zimbabwean authorities have charged an opposition lawmaker and two activists with lying about being tortured by police after they were arrested last month.

    MP Joana Mamombe and activists Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova were detained at their lawyer’s offices, said Opposition Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDC-A) spokeswoman Fadzayi Mahere.

    The three women were last month admitted to hospital with various injuries and alleged police had subjected at least one of them to serious sexual violence.”

    These attacks on police by African Antifa operatives are very worrying.

    • Do White Lives Matter?
      The Genocide of White Farmers in South Africa
      FARMLANDS (2018) | Official Documentary

      • The RCA shoves through the Belhar Confession out of white guilt but doesn’t care about Amway scamming people. LOL

        • Scott:
          Genocide means people as a class are being murdered.
          Amway means people are being scammed but are still alive.
          Scott, would you rather be murdered than scammed?

          • The point that the ghost of Scott made is that often people don’t care about other people. LOL….

      • Many white farmers have been through hell in South Africa, and some have even been murdered, but to call that ‘Genocide,’ does not help them or anyone else. That word has a very specific meaning.

    • I agree, Paul. “Antifa” is a global threat!

      Did you know they MOCK fascist rallies by showing up in ridiculous Unicorn or “Banana” costumes to photo bomb Proud Boys and KKKers while they’re live-streaming themselves perpetrating and instigating acts of violence?!

      Obviously, this Banana thing is demonstrable racism against the Banana Republican people!


  • NY is one party, as well. The sanctuary status of NYC gives it a ccx weighted average in every election.

  • Welcome to the Soviet of Seattle!

    Anti-Fa Communists have seized a chunk of Seattle and they are arming Red Guards to man the barricades!

    Report: Antifa Seeks Armed Volunteers to Hold Seized Ground in Seattle

    Antifa is reportedly seeking armed volunteers to take turns manning barricades and holding ground that protesters have seized within Seattle city limits.

    The Gateway Pundit reports Antifa set up an “autonomous zone” that includes six square blocks they seized in Seattle. They are reportedly “advocating for ‘folks with firearms’ to take shifts defending the barricades” around the six blocks.

    This was Seattle last night, after Seattle PD abandoned what’s being called the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.”

    Without police, the zone has turned into a peaceful George Floyd memorial filled with art, positivity & love.

    Let this be a reminder– police are the real instigators.

    Medium reports the alleged seizure of the city blocks was followed by a list of 30 demands for the City Council and Seattle Mayor.

    The first two center on abolishing the Seattle Police Deparment

    Demand one states:

    The Seattle Police Department and attached court system are beyond reform. We do not request reform, we demand abolition. We demand that the Seattle Council and the Mayor defund and abolish the Seattle Police Department and the attached Criminal Justice Apparatus. This means 100% of funding, including existing pensions for Seattle Police. At an equal level of priority we also demand that the city disallow the operations of ICE in the city of Seattle.

    • https://rosecityantifa.org/images/pb-3/schultzstone.png

      FYI Roger Stone and the Proud Boys are not linked to Anti-Fa.
      In fact, Stone and the Proud Boys are enemies of Anti-Fa.

      That said, thank you for that lovely picture of that Great American Roger Stone.
      I’m going to frame that photo and hang it in the Pantheon of Great Americans next to Richard Nixon and Donald Trump.

      • –In fact, Stone and the Proud Boys are enemies of Anti-Fa–
        yes, that’s why they are giving a White Power salute?
        Is that your vision for this country?

      • You’re welcome, Shadow. It’s on the website of an “Antifa” chapter in RoseCity, OR that I did, in fact, link. Or did you think I meant Roger Stone is linked to Antifa? …Somehow?

        • 🤣 Peaches. I read it has to do with Heil Hitler = HH = 88 and that’s somehow contorted in there. But I’m staying with “HH” anyway. Wouldn’t want to be targeted as “Antifa”…AGAIN!

          • Just for the record, in Morse code, “88” means “Love and kisses”. I was furious when it got co-opted by neo-Nazis.

            In the bad old days of the USSR, the only way radio hams could get QSL (confirmation of contact) cards from Soviet operators was via “PO Box 88, Moscow”. I sent and received thousands of cards through that address. With ironic love and kisses from Russia.

            So anyone who can reclaim “88” from the KGB and the Gestapo is doing the world a favour. Here’s 73 (best wishes) and 88 to HH.

        • Scott has a nice white jacket with rainbow stripes that he doesn’t wear any longer. LOL

          He is willing to give it to you, NiceGuy 666, but you have to wear it in Texas for 24 hours. LOL

    • The yacht isn’t hers…it was just a picture in an article about her wealth tax….didn’t you read the article linked to the picture?

  • “Pray for America the last, best hope for mankind.”

    A lot of mankind are actually wondering if there’s any hope for America.

    There is a lot of concern around the world, because the US seems to be unable to arrest it’s slide into chaos. It just seems to get steadily worse.

    People don’t look to chaos for hope.

    God Bless America.

    • Everything will be fine, the current spoiled brats are being controlled, and November will result in a massive rejection of their Libtard political “leaders.” LOL

  • I’ve always felt that Mr. Biden is going to choose either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton for his vice president nominee.
    Barack will bring him votes from memories of “good feelings” of his last tenure in office (I always felt he wanted a third term) , and Hillary will patiently wait for Biden to simply resign from office for medical reasons and then become the first female president.

    Either way something is up. There has never been a time when a party launched a national campaign with such a curious candidate. The end of the summer will be an extraordinary time.

    • –here has never been a time when a party launched a national campaign with such a curious candidate–

      I guess you forgot about the GOP nominating Trump

        • California is now a de facto one party state.
          In 2016 California enacted an Open Primary system that eliminated the Republican Party from the General election.
          Kamala Harris was elected Senator over Loretta Sanchez another Democrat.
          There was no Republican candidate!

          2016 United States Senate election in California
          Candidate Kamala Harris Loretta Sanchez
          Party Democratic Democratic
          Popular vote 7,542,753 4,701,417
          Percentage 61.6% 38.4%

          For the first time since direct elections to the Senate began after the passage of the Seventeenth Amendment in 1913, no Republican appeared on the general election ballot for U.S. Senate in California. The highest Republican finisher in the primary won only 7.8 percent of the vote, and the 10 Republicans only won 27.9 percent of the vote among them

          California has also legalized “ballot harvesting.”
          Ballot collecting, also called ballot harvesting by opponents, is the gathering and submitting of absentee or mail-in voter ballots by volunteers or workers.

    • Obama is ineligible to serve as President having been elected twice.
      So he is ineligible to serve as Vice President.

    • Hellary THE Horrible is toxic. LOL

      Besides, Biden said he was going to pick a woman, not a thing. LOL

  • I just hope that there is an election in November, given that 60 countries have cancelled elections since February.

    If it does go ahead, I hope it proceeds peacefully.

    • You can be pretty sure that we’ll have a Presidential election in Movember. Because if we don’t, then the way the Constitution is constructed, Nancy Pelosi will become President in January.

      I worry more about what might happen between Election Day in November — and Inauguration Day in January. Those are the 10 weeks when things could get really out of control.

      • I just hope that there is peace and respect for the democratic process. The people of America deserve that. The people have the right to make their choice without any interference from anyone.

        • There are no elections without interference in elections. Ever heard of Super PACs? The money and the campaign financiers have the decisive influence. Everyone who wants to get elected needs a lot of money to finance their election campaign or re-election. Those who have less money usually fall by the wayside and lose because they can mobilize fewer voters and voter votes.

  • But a quick comment on the police:

    Cameras at red lights to catch speeders? Pulling people over for everything? Choking people to death?

    NY has turned into a police state of oppression.

    Now, we can argue that they have turned into money raising agents for the big public sector unions.

    So maybe we need to back off on enforcement of the petty BULLSHIT laws and save the effort to take down the big guns.

    The petty BULLSHIT results in the non stop harrassment people in the hood.

    I am sick and tired of the state trying to protect me against myself.

    Have a joint, get busted. Kill millions by inducing an opioid crisis, walk free.

    That is the absolute truth and that’s why people are mad.

  • I agree 50%, and I am Republican.


    What people don’t understand is that sanctuary cities exist for the vote. That’s right: people who are not even citizens are controlling our elections.

    Upstate NY is red, but can’t win a single election, because the sanctuary status of NYC gives it a leverage of 15:1 .

    That’s right, folks. There’s not enough dems, so they have to pipe them in with rewards of handouts. No Id to vote? C’mon.

    In addition, public sector unions have become the money laundering machine for democratic states. This has resulted in astronomically high taxes to pay for lucrative pensions and benefits others can’t afford.

    One final note: Obama allowed hundreds of thousands of Muslims fleeing ISIS into this country, but a few dozen Christians. Why? Christians are red, Muslims vote blue. Yes, also true. The liberal press never mentioned this, but chastised Trump for stopping immigration from certain countries. God bless him for that.


    Trump made mistakes and handled this situation wrong. What happened to Floyd deserves night television spots asking for calm.

    The 4 trillion in the paycheck protection fund also a farce. He gave money to businesses that don’t need it and tossed us 1200 bucks.

    That too is a shame. And that will cost him.

  • Chicago’s Lesbian Communist Mayor Lori Lightfoot gets exposed as a Fool and a Criminal
    Ingraham: Choreographing chaos

  • DiLaura says “Joe Biden can’t put enough words together to make a sensible sentence.” That is sometimes true, laughably true.

    However, DiLaura seems to assume that conservatives haven’t noticed that Trump has the same problem. He’s good in a rally when he’s an entertainer, but on real issues he gets confused, rambles, and ad-libs false facts even when TRYING to read a prepared speech/ Worse than being articulate, he says incredibly stupid stuff that pops into his Big Brain, His suggestion that maybe drinking bleach was a good idea…and was inarticulate while making a fool of himself.

    Conservatives have already heard almost 20,000 lies from POTUS, and still want to vote for him, fine, but DiLaura still feels to lie to them that Biden’s gaffs disqualify him, but ignores that Trump is the same or worse. So, conservatives, do you believe DiLaura or your own ears?

  • If you ever pray, pray now.
    Pray for your liberties.
    Pray for your rights.
    Pray for your family.
    Pray for your future.
    Pray for the US Constitution.
    Pray for America, the last, best hope for mankind.

    And remember that God helps those who help themselves.
    Work to reelect Donald Trump and elect a Republican Congress that puts America First.
    The COVID shutdown was a conspiracy by the Democratic Governors and the Deep State to tank the economy and remove Donald Trump from the Presidency.
    All for a virus equivalent to the annual flu.
    The nation wide riots are a scheme to create so much chaos that the Marxist Democratic Party can usher in a Totalitarian State and you can kiss your freedoms good bye.

    As I write this comment gang-bangers are roaming the streets of Chicago and other major US cities with AK-47 assault rifles while Politically Correct politicians are paralyzed.

    “”I’ve got gang-bangers with AK-47s walking around right now, just waiting to settle some scores.”
    Chicago mayor to lawmaker of looted ward: ‘You don’t know sh**’
    Legislator fires back: ‘You need to check your f***ing attitude’

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