In the Brave New Coronavirus World Order – Make It Look Like a Disaster; Make It Look Like Trump Is Failing

By Fred

I was interested in the stories about tents being set up at Ground Zero for coronavirus patients, and accepted these overtly apocalyptic descriptions of chaos at New York hospitals, overwhelmed with dying patients. This was most sensationally trumpeted by a video and story produced by the New York Times, headlined: “An ‘Apocalyptic’ Coronavirus Surge at an N.Y.C. Hospital”

This was dramatically reported by one Colleen Smith, who claimed to be a whistleblowing doctor working at Elmhurst Hospital Center. She produced video of long lines of people – all in hoodies and looking away from the camera, allegedly waiting outside the hospital.

Ambulances were shown frantically unloading patients. A huge truck was described as a portable mortuary for all the bodies. Nurses were seen busily intubating patients.

Citizen reporters who went the next day found the waiting rooms absolutely deserted; the ambulances standing idle; no mortuary vans; the overflow tents completely empty:

The most action that the redoubtable Dana Ashlie could find, in a tour of her local hospitals, was one boarded up with signs saying “Disaster Drill In Progress”.

Then Amazing Polly weighed in, with a blockbuster dig on Colleen Smith. Amazing Polly is on the fringes of the QAnon crowd, some of the Anons are very dubious of her, but if I were a bad guy, I would seriously not like to have Amazing Polly on my trail. She does very focused searches on people and uncovers the most interesting connections. You can watch her video here:

You can read some of what she says here:

The main thing she discovers about Colleen Smith is that her specialty is medical “simulation” – that is, the staging of medical scenarios for training purposes. Dr Smith has participated in simulation exercises of this nature in the past.

Colleen Smith breathlessly reported that there were not enough ventilators, that people were dying. Yet she showed a line of unused, brand-new ventilators, sitting and waiting. Her “mortuary van” had no cooling unit. She showed a “corpse” in a body bag being dumped straight into an expensive coffin, quite a bizarre and incongruous sight.

Amazing Polly was right to be skeptical.

Amazing Polly

The next bombshell was a video showing that the desperately ill patient being intubated was actually quite clearly a dummy, with painted hair and a mechanical joint at the elbow:

This whole video is a fake, commissioned and carried out by the New York Times and its pals. The patient being unloaded from an ambulance has a dummy hand.

Amazing Polly did a dig around the influencers who have been pushing this New York Times story and its narrative. She found that they were all former communications consultants for Democrats like Chuck Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand, Amy Klobuchar and Nancy Pelosi.

The motivation is absolutely clear: make it look like there’s a disaster, and Trump is failing; trash the whole economy, to make it look as though Trump is failing; and spread as much panic and confusion as you possibly can, to make it look as though Trump is failing.

And people around here call ME a “fear-monger”.

So when you quote the New York Times to me, saying 5G health concerns are all a big Russian conspiracy, well, it’s just not funny any more.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared in front of the President that we are engaged in a “live exercise”.

I’m sure the New York Times will have all kinds of rationalizations as to why it was necessary to hold this disaster drill, to conscientize the masses. Dummies to fool the dummies.

One thing is really jarring me, however. Colleen Smith describes herself, not just as a specialist in medical simulations, but as a “simulationista”, no less. In other words, someone who makes fashion statements through staged medical emergencies.

Colleen Smith

This is all just a tad too obvious. It’s almost as though the New York Times is virtue signalling to its audience and media cohorts. And you can see how they pile in, to amplify the message that this is “apocalyptic” and it’s all Trump’s fault:

Even Fox News gets in on the act, saying “the city’s health care system is overwhelmed and seems on the verge of collapse”:

For me, the fishiest part of the whole story is that line of people waiting outside Elmhurst hospital. Almost all of them are wearing hoodies. All of them face away from the camera, one turning his back as the camera approaches. There is just something about their demeanor that suggests rent-a-crowd, not a bunch of ill people waiting anxiously to get tested for a dread disease and trying not to cough.

I would love to see the registration forms that were filled in that day, and exactly which people presented themselves and where they came from. I’ll bet if you could trace them, they would have a story to tell as to how they were hired to stand in that queue.

In the meantime, Colleen Smith announced that she had contracted covid-19 and disappeared into seclusion, quite convenient. You can follow her Twitter feed here, you’ll see she’s a “foodie” as well as a “simulationista”:

Now, just as this “simulation” or media hoax was unfolding, I happened to be doing a little digging around the Harlem 5G testbed run by Columbia University. The southern boundary of this testbed was the suburb of Morningside, so I took a look for coronavirus cases at Mount Sinai Morningside hospital.

This story immediately popped up:

“At Mount Sinai Health System’s Morningside hospital in New York City, the number of coronavirus patients at the 500-bed facility doubled in two days this week, to 20 patients needing hospitalization, another 18 who were being observed for potential infection and more than 50 being tested in the emergency room in one day.”

However, if you look for statistics from other hospitals at this apocalyptic time, they are curiously absent. I tried really hard, but in particular I couldn’t find any patient details for the main Mount Sinai hospital, for which overflow tents were being constructed in Central Park.

The East Meadow site is located across the street from Mount Sinai Hospital by Fifth Avenue

Now, it’s clear that the media had one main agenda: to emphasize the “apocalyptic” nature of the surge in coronavirus cases, the desperation of watching people die because you don’t have ventilators. So they were out looking for cases, to push the narrative.

Yet, this one hospital in Morningside is the only one where they are actually able to produce figures, which are concerning, but far from apocalyptic.

So was all this hoopla also intended partly to distract attention from this one hospital on the other side of Central Park which DID have cases, as per the narrative? But which is located within a special 5G campus testbed and might therefore be revealing too much?

All I can tell you is: I was watching that exact area for signs of ill health following Columbia University’s 5G trial there. And this is the one hospital in the whole of New York that was reporting a serious load of cases during this “apocalypse”. For me, this is an interesting connection.

You can find an interactive map of every zip code and its coronavirus case load, here:

One of the hardest-hit areas is Queens, and a very quick look reveals that 5G was rolled out there in September last year:

The picture is developing.

One thing about Elmhurst, with its alleged high case load, is that it’s very close to La Guardia airport – airports are always bathed in intense microwave radiation from radar systems. You can never tell what’s really going on in any given area, without actually going there and measuring.

Bristol University has had a campus test bed since 2017, since then 13 students have committed suicide. This Columbia testbed extends over that whole campus, and if classes resume there, I would strongly predict suicides and illnesses at that university. Sorry to say it, but if this community is going to be used in human experimentation, then someone should keep an eye on the results, and it certainly won’t be Columbia University, openly at least.

So let’s just dwell on the New York Times and its fake news for a moment and an article written by one William Broad. Mr Broad first came to my attention with an article he wrote on the apparent microwave irradiation in recent years of U.S. embassy staff in Havana, Cuba. He quotes an official National Security Agency statement that confirms that a “foreign power” had built a weapon “designed to bathe a target’s living quarters in microwaves, causing numerous physical effects, including a damaged nervous system”:

This is exactly the kind of thing Mr. Barrie Trower reported. He had debriefed Soviet-bloc dissidents who had been extensively irradiated and made ill in their homes. He also confirmed that the Brits did exactly the same thing to Catholic populations in Ulster during The Troubles.

I was absolutely amazed that the New York Times was admitting the reality of microwave warfare, and thought it was worth drawing William Broad’s attention to the singular revelations of Barrie Trower. So I wrote to Mr Broad, offering to provide him with a legal document I had drawn up providing evidence on the dangers of towers, which quoted Mr Trower extensively. Bill Broad wrote back to me in cheerful vein, saying he would be happy to look at this material, and so I sent it to him as an exclusive.

This included evidence that Barrie Trower gave in camera at the trial of a police officer accused of manslaughter, for hitting a passerby at a G20 protest in London, who died shortly afterward. The officer had been sitting in a radio van for two days filled with riot police, all equipped with Tetra radio equipment, radiating him at saturation levels in a closed vehicle that trapped all the signals. Tetra is pulsed at a frequency known to incite aggression and violence, as Mr Trower testified. The policeman was controversially found not guilty. While Mr Trower’s evidence was never mentioned in news reports, it may have helped convince the judge that the policeman’s judgement had been impaired.

An interesting story, yes? And an exclusive. I had sent Barrie Trower a hard copy of this document, and he had no objections to my retelling his story; so here was a genuine scoop, quite apart from the general microwave warfare expertise Mr Trower could have brought to the New York Times’s reporting.

I never heard another word from Bill Broad, after sending him my legal broadside, but while I was waiting, he suddenly popped up on my radar. I subscribe to alerts from Microwave News, absolutely the only platform that has covered this entire debate properly, an indispensable publication.

The editor, Dr Louis Slesin, was drawing attention to a story by William Broad about the National Toxicology Program’s findings about cancer and DNA damage in rats. William Broad had basically lied, and said that the NTP found “some” evidence of cancer, when in fact they had reported their most categorical level of finding, “CLEAR” evidence of cancer:

And I quickly learned from Microwave News that William Broad has been the main mainstream media denialist of any dangers from wireless technology for decades. The one person to whom I’d sent my legal document, was the very last journalist on earth who would ever have followed it up.

Smartphones Do Cause Cancer - U.S. Government Expected To Advise ...

I had words with Bill Broad after this, one-way words, I never received a reply. Barrie Trower was given an intelligence estimate (not his own) as to the number of deaths worldwide that they expect from this technology: it’s two billion people. That’s one in three users, about 30% of the industry’s customers.

The Irish Doctors’ Environmental Association, which won a Nobel Prize in medicine, has estimated that electrosensitivity rates will rise to at least 30% in coming years, with cumulative problems from exposure. Already, we can safely say that 100% of American children are suffering permanent brain damage from this technology. One in three users eventually dying seems quite plausible.

When this death toll is quantified, William Broad of the New York Times will bear the greatest blame of any journalist living, for his consistent denial and insulting of anyone who raises or researches the issue of wireless technology and health. I have seriously vowed to make sure he stands trial as a journalist for his crimes against humanity and I told him this in no uncertain terms. So I can assure you that William Broad is familiar with Fred.

You may think you’re being clever quoting William Broad of the New York Times to me, and talking about asymmetrical warfare – you don’t know what you’re messing with, just how asymmetrical this war is, and just how bitterly it’s being fought.

Here’s another take from Microwave News on William Broad’s “blatantly deceptive” reporting:

Working our way towards the beginning of your comment – you say I confuse correlation with causation. Now, I make a living as a scientific editor, mainly dealing with statistical and econometric manuscripts for Japanese, Korean and Chinese academics. The reason I specifically chose statistical editing was that the whole wireless / health debate was turning into arguments about statistics, and lies told around statistics, and I needed to be completely on top of this game.

So: yes, I know the difference between correlation and causation. Most of my time is spent editing econometric texts that correlate shark attacks with ice cream consumption, controlling terribly carefully for the flavor of ice cream. Most of these papers are truly useless. I’m a mathematical modeller by training, so I always look to see if anyone has any real clue what’s going on, some sense of dynamic or interlinkage, or whether they’re just correlating everything with everything to see what happens.

So I have a model, an underlying dynamic I’m investigating, I don’t just correlate at random. I take a look where there’s a couple of hospitals in Kirkland, Seattle, that were Ground Zero for the initial U.S. outbreak, to see if there’s any 5G connection. Sure enough, the very first “inside the building” tests for 5G were held by a company located just a few blocks from both those hospitals.


I’m watching a particular area of Harlem for signs of illness, I told Frank Report about this well before the coronavirus epidemic struck. When “apocalyptic” illness is reported in New York city, I find that the only hospital that’s actually reporting significant figures is right in this Harlem testbed.


Yes, correlation doesn’t prove causation: but correlation does sure as hell prove correlation. Something seems to be going on. Shark attacks correlating with ice cream consumption: there’s an obvious connection, what we call a multicollinearity.

5G rollouts correlating with virus outbreaks: not so much. Therefore, these correlations are truly telling us something meaningful.

Right now, the U.K. government and others are frothing at the mouth about “conspiracy theorists” blaming 5G for this epidemic.

Towers are being set alight; it’s an outrage, it’s a threat to national security, this is key point infrastructure. Tower workers are being abused on their jobs. It’s all the fault of these terrible conspiracy theorists. There is absolutely no connection, it’s totally preposterous and utterly ridiculous, to suggest that radiation can cause a viral infection, they all chorus.

Now, I have provided absolutely starkly solid scientific evidence that full-blown viral infections CAN indeed be initiated purely by electromagnetic radiation.

Vlail Kaznacheyev was not a no one. He was probably the single most preeminent biologist in the Soviet Union in his day. The accounts say he did 15,000 experiments – he actually said 20,000, in one interview. This has all been published, it’s been on the record in the hard scientific literature for decades, it is fully part of the Russian scientific oeuvre. Yet it is top secret in the West.

So not only do I provide correlations. I provide proof of causation, which no one has done up until now, I’ve not heard anyone else mention Kaznacheyev’s name. But you can look him and his findings up for yourself. This is ancient news for those of us who research this field. Tuned electromagnetic radiation can induce viral infections of all kinds.

I have tried to research these attacks on towers in the UK, there’s hardly any information about them. I have been warning activists to be careful, that there would be agents provocateurs, that there would be dirty tricks and shills, and that we were going to be viciously attacked in the media and slandered.

One of the first such shills, an entirely odious creature called Sasha Stone, was fingered here on Frank Report before he made a sensationalist video on 5G as an “extinction event”. I’ve put out more than a few warnings about him.

Just think how useful these tower attacks are to the authorities. They can now crack down on the loonies, these tinfoil hat threats to society. I strongly suspect that these attacks may be provocations. I’ve never recommended that anyone try to take out a tower, it’s far too dangerous. I’ve briefed people how to tackle the operators at public meetings, this is actually what they hate the most.

I’ve met and talked to lots of tower workers, I have a special sympathy with them. Tower workers have the most dangerous job in America, for one thing.

Watch these two videos from tower workers, warning about the dangers of 5G, the second one has a great platform from which to speak:

These guys know what they’re doing. And they don’t like it. But especially in these times, you need a job – and while we’re all on lockdown, it seems that tower worker is one of the jobs that’s busy working overtime.

Next time you hear the statement from the Powers That Be, assuring the public that electromagnetic radiation cannot possibly cause a viral infection – you will know that this is a lie.

But in the Brave New Coronavirus World Order, if you quote scientific papers, especially Russian ones, that’s proof enough that you’re a dangerous crackpot conspiracy theorist.


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  • There are many SECRET AGENTS or bots around internet that are working to discredit the REAL FACT that awaken people are saying. This Agents are working for the governments (any government have a group of “online bots”). They’re trying to discredit the truth and make the awaken people look ridiculous. So, don’t read the comments. Just Watch every information you see and hear, and always ANALYZE, Research and Question.

  • Enjoy the crazed rantings of left wing conspiracy kooks like anonyfaker and flowers. Like two rabid dogs who are going to be put down as the truth keeps emerging. Like Pilate on this infamous day they have no clue about truth.

  • A relevant interesting news piece just in:

    * 5G Virus Conspiracy Theory Fueled by Coordinated Effort
    “Researchers identify disinformation campaign but not source”

    ‘Marc Owen Jones, a researcher at Hamad bin Khalifa University in Qatar, who specializes in online disinformation networks, analyzed 22,000 recent interactions on Twitter mentioning “5G” and “corona,” and said he found a large number of accounts displaying what he termed “inauthentic activity.” He said the effort bears some hallmarks of a state-backed campaign.

    “There are very strong indications that some of these accounts are a disinformation operation,” Jones said.

    Jones said the campaign uses a strategy similar to Russia’s Internet Research Agency’


  • There’s a great new article out regarding conspiracy theories. This fits with all the research on the subject, including psychological studies, such as in excellent – but very readable – work American Conspiracy Theories by Uscinski and Parent:

    Why Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories Flourish. And Why It Matters.
    “Unseen villains. Top-secret cures. In their quest for reassurance during the pandemic, many people are worsening more than just their own anxiety.”

    ‘The belief that one is privy to forbidden knowledge offers feelings of certainty and control amid a crisis that has turned the world upside down. And sharing that “knowledge” may give people something that is hard to come by after weeks of lockdowns and death: a sense of agency.
    Rumors and patently unbelievable claims are spread by everyday people whose critical faculties have simply been overwhelmed, psychologists say, by feelings of confusion and helplessness.

    But many false claims are also being promoted by governments looking to hide their failures, partisan actors seeking political benefit, run-of-the-mill scammers and, in the United States, a president who has pushed unproven cures and blame-deflecting falsehoods.

    The conspiracy theories all carry a common message: The only protection comes from possessing the secret truths that “they” don’t want you to hear.

    The feelings of security and control offered by such rumors may be illusory, but the damage to the public trust is all too real.
    “People are drawn to conspiracies because they promise to satisfy certain psychological motives that are important to people,” Dr. Douglas said. Chief among them: command of the facts, autonomy over one’s well-being and a sense of control.

    If the truth does not fill those needs, we humans have an incredible capacity to invent stories that will, even when some part of us knows they are false. A recent study found that people are significantly likelier to share false coronavirus information than they are to believe it.’


    I think all Americans should be concerned about the erosion of trust in democratic civil society and its institutions – it will not end well for our nation, if it continues. And those who wish us harm, certainly Russia and probably China, are exploiting and exacerbating that with official propaganda from sources like RT, and through disinformation and trolling.

    Frank, are you concerned about the erosion of trust in journalism and news sources? And are you sure you’re not contributing to it, by putting up unvetted pieces like this – which corresponds with Russian methods and aims, coincidentally or not?

    • Anonymaker
      I have noticed that the erosion of trust in the government seems to be the main agenda of most of these conspiracy theorists. They will latch on to any current event and try to build a conspiracy around it, even though their theories don’t draw any logical conclusions.

      It’s very easy to spot a troll such as Fred because he spends hours writing and researching certain facts, but then he includes obviously fake information in his article. For example, how could he not know the true origins of the picture of the doctor practicing on the mannequin? Obviously Fred is a liar who is hoping to deceive anyone naive enough to blindly believe him.

      • Flowers, I don’t know quite what to make of Fred. Sometimes seemingly smart people can be pretty stupid in some ways – that’s one of the lessons learned from cults and their members.

        One possibility is that he does less research than it seems, and is just regurtitating a lot from the sources he believes in, like Barrie Trower.

        True believers can either be blind, or rationalize lying and misrepresenting things when they lack solid evidence for the things that they’re still really certain are true.

  • Fred’s a “dummy” for not understanding that that is a picture of a doctor demonstrating a procedure on a dummy used for practice purposes.

    Conspiracy theorists posted a fake news story using that picture, and Fred believed these idiots.

    I didnt even bother reading the rest of this article after seeing that he chose to mention this obviously fake news story.

    Do a little research before writing your articles, “Fred”.

  • Always a good laugh to come see the ugly americans doing what they do best on this site nowadays.

    Reading here persuades me that you all deserve to start taking chloroquine immediately, it should become compulsory for all of you.

    Start taking it now. Please, take it to cure yourselves of covid-19. it really will um, do something to you.

    • Sultan of Six,

      Hi sweetie!!!! How is self-isolation going? Is it any different then before Corona with one glaring exception you can’t stalk Kristi?

  • A typical problem with these grandiose conspiracy theories is that as elaborate and anecdote-full as they may come off as, ultimately they’re not well thought out and fail simple reality checks. In some ways they are often rather small-minded, getting bogged down in trying to present convincing-sounding interpretations of details and minutiae, and failing to consider the big picture. Stepping back, ultimately the proposition is that something complex and city-wide or even larger scale (it would have to include places like New Jersey and New Orleans as well), is going on either under the noses of, or under the auspices of, the national leadership, the logical conclusion of which is only two possibilities:

    * Trump is a complete dupe who doesn’t even know what is actually going on in his hometown, if for instance he’s sent a hospital ship and multiple military units to a city where there’s not actually a crisis, and said things like ‘there will be a lot of death’

    * Trump is orchestrating the whole conspiracy being imagined, replete with fake military deployments and hoax-promoting press conferences

    Which is it according to your theory, Fred?

  • Who didn’t see this coming

    CBS news report; blacks are dying at a disproportionate rate because of Trump’s failed policies…. etc.

    Beautiful! it ‘is’ like a scripted play. It’s so obvious, where was President Trump doing really well at n the recent polls? With the black community.

    Now the covid19 virus is not even being blamed for more disproportionate black deaths in cities but it is President Trump’s fault for his not responding the right way to the epidemic. Mostly blacks, the report states are the workers on the front lines, the cashiers, etc. to meet the needs of the community with no protective gear, no face masks, and they’re sent marching off to fend for themselves. ! Ha! Right on cue.

    • ‘Who didn’t see this coming

      CBS news report; blacks are dying at a disproportionate rate because of Trump’s failed policies…. etc.

      Beautiful! it ‘is’ like a scripted play. It’s so obvious, where was President Trump doing really well at n the recent polls? With the black community.’

      Black Americans are dying because your nation has discriminated against them to the point of genocide. Why would you care now? In a national emergency? As long as their wage-slaving for your lazy fat asses -so what? USA = cold, vindictive insanity.

  • In 2005, this was released in “Virology Journal”: “Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread” – How many lives could have been saved if that hadn’t been covered up?

    This is the article from 14.5 years ago:

    and as a pdf: (for spreading it via mail etc.)

    A copy is on:

    Chloroquine is C18H26ClN3

    Hydroxychloroquine is C18H26ClN3O

    Both are used for “CoVid-19” (pneumonia) treatment (best with additional zinc) after President Trump recommended it.

    So that treatment has been known long before. Who (or better “WHO”?) is responsible for all the deaths from that kind of pneumonia since then?

    This is the famous 2020 french study (in english):

    and an earlier version:

    with nearly 100% successJPG after a few days.

    I think the Vaccine/NWO cabal needed Covid19 to spread so they could position themselves for their global power agenda and political and financial gain. Having a cheap preexisting treatment would have stopped that process in it’s tracks. They need to topple Trump and steal the election, they need Americans demoralized, fearful and confined to their homes.

    • Note the full title of that first article – especially the last 3 words:

      ‘Chloroquine is effective in preventing the spread of SARS CoV in cell culture.’

      It only worked in petri dishes –

      • Stop splitting hairs, Anon @8:09. Details, mere details, this is America, the boss says take chloroquine, so give us the fuckin chloroquine now. Or else we’ll scream and scream till froth appears at the corner of our mouths and we have to get our guns out and kill, um, whoever Boss says, whichever asswipe, libtard etc. expects us to entertain these Anti-Trump DETAILS. ROFL.

    • As for that French study:

      * Publisher of hydroxychloroquine study touted by Trump says the research didn’t meet its standards


      A new French trial yielded different results:

      * Small Trial Suggests Antimalarial Drugs Not Effective For Treating Coronavirus

      From the author of the article:

      ‘I am a medicinal chemist who has specialized in discovery and development of antiviral drugs for the past 30 years, and I have been actively working on coronaviruses for the past seven.

      I am among a number of researchers who are concerned that this drug has been given too much of a high priority before there is enough evidence to show it is indeed effective.

      There are already other clinical studies that showed it is not effective against COVID-19 as well as several other viruses. And, more importantly, it can have dangerous side effects, as well as giving people false hope.

      The latter has led to widespread shortages of hydroxychloroquine for patients who need it to treat malaria, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, the indications for which it was originally approved.’

    • No doubt AnonyMaker will rebut this with Chinese report. we know the Chinese never lie.
      And AnonyMaker is his real name.
      I await his lengthy rebuttal….


    Breaking News —— Charlotte Figi, 13, inspired “Charlotte’s Web” — a high CBD cannabis strain that supressed her constant seizures / Dravet’s Syndrome. Charlotte’s case helped revolutionize CBD legalization and changed the landscape of American medicine for the neurologically disabled among other diseases. Despite Federal prohibition — CBD remains classified as an illegal schedule 1 substance under Federal law — CBD is now legal in all States.

    The high CBD strains worked wonders for my own son, Dylan Apple’s, seizures. Now 23, Dylan began a CBD regime under the Stanley Brother’s “Charlottes Web” and Dr. Alan Frankel’s Greenbridge “Rosebud” CBD programs in 2011 at the age of 14. Dylan has been virtually seizure free ever since.

    Apparently Charlotte’s bout with Covid-19 could not be won.

    Seizures, especially as frequent as those with Dravet’s Syndrome like Charlotte had in her early years, can leave the brain and other vital organs damaged, depleted and unable to combat a virulent cardio-pulmonary attack that may compromise blood oxygen flow and damage neurologically tissue.

    This brave little girl leaves a legacy as history’s greatest champion for alternative, homeopathic medicine and the right of all to choose our medical treatment.

    • To Fred and The Amazing Polly’s point in this piece — it is possible the Charlotte Figi did not have Covid-19 per se as she initially tested negative and was released — here are the deets her Mom teeeted:

      “On Friday April 3rd, she was tested, the results were negative for COVID-19 and discharged on Sunday April 5th when she seemingly began to improve. Charlotte had a seizure in the early morning on April 7th resulting in respiratory failure and cardiac arrest. Seizures are not uncommon with illness and paramedics were called returning us to the PICU. Given our family’s month-long history with illness and despite the negative test results, she was treated as a likely COVID-19 case. Her fighting spirit held out as long as it could and she eventually passed in our arms peacefully.”

      One question please, Fred:

      There appears to be a dichotomy between your thoughts as to whether the Covid-19 virus does dangerously exist (per the etiologies you’ve described and ascribed) and the idea that the data is being overblown and repurposed for political advantage. Are you saying it’s BOTH?

      • What was breathlessly presented by the New York Times as authentic footage of a COVID-19 patient being intubated, actually showed a dummy being worked on. If it was a training exercise, the narrator should have stated this. This whole video was a fake, designed to give the impression that there was a desperate crisis and a shortage of equipment, when this was not the case.

        How Americans can accept a major piece of fake news like this, from a major mainstream publication, on such a critical issue, is just beyond me.

        Look — these Democratic politicians and their media pals are obviously just taking advantage of the situation and are doing anything possible to embarrass Trump, even if it means sinking the American economy. They’re just vandals and not even good fakers.

        As to the reality of this virus, the best analysis that I’ve seen so far is from Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, a pulmonologist:

        He argues that there is no actual evidence that there is, in fact, something new among the coronaviruses, let alone that it does any particular damage. “The king is naked”, he concludes.

        Looking at today’s “scorecard”, I see that there were 1,476 deaths in the USA in the last 24 hours. China registered three (+3) deaths:

        How was China able to turn off this rampant epidemic, almost as if they threw a switch? What on earth is going on here?

        Mr Barrie Trower, as a world expert on microwave warfare who is constantly briefed by his fellow “spooks”, told me that the bioweapons in place today use a combination of pathogen (virus, bacterium) activated by microwave radiation.

        The radiation on its own can, without doubt, also weaken the immune system and make people susceptible to viral infections.

        One of the main ways this may happen is through the calcium gates in cells, which are known to be affected by pulsed microwaves.

        “Ca2+ is essential for virus entry, viral gene replication, virion maturation, and release. The alteration of host cells’ Ca2+ homeostasis is one of the strategies that viruses use to modulate host cells’ signal transduction mechanisms in their favor.”

        Disrupting calcium gate homeostasis is exactly what this radiation has been shown to do, by researchers like Martin Pall, who has spoken out very strongly against 5G.

        Whether the radiation just compromises immunity generally, whether it makes one susceptible to very particular viruses, whether it causes viruses to mutate in particular directions, whether there are pathogens deliberately put in the environment that are activated by microwaves … it’s probably all of the above.

        But one thing is for sure. Something drastic in terms of health was always going to happen as they implemented 5G. I was watching a Dana Ashlie video from January 2019, where she’s talking about the rollout of 5G. She says: I’m just getting people to be aware of the symptomology, there will be a wave of disease along with 5G, but it’s not some “Illness X” that they’ll have a vaccine for. It’s the radiation:

        So Miss Dana Ashlie called it a year in advance: “Illness X” = COVID-19.

        I was warning up and down the forums, and with everyone I know, saying exactly the same thing, predicting massive flu outbreaks, among other things, with the rollout of 5G. I was assured today that I never shut up about this for the whole of 2019, when I was wondering if I could have warned people more.

        So as that Dr. Wodarg says: everyone’s jumping on this bandwagon for their own interests, not least the Democrats. The 5G rollout was always going to coincide with a health crisis, the question is, how they would handle it, how they would try to obfuscate the issues, while rolling out 5G as quickly as possible, before the effects and the patterns became too obvious.

        Rolling out 5G to do COVID-19 testing, and to enforce lockdowns and quarantines — it’s so obvious, if you know what’s going on. Look, the cure for the coronavirus is 5G, and coincidentally, we happen to have it right on the spot. And if we don’t, we’ll quickly roll it out there, and start tracking everyone’s movements.

        So brace yourselves for wave 2 of illnesses, this pandemic is just getting started. Wave 2 will be much, much worse, with the technology that more widespread. It may have a completely different disease profile. We may see waves of kids committing suicide, who knows. If they’ve installed 5G in American schools, the kids are going to manifest all kinds of issues, there will be a complete breakdown among the youth.

        And conveniently there will be biometrics in place to control all their movements and lock down institutions when there’s a problem. They’re busy rolling it all out right now. Here are a few recent videos showing 5G being installed in schools:

        I’ve shown with the experiments of Vlail Kaznacheyev that full-blown viral infections can be transmitted by electromagnetic radiation. There’s no reason why highly tuned millimetre-wave emissions could not trigger these viral infections. There’s literally no reason why these “outbreaks” could not be switched on and switched off in particular areas at will.

        We are entering a truly dark episode of the human race. COVID-19 may just be a “drill”, a “live exercise”, but there’s a reality coming.

        In 1997, Bill Clinton’s defense secretary William Cohen gave a press briefing, where he talked about terrorists that have electromagnetic weaponry capable of creating earthquakes, igniting volcanoes, affecting the weather. He was almost certainly referring to the Aum Shinrikyo cult, which bought a farm in Western Australia that then experienced a weird fireball and earthquake. A US Senate inquiry was held into this event.

        But forget terrorists. Aum Shinrikyo were, without question, operating with the knowledge of certain elements of the Japanese government. Aum sent “humanitarian” teams to the Congo to collect samples of Ebola viruses and the like, to try and weaponize them.

        Mr Barrie Trower specifically told me that it was the Japanese in particular who had weaponized viruses and bacteria in yeast cells, which could lie dormant indefinitely until they were activated by microwaves. Epidemics could then be triggered in designated areas at the flick of a switch.

        Japan used biological warfare against the Chinese during WW2. There’s no love lost between the nations. Japan is under vast strategic threat from China, yet has no significant military of its own. Perhaps this is all asymmetrical Japanese warfare — they have certainly dealt with the virus effectively themselves. Who knows.

        I think this vast awareness that is growing, that there is some link between this global epidemic and the implementation of 5G, is truly scaring the powers that be, judging by their hysteria. It’s truly amazing me, I was a total lone voice in the wilderness when I started talking about the dangers of wireless technology, about 17 years ago.

        Is the awakening happening fast enough? I remember a conversation with Mr Barrie Trower, when I asked him how he felt, fighting this vast war. He said, oh, well, we’ve already lost, with the proliferation of mobile technology. But you have to try.

        5G is another story. 5G is not a war we can lose, or that is the end of the human race. We will become the ultimate “things” in their Internet of Things. People are not buying it. There is a real awakening going on.




    • Given that we are all locked down until the World Health Organization approves a vaccination for COVID-19, or so we’re being threatened, I decided to do a background check on Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of WHO. Be warned, this is a long post, even by my exotic standards.

      Dr Tedros has been accused of being “China’s man”, but on closer inspection, an extremely ugly picture emerges in which he also turns out to be very much the UK’s man, illustrating that country’s particular influence over WHO.

      When I say ugly – Dr Tedros is without question a political thug of the highest order. As a senior member of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) he was personally responsible for brutal repression of the Amhara people, using aid money selectively to starve them out and deny them access to basic services.

      The TPLF was listed as a terrorist organization by the U.S. government in the 1990s, and the organization still appears on the Global Terror Database for its “unfortunate habit” of carrying out armed attacks in rural areas:

      The latest incident logged was in May 2018, a kidnapping.

      Ethiopia is the biggest recipient of donor aid and World Bank funds in Africa. But the TPLF brazenly used this aid to punish political opponents.

      According to a senior Western donor official in Addis Ababa: “Every tool at their disposal — fertilizer, loans, safety net — is being used to crush the opposition. We know this.”

      Other forms of aid denial involved the refusal of emergency healthcare by ministry of health workers — the same ministry that was at the time being led by one Tedros Adhanom:

      It gets worse:

      “In 2016, the Ethiopian government attempted to force relocate 15,000 people in the Oromia region because it wanted to requisition their land. This led to mass protests followed by mass shootings and a stampede that killed 500 people, according to Human Rights Watch. The government then embarked on another brutal crackdown, arresting 70,000 people.

      “Adhanom subsequently tried to downplay the violence, falsely claiming the police weren’t armed and that the numbers weren’t as high as stated.”

      The Amhara People’s Union, an activist organization based in Washington, noted that Dr Tedros had been accused of “systematic genocidal violence and human right violations” and argued that he was a completely inappropriate choice for the WHO top job:

      There are claims that 2 million Amhara people disappeared off census records over this period.

      While he was health minister of Ethiopia from 2005–2012, Dr Tedros covered up three cholera epidemics in his country, endangering surrounding countries, which found that what he called “acute watery diarrhoea” turned into full-blown cholera the moment it crossed the border:

      His ability to lie about epidemics and get away with it must surely have been one of his biggest recommendations for the job.

      When I say that Dr Tedros is a thug, he was personally involved in the kidnapping and rendition from Yemen of an Ethiopian dissident, Andargachew “Andy” Tsege, who had already been tried and sentenced to death in absentia in Ethiopia.

      “In the evening of May 13, 2014, a delegation of Ethiopia’s tyrannical regime headed by the then Foreign Minister Adhanom flew to Sana’a. They were scheduled to have a high-level meeting the next day with Yemeni leaders, security and diplomatic officials”:

      “When Ethiopian migrants and domestic workers in Yemen were routinely beaten, raped, abused and deported back to Ethiopia, neither the Foreign Minister nor the Ethiopian embassy in Sana’a raised concerns. But this time, they were keen to get involved for a special operation – kidnapping and rendition. They wanted Yemen to have dissidents that enter Yemen to seek asylum or use Sana’a International Airport as a transit route, kidnapped and handed over to them, according to two credible former security operatives.”

      Top of Dr Tedros’s hit list was Andy Tsege, who was snatched at Sana’a’ airport in June 2014:

      “Tedros Adhanom actually played the most important role in the kidnapping of Andargachew. He was the one who convinced the Yemenis to be part of the illegal kidnapping and rendition. He paved the way and laid the groundwork for the whole operation,” one of the sources said.

      Tsege was a British subject, yet the UK showed a great reluctance to put pressure on Ethiopia to free him, with Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary refusing to answer questions about him:

      The British government said it was working behind the scenes to help Tsege, while feting Dr Tedros in public when he visited London, saying it stood “shoulder-to-shoulder” with his regime:

      At one stage, formal British inquiries into Tsege’s whereabouts were answered by a text message from Dr Tedros saying: “The guy is transferred”:

      Dr Tedros added that Mr Tsege must simply “behave well for some time and show he regretted what he had done” if he wanted to be pardoned.

      This choice of words is interesting: Dr Tedros actually told Donald Trump that “We will have many body bags in front of us if we don’t behave,” when Trump threatened to withdraw funding from WHO:

      Oh, BEHAVE. Dr Tedros plays at being Austin Powers.

      Andy Tsege was eventually released, and told a story of solitary confinement and torture in Ethiopia’s infamous gulags.

      The British connections with Dr Tedros really stand out for me. For one thing, he was trained in the UK, with a master’s degree from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and a PhD in community health from the University of Nottingham.

      He is, incidentally, the first director-general of WHO not to be a trained medical doctor.

      “As Ethiopia’s foreign minister from 2012 to 2016, Tedros had a close relationship with the British government. A freedom of information request by Declassified UK found that a senior security official, Olly Robbins, met with Dr Tedros in February 2016 in Addis Ababa to ‘deepen UK cooperation with Ethiopia’ on stopping migration from East Africa to Europe.

      “Not only was the UK keen to support a repressive regime’s border guards, it also spent more than £1 million training Ethiopian soldiers. This was despite the fact that a British-Ethiopian man, Andy Tsege, was being held on death row in Ethiopia for criticising the ruling party.

      “Tsege’s family criticised Boris Johnson, then Britain’s foreign secretary, for not doing enough to raise the matter with his opposite number, Tedros. Some suspected that the UK did not want to jeopardise trade and security ties with the East African country.”

      As this article recounts, Dr Tedros’s biggest rival for the top WHO job was David Nabarro from the UK. The British government spent £101,000 to support Nabarro’s campaign:

      However, Nabarro has now been appointed as one of Dr Tedros’s six “special envoys” on COVID-19. Dr Tedros also appointed Jane Ellison, a British Conservative politician who had recently served as a public health minister in the UK government, as deputy director-general.

      The Ethiopian candidate received a glowing endorsement from Andrew Mitchell, Britain’s former international development secretary and Conservative MP, who claimed that Dr Tedros had the ability to “improve the health of billions of people around the world”.

      According to his Wikipedia entry, Dr Tedros is also a member of think tanks like the Aspen Institute and the Harvard School of Public Health — this man plays politics at the very top.

      So while he has been criticized for supporting China, there’s no doubt that Dr Tedros is also playing the tunes the West wants to hear. Most of WHO’s funding comes from Western countries, as well as from Bill and Melinda Gates.

      Ethiopia has been a massive recipient of Chinese aid, and all the major development projects in that country have been underwritten by China. Ethiopia has shown a genuine talent for playing the West off against China:

      “Diplomats and observers of Ethiopia’s economy say that Beijing has grown frustrated after major investments such as the Djibouti railway line failed to generate sufficient revenues.

      “China’s partial retreat has thrown into relief Ethiopia’s indebtedness to Beijing. Observers say upending that equation is perhaps the greatest motivation for Ethiopia’s opening up to the West.”

      One way or another: Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus remains the dodgiest official ever appointed to the top post at WHO, right in the middle of the worst medical crisis ever inflicted on the world.

      So I’ll just give my personal perspective and dealings with Dr Tedros. The Rockefeller Foundation and friends held a debate for the candidates for director-general of WHO in March 2017:

      The debate was moderated by one Dr Ilona Kickbusch of the Global Health Centre in Geneva. She invited queries to be submitted to the candidates.

      I submitted an extremely strong query, requesting that the candidates be asked about the health impacts of wireless technology; and pointing to the singular failure of the standing DG, Dr Margaret Chan, to address the issue.

      I also tweeted all of the candidates, asking the same question.

      I received no reply from Dr Kickbusch. I received no response to my queries to the candidates, all of whom fell over themselves to talk about “transparency” and “consultation” and “being open to the public”.

      In the debate, not one word was said about the dangers of electromagnetic pollution or the microwave irradiation of the global population.

      I managed to tweet the lot of them, in a single message, congratulating all the candidates for passing the one essential requirement to be DG of WHO: total denial of the health risks of wireless technology. I even managed three exclamation points: Congratulations!!! You all pass the test.

      Dr Margaret Chan’s passing of the buck on the issue is best exemplified by her response to a complaint about the WHO International EMF Project made by Dariusz Leszczynski, former top researcher at the Finnish government radiation protection agency.

      When he complained to Dr Chan about the EMF Project’s bias towards industry, she passed the letter straight on to the people he was complaining about. He calls this “Handling an inquiry – the WHO-style”:

      This is reminiscent of the “genocide fax” sent to Kofi Annan from Rwanda, when he was in charge of UN peace-keeping. When told by the UN’s force on the ground in Rwanda that an informant was showing how the Hutu government was preparing massacres, Annan’s office instructed them to hand this information over to the very people alleged to be preparing the slaughter.

      Please remember that with the WHO International EMF Project we are talking about a global genocide of two billion people, the estimate that Mr Barrie Trower was given as to the expected toll from 5G and other wireless technology.

      Now, Dr Margaret Chan’s appointment was also controversial right from the beginning. I don’t have time to go into this whole story now, but her predecessor, Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland, unexpectedly resigned after only one five-year term.

      Dr Brundtland, a medical doctor specializing in environmental medicine and a former prime minister of Norway, was a great embarrassment to WHO, because she professed to be electrosensitive and refused to allow mobile phones to be used near her.

      She ascribed her sensitivity to an incident with an arcing microwave oven, caused by a ceramic plate with a metallic inlay, which she used to heat something up.

      Dr Devra Davis, a top US epidemiologist and a member of Al Gore’s Nobel Prize-winning team, with very good political connections, recounted in her book “Disconnect” some inside information from the UN that Dr Michael Repacholi, the head of the EMF Project, went to Dr Brundtland’s superiors and suggested strongly that she was “crazy”, because of her tinfoil hat theories. She apparently felt so threatened and undermined by this, that she resigned.

      Dr Chan did not, to my knowledge, utter one single peep about wireless technology during her entire 10-year tenure. This Chinese candidate was the dream ticket for the wireless industry.

      So, one final personal story. I was engaged in a particularly bitter battle with a WHO representative a few years ago, an Ethiopian woman, who just kept passing the buck to Geneva. I sent this woman a compendium of various appeals (including my own) to Geneva, from top scientific researchers, medical doctors, government agencies and journalists, as well as citizen appeals and petitions, who all testified that they were unable to get even an acknowledgement of receipt from Geneva, let alone a proper reply.

      I was about to take this battle public, when I happened to read a book from our local library called “Spy Games” by Adam Brookes. It was a real cracker, largely set in Ethiopia. The protagonist has a run-in with the Ethiopian intelligence services, where he’s quite sure he’s about to be killed on the spot. It turns out they’re just playing with him.

      But he learns a lesson: do NOT mess with the Ethiopian secret police. I don’t have the book to hand, but it describes how the Ethiopians regard themselves as the absolute elite of Africa, as they were the one African nation that was not subjected to colonial rule (apart from Italy’s brief adventures there).

      For Ethiopians, there could be no other possible headquarters for the African Union than Addis Ababa. And I think some of this extreme arrogance is showing in the stance of Dr Tedros.

      I took the hint and backed off confronting this Ethiopian doctor. She’s since departed the scene, it was a good call. I actually wrote to Adam Brookes, the author of this book, commending him for a jolly good read and thanking him for his warning about the Ethiopian secret police. He was quite surprised to know that his books were circulating in the libraries.

      So I am not making these accusations against Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus lightly, because I know this will draw attention from one of the nastiest intelligence services in the world.

      One reason I am making bold, is that we have seen a track record of African leaders implementing genocide. I’m talkiang specifically about Kofi Annan, and also Boutros Boutros Ghali, who was the Secretary General of the UN at the time of the Rwandan massacres.

      These two were supposed to be giving an “African” profile to the world body. Now, the Rwandans had for years been trying to get arms from Egypt, with a war on Tutsis clearly on their agenda. Given the instability in Rwanda, the Egyptians had consistently refused.

      The person who personally facilitated the initial $5.8 million arms deal was exactly Boutros Boutros Ghali, as a minister in Egypt in 1990. These arms sales continued for three years.

      When these weapons were used to murder a million Rwandans in 1994, Boutros said: Who would have thought that “a few thousand rifles” could have changed the situation.

      Kofi Annan not only got away with allowing the genocide to happen on his watch as peace-keeping chief. He was then promoted to the top job at the UN itself.

      And there’s a lesson here. Dr Tedros got his job because he proved he can cover up epidemics and GET AWAY WITH IT. This is the most crucial qualification for a top political job: you need to show that you can do the dirty work, and not have any dirt stick to you.

      We can see exactly the same with Kofi Annan. And I hate to say it, but there’s a pattern here, of African leaders being used to facilitate the UN’s real filthy jobs, the genocides, the slaughters, the convering up of epidemics.

      Right now, Ethiopian journalists are being arrested for filing inconvenient reports about COVID-19:

      I’m certain that Dr Tedros would fully approve. Linking the coronvirus epidemic to 5G will probably find you in Ethiopia’s gulags chop chop, having a chat with their secret police.

      To conclude: Dr Tedros’s words to journalists were: “My short message is please quarantine politicizing COVID.”

      And yet, despite the fact that Taiwan gave the WHO its very first warning about a new coronavirus from China, which the organization ignored, and despite the fact that Taiwan has contained the epidemic brilliantly, Dr Tedros is maintaining a very firm political QUARANTINE against Taiwan, doubtless to the satisfaction of the Chinese.

      If you want to watch a true slimeball at work, watch UN spokesperson Bruce Aylward pretending not to hear a question about Taiwan, and then cutting the line when it’s repeated:

      If Taiwan’s warning had been heeded, many lives could have been saved; but for Dr Tedros, political correctness and toeing the Chinese line are far more important than saving human lives.

      Dr Tedros began by speaking out strongly against travel bans:

      Now we sit with the biggest global lockdown in history.

      Talk about consistency.

      All I can say is: if Donald Trump cuts all American aid to the WHO, these filthy genocide merchants, I will support him 100 percent. And I hope a few more people will be awake to “The Ethiopian terrorist in charge of the World Health Organization”:

  • WHO director hits back at Trump threat to defund agency

    The head of the World Health Organization took aim at President Trump’s criticism of the agency on Wednesday, telling him and other world leaders not to politicize the coronavirus crisis “if you don’t want many more body bags.”

    “If you don’t want many more body bags you refrain from politicizing it – please quarantine politicizing COVID,” WHO Director Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told reporters in a lengthy answer when asked about Trump’s criticism of the agency. A day earlier, the U.S. president had threatened to cut off funding.

    Sounds like the Communist Chinese are making a threat through their puppet stooge.

  • Americans should be alarmed by the financial industry brief published on March 10 by Raymond James and Associates,

    “If clinical data confirm the biological results, the novel coronavirus-associated disease will have become one of the simplest and cheapest to treat and prevent among infectious respiratory diseases.”

    In a blunt statement about the lack of attention being given to the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine, the brief concluded,

    “But chloroquine doesn’t directly benefit any stock, like GILD or REGN or ABBV, which is probably why it seems to be getting less attention.”

    Was non-patentable Hydroxychloroquine suppressed & could Hydroxychloroquine combinations have eliminated the need for annual flu vaccines? All about money? Is this why Big Pharma front man Anthony Fauci is downplaying Hydroxychloroquine and promoting a vaccine?

  • These people who blame Trump for this viral outbreak conveniently forget that it is Chinese scientists who fool around with bat viruses collecting a ‘library of over two thousand bat viruses.

    And when the virus got loose, China concealed it from the world for two months.

    Why don’t the Democrats and Marxists blame the true perpetrators of this monstrous crime?

    The evil, wicked Communist Chinese government in Beijing!

  • A crackpot wrote this trash. I live in NYC Metro Area and I can tell you this is real and the numbers are real. I personally know three people that died yesterday. I know funeral homeowners who are telling me the bodies are stacked like cord wood in refrigerated trucks at hospitals.

    Frank, if you don’t want to lose your readers, STOP with the conspiracy theory fear-mongering and the politically pro-Trump motivated articles.

    My son-in-law is a firefighter in YFD and my nephew NYFD and his childhood friend NYPD Detective running the Police Academy in NYC.
    Coronavirus is REAL and NYC is in a crisis situation as are the surrounding suburbs.



    • I agree with your plea for decent, vetted information here, and I’m sorry for your losses. I hope your family members remain safe and well through this.

      I would ask you also to please take the politics out of this. I agree that we need to determine what our leaders did/didn’t do that either helped or exacerbated the situation so the next time this happens (as it will – that’s just how germs and access to easy international travel, etc. work), we’ll have a better informed and more effective response. And then we need to speak through the way we vote.

      I personally would have greater respect for a response that was quicker based on the science and and the statistics and for measured planning and preparation for the future. After all, the old regular flu does in a swath of people every year as well. I feel the emotional finger-pointing and blaming (primarily based on political labels or cultural prejudices) gets in the way of us making progress on this.

    • Yeah, yeah. Let’s see some evidence for these bodies stacked as you say they are. Let’s see a list of verifiable names of these victims and their test results.

      This whole Corona virus situation is a drill from those exercising control at the top of the pyramid to see just how effective their corporations and bureaucracies that they’ve put into place in controlling information and people are, based on a fake virus or a real one, and if it is the latter you can be sure it didn’t come from some Chinese guy eating some bat soup or whatever. This was biological warfare. The technology is in place and people who want to further tighten their control and power are so messed up in the head as psychos (cult leaders or other types) are, they couldn’t care less about other human beings.

    • If China unleashed this Plague on the World, then CHINA NEEDS TO BE DESTROYED.

  • Sorry, the the whole world is affected by a novel virus -all countries are doing this to get at Trump?

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