Allison Mack, Clare Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman & Kathy Russell Better Get Ready to Say Goodbye – Raniere Will Be Sentenced on June 23rd

Keith Raniere, government exhibit photo.

No more silly requests for a new trial because a couple of the prosecution witnesses decided to change their minds about suing Keith Raniere and his randy band of enablers.

mk10 art depicting Raniere with a cell phone at MDC

No more bobbing, dodging and weaving around court-established deadlines.

No more requests to be released because of the possibility he might catch coronavirus while imprisoned at the Metropolitan Detention Center.

MK10ART’s painting of Ranierovirus -57005-177

All the speculation and gamesmanship are over – and at long last, the band has stopped playing.

Keith Alan Raniere – formerly known as “Vanguard” and now known as “Federal Prisoner 57005-177” – has been given a set date and a set time for his sentencing.

The denouement will take place at 10:00 AM on Tuesday, June 23rd, in Courtroom 4-D South in the U.S. District Court House for the Eastern District of New York.

That’s just 54 days from now. So, let the countdown begin…

U.S. Courthouse for the Eastern District of New York


Raniere Was Convicted on All Counts

Raniere’s sentencing will come just a few days after the 1-year anniversary of when he was convicted.

On June 19, 2029, the jury returned after just a few hours of deliberations – and announced they had found him guilty of all seven counts he was facing.

Those included racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy, forced labor conspiracy, sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, and attempted sex trafficking.

He was also found to have committed numerous underlying acts with respect to the racketeering charges – including child exploitation, possession of child pornography, identity theft, obstruction of justice, wire and visa fraud, human trafficking, and money laundering.

Raniere has been incarcerated at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, NY since his conviction.


New Order Leaves No Room for Maneuvering

The full Order that was posted late yesterday reads as follows:

ORDER re: Keith Raniere’s [869] Application to Adjourn Sentencing Deadlines. The Application is GRANTED. The court adopts Mr. Raniere’s proposed briefing schedule. A Fatico hearing, if necessary, will be held on June 15, 2020 at 10:00 am in Courtroom 4-D South or by live video conference, as the circumstances require. Mr. Raniere’s sentencing hearing will be held on June 23, 2020 at 10:00 am in Courtroom 4-D South or by live video conference, as the circumstances require. The parties are DIRECTED to provide the court with the names of individuals who may wish to be heard at Mr. Raniere’s sentencing hearing by no later than 10:00 am on June 19, 2020. No further adjournments will be granted. Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 4/29/2020. (Kelly, Daniel)


It’s Possible That the Sentencing Hearing Will Be Done by Live Videoconferencing

About the only wiggle-room that U.S. District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis left in his Order is whether the sentencing will be conducted in-person or via a “live video conference, as the circumstances require”.

MK 10’s portrayal of Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis

In other words, if the courts are still not operating in normal fashion on June 23rd,  Raniere’s sentencing will likely be conducted via a closed-circuit tv set-up in the courthouse.

Kind of a Zoom meeting with the judge and courtroom personnel in one location, the prosecution in a second location, and Raniere and his legal team in a third location.

It is unclear from the Order whether spectators will be allowed to attend an in-person hearing. It is also unclear whether they will be able to watch the video conference from yet another location in the courthouse.


Impact Statements Will Still Be Heard

What is clear is that regardless of whether the sentencing is done in-person or via a video conference set-up, those who wish to speak at the hearing will be allowed to do so.

Both the defense and the prosecution must provide Judge Garaufis with a list of any such parties “by no later than 10:00 AM on June 19th”.

At this point, it is uncertain as to how many self-proclaimed victims will come forth to read “impact statements” at the hearing.

While it was originally speculated that there would be dozens of victims wanting to vent their anger at the former leader of the NXIVM sex cult/criminal enterprise, the COVID-19 pandemic has many people staying at home – and only venturing out for necessities.

Although fewer victims may show up on June 23rd to deliver their statements in person, it’s quite possible that U.S. Assistant Attorney Tanya Hajjar and her associates will put together a “book” of such statements for the victims who can not be there in person.

It’s also possible that Judge Garufis will allow the victims to testify via a video conference hook-up with the court.

U.S. Asst. Atty. Tanya Hajjar


Lots of Questions Still Remain

Even though we now know when and where Raniere is going to be sentenced, there are still lots of unanswered questions about the proceeding.

Will, for example, Toni Natalie,  Raniere’s one-time girlfriend and fellow grifter, show up in an attempt to revive interest in the book that Chet Hardin authored about her time with Raniere? She was there throughout the 6-week trial but was never called as a witness by the prosecution. This might be her last chance to extend her original “15-minutes of fame” a little longer.

Toni Natalie

And what about Catherine Oxenberg – will she show up to watch the final demise of the man who sought to make her daughter, India, one of his sex slaves? She was there when the guilty verdicts were read – and she is one of the people most responsible for Raniere’s takedown.

Catherine & India Oxenberg

How about some of the witnesses who provided the testimony that caused the jury to convict Raniere of seven felony counts after less than 4-hours of deliberations – will they be there to watch the finish of what they made possible? Sylvie, Mark Vicente, Dani, Nicole, Jaye, and many others…will they be there on June 23rd?

And what about Raniere’s co-defendants – Allison Mack, Clare Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, and Kathy Russell? Will some/all of them ask the Court to allow them to attend Raniere’s sentencing so they can see him one last time before he heads off to what many believe will be a lifetime in prison (They will all need permission from the court because they are all under some form of “home detention”).

MK10ART’s subtle painting of gullible Allison Mack and handsome Keith Alan Raniere.

What about Raniere’s father, Jim? Even though he did not attend any portion of the trial, will he want to be there to say goodbye to his only child?

Maybe Moira Kim Penza will want to show up to thank Raniere for transforming her from just another AUSA to a highly-compensated criminal defense attorney? She might not have made that transition without his help – at least not so soon. And she didn’t have to sleep with him – or even take one of his patent-pending training sessions – to advance in her chosen profession.

And what about Raniere’s most ardent followers – the ones who were part of his inner-circle? Will they show up to pay their respects to the man they allowed to control every aspect of their lives for so many years?

People like Nicky Clyne, Alex Betancourt, [redacted], Dawn Morrison, Barbara Bouchey, Monica Duran, Ivy Nevares, Loreta Garza, Jim Del Negro, Emiliano Salinas, Rosa Laura Junco, and Daniela Padilla. Will they show up even though doing so would put some of them at risk of getting arrested on the spot just to have the chance to say “Goodbye” to their god?

For Barbara Bouchey, Keith Raniere was a special kind of boyfriend and their days in Nxivm were like Camelot.

And let’s not forget the women who bore children that were sired by “the world’s smartest man”.  Will either of them show up to get one last glance at the man who donated the sperm that allowed them to become mothers? Will they bring their children to wave “Bye-bye” to Daddy as he’s led in handcuffs from the courtroom through the door that will take him to his personal hell.

Mariana Fernandez, Keith Raniere, and Baby Kemar. Will Mariana and Kemar come to say “Adios” to the head of their family unit or have they already forgotten about him?

Viva Executive Success!


Stay tuned…updates will be added throughout the day on this story

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    • By Claviger’s silence to my question…

      Its clear Claviger doesn’t care if Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack die in prison.

      But what about Jussie Smellit. He is so important….A gay black man…..

      Did Jussie Smullet unfriend you on Facebook? Mmh…

      Is that what is really going on?

      Hell hath no fury like a white dude scorned.

      Claviger I got your number buddy!!!
      Bangkok you need to chime in!!!!

  • So Frank’s last article suggesting that Kruek should come out in loving, sympathetic, and glowing support of Allison Mack leads me to ask, besides Frank, do you know of anyone else who is thinking of writing a letter of support on behalf of Allison? Mark Vicente, Bonnie Piesse, and Sarah Edmondson are among the 80 or so former cult members who are suing her so does that rule them out?

    Wouldn’t the most helpful impactful letters requesting leniency for Allison be from her former slaves? Will Nik or India be writing in support of Allison? But I think they are part of the lawsuit as well.

    Are there any people she recruited who aren’t suing her? What about her former assistant and superfan Tabby or Laura her former Sville stunt double?

    What about mark hildreth? He must have known her somewhat before she got into the cult and they certainly loved to promote each other on social media and must have spent lots of time together practicing while in that sad a cappella group.

    What about the former boyfriend Chad or the one who came after? I know there’s a lady who Allison tried to recruit into the sex cult who was a friend from her school days who is still somewhat sympathetic.

    Have there been any people who knew her well who have publicly come out in support of her? We know Catherine Oxenberg doesn’t think much of her, but she would understand how someone could get sucked in just as her daughter did, even if it was Allison doing the sucking.

    What if the majority of former cult members think of her the same way as this person who wrote about her in an article Frank published in 2018 claiming to be someone who knew them all.

    “Allison Mack is a narcissist and disgusting human being. Crimes: Immigration fraud, tax evasion, assault, sexual assault, rape, extortion, fraud, and possibly about 10 other things.”

    or this person who wrote

    “I have spent time with Allison Mack. She has shared her hopes and fears with me. In my opinion, it’s true she would not have come up with the idea of DOS without Keith Raniere, absolutely not. But also in my opinion she has some mental disorder. I’m not sure if it’s sociopathy or simply Bi-Polar disorder, but either way, she has not (on many occasions) had the best interest of others at heart. She has not seemed to care about putting them in danger or using them for her own means. I do sincerely hope she gets out of Raniere’s grasp, but I do not believe in any way that she’s innocent or well intended.”

  • Kim Snyder
    Toni will probably show up- to try to revive her book- that she lies in, about mom & me in. She made up things that she knew nothing about.
    Said she kept sticking her middle finger up at Keith in court- then, through a reliable source- found out, she was in the back of the courtroom- Keith didn’t even know she was there. Ha! Ha! Ha! She is such a hardcore liar!
    My sister never told my mother she was responsible for the Columbia Disaster- she is such a trouble maker!
    Toni told people that mom was senile & old- and that I was retarded!!! Nice try, Toni!!!!!
    You are full of BULL!!!!!
    Toni has hurt so many people, as has Keith- they both need to be in jail.

  • Kim Snyder
    Rainere is finally going away- but the question NOT being answered- why did Rainere and his minions kill my ONLY sister? Kristin Marie Snyder- who should have been mentioned in this article- she has been totally forgotten. Why Frank?
    Kris has been kicked to the curb- forgotten so Keith gets more aire time.
    I am very disappointed that Kris has been forgotten and drug through the mud lime this . Sad no one but her family has cared about her. It is time to go else where to get justice for Kris- it is sad that this whole investigation about her- went NO where- but into dragging her through the mud- NO MORE!!!!!!
    I have to get answers some where else- it is NOT happening from this blog and who ever writes it now.
    Kris will never be forgotten by her family- too bad some other people didn’t take the time to get to know her or the kind of person she is.
    Kris is an ANGEL- NO longer attached to the MONSTER Keithy boy!!!!
    Rot in HELL keithy boy!

  • It would be fascinating to see or hear what he looks like now.

    I don’t imagine that he’d cut a very impressive figure…

  • Thanks as always for the updates.

    My best guess – I’ve been following the epidemiology fairly closely, due to both having some backround in infectious disease control, and being involved in helping run groups that normally hold public events – is that in two months, into summer, victims will be relatively more willing to travel to give impact statements than they are now, though how much so remains to be seen. I doubt things will be back to the point of allowing galleries full of observers, so I don’t know how that is going to work; the courts could, for instance, give out password-protected videoconference links to credentialed press members, and even a limited number of members of the public who registered in advance (not dissimilar to how physical seating is normally parceled out).

    It will be very interesting to see how much the courts use video conferencing and meeting technology – something I have also been working with in a number of my real-world involvements – for that case. I could imagine them, for instance, possibly allowing victims to make their impact statements from whatever federal courthouse was closest to them.

    p.s. Since so many of the sentencing dates have moved around, the next time you post could you include a list of all the dates so that we can see what the current order is?

    • As of right now, the only two defendants who have scheduled sentencing dates are Keith Raniere (10:00 AM on June 23rd) and Clare Bronfman (10:00 AM on June 25th). In all likelihood, now that Judge Garaufis has set “date certain” sentencing dates for those two, he’ll probably start scheduling the others. If that doesn’t happen during the month of May, then it may be because other things are going on behind-the-scenes.

  • “Will, for example, Toni Natalie, Raniere’s one-time girlfriend and fellow grifter, show up in an attempt to revive interest in the book that Chet Hardin authored about her time with Raniere?”

    Now, now, now, don’t forget, in order to absolve Chet of any responsibility for the book’s contents and to make it easier for Frank in his misogynistic way to exclusively blame and riduicule only the woman, according to Frank, Chet was little more than a transcriber / proof reader for Toni’s book not the book’s author. According to Frank, all of the books shortcomings, inaccuracies and lies are solely the fault of Toni. According to Frank, Chet was just the poor sop forced to take this lowly gig, to provide for himself and his family, or some nonsense close to that.

    Here’s Chet though promoting the book and talking about the time he played volleyball with Keith, Clare, Jim Del Negro, Allison Mack, and Nicki Clyne

    “And what about Catherine Oxenberg – will she show up to watch the final demise of the man who sought to make her daughter, India, one of his sex slaves?”

    Hello — Keith didn’t seek to make India one of his sex slaves, with the help of Allison, he actually did turn her into one.

    • What point are you trying to make about Hardin? That playing volleyball with Raniere gave him all of the knowledge he needed to write the book without Natalie? LOL

  • Will those giving impact statements be allowed to do so remotely? After all, the others will not be in large groups of people, why force those giving statements to be in one location? This could open the door to many more people giving their input, and think of all of the saved travel costs. LOL

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