Former Female Prisoner Weighs in: The Dreary Raniere Days of Covid 19

MK10ART's painting of Keith Alan Raniere where he presently resides.

By Ann Lee Curtis

I spent some time in prison but happily got out before coronavirus. I have been following Frank Report for some time.

I think I have an idea of what life is now like for Keith Alan Raniere, [#57005-177] as he approaches sentencing.

The pandemic is causing great suffering for all prisoners, including him.

Obviously the question on every prisoner’s mind is, “will I contract COVID -19?”

And “How long will the horrible, mind-numbing lockdown last?”

There are some pretty serious fears associated with lock downs, I can tell you. You have all day to imagine things. But think about it. Prisoners are on lockdown right now mostly because there aren’t enough guards because they are getting sick with the virus.

The cells are locked. You see nobody. You wonder, what if enough guards get sick and no one shows up? Will you starve to death? \

You get anxiety. The outside world may go into panic. Civil disturbance may occur and society might stop for a time. There is no place for you to run or hide. You are locked in your cell, dependent on someone to bring you your next meal.

On top of that you are in dread of disease and more vulnerable then most. Raniere, along with the other 1,600 or so inmates at the Metropolitan Detention Center, lives in a cesspool breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

Covid 19, whether anyone from the Bureau of Prisons cares to admit it, is running rampant in prison, far more so than what is reported I believe.

Not to be flippant, but it is a little like how herpes ran rampant in Raniere’s harem. No one admitted it; clearly some had it and maybe most of them did.

Other things that run rampant in jails and prisons are hepatitis C, A and HIV AIDS.

These can be contracted by sharing razors, tattooing, sharing kisses and for the men, anal intercourse.

Large Stretch Wrap

Saran Wrap and hand gloves can be used as a prophylactic to reduce the spread of anally transmitted diseases, but will not likely stop the spread of Covid 19.

Raniere is 59. He is probably not in the best of health. How can anyone be in our medieval torture chamber at MDC where the food is horrific, there is never any sunlight or fresh air and it is too hot in winter and too cold in summer. And you sleep with lights on right above your head.

On top of that, he is stuck in a cell almost 24.7 [and maybe 24.7] for days on end.

If Keith contracts COVID-19, he could die before his sentencing date, which is presently scheduled for May 21, 2020 in courtroom 4D South at 10 a.m, but likely to be postponed again.

While I am no expert in pandemics, I would give odds that Raniere will not be sentenced before June or later.

I’m not sure if he realizes this, but the behavior he has shown in jail during the two years he has been there will influence where he will be housed. [Maybe it was the reflection from Raniere’s glasses that gave him away when he was busted with a cell phone recently.]

Where he lives out what will probably be the rest of his life is not known. If his behavior is deemed good, he might go to one of a handful of sex offender prisons and be around his own kind, in a SOP [Sex Offender Program, not Society of Protectors].

My guess is he will go to the underground ADX prison in Florence, Colorado for one to three years. Then he might move up to another maximum security prison that is not 100 percent solitary confinement.

That’s of course if he survives the coronavirus, which, let’s face it, he will almost certainly get in the stinkhole MDC.


He may already have it. He may be suffering right now from labored breathing and a cough, a fever or worse and because they are understaffed, he may not be able to get medical attention if he needs it.

Even if he is well, the days are long and boring for “Crybaby Jane”.

Like a dog in a kennel, his food is brought to his cell. He sleeps only feet away from a cold silver toilet on a cold metal slab.

Unless he’s still in solitary, he has a roommate, so add another man’s balls and smelly feet and ass being only feet away from his divine mouth.

Under strictures imposed by the pandemic, the commissary is presently not running and may be out of operation for months. There may be a chance, since the commissary is profit driven with huge markups, that prisoners may be able to order food from their cells bi-weekly, for they will not want to lose the business from their captive market- the prisoners.

This lack of commissary, however, only adds more stress and pain to an already stressful situation within the prison community.

Phone calls are also suspended as the prison is experiencing a shortage of guards. The inmates are suffering and some are sick and not being tested.  There is also little prisoners can do to prevent getting infection.  MDC doesn’t allow hand sanitizers for prisoners.

My best solution is Dial antibacterial soap. It’s on the commissary list [when he can get commissary].

He can take his shampoo bottle, empty it out, squeeze his bar of dial soap down into it, add water and shake vigorously. It’s literally the closest thing you can get to hand sanitation in jail.

Another way to prevent the spread of COVID19 can be bagged lunches. Skipping serving a meal or two lessens inmate and guard interaction. A guard can drop off his breakfast – a baloney sandwich and an apple – and lunch – a baloney sandwich and an apple – at the same time and practice more social distancing.

The social distancing between kitchen staff and inmates should also lessen the spread.

While on lockdown, Keith and the others are leading lives of utter inactivity, just lying on their bunks or pacing in their  8 x 12 cells. The bunks and toilet and sink take up much of the space giving two men about 8 feet to pace back and forth. They have to take turns.

Meantime, there will be prisoners who will, locked in their cells, get sick and some will suffocate to death with the virus.

Meantime, while under the current lockdown, Raniere has nothing to do but perhaps play cards, read [if he can get any books] masturbate, eat, sleep, shit and piss.

If he has a cell mate, it is very common that men, [and women] with nothing to do in tedious lockdown, begin a sexual relationship out of sheer boredom. Sex and sleep and mind numbing nothingness. Raniere being weak may have already been the passive partner and has been anally violated.

MDC Prisoners
Typical prison cell in federal prison

He has a philosophy on rape for women and that should come in handy in the likely event he experiences it for he will undoubtedly play the women’s role.

Maybe he has formed some new friends in his head to help pass the time. This is not meant to be funny, but the fact is that many prisoners who were not mentally ill before they were imprisoned become delusional because of things like lockdown and solitary.

Suffering in lockdown for an extended period, they actually begin to imagine they are not where they are. Sometimes they create friends and hold conversations with them.

It is ironic: Keith Raniere was once on top of the world. He had a harem of mostly pretty women and was funded by two heiresses. He chose to pick a fight with Frank Parlato and Frank with the help of some defectors took him down.

From being on top of the world, he went to the bottom and below.

I can tell you right now, he is in hell.





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  • After reading this I have even more respect for Joe O’Hara. He made it through hell and still has all his hair.

  • Very well written, Ann Marie. It’s a bit difficult not to feel sorry for anyone under the circumstances you describe so vividly, even Raniere.

    The fact is, however, that he not only robbed my sister (and many others) of her life but put her in a similar, miserable emotional prison for what little life she lived from the time he intruded on it when she was but a child of about 13 years old.

    Goes without saying that Raniere and his criminal cohorts should have been caught and stopped far sooner than now.

    It troubles me deeply that bc justice is still not being meted out equitably — because the State of New York, the Albany, NY district attorney’s office and NDNY officials are still covering up for their inaction — except the action they took to persecute NXIVM whistleblowers — some relative innocents such as Allison Mack may suffer the horrendous conditions you describe while others who are far more guilty, who participated far more knowingly in NXIVM’s crimes, may not only escape punishment but go on to propogate further crimes.

    It occurs to me that blogger John Tighe unjustly remains imprisoned and while Joe O’Hara is free after unjustly being imprison for over two years at MDC no less, his life and reputation was also forever marred with those, surely, bitter memories.

    Perhaps Frank Parlato can be spared the same but from what I’ve personally experienced as Frank’s alleged “sidekick” he’s an unjustly condemned man.

    (Which, btw, is no excuse for acting like one by allowing the likes of Scott Johnson to lash out at Joe O’Hara and other real victims and justice seekers here on FR even in the name of free speech.)

    • Frank allows that kind of behaviour because he wants to. He may have helped to bring down a cult but only cos they stepped on his toes. I dont believe Frank has an altruistic bone in his body. After many years witnessing his encouragement of the worst kind of human behaviour, I think he is both prurient and vindictive. I am no longer convinced of his ‘innocence’.

  • I don’t feel sorry for Raniere but I do for most of the prisoners going through this pandemic. They are human beings too.

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    Chang concurred, “I absolutely agree with you. There does need to be a Nuremberg Trial for Chinese leaders because they have committed a crime against humanity, because if this is not a crime against humanity, then what is?”

    “The world needs to get justice,” continued Chang. “We need justice for the Americans that we’ve lost and will lose, and we need justice for other people around the world. It’s a Nuremberg Trial. It’s Guantanamo. It’s a visit forever to Florence Colorado Supermax. I don’t care what it is, but we’ve got to take the Chinese leaders off the streets and make sure that they do face justice of one sort or another.”

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    U.S. Coronavirus Hospitalizations Lower than Predicted: NY Marks 75% Drop
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    On Monday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo told reporters that in his state alone, the epicenter of the viral outbreak in the United States, new coronavirus hospitalizations dropped by about 75 percent, from 1,427 four days ago to 358 on Sunday.

    • Oh, for God’s sake, Shadow, get a grip on yourself if Frank won’t spare us from spraying your Kung Flu warrior spam jiz all over our screens here!


      • LMAO – your turn of phrase was highly entertaining, Heidi. Thanks for that. I’m not reading him at all anymore, just scrolling on past. Now I have to go disinfect my screen tho… 🙂

  • Is it true that if Keith Raniere dies before being sentenced, he is considered to have no criminal record?

    And what if the judge dies before the sentencing of Keith Raniere, does the trial have to be repeated, or does another judge take over the sentencing?

    I hope of course that Keith Raniere and Judge Nicolas G. Garaufis do not die and continue to live in good health independently of Covid-19.

    • “Is it true that if Keith Raniere dies before being sentenced, he is considered to have no criminal record?”

      What happened when Jeffrey Epstein was suicided?
      As far as any civil suits against Epstein’s estate are concerned, Epstein died an innocent’ man except for that old conviction in Florida.

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