Debate Continues on Elimination or Modification of Sex Offender Registry

From our last article Advocate Argues for End of Registry for Sex Offenders, a series of comments were made that readers interested in the topic might like to read as a separate post since a reasonable debate has ensued.

Rudy 101 has, for the most part, articulated a position that argues for a modification, if not elimination, of the sex offender registry and some of the readers, including longtime commenter, Nice Guy, have expressed an opinion that seems to support the traditional view that sex offenders need to be noticed to society.

Anonymous [Scott Johnson]

What does Rudy think about a 5-year sentence for the first offense and 50-years for the second one? LOL


I don’t know why you think that is funny.

First off, let me tell you a little bit about the prosecution of sex offences.

They are the most difficult of all crimes to prosecute. They are usually he said/she said, and although no other evidence is required to convict, it is a sheer roll of the dice on whether a jury will convict. So a prosecutor rolls the dice and puts on the stand a victim and all the trauma related to that, and who knows what happens in the jury room.

Secondly, most sex crimes are in the family, close friends, or close relatives. These are people that are not easy to convince that the offender should get a life sentence. If family members don’t agree on the prosecution, is the prosecutor really going to send family members to jail? If the family doesn’t agree cases will crumble.

Thirdly, no matter where you go in the country between 1/2 and 2/3 of all sex crime accusation are simply not prosecuted. Why? You would have to ask the prosecutor. But a lot of the reasons is the reasons I stated above.

Fourth, sentences aren’t just given out on what can be proven. Sentences are given based upon factors, such as culpability, responsibility, and future dangerousness. Prosecutors just don’t hand out huge sentences to those that admit their crime and light ones to crimes much more difficult to prove.

It is a total twisting of justice to do that. A prosecutor wants to give the heaviest sentence to the most dangerous and lighter ones to the less dangerous ones. Sometimes it just can’t work out like that because of the problems with going to trial. Does a prosecutor gamble and go to trial with a weak case and let an offender walk scot free? Terrible conundrums.

Fifth, the registry is forcing more prosecutors to trial. Although the sex offender registry has been sold to the court as a civil law and not punitive, people facing it know different. Many people will take a prison stint over a lifetime on a registry. Even the registry is dealt away in a lot of cases depending upon who is negotiating.

Lastly, you all could have a million years in prison for sex crimes and the average sex crime sentence will barely budge for all the reasons I have stated above. Most crimes end in plea deals. You just can’t take everyone to trial. The system isn’t that big (even though it is the largest in the world) So you pick and choose and try and do the best you can.

I often hear complaints on why judges hand out such light sentences. But very few people realize it is the prosecutor who is making all the deals and they are the ones who are elected to the political position of prosecutor.

So to answer your question, as in everything dealing with sexual crimes, it is vastly more complicated then you think it ever could be.

Nice Guy

—Maybe legislation should focus on this cure for your disease instead of registration since that is bothering you sick fucks so much.

Most psychiatrists and behavioral neurologists now believe the following:

“Paedophilia is a sexual orientation,” he says. “Paedophilia is something that we are essentially born with, does not appear to change over time and it’s as core to our being as any other sexual orientation is.”

The old fashion or antiquated belief was that pedophiles were molested and absorbed or learned behavior from their abuser. This archaic theory has no merit. Are pedophiles a type of vampire who bite their victim and infect the victim with pedophilia? The belief is ridiculous.

According to modern conventional wisdom men and women are born either heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual. Why is pedophilia any different than the 3 basic sexualities?

How do you explain the pedophiles who not molested as children? All pedophiles were molested, makes no sense too any intelligent logical person.

My belief is that pedophiles need to be identified and monitored. There is not a single credible psychiatrist who believes pedophilia can be cured.

Tag and bag is the only safe solution.


You are conflating cures with treatments. Can pedophilia be treated? All psychiatrists believe that to be true. Lots of diseases can’t be cured, but can be treated. Diabetes is a perfect example of this. Also the vast majority of those on the registry are not pedophiles. Just like not everyone who has had a homosexual experience is not a homosexual.

Also, and this should not be understated, in many States they have laws that are “strict liability” when it comes to sex offenses. This means, the “victim” can lie about her age, show false I.D. of her age, be in a bar and served drinks through this false I.D. and if you have sex with that person, YOU are labeled as a pedophile for life. There is no defense to it.

Do you think that is fair?

There are 1000’s of people on a registry like that, who have no recourse. You all treat them the same as a serial pedophile. Looking at a registry won’t tell you the difference between the two.

Do you care?

There are kids as young as 9 on a registry? Do you think THAT is reasonable? Do you think every kid who did something sexually inappropriate should be listed on a registry for life? Do you really think everyone on the registry should be subjected to the judgements of novices, or those with axes to grind, or grudges to hold?

Nice Guy

Conflated? Hardly.

Treatment? How effective is treatment for pedophiles?

How effective is treatment for homosexuals? Ever hear of Conversion Therapy for homosexuals? Conversion therapy is any type of so-called “therapy” or technique used to make a homosexual man heterosexual.

Conversion Therapy does not work. Why? The reason is the homosexual brain is wired differently. Differently is not a pejorative. It just means an individual is programmed, by their DNA, to have a different sexual preference. Conversion Therapy is completely ineffective and is outlawed in over ten US states.

We are all slaves to our DNA. Gay men and women are born gay. There is no choice. Likewise, I know that child molesters like yourself are born with no choice.

No sane man or woman would ever choose to be a child molester. You are not insane, Rudy. You have no choice any more than someone born with a handicap like Autism.

I do pity you. I know you would choose to be normal at the first opportunity. You would probably give your right hand just to be normal.

Unfortunately, the ability to choose one’s sexual preferences does not exist.

Therefore, people such as yourself must be identified and segregated from the rest of society.


Basically, what you are saying is, if I am not a pedophile, I am not to be segregated from society?

Pedophilia is NOT a requirement to be on a registry. Very few people on that registry have been diagnosed as such.

Maybe the registry would have a little credibility if that was a requirement. In fact, that is a real problem with the registry and part of the problem Frank had in interviewing his subjects. They can lie like crazy (and will lie) because of the inclusiveness of a registry to have so many obviously not dangerous people on them that even those who are dangerous will self-identify with those who are not dangerous.

You won’t reason with me, you won’t admit your registry is a hot mess of legislative overreach and all you do is point fingers at me trying to strip me of my credibility through baseless accusations so whatever I say in protest can be summarily dismissed.

Most of you all wouldn’t trust your government to do almost anything efficiently, effectively, or constitutionally. From regulating a pandemic to regulating a gun to even making high-speed internet safely. The whole idea is repugnant and a even a vast conspiracy to some of you.

But boy, you all hop on board when the government makes a registry out of a vast array of convictions and then make them all social outcasts, without hearings, challenges or appeals and you don’t care how they got there. You got a group to hate, to condemn, to point out to everyone that at least YOU are not one of them.

But I am not one of them. I refuse the jacket based upon all the reasons I have made clear on this forum. Your label is illegal and unconstitutional. And UNTIL I get DUE PROCESS, I refuse it.

Thank you for the space to air out my 1st Amendment rights to speak out. They used to say, I may not agree with you, but I will die for your right to say it. Truly, my 1st Amendment rights are what is keeping ME free, it is what makes America Great.

Sandy Rozek

I would add to Rudy’s arguments this fact: The registry has been in effect over two decades; many studies, both academic and governmental, have been done evaluating its effectiveness; it has failed miserably.

It does not predict who will commit new crimes as 95% of new sexual crime is committed by persons not on the registry. It does not reduce re-offense; reoffense by those punished for an initial crime and then living in the community has held steady at, on average, 5% since long before the registry went into effect and is still at that percentage.

It does not reduce new offenses; it does not protect children as virtually all sexual crime against children is committed by persons in their lives, their family members, peers, and authority figures, persons who are not on a registry.

Two of the most popular (with the public) restrictions it has produced, residency restrictions and Halloween restriction, have ZERO evidence, based on a plethora of studies, that they make an iota of difference or produce an iota of public safety. If the registry fails to predict, fails to protect, fails to produce any increase in public safety, but instead goes against everything shown to increase public safety, interferes drastically in rehabilitation, and costs states many millions of dollars that could be spent instead on prevention programs that work and rehabilitation programs that work, WHY should the registry exist?


It should be noted, I am not alone, isolated, homeless, desperate, broke (though the pandemic is not doing me any favors), hungry, unemployed, looking over my shoulder, or afraid.


Because I am not on a sex offender registry.

These comments are public record. I do this, (and have been doing this for over a decade) in order to create a clear record of the violence and the inability to reason with, those people who get registry information.

My sentence is over, for two decades now. I am a productive member of my community. My neighbors don’t fear me. I don’t fear my neighbors. My life is stable.

When I say the registry is not a punishment, that really is the truth. I have a reasonable fear of a registry that many of you are very nice about affirming that fear for me. I really don’t have to follow any laws that any reasonable person would conclude would take my safety and/or security. You all should realize that the foundation to your freedom is that basic rule.

If they can take it from me, outside of a court, solely by legislation, they can do it to you too.

I am arguing for DUE PROCESS. Not throwing away the registry. But to JUSTIFY it as it is applied.

There is nothing to be gained by holding me up to community condemnation and stripping me of all that I have created. Doing so would only be a punishment. As I said before, my punishment is OVER.

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  • Rudy is somewhat smart and clever.

    I’ll give him that.

    But ironically, I think he overestimates his own intelligence and/or his ability to ‘sell’ his goods to society at large.

    A good salesman knows when to push for a sale (when to ‘close’) and when to ease up a bit and ‘water the garden’ for a future day when the prospects of a sale are better.

    Rudy doesn’t understand this distinction.

    He simply wants to SELL everybody on his point of view NOW.

    In truth… Rudy’s real goal isn’t to achieve ‘fairness’ in the law, as he purports.

    I see right thru Rudy and his ilk. 🙂

    Rudy is using subterfuge (as Keith Raniere once did) to convince others that ‘up is down’ and ‘black is white’.

    Keith Raniere once convinced his followers that the ultimate freedom can only be achieved thru surrendering themselves (their freedom) to a superior master. In essence, Keith said that slavery — including sexual slavery — is the ultimate freedom.

    Keith boiled his frogs (his NXIVM followers) so slowly — over the course of so many years — that they remained inside the boiling pot and never jumped out.

    In essence, Keith ‘normalized’ what society deemed as abnormal and perverted —- for his few, pea-brained followers.

    If Keith’s followers questioned his teachings, they were labeled as stupid people with ‘disintegrations’ and shunned by Keith.

    Rudy is taking a page right out of Keith’s playbook because his REAL goal is to ‘normalize’ (to some degree) his own affliction and to make it less socially stigmatizing, thereby benefiting himself, while using similar psychological techniques which Keith used.

    His goal isn’t ‘justice’ or ‘fairness’ for anybody, as he purports.

    Rudy’s argument can be summed up by 3 numbered points:

    1) The scarlet letter (registry) is cruel and unusual punishment which violates our Constitution. Child molesters deserve a ‘fresh start’ in life because, hey, anybody can make a mistake. lol.

    2) The impulse for molesting kids is really just an affliction that needs treatment, just like diabetes, where the patient (molester) is a ‘victim’ and not a perpetrator.

    3) Anybody who disagrees with Rudy is a feeble-minded fool that can’t understand basic logic.

    In other words, Rudy’s argument is a self reinforcing delusion — because the act of disagreeing with him is ‘evidence’ that you’re not intellectually advanced enough to see that his viewpoint is the truth.

    Keith used this same technique to keep his own cult followers in line.

    But Rudy doesn’t stop there…

    When he loses his argument, Rudy then runs away while making a final post which basically says “goodbye cruel world”.

    What kind of intellectual leader runs away with his tail tucked between his legs?

    I’d expect more from a guy who claims to care deeply about an ‘alleged’ misunderstood group of victims who are being unfairly stigmatized by society.

    A coward will always run away and quit when things don’t go their way.

    Is Rudy such a coward?

    Well, at the moment a cat’s got his tongue.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

    • I made no such argument that you are purporting I made.

      My whole argument is that A JUDGE is to make decisions on dangerousness and restrictions. I say it over and over and over and over, and then I say it again. Not a legislature, a community, or a know-it-all. They don’t get to decide who poses a danger, or not. ONLY a judge can.

      The system doesn’t work like that. The registry is illegal BECAUSE it works like that.

      I either get my due process, or you don’t get to regulate me, punish me, and put me on a registry.


      What is the fear? I don’t understand it.

      It is the way America is supposed to work.

  • Frank,

    I have a family member who was molested by a man very much like Rudy101. My wife’s nephew was molested by his summer camp counselor. I witnessed a normal young boy of 6 years old become a child with deep emotional problems. To make a long story short…. the camp and counselor denied everything. There was a police investigation that led nowhere. 10 years later, the former camp counselor turned Boy Scout troop leader went to prison for child molestation.

    Rudy101 is a prime example of a typical pedophile. He is totally recalcitrant and has absolutely zero remorse for his actions ie crimes.

    Rudy101 only cares about Rudy101 and his cohort. He like so many other pedophiles believes that society has made pedophilia a crime “after all” they say “ It was excepted in ancient times“, “Socrates was a pedophile.”

    Rudy doesn’t care about his victims he only cares about himself.

    By the lack of comments on this article defending Rudy l, I have a feeling most sane people, with the exception of Scott Johnson, feel as I do.

    Frank, thank you for allowing this arrogant indigent animal to illuminate and highlight the self-serving monster he truly is.


    Thank you!!!!

    • Why do I know you are lying?

      Because making it personal is the last thing you are doing instead of the first thing you did.

      Every person is an individual before the law. I am not punished for what others do. I could not care less about your stories. I have zero to do with them.

      • Of course, you could not care less what others [child molesters] do. You only care about Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, and nobody else.

        In addition to be a pedophile, you are one self-centered narcissistic individual.

    • Almost nobody sends a 6 year old to summer camp. Secondly, six year olds making accusations at a summer camp would make news.

      Got a link?

      • It was day camp in Long Island, New York, you fucking piece of shit!!!!!

        Over 25 years ago you fuck!!!!!!

        The police investigation never went anywhere for the day camp investigation.

        You think I’m going to out my family too, you sick fuck.

        Google Boy Scout Troop Leader New York. There are at least 5 different cases of troop leaders molesting children.

        “Because making it personal is the last thing you are doing instead of the first thing you did.”Rudy

        That was to Frank, not too you. I wasn’t trying to win debate points, you stupid fuck.

        You need to be on a registry because you are a pedophile who hungers for children.

        How many times today did you fantasize about children?

        How many times have you masturbated to your sick fantasies this week?

        What happens the next time you have the chance to be alone with a child?

        …That’s why you should be on the registry.

        This is my last response to you.

  • This will be my last comment (unless I feel the need),

    I have made my arguments. Predictably, certain people were going to try and make it all about me.

    Funny thing about prison, everyone has someone they can look down upon. The drug dealers declare they are not violent, the violent ones declare they are not sex offenders, and the sex offenders proclaim a moral superiority over child murderers. And the child murderers will tell themselves they are misunderstood. That game is a good reason why recidivism is so high. Nobody really wants to look at why they are in prison when it is so much easier to point fingers at others.

    On a side note: the drug dealers are the most dangerous in prisons. Generally, the violent ones had an episode in their life and many of them won’t act violent again. The drug dealers use violence as a way of life to protect their drugs and drug dealing. They just happen to get caught with the drugs.

    Anyway, everyone does what they can to keep valid their personhood. Society is not that much different. We tend to compare ourselves to those beneath us, instead of building ourselves up.

    It is a little bit like the quote from Lyndon Johnson: “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

    Maybe this is why nobody cares to question the integrity of the registry, who it really has on it, or whether they actually pose any danger to anyone? It is a way anyone can validate themselves without doing anything. Mr. Nice Guy below seems to revel in the moral superiority he can conjure.

    At least I am not one of THOSE….I hope he can do a little better in life…I know I have…

    • Oh, Rudy!!!!!

      So if people do not agree with your personal opinion and point of view, then they are ignorant fools?

      Thank you, Rudy, for enlightening us all with your infinite wisdom. I feel blessed and bathed in a cesspool of Pedophile diarrhea.

      Rudy101, I have only now read your latest post.

      I will be responding in greater length tomorrow.

      In the meantime, I have a question for you to ponder.

      Why are so many of you pedophiles so god damn pompous and arrogant?

      Rudy101, you are just like Vanguard. I bet you believe the children you molested enjoyed it. Isn’t that right?

      I also believe you think that if parents didn’t make such a big deal about things, the children would be okay. Am I correct?

      Rudy, please correct me if I am wrong.

      Cmon Rudy, share with the group.

      I will be responding in full to your latest post tomorrow.

  • Find the registered sex offenders near you, just google “registered sex offender [city]” LOL

    Read a few stories and then think about whether you want to get rid of the list. LOL

  • Rudy there is nothing you can say to sway the majority of people 99.99999% to your self-serving perspective that the sex offender registry or other special rules for sex offenders are wrong.

    You are the one who crossed the line and damaged someone’s life forever. The child you molested will have to live with the abuse he suffered at your hands forever.

    Precisely…. Why should society risk you reoffending? You have no special skills other than the ability to annoy people with your self serving bullshit.

    Take the jack and do the world a favor.

    Your are either a pedophile or a troll pretending to be a pedophile. Either way you are a sick fuck.

    I guess I’m “conflating” pedophilia with internet trolls. Oops!

    • No ex-post facto laws, no double punishments, no cruel and unusual punishments.

      Those are RIGHTS. I am not here to convince anyone but to INVOKE my rights.

      I don’t have to change a law, but to simply have laws already there enforced.

      Rights are not popularity contests. But foundational. They are always invoked by unpopular people. However, the rights were inserted into the Constitution because it was determined where fundamental fairness flows from and where it is violated most often.

      • Rudy: And the fundamental right not to be raped for anyone?…

        Excuse me but when someone makes a clear choice to destroy the life of anyone (and even if it’s worse for children as they are less able to defend, it’s actually quite bad for adults too), they don’t deserve any rights…

        It’s not a disease as such and can be controlled.
        But those who commit those crimes chose to be selfish and care only about their life…not the impact their abuse would have on others…

        At this point, I’m starting to believe like Niceguy that you either are a troll trying to pretend to be a sex offender or you genuinely are one…

  • The only problem with your argument, Mr. Sex Offender, is that the 21 year old guy who engaged in consensual sex with his 15 year old girlfriend KNEW GOD DAMN WELL that he was an adult who was fucking a 15 year old MINOR.

    He knew it wasn’t legal but his POOR IMPULSE CONTROL led him to risk his freedom merely to satisfy his sexual appetite.

    You can’t pretend that the 21 year old guy “didn’t know the law”, LOL.

    He knew the law. He simply let his dick control his destiny.

    Everybody knows that when you’re an ADULT — especially over 21 years old — you’re no longer a high school kid just boning his high school sweetheart. Instead, you’re a perverted adult who’s fucking a gal just a year out of Junior High School.

    …and if you argue that this same guy had been dating his same girlfriend since high school, that means he would have been copulating with a 12 year old when he was a senior.

    That’s not an ‘oops’ moment.

    It’s a DELIBERATE attempt to satisfy your sexual lust WHILE DISREGARDING the laws that society has established.

    Don’t like the law? Then change it. Don’t violate it.

    You’re protesting against the ‘arbitrary’ nature of the fact that a 16 year old girl can consent but a 15 year old girl cannot consent.

    Well, that’s tough shit because every law MUST DRAW A LINE IN THE SAND at some age.

    We have to set an ‘age’. We can’t just leave it unspecified.

    …and whatever ‘age’ is specified, people will say it’s arbitrary when they fuck a girl 1 year younger.

    If we set the age of consent at 15, you’d have perverts fucking 14 year olds while screaming that she was just 2 months away her 15th birthday.

    If we lower the age to 13, you’d have perverts fucking 12 year olds.

    We have to draw the line somewhere.


    If you cannot contain your sexual impulses then FUCK YOU. Tough shit. Sexual Registry is your punishment.

    The typical guy (like Nice Guy) gets turned on by beautiful ADULT women with big tits. Everyday when Nice Guy walks down the street in Beantown, he sees beautiful ADULT women with big tits that he secretly wants to fuck. Yet just because he’s turned on and wants to fuck those women, that doesn’t mean he tries to fuck them. He simply accepts the fact that he’s never gonna get to 1st base with any decent looking woman —- then he goes home to spank his monkey instead.

    He’s learned to control his sexual impulses, due to being rejected so many times (even by his wife).

    In other words, sexual offenders need to CONTROL their impulses and STOP preying on kids.

    Kids are defenseless so perhaps a sex registry is a warranted punishment.

    • You have little to no reading comprehension. You also get registry information. That can only lead to problems.

      Your profane and juvenile comment does nothing to lead the reader of your comment to have confidence that you can interpret registry information in any way other than to lead to being a public safety issue.

      No ex-post facto laws, no double punishments, no cruel and unusual punishments. Those are the rules.

      You have no halo. Those rules protects you as well as me.

    • Hi Rudy101,

      Rudy, I no longer believe you are a genuine pedophile. I believe you are a full-blown shitty troll.

      What kind of troll would want to pretend to be a pedophile?
      A total numbskull. You are a troll who sucks at being a troll. You are more pitiful than the EXTREMELY retarded Scott Johnson.

      Ruddy, Bangkok is a master troll. You should follow Bangkok’s postings and learn from the best. Bangkok routinely pisses everyone off.


      Rudy, if I am wrong about you being a troll…

      …Then you are what you are, through no fault of your own. You are a born pedophile. It’s in your nature(DNA). I am sorry fate was cruel to you. I sincerely am sorry.

      You were dealt a shitty hand of cards by evolution. No doubt, I know you would choose normalcy if it were in your power. You’d give everything you have to be normal. However, being normal is an impossibility for you. We both know you can’t change who you are any more than the metaphorical scorpion who stung the frog and then drowned. And drown you will eventually…Again.

      No one should ever have to suffer at your hands again, because of your existence and nature.

      Take the Jack!

      • You suffer from The Dunning-Kruger Effect.

        “it s a type of cognitive bias in which people believe that they are smarter and more capable than they really are. Essentially, low ability people do not possess the skills needed to recognize their own incompetence. The combination of poor self-awareness and low cognitive ability leads them to overestimate their own capabilities.”

        You have no idea what you are talking about and it shows.

        • “You suffer from The Dunning-Kruger Effect.

          “It’s a type of cognitive bias in which people believe that they are smarter and more capable than they really are. Essentially, low ability people do not possess the skills needed to recognize their own incompetence. The combination of poor self-awareness and low cognitive ability leads them to overestimate their own capabilities.”

          You have no idea what you are talking about and it shows.”-Rudy101

          The Dunning-Kruger Effect?!?????!

          WOWY-ZOWEY you stung me!!!! Great retort!!!!!!


          Sadly, I suffer from gross self-deprecation if anything. I love poking fun at myself. If you had been following the Frank Report for any stretch of time you would know how self-deprecating I am. Shit, I’m one of the screwballs routinely posting on this website to ad nauseam for 1 1/2 years. I am no genius. I am “high bright” a B+ IQ of 120.

          The truth is your retort is born from the hurt my last post caused you.

          You know you will never be cured. You understand what a threat you are to society at large better than anyone else.

          How many times today did you think about or daydream about children in sick perverse ways? Did you masturbate? I bet you did. Heterosexual men masturbate to women. You pedophiles don’t masturbate to women do you?

          How long until you cross the line again? The next time an opportunity arises to feed your sickening desire will you succumb to your disease?

          Why should society grant you the privilege of rolling the dice with the childhood of other people’s children again?

          What right do you have?

          Dunning-Kruger Effect?

          You are the one suffering from grandiosity and arrogance. You arrogantly believe all of society should bend to your wants and desires.

          “It’s no fair.” -Rudy101

          Life’s not fair. It’s not fair individuals like you are afforded the right to freedom to damage more children’s lives.

          Like I said before, Rudy…

          …Take the Jack.

          • As I said some comments ago, these comments are public. You get registry information. That can’t be justified by any stretch. You can be a keyboard warrior all you want. But one thing I will never allow you to be, and that is my judge or the self-appointed community representative of one.

            YOU are the reason I am here. YOU are doing a great job.

            Your idiocy enacted into public policy is the reason I get to ignore your registry laws.

            I am SAFE from your rhetoric, threats, and judgements.

            WHY? Because you can’t see beyond your rhetoric, threats and judgements, as it delegitimizes your registry.

            Thanks again.

          • Rudy101,

            You label my words rhetoric? Since when is the truth rhetoric?

            You use pejoratives such as “keyboard warrior” and ad hominem to attack the irrepressible truth that you need to be segregated from society.

            Rudy101, you have been rude. I asked you 2 honest questions and you did not answer.

            How many times a day so you fantasize about children? How many times do you masturbate to your fantasies? Cat got your tongue old chap?

            You do not like what I say because I speak the simple truth.

            Not one of my logical and rational points did you address. You can’t because you know the truth. You are an abomination. You can’t help yourself. Can you?


            How many times did you fantasize about children today? Answer the question, Rudy. Why can you not answer my one question? Please.

            “Your idiocy enacted into public policy is the reason I get to ignore your registry laws.”

            Rudy It’s not idiocy, will, or hyperbole. It’s called the will of the people, democracy at work. The United States of America is not Rudy’s or NiceGuy’s world. Society decides the law, not you or me.

            Last time Rudy…

            How many times a day so you fantasize about children?

            How many times do you masturbate to your fantasies?

            Rudy, you do not like me for one simple reason………I am so far deep into your head I’m skull fucking you…You pseudo-intellectual-hypocrite.

            One last time Rudy…

            How many times a day so you fantasize about children?

            How many times do you masturbate to your fantasies?

            Please, Rudy, answer my two simple questions.

            You can not answer my questions can you, you poor craven abomination?

            Rudy, Frank was kind enough to give you your own soapbox, and you stood upon it and hung yourself.

            By not answering my two simple questions, you tacitly reveal who and what you are. You are a monster with an appetite for heinous vile acts performed on children.

            I do pity you. You can not help who and what you are any more than a snake or a scorpion. Pedophilia is in your nature and DNA.

            Rudy101 your epitaph should read:
            “Here lies a deplorable, pitiful, creature whose monstrous deeds were only eclipsed by his ego”.

          • Oh, Scotty,

            Of course, you would be attacking me in unison with a pedophile…

            Please remind me why you want young Bangkok to contact you…

            ….Is it because you are cold and lonely or to be a guest on that ridiculous radio show of yours?

          • Oh, NiceGuy 666, LOL

            Of course, am I supposed to suddenly be nice to you while you ask Rudy questions that you have no idea whether he is answering honestly? LOL

            I don’t need to remind you that both you and Bangkok are complete cowards, too scared to pick up a phone, yet you are so “brave” against Rudy. LOL

            I have guests lined up for several weeks, so you would have to wait in line before people who deserve to be on my show. LOL

  • It would be revealing if you published the percentage of crimes in the black community.

  • Yo! Rudy101-


    You have stated you-pedophiles are treated worse than murderers……

    That’s because you are worse than a murderers.

    • Where did I state that pedophiles are treated worse than murderers?

      I think you do a disservice to all the parents of kids who have been murdered.

      I think you just want to incite violence for fun.

      Likely you have been in jail too, as 1/3 of all adults have seen the inside of a jail in some point. Even Frank has, (though his charges were dropped).

      Let’s presume you get a DUI conviction. You pay your fine, you lose your license for a period of time and you graduate the mandatory classes that your conviction requires. You get your license back and you go on with life.

      However, there was almost 8,000 people killed by drunk drivers last year. Many of them were by repeat offenders. Add on to that number a multiple of people who are maimed and injured in some of the most horrible ways imaginable. To give you a sense, go to any burn unit in any city and see see children going through screams of daily pain of skin grafts (all because of a drunk driver).

      So,the State has declared drunk drivers a public safety threat and all those who ever was convicted will lose their license (again) and they must live within 1000 feet of a bar, establishment that serves alcohol (lest they are tempted to drive).

      Is that legal? There is no Constitutional right to a driver’s license. The sex offender registry has the precedence that a person has no right to live where they want in the community. They can also set up a website, warning neighbors that you are a drunk driver and to watch out, because as AA has clearly established their failure rate is over 80%.

      Is it fair?

      We can parade a line of kids whose lives are decimated because of drunk drivers to get the outrage going.

      To put this in perspective, the registry is called, Megan’s law, where a multiple convicted sex offender kidnapped, raped and murdered a small child, named Megan. The registry grew out this crime. There are approximately 50 cases like this throughout the U.S. per year and only about 5 of those are by previously convicted sex offenders.

      Certainly there is precedence for the State to strip the rights of citizens to live in a community peacefully.

      Does the RIGHT to no ex-post facto laws have meaning? Prohibitions on double punishments? Prohibition on cruel and unusual punishments? Does any of that have meaning?

      It is a foundation to our form of government. Do we care?

      “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Benjamin Franklin.

      I want my DUE PROCESS.. It is my RIGHT.

  • How dare you attempt to “out” Scott. LOL

    Also, you didn’t post the ghost of Scott’s reply that Rudy did not answer the question, all he did was dance around it. LOL

    • The question was: What does Rudy think about a 5-year sentence for the first offense and 50-years for the second one?

      That is a ridiculous question.

      What is the first offense?

      Breaking into a home and raping a sleeping child?

      Or a guy who met a girl on Tinder and had sex with her and she was underage?

      Both are registerable offenses.

      The answer I gave originally – and was trying to impress upon the reader – was the difficulties in prosecuting ALL sex crimes.

      I also did not cover in my other responses about false accusations.

      I knew a guy in prison who was very quiet and stayed to himself. He had a lot of life sentences stacked against him.

      To make a long story short, his ex-wife forced their kid to say the father and his friend repeatedly raped him. Both went to prison.

      When the kid turned 15 (8 years later), he recanted everything. Mom was not prosecuted. The guy walked free.

      The highest rate of false accusations come from women scorned in the midst of divorce proceedings. The kids become the weapon of choice.

      Are there innocent people on a registry? Most certainly! Even 1% that equals out to about 10,000.

      I suppose what is worse is those way before the registry was implemented took a very light sentence to rid themselves of a charge, only to find out over a decade(s) later they are the highest level of a registrant and must register for life or face long prison terms. There are 10’s of thousands of those.

      People who are not sophisticated in knowledge, experience, or training get complete access to a registry and are supposed to be able to make informed decisions on those people on a registry. However, they can’t tell what really took place, whether that person really is a danger or understand how a person’s integration into society (sometimes with restrictions) is the best practice or many times even when a conviction took place.

      It does look a lot different to see a 21-year-old with 15-year-old versus a 50-year-old with a 15-year-old. The insanity is they are the same person. Many times a registry doesn’t recognize it is a 30-year-old crime.

      This is the insanity of a registry and why it is so self-defeating. It is solely about convictions and not about circumstances or about dangerousness.

      Even in New York, the level system isn’t about actual danger because the legislature is constantly changing the definitions of levels according to the political winds blowing.

      • You still can’t answer the question. I’ll reword it for you: What do you think about UP TO 5 years for the first offense and UP TO 50 years for the second offense? There, now your Libtard mind has some wiggle room to consider that a Libtard judge will have some flexibility. LOL

        • “Wiggle room”….“have some flexibility”…
          … “I will judge”-Scott Johnson

          Apparently Scott likes Rudy101.

    • Scott, you are constantly attempting to communicate with young Bangkok by phone……..

      What is your true motivation exactly?

      I do not believe young Bangkok’s mother wants you, a grown man, communicating with her son.


      Bangkok, if you read this post…..

      Please remind mommy to take a full-bath, so she is extra fresh everywhere, for mommy’s Friday fun night with NiceGuy. Also, I would greatly appreciate it if you could stay at a friend’s house tonight.


      • My motivation with Bangkok is the same as my motivation with you. LOL

        And I’ve already said it in my previous comments. LOL

        I’m sure Mrs. NiceGuy 666 is impressed with you making sexual advances on Bangkok’s mommy. You know she’s 80 years old, right? LOL

      • Hi, Bangkok!!!!

        Its a glorious Saturday morning! Your mother and I had a ROCKING Friday night.

        Thanks for passing along my request regarding the full bath.

        Your momma tasted like cotton candy.

    • Be honored that your short question has been taken into account and inserted into the article.
      Scott, if you want to hide your identity, do it right.

      • Just because I know how to ask excellent questions with few words doesn’t mean I should be honored. LOL

        Scott is doing it right, this is the ghost of Scott, just as you are a ghost of Scott, as are any commenters who don’t use their real names. LOL

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