Will Bill Gates ID2020 Project Eliminate Suffering or Achieve New World Order Tyranny? 

Frank Dux is a businessman, martial artist, teacher, author, and former intelligence operative. He wrote the Secret Man [Harper Collins]. The 1988 film Bloodsport is based on his life.

Patrick Nohrden

By Frank Dux and Patrick Nohrden 

Until now, no other organization was better at identifying and tracking people than Communist China.  With 1.5 billion people, it only makes sense that the Chinese Communist Party figured out how.

In the past couple of years, China’s ability to do so grew exponentially with the help of Microsoft and Google.

It stands to reason that if China and the ideological progeny of Bill Gates can keep track of 1.5 billion, why not 7 billion worldwide?

China uses biometrics and facial recognition software to track its residents. However, this approach would be difficult in underdeveloped parts of the world that do not have the infrastructure for electronic surveillance.

Bill Gates wants to vaccinate every person on the planet by having created the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI), a Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to that goal.   By vaccinating every person on Earth, logically, this provides the potential to be able to ID and keep track of all the people on the planet.

China, being a totalitarian government, can do it more easily than more democratically governed countries.

GAVI  [GAVI, officially Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance is a public–private global health partnership with the goal of increasing vaccines in poor countries. Because it was founded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation], it cannot necessarily use the resources of China in its quest. But, when it comes to third world countries, no other organization has more influence than the United Nations.

As such, Bill Gates, through GAVI, has enlisted the aid of the UN to implement mandatory, multiple, biometric identification technologies for infants simultaneous to its efforts to vaccinate them.

The UN, GAVI, and other special interest organizations openly express how they are working together to have the ability to regulate birth and control future generations around the globe while vaccinating and identifying each person contacted.

Without being granted such Certificate Of Vaccination ID (“COVID?”) an “unregistered vaccinated” individual could potentially find themselves in the same position of those Chinese who are not allowed to survive as an infant and would be denied the ability to do banking, to buy food, to travel, to marry, to hold a job, to obtain housing, or to attend school, denied these basic rights if they are not properly registered in China’s hukou system.

All about a Chinese Hukou and How it is Influential for Your ...
Hukou is a system of household registration used in mainland China. It helps keep the slaves in that country in total submission.

Likewise, with a person “in the system” with a biometric ID, it becomes easy for a government and/or NGO to monitor and control that individual, whether by way of credit rating or social credit score as is occurring in China. This practice, which is actually happening now, helps us understand why a forced vaccination program may be considered the first step towards making possible cultural and potentially racial genocide via population control through global tyranny.

China’s President Xi Jinping vowed at G20 Summit, “that China should take the lead in shaping a New World Order”  putting him in stark contrast to President Trump’s “America First” policy.


Sadly the same multi-nationalist corporate forces vested in China and GAVI are also viewed responsible for turning the highest offices in branches of government into their political weapons.

Tucker Carlson, of Fox News, often talks about how the Obama administration was strategically aligned with the Soros political apparatus (and others like it) where they wantonly engaged in the abuse of power.

By targeting Soros, Obama’s and his Democratic party’s political opponents campaign supporters were subjected to baseless IRS seizures, harassment. In addition, there was the deposing, framing and DOJ malicious prosecution of Carter Page; the DOJ using coercion to obtain an unlawful conviction of General Flynn; the FBI aiding the DNC by its illegal spying on then opposition Presidential candidate Trump and then propagating the Mueller Investigation Russia collusion hoax to unseat the president-elect; the manufacture of the US Senate rejected Impeachment hoax; the implementation of Democratic governor state appointments of health officials trained and ordered to make usage of Bill Gates mortality model and statistical data just prior to COVID-19 outbreak that Carlson points out was experimental, flawed, if not intentionally faked to facilitate an otherwise unjustifiable shut-down and collapse of what was a booming economy — what political commentators said would determine the assured re-election of President Trump.

Now, Trump is being blamed by the media for the rioting and looting being paid for by Soros’ political apparatus.

While others may suggest the motive is to prevent the re-election of Trump, these events misdirect, distract and prevent President Trump’s administration and the general public from derailing the “United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal” on universal identity, which has announced a new identity project in collaboration with the Government of Bangladesh and GAVI.

GAVI reports its impact draws on the strengths of its core partners, the World Health Organization, UNICEF, the World Bank and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and its claim to play a critical role in primary health care (PHC), bringing the world closer to the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of Universal Health Coverage (UHC), ensuring no one is left behind.

However, no matter how wonderfully philanthropic their announced intentions are, like a benevolent villain out of a James Bond movie, GAVI’s leadership and funding are dependent on Big Pharma vaccine manufacturers that are partnered with sovereign governments hostile to American interests, like China.

GAVI’s strategic partners include private sector foundations, corporate partners, NGOs and advocacy groups funded by Soros and Gates who also fund election campaigns of China-friendly politicians. Several in the past having made significant foreign policy changes that led to the West becoming dependent on China and the World Health Organization. The WHO’s willful misrepresentations of material facts made possible the spread of COVID-19, worldwide, resulting in the shut down of the world economy.

The power elites, like Gates, admittedly invest in the research and patenting of viruses. They are in the business of creating the problem and then the solution—the ability to vaccinate against the virus causing the pandemic, placing them squarely in control over who lives or dies. The power of vaccination determines who rules the world.

Based on immunization efforts conducted by Access to Information (A2I) – a Government of Bangladesh agency – and the Directorate of Health Service (DGHS), with the support of GAVI, the ID2020 project essentially creates a biometric identity system for all the citizens of the world—reminiscent of how the murderous Nazis attempted to do the same thing by having tattooed numbers on the arms of prisoners in Nazi concentration camps corresponding to IBM punch cards.

Identification of inmates in German concentration camps - Wikipedia

According to Anir Chowdhury, a policy adviser for A2I, “The Government of Bangladesh recognizes that the design of digital identity systems carries far-reaching implications for individuals’ access to services and livelihoods, and we are eager to pioneer this approach. We are implementing a forward-looking approach to digital identity that gives individuals control over their own personal information, while still building off existing systems and programs.”

Chowdhury made this announcement coincidental to ID2020’s annual summit in September 2019 as a preamble to the COVID-19 pandemic.  China’s participation in this project gave it the head start it needed to stockpile personal protective equipment before the pandemic erupted.

Such ideas echo those of the United Nations’ refugee agency, the UNHCR, which has in recent years championed the use of biometric technology to deliver official ID to those who often lack such documentation, as the case with displaced persons with eighty-nine percent of children and adolescents without identification that live in countries supported by GAVI.

More interesting is the fact that ID2020 is in sync with previous events having seen other major organizations, like Accenture and Microsoft commit to biometrics-driven identity projects in support of these same UN goals.

GAVI already takes credit for what it considers to be successes in achieving these goals including the following:

  • More children surviveThe increase in immunization has prevented approximately 13 million deaths and dramatically driven down the incidence of deadly and debilitating infectious diseases.
  • Nation building thrives. As children become healthier, they, there families, communities and countries are more able to be economically prosperous and socially stable. For every US$ 1 invested in vaccines in GAVI-supported countries, there is a US$ 54 return in savings from averted illness and broader societal benefits of people living longer, healthier lives. To date, GAVI-supported vaccines have generated more than US$ 150 billion in economic benefits since 2000.
  • Global health security improves countries broaden vaccine coverage and improve their health systems — makes them less susceptible and better able to prevent disease outbreaks that pose a threat to people in these countries, protecting millions of others around the world.

However, suggesting totalitarian rule is GAVI’s true agenda, the critics of GAVI and ID2020 point out how the ID2020 project created a coronavirus computer simulation at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore on 18 October 2019, which was sponsored by World Economic Forum (“WEF”) with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, entities that both advocate vaccinations for everyone while reducing world population for a new world order.

These two concepts were espoused by Adolph Hitler in his bid for creating a new world order that culminated in his regime murdering 20,000,000 souls — eliminating thousand-year-old communities.  Population reduction is among the announced goals of the WEF explains Henry Kissinger, Foreign Secretary in the Nixon Administration

Conservatives and liberals both agree in theory that in order to protect American interests the nation’s leaders must be mindful not to repeat the mistakes of the past. The kind that created the West’s massive dependence on China’s supply chain for consumer goods, government computer systems, weapons parts, and medication and medical equipment.

Only made possible due to concessions during the Clinton administration — while Hillary Clinton served on the board of Walmart, all for the purpose of strengthening China’s position in America’s supply chain.

At least 80% of medication or ingredients for medication as well as medical equipment now come from China.  And China manufactures 90% of America’s antibiotics and perhaps most of the fentanyl that comes into the country, both legally and illegally.  The potential impacts on health are devastating should China cut off the supply.  And the Chinese do not forget.  We lost more than 51,000 soldiers during the Korean War, compared to more than a million Chinese, and one of the biggest factors for that difference is that we had penicillin and the Chinese had none.

During the height of the COVID-19 epidemic, China’s production apparatus for everything is reported to have almost shut-down, and cargo ships filled with Chinese merchandise were turned away from many harbors all around the world.  And yet, without China’s central bank interference, the renminbi’s (RMB) value vis-à-vis the dollar remained stable, at around seven RMB to the dollar, purposely undervalued in order to keep China as the premier exporter of manufactured goods in the world.

China’s economy is still running at 80% of pre-COVID-19 levels because it recognizes there exists an artificially induced panic among consumers and western nations.  This panic has caused the mass media to create a hysteria for vaccines and a shutdown of economies pursuant to dictatorial directives of the Center for Disease Control (CDC).  This would also serve to strengthen China’s position in the world market.  Meanwhile, China is racing the West to develop a vaccine.  This would allow China to save face and increase its stature in the world while capitalizing on the huge profits that such a vaccine could generate.

The danger of forced vaccination stems from the fact no one knows what would be contained in the cocktail of “mini-diseases” injected, and what are the long-term effects, as with all Genetically Modified Organisms (“GMO”’s) and also, one must take into serious consideration China’s horrible record for quality of medicine.


In light of all these facts, GAVI goals are made apparent by the recent pandemic and the group-speak advocating forced vaccination, population reduction, and the digital control of every person on earth to achieve a One World Order.  To be followed by global financial hegemony, and Full Spectrum Dominance, as the PNAC (Plan for a New American Century) likes to call it.

The Chinese Communist Party announced in 2017 plans to replace the U.S. dollar with the renminbi as the world’s main reserve currency.  A strong motive for China to have covertly orchestrated the spread of COVID-19 to 213 countries, was primarily to achieve this end by crashing the West’s stock markets.  The power elites and their stooges heavily vested in China predicted a pandemic and then one is delivered gift wrapped in months’ time.

The million-dollar question on everyone’s mind is did the GAVI and ID 2020 strategic alliances create or manipulate a crisis in order to manipulate world trade, to enrich them?

So far no one has been able to compare the losses to possible financial gains China conglomerates and vested China companies may have experienced due to the crash of Western stock markets; where indicating they had prior knowledge, the crash is manufactured; they short stocks or more likely cashed out in advance, prepared to reinvest after the crisis to gain controlling interests in major U.S. and European corporations at current rock-bottom prices. Purchased from stock markets that collapsed by a fifth or more in value, all while buying up lots of oil futures.

Prior to COVID-19, world crisis major corporations had announced their intent on moving manufacturing operations in China back to their countries of origin — predominately, the US.

President Donald Trump’s strong anti-China stance has Democrats enraged.

With China now possibly having controlling interest in most of the largest U.S. and European corporations along with its strategic allies, like Google and Microsoft, pushing their talking points in garnering support, they possess the capability to create a one world government by determining the outsourcing of manufacturing interests and not the country that purchases the goods en masse.

I recently overheard a stranger say, “Discovery of corporate greed and pursuit of absolute power is why Soros, Gates, and others, are now seemingly pulling out all the stops by funding and orchestrating national rioting and looting to shift attention away from them — protect themselves from what could potentially be the prosecution and confiscation of their wealth, on a level the world has never seen before, not since the French revolution”

Out of curiosity I asked him what were his thoughts about ID2020 and of course I receive a dumbfounded look, with his never hearing of it.

I urge readers to look into and bring ID 2020 to the forefront of discussion since no one else is seemingly paying attention. Despite it claims for salvation of humanity by ensuring higher quality of life and where no poor soul is left behind, it may potentially be the first step in an end-game play for world domination.

My martial art training instilled in me the belief in the duality of life where everything has its complementary opposite. Where the same surgically sharp cutting edge and skill used to kill may also be used to heal — cut away cancerous threats.  While the intention of the user produces the desired outcome there always exists a potential chance for the opposite to occur.

This is why we all need to be vigilant regarding the trappings of ID2020 project.

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  • Here goes another debunked hoax:

    Peter Horby, Professor of Emerging Infectious Diseases and Global Health in the Nuffield Department of Medicine at the University of Oxford and Chief Investigator for the trial, said, “Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine have received a lot of attention and have been used very widely to treat COVID patients despite the absence of any good evidence. The RECOVERY trial has shown that hydroxychloroquine is not an effective treatment in patients hospitalised with COVID-19. Although it is disappointing that this treatment has been shown to be ineffective, it does allow us to focus care and research on more promising drugs.”


  • Trouble in Texas

    Figures from the Texas department of state health services showed that 1,935 people were hospitalized for coronavirus-related reasons on Monday, up from a previous record of 1,888 on 5 May. Officials in Dallas said the city hit its highest ever one-day total for new infections on Thursday, at 285, while Houston has also recorded climbing numbers.”

    Has this Republican state turned Communist and joined the conspiracy?

  • Gutless, Spineless, Brainless Democrats allow Radicals to Hijack America


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      “Brown fuzzy wuzzies.”
      -Scott Johnson

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      All men are created equal.”
      -Abraham Lincoln

      ShadowState and Scott Johnson are traitors to American ideals!!!!!!

      Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

      Shadowstate is a treasonous sinner!!!!

  • The Whole National Shutdown was a Fraud Perpetrated by Democrats who want to Destroy America and defeat Donald Trump

  • I think that the truth is even worse than The New World Order and it’s fiendish plan to implement a One World Government of Total Control.

    I think that absolutely nobody is in control, and that the world is in chaos because of all kinds of competing factions, constantly trying to bash each others heads in to gain control, whilst we all get caught in the crossfire.

  • I was interested to hear on the radio that 60 countries have cancelled elections since February.

    Anybody who thinks that democracy is safe and well, should think again, because the future of democracy is definitely uncertain.

  • Is it me or does Scott Johnson look like one of Joe Exotic’s ex boyfriends from Tiger King?

    …..And yes, I know Scott is a BEAR not a tiger in the gay world.

    • NiceGuy 666, it’s you. LOL

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  • Dux,

    China has its own “Dark Facebook”. Information for all US citizens has been collected, categorized, and cataloged.


    The Chinese pirated all of Bill Gates’s software and cost Microsoft over 200 billion in revenue. Now Bill Gates and China are in bed together?

    Dux, when are you going to tie in the Jews and the Elder Scrolls of Zion or the Illuminati or the Freemasons or the Mormons.

    And of course, when does George Soros come into the narrative you are trying to push?

    Dux, I will buy into the Keebler Elves Global Domination Plot or the Flat Earth Conspiracy before I buy into the narrative you are peddling.

    Stick to writing awesome movie scripts like Blood Sport or Taboo II.

    PS I loved Blood Sport when I was a kid. Blood Sport was definitely the impetus to MMA.

  • “A self-described Ku Klux Klan leader has been charged with assault after driving his car into a group of Black Lives Matter protesters in Virginia.

    Harry Rogers, who told officers he was president of the Virginia Ku Klux Klan, has been charged with malicious wounding, assault and battery, and destruction of property after the incident in Henrico county, on the outskirts of Richmond.”

    The Guardian

  • “A man drove his car into a crowd of protesters in Seattle on Sunday, then shot and wounded a demonstrator who confronted him as he came to a stop, according to police and eyewitness video.

    Seattle police said firefighters took the man, who was shot, to the hospital and that he was in stable condition. No one else was injured, police said.”

    The Guardia.

    • He is a Hispanic man called Nikolas Fernandez. He is an iron worker and union member. He didn’t drive his car into anyone. Dindus got in his way, like dindus do, one dindu punched him inside his vehicle and the Hispanic man shot him in self-defense. He got out of his car, did not shoot anyone, and surrendered to the police. If he wanted to kill people, he could of. These dindus, left-wing terrorists and libtards are pissing people off and they won’t like it when the dog showing his teeth bites back.

        • How do you know who this Anonymous poster is? LOL

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  • Don’t worry everything is fine.

    “ONE DAY AFTER West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice’s shelter-in-place orders went into effect, the governor quietly signed into law the Critical Infrastructure Protection Act. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the law created new felony penalties for protest actions targeting oil and gas facilities, as the state continues to confront opposition to two massive natural gas pipelines designed to cut through delicate forests, streams, and farmland.”

    • The Proud Boys never trespass or disrupt legal operations. LOL

      ANTIFA and your brood will never defeat the American Dream. LOL

  • Just to trigger the Kristin Crooked groupie super-superfans…

    “I believe in the necessity of storytelling and the importance of using my position to amplify marginalized voices and experiences”.


    But not literally blackmailed branded sex slaves, in the NXIVM cult she spent ten years in, recruiting the second in command of said branded sex slaves, being asked to help, but refusing, to preserve her “position”. Pretending to fight for the “marginalised” on taxpayer-funded television is more important. Tee hee!

  • Here is a Warning you should heed.
    Scientists have tried to create vaccines to prevent Corona virus infections in the past.
    The problem is that in test animals the vaccines create Runaway Immune Responses.
    The vaccine attacks your body and kills your organs and you.
    You are better off without the vaccine.
    Let Bill and Melinda Gates take the vaccine and then be exposed to the virus.
    This video from the Yale School of Medicine explains the danger of Runaway Immune Response.
    How COVID-19 Turns Your Immune System Against You

    • A vaccine may well not turn out to be the solution. HIV/AIDS has been found to respond well to combinations of certain drugs, rather than a vaccine.

      Part of finding out what works involves finding out what doesn’t work.

      From an earlier post of mine:

      “Where are all the people cured of Covid-19 by Hydroxychloroquine, and why aren’t they singing its praises from the rooftops?

      They aren’t there, because it isn’t a cure.

      “It does not work against Covid-19 and should not be given to any more hospital patients around the world, say the leaders of the biggest and best-designed trial of the drug, which experts will hope finally settle the question.

      “If you are admitted to hospital, don’t take hydroxychloroquine,” said Martin Landray, deputy chief investigator of the Recovery trial and professor of medicine and epidemiology at Oxford University. “It doesn’t work.”

      Of course, the irrational amongst us will continue to believe in it”

    • Wow complete BS and a video that does not support the claim. You should apply at Trump’s ministry of truth or FOX.

    • Shadow…..Oh where God do I began,

      RE Vaccines

      “This video from the Yale School of Medicine explains the danger of Runaway Immune Response.”-Shadow

      Your statement is 100% accurate, Shadowstate.

      The Yale University explanation of immune system response to a Covid-19 vaccine is 100% correct.

      What you fail to grasp or understand is the fact that the immune system will respond to all BAD vaccines in the same way.

      Shadow, why do you think animal testing for vaccines is so important?

      Bad vaccines and vaccine material(DNA & RNA) are foreign invaders. Any foreign organic material is attacked by the immune system.

      There are two words I will share with you, my dear Shadow……

      Scientific Method.

      Wrap your head around it. It’s been around since the 17th Century.

      You, Shadowstate, are a man out of time. To think that Darwin had to deal with your kind.

      What time is bingo today?


      Shadow, this is one of these many times I make a rational and logical rebuttal of your opinion and you will not engage me in intelligent dialogue or debate.

      Why do you think I now only engage you in banter and quips?


      You have become Scott Johnson and reside in a pseudo-intellectual bubble.


      Can your beliefs only exist in an echo?

      I am sorry if my rationality is a threat to your reality?

      ….Cognitive Dissonance?

      Please attempt to knock down my rebuttal to your Covid-19 dangerous immune response to vaccines.

      I am waiting, HIER SHADOW!!!!

      • The problem for you NiceGuy 666 is that Scott and the ghosts of Scott have exposed your idiocy on numerous occasions. LOL

        • Exposed?

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  • Large US tech firms have been instrumental in helping the Chinese Communist Party set up their mass surveillance technology.

    The US has profited by it.

    Is anybody really naive enough to believe that this isn’t also planned for the US and other countries?

    Amazon is selling facial recognition software to the US police right now.

    This isn’t a future thing. It’s happening NOW.

    No doubt someone will say, “The innocent have nothing to fear,” but history shows that the innocent have very much to fear.

  • I can’t even be bothered to read this kind of nonsense. Can the author even explain how immunizations will allow the government to “keep track” of every human on the planet? If such technology existed it would be in use already- for example to keep track of pets. The current technology used to do this is be inserting a microchip under the pets skin, and this doesn’t “keep track” of the animal, it simply tags the pet so that the lost pet can be scanned if found. And microchips often break down or migrate from their original location, making them useless years later.

    • You certainly have shown you prefer to be willfully ignorant as the article answered your question which you would have known had you read it in place of being blindly judgmental.

      • Where does the article explain exactly HOW a vaccination will “keep track” of every person on the planet. Please cut and paste that part in another comment.

    • Also, every person already has a unique ID; it’s called DNA. You “broadcast” it everywhere you walk. It can’t be ever modified or disabled, but you could with microchips and chemical signatures. So this idea is meaningless.

      They could even coerce you to consensually submit under the guise of healthcare just like vaccine injections. Even easier than that, actually. The anti vaccine clique has already submitted lab samples.

      • They could even coerce you to consensually submit under the guise of healthcare just like vaccine injections. Even easier than that, actually. The anti vaccine clique has already submitted lab samples. – This is the only comment on this entire thread, including the main story, that has aged well.

    • —And microchips often break down or migrate from their original location, making them useless years later.

      Nano bots from the twelfth dimension do not breakdown.

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