MK10ART Shines on With Fantastic Paintings of Raniere, Bronfman, Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk et al.

MK10ART Clare Bronfman sitting at the window of her Manhattan apartment subject to home detention as part of her bail conditions.
The spectacular work of MK10ART, capturing the sinister, creepy and sometimes laughable sides of the vicious Nxivm cult, has been an inspiration to myself and many readers of Frank Report.
A writer tries to tell his story, and words cannot always totally capture the experience he tries to convey.  Photographs, though they show the raw truth of a person’s appearance, often fail to capture the emotional and candid moments when characters are truly being themselves.
In this drama of an incredibly evil man masquerading as an enlightened, compassionate soul, with a number of self-centered and evil women aiding and abetting him, an artist of the caliber of MK10ART is deeply appreciated for her ability to capture the real, sick essence of NXIVM.
As usual, whenever I present MK10ART’s work, I post her painting or sketch, followed by MK10ART’s comments, and then, following a ****, I make my comments in bold.
 To see more of her work visit her Instagram page 

#Nxivm attorney for #keithraniere – #marcagnifilo is asking for a new trial.

Has he asked Raniere about all of the women (and ex-girlfriends) of Raniere who were ‘suicided’?

Did he ask Raniere where Pam Cafritz’s body is?

What was in the brown pellet ‘medicine’ that he gave a dying woman (#BarbaraJeske)?

Or the white drink he gave another dying woman (Pam Cafritz)?

Why did all of the women he lived with (and cats) get cancer in a short period of time (but not him)?

Why were rat poison chemicals found in the hair sample of his roommate?

Who poisoned John Tighe?

Why did so many people at V-week 2016 fall violently ill (except for him and other top #Nxivm people)?

Why were they conducting brain experiments?


I wonder if Marc Agnifilo has asked these questions. If he did, I am pretty sure he got a succinct denial and the remark that it is nonsense, made up by his enemy, Frank Parlato.

It is not Marc’s job to find out crimes against his client. His job is to defend him against the crimes he is charged with.

I was at portions of the trial of Raniere, and I met Marc after court ended on a couple of occasions. He was affable and almost impossible not to like. He had his job and during cross -xamination he, on several occasions, tried to make me the culprit to deflect from his client.

I did not mind this of course; he was just doing his job, defending a rascal.

I asked Marc just after the case wrapped up and, as I recall, just after he told the judge that Raniere would not put on a defense, how the case was going. He shrugged his shoulders and said: “you know.”

Which I did of course and so did he. His client was cooked.

I won’t second guess why they chose not to put on a defense. What did they have to lose? Perhaps they honestly thought there was a chance he might not be convicted on all charges.

One of the things the prosecution made clear was that any witness that dared to testify on Raniere’s behalf might be charged with racketeering. That pretty much chilled any chance of a defense witness coming forward other than Raniere.

So why didn’t Raniere testify? Perhaps the defense thought he might incriminate himself further and set himself up for more charges.

I don’t know, I only know Raniere was never heard from. There was no defense. Agnifilo made the closing argument that the prosecution did not make their case.

The jury was out just a few hours and came back with the verdict of guilty on every count.  The astonishing rapidity that the jury came back prompted Raniere, who obviously knew what such a quick verdict meant, to proclaim audibly in court just before the jury arrived “This is not justice.”

In a sense, it was not. The crimes Raniere was convicted of, to my mind, are not worth the charges or the sentencing of a man to possible life in prison. However, it was the many crimes he was not charged with, the ones MK10ART asks about, that makes his likely sentence entirely fair.

Former #nxivm leader #KeithRaniere was caught with a cell phone (again) in jail. The world’s smartest man keeps falling for the same scam.


Poor Raniere. I know he has to try to keep Nxivm operational and keep in contact with various devotees. He used to spend a lot of time on the phone texting and talking when he was a free man. But being caught with a cell phone twice is potentially problematic for him as it concerns his sentencing and possible placement in a permanent prison.

It is hardly model prisoner behavior since cell phones are contraband in prison.

Former Girlfriend Tells of Hurtful Relationship With Raniere in 1980s and How She Finally Healed
I love the smiling picture of Raniere on the mantle. Raniere is astonishing in having so many girlfriends he hurt, mainly through lies and his psychosis, which allowed him to successfully pose as a superior intellect and ethical person when all he wanted was to give himself pleasure and ruin others, which, in turn, gave him more pleasure.
Danielle Roberts the Latest to Experience Executive Success – Will Likely Lose Her Medical License Just Like Brandon Porter


I don’t know whether to feel sorry for Danielle Roberts or not. She is almost certainly going to lose her medical license.

She went to school; she undoubtedly worked hard and wanted to work for the betterment and healing of her patients. I am not convinced her intentions were evil. Yet, she got caught up in the madness and actually wielded a branding pen on women’s pubic regions and lied about it too – lied or lied by omission. She knew the symbol she was branding on the women was Keith Raniere’s and possibly Allison Mack’s initials.

Had she not participated in this – this stupid act – which Raniere and probably Allison Mack as her master imposed on her – and she probably felt she had to obey – she would barely figure into the Nxivm story.

She would be unknown and still practicing as a physician.  Instead, her reputation is ruined.

MK10ART might disagree with me and think I am being too soft, but I do not think Danielle Roberts is evil. She did the branding because she thought it was good for the women and good for herself. She was a member of DOS and never claimed she was intimidated by the collateral.

By all accounts, she believed in DOS even after Raniere was arrested. She followed a demon and thought he was a saint. She was stupid and gullible and it is going to cost her dearly. But I don’t think she was evil. Not truly evil.

#Nxivm#kristinkreuk and #kendravoth ran a website catered for teenage girls called #Girlsbydeign. It is believed to have been a way for #keithraniere to recruit young women.  If you or someone you know was in this group – please share your story with Frank Parlato at He would love to hear about it.

It is true that I am interested in hearing any stories about Girls By Design. I have been willing for years. Despite this, I have yet to have one woman or girl tell me there was anything like actual recruiting of underage girls for Raniere.
It may have been Raniere’s intent when he encouraged Kreuk to start GBD, but I have serious doubts that either Kreuk or Kendra had nefarious intentions.
Here again, MK10ART may disagree and she has a point. The material published on the Girls by Design website does not seem at all suitable for young teens and preteens.

Rare Audio of Keith Raniere Playing Piano – He Claimed He Played Concert Level – You Can Judge For Yourself

Very good likeness of Raniere. He claimed to play piano at concert-level and it is clear he was nowhere near concert-level.
He was at best a mediocre pianist. He may not have been a pianist at all. He might have only memorized a few songs. It was the nature of his massive desire to deceive that he would inflate this into being a concert-level pianist.
Curiously, though he claimed that he was an elite piano player, he never claimed to have performed anywhere that I know of.
MK10ART’s painting of Ranierovirus -57005-177
Mexican Newspaper Claims Raniere Has COVID-19 but Cites No Source
I think it likely that Raniere has or will soon get COVID -19.  There may be some who think the coronavirus is God’s way of punishing the world for convicting Raniere.
I am not one of them.

Deep Dive into Girls By Design [GBD] Part 4

MK10ART did a five-part series for Frank Report where she examined the posts on Girls by Design. She makes a compelling argument that the content seemed to be tailor-made for recruiting young girls and using Raniere techniques of indoctrination.
In an ironic twist of fate #Nxivm criminals #clarebronfman and #allisonmack can thank Judge Garaufis for placing them under home confinement as it no doubt helped them avoid contracting the coronavirus. Clare is scheduled to be sentenced on June 25, 2020.
This is perhaps the best likeness of Clare I have seen. The selfish, mean-spirited, cruel, arrogant, wealthy demon spirit with a face and body that match her insides.
The heartless woman, who was reckless with other people’s lives and hurt so many, not only through enabling her master demon Raniere but also on her own sick and warped sadism that she offered proactively.
She is one of the few Nxivm members who I have no reservations about. She deserves prison.
#kristinkreuk claims that she left #Nxivm years before BUT she was seen shopping with #KeithRaniere pimp #allisonmack on March 29, 2018.  This was just a few days after Raniere was arrested in Mexico with Allison chasing the police along with #Nickiclyne.
Allison appears to have flown directly from Mexico to Vancouver to warn Kristin about what was happening. Kristin made a statement in an attempt to distance herself from Nxivm. Allison Mack was arrested the following month and remains on house arrest until her sentencing.  She has pled guilty to multiple felonies and faces years in prison.  Kristin Kreuk who ran a website targeting teen girls called  #Girlsbydesign along with #kendravoth has not been charged with anything.
I am not certain that the media got this story right. I suspect their shopping excursion happened earlier. By the time Raniere was arrested Kreuk was in full panic mode. While she may have been willing to meet with Allison privately, I doubt she would have been willing to be seen publicly with Allison, who was already publicly associated with the cult and the branding.
#nxivm#KeithRaniere Raniere wanted to play the title role in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street but ended up cast as Pirelli, the sham street barber.”


I love the old Keith stories. He apparently told his girlfriend, after he did not get the role of Sweeney Todd but the lesser role of Pirelli, that Hollywood agents were at the amateur theater checking him out, desperate to sign him up, a pretty transparent lie.

Needless to say, Raniere never got signed in Hollywood, but he made it big a few years later in the role of Vanguard. It ran for 20 years then was abruptly canceled.


True Crime Conversations: Sex Slaves, Rituals, And Blackmail: The Lost Women of NXIVM Discussed in Australia

This is an excellent and haunting painting depicting my film, “The Lost Women of Nxivm”, which was produced by Investigation Discovery and investigated the deaths of Kristin Snyder, Gina Hutchinson, Pamela Cafritz and Barbara Jeske.


Here MK10ART is linking to a story on Frank Report: Timeline Shows Trump, and Not Democrats, Was on Top of Coronavirus Response

Not a bad likeness of Trump.

Sex Slave Allison Mack Is Taught by Her Slave Master ‘Men and Women Are Not Equal’ and ‘Sterilize Only Female Cats’

The painting depicts Allison going to court or leaving court with her two attorneys. She is one of the Nxivm members I have very strong reservations about. I do not think she deserves prison. I feel the same about Kathy Russell and am somewhat mixed about Lauren Salzman.
Lauren’s mother seems far more culpable than anyone other than Clare and Keith. And even her, I am not too sure of.  I don’t know what good prison will do for any of them.  They are out of Nxivm and perhaps not likely to return to their old pursuits [at least not Kathy and Allison]
Clare, on the other hand, will need a few years to cool her heels and perhaps lose her infatuation for Raniere and her belief that money can buy her everything. She is slowly learning that it cannot.
As for Raniere, he needs to be sequestered from society for years to come.  He is a danger and menace to society.
Little Known Story of Raniere Hiring ‘Witch Doctor’ to Help Harem
 A nice representation of Raniere who was sort of a witch doctor himself.  A most ineffectual one, since people generally got worse after his treatments.
So why continue to write about Raniere? He is finished. His cult is pretty much destroyed.
I think mainly because he is an exquisite object lesson. The more we know about him, the better, for it may serve as a deterrent or wake up call to others in similar cults – of which there are many.
May Raniere help many innocent people avoid his type.

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  • MK-10,

    This new collection of art is some of your best.

    I like your “perspective” [ the way you frame the subject or scenery to evoke a feeling or emotion] this time around.

    A lot of people can paint and draw, but perspective is what sets an artist apart from their peers,

  • “She knew the symbol she was branding on the women was Keith Raniere’s and possibly Allison Mack’s initials.”
    It’s been debunked for a long time and this was debunked in court…

    “probably Allison Mack as her master imposed on her ”
    Also debunked fully…once again, in court…Allison had absolutely no power and was told to do (Under the same regime as others).
    Not the sign of a master…Only Dani (P), Lauren, and a couple had decision-making power in DOS (with Raniere)…Allison and the other didn’t.

    “Kristin Kreuk claims that she left #Nxivm years before BUT she was seen shopping with #KeithRaniere pimp #allisonmack on March 29, 2018”
    While I hate KK, this “art” is representing a picture taken LONG ago…around a time Allison was still living between Vancouver and Brooklyn (and pre 2012 Brooklyn…cobble heights if I recall correctly)

    And before I get a “the newspaper said it”…check your source people! (which you rarely do here, anyway)
    This picture date from around 2010 at best (probably before).
    Oh and you can verify, I’m sure you’ll find this picture online date from WAY before 2018.

    “I am not certain that the media got this story right. I suspect their shopping excursion happened earlier”
    you are right, it’s from WAY earlier…but when you get info (not saying it’s you, you replied to it and you are partly right)from a tabloid, how can you expect to deliver any kind of true…

    “The painting depicts Allison going to court or leaving court with her two attorneys. She is one of the Nxivm members I have very strong reservations about. I do not think she deserves prison. ”
    Then one thing you should consider, stop painting about her ! if you don’t believe she is as implicate, how fair is it? you do understand that through art, you also have a responsibility about the content of your art…
    you can try to hide behind “freedom of speech” but freedom of speech has its rules…when it a lie, just ignore it and avoid the subject…it’s not like there isn’t enough confirmed subject about other members involved.

    ” don’t know what good prison will do for any of them”
    Agreed but while it is unlikely (after all the time they both had in home confinement) they go to jail, they need to heal and being an accomplice of Frank who isn’t helpful and chose to ignore the fact isn’t giving a proper image of you…

    Paint as you want on people who deserve it (Raniere, Salzman’s and those who really participated) but Allison (and, I agree, Kathy) deserve to be left alone…it’s been 2 years and half that Frank obsessed around an inaccurate version against Allison and she pays the price while being a Victim.

    It’s been 2 years (today) that she was arrested and not authorized ONCE to give her version…she was forced to swallow her story to tell the one WRITTEN by Penza.
    She was coerced (clearly) through lies and false accusations to accept a plea deal and was never authorized (contrary to Lauren who is a monster but end up with a good role) to say anything.

    Only people who are familiar to Allison can understand (thou they don’t agree) on why i’m fighting the false allegations…Allison is an amazing person with a good heart (like many people who became a victim of the cult) but she was caught at a bad moment of her life and Raniere took advantage of her weak position.

    To defend her family, Allison was trying to look like everything is ok but some of us knew she wasn’t…in a way, I defend her because i feel guilty for not helping her when she needed it the most.

    What frustrates me the most is that people don’t even try to know the truth behind Allison’s story in Nxivm but accept that anyone else is a victim!
    Say India, she was dragged in by her mother, continue to support the cult for years and ended up doing the exact same things as Allison…her mother keeps saying she was brainwashed and the clown lawyer explains how they (India and others) were “brainwashed”.
    Allison had the same abuses, the SAME, and even worst than many of the other victims (because many don’t know half of the things he did to Allison, I’m sure).
    But everyone still tries to make her look like the monster, twist anything connected to her (like her readings and such…(killing of a mockingbird is the bible of the criminal now…BTW Scout wasn’t the bad character of the story and it was her nick))

    To be honest, I’m really tired of defending her because if it can have some sort of impact on some, many are having such bad faith that they will manage to twist the most untwistable fact into something wrong.

    Worst, rumors against other people (including cat, Sara E. or Vicente) are ignored because….they are rumors.
    But everything related to Allison must be true…
    When you see the amount of time CDAN was cited while it’s a self-proclaimed fake news site (or at least it was some years ago as he (entylawyer or whatever his name) decided that he would remove the disclaimer)

    Things so absurd as Allison is monitored 24/7 by authorities and paparazzo…but never mind, a rumor about Allison is always true (right, Franky?).

    In a way, many should be disgusted to come here to read about justice while this blog is all about injustice, lies, conspiracy, and fantasy stories…

    BTW MK10, I expected a negative view from you on Allison but I see some compassion and I appreciate it so thanks.
    It’s not often happening on this, supposedly unbiased blog…

    • Anon, you criticize MK for not doing research about the date of the KK and AM shopping pic, then you say: “i’m sure you’ll find this picture online dates from WAY before 2018.”
      All day today, long before writing your comment, there were 3 answers to when the pic was actually made, 2007. Don’t you think you should at least “research” the mere dozen comments before you waste your time typing?

  • The picture of Keith Raniere portraying him as a piano player, with a pen in his hand and the piano keys in the background, reminds me of the idealized picture of Ludwig van Beethoven painted by the painter Joseph Karl Stieler. The longer hair of van Beethoven, the white shirt with a wide collar, the jacket in 19th century fashion and the large red scarf tied with a knot. The MK10Art painting puts Keith Raniere on a par with van Beethovens as an artist, pianist and composer, idealizing him in the style of the 19th century, as great and famous artists were depicted at that time. Unfortunately, the comparison is adventurously ridiculous. But more than 2 years ago I can imagine that there were enough people in NXIVM who spread this nonsense, and there were enough people who believed this nonsense too.

  • I’m quite sure Sultan can age-date the Kristin Crook(ed) photos, after he finishes cumming all over himself. LOL

  • “#kristinkreuk claims that she left #Nxivm years before BUT she was seen shopping with #KeithRaniere pimp #allisonmack on March 29, 2018”

    The painting under which the above caption is written is of a photograph taken way back in 2007, not eleven years later in 2018. A wee bit of research conducted in under five minutes via Google images could have been done to get that information correct.

  • It doesn’t matter if prison will do any good in them in the future, because you never know, and is only a guess or speculation on the future, and as we know, there are not many/no psychics who can see into the future. Prison is the punishment for crimes committed. Whether someone becomes a better person in prison and doesn’t commit any more crimes after imprisonment is not known, but at least during this time it keeps them from committing further damage or crimes outside of prison in society. That’s a good reason… And Lauren Salzman, for example, should know through her conviction and imprisonment that she has committed crimes and deserves to be imprisoned, rather than blaming all her guilt on circumstances and others, rather than admitting her own guilt in her crimes. All other considerations should be pushed into the background. There is no such thing as 100 percent justice. We have to come to terms with relative justice, including the fact that there are many cases where there is no justice.

  • Did Raniere perform in the musical version of Sweeney Todd or the play? I can’t imagine Raniere trying to sing either Todd’s part or Pirelli’s. It would be hysterical to hear him try to sing anything from that score though.

    You and MK must be visually illiterate if you can’t tell just by looking at Mack that those pictures of her shopping with Kreuk are not from 2018. For someone who tries to draw, I would think MK would have a better eye, especially as the story she concocted involves Mack flying directly from Mexico after the evil one’s arrest. Does she think Mack stopped along the way and cut her hair and gained some weight? Is she an idiot? LOL Never fear though, there’s something called Google one can use to do some research and according to JustJared, MK was only wrong by 11 years because those pictures were actually taken in 2007, when those two would have still been shooting Smallville in Vancouver. Also I remember watching some awkward interview or panel with Mack from 2017 where she made it clear that John Glover was the only cast member she kept in touch with.

    “Timeline Shows Trump, and Not Democrats, Was on Top of Coronavirus Response” If that is what MK actually thinks then that answers the question of whether she’s an idiot and proves she is as brainwashed as Allison Mack, Clare Bronfman, and the other dolts she draws who believed all of Raniere’s transparent lies and stuck with him through the branding and all his crimes.

    • Could anyone explain how to insert an image directly into a comment and not just a link like above?

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