Call Girl Describes Experience and How She Quit

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Thank you for publishing Interview With Three Prostitutes.

I was a call girl at one time, I targeted submissive men because they are safer. It was a natural extension after selling undies in college, because mainly sub guys buy those.

They tend to have stable, boring jobs with ample excess income, practical to frugal, very polite, and socially anxious. One gave me a Christmas card with an extra $20 like you would give your mailman or hairdresser, which was heartwarming.

I was never attacked because of my strategy, but I had gotten ripped off when I was too high or drunk to notice. They are not good memories in my life, most of it is blacked out.

I do remember one of the good ones. I remember learning how to size people up in a single instant. I got out because an older man who paid me generously for photos who I connected with and slept with voluntarily.

We began seeing one another. He found a review of me and wanted me to be safe, so I got out of that life and got a normal job, got promoted there, and kept rising up.

I have great empathy for all people who work the streets and will buy them the food or the energy drink or coffee they ask for when they’re outside a convenience store, or give them a cigarette, anything to lessen the pain for a minute.

Most are not as lucky as I am.

I noticed in one statement you put “[prostitute]” so I infer the woman said a more derogatory term for sex workers. This is how I know you are trying to humanize them. There is a hell and it exists right here and now through lives on Earth.

Crack addiction amphetamine is different than heroin addiction. Heroin will make you sick upon withdrawal, but the same does not happen for stimulants. The addiction to stimulants is more psychological. They turn off difficult emotions in the speed haze. It makes sense that women in danger constantly would choose a drug that enhances their ability to react or freeze through threatening situations.

Without coping skills and therapy, it will be difficult to overcome.

I was molested by a Capital Region pediatrician at every annual exam. My father did not believe me. He was a raging drunk and engaged in confusing grooming behaviors around me after I reached adulthood, which gave me nightmares. He is, thankfully, deceased now so I don’t have to worry anymore. But I still have nightmares so scary I shake in my sleep, but my husband wakes me up.

Thank you again, Frank.

My experience in sex work and difficult early experiences are part of why NXIVM is interesting to me. They are all human too and they will judge themselves when they die, or if they’re lucky enough to survive with a near-death experience.


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  • Shadow, Trump is a fucking idiot and he is the reason why so many Americans have and will continue to die from covid19. The rest of the world is appalled at the pathetic effort he has done at leading a world power through this crisis

  • I wish more could be done to help women caught up, due to childhood trauma, in the profession of sex worker. What can I do or what organization can I support? Thank you for your bravery and article.

  • Yes, thank you for a great article.
    Silly me, but I thought walking the streets was a thing of the past, that is was all online now?
    Why would anyone buy someone’s underwear?
    Did you also go to rehab? Did a prior arrest or job history interfere with getting hired, or pop up on the radar?


    D.C. Mayor: No Coronavirus Deaths in Last 24 Hours for First Time Since March

    Stocks Surge as NYSE Reopens Trading Floor

  • Thank you for this. There’s nothing like a voice of experience to give real insight. Much appreciated, dear Lady J.

  • The asinine national shutdown imposed on America by the corrupt wicked demonic Democratic party will push many desperate people into prostitution.
    Already 35 million Americans have lost their jobs.
    Many of those jobs will never return.
    All for a flu-like virus that most people (95%) can fight off with no symptoms.

    Last week, I went to the grocery store.
    I live in a suburban neighborhood that has many middle and upper-class homes.
    And in the parking lot a woman propositioned me.
    Of course, I turned her down.

    This contrived crisis is plunging Americans into misery and despair.
    And all because the Demonrats hate Donald Trump.

    The Democratic party stinks of Satan’s Asshole.

    • If Shadow was a true republican, he would have screwed her, then paid her pimp and told her the money will trickle down on her like a golden shower.

    • I hate to inform Shadowstate, but the demonic Democratic party does not run the county. Trump does. And Trump said today “if I hadn’t done my job well & early, we would have lost 1 1/2 to 2 million people….I made the right decisions….Many political leaders…like Crazy Nancy…thought I was moving too fast.”
      So if you are unhappy with the economy and the handling of the pandemic, blame the Great Cheerleader, you elected him.

      Also, those who wonder how could any Nx-ian keep believing all of Vanguard’s bullshit, just have to look at all those who still believe Trump is a “stable genius” and can’t see he’s obviously a con-man and buffoon.

      • “I hate to inform Shadowstate, but the demonic Democratic party does not run the county.”


        The Governors of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Oregon,Washington and
        California are all Demented, Depraved Degenerate Democrats
        And the Governors of Ohio and Massachusetts are Never Trump Republicans.
        These are the Ass Clowns who shut down the country and started a new depression.
        And they are refusing to reopen the country because they are Assholes.
        And the Democratic controlled House wants to impeach Trump again in 2021.

        • Typical. You blame Dems, and ignore the fact that Trump is in charge, and he’s proud of what he’s done.
          If Shadow had been in Nxivm, he would still believe in Vanguard’s bullshit. Sad

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