Allison Mack Is No Victim; She Went After Her Master to Became His #1 Sex Slave

By Great Balls of Fire

Great Balls of Fire…. Allison is no victim people!!

Allison Mack was the best actor on Smallville. I used to point out to fellow watchers how diverse and deep her facial expressions were to the point she made the other actors appear wooden.

I especially remember the scene where she cried when she realized Clark would always love Lana and only love her as a best friend.

Image result for choe sullivan cries when she realizes clark loves lana

She is a very naturally gifted actress and I was looking forward to following her career after Smallville. Yes I was a fan of hers.

Finding out she was arrested and having no idea what a weird thing like DOS was, I felt betrayed by her.

I mean I am not a “fan type” person who follows actors unless it’s a movie favorite like Steve Martin or Chevy Chase or Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin or Christopher Walken or Martin Sheen or Michael Douglas or Dustin Hoffman or my Mafia favorites like Al Pacino and the entire cast of Goodfellas and The Sopranos, etc…

I like those older seasoned actors with decades of priceless movie entertainment to enjoy when cooped up avoiding the corona virus.

So, for me to be a fan of Allison Mack is quite a stretch.

When I heard about her arrest I felt betrayed, a punch in the gut, like I felt betrayed when I was working in a state prison and an inmate was caught with little Bo Peep photos and they turned out to be photos of my sometimes partner.

She dressed up for him — we all on that shift felt betrayed!

So then Allison Mack goes off and gets arrested and what the heck is a DOS? (Don’t Over Simplify your life…???)

Point is, I believe Allison’s tears singing love songs on stage to her Vanguard and tearing up in this over-winded interview is just plain good acting period, nothing more.


Because she thought she was in love with her Vanguard. Think about it. There was absolutely no reason for a talented actress like her to leave LA or NYC to live in Albany NY unless it was for love.

Did she fall in love with the wrong person? Of course! But the thing is for her to move to Albany it wasn’t worth it unless she could be his number one.

Why leave everything and just be number 2?

Allison used all her many acting skills on Keith to get him to love her the most, to be his right-hand #1 girl and in the end, this makes her anything but a victim of Keith.

She was no victim. She knew what she wanted and she took matters into her own hands, talented hands, and outplayed every other woman in the NXIVM and DOS slave hive.

She became his number one, as Kristin Kruek would say, “BY DESIGN.”

Allison Mack would not care two hoots what Keith was talking about. He could be talking about moving to Mars, it just wouldn’t matter. No matter what her beloved Vanguard spewed, there would always be those devoted expressions on her face as you see here.

Doing it all for the sad pathetic empty love of her Vanguard.

No, I cannot read Allison’s mind. This is just my opinion of her.

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  • I would just like to say that there is a surprising level of ignorance in this piece. The majority has already been said by others, but in case you take away nothing else, take away this:

    You don’t need to be forced to do something in order to be a victim.

  • Furthermore, you speak to Allison having been a ‘naturally gifted actor’. I’m not saying this is true for all actors, but when I tap into Allison (as this is my gift), I see an inner child that feels she needs to perform in order to be Loved. I see that this was cultivated in the way her parents raised her. Many people in our society struggle with just feeling like they can be accepted and received by themselves, regardless of Others’ opinions that have more to do with them than ourselves. In Allison, I see a complex trauma, that unless one is trained to recognize and understand trauma, they would not be able to understand. It becomes a vicious cycle from psychologically unhealthy people who are not equipped to raise a psychologically healthy child. In this case, Raniere became a magnet for subjects with certain types of wounds and insecurities. You might think it strange, but some of them actually perform rituals to call in their subjects.

    I can guarantee you that Raniere has probably spent copious time researching psychological manipulating and too sociopathic to consider the harmful impacts of his obsessions. He made Allison obsessed with him because he knew everything about what made her tick. She honestly was the perfect victim, because she has this girlish desperation to be loved and accepted that, for her turned into an outward showmanship which could guarantee her needs were met. It was a coping response that led to a mask of confidence and striving to be the best always.

    Even her statement to the court that she “was sure that all of this would make her a better person”. I feel her immense pain and dissociation and coping extremely in this one statement.

    Allison had a wound. Raniere figured out how to prey on this wound, because that is what he does from his pathological toolset. Allison was a moth to his False Light.

  • As a survivor of a similar kind of cult, I am enraged by your level of ignorance. You have idea what you are talking about and you should spend some time educating yourself on how ‘thought reform’ works. These sociopaths prey upon those who are well-intentioned and have father wounds. They know exactly how to push our buttons and turn us into their scapegoats. We became different people under this manipulating.

    If I could spend 6 months with Allison without external imfluences, she would come out entirely rehabilitated, de-programmed and healed.

    • No one can be smarter than Keith. No one can out manipulate him.

      No one can use him for money, for food and shelter, for a career. No only Keith can do this.

      It is time to stop attributing all these super powers to Keith. He is just a pushy know it all and not 100% of the people around him were 100% under his influence, that is ridiculous.

  • Aren’t you bored yet? Your obsession with Allison is more like love itself. Are you stalking her in prison by sitting outside?

    Seriously how many years are you going to write the same old rubbish about Mack for?

    Please get a life, Frank, and report on matters that are happening not happened.

    Maybe Corona Virus will finally stop you writing all this love story!

  • Allison doesn’t owe me anything and also has never done anything to me. How could a person who never met her say that she would? Seems like you must have a problem with yourself.

  • Wow
    Stupid post, written by a clearly stupid person who can’t spell to save their life.

    She isn’t a victim but for you to say she used her acting skills to basically win him, that’s quite funny. What a joke.

  • Who knows what’s going on in Mack’s noodle. She’ll spend years in prison. She’ll have every dime of her successful career taken from her. She’ll come out of prison let’s say 40 years old. She’ll never act again. She’ll have no experience. Anyone who meets her will be disgusted by her having been a pimp for a fat sociopath. So, not a pretty future.

      • just as you earn the one that points out your obsession with her, while you forget about the other players, as if it had all been her solo work, I think in your mind, it was not the cult of Keith raniere, but the cult from Allison mack

        • From Allison Mack’s Alter Ego Charger426Hemi1
          Posted Yesterday:

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    • Mack will fit right in with the rest of the Hollyweird degenerates when she gets out of prison and be welcomed with open arms. Just think how well she can play an insane cult leader. Method acting at its finest. LOL

  • Well written and void of stupidity and composed exactly and completely in truth on the matter. Someone who reads between the lines to reveal the truth cloaked by lies and false tears indeed. This was a great and worth reading

  • Like most who read this article, I was a huge fan from Mack’s work on Smallville. And I also felt the gut-punch reaction when hearing what she’d been involved in. But I’m not about to claim I have insight as to her true motives. Cults prey on people at their weakest. The systematic subjugation of another’s will is what cults are famous for. That being said, I can’t claim Mack was, in fact, a victim. Perhaps she was a willing and knowing accomplice. I hope not, but only she really knows for certain. The things she’s done and the people she hurt demand a punishment, but I’ll let the judicial system handle that. Another poster said Mack doesn’t owe the article’s author anything, but that’s not precisely true. Celebrities are only as good as their fan base, and while there’s certainly no contractual obligation for them to act in any particular way, fans are free to turn away from them if they don’t. It’s a tenuous relationship. Fact is, we can still enjoy the work she did before this whole debacle surfaced, and hope that she’s a good person inside who can remake herself while serving her sentence. I don’t think we should be flinging hatred. The cult is dead.

    • Your assumption that most who read this article were huge fans of Mack is WRONG. I never heard of her before. LOL

      Your opinion of celebrities is misplaced. Most of them are truly damaged individuals.

  • Has it ever occurred to anyone on here that Allison Mack was smarter than Keith, could run circles around him? Or do some still think Keith is the smartest man in the world?

    Has it ever occurred to anyone that Allison Mack out manipulated Keith? Or is Keith the only master of manipulation?

    • Allison Mack is certainly smart enough to know that torturing and enslaving women is wrong.
      She knew better than to do what she did.
      Her low self-esteem or fragile ego did does not justify her many crimes.

    • Nah. Though talented, she was a profoundly uneducated person. No education in critical thinking, logic, the scientific method. Her talents involved creativity which can lead people into ruin.

    • I think the evidence from Raniere’s academic career and the testimonials of people who knew him, makes it clear that he was indeed very smart, but lazy and a poor student. Such firsthand testimony along with what we can observe of the dynamics of NXIVM, DOS and Raniere’s inner circle, also show that he was a very effective manipulator, at least in limited contexts.

      However, it is an interesting and plausible possibility to consider, that Mack manipulated him, too. Raniere seemed to have his own vulnerabilities, including emotional immaturity, plus probably sex and gambling addictions.

      • Yes, that’s why she invested all her money in NXIVM, she sure expected to compete with the Bronfmans’ money, surely that was what crossed her mind, she was also so SMART that she proposed to Keith the idea of ​​marrying Nicky.

        keith was so blinded by allison’s cool ideas that he secretly thought “how come he’s got so many brilliant ideas”

        Seriously, there are people who do not really say nonsense here, the evidence points to the opposite of this idea of ​​Allison as the female leader of DOS, that such statement came from the stories published by Frank about this group, and I do not need to be such. smart as KAR to know that the internal sources that Frank had within the group were nicole and jay the two women who testified at the trial, and that as we know they were part of allison’s downline of slaves, but another witness from the prosecution, and with a higher level of information, I mean Lauren salzman, one of the 8 first-line women like allison, she in her testimony said that allison was NOT the leader of DOS, she said that the 8 first-line teachers only responded to only one teacher for over them and that was Keith Alan Raniere, said that the initials of the brand were the initials of KAR,
        In addition to this, the photo shown by the prosecution as evidence in which the order of importance is shown graphically in the inner circle of KAR, as well as the photo shown as evidence in which the order of the teachers is graphically shown in DOS, makes it clear that allison was not for Lauren or camila or mariana, nor for rosa laura, lorena garza, not even for nicky.

        Daniela Fernandez’s testimony is also very informative about the way Keith handles the inner circle, since she and her sisters were not competing to enter or rise from position in the inner circle, it was always Keith who decided who entered Or he left the intimate circle as well as someone who trusted him with something important and who served him to do something and who was not good at it, with those two testimonies and the evidence shown by the prosecution, it can be deduced that allison was not and no one has a position superior to lauren or any other of the women, it doesn’t matter if she wanted to be number 1 or not, although this was always Keith’s game with all of them.

    • Has it occurred to anyone that Allison Mack manipulated Keith? Or is Keith the only master of manipulation?

      well let me see, who created a cult about his personality.
      C-Daniela F.
      D-Daniela P.
      E-Toni N.
      I could go on and on, but I think you already got the message.

      By the way Balls of Fire, you said you can’t read allison’s mind, but still you know very well what she was thinking when she went to albany the first time, you just contradict yourself, in the end if you are a fan of allison or not , It is between said with the fascidity that you focus on the idea of her as the only one who was in love with Keith, the only one who did any crime, or the only one who made VERY bad decisions, I have included in this the women who voluntarily gave her The front-line teachers got the blackmail stuff, just like these 1L teachers, they gave KAR their own blackmail stuff.

  • What’s a synonym for “actor” or “actress”?


    All actors are Phonies who can change their emotions on a dime.
    But it takes a sadistic freak like Allison Pimp Mack to torture people.

    Stop worshiping actors and actresses.
    Stop worshiping celebrities.
    Only mental retards worship actors, actresses and celebrities.

    • “What’s a synonym for ‘actor’ or ‘actress’?


      All actors are Phonies who can change their emotions on a dime.”

      I guess this could be true. Which leads to the question as to how one could really know if they are (or ever were) in an honest relationship with an actor, assuming the actor is pretty good at her job?

  • You are a fucking moron. You feel betrayed by her? Oooooooh, you poor thing. Good for her, she doesn’t need fake fans like you. You have obviously no clue what has been done to her or even made an effort to research how she has been manipulated! FU

    • How many people saw that NXIVM is a criminal gang and rejected it?

      Obviously, Allison Pimp Mack was too stupid to figure it out.

      Or she did figure it out and did not give a damn?

      • good question, shadow, could you enlighten us by making a comparison on why there were so many who saw that they saw that NXIVM is a criminal gang and rejected it.
          Even so Allison did not reject it, and so we would also know why 8 front-line women in DOS followed it, or why 142 other women also followed in it, or why KAR managed to maintain such a large harem of women who fucked, got pregnant and forced to abort and even so they continued with him, or because there were so many who reported him, many still followed him like mark vicente and his wife and many more over the years, or because the family of daniela Fernandez in spite of what he did to his daughters, they were still following him, if shadow could you tell me how many left, how many stayed, I say this because you seem to know more than other readers so you could give us quality information instead of just YOUR stupid basement detective claims

    • Allison was aiming for the top spot from day one when she was flown out to meet Keith in Albany on Clare’s private jet from Toronto, and was still there 2 weeks later! She had years and years to figure out her competition and hone her considerable acting skills right there in NXIVM.

      Same as she did in Smallville right down to her last teardrop.

  • Well except that, in fact, it’s all BS…you talk about a subject you know NOTHING about and ignore the facts!

    You just display your ignorance and your idiocy…
    Funny enough, Frank, for once, was saying the Truth and didn’t ignore the fact.

    She is a victim, it’s undebatable…at least for SANE people.

    “She is a very naturally gifted actress.”
    You are an idiot and that’s it…because she was gifted as an actress doesn’t make her less fragile…
    On the contrary! She started her career WAY TOO SOON…She was fragile and needed help but got the wrong kind of help.

    “When I heard about her arrest I felt betrayed”
    She owes you nothing…she is a human being and she was coerced, starved, abused, drugged …the only one betrayed here is Allison.

    “She dressed up for him”
    Yeah, ignore the facts…you just display your willing ignorance

    “Because she thought she was in love with her Vanguard…There was absolutely no reason for a talented actress like her to leave LA or NYC to live in Albany NY unless it was for love.”
    Again, an extreme display of ignorance from you…We know the real reason she was there…There is no love involved and you willingly, again, ignore the FACTS

    “Allison used all her many acting skills on Keith to get him to love her the most, to be his right-hand #1 girl and in the end, this makes her anything but a victim of Keith.”
    Idiot…From Vicente about Raniere,”he said he wanted to destroy her”…HE chose her and it was to destroy her…
    The funny thing is the likely reason he did this is that she was the absolute opposite of what you and some say here…

    I know her and she is (was, also, but before Nxivm) an awesome human being, loving, kind and caring…but she had no confidence in herself…
    Raniere doesn’t like good people, he destroys them (which is exactly what he said he was doing to Allison)…

    Also, way to ignore that she never was his #1…she was not interested in him and was coerced to have a relation…

    “No I cannot read Allison’s mind. This is just my opinion of her.”
    An opinion is not what you presented…this sentence should be AT THE BEGINNING…
    And to add to this, you willingly ignored the fact during this whole ridiculous comment (because it was a simple comment before Franky glorified your stupidity).

    BTW, Franky, when will you stop ignoring those coming to defend Allison to exclusively present the nutjob’s articles?

    This message deserved an article? I don’t think so…Especially when nothing is accurate and it’s based on a personnal hatred (for no proper reason).

    • Interesting Anonymous, how do you really know her? We’re you best friends? A school chum? Friend of a friend? If I knew her personally, I would verify that I am an insider.

      • “Frenchie” could have been someone on the Smallville set in Vancouver. Or given some of the creepiness we see here, just someone who lurked on her blog and fansites enough to come to believe they “know” her.

    • How is she a victim? She chose this lifestyle. Did she know he kept a harem? Did she know about the brands? She organized it. Did she know about collateral? She collected it. Did she procure other women for him, collect their collateral, brand them? Yes, yes and yes.

      As far as I’m concerned, they ALL chose this lifestyle.

      And, again, a word about collateral. Unenforceable contracts, meaningless confessions, so nude photos and pornographic videos which in this day and age are meaningless. If the girl sitting next to you at work, or your neighbor had nude photos on the internet would you care? You might look once, shrug your shoulders, and move on. They ALL obviously WANTED to live like this.

    • Speaking of “facts,” there isn’t a shred of evidence she was “drugged” – and it’s implausible that could have been kept up consistently enough over such an extensive time period as to explain in any way what she did.

      And of course she wasn’t “coerced, starved, abused” during the extensive periods of time she was away from NXIVM doing things like performing in a play in California, or left behind in the US after Raniere fled for Mexico – and yet she always went back to him, suggesting she did indeed have some sort of active role in the situation.

      She’d been picking abusive bad boys since well before Raniere, and can’t be completely excused for her choices as an adult.

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