New Yorkers Now Beating the Cuomo-Virus

Saint Andrew Cuomo was canonized by the Left Stream Media and the Democratic Party for his handling of the pandemic in NYS. But was his performance really that good?

By Ken Gibson

There is finally visible abatement of the Chinese Communist Party virus in Gotham; I call it that as many Chinese people do so, including those who write for the Epoch Times.

Other names exist.  New Yorkers have been known to call it the Cuomo-virus.

Cuomo calls it the European virus, which is an insult to many Europeans, especially those from Milan.

Call it what you will, most would agree that we’d like to call it over. And we may just be able to.

Abatement, however, still means that it kills. 88 died yesterday from this virus, whatever-its-name, so it looks like we are still stuck with it, and with all the gloves and masks that burden our existence.

But at least we are feeling some light at the end of the tunnel.

On Thursday, 21 May, the New York Times quoted a doctor in Elmhurst, Queens, as saying that it was like a hose had been turned off. Few people come in with it, the death rate is going down, and some things are starting to return to normal.

But the scars will remain, especially for the health care workers, many of whom are not just scarred, but cold in earth. Lorna Breen, for instance, of New York Presbyterian – who went home and committed suicide, overwhelmed by the effects of the virus, including the deaths of her colleagues.

One nurse who got the virus and survived it returned to work, to be set upon by a gang of youths. Another was raped. And many suffered habitual disrespect from Albany as Cuomo insisted that sick patients not be kept in hospitals but that they placed in nursing homes; where they infected other tenants and staff.

“A sentence of death”, it was called, and Cuomo did not stop.

Strangely, he did not use the Jacob Javits Center wisely. Passing by it on occasion, its massive glass structure seemed empty. The NY National Guard and the NY Naval Militia worked there, and I got information from the soldiers and sailors assigned to that duty that it was a waste of time: Cuomo sent the homeless there, so the servicemen spent their time breaking up fights between the homeless and guarding the pharmacy from break-ins.

The Military ship housed but a few patients and left the dock soon after it arrived.

Local hospitals seemed to derive no benefit from the complex or from the ship; both of which may have been only used as props for Cuomo and his band of supporters, which includes rapists and other felons.

The real action was at the real hospitals. In New Jersey, Hackensak Medical Center treated over 1,000 patients. Many NY hospitals treated that many and more. The New Jersey Medical Center in Trenton ordered a Panther endoscopy machine which is capable of testing 1,000 people a day, a move which placed the Garden State on the road to recovery. It was these moves behind-the- scenes by real medical professionals that made a difference. New Yorkers were complaining that they were handicapped by both Andrew and Chris Cuomo – the latter was noted as refusing to follow his own brother’s social distancing directions.

Overcoming this handicap was a major difficulty, and it is reasoned that the Cuomos and other New York political figures are responsible for the crisis getting out of hand. Exacerbating the medical problems were other issues, such as the release of many prisoners, leading to an increase in violent crimes including rapes. One female conductor was accosted by a would-be rapist, fresh out of prison, but turned the tables on him by locking him in the conductor’s room and calling the police.

The police have had to deal with this crisis not just by answering more calls from the victims of perps let out by Cuomo, but with the death of many of their officers.

When the NYPD asked for more protective equipment for their men and women, they met with the Democrat body politic head on. Below is an excerpt from the NY Post on the incident:

“New York City’s health commissioner blew off an urgent NYPD request for 500,000 surgical masks as the coronavirus crisis mounted — telling a high-ranking police official that “I don’t give two rats’ asses about your cops,” The Post has learned.

Dr. Oxiris Barbot made the heartless remark during a brief phone conversation in late March with NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan, sources familiar with the matter said Wednesday.

Monahan asked Barbot for 500,000 masks but she said she could only provide 50,000, the sources said.

“I don’t give two rats’ asses about your cops,” Barbot said, according to sources.

“I need them for others.”

The conversation took place as increasing numbers of cops were calling out sick with symptoms of COVID-19 but before the department suffered its first casualties from the deadly respiratory disease, sources said.

Although surgical masks don’t necessarily prevent wearers from being infected with the coronavirus, they can prevent people from spreading it to others.

NYPD detective becomes first officer to die from coronavirus

The NYPD has recorded 5,490 cases of coronavirus among its 55,000 cops and civilian workers, with 41 deaths, according to figures released Wednesday evening.

Patrick Lynch, president of the Police Benevolent Association, called for Barbot to be fired over her “despicable and unforgivable” comments.

“Dr. Barbot should be forced to look in the eye of every police family who lost a hero to this virus. Look them in the eye and tell them they aren’t worth a rat’s ass,” Lynch fumed.

In the wake of Barbot’s crass rebuff of Monahan, NYPD officials learned that the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene had a large stash of masks, ventilators and other equipment stored in a New Jersey warehouse, sources said.

The department appealed to City Hall, which arranged for the NYPD to get 250,000 surgical masks, sources said.

The federal Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency also learned about the situation, leading FEMA to supply the NYPD with Tyvek suits and disinfectant, sources said.

A source who was present during a tabletop exercise at the city Office of Emergency Management headquarters in Brooklyn in March recalled witnessing a “very tense moment” when Monahan complained to Mayor Bill de Blasio in front of Barbot about the NYPD’s need for personal protective equipment, saying, “For weeks, we haven’t gotten an answer.”

Barbot’s sick response to her fellow New Yorkers working on the front lines is not such a surprise in light of the response of many who are still putting signs in subways demanding America’s surrender to People’s Republic of China at the Port Authority – only a stone’s throw away from the PR China consulate on West 42nd Street.

And it is there that later this month demonstrators will voice their own demands. Enough of Barbot and Cuomo, enough of Democrat politicians with ties to Wuhan and the Humpty Dumpty Institute – this virus has got to go. And take with it not just Barbot, Cuomo, and the Humpty Dumpty Congressmen – but all the politicians, left or right, who are trying to get America to surrender.

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  • No need for schools anymore:

    “Cuomo had announced a similar partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to develop “a smarter education system.” Calling Gates a “visionary,” Cuomo said the pandemic has created “a moment in history when we can actually incorporate and advance [Gates’s] ideas … all these buildings, all these physical classrooms — why with all the technology you have?” he asked, apparently rhetorically.”

    • actuallly gov cuomo sold out our children in nys about 8 years ago for a one time budget line item he sold their entire state records to bill and melinda gates foundation for tracking up to age 20 and this includes school records medical records court records etc etc {these records are supposed to be sealed and NEVER cross referenced}

      he is a monster the only reason why i know this happened is that a local teachers blog was complaining about how invasive and secretive this was….

      this meglomaniac considers himself the HEAD of the EMPIRE STATE seriously delusional and DANGEROUS as all f*ck

      • I live in NY – and can tell the world that Cuomo is a mess. The GOP did not run a good campaign against him else he would have lost. He has unions, including the teachers’ union that lets child molesters continue to get large pay from the taxpayer.
        Now he has made a mess of the virus, putting patients, medical workers and all NYers at risk.
        No surprise that 8 of his pals are in jail. He might be there too if he were not friends with the DAs who took $ from Harvey Weinstein and had ties to the Epsteins.
        BTW, why is there no investigation into Mark, Jeffrey Epstein’s brother, who lives in Jerrold Nadler’s district?
        And why are there now multiple signs in Chinese in upper Manhattan where THERE ARE NO CHINESE PEOPLE LIVING?
        They took down the ones in Russian, even though there is a large Russian population and replaced them with signs
        in Chinese – during the Chinavirus, or call it the Cuomovirus, epidemic.

    • Let’s also not forget that US tech companies are deeply involved in helping China set up their surveillance state, and helping US companies get it up and running in the US.

  • The problem is Cuomo has himself insulated. He wants to “rebuild airports ” so he gets a union in every corner.
    1.2 million state workers costing NY billions a year and not one laid off.
    Teachers. Toll collectors. Public authorities. Statd workers.
    This fucker is here to stay.

  • As someone who was ill with the virus in January and recovered, I encouraged people to take it seriously, when it was first mentioned here. In response people said it was “Just the flu,” or a “hoax.”

    Nobody is calling it a hoax any more.

    What I didn’t forsee, was the way that politicians a*over the world* would use it to advance their political agendas.

    It’s easy enough to see now.

    It’s a global problem.

    Globalisation made the current situation inevitable.

    • For most people, the beer virus is just the flu. The difference is that it’s much more contagious than the flu and much harder on the older population, especially those with certain medical conditions. LOL

  • You have to understand that public sector unions control NY. If you’re not in one, don’t bother living here. You will end up paying the highest taxes in the country so some loser who “got their 20 in” gets health benefits and a pension for life.
    The money in the NY pension funds needs to be returned to all NY’ers.

  • The Demented Democrats are so anti-American that they are praying for the COVID virus to have a resurgence so that Trump can be blamed.
    When reports come out of no new COVID deaths or the stock market goes up 500 points, the Democrats fall into deep despair.
    Democrats are warped twisted depraved human beings.

    • Do you still think it’s just the Flu? I’m not mocking you; just allowing myself an ‘I told you so’ moment. The problem goes much further than just the Democrats and China. The problem is international. If you only focus on the Democrats and China, you’ll miss a lot of what is actually happening.

      All the best.

      • There’s a far better case for collusion between the Democrats and China than for the dubious story of Trump and Russia colluding.
        If I were President Trump I would immediately withdraw from both the W.H.O. and the United Nations.
        The UN building could be used to help replace Rikers Island.
        I would also withdraw recognition of Communist China and recognize Taiwan.
        I would form an alliance of nations to encircle and contain China.
        Then I would impose a 100% tariff on all manufactured goods from China.
        If the Democrats objected to these policies, I would accuse them of being soft on Communist China
        I would engage in a Cultural Holy War against the Democratic Governors framing it as Freedom versus Tyranny.
        I would hammer Biden for his sexual peccadilloes especially his inappropriate behavior around girls.

    • Some people are seeing notes telling people to spread the virus to get rid of Trump, and that PR China will solve all the problems if that happens. BTW, I was supposed to do a protest outside the PR China consulate tomorrow, but at 6pm today my phone, which is ZTE (China made, with the batteries in Chinese) refused to work. So I tried the 212 house phone, which is another account not connected to that. It too did not work.
      Panic, as I had press attention and veterans lined up for this. But with no communication, I have to reschedule.
      PR China is hip to cutting off communication – Michael Bagley of Jellyfish once told me that when he got into the PR Congo or
      other areas, he would have trouble communicating as PR China controlled all the cell phones.
      And when I do, the protest will not be ignored. PR China and its Dem traitors have gotten away with murder for too long.

    • Actually, our votes have never counted for much. All elections have been rigged including Hillary and Obama. It was sheer luck that something went wrong and Trump won. TRUMP 2020

        • The many voters who voted for Hillary Rodham Clinton had no idea she was a terrible candidate. Where else would all those votes for her come from? What made them make the mistake of voting for her?

      • it wasnt that something went wrong …. the weiner laptop was so atrocious that they realized there was WAAAAAY TOO much blackmail material out there and kissinger pulled the plug on HRC 3 weeks before the election the decision was made …they just didnt mention it to the clintons

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