Cuomo Calls It ‘the European Virus,’ but Poor Management, Allowing It to Spread, Might Make It Known as ‘the New York Virus’

Yippee! Today is my last day as Governor.


Warning: Content may contradict information previously published or approved by WHO, the Communist Chinese Party, or its allies, Big Tech, YouTube, Facebook, mainstream media, or New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo. 

He has become a saint. Yes, the gullible and the unwashed think of him this way: Saint Andrew Cuomo.

They love his rhetoric and believe every word.  Even when he’s telling the truth.

And now the New York Governor, Saint Andrew, has described the coronavirus as the “European virus” at his Monday press briefing.

It is not the China Virus or the Wuhan Virus where it originated, it is the “European virus.”

Yet, if good Saint Andrew has to call a virus after a place, as he well knows, the virus emerged from Wuhan, China, possibly from a lab, not from Europe.

But here’s how the sly fellow describes it:

Cuomo said. “Yes, we had this European virus attack us and nobody expected it.”

Cuomo explained, “We had the virus that attacked us from Europe. The…  experts now say the virus came from Europe [in] January and February. And you know what, no one knew. No one knew. With all the sophistication, with all the public health organizations, with that whole alphabet soup of agencies, nobody knew the virus was coming from Europe. Everybody’s looking at China and the virus is coming from Europe.”

Still, if you don’t want to call it the Chinese virus, because it is racist, or demeaning, or might provoke negativity towards Asian Americans, then why call it the European virus?

For Saint Cuomo, it makes political sense, for calling it the European virus will not lose him a single vote in New York State, a highly liberal state controlled by New York City.  Sure, there are conservative Republicans in upstate New York, but they are not voting for him anyway. And he doesn’t need their votes. Sixty four percent of the state’s population lives in the New York City metropolitan area and they don’t mind the virus being called the European virus.

In New York City especially, the European-American liberals, racked already by white guilt, are looking to blame themselves for everything bad that ever happened in the history of the world. Why not take the blame for the virus too?

Cuomo may also pick up some Asian votes, and sometimes these can stray and vote Republican.

In addition, he can take a Democrat-style swipe at Trump who has called it the Chinese virus, or the Wuhan virus after where it actually originated.

On top of that Cuomo is a big government guy. Strong authoritarian. He does not want to offend those who think just like him. Indeed, he has in the past lavished praise on the Communist Chinese slavers for their draconian efforts in combating the virus.

Of course, like the saint that he has recently become, he rarely fails to blame others, or praise himself, and ignore his own colossal blunders as he mishandled the pandemic, which claimed more lives in his state than anywhere else.

He recently bragged, “We took the worst situation in the nation and changed the trajectory. So, now we are on the decline. The rest of the nation, the cases are still on the incline. That is because of what the people [i.e. me] in this state did.

“If you had said when we started this, yes we have more cases than anyone else, yes we had this European virus attack us and nobody expected it, but we are not only going to change our trajectory, we’re going to change the trajectory more dramatically than anyplace else in the nation.”

Cuomo also explained more specifically why he calls it the European virus. — because it is estimated that some three million people traveled from Europe to New York before travel bans were implemented, which spread the virus to East Coast states.

“We had people in the airports stopping people from China, testing people from China, the federal government did a lot of testing, a lot of screening, people getting off planes, from China,” Cuomo said, addressing President Trump’s Jan. 31 ban on foreign nationals who had been in China. “But meanwhile, the people from Europe were walking right past them.”

While St. Cuomo admits that nobody knew, and that the virus was unexpected, he does not mention that his fellow Democrats were against any travel bans at all, and especially against China.

If the president had not acted decisively to stop Chinese travel in the teeth of Democrat objections, the death toll would have likely been much higher in New York State.

Not only did Cuomo not support the Chinese travel ban, but in retrospect he has not praised Trump for that wise move that save untold lives in New York State.

Certainly St. Cuomo was not on top of things in his own state. Right under his nose, some three million Europeans flew into his state – who might have been infected – knowing that the virus was out there. What was he thinking?

While he always blames others, where was he in this?  He had access to top experts. He did not signal any warning – not even a hint of a warning – and it was happening right in his state – not elsewhere.

He was just as confused as the rest of the nation -evidently – the elected leader and the person who has the most power in his state to do something about the virus. He was as confused as the people he blames – despite having access to top health officials who knew as much as anyone in the alphabet soup agencies he derides.

This is classic Saint Andrew.

There is abundant evidence that he may have created a big part of the explosion of deaths in his state: He ordered that nursing homes must admit coronavirus-stricken residents, then blamed the contagion and inevitable high mortality rates in nursing homes on the nursing homes, though he caused a huge part of the problem himself.

So yes, it’s true. Saint Cuomo did help to change the trajectory of the virus more dramatically than anywhere else in the United States: upward.

His calling the coronavirus the European virus may also be a sign that Cuomo is on the take with the Communist Chinese slavers.

Women confess that they're developing 'MAJOR crushes' on Governor ...
Some just love his authoritarian style. And Democrats across the country have elevated him to sainthood. 

Oddly, no journalist, or any one of the politically correct world, have asked Cuomo to stop calling it the European virus. This is in stark contrast to what they did when President Trump made the claim that the virus came from China and should therefore be called the Chinese virus.

Still, there is more to this naming of a virus based on where people got it from, even if it is not where it originated.

About 65% of the outbreaks across the USA came from New York. In fact, as it spreads to other places from New York, people in other states, following St. Cuomo’s lead, might rightfully start calling it the New York virus.

Or possibly, they might even call it the Cuomo virus, for more than anyone, his delay in stopping the forced admissions of Covid 19 positive people into nursing homes likely did more to spread the virus than any single act of anyone in all of America.



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  • As I said in Line 7 of my post dated July 31, 2020 at 2:28 AM, as under

    I expect skyrocketing death rates and daily cases!

    US cases at 120000 and rising

    The rocket has just COME out of the SILO. The Boost Phase has NOT begun.

    Winters have NOT begun!

    The US polls are over and the virus will spread geometrically in the next 21 days and then winter will take over.

    I told Trump – as I said in lines 5 and 6 below – “POSTPONE THE POLLS”.dindooohindoo

  • As I said in Posit 4 of MY post above on May 17, 2020 at 10:45 am

    Trump WILL POSTPONE .It is 100%.dindooohindoo

    I had stated in the 1st 3 lines of the posit

    “Trump postpones the US Polls,as people cannot stand in queues,and no electioneering,is possible – and he has the cure – and by September,the pensioners are dead – death rate and infections rates drops ….. who is the gainer ?”

    I expect sky rocketing death rates and daily cases !

    I expect a Bio Terror hit on US Soil in the last 2 months of this calendar.Only Bio Terror – all else is obsolete

    I expect a disaster in the South China Sea – INVOLVING the the PLN and the US Navy

    And a disaster in West Asia – Saudia/Persia/Yenen/Syria and Israel

    All these will hit US assets and all will be false flags.

    It is as certain and inevitable , as the Sun Set. (not the Sun rise)

  • Y is the USA and UK not bothered,about the COVID deaths ?

    Could it be that they want it ? Who are the dead ? The dead are the pensioners,and the persons,who are fatally sick.dindooohindoo

    Posit No.1

    Assuming that these persons,had a residual life of 15 years,and we can assume that,by August,2020,there will be around 600000 dead in the West.

    The pension to a pensioner would not be less than 12,000 USD per annum, on an average,at the minimum.In addition, the medical
    and other social costs,on an aged pensioner,would be not less than another 8,000 USD per annum.

    If they die,then on 6,00,000 people,if the West saves 20,000 USD per annum,you net USD 12 Trillion,PER ANNUM

    One could argue that the US Fed just printed,the USD 12 Trillion – but now it need not.The Youth in the west,had to work at high rates of tax and deductions – to finance the aged pension and health care benefits – which ultimately,led to outsourcing.

    The scam would be shocking,if the dead,had no insurance ! That would be telling ! If 6,00,000 are dead,with insurance and an average insurance claim,of USD 1,00,000 – then you have a bomb – to wipe out the insurers.

    Posit No.2

    Large number of services and industries,in the west,will die out.That will release labour and reprice resources and rents – to drastically lower costs – and that will make,”Make in USA”,viable

    How will the state finance the loss of tax revenue and GDP.Ultimately,the state will have to demonetise the deposits, in banks, of the westerners.Simple ! The USA will not be able to demonetise the PRC holdings of US T-bills – not even if the PRC sinks a US aircraft carrier in the South China Sea.

    Posit No.3

    All the nations who borrowed loans from PRC – will now force the PRC to do debt write offs.That will be a huge loss to the PRC,after the manufacturing shift from PRC to West.If 200 million people are unemployed in PRC – then you have Tiananmen – Part 2.

    Of Course,the PRC could also force the IMF and the WB,to waive loans – but the harm to the PRC,will be done 1st.

    Posit No.4

    Trump postpones the US Polls,as people cannot stand in queues and no electioneering is possible – and he has the cure – and by
    September,the pensioners are dead – death rate and infections rates drops ….. who is the gainer ? If Trump is winning – Putin will stay calm – else,he might attack Eastern EU.If Trump is winning – then it will be the last chance for PRC to annex Taiwan and Vietnam – and make Trump lose face. But the odds of PRC action is medium.

    Posit No.5

    With massive unemployment in the West – the migrants will exit.Asians were made to clean toilets – that is their worth.They will exit.That will solve the migrants problem,rents and property rates will fall,labour will reprice,and the Westerners,will have to,start to work

    The West has to take a BIG PICTURE view.South East Asia and South Asia,is over populated,and there is no humanity there.There
    is no sentience,in the “so called humans”.They are robots – and 80% of them,have to die.Their time is over – they are obsolete, a dead weight,and a burden on earth.This will de-price the resources sector,lower demand,and solve the environment problem,forever.

    Africans have been exploited,for at least ,2000 years – and they deserve,many more chances.

    There are 3 simple steps

    Are the “so-called humans” – having a sentience – depending on their “individual and collective actions”
    If not,then they are “robots”
    It is time to “terminate the robots”

  • Putting American lives at risk to make a buck on the Chinese. According to:

    This February, the Chinese government gave Amway special permission to reopen its Guangzhou manufacturing plant, while keeping most facilities shuttered to stunt the spread of the virus.

    According to Amway CEO Milland Pant, the government made that decision because it believed that “products aimed at strengthening the immune system, including Amway’s line of Nutrilite vitamins and supplements, were part of the solution to combating the spread of coronavirus.”

    However, the widespread factory shutdowns in China encumbered Amway’s ability to source and package Nutrilite products. The company chose to ramp up production at its headquarters in Michigan, and at another factory in California, in order to satisfy the Chinese market.

    “We are almost scrambling to different manufacturing locations and global supplies to meet that demand,” Pant said.

    • “This February, the Chinese government gave Amway special permission to reopen its Guangzhou manufacturing plant, while keeping most facilities shuttered to stunt the spread of the virus.”

      Hey, Scott Amway Johnson!
      You were really working for CHINAWAY!

  • Problem in his narrative…it appeared as early as November/December last year in Wuhan…but sure, it got into a time machine to infect China and came back in Europe!
    European do that a lot…intelligent above the law of physics kind of virus…

    European might be preparing a virus that changes any liar politician into a clown…Believe me, it will be soon scary (or funny for those suffering from coulrophobia)!

    Geeee, so many people forget to plug their brain since this virus appeared!

    • Problem is Cuomo sounds like a retard on TV. I could listen to only a day or two of his “press conferences.” When Trump shut down entry into the U.S. from China, they traveled to Europe instead, and then the virus was carried across the Atlantic Ocean from Europe. It’s not physics, it’s common sense.

    • that I saw on Facebook, which was a fragment of an apparently Peruvian or Ecuadorian TV program where they interviewed by phone a dr called Vicente de la Torre who claims to be a pulmonologist and an epimediologist, he mentions how in Italy after doing more than 500 Autopsies found that the virus causes a series of inflammatory effects in the blood vessels, causing small thrombi that cut off oxygenation in a part of the lung, which in the radiographs is erroneously diagnosed as pneumonia, knowing that new protocols were applied in the Treatments that were more suitable, such as the use of stronger anticagulants and anti-inflammatories and not using respirators since they do not have a greater effect, also says that this was shared with Spanish doctors, I have been able to find several different sources for news in Latin America but none belongs to a well-known news outlet and elsewhere they treat it as fakenews and that various of the symptoms mentioned as that of pulmonary thrombosis would have already been mentioned by the WHO but the truth has never seen that the WHO has mentioned this about thrombi in the lungs before and I do not understand how it is that a television program was provided for a fakenews like this and because if it is a fakenews there is in fact very little that can be found about this that includes a complete video, it gives the appearance that there is a blocking of the information like

      • Ventilators are only for the most desperate cases where people have a 50-50 chance of survival.
        Often after a ventilator is used doctors have a hard time restarting natural breathing.
        I doubt if there will ever be a safe effective vaccine.
        The best course of action is finding drugs that will treat the problem.
        I suspect that already on the shelf drugs will be the ultimate cure.

        And the whole world must understand that it can not trust China,

        • The main problem is pulmonary thrombosis generated by the virus. This is the main damage along with cardio-vascular damage, but these symptoms have so far begun to be treated due to the protocols that the WHO imposed, which included not doing autopsies for The risk of contagion, but thanks to which the Italians decided to start doing autopsies, was that they discovered the errors in the initial diagnosis that caused erroneous treatments, I suppose that in Italy the debates generated by Vittorio sgarbi, about 93% of the deaths it was not because of the COVID, it caused many doctors to start questioning the WHO protocols

  • The European virus? And it spread to China from Milan?
    Some people call it the Cuomo virus as it spread under his orders –
    note that the nursing home death rate in NY is 7x higher than the rate in Florida.
    And that he only closed the subways at night a couple days AFTER the article
    here on Frank Report about the homeless on the subways at night – and AFTER
    Erich Ulrich, the ONLY GOP NYC councilman, called for it.

    Lots of people of European descent died, along with Asians, African Americans, etc.
    Thanks a lot Cuomo.

    You like naming bridges Cuomo, NYers are now naming a virus Cuomo: CUOMO-19.

  • A group of House Republicans has called on federal agencies to shed light on drones used by police across the country to surveil and enforce Covid-19 lockdowns, arguing that Chinese devices could compromise “sensitive US data.”

    The 14 GOP representatives, all on the House Judiciary Committee, penned two letters to the Departments of Homeland Security (DHS) and Justice (DOJ) on Wednesday sounding alarms over the drones, produced by Chinese tech firm Da Jiang Innovations, or DJI.

  • Its all good for him. He’ll come out of this looking like an angel no matter what happens. He’s extremely popular with the American public, and will continue to be so.

    Whether thats a good or a bad thing depends on whether you take the USA’s cartoon politics seriously or not.

    Whichever political party is ‘in power’ makes little difference. You’re headed for more Chinese style population management.

    Thats been underway for decades and the Coronavirus just makes it that much easier and smoother to implement.

  • What a cunt Cuomo the Homo is. Who did Europeans get the Chinese Virus from? CHINA. They hate whites so much, they want to blame Europeans for the Chinese Wuhan Virus. When will there be a civil war to remove these cunts? Cuomo, an ethnic Sicilian, probably loves the Muslim Arabs for invading, occupying and oppressing the Sicilians not that long ago. He probably thinks it’s good that China invaded and still occupies and oppresses Tibet. Trump should just close off New York and let them perish. What will kill them first, their self-righteousness, or the Chinese Wuhan Virus, from Wuhan, in CHINA? If Trump shut the country down earlier, the libtards would play the race card. Liberals are ill. Liberalism and the Chinese Wuhan Virus, from Wuhan, in China are a disease. Both are fucking with the world unchecked.

    • It’s hilarious that you think Trump isn’t a pawn of the deep state and truly gives a shit about you and Murrika. MAGA!

      • It’s not about Trump. If it were not for the liberals, Trump would not have been elected. And it’s hilarious if you think the democunts care about women, Mexicunts, dindus, faggots, bulldykes and trannys. They want votes and use identity politics to get it. China does not need votes, thus does not pander to groups. A violent civil war is the only way to free the West from your diseases. One good thing about this Chinese Virus from Chinese people is that so many of you filth are dying. Hopefully, it spreads to all the illegals and disgusting liberals. You deserve to suffer. Horrible creatures.

      • The whole Russian hoax story, and particularly the recent developments in the Flynn case, make it hilarious that you think Trump IS a pawn of the Deep State and truly DOESN’T give a sh!t about the American citizens. MAGA indeed! LOL

  • Hey Look!
    It’s the Joker without his white face makeup!

    It turns out that New York State nursing homes have a mortality rate from the Wuhan Flu seven times higher than Florida nursing homes.
    Why the higher mortality rate in New York State nursing homes from the Wuhan Flu?

    Could it be that Florida Republican Governor DeSantis ordered that Wuhan Flu patients NOT be placed in Florida nursing homes?

    From Breitbart

    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Sees 1/7 of NY’s Nursing Home Deaths After Banning Coronavirus Patients’ Entry

    At around the time New York’s state health department under Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued a directive prohibiting nursing homes from testing recovering coronavirus patients prior to admission, Florida under Gov. Ron DeSantis issued its own executive order strictly regulating incoming patients to protect those facilities from the epidemic.

    About a month and a half later, the differences are staggering. The latest tallies show that in Florida 745 residents and staff at long-term care facilities across the state have died from coronavirus although the numbers continue to rise in the state and nationwide. This compared to New York’s 5,300 dead in nursing homes.

    Florida has one of the nation’s largest elderly populations and is more populous than New York. The Sunshine State hosts over 4,400 nursing homes and assisted living facilities containing over 151,000 residents.

    Cuomo is facing increasing criticism as the state’s elderly care facilities have been devastated by coronavirus.

    And he’s been forced in recent days to reverse a controversial March 25 directive requiring nursing homes to take recovering coronavirus patients.

    The March 25 executive order in question stated “[nursing homes] are prohibited from requiring a hospitalized resident who is determined medically stable to be tested for COVID-19 prior to admission or readmission.”

    Last week, New York disclosed more than 1,700 previously unreported deaths at nursing homes and adult care facilities. An Associate Press tally put the number of nursing home virus deaths at over 5,300. Elderly care fatalities in New York have reportedly been on the rise by an average of 20 to 25 deaths per day for several weeks.

    The massive number of dead prompted Cuomo this week to issue a series of new regulations, including requiring staff at all nursing homes to take two virus tests per week.

    “We’re just not going to send a person who is positive to a nursing home after hospital visit. Period. If there’s any issue, the resident must be referred to the department of health which will find alternative care,” Cuomo further explained on Sunday.

    New York Republican Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, a Congressional candidate, is demanding an independent federal inquiry into the March 25 executive order, saying she doesn’t have faith in Cuomo’s own inquiry with NY Attorney General Letitia James, a Democrat.

    • Shadow. If your statistics are correct, and I’m not disputing them, you have missed out one salient fact. The US population does not and will not ,spend any time thinking about them, and what they might mean.

      Their effect on voter behaviour will be close to zero.

      There will be no outrage.

      • keep telling yourself that PAUL

        governorpartytits is toast

        can you say C L A S S A C T I O N L A W S U I T every county with an unlawfully dead elder

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