Worldwide Outbreaks of Disease and Immune Failure Coincide with Rollout of 5G

By Fred

Shadow State writes, “China and its company Huawei intend to use 5G Telecom technology to spy on America and its allies. In fact the US DOJ and its its prosecutors in the EDNY have indicted Huawei in a RICO suit.

“What a RICO charge means for Huawei

“Chinese Telecommunications Conglomerate Huawei and Subsidiaries Charged in Racketeering Conspiracy and Conspiracy to Steal Trade Secrets. Charges also Reveal Huawei’s Business in North Korea and Assistance to the Government of Iran in Performing Domestic Surveillance.”


This is very important information Shadow State has shared.

Note in the last link that Huawei are accused of helping the Iranians with surveillance of their population from 2009, over a decade ago.

There is definitely something going on with China and Iran regarding 5G and the super-surveillance state.

Iran remains the big mystery in the coronavirus drama. I will bet you literally every penny I own (you won’t get rich, don’t get too excited) that Iran already has major 5G tech rolled out.

I have written to the PR agents for Pivotal Commware, Global Results Communications, asking them to confirm that it was indeed they who posted here on Frank Report, accusing me of “fear-mongering” and “false information”.

Pivotal Commware want everyone to believe that using 5G phones are perfectly safe for pregnant women. But is it true?

I pointed out to them that exactly the same accusations were leveled against Chinese whistleblowers who tried to warn the world about this new disease.

Note that the first coronavirus death in the USA was at the Evergreen Health Medical Center in Kirkland, Washington:

Note that this facility is also a few blocks from Pivotal Commware, which first tested 5G “inside the building”.

If you look at Google Maps, you will see that the HQ of this company is in very close proximity to both of the health centers involved in the initial outbreak of coronavirus in the USA.

One of the reasons why these Kirkland patients were not identified as being at risk, was that they had no immediate connection with people who had traveled overseas. This seems to have been a “home incubated” outbreak.

I have warned the PR agents for Pivotal Commware to be honest and transparent in the information they provide, as to exactly when and where their clients were irradiating residential suburbs of Kirkland with 5G technology.

I’m going to be honest myself here: when I first put together the connection with the Kirkland coronavirus deaths and the first trials of “inside the building” 5G, this just seemed an interesting coincidence. When I look at Google Maps, and see that this company’s HQ is within a few blocks — and probably line-of-sight — of the very first two health centers to report coronavirus deaths in the USA, then I think I may actually be on to something. The optics are quite compelling.

Let us watch now and see how Pivotal Commware behave: are they going to be transparent and honest, and reveal all the 5G tests of which they are aware in the vicinity of this outbreak of disease? Or are they going to clam up, feign ignorance, and pretend that these queries do not exist?

If the latter: then you can be reasonably certain that Pivotal Commware were conducting 5G trials in the vicinity of these two health centers, which will go down in history as the sites of the first US deaths from the “coronavirus” outbreak. And somewhere in their project log books, is exact evidence of how much these health centers were radiated, and for how long.

Wherever I have looked, from Tenerife to Lesotho, there has been some kind of connection with coronavirus with 5G. Just look at the following quote:

“As predicted, the number of cases has exploded in dozens of countries. Here, I was forced to show only countries with over 1,000 cases. A few things to note:
• Spain, Germany, France and the US all have more cases than Italy when it ordered the lockdown
• An additional 16 countries have more cases today than Hubei when it went under lockdown: Japan, Malaysia, Canada, Portugal, Australia, Czechia, Brazil and Qatar have more than Hubei but below 1,000 cases. Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands and Denmark all have above 1,000 cases.

“Do you notice something weird about this list of countries? Outside of China and Iran, which have suffered massive, undeniable outbreaks, and Brazil and Malaysia, every single country in this list is among the wealthiest in the world.
Do you think this virus targets rich countries? Or is it more likely that rich countries are better able to identify the virus?

“It’s unlikely that poorer countries aren’t touched. Warm and humid weather probably helps, but doesn’t prevent an outbreak by itself — otherwise Singapore, Malaysia or Brazil wouldn’t be suffering outbreaks.”

The thought simply cannot occur to this author, that the reason why it is only developed countries that are experiencing this pandemic, is that all of them have advanced microwave networks, in fact every single country listed there has at least trialed 5G, including the last three nations named.

Again: I, and many others, predicted worldwide outbreaks of disease and immune failure coinciding with the rollout of 5G. What we are seeing is exactly and precisely in line with our predictions.

If you go back and look, you’ll see historical precedent.

Philadelphia Threw a WWI Parade That Gave Thousands of Onlookers ...

According to Dr. Arthur Firstenberg MD, the so-called Spanish flu of 1918: “… actually began in the United States, at the Naval Radio School of Cambridge, Massachusetts, with 400 initial cases. This epidemic rapidly spread to 1,127 soldiers at Funston Camp (Kansas), where wireless connections had been installed.”

When the time is right, and I’ve done some more research, I’ll post the evidence that microwaves can influence viruses and cause them to mutate, to create “novel” diseases.

Do Microwaves Kill Germs Like Viruses and Bacteria? | LoveToKnow

In the meantime: the ball is in your court, Global Results Communications for Pivotal Commware. Please be aware that I cc’d my email to you to Frank Report, and I’ll be quite happy to publish the whole of it online.

It’s time for you to earn your (presumably not inconsiderable) fees and try spin this this to your client’s advantage. The very best of luck to you.

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  • There has been talk of America buying an interest in competing 5G providers like Sweden’s Ericsson or Finland’s Nokia.
    Concern about Huawei and espionage is share by both the Trump Administration and the Democrats.

    As for Iran’s high infection rate there are allegedly a lot of Chinese workers in Iran and Central Asia building oil and gas pipelines connecting Iran and China as part of China’s Silk Road project.

    Belt and Road Initiative

    • I have myself frequently quoted this official March 2021 target date announced by the Iranians, if you only look. So you believe Iranian government statements on issues like the mass surveillance of the entire population?

      The evidence that Huawei was helping the Iranians monitor their civilian population from 2009 is what you should be noting, plus fact that Meng Wanzhou, Huawei’s superstar executive, was arrested in Canada specifically for violating telecoms sanctions on Iran.

      I am saying that something fishy is going on with Iran, no surprises there; and I am saying that this coronavirus epidemic may actually be a clear indication to the Iranian people that their government is putting in place and testing a far more devastating super-surveillance infrastructure than they’ve ever seen before, with the covert help of the world experts in spying on a vast population, namely the Chinese.

      Iran has at least 41 million mobile internet users, it is a highly sophisticated nation in terms of electronic media consumption:

      Recent riots in Iran really shook that country, and an increasingly frustrated population suffering under sanctions may genuinely be on the verge of a popular revolution — who knows what is going on there. Maybe some of Tehran’s savvy media consumers even read Frank Report for a laugh.

      The South African-based operator MTN was accused by an inside whistleblower of major bribery and corruption in Iran:

      The allegations included supplying Iran with sophisticated military hardware. Nothing of substance has emerged from this evidence, but it shows again that there is murky business with Iran and wireless technology.

      MTN was recently named as one of the companies paying substantial bribes to the Taliban to leave their operations undisturbed, directly funding other attacks on the American coalition there.

      MTN was also named as collaborating with one of the worst militias committing atrocities in the Democratic Republic of Congo — a particularly nasty faction that was running slave labor mines and perpetrating mass rapes. MTN exec Irene Charnley said they were just trying to develop business in the area.

      Charnley was also named as central to the corruption in Iran.

      Now, from 2016 MTN launched major LTE services across Iran. LTE or long-term evolution is the overall strategy that leads straight to 5G and 6G; the following is from

      “MTN Irancell launched the First Wireless Home and Office Broadband network (TD-LTE) in Iran on Wednesday Aug 3rd 2016 during a press conference in the Iranian holy city of Mashhad.

      “MTN Irancell launched its TD LTE network simultaneously in Mashhad and 24 other cities across the country.”

      “There is 4G coverage in 240 areas including 203 cities. This is just after less than two years of receiving the 3G and 4G license,” Alireza Ghalambor Dezfouli, MTN Irancell CEO said on the development.

      Note that this announcement was made in the Iranian holy city of Mashhad. In particular, MTN expanded its 4G LTE network to cover the holy city of Qom, hardest hit by the coronavirus:

      “The company stated that they have now upgraded their cellular radio towers in the center of the city and in the Jamkaran district.”

      One of the “myths” about 5G is that it will make existing networks obsolete. In fact, it will see these networks being used even more:

      “Though 5G promises perks that ride in on the coattails of high speed and capacity, there are plenty of cases where 4G networks will still be more than sufficient. For example, many IoT devices such as sensors may only need to transmit small amounts of data once every hour or day. These can operate on low bandwidth and do not require ultra-fast connections.”

      So let’s just wait and see what happens in Iran, shall we, and what technology they really have in place, before we declare any bets on that nation to be settled.

      Now, I’ve seen very few people querying why RUSSIA has such a low rate of covid-19 infection. Only two people have died in the country, and all the cases seem to have come from outside, mainly Italy:

      Back there, I said: the one thing the Russians got right, was in protecting their population from electromagnetic radiation. The coronavirus pandemic is hitting developed nations, and it’s not because of better diagnosis or better health facilities. The world’s researchers are mystified and are all confidently predicting that poor countries are soon going to experience the same thing. Yet it does not seem to be happening.

      I just heard on the BBC that Russia is locking down all flights into the country, only allowing Russians to remain home. Press reports, in puzzling why the country has had so few new cases, have stressed Russian xenophobia in specifically targeting Chinese people:

      So here is another mystery about the virus that is instantly solved, the moment one applies the hypothesis that this epidemic is being driven by electromagnetic radiation. Russia has always had some of the world’s best protective guidelines against EMR pollution.

      Africa is usually the go-to continent for epidemics – Ebola, TB, HIV/Aids. No problem in spotting these diseases. Yet there have only been four coronavirus deaths on the entire continent:

      “Apart from South Africa and Algeria – which have clusters of transmission linked to imported cases – the confirmed COVID-19 cases in the African region are sporadic importations from European countries, mainly Italy, France, Germany and Spain.”

      South Africa and Algeria both have 5G:

      Are you beginning to get the picture? The moment you look: you see.

      This is why it is so important NOT TO LOOK, and to attack and insult someone who is just looking and putting one and one together. People like me are terrible menaces to society.

      In the meantime: absolute dead silence on all fronts from Global Results Communications for Pivotal Commware.

      This silence only tells me one thing: there’s a problem. And the problem can only be radiation maps showing Pivotal testing its “In The Building” 5G somewhere in the vicinity of the health centres that were Ground Zero for the coronavirus pandemic in the USA.

      The quieter this all goes, the more certain you can be that my hunch is on the money. Would anyone like to bet that Pivotal Commware will helpfully provide their radiation footprints for us to peruse?

      In the meantime, consider: if I’m right, this entire pandemic can literally be turned off at the flick of a switch. Do you think anyone will suggest this? Or even try it? Ha ha. They would far rather kill you, than “alarm” you.

      • Fred, have you yet gotten back to us, like you promised you would, with an explanation of why it is that the Russians are moving forward with their own 5G installations from foreign providers – including Huawei – if they supposedly know something that we don’t? Or is their external propaganda about it just a disinformation campaign to try try to disrupt the West – which you are playing into either out of duplicity, or because you’re just a useful dupe?

        Russia to Rapidly Scale 5G Following Launch of First 5G Networks in 2020

        Huawei Just Launched 5G In Russia With Putin’s Support

        Like most half-baked conspiracy theories, yours fails even the most basic fact- and reality-checking, even though you make it seem elaborate and detailed enough to appear plausible – an interesting propaganda technique that you turn out to be surprisingly skilled at. But of course you believe it as faithfully as the NXians, and others like the Scientologists, believe theirs.

        • I noted long ago that Russia was rolling out its own form of 5G — the point I made, and obviously have to make again, is that it will be done within the stricter EMR guidelines used by the Russians, which are based on biological effects, not just heating.

          And under guidelines like: no smartphone use by pregnant women, or by anyone with a neurological condition like Parkinson’s or epilepsy. And guidelines like: absolutely no mobile phone use by anyone under the age of 18.

          I can assure you, these are the official guidelines, or at least they were a few years ago, when I checked with the government radiation protection commission.

          Everyone is taking precautions about “exposure”. If you know there is a risk, you do everything you can to minimise your “exposure”. This is what the Russians do. Denial is a big river that flows through America. Your approach is based on ignorance, you pretend there is no problem. Nokia and other companies filed patents for shields that would protect handset users from excess radiation. This could have saved many brain tumors, many lives. They kept it a secret, because they didn’t want anyone to worry that there might be a problem. they would far rather kill you, than alarm you.

          The Russians are no fools when it comes to the EMR spectrum and its use as a weapon. They know the importance of protecting kids’ neurological systems, immune systems. This is why they have the guideline, no phones for anyone under 18. Because they acknowledge these issues, they build around a different set of guidelines. They’re far from perfect, and some of the worst microwave irradiation events occurred within the Soviet bloc.

          A classic case was the town of Skrunda in Latvia, which housed two huge military radar installations. The town provided a perfect case study of microwave irradiation, as kids on one side of town were far more heavily radiated than the others. One of many Skrunda studies showed that every single one of these radiated kids showed physical stunting and cognitive problems. Cattle showed severe chromosomal abnormalities. Trees were stunted, and tree ring analysis showed that the stunting started with the radar operation.

          When the Soviets left, the Latvians blew up the radar system, with a special piece of music to commemorate the event:

          And as I’ve stressed, the KGB got its knowledge of frequencies by extensive human experimentation and torture of political and psychiatric prisoners, as well as dissidents irradiated in their own homes.

          The Brits in the 1980s radiated entire populations of Catholics in Northern Ireland to keep them docile and make them ill. Go and research the cancer rates there, they were the highest in the world. An article on how “Cancer stalks the streets” of Catholic Ulster neighborhoods drew attention to the issue. A couple of medical doctors at the time accused the Brits of radiating the population, but no one took any notice.

          All I’m saying is: the Russians are not going to do this deliberately to their own kids, in the way that the Americans are doing. Just acknowledging the existence of the issue makes all the difference in the world. It’s like washing your hands: you AVOID RADIATION.

          • So I checked out what the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection has to say about 5G, and tried to find if they have updated their EMR guidelines. I could find nothing on the latter; so I assume that the existing guidelines still hold. These provide at least two orders of magnitude more protection than the FCC thermal guidelines.

            Here’s a recent post where Prof Oleg Grigoriev, chairman of the RCNIRP, advocates warning stickers on phones and other sources of EMR:


            He specifically wants warnings for pregnant women to avoid fields, here are the stickers:



            This site also quotes Prof Grigoriev as saying that “5G may be like a slow Hiroshima.” This seemed quite a strong quote, and the page they reference did not have a source, so I dug some more, and came up with this tweet from August 6, 2019:


            The tweet reads: “An atomic bomb was detonated in Hiroshima 74 years ago. A good reason to think about the dangers of radiation and the effects of new technologies for life. 5G maybe like as slow Hiroshima.”

            So the quote is quite correct, with the English tidied up a little.

            There’s an horrific video with that tweet on the results of the Hiroshima bomb, take a look at it, and remember what Barrie Trower said — in the long run, microwaves are “much worse, absolutely”, than nuclear war.

            So while the captured FCC chairman in charge of radiation health says we must roll out 5G as fast as possible, without any testing or health standards, his Russian counterpart says — this may be a slow Hiroshima. And I am certain this is exactly the message he gives to his political masters.

            When I have time, I will write to Prof Grigoriev and ask him if he thinks the coronavirus epidemic could have been driven by 5G, and whether the “slow” Hiroshima he envisaged may be happening a bit faster than he expected.

            Here’s a 2018 interview with Prof Grigoriev, in which he says of 5G:

            “But there is no research on its safety. It is scary.”


            These are the only direct comments I can find from him on 5G.

            An oldie but goldie, however, this was a pivotal letter issued in 2008 by the RCNIRP on mobile phones and children:

            It states: “Despite the recommendations, listed in the Sanitary Rules of the Ministry of Health, which insist that persons under 18 years should not use mobile phones (SanPiN 2.1.8/ point 6.9), children and teenagers became the target group for the marketing the mobile communications.”

            So this confirms this recommendation that no one under 18 should ever use a mobile phone; and notes that these guidelines are being openly flouted by the industry itself and its advertising.

            The letter anticipates the following problems in kids in the near future: “Disruption of memory, decline of attention, diminishing learning and cognitive abilities, increased irritability, sleep problems, increase in sensitivity to the stress, increased epileptic readiness.”

            Expected possible future health risks: “Brain tumors, tumors of acoustical and vestibular nerves (in the age of 25-30 years), Alzheimer’s disease, ‘got dementia’, depressive syndrome, and the other types of degeneration of the nervous structures of the brain (in the age of 50 to 60).”

            I puzzled for a while about “got dementia”, and finally realised they mean “acquired dementia”. Prof Grigoriev uses this term subsequently.

            Just 23 hours ago, Prof Grigoriev put out a tweet reiterating: “Don’t use smartphones for educational purposes until age of 18.”

            This is in response to kids being quarantined out of school, he’s saying, don’t give them homework on smartphones. This is truly crucial advice — while people are sheltering from viruses, they will be busy radiating themselves in their own houses. Stay wired.

            I hope this is enough to convince you that the Russians have an entirely different attitude to 5G than does the West. If an environment has a permanent wi-fi field, they want to have stickers saying: pregnant women, stay out of here.

            Do you detect a difference between this and Pivotal Commware’s advertising, cynically using a pregnant woman to suggest how safe it all is?

          • Where are those supposed “stricter EMR guidelines” that show that the foreign companies rolling out 5G in Russia are doing it any differently than they did in the rest of the world. Or do you just trust faithfully that your Russian comrades always have the best interests of the workers and the proletariat at heart?

            Qualcomm partners with Russian mobile industry for mmWave 5G network in Moscow
            “High-band mmWave 5G, capable of supporting massive capacity, super-fast speeds and low latency”

            Ericsson Trumpets 44 5G MoUs Following Russia and China Signings

            In fact, it looks like what you are claiming may be the opposite of the truth – which fits with the old Soviet Union’s long track record of callous disregard for safety and the environment in the pursuit of industrial development:

            “Most countries around the world have adopted RF exposure limits that are roughly similar to present FCC limits. FCC and similar limits are designed to avoid established hazards of RF energy that result from excessive heating of tissue. A few countries (for instance Italy, Belgium and India) and cities (such as Paris) have adopted lower limits on “precautionary” grounds (roughly described by the rubric “better safe than sorry”).

            These are, in part, a political accommodation to concerned citizens, and in part a hedge against the possibility that low level or “nonthermal” hazards might be demonstrated in the future. Russia and some of its former Warsaw Pact allies also have much lower exposure limits, an inheritance from the old Soviet Union.”


        • AnonyMaker: You provide a quote that exactly substantiates what I say, and then claim that this proves the opposite of what I’m saying. God, this is so tedious. So let’s work our way backwards, shall we.

          You quote Kenneth Foster in Scientific American — Kenneth Foster, a long-time consultant, shill and stooge for the wireless industry. And as I’ll show next, an outright liar and fraudster whom I have publicly challenged.

          Foster says EXACTLY what I’ve been saying: “Russia and some of its former Warsaw Pact allies also have much lower exposure limits, an inheritance from the old Soviet Union.”

          So we can presume, on Foster’s industrial-strength authority, that these “much lower exposure limits” still pertain and will apply to 5G, exactly as I said. So Russia has a degree of protection far greater than Western countries from EMR. And I am saying: this may to some extent explain why Russia has had so few covid-19 cases, even if they’ve hidden some of them away.

          Thank you for providing evidence that precisely confirms what I was saying. Now let’s examine your source.

          Take a look at this video, showing that a 2014 paper by Kenneth Foster and C-K Chou, another long-term industry stooge and former head of Motorola Lab, appeared to be entirely fraudulent and completely misstated the studies it purported to be reviewing:

          Most studies show that children’s heads absorb more radiation than adults’ heads. This is an inconvenient finding for industry, so their shills get to work to review the literature. What they do is systematically LIE, and invert the results, and then claim that these studies show the opposite of what they actually reported.

          You can read the full analysis of this apparent blatant fraud here:

          I had face-to-face dealings with C-K Chou at an international conference over a decade ago, where (as I described earlier) he boasted about how he blinded rabbits with microwaves, and then burned holes in the faces of monkeys before they went blind. He gave this as evidence that cell phones are safe for humans. I looked at these horrific pictures of animal torture, and vowed that I would nail C-K Chou if it was the last thing I did on this planet.

          So I also publicly accused this pair of fraud, and sent them both a copy of my accusations. Chou responded by saying that Foster had prepared the graphs. Foster responded (to another critic) saying that he had reworked the absorption figures, and would provide details. None have been forthcoming. These charges of systematic fraud therefore stand.

          Now, what is significant here is that C-K Chou’s talk at this conference was all about “harmonizing standards”, which sounds lovely. In fact, this mostly meant trying to bash the Russians and their guidelines for messing up their “harmonization” of global standards.

          I well remember the last slide on Chou’s presentation (I have the whole thing on file, including the pictures of the blinded rabbits and burned monkeys).

          The last slide showed the sun, and Chou said: “There can only be one sun in the sky. There can only be one set of standards worldwide.”

          HIS standards, worked out for engineering convenience at Motorola Lab. One sun to rule them all.

          If you only knew how rigged the FCC and ICNIRP/WHO standards are, for engineers. First: they are expressed in terms of energy flow per square centimetre. This is because these engineers only look at heating, and so they only want to show how much energy flows into a tissue sample in a given time. So they quote values in milliwatts per square centimetre, indicating the energy flow per second across the surface area.

          The Russian standards are based on the instantaneous value of the electric field, and insist that this field must be lower than a certain level at all times. So they quote their standards in volts per metre, an instantaneous value.

          The ICNIRP standards are based on six minutes of heating. Now: if the engineers emit a very intense burst of radiation that only lasts a short while, then it doesn’t register much on the heating scale. Yet that burst may have electrical intensities way, way in excess of any levels found in the body.

          In very much the same way that Volkswagen faked their emission standards, so can engineers fake their radiation levels: they put out very intense bursts at high levels for short periods, knowing this will not register much on the heating scale, no matter that it will be drastically affecting neurological and cellular functions.

          So just the units these different guidelines use, tell you volumes about the actual utility of these standards, as well as the mindset of the “standards bearers”.

          Remember: if a tower is radiating under FCC guidelines, then no local authority in the USA can make a single move against that tower, no matter that there’s a cancer cluster underneath it, no matter that kids may be dying around it, no matter that dead bodies are piled up around it.

          A Brazilian study in the city of Belo Horizonte found literally thousands of excess cancer deaths above the baseline around towers, the mortality rate rising steadily as people lived closer to a tower. I’m not exaggerating in the slightest here.

          A local authority in America that even SAYS something about a tower radiating under the FCC limits, risks being sued by the telecoms operators under federal law per the 1996 Telecoms Act. In other words: an engineering guideline absolutely nullifies all rights you have, including the right to free speech.

          An engineering guideline that was originally developed to provide half an hour’s safety for a military radar operator standing over six feet tall, is now elevated to a 24/7 standard that is safe for little babies to sleep in (see slide 42 of the historical presentation below). This is absolute insanity, and this is the American way, the Foster and Chou way.

          So can I ask: please: I know that what I am saying here is a grave inconvenience and distraction from normal life glued to a smartphone. But if you are going to argue with me, and if you’re going to produce liars and fraudsters to back you up — to allege that I’m claiming “the opposite of the truth” — can you at least choose an example where these fraudsters are not forced to tell the truth and say that Russia has far more stringent guidelines? Which is EXACTLY what I’m saying?

          I honestly do not know if this stupidity is deliberate, or whether you are just firing off the first thing that you find and imagining that it’s meaningful. Someone threw that infamous Danish cohort study at me — this has been so thoroughly debunked, and proven to be absolutely wrong by professional epidemiologists, who reworked it to prove that handset use does correlate with brain cancer, and proven to be a blatant fraud in that these researchers went to the US wireless industry, touting the fact that their study could be guaranteed to find no problem.

          Pointing to this study just demonstrates absolute ignorance.

          But I tell the story all over again, with all the links, showing how these Danes went to Dr George Carlo when he was acting for the wireless industry, and tried to get funding for their rigged study. They eventually got the money from Danish Telecoms. And oh boy, did industry get value for money, that study is still out there and fooling people, despite many demands for its retraction, as I documented for you.

          Just get something straight: as Frank will assure you, I am absolutely fucking no one from absolutely fucking nowhere, OK? I just have always been fascinated by wireless technology, this led to a degree in physics, then a career as a physics teacher, including several years lecturing at university level.

          However: my research in the 1980s was on the language of the science classroom, and this was where I got fascinated by the concept of “attention” and how you measure it. I didn’t have a clue that ADD among kids would become a worldwide pandemic.

          Apart from radio ham warnings not to work on microwave transmitters with the lid off, lest you cook your eyeballs, I never worried much about RF exposure — until cell phones came along, and I realised, watching little kids putting powerful microwave transmitter against their heads, and talking for hours and hours a day, that there was going to be severe trouble.

          I was going to be a ship’s radio operator and travel the world. At age 15 I knew all the City & Guilds certificate technical material to pass the exam. I could take Morse code at 40 words per minute, virtually in my sleep. However, there was one final condition: you had to be able to touch-type and take Morse code at speed on a manual typewriter, clacking away over the dots and dashes. So as a teenager, I taught myself proper touch-typing from a How To book, and then sat for hours with headphones on, taking Morse from news wire stations and shipping broadcasts at speed with my eyes shut.

          This means that I can still type very, very fast. Far too fast. I can type much faster than I can think.

          This causes great problems for me, because answering these absolutely idiotic issues takes time and space, and I can very rapidly produce a long message like this, to bore everyone stupid.

          Is this the point of your intervention? Just to be stupid, and waste my time and everyone’s energy and attention, when you provide proof that I am right, and then somehow think you’ve proved me wrong?

          In the intelligence game, getting the other guy to think you’re a bit stupid is regarded as one of the highest abilities of an agent.

          So are you really this dumb? Or just pretending rather well?

          Do you understand the stakes here? I honestly think I’ve stumbled across a possible explanation for this coronavirus outbreak in the two hospitals at the epicentre of the US epidemic, both located within a few blocks of the company that first demonstrated 5G “inside the building”.

          That company stuck its nose in right here, on Frank Report, and has now disappeared. If you want to do something useful, put pressure on Pivotal Commware to come clean and reveal exactly when, where and how they conducted their trials of “inside the building” 5G in a residential neighborhood of Kirkland, Seattle. Their dead silence indicates to me that there is a real problem.

          If there’s no problem, and they conducted their trials miles away, and are open and transparent and provide all the documentary evidence, I’ll be the first to concede and stand down. I’ll do it right here.

          But if they were radiating near these hospitals, shortly before the outbreak … this could be top world news, in the middle of the greatest pandemic lockdown this planet has ever seen.

          There are intelligent people watching this debate. I know they’re intelligent because they’re keeping quiet. Please do not be an idiot in front of everyone, and waste everyone’s time proving that you know nothing. I am quite sure I irritate a lot of people. They are entirely welcome to stop reading what I say, I couldn’t care less, I’m only writing for people who are awake.

          But if you just want to open your mouth and spout rubbish for the sake of spouting, there’s no way I am going to waste any further time either reading what you write or responding to you. There is simply too much going on.

  • Is it not common sense that we ban 5G immediately?
    Perhaps the Chinese know how to use it to cause precise mutations of viruses.
    Kick China out and be safe.
    I think Diane Feinstein a rich senator, whose driver was a Chinese spy,
    would disagree.
    And AnonyMaker, the troll on this site.
    Maybe he was her driver.

  • I don’t discount what you’re saying but let’s not assume that China is the only country that has deeply invested in mass surveillance.

    • “Scott Johnson” — on my version of this forum, not every comment has a “Reply” button underneath it. AnonyMaker’s comment was a case in point, so I went down to the next “Reply” button in the thread. To make sure that there was no confusion, for the first time on this board I addressed the person directly: “AnonyMaker”, I said, so there could be no confusion.

      So OF COURSE you think you can jump in and make a clever and sarcastic comment. Do you not understand that this just shows how dumb you are being? Really, I know you are practising your Father Christmas act and going “ho ho ho” out loud with everything you read — literally, every post you make, you say LOL — it must be fun to lead such a jolly life in the time of coronavirus.

      Just understand that some of us are a bit more serious, and are working a little harder to research a global calamity. I spent the whole of 2019 warning people precisely that global calamity was coming in 2020, with the rollout of 5G. I said over and again, 2019 is the last full year of the human race, use it wisely. Not a single thing I am seeing here is any kind of surprise to me. I am still waiting to see the suicide statistics, because a proliferation of towers is always accompanied by suicides, often teens and young people.

      Bristol University has been trialling 5G for three years; they’ve had 13 student suicides in that time.

      I’ve been looking at Harlem, where I knew there was a 5G test bed, but it’s hard to get stats, there’s just a story about a 13-year-old kid assaulting a Chinese person over coronavirus. However, Westchester in NY seems to be the hardest hit by the epidemic, and if you take just one look, you’ll find that Westchester is especially densely covered by 5G, this undated document states that they had plans to “deploy a network of 81 proposed low-powered antennas called ‘nodes’ that sit close to the ground”:

      Nice and close to the residents. So again, where I look, there’s a connection with 5G.

      And then I am faced with idiots who think they’re clever. So listen, “Scott Johnson” — I am not going to remain anonymous forever, there are very good reasons for this at the moment, nothing to do with the coronavirus, more to do with people in my very small neighborhood with underground bunkers and very possibly guns, capisce? Ex-military types who will be extremely angry with some of what I’ve written.

      I’m just responding to this particular comment of yours, because it’s dumb even by your low standards. They say that he who laughs last, laughs loudest — so why don’t you save your LOLs for the day you actually have something intelligent to contribute, instead of just trolling people who are doing research. And showing that you don’t even understand how a forum works.

      There you are, you can start laughing now. It would normally please me to give simple people such pleasure, but you are really, really becoming boring. I’m quite sure you’ll have a LOL comment to make — why not surprise and amaze all of us, and keep it to yourself this time?

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