Keith Raniere: Questions For All the Girls He Loved Before

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To all the girls Keith loved before, who traveled in and out his sex lair, whom he caressed with wet kisses,  who cared for him and filled his nights with blue lights, and to those – perhaps there are a few – who are still glad he came along – Bangkok, who is now using the name Pablo, has some questions. With being insulting to anyone who ever made a mistake in love, or were blinded by a veneer of a luster that really wasn’t there, some of these questions seem not entirely unreasonable.

By Pablo [AKA Bangkok]

When you fell in love with Keith and fornicated with him, here is what he looked like [at various times]

So I’d like to ask you, what made you fall in love with this chubby, ugly, dweeb of a man?

He looks more like an overgrown and chubby boy, rather than a real ‘man’.

Didn’t you have access to any taller, handsome or ‘manly’ men to date?

How could you copulate with a fat slob who didn’t take regular showers?



Plus he had square feet, which were smelly, thus how did you manage to kiss his feet without vomiting?

Actual photo of Keith Raniere’s feet, suitable for framing and for worshiping.

Plus according to reports, he cried and threatened to kill himself if he didn’t get enough attention. Yet you still loved this mentally ill, chubby slob.

Thus, you knowingly loved a man who was:

1) A chubby slob
2) Ugly as hell
3) Geeky looking
4) Mentally ill
5) Cried and threatened suicide
6) Smelly and didn’t bathe regularly
7) Not handsome at all

I can only imagine that your self esteem was rather low back then.

How did you maintain any self respect when people saw you in public with this chubby slob?

How did your friends treat you for not having a better looking boyfriend?

For that, I feel sorry for you.

Have a nice day.



This photo of Keith Alan Raniere was used as an exhibit at his trial.
To all the girls he loved before

And finally, a picture to make Bangkok go out of his mind with crazed jealousy.

Warning: This is not an authentic picture. This is an artist conception of secret DOS training at the home of Nancy Salzman. The actual scene depicted might not have occurred.

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  • I can see that the whole boyish/“I’m just a dweeb” thing can encourage women to let down their guard. Like, he showed up looking like captain of the dork patrol to meet Mack…He prob did it on purpose so she wouldn’t straight off assume he was going to try to “Mack” on her. I think he might actually have been less “successful“ with ensnaring women if he was a classic tall, chiseled stud because women would be more wary.

  • IDK where to put this comment but feel compelled to share:

    Pam Caffritz had over a dozen abortions — just like Keith reportedly told Allison Mack and others — she was never deemed “integrated” enough to bear the Avatar baby. [They called her “boo-boo head” and treated her like a lost, little girl early on.]

    But if Pam had born a child, Keith & Co., NX, might have lost Pam’s income stream and inheritance from her family to the child. The grandparents might have also been more motivated and had legal grounds to step in to rescue their grandchild, too. Same with Ally, etc.).

    • Kin Snyder
      Keith raped Kris, got her pregnant- he did NOT love any of these women. Love is NOT something he can feel.
      Keith is just a selfish “bastard!” He needs to fry! Keith and his worm minions are all culpable for Kris’ death, and they all need to pay for it
      People are so Obsessed in writing about these worms- they are all going to JAIL!!!!
      Keith has NO right to be written about, or a movie made- or a book. Etc. These are people are sick!!!!!!
      Obsession with these NXIVM worms- something is wrong! If that is all that you have to do with your time- then. your life is mighty boring! Get up and find something else to do!!!!
      People think Keith is such a person to write about- along with the other worms- that you totally and completely forget about the “REAL” families and Victims that Keith and his minions left in their wake. They have been left behind! Way to go people!!!!!!!
      Maybe one day some people will find more to do with their time- than write about criminals!!!!!!!
      Praying for all of the victims and their families! Kim

      • Yet here you are wasting your own time reading this alleged crap, KImmy.

        Worst of all, you seem to copy and paste the exact same drivel into every post.

        For god’s sake, type something original for once.

  • He obviously knew some mind fuck techniques. A decent man would never do that. Sadly, lots of guys have youtube followings explaining how to manipulate women. Corey Wayne comes to mind. There are several others.

    • Boys will be boys.

      You can’t blame a man for following his pecker.

      That’s like blaming a compass for pointing north.

      Men wanna get laid and will tell women whatever they need to hear to give up their poontang.

      It’s just part of the organic cycle of life.

      Women are no different.

      Women will give up their poontang in exchange for ‘financial’ or ‘career’ benefits (like Harvey Weinstein’s whores).

      That’s also just part of the organic cycle of life.

      We must learn to embrace our humanity and stop trying to deny it.

      Nobody here is a saintly person (except yours truly).

      People are only human.

      Stop the virtue signalling.

      Heidi Apple implies that she is saintly and virtuous. She also implies that Jeff Apple is wicked and evil.

      But the TRUTH is that both Heidi and Jeff are EQUALLY HUMAN, which means they are EQUAL in their hatred for each other. They both play games to manipulate the other.

      Heidi’s just mad that Jeff is rich and she wasn’t able to secure a ‘millionaire lifestyle’ for herself after he divorced her.

      Nobody here is a saint. Not “L” and not Heidi.

      As for Dave, that mother fucker is just a mama’s boy who probably works for minimum wage. He’s definitely not a successful person like myself.

      Have a nice day. 🙂

      • “We must learn to embrace our humanity and stop trying to deny it.”

        If only our humanity was simply defined by following one’s lusts, then you may have somewhat of a point. But I think we’re a wee bit more than just walking penises and vaginas. Well, many of us are, people like Raniere (and you apparently) notwithstanding.

        Nice try though, Bangcock.

        • I’m not sure, anonymous. Yes, we have morals and conscience….but at the end of the day, we’re walking talking dicks.

          • If that was the case, we wouldn’t need morals or a conscience. There are plenty of insects, animals, and other species in the world that don’t have either and they reproduce far better than us while still having other purposes.

      • I pity you, Bangkook. The savage world you project revolves around money, sex and fleeting fame. Good luck finding a scalp to trade without losing your own.

        • I’m not the one who married Jeff Apple for his MONEY and his showbiz connections to FAME.

          Have a nice day. 🙂

          • Are you implying that you knew me at the time Jeff Apple was courting me, Kook?

            Or have you always had to pay for quality ”pu$$y” in general —like your buddy, Scott Johnson?

      • Actually,.remove all political correctness, and you’re right. We’re here on this earth to reproduce. Nothing more.

        God forbid, you can’t even tell a woman she’s pretty. Hold the door, worse yet.

        However, what we see here, in this case, with Nxivm, is different–it involves a twisted mindfucking, not just a lust for tail.

    • That’s decent of you, Dave. And being so may not be the easiest way to get laid but anyone looking for a good, quality, solid partner will never find anything more than a hole to peck by playing games.

      • Can you name even one man, from your past relationships, who walked away from your relationship feeling good about you and not hating you like the wicked witch of the west?

        How many men’s lives have you ruined with your drama queen mind games?

        You and Flowers share that same characteristic. Any man who comes into your lives winds up REGRETTING it with all of his soul.

        • I’m neither a woman nor a gay, but you, Bangkok, seem like the kind of person everyone would find repulsive—emotionally, romantically or sexually.

          • Yeah but you’re forgetting that I’m pretty god damn good looking. 🙂

            I am. I’m not being immodest.

            I’m a humble servant of the Lord. Just being truthful. 🙂

        • Sure, Kook. Send me or Frank your contact info and I’ll forward a list of lucky dudes who are only miffed that I refused to marry them bc I’ve always prioritized my son.

          And, btw, most are far wealthier and famous than Jeff Apple — whom as I suspect you know and is a matter of public record — I left for the same reason, after I discovered — via, btw, the collateral Keith collected from our computer — his true colors.

    • Women aren’t immune from manipulating men. In fact, they probably do it just as often.

      That there are many men that attempt to manipulate women and there is an industry that professes to teach men techniques to do so really is unsurprising though. Why? Because the majority of women find the majority of men unattractive, while the reverse is not nearly as true. The fact is, women—especially, beautiful women—do not know how easy they really have it in the dating game compared to even decent looking men. The “game” created by men for women has a “dating economy” of low inequality, while that created by women for men has a much higher inequality.

      That a guy like Raniere had to manipulate his way into the pants of women with mind bending and other control mechanisms really isn’t that shocking when you know how the modern dating “game” is.

  • Big Bang – some of us get to know people before we get physical. I knew him for 10 months before anything physical occurred. He already had a wing woman helping him to pull people in. The mental mind games started the day I met him. And there was a lot of deceit and playing on my ignorance about physical relationships given the environment in which I was raised. So for a final time – fuck you. There is no purpose in your questioning beyond trying to find ways to taunt people. The only reason I’m bothering to respond is to let other women on here know they don’t need to take your shit. Go piss into the wind – I won’t bother with you anymore.

  • What “L” said, plus

    – don’t you get that Keith was so hideous he HAD to use girls/women (and blackmail, sympathy, coercion, trickery, OPM) to gain the trust and jealous or competitive interest of other girls/women —

    Narcissists DO start off with a huge display of making you feel more ‘loved,’ secure and cared for by them than anyone else ever possibly could — and they hook you back time and again with that attention like an addict after that first high.

    What “L” said and then some. I know, I married one and my sister fared even worse, obviously. So far.

  • Excuse me, but when did he love anyone but himself?

    More women simply join cults than men. They’re agreeable and more easily manipulated than men. They also fall for assholes more than nice guys. Just like most regular and desperate men will suck up to some pretty woman and let her walk all over them as long as he thinks he has a chance. Often times, she’ll just string him along as long as she gets what’s most important to her: status and privilege. Once that happens, she’ll just say she had the right to change her mind when something better comes along and you have to accept, even though the guy likely put far more emotional investment in it than her because she has many more available opportunities, and well, because she was more emotionally invested in those two previously mentioned things.

  • What strikes me as odd is that the earlier photos of Keith, back from the 1980’s and 1990’s, kinda have similarities to photos of David Koresh.

    Anybody else see it? 🙂

  • Raniere wasn’t successful on his own, he had a small gang of very evil women, and some men, enabling him. Also, some women enjoy taking care of little boys like Raniere, it’s a motherly instinct gone awry.

    • Interesting theory about the motherly instinct. My first thought is that he played the role of revered guru, but then again there’s that dynamic of him as the coddled prodigious child that apparently goes back to his parents, so maybe it was some strange mix of both.

      I’d love to hear what women who knew him, like “L,” think of that.

      • I don’t know if I would term it motherly instinct. I think it is a not fully matured understanding of a two-way adult relationship – something that many young men and women need to learn. Some of us learn that give and take between two independent identities early on. Some of us need more time and experience and a chance to rethink the previous examples in our lives. I am, most definitely, not the person I was years ago when I first encountered Raniere. I’d like to think my basic character and values remain the same, but my interactions with people have matured. Loyalty to the point of stupidity is no longer a viable option for me, and I certainly don’t need or want another child or guru in place of a partner!

        Consider women who stayed with him for decades. They have been steeped in his warped mix of ideas for years in an essentially closed environment. Encouraged to view him as all wise and to ignore input from outside his sphere. That’s toxic for maturing and growing especially if he started in on them when they were young.

        And for some personality types (empathetic in particular), I think it is difficult to turn off the automatic caring after years together. I only knew him personally for a few years, and I was horrified that my initial gut reaction to the guilty verdict was to feel sorry for him. If that is “motherly instinct”, so be it, but it can be overcome. Think it took me about 30 seconds to erase the pity.

  • Frank – I question your judgment in posting these questions as not unreasonable. Even framed as questions, they are intrinsically judgemental and mocking. There is no true search for understanding here – there is only a search for information with which to hurl further insults.

    Narcissists work by putting on a mask of whatever is attractive to their chosen target. They tailor their approach to the individual and they retain the act until they have created a strong bond. Then the abuse starts slipping out with back steps into the act to keep their target on the hook. So, while many of his methods are repetitive, Raniere’s “type” responded similarly to his familiar mask.

    And Big Bang – I guess you never were a pimply awkward teenager with no game with the girls. What a blessed life you must have led. Don’t worry that you might accidentally get involved with someone like Raniere’s women – I’m sure they wouldn’t appeal to you (except for Lauren of course). I know I wouldn’t touch you – I don’t mind someone with whom I can verbally spar, but someone who just looks for ways to mock others is ugly all the way to the bone. And probably hiding their own insecurity/need to feel superior to boot.

    TL/DR fuck off, Big Bang

    • Thank you for the kind response. It does my heart good to hear such words. 🙂

      I think you’re missing the point, though.

      Yes, I made a few petty insults but I was still trying to make a larger point.

      The women who were ensnared by Keith became ‘physical’ (sexual) with him long BEFORE they were mentally abused as his ‘victims’.

      What I’m saying is that I don’t believe (for one second) that Keith would ask a woman on a 2nd date who didn’t offer to copulate with him on their 1st date —— BECAUSE we’ve already had another poster, from 2 years ago, who claimed that Keith didn’t want to see her again because she refused to fuck him on their first date.

      She said that Keith was too short and nerdy to “slay her” (to use her own quote) because she likes taller and more handsome guys. Frank knows about the story I’m talking about.

      Keith is NOT the type of guy to wine & dine a woman for ‘several weeks’ before finally getting inside her panties. It’s just not within his personality to wait that long. He doesn’t respect women enough to wait that long.

      Therefore, I’m inclined to believe that any woman who dated Keith (more than one time) probably fucked him on their first date LONG BEFORE he had a chance to turn them into a ‘victim’.

      So your REASONING (for bedding Keith) cannot be that he abused you mentally —— cuz you were likely all over him on your first date, just like a June bride sitting bareback on a depot stove (to quote Young Guns II).

      IMO, this means you likely decided to get physical with Keith based on his looks (or) on the promises of riches he made to you on your first date. I’m saying that I don’t believe you were totally blameless here. Just my opinion though.

      • Incorrect. He changed his tactics in the late 90s early 2000’s and started love bombing women, and had his other women do so, in order to convince them that he was this saint, someone better than all men, who could change the world. He then had them commit to a lifelong vow of monogamy, then would have sex with them, only to then explain to them that he could not be monogamous, and if they cheated on him with other men, it would literally damage his psyche and physically hurt him. You wouldn’t want to hurt me would you? So guilt leads their decision to be with him. And more love bombing. As well as the convincing that he is the one that could change their lives for the better.

        • The basic underlying technique remained the same, but yes, he refined and expanded his tactics. The story Pablo/Banger cites is either an anomaly or fiction. When I first read it, I disbelieved it because it is definitely not the way Raniere usually operates. I still remain very skeptical about it.

    • L, I think you are too smart, sensible and discerning for this site. Really, your posts stand out for their balance of mind, it’s clear you did some real work to understand these circumstances that confused and ensnared you. If its any comfort, I just want to say that you come across as grounded and strong.

      This site panders to the lowest possible common denominator, fair enough, when you consider who and what is being dealt with, sometimes, it really is necessary to fight fire with fire, or sh*t with sh*t. I’m so glad for you that you seem so much the polar opposite of nxivm concubines AND managed to stay alive for all that. At least two women that tried to fight back were not so fortunate. All the very best to you. Try not to take Frank’s Modus Operandi personally, at least, it is an MO, with a clear and distinct purpose.

  • Kim Snyder
    Keith seduced, raped and killed my ONLY sister, Kristin Marie Snyder. He is a rapist/killer. He used his mentally ill sense to seduce, rape and kill quite a few girls- he deserves to be executed!
    Keith is NOT a hero! He is a WORM! I don’t understand why he is getting SO much aire time- and the VICTIMS of NXIVM are being left behind! This is an OUTRAGE!!!!!!
    Keith and his minions are worms- who deserve NO aire time!!!!!! What the hell do people see in writing about these criminal worms? It is a WASTE of time and energy!
    The VICTIMS of NXIVM need aire time!
    Maybe people enjoy reading about worms!

    • Kim:
      Frank Parlato and his many commenters have done a lot to illuminate and expose the crimes of Keith Raniere and his criminals.
      Evil thrives in the Darkness.
      Evil dies in the Light of Day.
      The only reason that Raniere, the Bronfmans, the Salzmans and Allison Mack have been caught is because of the efforts of Frank Parlato.
      Believe me, Kim, none of these Gangsters likes Frank Parlato.
      They all hate Frank Parlato for the way in which he has exposed them and their crimes.
      And the day is coming where the entire Inner Circle of NXIVM will face the Wheel of Justice.

      The Wheel of Justice grinds slow but it grinds fine.
      Shadow State.

      • Yes! Frank Paltro was the driving force that got them caught, but don’t forget:

        Catherine Oxenburg.

        She was told by a NXIVM defector that her own daughter was a branded slave. Well this didn’t sit right with Catherine, especially after her daughter confirmed it!

        Who did she then turn to for help? Yours truly Mr. Paltro himself.

        She actually stunned Frank into silence over the phone and then was invited to his home where she met some interesting characters Frank likes having around. She then took a spur of the moment late night jaunt to Niagra Falls, apparently a Frank favorite to clear his mind and decompress. Or he just likes the Falls at night.

        But don’t take my word for it. You can find all this information and more in her wonderful book on getting her daughter out of the NXIVM cult.

        She shared an interesting fact about Alley Mack. Mack was very possessive of Keith’s time and attention and apparently very jealous of any woman she sent Keith’s way, so she took this jealousy out on her slaves by being extra punishing towards them.

        Alley needed to be number one and convinced herself that sex was just like playing tennis (I think it was) a sport with a ball anyway.

        This way, instead of picturing Keith and her own slaves in various naked positions, she could imagine they were just tossing a ball back and forth…wait!
        they actually were…..HA…!

    • Kim, I too once responded angrily to one of Bangkok/Pablo’s incendiary posts. He got me too. Pablo/Bangkok will sometimes make a good point. But mostly he just likes to incite.
      Losing a sister the way you did is terrible so I can see why you feel so strongly.

    • With all due respect, if Frank had not begun writing about Keith’s PERVERTED escapades in 2017 —– Keith would have never been indicted and sent to prison.

      Writing about Keith is precisely what led to his downfall.

      Giving him ‘air time’ is precisely what has exposed NXIVM to its core.

      Not sure what Kim is talking about. That’s what FrankReport was created for.

      This isn’t The Church of Kim’s Apostles. 🙂

  • Keith Raniere looks like a chubby hairy version of the late singer John Denver.

    With the major difference that John Denver had genuine talent and for whatever flaws Denver had he was not a psychopath.

  • So, I suppose that the only people one can fall in love with must be good looking? If that were the case, no couples would stay married into their 80s or 90s as none of us are too good looking then. Four of your list of seven items deal with appearance.

    Or, is it OK to fall in love with someone and stay together until old age, as long your partner was good looking at one time? That would mean 50% or more of the population should never be loved at all. How heartless you are.

    I have never placed a premium on appearance. (Grooming, yes.) Heart, soul and mind are what makes the man. No to mention “ethics” – but not the Raniere kind.

    And, you expect that these women were supposed to automatically know that he was mentally ill? People like KAR are infinitely skilled at hiding their flaws.

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