Kim Snyder: Nxivm Had a Huge Hand in Kristin Snyder’s Death – but Case Remains Unsolved

Kim Snyder

By Kim Snyder

The single most shocking thing that occurred concerning the disappearance of my sister, Kristin Snyder – some 17 years ago – other than the disappearance itself – is that her spouse, Heidi Clifford NEVER told law enforcement about the claims of pregnancy by my sister.

No, she never told the cops that Kris had told people she was pregnant with Keith Raniere’s child.

By the way, she never told our family until Frank Parlato got her on the phone with us in 2019.

I do not believe for one second that Heidi was involved in Kristin’s death. But she was neglectful of her and things could have been a lot different if she had not been neglectful.

On the night in which my family and I arrived in Anchorage, after learning belatedly that Kristin had been acting strangely and disappeared, Heidi was wearing my sister, Kristin’s clothing.

I actually made her take them off and give them to me. That included my dad’s sunglasses. Kris’ other clothing had been put in plastic bags and was stored in a wet garage.

On the night in which my family and I arrived in Anchorage, Tami Boyer and Jane Markiewitz picked us up from the airport to take us to Kris and Heidi’s home where we stayed a few days. There were NO tears! Heidi did NOT seem thrown by anything that happened.

My parents stayed upstairs – where Heidi was talking about the “suicide note, instead of telling us the “real” story about the claims of pregnancy my sister made.

We also did not know until later that Kristin went to see Raniere in Albany, NY – just prior to coming to our home in January 2003.

While my parents were upstairs with Heidi, she had told us that we could have any possessions of Kris in the house. I began collecting Kris’ things downstairs.

I found 40-50 of Kris’ beloved CDs smashed on the floor. I began to cry. I got the ones that were still intact and put them in my backpack. I then turned and saw a man sitting on a “white baby blanket” that belonged to Kris and during that time, an argument ensued. I finally got the blanket, however.

The Memorial service was at the Lussac Library in Anchorage. We showed ONLY appropriate photos of Kris. We took the DVD from the ceremony home with us to Dillon, SC.

The Toyota Tacoma Truck that belonged to Kris was sold by Heidi. It was sold – and, according to Heidi, the money was given to NXIVM – – because Kris did NOT finish the last part of the Jan/Feb 2003 intensive payments.

The money was given to them, but we have seen credit card statements which show that Kris paid thousands on her NXIVM bill, along with information that suggest Kris may have gone to Mexico to take a course there!

We were accompanied at the Lussac Library by friends of ours who flew from Minneapolis, MN – and stayed with us at the Inn and Suites in Anchorage until we returned to Dillon, SC.  Once we arrived on our turf, I was able to help prepare for our own funeral mass and public memorial services!  Kris’ whole family were in Dillon for them.

During the searches in Anchorage, we as a family kept friends and family abreast of what was going on, through phone calls, and emails.

Heidi had ALL of her friends at the public memorial at the Lussac Library, in Anchorage, AK. All the while she sat, knowing she had kept the rape and pregnancy story to herself, and the conversation about Kris taking off her wedding ring, and asking Heidi to hold it, because she was pregnant, with Keith’s child.

Heidi has also said “She waved to Kris, from the hotel“ but Frank went to the hotel, and there are NO windows in the conference room at the hotel on the bottom floor where the intensive was held.

Kristin Snyder with her little sister, Kim Snyder.

Heidi also stated “she watched Kris go”, but changed that story to, “Kris was pulled out of the classroom, 4 or 5 times, and Esther and the other instructors kept her away from Kris. She also stated Esther and Ed Kinum told her to give Kris space, that she would snap out of it, and turn the corner, and they also instructed Heidi, NOT to hospitalize Kris, because all she was doing was seeking attention!

When we were in Anchorage, Heidi, knowing that she had NOT told us the truth about the pregnancy, gave over Kris’ Toyota Tacoma Truck for our family to use while we were in Anchorage.

Even though the cops had gotten the suicide letter out of the vehicle, they did NOT check the truck or the house for blood! They didn’t check the house for blood either because no one told them about the suspicious circumstances of her claiming she was pregnant.

The night our family arrived in Anchorage, the house was full of Kris and Heidi’s friends – but no tears! Our family planned the boat memorial. Tami Boyer and Jane Markiewicz, who picked us up from the airport, went with Heidi and me, in a green Subaru car, with car top carrier it had on it – to the boat memorial – because there was little to NO room for me – behind mom and dad in Kris’ truck.

The song that was played on the way to the boat memorial – was the song by Alabama, “In pictures”. It talks about a father going off to war and sending money for his family and missing very special moments with his kids.

I rode back to the house sitting on the small seat behind dad who was driving Kris’ truck because I could NOT put up with any more of the guilting garbage!!!!! The whispering of the false allegation, of a family member….was more than I could handle.

Mom, dad and I left Kris’ house to stay at the hotel to await the memorial at the library.

We ONLY had friends from Minneapolis. Heidi had NXIVM leaders, along with someone that left a very NASTY message in our funeral home book about Kris being molested!

The goal seemed to be to place the blame on the family member and not Raniere.

Heidi admitted to Frank Parlato that the reason she did NOT tell law enforcement about the pregnancy – and hadn’t told Kris’ family – was that she was afraid she would be looked at as a suspect.

Heidi did NOT tell our family until 2019, on a visit to our home, by Frank Parlato!.

Kris did come home, in January of 2003, for what turned out to be a final visit. She was SO euphoric about Keith Raniere – but my parents knew he was full of BULL SHIT!!!!

She bought a book on Cults in Florence, SC – and she and my parents had an argument, and she ran out of the room, and called her NXIVM coach – KAREN ABNEY. We have the relevant phone records.

Kris returned to Anchorage, and no one told us that she was in trouble until after she had disappeared for several days.

If Heidi had only told us that Kris told people, as she claimed – that “she was responsible for the Space Shuttle Columbia“  – my mother and father would have been on a plane for Anchorage, to hospitalize Kris.

Kris was medically NEGLECTED!

My parents and I LOVE Kris. We did NOT push her out of our home. She went to Anchorage to work with the National Guard to teach them to Recycle OIL and GASOLINE!

Kris built her own business – – you can find it online.

Heidi also was Secretary/Treasurer of that company, and she also signed Kris’ health care power of attorney, and Kris’ will, a year before her death in 2002. Frank will publish those documents as well.

Our family has NOTHING to lie about – and does NOT appreciate being lied to all of these years!!!!

Esther Chiappone, Ed Kinum, Karen Abney, Nancy Salzman, and Keith Raniere, I am coming for you!!!!!!!

The first LIE – was the great big red herring: That a family member had molested Kris as a child and that family member, if the lie had gotten back to the correct officials, that family member could have been stripped of his medals he earned serving as a 10 year Marine soldier.

Fortunately, the lie was stopped before it got any further than Anchorage, Alaska.

I am here to set the record straight. NO such heinous act EVER took place with this family member and his child.

This is a HEINOUS LIE, and it came straight from the pits of HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!! The people that were involved in telling that LIE – will meet their maker, and have to account for these HEINOUS LIES on this soldier!!!!! He gave his life for this country. He gave his ALL for family, friends, and countrymen. You don’t tell a HEINOUS LIE like this, with NO evidence to back it up – other than some conclusions by unlicensed therapists doing some cult therapy [they call it Exploration of Meaning]!!!!

This LIE has been very damaging to the Snyder family, but it has NOT destroyed them.

Karen Abney, a longtime member of NXIVM, was Kristin Snyder’s coach.

Then, 16 years later, another HEINOUS LIE comes to light, to shock the heck out of the Snyders – that Kris was telling people that she was PREGNANT with Keith’s child.

If the Snyders had been told that from the get-go, the investigation would have gone in a totally different direction. This, again, was a very shocking story to hear after 16 years.

Everything was left up to the STUPID Malicious Medically Neglectful NXIVM leaders, who would NOT comment after Kris went missing, and when they did comment, they too, LIED!!!!! They have NOT stepped forward to tell the TRUTH – Ed Kinnum, Nancy Salzman, Karen Abney, Esther Chiappone Carlson, and others – you know who are!

According to credit card statements for January/February 2003 – Kris paid $10,820.00 for Nxivm classes and still – despite her disappearance, Nxivm wanted more.

There was no reason for more money to be given to Esther for Kris’ classes.

Besides, the estate was NOT settled.

Ms. Clifford sold Kris’ Toyota Tacoma Truck on April 11th, 2003 to pay for the classes.

Also in April  2003 – Heidi left for the Grand Canyon with Katy Kerri and other women. The photo that Keith Raniere made mention of when he claimed he found Kristin alive is that of Heidi and Katy sitting on a rock.

Esther Chiappone Carlson came from Alaska to Clifton Park.

His so-called private investigators that Keith hired to find Kris, found Heidi in the Grand Canyon instead.  Keith claimed it was Kris to try out another lie that Kris was still alive!

Finally here are my points to consider:

  1. Keith may have been with Kris, per credit card statements, numerous times since Kris traveled to Albany – twice!
  2. Kris was telling people she was pregnant but no one told law enforcement – a shocking omission.
  3. Elaine Smiloff told Frank that Kris told her she was pregnant.
  4. Kris also told Heidi at home
  5. She screamed it out in the intensive.
  6. Kris was NOT abused by a parent! She, nor I, were not abused EVER!!! That is a falsehood that Keith tried to make her believe!
  7. Mom and Dad traveled to Anchorage. I was there as well. We were there through the memorial services – etc. We were never told about her problems while we could have done something about it. We were only told after she disappeared.
  8. Kris was loved by her family – and still is.
  9. No one molested my sister as a child but someone did molest her as an adult [Keith Raniere]
  10. The LIE that she was molested as a child, which Esther came up with following some Exploration of Meaning therapy, was most likely made up by Keith Raniere because he wanted a distraction.
  11. We were told by Kris’ domestic partner, Heidi, that Kris had told her she was pregnant with his child only last year.
  12. Kris disappeared, after being tossed out of the class 4-5 times because Kris was telling people she was pregnant with Keith’s child.
  13. Kris was supposed to be taken home by Elaine Smiloff- did she ever get there?
  14. Kris was medically “neglected”, by Keith and his minions, because they did NOT want Kris to get medical attention.
  15. Elaine Smiloff was to take Kris home and wait with her until Heidi got home, but she did NOT do so.
  16. Kris disappeared from the class – Esther and Ed were in constant contact with Nancy Salzman, in Albany. She was directing them as to what to do. They all had a hand in Kris’ death.
  17. If Kris went home, how did she get back to the hotel to get her truck? Heidi says she was in no shape to drive two-plus hours to Seward, AK. How did Kris get back to the truck – 10 miles from home to the hotel?
  18. When Kris visited us in January 2003 in Dillon, she was so excited about Keith. She was euphoric!!!!! Kris never acted like this before.
  19. When she went to Anchorage, she evidently had an exact opposite mood swing and became despondent.
  20. There have been questions about the “kayak shed”. The Millers of Miller’s landing told Frank that there was NO shed – the kayak was sitting out in the elements.
Barbara Bouchey with Keith Raniere around the time when Kristin Snyder was alive.

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  • Kim, that will cost you 100 Hail Mary’s. And may I ask, are you mad or naw? In all seriousness though, are you sticking to your story that you were the last to talk to your sister? If so, you got some splanin’ to do.

  • Frank-this question is for you-how do you feel about the friendship-relationship between Toni Natalie and Heidi Clifford?

  • Kim Snyder
    Late to the party- your crap and ranting and raving at me- is garbage. You sound so damn ignorant!!!!!!
    Your questions don’t make a bit of sense- in fact, I believe you are. TROLL!!!!!!!!
    If you know so much about NXIVM- why don’t you go to the law and tell them what you know.
    Kris paid her bills- you stupid ass! We found that in the notes and cancelled checks that we have.
    Second of all- if you know me so damn well- my alibi is tighter than a drum! You stupid bitch!
    I was there from day one, remember? I was the last person that Kristin talked to- Heidi didn’t call us for 72 hours- she didn’t report Kris missing for 48 hours. Her stories have changed constantly. A polygraph does need to be done. If you are a cop- why don’t you enforce the law- and make Heidi take one? Stupid ass hole!!!!!!
    My sister built her own business from ground up- wonder what you do as a living- harass people, when you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about?
    My mother spells her name JONNIE- fool! You sound like an ignorant non- educated person.
    Another thing- ass hole- leave my dad out of this bitch! You are screwing with a military family! You don’t know who you are fucking with!!!!!!!
    Kris went missing & NO Heidi & Kris we’re NOT separated. You are a DAMN TROLL just trying to harass people and getting information!!!!!!
    I will NOT stoop to your level anymore. I will NOT answer any more of your stupid assed allegations! You are NOT worth my time BITCH- GO TO Hel!!!!!!!

    • Kim Snydely Whiplash-It is the job of you (even though you are not really related since you are not blood) and any living relative to hound, go to the police, NOT spectators! When was the last time you or your god-fearing drama mama contacted Anchorage and Seward police to see where your sister’s case stands? And be careful Kim Snydely, cuz I know the answer! It’s a big fat fucking NEVER!

      I can see why Heidi Clifford told Mr Parlato “I wanna know why THEY didn’t care”! I wanna know too Miss Snydely! Why didn’t your family care??

      Kim Snydely, you have never been there as a support. You could not take care of yourself then and you cannot take care of yourself now. You are your very own special ed shit show!

      If you were the last person to speak with Kristin Snyder, that would mean you killed her-full stop! If Heidi Clifford did not report her missing until two days after her disappearance then that would mean Kristin Snyder disappeared on the 4th and NOT the 6th as indicated in the state police report! So are you saying Frank Parlato, Heidi Clifford and Kenny Powers are lying about the timeline then and present on the documentary?? Is Heidi and Kenny lying to everyone for some reason? Or are you lying Kim? Cuz its one or the other!
      Heidi Clifford was the backbone and half the assets behind Kristin Snyder’s business. Check your legal documents Snydely!

      Snydely, no where in my comment did I mention your legal father, unless you are claiming Harvey Clifford is your biological dad, is that what you are saying? Which would put a whole new spin on this bedlam soup!

      Snydely-all you have of Kristin’s is what HEIDI wanted you to have. Think about it. But by all means don’t break something trying. And are you claiming Heidi lied in the documentary about their break up and Kristin not living there at the time of her disappearance? I would think Heidi knows who the fuck she was in the sheets with better than you!

      And WTF are you babbling on about like a market square idiot regarding Kristin paid her bills. WTF did I say? Did I stutter like your special ed brethren?! No-I did not! I stated quite clearly the ESP courses were paid UP front using Kristin’s credit card! Which btw does NOT mean Kristin attended those courses! Heidi just ran that shit on you nitwit ninnies in South Carolina! Duh!

      And answer the fucking questions posed previously Kimberly! How is it you and ur mother have pictures take by Interfor from Heidi Cliffords vacation? Who really set up Kristin Snyder’s murder?

      ps Frank-just so YOU know I screenshot Kim Snyder stating SHE has kept critical information from the police about when Kristin really went missing which changes everything. At 1pm today I am contacting and sending this information to Anchorage, Seward and Alaska police departments and am including a link to your blog and Jonnie Snyder’s phone number.

      pps this shit is gettin interestin!

      • Late,
        The person writing the posts using the name Kim Snyder is NOT Kim Snyder. She/he has already admitted that. This same person has written under various names, including Wonder Woman, and she claims to be a friend of the Snyder family (though this seems unlikely.)

          • I’m going to have to go thru the old comments. I may have saved a screenshot of her comments. I’ll post the link as soon as I find it.

          • Late,
            I found this comment:

            Wonder Woman

            February 29, 2020 at 9:59 pm

            Wonder Woman
            Heidi- Great post! Am so sorry for what Keith and his minions have put you and your family through. The Snyders are thinking about you and praying for you. Please Call Kim when you get a chance.
            Heidi- have faith that Keith is where he belongs- and he will stay there. He is a worm on the face of the earth.
            Heidi- kudo’s to Eric- can you send us a photo of him, when you call Kim?
            Please have faith, and know, God is with the victims’ families- each and every day.
            God Bless- Love  Wonder Woman


            This was not specifically the comment I was thinking of, but this one does show that the writer of these comments is not Kim Snyder herself. And you will see the writer has used the same email address to write comments as both Kim and as Wonder Woman.

            If you search thru comments from the end of February and the beginning of March, you may find other similar comments from “Wonder woman/Kim Snyder” that show it’s not actually Kim who writes these comments. In one comment she claims to be a friend of the family.

  • Somewhere a short bus is missing a passenger!

    Good gosh darn where to begin with all the vomited crazy from Kim Snyder.

    First-how many died-in-the-woods lesbians do you know looking for wood?! And for the grocery store baggers or in Kim Snyder’s case bologna beadsters, this is a rhetorical question. And by all means Kim, ask your pew pulpit puppet mom John to look the word rhetorical up at for you.
    Knock knock Kim, is anyone there? Heidi did not mention pregnancy because that story was not invented until a few years ago, therefore there was nothing to tell the police.

    In prior “Kim Snyder” posts on here Kim claims this Tami and Jane couple took her and her family to Resurrection Bay, now there is no mention of that and Kim has them taking only her to the library. Was that a request from her parents to keep her busy? And wasn’t there a dead dog dumped in the Bay too? Or did Kim Snyder forget that ever happened.

    Mr Parlato, can you ask Kim Snyder to name 10 of the CDs she saw smashed/kept herself.

    Knock knock again Kim-is anyone at all there, anyone??? ESP courses were either paid in advance or paid in full at the door, this is simple fact VERY easily proved. Heidi Clifford is a flat-out liar regarding this one. But I can see why, I am sure the Snyders pestered her and pestered her even though they have zero rights to Kristin Snyder’s estate. God has no leverage in the law!

    Kim-your dullard dimwitted timeline is as fucked as a hooker on a Saturday night! Just sayin! According to Kristin’s parents in 2004, Kristin visited them in SC in mid December and purportedly went to Albany in early January! Kim get your goddamn stories straight! You know what straight is Kim Snyder, its that thing your sister wasn’t!

    The Ecologik thing Kim Snyder WAS 50/50 with Heidi, again as Kristin Snyder’s spouse, Heidi gets all the cookies in that jar as well. That’s how the law works Kim and Johngirl.

    A BIG question for the beadie short bus gal at the back of the bus-Kim Snyder-how in the sam heck did Kim or the Snyder’s have access to pictures only Keith, Nancy and Interfor had obtained, unless the Snyder were in on Kristin Snyder’s murder? Are we to believe Heidi (who cannot stand the “backward” Snyders) sent pictures of her vacations to the Snyders AFTER Kristin went missing and was declared dead? Get real with your slow-train-to-nowhere nonsense!

    How about asking some serious questions, like how could Heidi Clifford send an email out saying Kristin Snyder was DEAD only a week after she purportedly went missing? Unless of course Daddy-Says-Im-The-Kisser-Heidi Clifford KNEW she was dead!
    It is clear from Frank’s documentary Kristin Snyder was no longer living with Heidi, unclear why Frank did not pursue that line of question.
    So what REALLY needs to be asked is how long was Kristin Snyder missing before she was reported missing? A few hours? A few days? A few months?? Heidi Clifford care to field that one while taking a polygraph? And I will personally pay to have Heidi Clifford take a polygraph!

    How about it Heidi?

  • The seeds (also known as stones, pits, or kernels) of stone fruits like apricots, cherries, plums, and peaches do contain a compound called amygdalin, which breaks down into hydrogen cyanide when ingested. And, yes, hydrogen cyanide is definitely a poison.

  • Im being punished for my sins as well. wash your hands and your life may still be saved…..can the spooky anonymous person tell us who’s hiding?

  • Can Kim Snyder join the class action lawsuit against Nxivm, and using the note as evidence have the suit amended to include wrongful death of her sister? There are ample examples posted over the past several months that indicate Kristin had psychotic episodes as a result of the “tech”. And if the people in Alaska were called to the stand to clarify and defend their actions, would that not be an interesting starting point for a deeper dive into Kristin’s disappearance?

  • I feel your frustration, Kim.

    There are so many obstacles burying the truth in the NXIVM deaths — with only more dirt being piled on daily — it’s difficult to see your way clear to focus on advancing towards an investigation by any uncorrupted, uncompromised law enforcement officials or professional investigators. (Some of whom are still engaged — wittingly or not — in a no-holds-barred cover-up.)

    Please consider the possibility that the killers —NXIVM — knew exactly what they were doing to BOTH Heidi Clifford AND YOU, your family to distract and mortify you out of taking the correct action.

    They deliberately put you all in fear of being held responsible — starting from before Kristin’s death, IMHO.

    Heidi Clifford could just as easily turn around and ask you why you and your family ‘withheld’ information out of your own incited fears.

    As I’ve stated before, for a small example, I strongly believe a torn photo of me, my sister and my then husband was placed in Gina’s car under the visor on the passenger side where I would find it. It was like a sock in the gut when it dropped in my lap.

    That was the desired, lasting effect. Right, Keeffe?


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    • What language is that Gibberish?

      Here is Google translate:

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  • How the hell did Heidi get home from the WestMark Hotel again? If Elaine dropped Kris off who had the other key to the black truck?

  • Too bad someone couldn’t break down the leaked Nxivm journals to at least collectively study here on the Frank Report. I remember reading some here. Was there ever any more pages left? Plus that long list of intensive attendees could be looked at again. Frank throw some shit on the wall lets see what sticks.

  • “When we were in Anchorage, Heidi, knowing that she had NOT told us the truth about the pregnancy, gave over Kris’ Toyota Tacoma Truck for our family to use while we were in Anchorage.”
    It’s only my meaningless opinion, but this is motive for murder for a few characters written about here on this site. !st. Heidi Clifford for she is the wifey. 2nd Esther Chippone Carlson, the devotee of Vangard and last but not least Keith for he was a holy chaste monk. (not)

    • Yes, Heidi Clifford had the greatest motive for murdering Kristin.

      Let’s look at these motives:

      1) Love/sex triangle (always a motive for murder).

      2) Intense jealously from a sexually awkward lesbian. Heidi Clifford is a lesbian who wishes that she was a man; this makes her jealousy 10 times more volatile than a real man.

      3) Heidi’s own wife was having sex with a REAL man (something that Heidi could never be, but wishes she could be).

      4) Heidi lacks the male ‘equipment’ to satisfy Kristin and it hurt her deeply to find out that Keith was giving Kristin something that Heidi couldn’t — a real penis and not a plastic strap-on dildo.

      5) Kristin was carrying a REAL BABY sired by another man.

      6) Heidi Clifford would’ve been forced to help raise that baby sired by another man. Nobody on Earth would feel ‘good’ about raising a baby that was sired by another man who fucked their wife and gave her endless orgasms.

      *Most men in the USA would be EXTREMELY jealous and angry if their own wife had put them in this type of cheating situation where a baby was sired by another man —- and they had to help raise it.

      Heidi is just as human as any other person. She’s not immune from these OBVIOUS FACTS.

      Frank is an idiot for ignoring basic human instincts. Frank and Kim Snyder aren’t interested in hearing any facts which don’t incriminate Keith Raniere as the sole mastermind.

      They are both 100% ’emotionally invested’ in seeing everything pinned on Keith.

      I’m just surprised they haven’t yet tried to link Keith to JFK’s assassination. LOL.

      Frank is not acting as an unbiased journalist. His whole reputation depends on Keith being guilty of Kristin’s death.

      • While I believe Kristin likely suicided herself, I also believe that IF it was murder, then Heidi Clifford had the greatest ‘motive’ and ‘opportunity’ to do it.

        NXIVM was just a scapegoat written into the suicide note by the real killer to throw police off of her scent, that is, assuming that it wasn’t just a suicide (which it likely was).

      • Bangkok, I believe you’re a worthless coward for chickening out coming on my show after demanding I answer your 11 questions and other questions you subsequently asked. LOL

  • “Heidi Clifford admitted to Frank Parlato that the reason she did NOT tell law enforcement about the pregnancy, and hadn’t told Kris’ family, was that she was afraid she would be looked at as a suspect.”
    That is one sentence that sticks out in my mind as well. It seems like an omission of guilt, doesn’t it? Its also interesting that she chose to say that without the screen blocking her face. She’s like a Dr Jykle and Mrs Hyde. get it Dr, Jykle and mrs Hiedi Clifford. Question to Frank and Kim will Heidi be “burned at the stake for lying?” Just because she may lie does not make her a killer.

  • “The goal seemed to be to place the blame on the family member and not Raniere.” This is a typical divergence Heidi made along with the other suspects. Jane Markowitz and Tammy Boyer. How clever?
    “The Toyota Tacoma Truck was sold, which belonged to Kris by Heidi. It was sold – and the money given to NXIVM – according to Heidi – because Kris did NOT finish the last part of the Jan/Feb 2003 intensive payments.” 16,000 dollars for a couple months payment and that wasn’t enough for Nxivm? How much did that Truck sell for and was it paid in cash or check? Bank records should show a record of nxivm paying Heidi. Shouldn’t your sisters property have gone to you and your family though? Its my understanding that Clifford moved quickly on the presumptive death certificates along with Debby Powers.
    “Kris built her own business – you can find it online.” Wasn’t Heidi Clifford the only other share holder to your sisters business?

  • Nothing NEW to see here, folks.

    Same old, same old accusations.

    Kim Snyder says that she’s now ‘coming after’ Esther Chiappone, Karen Abney, Ed Kinum, Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere —— but in reality, there is NO INVESTIGATION by any law enforcement agency for the SUICIDE of Kristin Snyder.

    So Kim is NOT coming after anybody. It’s an empty threat.

    Besides, Kim still REFUSES to acknowledge that Keith Raniere would NEVER-NEVER-NEVER order his minions to write a suicide note that implicated NXIVM as the source of Kristin’s depression.

    Keith would NEVER tolerate anybody saying that NXIVM’s teachings were the main reason somebody would kill themselves.

    His ego would never allow it.

    If Keith had something to do with Kristin’s death (if it was really ‘murder’ as Kim claims) then he’d have instructed his minions to write a suicide note that didn’t bring NXIVM into the situation at all.

    That’s how I know that Kim is full of BULLSHIT. 🙂

    Kim is holding onto false hope IMO.

    Until a ‘body’ is found or REAL evidence comes forward, Kristin’s death will remain officially listed as a “suicide” —– which means no law enforcement agency will open any investigations or arrest anybody for anything.

    The truth often hurts but it’s still the truth.

    **What about Kim Snyder’s claim of ‘rape’?

    *There’s no evidence that Kristin was raped by Keith. None.

    She was an adult who had sex with Keith and made no complaints about ‘rape’ ever.

    Kim Snyder is not supporting the rape accusation with any facts. Frank is not being a good journalist by failing to mention that there’s no evidence of rape in Kristin’s case.

    Heidi Clifford was the only person with a real motive to kill Kristin (love/sex triangle jealousy) —- but the TRUTH is that Kristin likely committed suicide and was not murdered by anybody.

    The suicide note is likely REAL (written by Kristin).

    Even her family admits that she was acting mentally unhinged near the end of her life. She made all kinds of statements which indicated she was not mentally okay.

    Kim just can’t acknowledge these facts.

    It doesn’t matter if she wasn’t crazy for most of her life. It doesn’t matter if she was perfectly normal growing up.

    It ONLY matters if she was mentally unhinged near the VERY END of her life. ..and she was.

    Kristin Snyder killed herself and was not mentally healthy near the end.

    It’s tragic and sad. But facts are facts.

    Time for Kim to admit these things and begin healing.

    • It is interesting to know that you know exactly what Keith would do and wouldn’t do. Been in the mind of criminals much. Con and con again. You can state your lies all you want, but Keith wanted her out of the way.

      There is no evidence that Kristin was psychotic, or mentally unhealthy. All statements supposedly reflecting that were made by NXIVM members, none of whom had a degree in Psychology or Psychiatry, and therefore uneducated opinions and should not be taken as facts. Just because you repeat it a thousand times does not make it a fact. She may have acted strangely when home at her parents, but that did not approach psychosis and she had already seen Keith by that time. Had he already had sex with her, her legs were clean shaven, or had she just been confused by too much word salad.

      Just exactly how is a woman supposed to act that has been raped by Keith, (and Keith did admit that he thought she was pregnant with his child), and then she finds herself alone, without friends to talk to, being told she has to abort the child, while also being told that she is not pregnant, because Keith does not do those things. The women telling her that had all had sex with Keith and were jealous that they did not get pregnant by him. What a shit load to manage at any age. Tell me, if you are a woman, what is normal behavior in that situation, and what is abnormal. Hard question to answer. Those without sin can cast the first stone!

      All we have been allowed to see is that standard NXIVM recording, Kristin Snyder killed herself, repeat, repeat, etc. If they really believed that why did Keith later try to make it seem that Kristin was alive and well living somewhere else? Even Kris did not believe that Kristin killed herself, she admits as much when she states that she didn’t tell the police about Kristin being pregnant, as they might think her of being guilty. Guilty of murder, that is what NXIVM could have held over her head, to keep her silence, they would blame it on Kris, if she ever said anything.

      Thank you both Peaches and Nutjob for your succinct posts. Somewhere in Alaska Kristin Snyder”s body lies, I hope some day we can give her a decent burial.

      • Thank you, Inspector. How can I reach you to, perhaps, look into my sister Gina Hutchinson’s death, as well?

        (Btw, I think you have a typo in your second to last paragraph, second sentence with “Even Kris didn’t…” and may have meant “Heidi Clifford.”

        Lotta Kris’ in this.

        • Thanks for catching my error, I should have said Heidi Clifford. Also let me apologize for not mentioning Gina Hutchinson’s death, where I think similar methods were used to eliminate Gina who he no longer wanted around. Similar lies were told in each case, no one clueing in the police that there might be reason to think a murder was committed. The police just happy to solve another case, and to close the book. Women typically do not use a shotgun in an attempt to kill themselves. The recoil is pretty bad in a shotgun. Keith was learning in Kristin Snyder’s case as no body has ever been found. Sadly criminals sometimes do learn from their mistakes and try another method to hide the evidence. Unless police departments can ever be persuaded to reopen a case, there is very little chance of getting a closure on either of these two cases. Unless those in the know ever tell what they know.

      • The statements about Snyder’s descent into psychosis and suicidality come from people including her sister, her spouse, and her very good friend and colleague on the outdoors/search team who was an Alaska State Assistant Attorney General not involved in NXIVM.

        There are multiple instances of Snyder’s bizarre behavior and utterances in the last week prior to her disappearance, including her having gone out in the middle of the night to lie in the snow hoping to die, and claiming that she was responsible for the space shuttle disaster.

        I am very familiar with what the processes that NXIVM borrowed from Scientology, can do to people mentally, including inducing false memory syndrome and psychosis.

        It is absolutely established that she had experienced extreme deterioration of her mental state, if the the formality of a diagnosis of psychosis is open to question – but when someone is delusional like that, what else would you call it?

        You have not been paying attention to the details.

        • Kristin’s sister did not say that Kristin Snyder was psychotic. Her behavior had changed, she had already seen Keith before she visited her parent’s home, which they did not know at that time. At that time she believed in his greatness. Her spouse thought she did some strange things, but described nothing that could be classified as psychotic. Thinking of killing yourself is not psychosis, many people do it every day, but don’t commit suicide. Notice that if any of the people really thought she was psychotic, none of them did anything to get her help. Very unprofessional of them. Obviously only by hindsight did they think she might be psychotic and that with a lot of talk by NXIVM members all over the community telling everyone that she was psychotic. The blind misleading the blind.

          Have some understanding about human behavior. A lesbian woman of 35 thinks Keith has some great ideas. It has been reported that the second time she visits, Keith drugs and rapes her. She was not expecting that, she was mad enough about that as evidenced by her walking out of the meeting Keith called. (Someone must have known about this, either from Keith or from Kristin). Worst of all he probably got her pregnant. Can you have any empathy for the situation she now finds herself in. She has a master’s degree, a business, many friends in Alaska, how is she going to deal with all of this, who can she confide in? Worse of all she is told she could not have had sex with Keith, as he doesn’t do that, a complete denial by people that know that he does. I am sure at some point Keith has told her that she has to abort the baby, she had his phone number. Be interesting to know what was said between the two of them.

          She thinks about suicide as a way out of it all, but decides that she can not kill herself or another human being. She breaks off the union with Heidi Clifford because she feels that she has failed her by having (forced) sex with Keith. Who can she talk to that will really understand what she is going through? No one in NXIVM, not Heidi, so what is she to do? We don’t know the answer to that question, because we can’t find her.

          Seventeen years later, nothing at this time, points to a provable suicide. The police, assuming it was a suicide, didn’t treat the truck as a crime scene. check for finger prints, log in all items found in the truck, rope off the scene so all tracks could be recorded and followed. etc. Thy didn’t have a hand writing analysis done on the suicide note. Thy didn’t even do a proper interrogation, allowing an outside person to be in the interview. Because they were directed to believe they were looking for a suicidal person. No, I don’t blame them, they were mislead, same as many other people who came into contact with NXIVM.

          Either Kim Snyder is the most successful psychotic I have ever heard of, successfully hiding her body from all searchers, or, there is a murder most foul committed by none other than Keith.

    • “So Kim is NOT coming after anybody. It’s an empty threat.”

      IDK about that, Cuck. Why, what are you so worried about? That just maybe your psycho NXIVM FBI ‘informant’ girlfriend will launch another diversionary, false investigation on a tough-talking victim who’s scared out of her wits?

  • Good breakdown, Kim. Pending someone who was in NXIVM finally stepping up to the plate with new information, I believe Keith put a hit on Kristin. Keith ordered Kristin to be taken to her home once he had it set up. The truck was planted by Nina’s cabin so they could have a back-up explanation (Nina did it) if the suicide by kayak story didn’t hold up.

    IMO, nothing other than this explanation or the actual suicide story are logically in play. My version is more logical when you consider Keith’s history of “having people killed”, the problems a pregnant Kristin would have caused him, and the difficulties in explaining how the suicide was pulled off.

    • I agree Nutjob. (Except as to method.) However, I am perplexed by your position on Nancy Salzman in view of your opinion.

      • Sorry for the delayed response. Hope you get it ’cause I appreciate the question. Doesn’t makes sense, right? Here’s a quick dump of my thoughts.

        We all often talk about Keith compartmentalizing and keeping people in the dark. I’d go a step further and call Keith a master at compartmentalizing and lying. Assuming Keith did this, and assuming Keith really did have people killed, it never would have been more important for him to keep it to himself than when it came to paying for murder.

        Rather than involving Nancy and any of the Alaskan NXIVM contingent, Keith would have made his call and done the job on his own. Once he set it up, he could have finally stopped ordering Nancy what to tell the Alaskan minions and simply ordered Kristin to be taken to her house. Way messier if Nancy knows.

        On top of this, Keith was insinuating that the people “he’d had killed” were pre-Nancy. I heard him say this canned line, twice. Both times, I took it to mean that he’d paid for murder.

        Maybe I’m naive, but I knew Nancy and I can’t believe she’d be involved with murder. I know she believed every ridiculous story Keith told her – from his false accomplishments to the Nazi past life stories. She was easy for him to control and keep things from. I highly, highly doubt that he would ever involve her in something like a murder. I see him handling Nancy with kid gloves – almost like he did with Barbara Bouchey.

        I’m sure it’s Anonymker getting to me, but the simple answer is usually the answer. I don’t think the suicide by kayak is reasonable or simple. To me, this is the simple answer. Involving Nancy (or any of the mute Alaskan idiots) stops this from being the simple answer.

        The truck being by Nina’s cabin and Nina coming to Albany is something that is too weird to not address. Again, if this was paid for, covering their tracks with leaving the truck by Nina’s cabin is part of the equation. Keith always set people up to take the fall for him. Nina was plan “B”.

        Apparently, I was wrong in my character defenses of Toni. I realize that, and want to make it clear that I know could also be wrong, here. But, I’d drop a lot of money on my theory.

    • Great theory.

      Well, except for the part where you believe that Keith ordered his minions to BLAME NXIVM in the forged suicide note —— which would GUARANTEE that police would investigate NXIVM much more closely than they otherwise would have.

      A bank robber will not leave a note behind implicating himself in the crime. It’s against his own interests.

      Keith is not gonna do something AGAINST his own interests —— by leaving a note behind that points the finger of guilt at his own teachings.

      Sorry that I had to humiliate you like this, but sometimes it’s necessary to expose idiots, Apples and nutjobs. 🙂

      Have a nice day. 🙂

      • I’ve answered this point of yours multiple times. Reply to one of them and I’ll give you the repect of again answering your asinine point you keep clinging to.

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