Massive Cover-Up Going on at Brooklyn MDC to Prevent Intervention by Federal Judge

MDC Prisoners

In our last post, we recounted some of the “inside scoops” we’ve been able to obtain over the past couple of years regarding Keith Raniere’s status at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, NY.

Many of our reports involved events that undoubtedly frustrated and/or humiliated a man whose every whim used to be fulfilled without him even needing to ask: e.g., having numerous pairs of eyeglasses broken or stolen; being mocked and called silly names by fellow prisoners as well as guards; and being laughed at and harassed because of his inability or unwillingness to defend himself.

MK10ART’s painting of the world’s smartest man.

Other reports exposed some of the dangers that exist for every prisoner in a place like MDC: the total lack of access to sunlight; the filthy and disease-ridden conditions; the beat-downs; the substandard medical treatment; the low-quality food; etc.

Today, however, our “inside report” is about a facility – and a prison administration – that is out-of-control. And about federal lawyers who are appearing before a federal judge in an ongoing case – and presenting her with documents and records that are full of exaggerations, misrepresentations, and outright lies.


MDC Brooklyn Is Not a Regular Prison

It’s very name delineates what type of facility MDC is (There are several other “MDCs” scattered throughout the U.S.: Albuquerque, Los Angeles, etc.).

In the Bureau of Prisons jargon, MDC is an “administrative facility” – which means that it has a “special mission”.

Metropolitan Detention Center (Brooklyn, NY)

The Brooklyn MDC’s “special mission” is to hold prisoners who have not yet been arraigned – or who have been denied bail and are awaiting trial. Those types of prisoners make up about 90% of its prisoner population.

The other 10% is composed of prisoners who have been convicted but not yet sentenced (like Keith Raniere) – and a group called “cadres” who are inmates who are assigned to various maintenance and operational jobs in the facility (The cadres are a mix of people serving short-term sentences – and others who are nearing the end of long-term sentences).

The key point in all this is that the vast majority of prisoners at MDC Brooklyn are only there for a short time. While some cadres may be there for a few years, most of the pre-trial and pre-sentence prisoners are there for less than a year.


MDC Brooklyn Has a Long History of Being Substandard

The original MDC Brooklyn building – which opened in the early 1990s – was a converted warehouse that was designed to hold 1,000 inmates who were awaiting arraignment or trial in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York. It was designated as the “East Tower”.

A second facility was added in 1999 to house inmates who had already been tried or pleaded guilty – and who were awaiting sentencing and assignment to a permanent facility. It was designated as the “West Tower”.

With both facilities operating, the prisoner population at MDC Brooklyn swelled to almost 3,000 – which made it the largest detention center in the U.S. The two towers operated independently of one another but were connected via an underground tunnel that had numerous “checkpoints” along the way.

But things were never quite right at the original facility. The HVAC system was always a problem because it basically only had two modes: “On” and “Off”.  That meant that the place was so cold in the summer that prisoners had to wear thermal underwear and multiple layers of clothes 24/7 – and so warm in the winter that prisoners often stripped down to their underwear and t-shirts.

Eventually, MDC closed the original facility – and consolidated the remaining 1,600 prisoners and 100 cadres into the West Tower (A small group of female prisoners is still housed in a dormitory-like setting in the East Tower). That is where Keith Raniere has been housed since he showed up there in April 2018.


Winter 2019 at MDC Brooklyn Was Brutal

Throughout January and February 2019, more than 1,600 inmates were kept in the West Tower with little to no heat and power for more than a week.

Inmates who protested the harsh conditions by non-violent disobedience and hunger strikes were severely punished for their actions.

Protest at MDC (February 2019)

According to a report in The Intercept: On all three of those housing units where men collectively refused food, jail staff shut off the valves to the toilets in all of the cells, according to accounts relayed to lawyers. Confined to their cells on lockdown, deprived of light, the men on these units now found themselves shivering on their bunks with their heads inches from toilet bowls nearly overflowing with festering feces”.

During one of the many lawsuits that followed the heat and power outage, Cameron Lindsay – a former Warden at the facility – testified that “MDC (Brooklyn)  was one of the most troubled, if not the most troubled facility in the Bureau of Prisons”.


COVID-19 Pandemic Has Made MDC Brooklyn “ a Hellhole”

As soon as the COVID-19 pandemic began spreading throughout New York City, MDC Brooklyn went into full lock-down mode.

It also exacerbated the situation by limiting the amount of soap and toilet paper it provided to inmates – and stopped sanitizing common areas throughout the building.

And it topped it off by not acquiring COVID-19 test kits – and refusing to take symptomatic prisoners out for testing because doing so “would be too dangerous” (As of April 30th, only thirteen MDC Brooklyn prisoners had been administered a COVID-19 test).

Despite a directive from U.S. Attorney General William Barr to the contrary, MDC Brooklyn also refused to release those inmates who were found to meet the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) established criteria for determining who is “at-risk” of contracting COVID-19.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr

According to a lawsuit that was filed by the Federal Defenders of New York, although 537 prisoners at MDC Brooklyn meet the CDC’s “at-risk” criteria, not one of those prisoners has been released to home confinement.

Meanwhile, MDC has continued to admit new prisoners who had “report dates” in April and May. Although they quarantine these new admissions upon their arrival, these new prisoners generally end up getting placed in General Population units within a few days after they arrive at MDC.

MDC officials claim that they are quarantining any inmates who have displayed symptoms of the disease. But one MDC guard has testified that inmates who have tested positive for COVID-19 are being transferred out of quarantine and back into General Population units “only days after they’ve tested positive”.

Rhonda Barnwell, the vice president of the union that represents MDC guards, raised serious questions about that practice in her April 9th email to the MDC Brooklyn Warden:

“Why do we have 2 inmates who tested positive on regular housing units J-73 and G-43?” Barnwell wrote in her email, referring to cell blocks within the jail, which each hold about 70 men. “These inmates were released to General Population even before 7 days of quarantine”.

Officials at the prison did not respond to Barnwell’s inquiry.

Barnwell’s email also describes several other dangerous public health failures at the prison. Among her allegations are the following: (a) Staff who have been in direct contact with incarcerated people who have tested positive – or who are symptomatic – are not being quarantined; and (b) When staff members at MDC themselves are diagnosed with COVID-19, other staff who have been in direct contact with them are not even notified, much less quarantined.

Anthony Sanon, the president of the guards’ union, has also complained about the facility’s unwillingness to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the guards. “I’ve been pleading with the agency to give us N95 masks — they have close to 3,000 in the institution but they’re keeping them in locked closets. That’s absurd. To put the lives of these men and women sworn to protect the community is a crime itself. Instead, they’re giving us regular surgical masks. They’re throwing us into ground zero, with zero protection”.


Medical Expert Predicts Major Outbreak of COVID-19 at MDC Brooklyn

According to a report that was filed by Dr. Homer Venters, a medical expert who toured the facility on April 23rd, staff at MDC Brooklyn are routinely destroying medical records as part of a deliberate effort to obscure the number of incarcerated people infected with the coronavirus and to avoid providing them adequate care.

Dr. Venters went on to state in his report that it is highly likely that there will be a major outbreak of COVID-19 cases at MDC.

“The net effect of these failings is that individuals within the MDC will be infected with COVID-19 and they will be identified at a dangerously late stage of infection. I am concerned that there may be a significant number of COVID-19 cases that are undetected, both propelling the pace of the outbreak within the MDC – and because the MDC is not a closed system – the larger community. The MDC’s failures, described in detail below, represent gross deviations from adherence to correctional standards of care and CDC  guidance. All the measures that I recommend are critical to finding and caring for individuals who are sick, and answering the question of how widespread the virus is in the facility”.  

See Dr. Venters’ full report here: Document 72-1 – Facility Evaluation – Metropolitan detention Center COVID-19 Response (04.30.2020)


Our Inside Report Reveals Even More Abuses at MDC Brooklyn

Thus far, the attorneys for the Federal Defenders of New York have had difficulty in documenting everything that’s going on at MDC Brooklyn these days. That’s because the prison has done a very good job of keeping the named plaintiffs in their lawsuit isolated from other prisoners.

But our sources are not restricted in that way – and according to them, here’s what is going on there now.

The prison has completely shifted protocols – and living arrangements – over the course of the past month.

MDC Quarantine Unit

The “high security” prisoners who were previously kept away from one another are now being housed together – a situation that has become necessary because of the shortage of guards at the facility.

Meanwhile, the cells that used to be inhabited by those “high risk” prisoners are being used to warehouse “lower risk” prisoners.

That’s why Keith Raniere is now being housed with three other prisoners in a cell that was designed to hold a maximum of two prisoners.

MK10ART’s painting of Keith Alan Raniere 

Major water problems have occurred on several occasions – some of which dumped as much as 4-feet of water into some cells over a 2-day period (YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY: 4 FEET). Everything in those cells was pretty much destroyed as prisoners climbed up to the upper bunks to escape from the flooding.

Many of the prisoners who had been placed in MDC’s Health Ward because they displayed COVID-19 symptoms were temporarily moved out – under cover of darkness – to other federal prisons so that the federal attorneys can report low numbers of COVID-19 cases at MDC to the judge who is presiding over the federal lawsuit. Some of these “temporary transfers” have lasted for as long as a month.

Other prisoners with much more severe symptoms have been quietly transferred to hospitals and put on ventilators (Families of those patients are not being informed of these transfers). Once again, this is a tactic that allows the federal attorneys to report low numbers of prisoners with COVID-19 to the judge.

Water has been periodically shut off to several units for as long as 12-hours at a time – and the entire ventilation system was shut down for more than a week.

Throughout most of this time, all the prisoners at MDC have been on full lockdown or partial lockdown. Either way, they’ve been spending most of their time in their cells – and only occasionally let out to make phone calls or send and receive emails (It is not known if MDC is intercepting emails that contain reports of what’s actually going on inside the facility – but if so, it wouldn’t be the first time that prison officials have used that tactic to stifle the truth from getting out).

Food service has been sporadic – with the majority of meals being served cold.

And commissary has been unavailable for weeks at a time.


No Human Being Deserves to Be Treated Like This

I’ve been pretty clear over the years that I have no respect whatsoever for Keith Raniere.

And I’ve also made it clear that I think a life sentence would be totally appropriate in his case.

And so it is that I have little sympathy for what he’s going through at MDC.

But there are hundreds of other inmates at MDC Brooklyn who are being subjected to the same cruel and inhumane treatment as Raniere – and that’s just not right.

Refusing to actually administer COVID-19 tests to inmates?

Destroying medical records?

Surreptitiously moving around infected prisoners to other locations so they won’t be counted as MDC cases?

Failing to report major systems problems in the facility?

MDC Brooklyn is totally out of control – and needs to be shut down.

Nothing less will do here…


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K.R. Claviger


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  • K.R. Claviger,

    Shocking exposé!

    Completely disheartening!

    Treating humans like MDC does is unacceptable and inhumane. Especially disconcerting is the inhumane treatment of non-sexual and non-violent inmates.

    Unfortunately, the public at large have no idea what is happening or are apathetic to the plight of prisoners. Most lay-people don’t even know the difference between jail and prison. The situation in which defendants, who are awaiting trial, find themselves in is appalling.

    So much for the parts of the US Constitution which deal with “cruel and unusual punishment” as well as the part regarding “innocent until proven guilty”.

    What can be done? Seriously.

    Have you tried contacting the ACLU or Amnesty International?

    BTW: You are incredible at drumming up confidential sources.
    Is your dad by chance Bob Woodward?

    • Barr sets the tone – and local wardens, like the clown-ass at MDC, follow suit. Judges and legislators rarely get involved because they don’t want to appear “soft on crime”. And guards stick together because their jobs make them interdependent on one another.

      In my opinion, we’ve got to totally re-think what it is we’re trying to do with jails and prisons. And we’ve got to do more to help ensure that those who are exiting jail or prison don’t return (Each year, about 700,000 individuals are released from federal and state prisons – and another 9,000,000 are released from county and local jails).

      There are two federal lawsuits going on in NYC: one against MDC – and the other against MCC. And there’s another one going on in Massachusetts against FMC Devens – which is where John Tighe is located. We’re doing what we can in all three…

      • K.R. Claviger,

        I guess no politicians or bureaucrats are coming to the rescue.

        Retired bureaucrats are the only politicians who speak out about the conditions in prison.

        One former warden said that there are only 2 types of prisoners in prison; the prisoners we are mad at – and the prisoner we are scared of. We should keep the former in a steel cage not fit for a sewer rat.

        Until I started reading your articles and then doing some light research, I had no idea what hell holes prisons are.

        I said prisons like that only exist in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.

        I had no idea hell hole prisons exist in the United States, in the 21st century.

        Whenever I broach the subject of US prison conditions, even friends and family roll their eyes; state that they’re all scum; or explain to me how I’m misinformed.

        It’s a sad state of affairs, indeed.

    • They committed crimes. That is THEIR problem, not ours. If they stop COMMITTING CRIMES… but they won’t. Liberals whine about criminals instead of telling the criminals “STOP COMMITTING CRIMES.” But, they are liberals. I’ll give you a crying towel….

  • Claviger likes to moan that most MDC inmates have not been convicted of anything — and therefore, he implies, virtually all of them DESERVE to be released pending trial.


    Because MDC is not a 5 star hotel. lol.

    What is Claviger hiding from us?

    Well, what he’s not telling us is that 97% of all MDC inmates will either plead guilty to their crimes (or) they’ll go to trial and be convicted.

    This is a FACT.

    Only 3% of federal trials result in acquittals.

    I challenge Claviger to refute this!

    Thus, 97% of MDC inmates are criminals who are not innocent bystanders.

    Thus, Claviger is largely just arguing for the release of CRIMINALS that he knows will be convicted soon or plead guilty.


    Cuz he’s a DEFENSE ATTORNEY who thinks that nobody — except murderers and rapists — deserves to serve prison time.

    Claviger also argues that most inmates who plead guilty are really innocent saints who merely got ‘railroaded’ by false evidence, LOL.

    He actually believes that nonsense. So does Frank.

    He argues that most inmates who plead guilty are just like John Tighe —- that is, they are really innocent but are too poor to afford a good lawyer. Therefore, they FRAUDULENTLY plead guilty and admit to a crime that they didn’t really commit.

    Newsflash: Nobody who’s innocent will plead guilty to a kiddie porn charge and do 5 years in prison just because they couldn’t afford a million dollar attorney.

    John Tighe was likely not innocent IMO.

    As for the argument that he only had one kiddie porn file on his computer and it was only accessed one single time (therefore implying it was ‘planted’ by crooked cops) —– well, if this was truly ‘planted’ by crooked cops, LOL, then I’m sure they would have altered the number of times it was accessed to more than ‘one’ time, along with altering the dates of access (to make him look far more guilty).

    If crooked cops had ‘planted’ the kiddie porn file on Tighe’s computer — then they did it AFTER his computer was confiscated. …and if that really happened (as Frank and Claviger have alleged) then the cops would have needed to alter the ‘dates’ of access —- to a period BEFORE the computer was confiscated.

    Thus, if crooked cops had free reign to alter the dates of access and the number of times the file was accessed —– they’d likely have altered these values to MORE than just ONE access.


    …Cuz if you’re ‘framing’ somebody, LOL, you’d probably wanna make him look far more guilty.

    Therefore, this makes the theory of crooked cops (framing Tighe) far less credible.

    John Tighe is therefore likely guilty IMO.

    That’s precisely why he’s never agreed to take a polygraph test, to swing public opinion in his direction.

    John Tighe is certainly interested in swaying public opinion (in his favor) —- else he wouldn’t be writing to Frank every now and then, hinting at his innocence.

    While a polygraph test can’t help him legally, it could help him greatly in the court of public opinion — if he’s truly innocent.

    But John Tighe won’t dare take a polygraph test.

    Also, Frank won’t dare ask him to take such a test when he gets out.


    Use your common sense. 🙂

    I think this topic needs to be discussed and if Frank deletes this post, then I promise him that my Lord and Savior (Jesus Christ) will give him CANCER OF THE BUTT before his 65th birthday.

    Claviger’s too chickenshit to address the issues I raised with any degree of specificity.

    Claviger is a 2nd rate defense attorney. He graduated from the same place as My Cousin Vinny —- Brooklyn Academy of Law. He also took 6 tries to pass the BAR exam. 3 times was not a charm for Claviger. 6 times was.

    • PS — If Frank and Claviger wish to argue that crooked cops (or NXIVM hackers) planted ‘malware’ which forced John Tighe’s computer to automatically download kiddie porn BEFORE it was confiscated by police, LOL, then please answer the following 4 questions:

      1) How did they plant the malware on John Tighe’s HOME computer?

      2) How did they get access to John’s home computer from a remote location?

      *Clare’s computer team couldn’t even install malware onto her own dad’s computer UNTIL Clare visited her father’s house to download the malware herself, LOL. That’s not exactly a ‘crack’ team of hackers. 🙂

      3) Why didn’t they instruct the malware to download more than one porn file?

      *A malware program could have downloaded hundreds or thousands of porn files and then tagged these files as ‘hidden’ (so that human users would not have detected these files inside the file manager). This would have made him look far more guilty, if they were really trying to ‘frame’ him, LOL. Yet this didn’t happen.

      4) If NXIVM (or crooked cops) had the ability to insert illegal porn onto any computer remotely — then WHY didn’t they do this to OTHER enemies of NXIVM like Frank Parlato and many others they’ve been battling with over the years? Why limit this tactic to only John Tighe?

      • 1) They broke into his home when he wasn’t there;

        2) They didn’t need a remote location, see #1;

        3) As Scott has stated several times before, there were multiple files of kiddie porn found and Tighe plead guilty to one of them, much like the 5 of 6 NXIVM defendants plead to one or two of the multiple charges against them; that’s how it works; and

        4) They didn’t do it remotely, see #1. LOL

    • It’s been stated several times that multiple kiddie porn pictures were found on Tighe’s computer, he plead guilty to one of them. LOL

      You challenge Claviger just like you DEMANDED that Scott answer 11 questions, and then a few more. But you’re too chicken to come on his radio/podcast to ask the questions. You’re just a pu$$y, Bangkok. LOL

      Did you find my instructions on how to properly slit your wrists? LOL

    • —Claviger likes to moan that most MDC inmates have not been convicted of anything.

      I “like to moan”, Mr. McCrumble. LOL
      Does McCrumble stand for McDonald’s Apple Crumble pastry? How yummy! LOL
      I bet you taste sweet. I have got a quart of whole milk I’d like to share with you. LOL

  • The outbreak and spread of the Coronavirus at the MDC has taken place as I predicted it would in March.

    • Wow! You’re some kind of genius. LOL

      I was still researching Fred’s 5G claims, while you were theorizing a bunch of people crammed together were ripe for mass infections. Simply brilliant! LOL

      However, I believe it was that 5G phone that Raniere was able to obtain that caused the MDC problem! LOL

      How’s THAT for advanced thinking? LOL

      • LOL?

        How is anything you just posted even remotely funny, Texan Super Retard?

        PS Do you still light your farts on fire at cocktail parties? LOL

  • Iraqi immigrant arrested for killing and beheading his Swedish girlfriend. THE VICTIM WAS ONLY 17 YEARS OLD.

    Wilma Andersson, a 17-year-old Swedish girl, disappeared on November 14, 2019 in the town of Uddevalla. Two weeks later, the police found a part of the body that was later confirmed to be her head. Tishko Ahmed Shabaz, her 23-year-old ex-boyfriend from Iraq, was arrested at the time and is now charged with murder, a charge he denies, the Daily Mail reports.

    He can deny it as much as he wants but the indications against him are overwhelming, apart from the fact that it is not the first, nor the second, nor the third time that something like this has happened. In other words, the entire Swedish system, including all the media and all anti-racist groups, incite Swedish teenagers to have foreign, Muslim, Middle Eastern, deep-African or any other holes in the Third World. Then come the misfortunes and no one is responsible. Of course, we don’t expect anything from Swedish feminists either. They know very well (like the Spanish ones) that the globalists who finance them only demand that they criminalize, persecute and destroy the European white man. Immigrants open bar, because their impunity (at least by the press and feminists) is total.

    • That was scary for a minute, I thought it was Wilma Flintstone. But Bam-Bam would have protected her anyway.

  • Maybe, just maybe Bill Gates belongs at MDC.
    Nigerian Opposition Party Claims Bill Gates Tried to Bribe Politicians to Pass Health Bill

    Microsoft co-founder and billionaire American philanthropist Bill Gates denied offering Nigerian lawmakers a $10 million bribe to pass an infectious disease bill, Nigeria’s Premium Times reported on Monday.

    The Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP), Nigeria’s opposition party, citing a “human intelligence report,” alleged that Gates offered Nigerian lawmakers $10 million for the “speedy passage” of the bill, which aims to curb the spread of infectious diseases in the country.

    A Nigerian House of Representatives committee investigating the alleged bribery listened to a statement from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation denying the allegations on Monday.

    “The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has recently been made aware of an allegation circulating in certain elements of the Nigerian media that the Foundation was involved in a payment purportedly made to the Nigeria House of Representatives. Any such allegations are entirely false and without merit,” the Gates Foundation’s Nigeria representative, Paulin Basinga, said.

    To be clear, the Foundation has not offered any financial incentives to any member of Nigeria’s legislative branch for the passage of legislation nor has it offered any grants to organizations in Nigeria in connection with the same,” Basinga added.

    The proposed legislation has caused controversy in Nigeria, as citizens fear the bill allows Nigerian authorities excessive power to enforce measures meant to curb the spread of infectious diseases such as typhoid, cholera, and dengue fever. The bill also calls for “compulsory vaccination.”

    On May 11, the Premium Times reported on the bill’s most controversial sections:

    Sections 46 and 47 of the Bill provide for compulsory vaccination of children and adults with some specified vaccines. Section 15 of the Bill empowers the DG [Director General of the Nigeria Center for Disease Control] to issue a notice to take over a citizen’s property and declare it an isolation center without the consent and permission of the owner. Section 24 empowers an Enforcement Officer to get an order from a Court [magistrate] to destroy a building where infectious disease occurred.

    In 2018, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation agreed to pay off Nigeria’s $76 million polio debt, which the country had acquired to combat its national polio epidemic. The Foundation approved the debt write-off after Nigeria met certain conditions, including the guarantee of “more than 80 percent vaccination coverage in at least one round [of government-mandated vaccination] each year in very high-risk areas” for polio.


  • I may start to care about this story, a little bit, when you document how New York Governor Cuomovirus moved elderly folks with the beer virus into nursing homes, effectively giving the residents the death sentence. MDC has the dregs of society, why are we supposed to care more about them than the law-abiding folks in nursing homes? How about writing about the millions of innocent people being scammed by Amway and other MLM scams? Your priorities are WAY out of kilter, Claviger. LOL

    • To begin with, the vast majority of the inmates at MDC – at least 85% – have not been convicted of anything; they are there because they could not afford the bail that was set as a condition of their pre-trial release. Secondly, very few of the inmates at MDC – fewer than 5% – have been charged with any sort of violent crime. Third, the mistreatment of prisoners at MDC happens every day of every year with – or without – a pandemic.

      What happened to nursing home residents in New York State is a travesty – and definitely worthy of an investigation that will likely never take place. But we here at Frank Report don’t have the ability to get “inside information” out of any nursing homes here.

      And what more is there to expose about Amway being a scam? After 6,891 comments here on Frank Report plus your weekly podcats, don’t you think you’ve pretty well covered that topic?

      • How many of the 85% are perfect little angels? Are some innocent people locked up at MDC? Of course, but that doesn’t mean you turn them all loose to commit more crimes, which is what has happened all across the country. No system is perfect, so stop your sniveling over criminals. Your legal definition of violent crimes is different than mine, I consider a drug dealer to be a violent crime, because people die from their “non-violent” crime every day. You just admitted people are mistreated at MDC all the time, which means you’re trying to get some sympathy because of the beer virus. That’s pathetic. Do you really think people will care about what’s happening at MDC when there are tens of millions out of work because of the Cuomovirus and tens of millons have died in nursing homes? REALLY? LOL

        I’m sure you could get some inside information out of nursing homes if you cared to try, that’s a piece of cake compared to the MDC. LOL

        You don’t get it, do you? Raniere is in jail and is likely to remain there for the remainder of his miserable life. Frank told me over two YEARS ago, shortly after I started following Frank Report (yes, I actually called him, Bangkok/NiceGuy 666, that’s scary isn’t it?), that the NXIVM/Raniere story is essentially over and he was looking for a new story to expose, and Amway/other MLM scams sounded like an interesting topic. His words, not mine. LOL

        Why not use his large readership to cover a subject where literally millions of new people are being scammed every year in the U.S. alone, vs. the NXIVM case of a few thousand over a couple of decades and a handful of worse stories at the top. Why NOT cover a story that is still ongoing, or do you enjoy beating a dead horse, over and over again? But thanks for adding up my comments, however your number is probably low, now that I’m posting anonymously, which is driving NiceGuy 666 out of his gourd. Also, many of my comments have nothing to do with Amway/MLM scams, so you need to recount. LOL

        Why did Frank keep writing stories about NXIVM/Raniere for years without any results? Answer: because “getting the word out” wasn’t his goal, it was getting Raniere & Co. locked up. Amway and other MLM scams are still operating, so THAT is why it is still a worthy topic. LOL

        • “…tens of millions have died in nursing homes”. WOW…Since the reported number of COVID-19 deaths in NYS was 23,083 as of 9:22 AM today (May 22nd), I guess the pandemic’s impact has been much worse than many of us thought. The thing I love most about buffoons like you is you invariably show how ignorant you are all by yourselves.

          • That was a simple error, it should have stated tens of thousands. LOL

            I got carried away from the tens of millions who are out of work. LOL

            That is the only part of my comment you chose to respond to, that’s pretty weak. LOL

            You won’t come on Scott’s show because you’re a coward. LOL

          • It’s interesting to see the standards you use when you’re assessing your own writing (“That was a simple error”). And the Trump-like deflections you use to “explain” why you made a mistake (“I got carried away from the tens of millions who are out of work. LOL”). Too bad you’re not as forgiving when it comes to the grammatical mistakes and “simple errors” of others. LOL

      • Claviger,

        Have you thought about my offer of sticking it to me where the sun don’t shine? Do you have the WD40?

        This stallion “bronco”, in the heart of Texas, wants a cowboy to break him in. LOL

    • Lastly, the only thing more important than the MLMs I so heroically battle on the behalf of mankind[total dummies] is the eternal question!

      If Butt Pirates exist why can’t Butt Cowboys exist too?!?!?

      • All of you reading my posts and still refusing to help in my revenge battle against Amway are complete losers! LOL Bangkok is the biggest loser. Ever since he told me to stay away from trans fats, I haven’t been able to go on Tumblr. But my brilliant mind has figured out the workaround. Even though I’m fat, I’ll now be identifying as slim. LOL That makes me trans slender and I’ll be going back to eating all the trans fats I want! LOL

          • My diet consists of practically zero transfat, so I should be around for a very long time to point out your stupid idiocy, NiceGuy 666. LOL

          • Would have been way better if the goalie hadn’t corrected your spelling of loser. You looser. LOL

          • Do you like big sharp “points”my friend? The better too poke you with. LOL

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” He also appeared in "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM, and was credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premieres on May 22, 2022.

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