Harvey Weinstein Has Coronavirus

Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein has tested positive for the coronavirus at his new prison near Buffalo NY, according to a report today by my old friend and top-flight reporter, Joe Mahoney.

Weinstein, 68, is now in isolation at the Wende Correctional Facility. It marks a return to the town he got his start in during the 1970s.

Mahoney reports:

Oscar-winning movie producer Harvey Weinstein, now one of New York’s most notorious prison inmates after being sentenced for sexual assault, has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, according to officials connected to the state prison system.

Weinstein, who turned 68 last Thursday is being isolated at Wende Correctional Facility in western New York, officials told CNHI Sunday.

He is one of two Wende inmates who have tested positive, the officials said.

Weinstein is serving a 23-year sentence for rape and sexual assault in a prosecution that attracted world-wide attention amid the #MeToo movement.

Officials familiar with his situation said it is believed Weinstein was positive for the virus when he entered the state prison system last Wednesday from Rikers Island, a New York City jail.

Weinstein was sent to Wende, where the prison system operates an intake center for new state inmates. Inmates are typically sent to other facilities from there after medical and security concerns are assessed.

Weinstein was accepted by the prison system last week following his sentencing at a Manhattan courtroom. During his trial, he had been alternating his time between Rikers Island and a New York City hospital, where he was treated for high blood pressure and chest pains.

Michael Powers, president of the New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association (NYSCOPBA), said he could not comment on Weinstein’s situation or elaborate on any inmate’s health record due to privacy rules.

Powers acknowledged the union has urged state corrections officials to immediately suspend all “non essential” transfers of inmates from one state facility to another as well as the transporting of local jail prisoners to the state prisons during the ongoing health emergency.

“There is no better breeding ground for this virus than a closed environment such as a correctional facility,” said Powers.

The Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, the agency overseeing state facilities, declared last week it is suspending all visits to prison inmates to counter the spread of the virus.

The officials who said Weinstein has tested positive spoke on the condition of anonymity, noting they were not authorized by the corrections agency to publicly comment on the situation.

Powers said three state corrections officers are among those who have tested positive and numerous officers throughout the system are being monitored after coming in contact with people believed to have been infected, he noted.

The corrections officers being monitored include 58 NYSCOPBA members in the Hudson Valley, including 28 assigned to the maximum security Green Haven Correctional Faciity, Powers said.

… Weinstein … is in prison for raping an actress in 2013 and performing oral sex on a production assistant in 2006.


With Harvey’s already enfeebled physical condition, it’s possible that he might not make it out of Wende to stand trial in California. His trial is likely to be delayed for some time in any event.

As for the source of this story, Joe Mahoney, he covers the New York Statehouse for CNHI’s newspapers and websites. He can be reached at jmahoney@cnhi.com.

Joe also used to work for the NY Daily News and was located in Albany for years. I met him during my days in Albany working as a consultant for Nxivm and we remained friends over the years. One of the best reporters in the business, if he reports Harvey has coronavirus, he got it from a reliable source.

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  • Don’t Laugh, Cry

    Many cities are considering releasing criminals to halt virus infections in jails, filling our streets with rapacious violent criminals.

    This is the Democratic party’s idea of Utopia.

    Cities run by criminals while good people cower in their homes in fear.

  • DISSEMINATION PLEASE! It is the best and most complete message that we can make viral, to see if this is understood. This is the opinion of Quique Caubet, a doctor in the Val d’Hebron (Spain). Let’s see, friends, I’m going to try to explain the situation we have with this pandemic. I have the information that I am going to transmit to you through medical colleagues that I have throughout Spain, who have been alarming this for weeks and for having access to scientific information.

    I do not want to alarm anyone, we are all adults and each one will decide what to do, but I cannot let my friends make decisions regarding such an important issue knowing that they do not have all the information. Why is COVID-19 extremely dangerous? What determines the danger of an infectious agent is the combination of 3 factors: the vector of contagion, morbidity and mortality. COVID-19 has a contagion vector between 1.5 and 2.5, that is, 3 times higher than influenza. Which implies that its spread is geometric: 1-2-4-8-16-32-64-128-256 … but worst of all, unlike influenza and SARS, which was the last epidemic due to 2003 coronavirus, this is also spread during the two weeks of incubation, before even having symptoms. As for the morbi-mortality, it is as follows. One thing must be clear: WE ARE ALL GOING TO BE INFECTED BY COVID-19 in the next three months. Now, of every 1000 people, 900 will pass it asymptomatically, including children and young people. 100 will show symptoms. Of those 100, 80 will pass it like a very screwed up flu: dry cough, headache and muscle, that is, two or three weeks at home worse than a dog. Of the remaining 20, 15 will develop bilateral pneumonia with difficulty breathing, which will require hospital admission to administer bronchodilators, corticosteroids, and oxygen.

    The remaining 5 will develop pulmonary fibrosis that will require immediate admission to the ICU with assisted breathing. Of those 5, 3 will die. And the two that are saved will present sequels that will possibly force a lung transplant. These are the figures that are currently handled in the western scientific community, since the data in China has been worse, but because its health is not so prepared. Seen like that it doesn’t seem that serious, does it? The problem is that, unlike the flu, to which a part of the population is vaccinated and also attacks progressively throughout 5 months a year, this infection is a wave (See Italy) So that in two-three months all infections will occur. So we already have the data to do the math. Of the 40 million Spaniards, only 4 million will have symptoms. Of which 3,200,000 will have a bad flu at home. 600,000 will need hospital admission with oxygen. And 200,000 will need ICU.

    The problem is that in Spain there are, between the public and private health systems, only 200,000 hospital beds and 3,800 ICU beds. Do you see the problem? The real problem is not the disease itself, despite the fact that it has a significant morbidity and mortality, but, due to its epidemiological characteristics, it comes in a rush infecting a whole population that has no previous immunity in a matter of 2-3 months, COLLAPSING THE SANITARY SYSTEM … !!!! This means that when hospital beds and ICUs are full, it will be necessary to apply what is known as War Medicine, that is, when for each bed that is free there are 7 people waiting, professionals will have to decide, who they already attend who are sent home telling them that they will send them a doctor and an oxygen cylinder, which will never come because they will also be finished. That decision will be made based on age and general condition. That is, the youngest will be chosen, who will have a better chance of survival. This without counting the rest of serious and urgent pathologies: heart attacks, strokes, traffic accidents, etc. all this without beds and without ICU. This looks like a science fiction movie, but this is happening RIGHT NOW in northern Italy.

    Country that two weeks ago was like us now, let us not forget. Healthcare in Madrid has already collapsed. They are telling the population that if they have symptoms, do not go to hospitals or health centers or call 112, but rather call 900 102 112. There are people who have been calling all morning and cannot get their phone picked up . It is expected that, at the rate it is spreading, Spanish Health will collapse in early April. This is the situation. What to do then? This is a lottery, it is difficult for you to touch, but the more tickets you buy, the more possibilities you have. Therefore, what you have to do is NOT BUY BALLOTS. In other words, for the next few weeks, go exclusively to work and buy from the supermarket when necessary. Do not eat outside, do not go to any gathering of people, do not use public transport. It will only be a few weeks. You may be wondering: if we are all going to take it, why isolate ourselves so much?

    As you will see, whether a person suffers the disease asymptomatically, such as the flu or needs hospitalization, depends fundamentally on the age and immune status of the patient, but also on a concept called “viral load”, that is, the amount of millions of viruses that have entered our body at the time of infection. The higher that viral load, the more damage the virus can do to our lungs as our defenses organize and make the antibodies to defend themselves. Obviously it is not the same to kiss an infected person, directly breathe pflügge droplets from an infected person or touch an object where those droplets have fallen 3 hours ago and then touch our faces. Therefore, we will try that, when we get infected, the viral load is as low as possible. That is why it is recommended not to attend meetings of people or public places. Remember about the “viral load”: try to avoid public transport, meetings, meals outside, etc. for the next few weeks.

  • California, New York and Washington State are calling out the National Guard.

    Will they be given shovels to scoop out all of the poop left in the streets by the homeless and the drug addicts?

  • Does Weinstein have any symptoms?
    Eighty-Six percent of those who test positive for the virus have no symptoms.
    And of those who have symptoms most survive.
    America’s prisons are not noted for their hygiene
    And since Weinstein was recently living in Riker’s island in the heart of America’s Proud Global City, New York City, why should anyone be surprised that he has Coronavirus.?

    Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky has tested positive and he has no symptoms.

    • When announcements came about Weinstein testing positive for the virus, I read a good half-a-dozen news outlets covering it. One source said that Weinstein told prison staff at Wende that he thought that he had coronavirus, right as he arrived there. So I got the impression that he was tested, not at random, but because he said that he suspected that he was infected.

      Late last night I tried to find where I’d read this but didn’t succeed in finding it again, or I would quote it here.

  • Nice report, Frank.

    His age isn’t too bad (under 70). Based on age alone, he’s probably got a 3% chance at death.

    But as you mentioned, his pre-existing conditions (heart disease, high blood pressure and certainly high blood sugar) means he’s got a much higher chance of dying from COVID.

    Having heart disease alone represents a 10% chance of death among COVID patients, regardless of age.

    But having multiple ailments combined (heart disease, high blood pressure and high blood sugar) means his chances for death are probably double (compared to heart disease alone) —- based on some of the figures I’ve seen so far.

    So I’m guessing he’s got about a 20% chance at death.

    But that also means he’s 80% likely to survive.

    …and with so many doctors by his side from the start, I’m giving him an extra 7% chance to live.

    Thus, I’m giving Harvey an 87% chance to survive.

    Those aren’t bad odds. Hopefully we’ll see him in California soon.

    • You are grossly overestimating his chances of survival; probably because you are underestimating the danger of this virus. Weinstein fall squarely into the demographics of the vast majority of people who have died in Italy.

  • They’re Epsteining him anyone surprised? Anyone care if Weinstein is ‘forced’ suicided?

    When he is found hanging from a bed sheet in his cell they will say he suicided himself by the corona virus.

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