Feds to Start Releasing Some Federal Prisoners – Raniere Not Likely to Be One of Them – Just Like Michael Avenatti, Michael Cohen, Bernie Madoff, and R. Kelly.

MK10ART's painting of Keith Alan Raniere where he presently resides.

For several days, the Frank Report has been raising questions as to why the federal government was not releasing any prisoners to help stem the spread of the coronavirus – especially since many state prisons and local jails had already been doing so for the past few weeks.

Finally, U.S. Attorney General William Barr has announced that the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) will start releasing some federal prisoners.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr

But, in making the announcement, Barr made it abundantly clear that releasing prisoners is not a top priority for the BOP – and that it’s not something that’s going to happen anytime soon.

He also shared a good deal of “misinformation” about what’s going on within the BOP with regard to the coronavirus.


Don’t Hold Your Breath

Barr indicated that no prisoners would be released immediately because of the need to make certain that released prisoners do not spread the virus into their communities.

“Obviously, the health and safety of our inmates and our staff is a top priority for us,” Barr said at a Justice Department news conference. “We take seriously our responsibility to protect those who are in our custody.” [According to several observers, Barr’s nose grew approximately 4″ after he made those two statements]

Barr went on to say that the BOP was looking to expand the use of home confinement as part of its effort to control the spread of the coronavirus in federal prisons.

Per the BOP’s new policy, any prisoners who are deemed eligible for the early release/home confinement program would be held in quarantine at their current prison for 14 days before they were released in order to be sure they don’t have the virus.

Local jails and state prisons have been reducing the number of prisoners for several weeks– and they didn’t quarantine them before letting them out. 

He did not explain why those prisoners would not simply be tested for the virus now – especially since the FDA recently approved a new test that produces results within 15 minutes.

Nor did he explain whether the prisoners would actually be tested before they were released after the 14-day quarantine period.


Not All Prisoners Will Be Eligible

Barr also indicated that certain prisoners would not be eligible for the early release/home confinement program. That includes those who are serving time for “serious offenses” – and those who are serving time for “sex offenses”.

The terms “serious offenses” and “sex offenses” were not defined by Barr or the BOP.

Barr also indicated that some prisoners might be kept in prison because the BOP thought they would be safer there.

“Many inmates will be safer in BOP facilities where the population is controlled and there is ready access to doctors and medical care”, he said.

Barr did not say that only prisoners over the age of 60 would be eligible for the early release/home confinement program – but that is certainly the impression that most observers came away with after his press conference on the topic.

There are currently about 167,000 prisoners in federal facilities – and, of those, about 10,000 of them are older than 60.


Raniere Will Likely Not Be Released

Even while his attorneys are pushing to get a copy of his medical records from the medical staff at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC), there is virtually no chance that Keith Alan Raniere AKA Vanguard will be released from prison because of the coronavirus outbreak.

MDC animated mk10art

Here are some of the reasons why:
(1) He was denied bail on three occasions before the start of his trial because the presiding judge, Nicholas G. Garaufis, considered him to be a “flight risk” and/or a “danger to the community”.

(2) Since those rulings, Raniere was found guilty of seven felonies – and is currently facing a prison sentence of somewhere between 15 years and life. If he was a “flight risk” before the trial, he’s even more of one now. Ditto for being a “danger to the community”.

(3) One of the crimes that Raniere was convicted of is Sex Trafficking. Although, as noted, Barr did not define the term “sex offenses”, it seems safe to assume that it will include the crime of Sex Trafficking.

Keith can take solace in the fact that he’s not the only federal prisoner whose request to be released because of the coronavirus crisis was turned down.

Other notable federal prisoners whose requests were rejected include Michael Avenatti, Michael Cohen, Bernie Madoff, and R. Kelly.

Michael Avenatti


Michael Cohen

Bernie Madoff

R. Kelly


Misleading Statements By Barr

Barr made several other statements that were extremely misleading.

He said, for example, that only six federal prisoners had tested positive for COVID-19 – and that all six of them had been isolated.

But what he failed to say is that the BOP has only tested those prisoners who had extreme conditions – which means that there are likely quite a few more prisoners who have COVID-19 than the six he mentioned.

He also failed to note that the BOP was isolating any other prisoners who had direct contact with the six who are known to have COVID-19 – and that none of them had been tested.

When asked about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Barr said that the BOP had a sufficient amount of materials on hand at all prisons at the outset of the crisis – but that the current supply would only last another 30-45 days.

That  statement flies in the face of the Correctional Officers union – which has complained that many federal prisons have already run out of masks, gowns, and protective jumpsuits.


Barr Also Guilty of Errors By Omission

Barr also failed to address one of the biggest problems in terms of the spread of the coronavirus in federal prisons: i.e., the admission of new prisoners.

Although the BOP has imposed a 30-day freeze on transferring inmates from one federal prison to another, it is still admitting new prisoners on a daily basis (That’s precisely how the first reported case of COVID-19 was introduced at MDC).

Signs left behind by protesters at MDC in February 2019

Which really makes no sense.

Since any defendant who was considered a “flight risk” or a “danger to society” was already incarcerated prior to trial, this means that the ones who were not on pre-trial detention did not fall into either of those categories.

So, why not put all newly convicted defendants on home confinement until we get through this coronavirus crisis?

Or does that just make too much sense?


Coming later today: Another update on Federal Prisoner #57005-177.

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  • Not sure who does the “art” work for this blog but I’ve seen better talent from pre-school kids. Just sayin.

  • Wow! Gotta give it to you, Clav, and the FR team for having the courage to put your words behind your conviction and reaching out to help Federal convicts.

    While a percentage of these inmates may present a danger to society, it appears that essentially a DEATH PENALTY is being conferred on many who didn’t commit a Capital Offense — even if they are guilty of the crimes for which they are lesser sentenced.

    The case of John Tighue leaps to mind. My God, the man duly reports murder and statiatory rape confessions made on his blog (by the infamous “RAT,”
    from a VPN within the NXIVM neighborhood, a near-death POISONING incident ensues followed by bogus criminal computer trespass charges, a sure frame-up for alleged possession of kiddie porn on a single computer file, pleas and goes to prison and although he’s at extreme high-risk to DIE from contracting the Covid-19 virusdue to his medical condition, his alleged “sex crime” might disqualify him from release or transition to spare his life?!

    John was just beginning to investigate Gina and Kris Snyder’s deaths — compelled, in part, by THE RAT’s information he promptly shared with Roger Kirsopp — who promptly phoned Clare & Sara Bronfman’s counsel, Steve Coffee.

    Imagine how many lives might have been spared from death
    or destruction — Pam Caffritz, Barbar Jeske, all the DOS victims — had those swamp toads, lead by DA P. David Soares, acted like actual, law enforcement officials and investigated both sides instead of literally shooting the messenger to cover their own coorupt, corroded asses.

    John T’s BLOOD is on their hands as surely as Barbara’s and Pam’s.

    • Your comments are a bit extreme.

      John T does reportedly have diabetes, but it’s also controlled diabetes and not uncontrolled.

      Only 7% of all people with diabetes are dying from this virus, which means there’s a 93% chance he’d survive even if he got the virus. That’s hardly a high percentage chance at death, Heidi.

      But then again, Democrats like you hate to be given FACTS.

      BTW, he’d also be more likely to develop complications from the flu and die, when compared to healthy inmates.

      This virus is not ebola.

      You’re kinda over-dramatizing it, but then again, you’re an actress by nature so I guess ‘drama’ is your main thing.

      Have a good day.

      • Cuck-a-doodle-doo!

        John T. has multiple, life-threatening medical issues and, as I’ve come to realize, is an innocent man.

        Not quite sure why Frank hasn’t published a post I sent over a year ago theorizing in detail how and why he was set up on the kiddie porn charges…3 years before Kristin Keeffe left NX.

  • Better to just let this thing play out cuz in a couple months there will be herd immunity inside each prison, which will protect everybody going forward.

    We need this thing to play out like the flu does.

    Minimal deaths will happen (less than 1%) and only the sickest inmates will die. These are the oldest/sickest guys who can already die from other things, including getting a shank put up their butthole.

    Methinks that Claviger spends too much time thinking about the welfare of criminals.

    What he really wants is to release ALL inmates except murderers convicted with DNA evidence. He just doesn’t believe in jail time for guilty people unless they are the worst of the worst.

    He’s just not brave enough to ADMIT this fact cuz he knows it’ll sound crazy.

    Guess what?

    If you don’t wanna be in federal prison (during the kung-flu crisis) then don’t commit a felony. Simple. 🙂

    We have thousands of traffic deaths due to people driving for non essential reasons yet we don’t ban driving for non essential reasons.

    Dying and elderly deaths is just part of the world.

  • Kim Snyder
    Why would they release Rainere? That would a horrible situation for everyone. Why is he such an interest to everyone? He is scum- he has raped/seduced/drugged and killed people.
    Keith is NOT even a suggestion for release, he was just convicted. Why would you even suggest that he be released? That is stupid Frank. This is a really stupid idea.
    Frank you have more to work on than this. This guy is NOT up front release. Why would you even spend time on this yuts? He is NOT NOT NOT up for release.
    Please do for the families what you promised!!!!!! Leave this yuts in jail!!!!!

  • In case any of you feel that I am Draconioan towards convicted felons, Lieutenant Ratish Prasad a family friend, while serving in the US Navy, was robbed and murdered on board his ship, the USS John Hancock DD-981.
    He was the paymaster doing night watch while the ship was in port\ at Mayport Naval Station in Jacksonville.
    Pay day was coming up and the ship had 100,000 dollars of cash and 1000 blank checks stamped with the ship’s name and number.
    The murderer was Chief Petty Officer Ruben Colon.
    The NCIS found all of the loot in Colon’s safe deposit box at a local bank.
    Colon has spent over 30 years in prison.
    He ought to spend thirty more years in prison.
    I attended Lieutenant Prasad’s funeral in Illinois and my brother flew in from Germany to attend the burial series in Arlington National Cemetery.
    Lieutenant Prasad was the first person of the Hindu faith buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
    Here is Lieutenant Prasad’s story.
    Real NCIS | E10 | Prasad Case

    • Where is Lieutenant Ratish Prasad’s killer now?
      Inmate ID #40742-066
      Source: Public
      Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) – Cumberland

      Life in prison
      Cumberland, Maryland
      Ruben Colon is an inmate currently at the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) – Cumberland, located in Cumberland,MD. If you are wishing to visit, the visitation hours are limited by the security level of the facility; please call 301-784-1000 to get the latest updates on the visiting application requirements as they change without notice.

      Whenever Ruen Colon is up for Parole, Ratish Prasad’s sisters visit to testify against him.

      • Thank you for sharing. My husband served along side Ratish on the John Hancock. What happened was a heinous crime and it certainly impacted everyone from the Captain on down on the Hancock. Colon should never be released.

  • Many Federal prisoners are two-legged animals.

    They are dangerous animals involved in extortion, blackmail, drug trafficking, human trafficking, murder and a host of other crimes.

    They either belong in prisons, mental institutions or cages at the local zoo.

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