Bangkok: Low Carb Diet Might Help in Combating Coronavirus

Editor’s note: The following information may not be in conformity with the official positions of the World Health Organization and, consequently, this post may be shadowbanned. US Rep. Adam Schiff has asked Google, Twitter and Instagram to follow Facebook’s lead and censor all information about coronavirus that does not comport with WHO theories. YouTube is already censoring any information that does not comport with WHO’s notions.

The point is Americans are only supposed to read information about coronavirus that is approved by WHO. So, since this is not a government-approved or WHO-approved message, please read the following at your own risk.


By Luigi [AKA Bangkok] 

There’s a new study that explains why some people experience more serious COVID ‘complications’ and wind up needing a ventilator, while other people have less serious symptoms or none at all.

It even explains why the drug Hydroxychloroquine has shown effectiveness in reducing COVID symptoms in some people but not others.

This isn’t about Hydroxychloroquine. You don’t need that drug.

It’s all related to UNCONTROLLED hyperglycemia after getting infected by COVID-19.

‘Hyperglycemia’ means excess sugar in your blood.

‘Uncontrolled’ means you’re not taking any steps to lower (control) your blood sugar each day.

Just like SARS, this new virus uses high blood sugar (glucose) to spread at a faster rate.

Look up ‘glycosylation’ to learn more about this.


Customized protein glycosylation to improve biopharmaceutical ...
Glycosylation is the reaction in which a carbohydrate, i.e. a glycosyl donor, is attached to a hydroxyl or other functional group of another molecule. In biology, glycosylation mainly refers in particular to the enzymatic process that attaches glycans to proteins, or other organic molecules.

Less sugar (lower blood sugar) means that this virus can’t spread as fast, which means your immune system has more time to kill the virus before it reaches your lower lungs (the last destination of this virus).

‘Time’ is the critical concept here.

‘Slowing down’ the virus is what differentiates a person with mild symptoms from a person on a ventilator.

Your immune system needs time to kill the virus.

Thus, if you allow the virus to spread too quickly (by having excessively high blood sugar) then you’re allowing it to spread to your lower lungs way too fast —– before your immune system can develop enough antibodies to kill the virus.

Hydroxychloroquine makes it harder for the virus to bind to glucose molecules.

This is why it works for some people but not others.

For many people, hyperglycemia is the main complicating factor for COVID.

Hydroxychloroquine tends to work for these people IF given when symptoms first begin.

However, this drug won’t work if given after a person is already having trouble breathing, because the virus has already spread to their lungs.

That’s why the ‘UVA study’ (aka the ‘liberal media’ study) was debunked as a scientifically fraudulent study —– because they waited until the last moment to give this drug to dying patients (which doesn’t work). Plus they also gave this drug to patients who had other factors which made them more likely to die.

Anyway, the MAIN POINT is that you don’t need Hydroxychloroquine.

You simply need to control your blood sugar (i.e., prevent hyperglycemia from happening in the first place).

Hyperglycemia is the main complicating factor in many ICU patients for COVID-19 and SARS.

Thus, if you take steps to lower your blood sugar — via eating low carb meals — then you can partially prevent the virus from spreading as quickly, without taking Hydroxychloroquine.

Low Carb Diet Plan: A Resilient Diet to Obtain Resilient Body


I implore everybody over age 55 to switch to a low carb diet before they get COVID symptoms.

Especially old fucks like Scooter Johnson, who pretends to be gone but is really here in drag. He’s toast if he gets COVID unless he starts going low carb asap. 🙂

Have a nice day. 🙂


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3 years ago

Bangkok, my brother-

Dude, thanks for dropping some knowledge on the ladies. All women should adhere to your diet! You the man!

—I implore everybody over age 55 to switch to a low carb diet.

Does that mean you down with GILF who be DTF? Cool!

Pay no mind to Scott Johnson. That mangina likes the trannies. He probably likes other things too. Why do you think he wants you to call him? It’s not to talk about the weather. You know. Peace out, brother!

3 years ago

Scott already said why he wants Bangkok to call him, actually his radio/podcast, which is to answer the 11 questions, plus some additional ones, that Bangkok DEMANDED Scott to answer. Now you and Bangkok act like a little scrotum in cold weather, two little balls, nowhere to be seen. LOL

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous


You are chasing after Bangkok like a jilted lover.

My Guess: Under no circumstances does Bangkok want anything to do with you.

Scott, it’s strange to me why you would keep trying different ways to get Bangkok, a young man, to contact you.

3 years ago

Here’s another 2 articles that talk about high blood sugar being a HUGE complicating factor for COVID — using layman’s terms.

The first article talks about NON-diabetics being susceptible to having TEMPORARY hyperglycemia when they become infected with COVID (it’s called temporary diabetes).

‘TEMPORARY’ high blood sugar can happen with ANY virus, not just COVID-19

This happens because when the virus infects the body, the pancreas gets ‘impaired’ and can no longer produce the same amount of insulin (while the infection is happening).

Therefore, less insulin means higher blood sugar (temporary diabetes) even for non-diabetics.

The 2nd article talks about blood sugar being a factor in the seriousness of COVID-19.

Just to be clear, every health organization acknowledges that high blood sugar (diabetes mellitus) is the 2nd leading cause of COVID death-related complications.

Look it up on Google.

After heart disease, hyperglycemia (diabetes) is the next leading cause of COVID deaths.

This is not a controversial fact. It’s not an opinion. Diabetes is a major complicating factor for COVID.

*However, these articles explain that even non-diabetics can get TEMPORARY hyperglycemia when infected by a virus (temporary diabetes).

…and people CAN control their blood sugar (to a great degree) by changing their diet.

As for the ‘low carb’ diet suggestion that I made —– that’s just another way (besides medication) to CONTROL hyperglycemia.

You can control blood sugar through diet or medication.

If you don’t consume more than 20-50 grams of carbs (carbohydrates) per day — then your body’s blood sugar level will never spike to dangerous levels.

*While it’s true that your body can also convert ‘protein’ to blood sugar (via a process called ‘gluconeogenesis’) —— the amount of protein that gets converted to blood sugar is VERY SMALL when compared to carbs.

Eating too much protein will not cause ‘diabetes’ —– even though it may kick you out of ‘ketosis’ if you’re following the keto diet (a totally different topic, lol)

Thus, eating fewer carbs can only have positive benefits. It’s not a cure-all for anything, of course. It won’t guarantee anything related to this virus. But it’s a very meaningful step that people can take.

Higher blood sugar is a leading cause of complications for COVID-19.

Thus, you’re being stupid by not controlling your blood sugar better.

If an older dude like Shadowstate doesn’t control his blood sugar better, he’ll probably be fucken TOAST when he gets infected. 🙂

Have a nice day. 🙂

3 years ago

The Government will only take and terminate your rights UNTIL IT’S SAFE


3 years ago

The hypocrisy of Joe Biden and the media’s disgusting #MeToo cover-up

3 years ago

Joe Biden’s Brain Is Melting Away!

3 years ago

When I was a child, most adults maintained a sensible weight.
“Slim” was a common nickname.
Today, many adults look like Goodyear blimps with legs.
Newsflash: Wearing clothes with sports team logos does NOT make you an athlete!

And what does a Quarantine order do?
Gives lazy ignorant assholes an excuse to stay at home munching junk food and watching Cable TV propaganda about a Global Pandemic that will kill everyone on earth!

When two ER Doctors upload a video to Youtube trying to explain the medical background of the current situation, that video is taken down.
The Doctors violated Youtube’s lofty community standards.
What was their crime?

Who would the media prefer to give the “truth” about medicine and science?
Why that entertaining Ass Clown Whoopi Goldberg of course.

One of the network pretty boys, I believe it was ABC’s David Muir, told the sad story of the father and his five daughters.
Daddy Dearest contracted the virus and died and four of his five daughters also contracted the virus.
The story was illustrated with a photo of Daddy Dearest and his five daughters.


[…] Click here to view original web page at […]

3 years ago

Fruits and some of the vegetables shown (the carrots) are NOT low carb. Also, diet soft drinks are low carb. Scott has been on a low carb diet for years, so he is expecting to be available on his podcast while Bangkok continues to dodge him after DEMANDING Scott answer 11 questions and more subsequent questions. Bangkok is such a pu$$y. LOL

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