Resist the Dictatorship of the New World Order

This won’t get me any points with Google, but since we published an article from the extreme left, Communist Gives Point of View on America and Our Purported Racism, how about something from the extreme right? This is an interesting piece and gives us a look at how the far right looks at the current increase of authoritarianism in the name of a pandemic.

By Laureano Benítez Grande-Caballero

Citizens of the world, brothers, children of God: in this decisive hour of the world, where we are being subjected to a devastating attack by the satanic hordes who want to establish a dictatorial World Government in the world, We call for resistance, for us to come together to offer a joint response to their wicked purposes.

It is time for us to realize that the world is currently governed by a Luciferian caste of unimaginable evil, of incredible perversity, whose manifest purpose is to wreak havoc on societies, ruin countries, destroy our values ​​and traditions, eliminate our rights and liberties, controlling and submitting us through an abominable use of perverse technologies, with the intention of stealing our bag, life, and soul.

This collusion is the one that has created war, catastrophes, famines, revolutions and pandemics, it is the one that has originated this critical situation that humanity now lives, where they have just inaugurated a Luciferian apocalypse, a horrifying Armageddon with which they want to steal souls from God to give them to the Lord of the Flies, the king who directs them.

Kiss of Death, "Shibboleth," "Armageddon" & More | Merriam-Webster

This satanic caste is determined to reduce the world population, from the current 7,800 million to 500 million, as their most distinguished provost have repeatedly declared, because these evil beings feel deep disgust and contempt for all of us, a terrifying hatred.

And for that reason they want to carry out a mass extermination, leaving only around 500 million, so that the survivors are their slaves, living on the edge of misery, chipped to the nines, working in their companies, consuming what we can of their products.

For them we are an evil cancer that must be removed, beings unworthy of living, of reproducing, of consuming resources. They say it is because we breathe, and with this we contaminate the goddess of the NOM, her Pachamama, Mother Gaia, consuming her scarce resources. Such is their inconceivable evil, that it is licit to begin to wonder if these characters are really human, or if they belong to a cave-dwelling underworld, to a bare Mount with sulfur clouds, or to an evil planet where they have acquired a reptilian condition, enemy of The humanity.

But, citizens of the world, if this evil scoundrel hates us and does not respect us, it is because they have verified countless times that we do not respect ourselves, we do not love ourselves enough to defend tooth and nail our dignity as human beings, unique and unrepeatable beings, children of God.

They hate us because we submit to their evil principles, because we obey them, because we do not have the courage to face their machinations, because they know that, whatever they do, we will accept our slavery, our humiliations, our ruins, and all the dictatorial barbarism that they want to impose on us. And that’s why they give us what we deserve, and they beat us like abandoned dogs.

Satan | Definition, Scriptures, & Role | Britannica

This is how they laugh at us, mock our ignorance, our cowardice, our indifference, that ominous lack of dignity that leads us to be “good citizens”, sheep on the way to the slaughterhouse, happy slaves in their factories. Tender parishioners of full obedience to an ecclesiastical hierarchy that has abandoned us, enthusiastic lickers receiving paguitas, hallucinated zombies before execrable screens that brainwash us without the least shame.

Citizens of the world, it is time to shout that enough is enough!, that we will no longer endure more humiliations, more lies, more falsehoods, more ruins, more slavery, more police dictatorships.

It is time that, through citizen movements, platforms, civil associations, law firms, professional associations, more or less official organizations, etc. First of all, let’s demand responsibility from all those who have had part in this horrible dictatorship with which they have ruined, deceived, crushed … and murdered, filing lawsuits against all of them. And it is time for us – in the second place – to conspire so that – whatever happens – they do not take away the slightest bit of freedom in the face of future catastrophes that are coming, whether they are pandemics, wars, natural disasters, etc.

In the very probable case that they release another virus and organize another pandemic, we have to use citizen movements to oppose new confinements, new dictatorships, never giving up any of our freedoms, vigorously defending our rights, which belong to us by birth, not because they don’t give them away.

It is time to ask for responsibility to all those who have intervened in the creation of the COVID-19 virus, which is not a Chinese virus exclusively, but an international virus, with the manipulation of which laboratories and organizations from many western countries have intervened.

It is time to demand that governments around the world ban biotech laboratories where they experiment with viruses that are dangerous to our health.

It is time for us to denounce the collaboration in this disaster of many medical entities that, knowing the truth about the virus, have remained silent, due to collusion with the responsible satanic sect, or for fear of their retaliation.

Medical entities that praise vaccines, who have the audacity to weigh the vaccine that Bill Gates prepares as the perfect solution – Gates has the impudence to call it “the final solution”, what does that sound like? – to end the torture of the police states, and recover “normality”.

Doctors who have kept their mouths shut before the barbarism of the law that requires wearing masks, knowing that they are unhealthy for health.

Doctors who have among their ranks a percentage of butchers who euthanized the elderly in nursing homes, a fact that must be reported firmly, especially by the families of the victims, demanding liability and compensation.

Doctors who have remained silent in the face of illegal confinements, when they know full well that the nature of this pandemic did not justify them at all, since it is medical barbarism to confine the healthy population, while leaving the most at risk population unprotected.

Doctors who have silenced the fact that this pandemic has produced fewer victims than an annual influenza pandemic – whose death toll can cause up to 650,000 annual victims – and that with a mortality that according to the most reliable statistics of 0.1%, they have, the world has stopped, and our liberties have been stolen.

It is time for us to know that the home prison to which they have subjected half the world is totally unjustified for health reasons, as some official instances are beginning to recognize.

The main objective of confinement – apart from ruining many countries – is to prevent populations from acquiring herd immunity, which is transmitted by contact between people, immunity that would make it impossible for them to submit to a Luciferian vaccine.

Faced with the new epidemics that these prophets of darkness have already announced – with which they mean that they are the ones who are going to execute them – we must know that their objective with this pandemic of COVID-19 has been to weaken our immune system to that the new viruses will catch us low of defenses, and thus be able to cause more death, and such a dread, that the terrified crowds plead en masse for the lethal vaccination that they already have planned.

Weakening the immune system is also the goal of unhealthy masks, with which we put the stale air we exhale back into our respiratory system, full of carbon dioxide and microorganisms, circumstances that will cause us to have viruses and bacteria that we had harmless in our body.

Knowing this, and that contact with clean air, by allowing the contact of our immune system with microorganisms from outside, is what reinforces herd immunity, they have made them obligatory, which is why we are in the duty to denounce the Medical Colleges that have kept silent about this attack on public health, and the authorities that have approved these unhealthy measures.

To prevent us from strengthening our immune system, they have also closed parks and gardens, and they prevent us from sunbathing on the beaches, or bathing in the sea … Is it possible that we sheepishly accept these aberrant provisions, which threaten human dignity, enduring so many humiliations?

A virus that, according to the WHO, is spread only when someone coughs or sneezes in your direction less than a meter away, does not justify confinements, or the closure of companies, or the use of masks, or the stoppage of the world economy …

Therefore, it is not necessary to wear face masks in public places outdoors, where this safety distance – and much more separation – is more than guaranteed in most cases.

So why do you wear masks even in your private vehicles?

Why do you wear a mask even when you are alone in the bush, or walking through parks and half-empty streets?

Are we perhaps so stupid as to impose even more restrictions on ourselves, to take away more freedoms ourselves?

It is possible that you are afraid, awe before a deadly enemy that stalks us in every corner, in every portal, in every tree.

It is very possible that this terror has been inoculated by the trash, but rather it obeys your irrational fear of death, which is nothing more than a symptom of an empty life, without sense, without horizon, that does not believe in anything beyond, and therefore clings desperately to this world, seeing enemies and threats everywhere.

For this reason, another way to fight the fear that the New World Order inoculates us is that we have faith, that we recover our spiritual dimension, our divine conscience, so that the irrational fear of death does not lead us to give ourselves hand and foot tied to Satan’s cousins, in exchange for a little ‘security’ and a straw.

Of course, we are also faced with the inescapable duty to bring to court all the politicians responsible for the increase in victims of the epidemic, who, guided by their ineptitude or their collusion, have not taken the appropriate measures at the right time, shortage of the necessary materials to populations at risk of contagion, inflating the figures to create terror, neglecting nursing homes.

Faced with the possible arrival of another pandemic caused by the globalist elite, let us try not to leave our elderly in the homes, knowing that for that elite they are the victims of choice because they produce nothing, and consume resources, as they themselves confess.

And are you going to continue voting for the political parties that have brought us to this dump, all corrupt, all conchated with the New World Order, who have put them in power just so that they ruthlessly execute their agendas?

Is it that you still believe that democracy exists, or that the children come from Paris?

Let us not leave grandparents without seeing their grandchildren again, and children without seeing their parents; let us never feel that we are forced to separate from our relatives if they are in serious condition; let us never tolerate that funerals for our relatives are so shameful that they do not even allow us to go to them…

How long are we going to consent to so much arbitrariness, so much humiliation, so much barbarism?

And so it goes, subject to stupid rules that tell us how many people we can meet, how many kilometers we can drive, how many people can go to mass, how long do religious ceremonies have to last, how many meters do the locals have to they can open, how many people can swim in a pool, at what time can we walk … Are we not human beings? Do you believe such a lie?

California Closes Orange County Beaches After Photos Of Packed ...

And you, Catholics from all over the world, abandoned by hierarchies and priests, what are you going to do about it?

Know that the orders to close the churches and prohibit perpetual sacrifice have come from the bishops, without there being a legal imperative on the part of the public powers for this abominable measure, which has deprived us of spiritual help in these horrible circumstances: Nobody will you protest about it? Isn’t it time to show these hierarchies in collusion with globalism that we are not willing to allow this outrage any more, this blasphemy, this outrage against our faith?

And, faced with the ruthless attack of satanic secularism against our religious symbols, against our monuments, against our Catholic traditions, against our moral values ​​emanating from Christianity, will we remain impassive, lowering our heads, looking the other way, whistling, as if the thing not with us?

Will we allow the Luciferian dictatorship to continue indoctrinating our children in schools with pernicious ideologies, instilling in them counter-values ​​completely contrary to natural law and the values ​​emanating from Western Christian civilization?

You, merchants, businessmen, hoteliers, who have been ruined by this tyrannical dictatorship that with the excuse of a false pandemic has devastated your businesses, what will you do?

Will you lick your wounds?

Will you curse your luck?

Isn’t it about time that, through your professional associations, you sue all the patulea that has led you to collapse?

Why have you obeyed without questioning the closing of your companies? In a place where people keep the safety distance recommended by the authorities, even reducing capacity if necessary, what problem would there be in continuing to work?

If people stay in a room in a hotel, and only share in passing the entrance hall, where there is no risk of contagion, why have the hoteliers accepted the closure of the facilities? In a bar where people respect distance, why has its closure been accepted?

However, you have done nothing but practice the silence of the lambs, obey without question, knowing that they were completely disproportionate and ruinous measures. You have collaborated with oppression, and now you see ruin. What are your professional associations for? Why have you not resisted the dictatorship?

Brain Washing, Social Control and Programming – Why You Should ...
Fear fear fear. Buy buy buy. Lie lie lie.

Citizens from all over the world, will you continue to watch the Luciferian televisions that have brainwashed you with impunity? Will you not have the audacity to refuse to watch television? Do you not understand that this is the best way to end the New World Order, because the screens were invented precisely by the Luciferian caste to proceed with the massive indoctrination of the herds, and without this propaganda the shady characters that dominate them will never be able to execute the dictatorship of thought?

Amid the chaos of COVID-19, they are deploying the satanic 5G, wireless telephony that, in addition to countless perverse unhealthy effects on our health, will serve the New World Order to execute a frightening mind control, with which to monitor dissent and exterminate it at will.

Do you not know that 5G is a weapon used militarily for a long time?

Refuse that this cruel technology is implanted in your neighborhood communities, fight so that your city councils do not deploy it, because life and freedom go for it. Search the internet for the associations and platforms that are carrying out actions against 5G, and collaborate with them.

And, above all, use your reason to reflect, to think, to not accept without question all the lies with which the NOM wants to enslave you and subject it to its dictatorship.

Question what your media tell you , investigate, reflect on the ordinances that go against your rights and freedoms, against your dignity as human beings and children of God.

And, for what you want most, DO NOT EVER ACCEPT THE VACCINE AGAINST THE CORONAVIRUSES THAT THEY ARE PREPARING BY ORDER OF THE LUCIFERINE CASTE, whose real objective is to introduce us to a Bill Gates chip: NEVER!

And so, citizens of the world, jointly resisting all forms of oppression and dictatorship, lost fear, recovered our human dignity, the day will come when we can launch into the universe our cry: “FREEDOM!”, “FREEDOM!”, “FREEDOM!”, “FREEDOM!”

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  • Speaking of hoaxes, where are all the people cured of Covid-19 by Hydroxychloroquine, and why aren’t they singing its praises from the rooftops?

    They aren’t there because it isn’t a cure.

    “It does not work against Covid-19 and should not be given to any more hospital patients around the world, say the leaders of the biggest and best-designed trial of the drug, which experts will hope finally settle the question.

    “If you are admitted to hospital, don’t take hydroxychloroquine,” said Martin Landray, deputy chief investigator of the Recovery trial and professor of medicine and epidemiology at Oxford University. “It doesn’t work.”

    Of course, the irrational amongst us will still believe in it.

  • I agree. This entire thing has been utter bullshit. A way for a bunch of psychos to enforce control, kill small businesses, force people into unemployment, cover an already faltering economy so that they can buy low and consolidate even more power and wealth into fewer hands. It’s just a giant scam in one way or another in the name of public safety.

  • I do wonder if the ‘Alien Aduction’ and ‘Alien Invasion’ frenzy that was prominent at one time, was being used to handle and distract from the occasional sightings of US stealth aircraft for as long as it was desired and possible to keept them secret.

    I think it would have been a good move from a military and security point of view.

    • I love conspiracy theories. What makes them so fascinating is the fact that some of them do actually point to real existing conspiracies, and are therefore not merely theories.

      The problem is the signal to noise ratio.

      I can easily imagine government agencies in various countries, churning out absolute nonsense, in an effort to conceal what is really happening and the real malevolent conspiracies that are in play.

      Just bury the signal in noise.

      Cheap and easy.

  • Just a question:

    Would you recommend that health professionals treating Covid-19 and other infectious diseases not wear masks?

    • Just an answer:

      I recommend you stuff a mask down your throat and try to say, “I can’t breathe.” LOL

  • As someone who contracted and recovered from Covid-19 in January, I can state that my experience of it was quite unlike that of Influenza.

    • Most people don’t have any symptoms or very mild ones, assuming they aren’t old and/or have pre-existing health issues. LOL

      What is your age and medical issues? LOL

      • False…Most of the patients who test positive are asymptomatic. That means that regardless of whether or not you have underlying diseases, most patients have few or no symptoms

  • Speaking of Comrade Jeff Brown he appears to be a mouthpiece for Communist China.
    Nazi Germany had Axis Sally and Lord Haw Haw.
    Imperial Japan had Tokyo Rose.
    Communist China has Comrade Beijing Brown who spews out Chinese shit.

    And Comrade Brown loves and adores Chinese Telecom Spy Company Huawei and Huawei’s 5G technology

    First of all Comrade Brown lives in Thailand, not America.
    Before that Comrade Brown lived for 16 years in Communist China.
    Secondly Comrade Brown has a podcast titled “Sinoland”.
    Sino is an old-fashioned word for China.

    And Comrade Brown has a Youtube channel.
    Get a load of his video titles.

    Mao Zedong died 43 years ago today. He made the world a much better, safer place for all of us.

    Trump & Co. starting WWIII vs. China with their Big Lie Propaganda Machine (BLPM) SARS-CoV-2 smear

    CoV’s winners are socialist anti imperialist peoples The losers are capitalist Eurangloland’s 99%

    BIG Red Book on China is out! Here’s your chance to get it for a great deal! Available worldwide!

    Ren Zhengfei, Huawei founder says, “My mentor is Chairman Mao Zedong”

    Why Huawei’s Development of France’s 5G Network Will be a Game Changer

    Rare film footage shows how the USA attacked China and North Korea with germ warfare 1951 52

    19-year-old Rainer Shea is a proud American communist

    Trotskyist Platform fighting for Australia’s “other Assange”-prisoner Chan Han Choi. Join the cause!

    Morris Berman talks about how the American Dream is destroying Earth and hopes for the future

    (Comrade Brown does not celebrate Christmas. Comrade Brown celebrates “Maomas” The birth of mass murderer Mao Zedong.)
    Merry Maomas! Mao Zedong was born 125 years ago today. China Rising Radio Sinoland 181226

    Xi Jinping supports collectivizing rural land. Farmers are demanding that it happen.


      • I love it when other ghosts of Scott use the same format as the main ghost of Scott. LOL

        In the military, it’s called a force multiplier. LOL

        • These days most anything Scott’s ghost says, which is funny, is one of the “fake” ghosts of Scott:
          2.Nice Guy

          Real Scott’s ghost is plain too specially challenged.

  • While you Don’t have a responsability of the comment you have on your blog (even with the latest changes), you have a responsability of the content that you publish…
    Between the ridiculous side of those absurd conspiracy (probably one of the worst you published lately) and the pathetic demand of “action”…

    You are just fueling the fire.

    Also , while you probably mock those idiot who go on with their conspiracy (unless you are an idiot yourself…i doubt but i could be wrong), the google conspiracy BS is also absurd…

    Once again, if you had any credibility at one point, you have lost it completly…
    How are sane people supposed to Believe anything you might post when it’s in the middle of the most ridiculous conspiracies found on the web (well actually, you haven’t been on the flat earth side of stupidity…they have members “all around the globe”).

    • Fuck off you self righteous prick. You live with your head so far up your echo chamber asshole, you can’t hear or see anything else out there. You want the establishment to carry on with its agenda, as you are the establishment. You are their little slave. Emasculated males, fallen women, uncontrolled immigration, gender pronoun bullshit, white hate, faggotry, bull-dyking, PC outrage culture and the like.

    • To Anonymous
      So you believe breathing fresh air is dangerous but breathing stale air in a mask is just fine.
      Maybe you would enjoy wearing a face mask made of used underwear.
      You belong in a mental institution with the insane Bill Gates who was conniving with the PEDOPHILE JEFFREY EPSTEIN to unleash chaos on the world.

      • Stale air… Who comes up with this retarded BS? Doctors are using masks for years. They do not suffer from them.
        But you seem to suffer from Hydroxychloroquine and injections of disinfectant. Maybe someone should check your remaining 2 brain cells.

        • DAMAGED AIR? Yes, that’s right, before the (planned) pandemic, no doctor had to wear face masks during all hours of work shift, much less people who do not spend many hours of the day near contagious patients, in addition to when doctors are here the healthiest people so that they are a good gauge of how healthy or not it can be to wear masks for many hours, breathing consists of two acts inhaling and exhaling, the first serves to obtain oxygen from the air around us and the second to release carbonic gas, which is a gas that is produced as a waste of cellular activity, therefore carrying this process of respiration inside a cloth mask or other material does not allow the process to be efficient and therefore less healthy, If you asked an freediver I would tell you how ineffective our way of breathing is on a daily basis, as it will be then wearing masks for so many hours a day even in open air places e fresh, but without being able to enjoy it, I agree that it is stupid.

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