Bangkok Says Perverts Deserve Sex Offender Registry Because They Knew They Were Breaking the Law

The debate over the fairness of the sex registry has prompted numerous and interesting comments. The main writer for the abolition of the sex offender registry is Rudy. In this post we will listen to Bangkok’s views and allow Rudy to rebut.

Rudy wrote

It does look a lot different to see a 21-year-old with 15-year-old versus a 50-year-old with a 15-year-old. The insanity is they are the same person.

By Bangkok

The only problem with your argument, Mr. Sex Offender, is that the 21 year old guy who engaged in consensual sex with his 15 year old girlfriend KNEW GOD DAMN WELL that he was an adult who was fucking a 15 year old MINOR.

He knew it wasn’t legal but his POOR IMPULSE CONTROL led him to risk his freedom merely to satisfy his sexual appetite.

You can’t pretend that the 21 year old guy “didn’t know the law”, LOL.

He knew the law. He simply let his dick control his destiny.

Everybody knows that when you’re an ADULT — especially over 21 years old — you’re no longer a high school kid just boning his high school sweetheart. Instead, you’re a perverted adult who’s fucking a gal just a year out of Junior High School.

…and if you argue that this same guy had been dating his same girlfriend since high school, that means he would have been copulating with a 12 year old when he was a senior.

That’s not an ‘oops’ moment.

It’s a DELIBERATE attempt to satisfy your sexual lust WHILE DISREGARDING the laws that society has established.

Don’t like the law? Then change it. Don’t violate it.

You’re protesting against the ‘arbitrary’ nature of the fact that a 16 year old girl can consent but a 15 year old girl cannot consent.

Well, that’s tough shit because every law MUST DRAW A LINE IN THE SAND at some age.

We have to set an ‘age’. We can’t just leave it unspecified.

…and whatever ‘age’ is specified, people will say it’s arbitrary when they fuck a girl 1 year younger.

If we set the age of consent at 15, you’d have perverts fucking 14 year olds while screaming that she was just 2 months away her 15th birthday.

If we lower the age to 13, you’d have perverts fucking 12 year olds.

We have to draw the line somewhere.


If you cannot contain your sexual impulses then FUCK YOU. Tough shit. Sexual Registry is your punishment.

The typical guy (like Nice Guy) gets turned on by beautiful ADULT women with big tits. Everyday when Nice Guy walks down the street in Beantown, he sees beautiful ADULT women with big tits that he secretly wants to fuck. Yet just because he’s turned on and wants to fuck those women, that doesn’t mean he tries to fuck them. He simply accepts the fact that he’s never gonna get to 1st base with any decent looking woman —- then he goes home to spank his monkey instead.

A conception of Nice Guy- from a stock photo.

He’s learned to control his sexual impulses, due to being rejected so many times (even by his wife).

In other words, sexual offenders need to CONTROL their impulses and STOP preying on kids.

Kids are defenseless so perhaps a sex registry is a warranted punishment.

Rudy Replies to Bangkok

You have little to no reading comprehension. You also get registry information. That can only lead to problems.

Your profane and juvenile comment does nothing to lead the reader of your comment to have confidence that you can interpret registry information in any way other than to lead to being a public safety issue.

No ex-post facto laws, no double punishments, no cruel and unusual punishments. Those are the rules.

You have no halo. Those rules protects you as well as me.

Bangkok Comments on Rudy

Rudy is somewhat smart and clever.

I’ll give him that.

But ironically, I think he overestimates his own intelligence and/or his ability to ‘sell’ his goods to society at large.

A good salesman knows when to push for a sale (when to ‘close’) and when to ease up a bit and ‘water the garden’ for a future day when the prospects of a sale are better.

Rudy doesn’t understand this distinction.

He simply wants to SELL everybody on his point of view NOW.

In truth… Rudy’s real goal isn’t to achieve ‘fairness’ in the law, as he purports.

I see right thru Rudy and his ilk. 🙂

Rudy is using subterfuge (as Keith Raniere once did) to convince others that ‘up is down’ and ‘black is white’.

Keith Raniere once convinced his followers that the ultimate freedom can only be achieved thru surrendering themselves (their freedom) to a superior master. In essence, Keith said that slavery — including sexual slavery — is the ultimate freedom.

Keith boiled his frogs (his NXIVM followers) so slowly — over the course of so many years — that they remained inside the boiling pot and never jumped out.

In essence, Keith ‘normalized’ what society deemed as abnormal and perverted —- for his few, pea-brained followers.

If Keith’s followers questioned his teachings, they were labeled as stupid people with ‘disintegrations’ and shunned by Keith.

Rudy is taking a page right out of Keith’s playbook because his REAL goal is to ‘normalize’ (to some degree) his own affliction and to make it less socially stigmatizing, thereby benefiting himself, while using similar psychological techniques which Keith used.

His goal isn’t ‘justice’ or ‘fairness’ for anybody, as he purports.

Rudy’s argument can be summed up by 3 numbered points:

1) The scarlet letter (registry) is cruel and unusual punishment which violates our Constitution. Child molesters deserve a ‘fresh start’ in life because, hey, anybody can make a mistake. lol.

2) The impulse for molesting kids is really just an affliction that needs treatment, just like diabetes, where the patient (molester) is a ‘victim’ and not a perpetrator.

3) Anybody who disagrees with Rudy is a feeble-minded fool that can’t understand basic logic.

In other words, Rudy’s argument is a self reinforcing delusion — because the act of disagreeing with him is ‘evidence’ that you’re not intellectually advanced enough to see that his viewpoint is the truth.

Keith used this same technique to keep his own cult followers in line.

But Rudy doesn’t stop there…

When he loses his argument, Rudy then runs away while making a final post which basically says “goodbye cruel world”.

What kind of intellectual leader runs away with his tail tucked between his legs?

I’d expect more from a guy who claims to care deeply about an ‘alleged’ misunderstood group of victims who are being unfairly stigmatized by society.

A coward will always run away and quit when things don’t go their way.

Is Rudy such a coward?

Well, at the moment a cat’s got his tongue.

Have a nice day. 🙂

Rudy Responds Again to Bangkok

I made no such argument that you are purporting I made.

My whole argument is that A JUDGE is to make decisions on dangerousness and restrictions. I say it over and over and over and over, and then I say it again. Not a legislature, a community, or a know-it-all. They don’t get to decide who poses a danger, or not. ONLY a judge can.

The system doesn’t work like that. The registry is illegal BECAUSE it works like that.

I either get my due process, or you don’t get to regulate me, punish me, and put me on a registry.


What is the fear? I don’t understand it.

It is the way America is supposed to work.

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3 years ago

“Everyday when Nice Guy walks down the street in Beantown, he sees beautiful ADULT women with big tits that he secretly wants to fuck. Yet just because he’s turned on and wants to fuck those women, that doesn’t mean he tries to fuck them. He simply accepts the fact that he’s never gonna get to 1st base with any decent looking woman —- then he goes home to spank his monkey instead.”-Bangkok

It’s all true Bangkok. It’s like you are reading my mind or following me around at street level.

Is your mother home? She is my new favorite dessert.


Frank, the purple shirt is all wrong. I don’t own any purple shirts!!!!! Everything else is 100% accurate.

Women love my big cone hat [a little witty double entendre] and my wooly chest hair. Vanguard might be on to something with the chest hair.

3 years ago

Ever seen a grown man naked? LOL
Call into my radio show. LOL

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

See a grown man on a radio show? LOL

Thanks for a good laugh fake ghost of Scott. LOL

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

-—See a grown man on a radio show? LOL

Retarded Scott’s Ghost, what do you not understand about your own radio (podcast) show?

Every episode of your “radio show”, actually it’s a podcast, is video recorded. Please do not dance around naked because people will see you, you wacky retard.

I did watch part of an episode of your podcast once…

It was incredibly depressing to watch; a retard’s attempt at something so far beyond their retarded capacity…..

I can only describe it like I was watching a paraplegic try to swim……

…Absolutely gut-wrenching.

I do give you an A+ for effort! You have heart!!!!

Ps: Don’t ever swim in your pool without your swimmies (inflatable armbands) or you
will drown.

I love you, you whacky Plano retard.

3 years ago
Reply to  NiceGuy


Because I made the following off-color:

“I can only describe it like I was watching a paraplegic try to swim……”

The Adsense then served me up the following ad.

The ad above is real. I believe the contest is what is known as a “betting death pool”. Literally betting on the outcome ie number of people dying. It’s a crazy mixed up world. WTF is world coming to.

3 years ago

Scott told me he agrees with Bangkok regarding pervs, but he is also a coward, because he DEMANDED that Scott answer 11 questions, then followed it up with additional questions, but is too much of a pu$$y and COWARD to come on Scott’s show to ask the questions. LOL

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