Alyane Curtis May Be Starting New Makeup Line But She Was Lying About Not Being in Nxivm!

Alayne Curtiss does not want you to know she was in Nxivm for 15 years – and that she may still be in the cult.

In a recent article, Curtiss told WNYT News that “she was falsely connected to the former cult NXIVM because she would do the hair of some of the women associated with the group.”

This should not stand without being challenged, because, frankly, Alayne was lying.

The news article was about Alayne starting a new business, an online makeup line for brides that she plans to roll out soon.

Of course, we are all sympathetic to those trying to distance themselves from Nxivm.  And there is good reason for NewsChannel 13 to like Alayne because she “has kept the ladies from the evening newscasts to the morning show at NewsChannel 13 camera ready for years.”

But she should tell the truth. She was in Nxivm for 15 years – and, for all we know, may still be in the cult.

Alayne operated her own beauty salon called Make Me Fabulous in Ballston Spa, [a suburb of Albany] – and because of her close association with Nxivm, and her own decision to threaten her employees, it suffered a decline.

When Frank Report first broke the story about the branding and blackmail of Nxivm’s subgroup DOS in 2017, Alayne’s employees started to talk.

Alayne did not like that.  She had tried to recruit her employees into Nxim for years – and when they learned Alayne’s so-called life coaching, self-help group was branding and blackmailing women, they quit in protest and started talking about her in town.

Alayne had learned a thing or two from her Vanguard – and she served seven of her former employees with cease-and-desist letters.

No one should send letters like this unless they plan to sue, for it can have an opposite effect. Some of the women contacted me and I wrote about it and, of course, it only made them talk more and refer other people to the Frank Report.

Soon Alayne’s business took a nosedive and, of course, Alayne blamed it on me [and her ex-employees].  But, the truth is, Alayne Curtiss was in NXIVM.

She also surrendered her 18-year-old daughter to them.

And she went to Mexico when Keith Raniere was hiding there in early 2018 to do production videos for NXIVM. She is an amateur filmmaker. She also reportedly did his makeup and helped with his image and clothing for his interview and photographs for the New York Times Magazine article that was supposed to help turn around his public image.

It is also believed she prepped and did makeup for Clare Bronfman for the same magazine article.

But honestly, Keith and Clare never looked worse than they did in those photos.

The Reptilian Clare Bronfman from the NY Times Magazine
NY Times Magazine photo of the beastly Keith Raniere 2018
Most likely, Alayne did that work in Mexico for free in exchange for the work that Dr. Brandon Porter was doing with/to her 18-year-old daughter.
Under the auspices of Clare Bronfman’s Ethical Science Foundation, Dr. Porter [with a little help from Nancy Salzman] was trying to cure Alayne’s teen daughter of Crohn’s disease with a new scientific method that included a special “tech” Keith Raniere invented.
Alayne Curtiss does not want you to know she has been in NXIVM for 15 years.
Here is what a source told me about her recent interview with NewsChannel13 denying her involvement with Nxivm.

“Bold-face lying about not being involved for over a decade, recruiting staff, following Keith’s teachings to a ‘T,’ then literally following him to Mexico, to benefit her new makeup line,” the source said. “She is blatantly lying about never being involved with the cult, where she used those teachings to abuse others and her family.

“You say she deserves a fresh start? But does she? There may be justice for those (eventually) who were directly hurt by Keith but what about justice for those who were hurt by his minions? She gets to claim no association and move on like the last 15 years didn’t happen? Appears to be cult-like behavior of not taking responsibility for your actions and misdirection to me.”
I asked the source, “How deep do you think Alayne was in Nxivm? She told people I literally destroyed her business. I felt kind of bad about that.”
My source said, “She was in VERY deep. Nancy was her go-to for everything. She couldn’t make a decision without her. And I think she knew everything that was going but never said a word. I mean, come on, how many people knew he was [hiding] in Mexico and wanted by the FBI?  And there she is, flying out to him. She isn’t naive, she was crazy committed to him.
“You are sweet to feel bad, Frank. But truth is, she destroyed her own business and likes to put blame on others. She closed her first salon location months before all of this news broke – and had plans to sell her house to ‘downsize’ since all her kids were in college long before shit hit the fan. But, of course, because she is always the victim and cannot take accountability for anything, she blamed those two things happening on her association with the cult. Don’t you think it’s ironic that she claims you ruined her business, yet she found money to start a makeup line? That isn’t cheap.
“She is well known in the area and she needed someone to take the blame. Guess it landed on you and her former staff.
“She used those cult teachings to manipulate her staff and family members. She ran her business like a mini-NXIVM with a staff full of fear and mental mind control. She would have a staff member be upset about their lunches being booked over by haircut appointments. They’d go to her to address it. The door would shut in the office and 10 minutes later that staff member would come out crying and she would tell everyone that they were sexually abused as a child.
“To the people who truly know her and know what she is capable of, she is a female version of Keith Raniere. Terrorism by litigation to all of the staff that just wanted to be free of her? And now this news breaks of her leveraging the cult to rise to the top again? It’s sickening and disheartening.”
Fair enough.
It should be on the record that while Alayne deserves a second shot – a life after Nxivm if she is indeed out of Nxivm – it should not stand that she was never in Nxivm and only did hair for some of the Nxivm ladies.
Alayne may not have been branded. She may not have given collateral or even recruited anyone, but she followed her Vanguard and especially her Prefect, Nancy Salzman.  That should be known – even to the brides who want to look their best with her makeup on their wedding day.

“Dear Colleagues, Clients, Family and Friends,

“As you may know I have been in the wedding and beauty business for over twenty five years. I’ve worked in various capacities over the years including bridal, salon and commercial styling.

“I wanted to go on record and let all friends and colleagues know the truth simultaneously. Former staff began to spread rumors and fabricated apocryphal stories that implied alleged activities by me that NEVER existed. In addition, they promised unsustainable commission rates to solicit trained staff and clients away to build a competing business that had been in the works for months. These false rumors and promises caused several employees of Make Me Fabulous to ‘walk out’ without notice one week prior to bridal season 2018. All brides and clients affected were notified immediately and placed with new beauty vendors personally by me or their deposits were returned in full.

“I never saw, witnessed, experienced or took part in anything nefarious in relation to any clients or affiliated vendors, I serviced EVER!  I have been nothing but a dedicated wife, mother, and business owner for over 25 years. I apologize to anyone who was lead to believe that they were at anytime in any type of danger.  There never was any indication that myself or staff were ever in danger, or harms way. This tactic is used in our industry by seasoned stylists to be sure that their clients and stylists follow them to their new endeavor and it also negates their employment agreements from holding up in court. 

“I am determined to not let these events spoil my long standing career and livelihood in the beauty business. Loyal employees, customers and colleagues have been extremely supportive throughout this ordeal and I’d like to personally thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. Because of your support I will survive this and come out better for it. I will continue on, as always, to work hard, do good and make the world a more beautiful place!

“Instead of dwelling on wrongful accusations and hateful attacks to myself, family, children, marriage, reputation, and business, I’ve launched my own line of cosmetics called Alayne Curtiss Bridal Beauty.  A percentage of the proceeds will go to a charity called ‘Project GRL’ which  provides guidance, respect and love to  girls and women suffering from sexual abuse and sex trafficking. My newly launched products will be all of my favorites to create the ‘perfect face’ as I have been inspired to do for more than 25 years. Watch for a launch party and lots of samples coming soon!

“I have also created a new website at which will feature my years of  beautiful brides, and also sell our products online. My remaining team and I have refocused our efforts to rebuild MMF here at our 30 Lake Avenue location. We have reduced our trial session wedding pricing, expanded our curly hair services, massage, aesthetics, blow-dry bar and nail services. We are working closely with community organizations and the management of the Pavilion Grand to create meaningful events and packages. We are hiring and training new staff members and developing more thorough employment agreements and on-boarding training for new hires to better protect our business, clients and existing staff. We currently have 10+ trained staff and independent contractors on board.  I assure you that my commitment to the beauty industry is as solid as ever.  I appreciate your loyal support and look forward to many more years of working with you.


“Owner, Make Me Fabulous?


Not a word about her role in Nxivm, as if it were all a bad lie to hurt this noble lady.

While Alayne does not want to talk to me – on or off the record – I will extend my invitation to her to make a comment or correct the record any time she chooses. And wish her the best of luck, of course, in her new bridal makeup line. I mean this sincerely for Alayne is definitely a talented makeup artist and image consultant and if I run into any brides who need makeup, I will refer them her way.
Alayne, my phone number is 716-990-5740. The call will be confidential unless you state otherwise and agree to put it on the record.



About the author

Frank Parlato

Frank Report’s founder and lead writer Frank Parlato is one of the internet’s most acclaimed investigative journalists. His writing and investigations have helped expose major criminal organizations and scandals.

Frank’s work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, New York Post, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Rolling Stone, and more.

He is also the publisher and editor-in-chief of Artvoice, The Niagara Falls Reporter, Front Page and the South Buffalo News.


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  • “You say she deserves a fresh start? But does she? There may be justice for those (eventually) who were directly hurt by Keith but what about justice for those who were hurt by his minions? Frank Parlato

    This is exactly my point about all the so-called former members of NXIVM.
    Look at the numerous women who were in NXIVM DOS and had blackmail material collected from them.
    That blackmail material is still out there and has no doubt been copied and distributed to cloud storage on the internet.
    Who feels sorry for them?
    We hear all kinds of whining for Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman who were in reality very willing perpetrators.
    These two gangsters are only crying because they got caught.

    Let’s hear some sympathy and concern for all of the Jane Does who have the Sword of Damocles, in the form of blackmail material, still hanging over their heads.

    Perhaps Alayne Curtiss is no longer a member of NXIVM, but only because NXIVM no longer exists in name.
    But NXIVM still exists in spirit in a new name or under new fronts.
    A Leopard does not change its spots but it can change its name.

    Synonyms for leopard

  • “a charity called ‘Project GRL’ which provides guidance, respect and love to girls and women suffering from sexual abuse and sex trafficking.”

  • Holy shit.

    I cannot believe what was written by Frank Parlato Jr. (a Sicilian migrant).

    Frank Parlato Jr. is now saying that he’s actually EAGER to help Alayne Curtiss BUILD her new bridal business by referring new clients her way ——- even though he knows that she has a history of mentally abusing employees and using cult tactics to run her business.

    It must also be assumed (based on her devotion to Keith) that she at least ATTEMPTED to recruit former bridal CLIENTS into NXIVM over the years.

    Yet Frank wants to send NEW BRIDES (that he’s friends with) into the clutches of this mentally warped woman? Frank actually wants to ASSIST HER in building her new business?

    What the fuck?

    My mind just can’t believe this.

    Twilight Zone is here.

    Let’s break this down further…

    A ‘journalist’ who hates NXIVM (aka: Frank the Sicilian migrant) is now eager to REFER his own friends, family and acquaintances to a NXIVM lady with a HISTORY of abusing employees?

    Frank wants to send NEW BRIDES into the clutches of a woman who spent more than a decade following a cult leader who’s now a convicted sex offender, slave holder and pedophile?

    Frank wants to help her even though she’s NEVER apologized or admitted any of this? …Even though she’s NEVER promised to change her ways?

    Based on her devotion to Keith over the years, we can only imagine how many former BRIDAL CLIENTS (innocent wedding gals) that Alayne ATTEMPTED to recruit into NXIVM over the years.

    Even if she wasn’t successful at recruiting former bridal clients, we have to assume that she at least ATTEMPTED to recruit them —- since every devotee of Keith was trained to do that.

    Yet Frank Parlato Jr. (a Sicilian migrant) wants to personally help Alayne by sending even MORE BRIDAL CLIENTS her way, so that she can potentially mentally abuse them too?

    Including Frank’s own friends, family and acquaintances?

    Let me repeat this yet a 3rd time…

    Frank Parlato Jr. (a migrant from Sicily) announced that he’s eager to send YOUNG BRIDES into the clutches of a woman who followed a convicted sex offender to the very end?

    Let’s remember that Alayne CHOSE to help Keith even AFTER she found out that he was ENSLAVING women and blackmailing them via the NY Times article.

    Yet Frank wants to SINCERELY ‘help’ this evil bitch to build her business back up?

    …Even though she has never apologized for her former actions?

    Note to Frank: She is NOT entitled to “moving on with her life” UNTIL she first ADMITS and APOLOGIZES for her former abusive behavior and cult lifestyle.

    Frank is batshit crazy for wanting to send young brides into the clutches of this mentally-warped cult fiend.

    Is Frank going off the deep end?

    I honestly think that Frank has been MIND FUCKED by Alayne’s story. I think he’s got a soft spot for Italian looking women (she certainly looks Italian and I think she may be of Sicilian ancestry, even though she may not be).

    Frank needs to stop this quest to help bad people just because they might be fellow Italians or even Sicilians.

    • Hey Frank.

      I see you’re gonna DELAY approving this comment yet again, after approving other comments made after this one.

      This was a fair comment, Frank. You fucken commie.

      *Therefore, since you’ve pissed me off yet again —– I intend to work with ICE to revoke your Sicilian green card and to hopefully deport your Commie ass back to your mafia infested homeland.

      PS — Siciliy is a mafia shithole. I’d be ashamed to hail from there.

    • “Curtiss says she got her work ethic from her grandmother, who came from Italy at age 14. Her grandmother’s father and oldest sister, Rachel, died of the Spanish flu there, so Curtiss’ grandmother had to pretend to be her sister who had died to go to work in the porcelain factories at GE to support her mother and seven siblings.

      The grandmother then started Mangino’s restaurant in the 1950s with four boys and one young daughter (Curtiss’ mom). She barely spoke English and didn’t have a driver’s license.”

      There you have it, for what it’s worth.

      note to Shadow: if you pay attention to the numbers, the grandmother came here after the 1918 flu pandemic, but even more than 30 years later in the 1950s “barely spoke English.” What do you think of that? And are you getting after all those Italians around you who don’t want to be un-hyphenated Americans, ceasing their loyalty to other countries and their flags and mother tongues – and coordially inviting them to leave? Have you at least gotten after the librarians to stop carrying all the Italian-language publications that enable those peoples’ resistance to assimilation?

  • Just like the French Revolution, Frank.

    First the aristocrats, then their servants, then anyone who disagreed with the agenda.

    First the Nxivm inner circle, now their servants, then anyone who disagrees with your agenda.

    It’s pointless articles with a hidden vicious intent like this one that scares the hell out of me and makes me wonder what broader agenda is at stake.

      • Scott, I doubt that anyone agrees with sex trafficking, extortion, or any of the other crimes Keith committed, and I think the commenter probably meant that there is no proof that Curtis has any involvement with NXIVM now. And there isnt any proof that she was ever involved in any of these crimes.

        • WRONG. Anybody who was involved with NXIVM and wants to be in the public, such as Curtiss, Clyne, Kristin Crook(ed), etc., should make a full public statement regarding their activities, so Frank can check them against all of the other input he has received and let him sort out the truth. They should also provide their opinions on all of the known NXIVM crimes. If they aren’t willing to do these two things, then they should be working a menial, office or physical job, not as a business owner, restaurant manager, or actress, as these positions provide far too much opportunity to take advantage of others.

  • I wonder how long it will take Meyer to tell Alayne, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

    Note that Curtiss doesn’t say WHAT percentage will be given to “Project GRL,” which sounds a lot like GBD (Girl By Design) by the way. Is Curtiss giving 0.01% or less, so she can associate herself with an apparently legitimate charity for the good will it will generate? A writing campaign to Meyer is advised.

    You can contact Meyer’s ministry here: Here’s the request for prayer I sent, feel free to plagarize or modify to your liking, I chose the category “Relationships”, “I pray that you end your current relationship with Alayne Curtiss, who has been associated with NXIVM, an extremely abusive sex cult, and six members are currently awaiting sentencing on various felony charges: For more information on Curtiss’ character, see You don’t want her money, it is severely tainted. Contact me for additional information by email or text 123-456-7890 [my actual phone number sent to Meyer] and we can set up a time to talk.”

    It also appears that Curtiss’ products are merely rebranded from other products already on the market.

    As Curtiss’ website states, “She was a cum laude graduate in marketing from Southern New Hampshire University….” and she is putting it to work in telling the part of the story she wants others to know and not the entire story, because she doesn’t want others to know that part.

    Unless/until Curtiss comes forward with her entire story, which can be confirmed by the others Frank has communicated with over the years, she should be handled as radioactive.

    • “…given to ‘Project GRL,’ which sounds a lot like GBD (Girl By Design) by the way.”

      Not really. Read the description about it. Considering the entire sex cult/trafficking charges and DOS, it’s obviously a PR way for her to disassociate herself as far as she possibly can from that part of NXIVM.

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

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His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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