5G Is a Kill Platform, a Directed Energy Weapon Targeting the Population With ‘Big Brother’ Style Surveillance

Some 5G pundits contend that the new network generates radiofrequency radiation that can damage DNA and lead to cancer; cause oxidative damage that can cause premature aging; disrupt cell metabolism; and potentially lead to other diseases through the generation of stress proteins

By Fred

My main concern is about 5G; Trump is rolling it out as fast as possible, while ignoring all health, privacy and surveillance concerns.

Someone should come out blazing against this federal steamroller flattening the entire landscape to make it fit for mini cell towers, completely destroying any rights local authorities might have to fight this super-surveillance infrastructure.

Trump is in the back pocket of the military, which insists that 5G is a strategic necessity. Take a careful look at this document, an official US Air Force assessment of electromagnetic warfare and the US’s vulnerabilities in this regard:


I think this document underpins the thinking of the Trump administration about 5G. You will see that all health concerns, all standards, are to be waived so that we can “beat China”. But the Chinese have already won — they have their hundreds of thousands of surveillance cameras up and running, making sure everyone keeps in line, and issuing social demerits if they don’t.

Is this a race you really want to win?

For me, the situation with 5G and China right now is best represented by this clip from Rebel Without a Cause, the “chicken” scene:


Image result for rebel without a cause chicken scene


If I could speak to Donald Trump, I would say: the other guy, China, has gone right over the cliff now. I’m talking about the coronavirus situation. It’s no accident that this outbreak happened in Wuhan, the site of the first 5G test bed in the whole of China. This radiation lowers immunity, so there will be a pandemic; and conveniently, you have the super-surveillance tech in place right on the scene, to control the epidemic and make sure everyone’s got their masks on, even if it messes up the face recognition algorithms.

Image result for 5 g dangerous

The other guy has now gone over the cliff. It’s time for you to throw yourself out of your car, so you don’t also die. 5G is a kill platform, it is a directed energy weapon targeting the entire civilian population, don’t doubt it. At the very least, it represents a level of surveillance never conceived before in the history of the human race. Ideal for a communist regime. If you are caught carrying a meditation cushion on camera in China, if you are Falun Gong, you are put in jail; and tens of thousands of them have been murdered and their organs harvested — check it out, this is the most appalling story you will ever see.


I’m desperate for somebody, anybody with some clout, to wake up and realize what a calamity is brewing here.

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  • Let’s take a look at 5g and when it will be implemented in 22 states. Right now, wow. Facts: Schools are out to get the 5g antennae installed; what are the negative effects of 5g? Fact: The military uses it for crowd control; it burns the skin. Once the schools reopen and 5g is operational, we’ll see if carona increases. This essay is fantastic, and there is lots of evidence to back it up. The first indicator is that birds will die near a tower, and then people will notice. Carona’s symptoms are the same as carona’s. Look it up on the internet. I Did


  • We have all heard Jesus’ words,..”O, Father, forgive them, for they KNOW NOT what they DO..?” Also, we have all heard about the “ALIENS” (that Old “Alien Invader!” – cum – “Tomb & Womb Raider!” & “Judas Traitor!” – the DEVIL & his DEMONS, of Corruption, Treason & Sin! – “That Old Serpent, – The Enemy! – “The Worm!” – WITHIN!) who have Turned Against us, (or Committed Cosmic High Treason Against us!) & burnt-out, or corrupted & eaten-out all their “Alien Under-ground Bases” / “Human Graves” / “Worm-Holes” inside God’s Whole “Big Crunch!” Corrupted & Eaten-Out! – & “Big Bang!” Bro- ken! “Big Apple” Red HEAR+ ! – His Whole “Big Crunch!” Corrupted & Eaten-Out! – & “Big Bang!” Bro- ken! “Big Apple” PLANET EAR+H! – His Whole! “Big Crunch!” Corrupted & Eaten-Out! – & “Big Bang!” – Bro- ken! “Big Apple” UNI-VERSE!,.. & also, by now, heard about Our Own Military, who have Turned Against us, (or Committed High Treason Against us!) & burnt-out, or corrupted & eaten-out all their “D.U.M.B.’s” (“Deep Under-ground Military Bases”) or Bunkers / “Human Graves” / “Worm-Holes” in a massive, great Under-ground NET-work A – CROSS our, now, completely & utterly HOLLOWED-OUT! & “Worm-HOLED” Entire “Big Apple” Planet Earth! & “Big Apple” Uni-verse…???!!! (D.U.M.B’s The WORD, eh???!!!) Be-Cause now put All of this together with the utterly catastrophic combination of all those 40,000 plus satellites that will soon be beaming & bearing down on us, – along with all these massive, great, electro-magnetic 5g Inter-NET Towers now being all rolled out A – CROSS the globe, & you have the “Perfect Storm” for a complete & utter DISASTER! / HOLO-CAUS+ ! – with a capital “D! / H!…” Be-Cause the electro-magnetic radiation emitted by our Sun (God’s Son) will “supercharge” all these massive, great electro-magnetic 5g Towers, – which all those 40,000 plus satellites out there will reflect straight back down to Earth, & burn massive, great “Black-Holes,” or, burnt-out, or corrupted & eaten-out “Worm-Holes,” – cum – Grave-Hole – HELL-Holes! through the (electro-magnetic) Protective Field, or Shield that surrounds our beautiful World. Now we are ALL, completely, EXPOSED to this “super-charged” electro-magnetic Energy – On Drugs! – as it all “Big Crunch!” IMPACTS upon! – & IN+ER-ACTS with our “Big Apple” PLANET EAR+H’S / UNI-VERSE’S electro-magnetic (Iron) Core or AXIS, or (God’s) Heart, thus “Big Bang!” B- R- E- A- K-I-N-G it in 2! – & Causing it to TOTALLY & UTTERLY “Big Crunch!” C-O-L-L-A-P-S-E ALL THROUGH!!!… The “Big Crunch!” Contract, or *EVIL AXIS BE+WEEN The DEVIL & ALL his DEMONS, then later joined by ALL MANKIND which CU+ – A – CROSS & “Big Bang!” BRO- KE! – & “Big Crunch!” ATE-OUT! GOD’S “BIG APPLE” Red HEAR+ ! – HIS “BIG APPLE” PLANET EAR+H! & EAR+H AXIS! – HIS WHOLE! “Big Bang!” BRO-KEN! – & “Big Crunch!” EATEN-OUT! “BIG APPLE” UNI-VERSE! & UNI-VERSAL AXIS! – BE+WEEN GOD & US ALL! – HIS WHOLE! “Big Bang!” BRO- KEN! – & “Big Crunch!” EATEN-OUT! “BIG APPLE” FAMILY of US ALL! – HIS BELOVED CHILDREN! – uP-ON WHICH HIS WHOLE PLANET EAR+H & HIS WHOLE! BANG! UNI-VERSE IS “Big Crunch!” BASED!… – which AT +HE CROSS WE ALL H-A-M-M-E-R-E-D IN WITH “Big Crunch!” – “Big Bang!” NAILS! – which GOD’S SON, JESUS CHRIST “Big Crunch!” CROSS-BRACED…! – which The DEVIL & ALL his DEMONS, then later joined by ALL MANKIND CAME BACK! – ALL OVER AGAIN! – & CU+ – A – CROSS & “Big Bang!” BRO- KE IT IN 2!… – & “Big Crunch!” TWISTED IT! ALL A-S-K-E-W!!!… – & “Big Crunch!” CORRUPTED & ATE IT ALL THROUGH! – WITH ALL THEIR ALMIGHTY! GREAT! – & GREEDY! “Big Crunch!” – “Big Bang!” WORM-HOLE! – GRAVE-HOLE! – BLACK-HOLE! – HELL-HOLES! – ALL “Big Crunch!” – “Big Bang!” SHOT THROUGH!… – IN THEIR ALMIGHTY! GREAT! – & GREEDY! “Big Crunch!” – “Big Bang!” “FINAL SOLUTION!” – OF ALL GOD’S ALMIGHTY! GREAT! – & GLORIOUS! “Big Crunch!” – “Big Bang!” CREATION! – ALL TURNED INTO… – THEIR ALMIGHTY! GREAT! – & GREEDY “Big Crunch!” – “Big Bang!” OLD WORM-POO RESIDUE!!!… GOD’S / THE DEVIL’S WHOLE, HOLY (Empty, Bro- ken, & Burnt-Out) HOLLOW CAUSE!… GOD’S / THE DEVIL’S WHOLE, HOLY (Empty, Bro- ken, & Burnt-Out) HOLLOW COS+ !… – HOLO-CAUS+ !!!… BUT GOD CAN TURN SOMETHING BAD INTO SOMETHING GOOD,…??? ‘CAUSE HE TURNED THAT CORRUPT & GREEDY OLD WORM INTO A GLORIOUS BRAND NEW BUTTERFLY! – BY THE SHEDDING OF US ALL HIS BELOVED SON’S BLOOD!!!…

  • Let’s take a look at 5g and when they are rolling out 22 states covered with 5g. Wow right now. Fact s hools are out to get the 5g antennas put in, what are side effects of 5g fact military use it for croud control it burns the skin once the schools open back up and 5g is up and running let’s see if carona increases this article is great their is plenty of info to back it up first sign the birds will die around a tower and then humans start to feel it. The same symptoms as carona. Look it up. I Did

  • To bring things somewhat back on topic, Fred is actually behind the times with his conspiracy theories – or, of course, perhaps part of one to hide the real truth with cunning diversions and distractions 🙂 – so here’s the latest:

    Social media conspiracies blame coronavirus on 5G internet

    ‘Conspiracy theorists are infecting YouTube and Facebook with bogus theories that 5G mobile internet is responsible for the coronavirus.

    One prominent anti-5G Facebook group has shared a number of erroneous posts, claiming 5G is the culprit behind a virus that has infected more than 80,000 people worldwide. Its creator, Dutch “UFO researcher” John Kuhles writes: “I challenge anyone to watch this video at least twice and claim there is nothing to it, [or] it is all a coincidence. Yeah right. Certainly not.”’



    And here we get a convergence of multiple conspiracy theories:

    Analysis: Conspiracy theorists link coronavirus to 5G and ‘chemtrails’

    ‘One Facebook post on 23 February which has been shared 1,600 times, claims that behind the outbreak is a mixture of factors, like mandatory vaccination, “5G waves”, breathing in “smart dust” from so-called “chemtrails”, and the malicious rewriting of human RNA through “weaponised technology”.’



    I’m actually kinda liking chemtrails these days, because I think that they prove that my favorites, the alien reptilian humanoid shape shifters, have to not only be behind it, but be an active part of it here amongst us: as I noted previously a problem with (solely human versions) of such theories is that they fail to take into account the the people supposedly spreading the chemicals would have to be dosing their families, friends – and even one another, when they’re off shift and back at home Unless of course they’re reptilians and immune to what’s being spread, bwa hah ha…

    If you have a friend or neighbor who is in the airline industry, including working at airports, you should be checking their garbage for remains of meals of human blood and flesh, and the tell-tale shed skin of reptiles! Just be sure to wear gloves and a mask so you don’t catch COVID-19 or 5G.

  • Posting this up top, since I ran out of room below…

    Hey Scottie,

    Now that I know you separated from the military as a LOWLY E-3 piece of shit, I am confident that your nuclear power knowledge & skills had to be below average.


    Cuz it’s almost impossible not to attain an E-4 paygrade before being discharged from the navy in ANY job —— even as an ‘undesignated’ DECK APE (a person who paints and cleans the ship all day). A deck ape will eventually get promoted to E-4 Boatswain’s mate.

    Yet Scottie ranked even below that UNSKILLED person, LOL.

    In fact, the rank of E-2 is given freely to everybody (like bubblegum) just months after boot camp and schooling is complete, without any testing.

    The rank of E-3 follows shortly thereafter, with only minimal testing required. Anybody with a heartbeat gets E-2 and E-3.

    Also… Top graduates of the navy’s nuclear schools receive a promotion to E-4 right out of schooling, just months after leaving boot camp.

    Which means Scottie was not one of those either.

    Scott couldn’t even get promoted past E-3 —— yet he wants us to believe that he was a highly qualified nuclear power expert in the navy?


    If he wasn’t promoted past E-3 then he was a naval FUCK UP and BELOW AVERAGE.

    He probably sold too much Amway on ship and got sent to mast for that.

    Scottie likely went to Captain’s Mast at least once per year.

    Thus, I’m doubting that any civilian nuclear plant would hire him after seeing his pathetic military service. Or if they did hire him, he was just a PEON doing menial jobs that any retard could handle. They wouldn’t hire a lowly E-3 FUCK UP for a highly valuable supervisory job.

    AnonyMaker was right about you, Scott, you’ve been a below average FUCK UP your whole life.

    Your naval service was a DISGRACE and you shouldn’t be bragging about being a LOWLY E-3.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

    • Enlisted personnel, unless they are very senior, cannot qualify as EOOW/EDO. Your stupidity is surpassed only by your idiocy. LOL

      When are you coming on my show to ask your 11 questions and these more recent questions? Or are you too stupid and/or scared (like NiceGuy) to talk on the phone? LOL

    • First, to be fair, I only said that Johnson was probably held back by the sort of inability to get along well with others, that we still see evidenced here. Unfortunate, but apparently true.

      And I noted that I’d seen it mentioned that Johnson was an E-3 – I haven’t seen it confirmed, though then again he hasn’t denied it.

      Rather than ragging on him, I’d like to encourage him to show us his better side – or prove to us that he has one.

      Which reminds me, there’s a question for both of you: do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

  • AT&T (Dallas, Atlanta, Waco, Charlotte, Raleigh, and Oklahoma City) and Verizon (Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento) started rolling out 5G VR-WIFI last year, it is less than a couple years from full nationwide deployment. This is not the 30 year old 5g on your home wireless phone & anyone using 5G outside of these locations is using Frequency range 1 which is less than 6 GHz. Understand that all previous cellular services were labeled according to their Radio Frequency location on the Radio Spectrum. I.E. 3G/3rd generation = 3GHZ & 4G/4th gen = 4GHz. This was done deliberately for the purpose of concealing the fact that 5G/5th gen, using frequency range 2, is 24GHz – 86GHz at ground level. Frequency range 4? (couldn’t find it’s label) is 200Ghz and above from satellites. That is the millimeter wave (based on length of waves) section of the spectrum. It is classified as Extremely High Frequency Non-Ionizing Radiation. 24GHz = 24 billion electromagnetic waves per second. 5G hits every cell in your body with amplitudes that are exponentially stronger than 4G.

    The compact nature of millimeter waves results in heavy interference from just about everything. This limits the distance a signal can travel as well as being line of sight only. Water molecules in the air, for example, can cause heavy loss in signal strength. The only way to compensate for these issues & still deliver the band width promised with the Internet Of Things, is to have 5G transmitters (Small Cell) on every telephone pole in the country, in every room of every public building in the country & smart meters as well as dueling satellite providers with overlapping coverage. If you are saying to yourself “Wait a minute, I’m 70% water!” welcome to the club.

    These are the same bunch who tested nuclear bombs while contemplating weather or not they would set the atmosphere on fire while doing so. Every living thing uses electromagnetic signals to manage bodily functions. Every living thing is harmed by this level of Non-Ionizing Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) radiation. As the densely packed waves bounce off cells in your body they cause damage, as your body repairs this damage, occasionally the process results in cancer. It physically breaks strands of DNA. It punches holes in the blood brain barrier.

    It causes…abnormal heart rhythms, cardiac arrest, fainting, strokes, cancers and tumors, seizures, headaches and migraines, nausea and vomiting, nosebleeds and ear bleeding, insomnia and sleep abnormalities, rashes, burns, or other skin reactions, eye problems, dizziness, flu-like symptoms, ear, eye, or heart pain, edema, hearing ringing or buzzing, memory and concentration problems, high blood pressure, difficulty regulating blood sugar, spontaneous abortions, higher than normal rates of birth defects, mental health problems including depression, anxiety, agitation, and suicidal thoughts, muscle weakness and loss of energy (due to mitochondrial dysfunction), paralysis, joint pain, urinary urgency, and electromagnetic sensitivity (intolerance to microwave or EMF emissions — recognized by the U.S. Access Board in 2002).”

    California Senate Bill 649, passed in 2017, exempts fire stations from 4G/5G “small cell” infrastructure due to the health effects, and granted ADA accommodation at hearings for those disabled by electromagnetic sensitivities.

    We are exposed every day to harmful radiation from both natural & man made sources. Unless you live under a cell tower or high power lines, that radiation amounts to a misting in most cases, in order for 5G to work, it will be like jumping in the ocean. The reason they put a lead vest on when you get an X-ray is EXACTLY the reason the FCC refused to do any safety testing on 5G. They didn’t need to, they know 5th generation Pulsed Microwave Radiation Frequencies at ranges from 24GHz – 200GHz will not-so-slowly kill you, especially at the levels of signal saturation required to reach everywhere.

    For this purpose, the FCC has long held that only Electro Magnetic Frequency radiation that produces heat is a danger, this is blatantly dishonest. Consumer microwave ovens usually use 2.45GHz, they would have you believe multiplying the frequency output by a minimum of 1000% is safe because it no longer produces heat! The MRI, CAT Scan & X-ray machines don’t produce heat either, how awkward do you feel every time you get under one of these machines & everybody else runs for cover leaving you to face the radiation onslaught alone.

    On top of standard umbrella coverage, the new (Small Cell) transmitters have the ability to engage multiple, focused beams (Beam Forming) that automatically tracks every WIFI receiving device that comes into its signal range for the purpose of connectivity (MIMO). Uploading and downloading happens simultaneously on the same beam (Full Duplex). The “micro”wave radiation that cooks your food, modified, focused & amplified, for data, distance & bandwidth into “milli”wave radiation beams.

    Microwatts per square meter is how they measure Electro Magnetic Frequency Exposure & 2.5 is the highest amount reported to be safe as of 2013. The amount measured when laying a meter on a new ATT residential 5G router was 1800+. Now make that commercial & Imagine the overlap & omni-directional bombardment of walking through a mall, school, city street & your 1000+ living room doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

    This is the technology they use at airports to see through your clothes. The military has been using millimeter waves for at least 40 years & they can put you to sleep, or stop you from absorbing oxygen. They could literally boil the water in your skin, but they don’t need to because at 130 degrees, it feels like you are on fire and instantly neutralizes any human threat. I can only imagine the things they could do to your brain, but it might explain why, for as long as I can remember, there have been non-stop zombie movies. They’re called Directed Energy Weapons & are focused electro magnetic energy. Your brain tells your body to function with an electro magnetic signal. If you still doubt the power of this technology, look up the Hutchison effect. Nikola Tesla was just too soon, they weren’t ready to use his tech against us yet.

    The universe is electrical, the physical world is frequency and the spiritual world is vibrational. 5G allows for frequency manipulation of the physical world. Everything I have mentioned thus far is just the information I could find about an issue that is being hidden from public view with alarming effectiveness. Imagine the uses they have discovered & have kept from us.

  • As probably the only one commenting on the Frank Report who uses his own name and who has worked in both the nuclear power and wireless industries, I can assure you that Fred is full of sh!t on a variety of levels. LOL

    • I can bear witness to Scooter Johnson successfully working in the nuclear power industry.

      He really did. In fact, he was the chief janitor/custodian for the entire facility and kept the floors and toilets sparkling.

      When the senior staff needed to take a shit, they really appreciated Scooter’s mastery of cleaning bathrooms.

      • It’s either that, or I was a qualified EOOW/EDO on a nuclear powered cruiser and and engineer and supervisor at a civilian nuclear power plant. LOL

        Plus, Bangkok changed his name to Pablo, and BOTH of them are too scared to come on my show to ask their 11 questions. LOL

        • The second option is hard to believe precisely because of the intellectually sloppy and dismissively cavalier attitudes you display here – whatever is going on with that, it’s not inconsequential. Plus as I understand it – and have seen for myself on the prime Scientology-watching forum, the Underground Bunker – you’ve been banned from most other forums you’ve tried to participate in due to inability to get along with group norms, so it also doesn’t seem plausible you’d ever have been put in the position of supervising people.

          Are we supposed to think that the armed forces, which subject nuclear staff to a special personnel reliability program (I know about that from the Army), or even a civilian nuclear facility with its own similar requirements, would employ someone who uses “LOL” all the time in their communications, not to mention continuously putting down colleagues?

          If you still work, would you want your employer to see samples of what you post here?

          And if you behave much worse here, given the at least partial anonymity and unaccountability of online forums, knowing it wouldn’t be tolerated in the real world, that tells us something interesting if not disturbing, too.

          Can you show us you’re not as much of an unreflective, unrepentant sociopath or psychopath as Raniere, by ever admitting mistakes (other than Amway) and showing some contrition?

          • I guess I missed the part about LOL being in violation of the UCMJ. LOL

            I’ve been banned by forums because they are run by stupid people. LOL

            I don’t put down colleagues, I put down idiots, or more accurately, I call them what they are, IDIOTS. LOL

            Yes, I’m sorry this message was so long, because you’re not worth it. LOL

          • I legit laughed out loud. Before the towel rained down, Scott slurred back with a grade 3 concussed reply.

        • LOL, even if you were EDO-qualified, then I’m sure you were still a worthless peon.

          I’m guessing that you washed out of the navy as a lowly O-3 lieutenant at best, probably with a letter of reprimand in your file for trying to sell too much Amway shit to your shipmates, and too much jerking off while underway.

          *I’m also sure that you’re no stranger to attending mast.

          O-3’s are akin to grains of sand on the beach, there are tons of them and the rank is virtually meaningless. It’s a peon’s rank among officers.

          Like most O-3’s in the navy, you just couldn’t make it to O-4 within the allotted period of time —- so you were ‘involuntarily’ washed out of the navy, as a failure.

          I’m sure that you washed out of the navy with a BIG CHICKEN DINNER in your military file, with a reduction in rank to O-1 (for too much jerking off and Amway sales to your shipmates).

          Care to mention what rustbucket you served on and what your lowly rank was at separation, after you got busted down by the man?

          • It’s been mentioned that Johnson was E-3, and anyone with a good service record should at least have been discharged as an E-4, so his inability to play nice probably held him back – and likely also would have ruled out his making it through OCS or ROTC to become an officer, where collaboration and gentlemanly behavior are necessary skills (I went through OCS, myself).

          • @AnonyMaker:

            I didn’t realize an EOOW could be a lowly E-3 (though I knew they could be enlisted personnel).

            I guess I just assumed that Scottie had graduated college, became an officer, and was proficient in the nuclear power profession.

            Now that I know he was only a lowly E-3, just an enlisted PIECE OF SHIT, I’m more confident than ever that Scottie went to captain’s mast more than several times.

            What a loser.

            I still believe that he probably received a BIG CHICKEN DINNER in his military file.

            Isn’t that right, Scottie? 🙂

          • “It’s been mentioned” that I was an E-3? WHERE was that mentioned, bouncing around inside your skull and nowhere else? LOL

            Thanks for reinforcing all of your comments are pure BS, which I had assumed already. LOL

        • Scott, to answer a question buried too deep in the comments, this was mentioned as cited – though it may be foreign to you, I typically fact-check and research before posting:

          ‘Re Naval Service:
          When you left the navy with an “honorable” discharge, however, you were an E3; and you did not receive the Navy Good Conduct Medal Ribbon 3-4 year.’

          If that’s wrong, then why haven’t you corrected it – with details? If you claim to be so brave as to use your real name here, why wouldn’t you want to cite specifics of your actual service record to defend your honor?

    • In what precise capacity did you work in the wireless industry? As an engineer?

      Have you read Robert C Kane’s book, Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette? He had a doctorate in electrical engineering, he was by all accounts an extremely brilliant man. His book is very roughly edited, when he wrote it he was busy dying of a brain tumor contracted while testing mobile antennas for Motorola, but it is an extremely powerful historical perspective on what the industry knew, when they knew it, and how they covered up the risks:


      Let me tell you one conversation I had a with a real microwave engineer, the guy in charge of all the base stations for a major network.

      I was walking past one of their huge towers, when I saw a pigeon sitting on one of them. I thought immediately: that is a first, I’ve NEVER seen a small bird anywhere near one of these towers. That tower must be off.

      And sure enough, as I got past, I saw a car parked in front of the tower, and the base station’s door was open.

      So just to check, I phoned the operator. I said I wanted to confirm that this tower was actually off, because this was the first time I’d ever seen a bird on one. It’s a claim I often made, and I was quite perturbed to see it being broken.

      The guy told me to phone back in a week. He told me, no, that base station was supposed to be on the whole time, it was a “fireable” offense (sic) to turn it off while working on it. I said, well, I don’t want to get your guy fired, but I honestly think that tower was off.

      The engineer then said to me: you know, I’ve been looking, and you’re absolutely right, you don’t see birds sitting in these towers.

      They are disguised as trees, of course, for “aesthetic” reasons; but no birds are fooled.

      This is just one conversation of many I’ve had with professionals in the business. Quietly, they’ve admitted to me that I was right, and that there were real problems with the technology. One said their company kept a “black book” of radiation incidents, in workers as well as the public, which was kept in deep secret. Another told me that “sunburn” from working on towers was common, and that their hair would stand on end as they got close to a tower. Working on towers is now the most dangerous job in the whole of America:

      • Sorry, again, the comment gets posted just as I paste a link in:


        I have a lot of sympathy with people who work in the industry, who know about the dangers, and are forced to keep quiet. This has led to many of them confiding their stories to me, I’ll tell some more one day, much more drastic. So let’s hear about your experience in the wireless industry, Mr Johnson, I’d be really interested to know.

      • I have a BSEE. I have not read the nearly two decade old book. I’ve seen lots of birds on towers. I’ve even had projects that had to be delayed because there were protected birds nesting on towers, and they couldn’t be disturbed until after nesting season. If a company is violating OET65, they should be reported to the FCC. Your anecdotal stories are entertaining, and some of them may even be true, but they are not meaningful.

  • Fred, thank you for your contribution. Sorry that trolls like flowerpot, anonyfaker and nicefag constantly clog up the comment section with their constant jibbershit.

  • Freddy Kruger
    (I ran your last post thru Google translater and it changed your name to that ….not sure why)
    Google translate also decoded your letter from Cathy O’Brien, and apparently she was using Morse code during a particular lunar phase of her menstrual cycle (while under the influence of MK-Ultra) which ,in fact ,caused confusion about the tracking capabilities of G5 and also G3 and 4, and also G6 and 7 (but I received the last data from the akashic records while under hypnosis, so I can’t validate its authenticity….sorry about that.
    Please run this thru Google translate and see if you can translate the chair scraping sounds into Swahili and the dog barking into English using just your ham radio.

    If this fails to make any logical sense, just run this thru Google translate:

    • f this fails to make any logical sense,

      You don’t make any sense whats so ever, so logic is out of the fucking question for you

    • Flowers, don’t take this wrong, but you might want to make peace with your ‘conspiracy theory’ inner demons bc hon you got some nasty ones going on in there. You and AM should hook up and spank each other in lizard costumes. Or just change form, ya know?

      • Heidi, do you think I’m Fred now? Freddie is the one who is attempting to convince us that every single conspiracy theory ever invented is real and is interconnected in some kind of world domination theory.

        Basically, Freddie is an internet troll who is hoping to create fear and confusion. Why are you helping him, Heidi?

        • Fred seems calm and patient, very much in earnest. Whereas you have been trolling here on FR with extreme prejudice for a long time. You have form Flowers.

          Showing an interest in a commenter’s carefully presented evidence is certainly helpful in this context, your question is a non-sequitur, reports are written to be read after all.
          You’re quite pointlessly divisive, which is how I would characterize a troll. Something tells me you will have no success projecting bad faith onto Fred.

          • Are you a lawyer, Mister Q? Or is actually it Mr. JKW? Hmmm.
            Perhaps you would like to explain to this forum why you threatened me with a bogus lawsuit .

            Better get back to kissing Ezra’s ass. Say hi to WK, too.

          • Can you explain your logic , Mister Q? You wrote a pointless post, written only for one reason – to insult me. But yet you think I’m a troll and you’re not?

            After you explain that, please explain why you think Fred is logical when he states that the government adds fluoride to the water supply in order to “mind control” the population?

            Please explain where these mysterious fluoride pushers get their water supply. Do they only drink distilled water to stay safe from the effects of MIND CONTROL? And exactly WHAT is the government controlling us to do?

            Please let us all know. You obviously have these answers , Mister Q, so please share.

    • I don’t know why you are obsessed with the idea that I am Fred, Flores, but I see that you like to hit the victim, I just questioned the fact that you would focus on a single point of the information presented by Fred, and you put aside everything In addition, perhaps you have already done your homework. I have ingested all the information Fred provided, at least that would make a person who wants to argue with good points.

      by the way I usually respond to the comments of shadow since I do not like that it always alters the facts and history when it comes to allison mack, that will give you a clue that I am not Fred.

  • Fred is an idiot.

    I can’t believe that Frank endorsed his article.

    Technology is our friend.

    Technology will never be our enemy.

    Just because technology ‘can’ be used for big brother-like surveillance, that’s no reason not to develop the technology.

    All technological inventions can theoretically be used for evil things, in the wrong hands.

    …and there will always be evil people on Earth. But that’s just the price we pay for being human.

    Just like the development of nuclear technology was a good thing, even though some idiots advocated against it. Just because it can be used to destroy the world is not a good enough reason not to develop it — because if we don’t roll out this technology than other countries will, and we’ll be left behind and at a disadvantage.

    We must have confidence that although it’s sometimes necessary to drop a few nukes on shitty countries (like Japan) we will never, as human beings, decide to engage in a full nuclear war that’ll destroy the world.

    Dropping the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki — while certainly tragic — produced far fewer deaths than if we had not dropped them and instead invaded the island of Japan. The 150,000-300,000 deaths from the bombs (which includes cancer deaths in future years) is far less than the rosiest predictions for a full invasion of Japan.

    Bombing Japan was actually a good thing —– if you can get past the ’emotional’ responses from the left wing kooks.

    We must always proceed with technology. Always.

    The occasional nuclear power plant disasters — while certainly tragic — only kill a limited number of people compared to the millions of homes that benefit from nuclear power.

    1000x more people die from the Flu than from nuclear power plant leaks.

    Enough already.

    5g should be rolled out.

    It just doesn’t matter what it’s potential pitfalls are.

    As for ‘health concerns’, who gives a fuck.

    We have thousands of kids starving to death in many nations yet nobody gives a fuck about them.

    So if 5g technology winds up causing you or your family cancer then OH FUCKEN WELL, I bid you a nice trip to Satan’s lair.

    As for big brother tracking you…

    Who gives a fuck if the government can track your activities better?

    How does that impact your life if you’re not doing anything illegal?

    Google and Facebook can already track a lot of shit but it’s not the end of the world.

    Stop tilting at windmills, Fred.

    • Pablo that has to do with technology with the misuse of it, you think this is about denying the use of technology just to go back and hide from the great coconut of technology, NO, my friend this is about the irresposable use of the technology and how they are only hiding it and try to put our finger in our mouths as if we were young children, tell me why a technology that is potentially dangerous for health and defective in terms of efficiency, if you understand what I want to say with that is why the 5g technology is not really superior, it is only more advanced within an specific way.

  • Fred, is part of your concern here that millimeter wave radiation will be directed at individual users of 5G devices? If you’re truly a ham (which I think you are), you ought to know beamforming on a mass individual client level isn’t anywhere close to possible yet and won’t be for a long time. Every implementation of beamforming I’ve seen to date has been Micky Mouse approximations at best, mostly in home router devices. Not even close to what you’re imaging especially for multiple end-users. I’d give it MINIMUM another thirty years, before the scenario you’re imagining in terms of directed beams would be plausible, even then I’d have to ask…what would be the benefit of doing it that way? There’s little benefit vs. the difficulty of implementation and overhead involved.

  • Rather than wading into the details, which could be argued back and forth endlessly, I’d point out that the arguments fall into two fallacious and erroneous general traps common to conspiracy theories and similar speculation.

    The first is that they fail to take into account that there is more than one country on the planet – or two. The US wants to roll out 5G in order to be competitive with the rest of Asia besides China, Europe, and to some extent the rest of the world including Russia. Europe, in particular, is sensitive to environmental issues, and especially its member nation Germany – home not only of Steiner and his Anthroposophy, and center of biodynamic farming, but a nation in general attuned to health and safety, with a a preference for natural lifestyles (I’ve lived and traveled there, and experienced it in person). If 5G were just an evil scheme out of Washington and Beijing, it wouldn’t be rolling out in Germany, or at least not without probably the most vociferous opposition on the planet, including studies and research; instead, it’s being implemented there at about the same pace as in the US. I’m sure that Fred, like a good conspiracy theorist, can come up with some explanation of how Germany is just being steamrolled as part of the ruthlessly oppressive and sinister global plot by the Jesuits, Illuminati, reptilian aliens, or whoever; but that just illustrates the problem that by the time the improbabilities of such theories are exposed and then the theory expanded to cover them, the theory and its required circle of conspiratorial parties has to be made so massive and all-encompassing as to be completely implausible and unrealistic.

    The second is that such theories assume that there is a relatively large group of psychopatically ruthless, meticulously efficient, conscience-less and perfectly tight-lipped conspirators, unlike anything we would have run across in our own real lives, and almost unlike anything even in found in the actual annals of history – and, as above, when the various contingencies of the theory are really accounted for, a circle that often has to be expanded to a more or less implausibly large number. Particularly in the case of what might be called conspiracy theories with a wide spread, like chemtrails or 5G, the theory requires not just a large number of primary conspirators, but actually a huge number of collaborators or functionaries – like the people who would have to be involved in covert operations to load chemicals onto airplanes at commercial airports, or technical personnel who might have knowledge of 5G dangers – who would have to be doing things they know are harming their family, friends, and probably themselves as well, along with everyone else.

    That said, I don’t doubt that there may well be health and privacy issues that haven’t been adequately considered – but that’s typical of human endeavors, from fast food to the internet itself.

    p.s. And if anyone is wondering where the talking points used by someone like Fred might ultimately be coming from, it turns out that Russian official English-language media such as RT has been putting out stories like these regarding the hazards of 5G aimed at the US and the West – even though 5G is being rolled out inside Russia, with no criticism from the Russian-language media. I’m not saying Fred is necessarily a Russian sock puppet, or even in his case getting his ideas indirectly from them, since he poses as having done a lot of independent “investigation” – but one does have to wonder, when what he is doing coincides with Russian disinformation aims. We need to question and doubt seductive alternative narratives, at least as much as official ones.

    • Good points, Anonymaker

      There are a number of people who use the internet to spread the types of conspiracies that Fred has written about in this article.

      Some of these people are quite believable at first glance, but when you start looking closely at the details, their stories start to unravel.

      These conspiracy theorists all follow a certain agenda, even though they may try to hide their true intentions ….but look closely and their agenda becomes apparent.

      • Just to be clear, I think it may well be that there’s not a single Russia troll actually here.

        However, even if the Russians aren’t colluding with particular politicians and parties in the US, it’s still well established by now that they are seeking to influence public sentiment and the democratic process in this country, and undermine trust in a free press – with the aim of sewing divisions and influencing elections, in order to weaken us as a challenge to their power and the security of Putin’s regime.

        Some of what spills into the Frank Report may well come from sources at least influenced by the actions of Russian and other hostile regimes’ social media manipulation efforts.

        The way I see it, ultimately, if the drive-by 1-4 line trolls are posting divisive nastiness that contributes nothing to the topic, and could have been produced by a good AI bot, it doesn’t matter whether an American or a computer system on the other side of the world produced the comments; they ought to be moderated out. And if longer pieces are dubious or counter-factual, but still fit the agenda of hostile foreign powers, what’s the point in publishing them unless they at least meet rigorous journalistic standards?

        Those who seek to divide and, to at least some extent, conquer us, are using the basic disinformation strategy of facing people with so many confusing and contradicting things to consider, that they either give up on trying to decide at all, or credulously accept the first comfortable-sounding authoritarian answer offered to them – that’s just the technique that Raniere used, and which we see at work in a slightly different way in the videos, for instance.

    • Just about the stupidest thing I ever read in my life, was the New York Times’s William Broad alleging that information on 5G hazards was a “treacherous fog” being spread by the Russians:


      (Sorry, I can’t read the NYT articles directly.)

      Broad quotes experts in Russian propaganda:

      —> The Kremlin “would really enjoy getting democratic governments tied up in fights over 5G’s environmental and health hazards,” said Molly McKew, head of Fianna Strategies, a consulting firm in Washington, D.C., that seeks to counter Russian disinformation. <—

      It's a fact that the Russians have, for decades, had the best radiation protection guidelines of any major country, at least 100 times better than the FCC guidelines, which are the worst in the entire world from a protective viewpoint.

      The Americans long derided the Russians for their research into "non-thermal" effects of microwave radiation. A 1976 US Defense Intelligence Agency document summarized the Soviet-bloc research and their more stringent protections for the public, and concluded that such protection was not feasible for Americans:

      “If the more advanced nations of the West are strict in the enforcement of stringent exposure standards, there could be unfavorable effects on industrial output and military function.”

      You can read the whole document here:


      The quote comes from p. vii.

      Mr Barrie Trower, the UK government's former expert on microwave warfare, has stated repeatedly that the doctrine contained in that one sentence will ultimately be responsible for killing far more people than WW1 and WW2 combined. It's a real death sentence.

      Under the most patronizing supervision possible, the WHO got the Russians to replicate their experiments from the 1970s and '80s. To their surprise, the Russian findings checked out. For example, in one experiment, rats were irradiated with microwaves, and then blood serum was taken from them and injected into pregnant rats. You can see the results on p. 18 of the following document:


      Of the cage controls, 4.3% had spontaneous abortions; of sham-exposed rats, 11.7% had spontaneous abortions; of EMR-exposed rats, 55.6% had spontaneous abortions. The Russians regarded this quite elegant experiment just as a pilot study.

      In case you think this issue of spontaneous abortions in rats has no relevance to humans, listen to the evidence of Prof John Goldsmith, doyen of research in this field for many years, holding many professorships around the world, hired by the US government to write the definitive report on the microwaving of the US Embassy in Moscow over several decades.

      Goldsmith produced a paper in 1997, in which he reported a study of female physiotherapists who were using microwave equipment, on exactly the same frequencies as mobile phones, 915 MHz and 2450 MHz. The findings:

      "Of the microwave-exposed women, 47.7% had miscarriages prior to the 7th week of pregnancy compared to 14.5% of nonexposed women."

      The reported results are frighteningly in line with what the Russians found with rats, 40 years ago.

      Now: I have corresponded directly with Prof Yury Grigoviev, the chairman of the Russian government radiation protection agency, author of that review of the Russian research. He confirmed for me that the official Russian government guidelines stresses NO MOBILE PHONE USE WHATSOEVER BY PREGNANT WOMEN.

      This is a warning that should be given in the West; but, the governments would far, far rather kill your baby, than, heaven forfend, "alarm" you.

      Prof Grigoriev also confirmed, to my amazement, that the official Russian guidelines is absolutely NO mobile phone use by anyone under the age of 18 years, because their immune, nervous and hormonal systems are still developing.

      I am told that Russian kids are quite nihilistic, and I'm sure that many if not most use mobile phones. I know that many of them also drink vodka for breakfast, against government guidelines. The fact remains that the government has at least issued precautionary warnings to its population.

      Do any of you think you could get a response on this issue from the FCC? Let alone its chairman, Ajit Pai?

      Here's a letter signed by 13 US lawmakers in May 2018, asking Ajit Pai why his agency refuses to answer their questions:


      Here's a letter from February 2019 from Congress's Committee on Energy and Commerce, asking Pai again why "you have also repeatedly denied or delayed responding to legitimate information requests from the public about agency operations":


      Even your lawmakers can't get a response from the FCC. It's been described as the most captured government agency in Washington, DC, by a Harvard study:


      So, just to show how the FCC DOES respond to these charges of industry capture, here is a video of Ajit Pai making jokes about it at an "insider" dinner in 2017:


      Here is a transcript of Ajit Pai's extremely unfunny little skit:

      Ajit Pai: "In collusion, I mean conclusion… sorry, Freudian slip, my bad. Many people are still shell-shocked that I'm up here tonight [as chairman]. They ask themselves, 'How on Earth did this happen?' Well, moments before tonight's dinner, somebody leaked a 14-year-old video that helps answer that question, and in all candor I can no longer hide from the truth."

      The video then shows him talking with Verizon Senior Vice President Kathy Grillo:

      Kathy Grillo: "As you know, the FCC is captured by industry. But we think it's NOT CAPTURED ENOUGH. We want to brainwash and groom a Verizon puppet to install as FCC chairman. Think Manchurian Candidate."

      Ajit Pai: "That sounds awesome!"

      Kathy Grillo: "I know, right?! There are only two problems. First, this is going to take 14 years to incubate. We need to find someone smart, young, ambitious, but dorky enough to throw the scent off."

      Ajit Pai: "Hello!"

      Kathy Grillo: "So you will do it?"

      Ajit Pai: "Absolutely! But you said there was another issue?"

      Kathy Grillo: "We need to find a Republican who can win the presidency in 2016 to appoint you FCC chairman. I think our best bet is an outsider, but I have no idea who that would be. If only somebody can give us a sign…"

      At this point in the video, a picture of Donald Trump appears, to music from The Apprentice. Hilarity from all the insiders at this dinner.

      Ajit Pai, Verizon lawyer turned regulator, does not have time to answer questions from lawmakers; but he has plenty of time to make little videos in which he insults all of us.

      Remember: Bill Clinton's 1996 Telecoms Act specifically forbids any local authority from making one move to regulate the placement of a tower, even if there's a huge cancer cluster around it, so long as that tower is radiating under FCC guidelines. If a local authority even SAYS one word about it, they are in violation of federal law and can be sued by the operators.

      A radiation guideline set by engineers, intended only to provide short-term protection from heating, based on military guidelines intended to protect a large Marine over six feet tall, trumps your rights to free speech, a healthy environment, protection for your kids, protection from surveillance within your own house.

      And then they make big jokes about it.

      Ajit Pai was appointed by Donald Trump. This is draining the swamp? Ajit Pai is the most vile and disgusting swamp monster I've ever seen in Washington, DC. Even worse than his predecessor Tom Wheeler, who famously said "We won't wait for the standards," in rolling out 5G:


      In the past, it was Motorola driving the tech through without any proper health testing or evaluation. Now it's the regulator, the FCC itself, saying, we won't wait for the standards, on issues like health.

      So, yeah, these are Russian talking points, please, don't make me laugh, it only hurts when I laugh. You Americans need to wake up, and wake up pronto.

      I have to go offline for a while now, a huge thunderstorm is brewing and I must unplug my ADSL line. Anyone who thinks I'm taking you back to the dark ages, remember: 5G won't work in the rain either, your self-driving cars will grind to a halt the moment there's a serious downpour.

      • The storm seems to have passed, but I’m typing very quietly. If the weather devas around here hear you even think the word “modem”, there’s usually a rumble of thunder.

        I’m busy listening to (and audio recording) a presentation by Mr Barrie Trower on the dangers of wifi and 5G, uploaded on March 5, from a conference in Exeter. He waved that DIA document I mentioned above, and said it’s the second-most infamous document in history, in the damage it will do to the human race.

        The top infamy is a WHO document, from a major conference decades ago, listing all the illnesses to be expected from microwave radiation. It’s been stamped TOP SECRET. Mr Trower says the WHO to this day refuses to acknowledge the existence of this document. He’s 47 minutes in and going strong, this is a tour de force. He says the estimate is that 2 billion people will be killed by this radiation, that’s one in three users. He’s about to start on trees and nature in general. Must watch.

  • Fred, how was Harlem, NY selected as a testbed? Who or what determines these things? Is that the only experimental region in the U.S. at the same level of exposure?

  • Good lord. This was published as an article on FR.
    Credibility matters. Between this and prominent discussion of Amway, you could lose some

    • If you look back at some of the really interesting commenters, like those with actual personal knowledge of NXIVM or those involved, many have been lost.

      • AnonyMaker,

        That is an astute observation…..

        ….And an incredibly inaccurate statement at the same time. We have lost almost all of the former X-Nxivm members with the exceptions of NutJob and Heidi.

        You can thank Scott Johnson and Bangkok for driving everyone away.

  • Fred,

    Do you have any information on the fluoride the government is putting in the water? I find it odd that they have to put fluoride in water. Why not just let people take fluoride pills?

    You can’t even get access to the water pump substation where the fluoride is added.

    Please share

    • Fluoride is the total worst, rat poison, neurotoxin, absolutely of no value to the human body, carcinogen, causes ADD, avoid at all cost.

      If you try to pin down the story that the Nazis used fluoride to subdue concentration camp inmates, it’s very hard to prove. You sometimes find the story of Charles Perkins mentioned, an American chemist who prepared a report after visiting the camps. But nothing definite.

      Now, there’s a letter by Perkins that provided conclusive proof, insider confirmation, that this story was absolutely true, and also that the Nazis learned this from the Soviets, when Hitler and Stalin were best pals.

      This letter is in a book called Mind Control, World Control, by Jim Keith. It calls itself “The Encyclopedia of Mind Control”, and it does give a very comprehensive overview of the whole history of mind control by governments in the modern era. Keith is not scared to give his own assessment of various sources. He’s very skeptical of Cathy O’Brien, for example.

      However, I could find no trace of this Perkins letter on the internet, only in the hard copy book, so I was really glad to see that you can find Jim Keith’s entire book online now. I’m just going to paste Perkins’s letter in below, to have it on record. I bought Jim Keith’s book in 1997, the year of its publication, and I’ve copy-typed quite a few stories from it, to make sure they were available online.

      You can find the whole book here:



      Here is definitive proof that the fluoridation of water was indeed a Nazi / Soviet plot to subdue entire populations. This should be in school history books. It’s the smoking gun of the fluoride story, in my opinion. Put it out as widely as possible, it’s time this truth was known, not least that the Nazis and the Communists are two sides of exactly the same totalitarian coin.

      Mind Control, World Control, by Jim Keith, p. 69:

      Charles Eliot Perkins, one of America’s top
      industrial chemists, was dispatched by the U.S.
      government to assist in taking over the German industrial giant
      I.G. Farben after World War II. In a letter that Perkins wrote to
      the Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research in Milwaukee,
      Wisconsin on October 2, 1954, he stated,

      “I have your letter of September 29 asking for further
      documentation regarding a statement made in the book The
      Truth About Water Fluoridation to the effect that the idea of
      water fluoridation was brought to England from Russia by the
      Russian Communist, Kreminoff.

      “In the 1930’s Hitler and the German Nazis envisioned a
      World to be dominated and controlled by the Nazi philosophy of
      pan-Germanism… The German chemists worked out a very
      ingenious and far-reaching plan of mass control which was
      submitted to and adopted by the German General Staff. This
      plan was to control the population in any given area through
      mass medication of drinking water supplies. By this method
      they could control the population of whole areas, reduce
      population by water medication that would produce sterility in
      the women, and so on. In this scheme of mass control, sodium
      fluoride occupied a prominent place.

      “We are told by the fanatical ideologists who are advocating
      the fluoridation of water supplies in this country that their
      purpose is to reduce tooth decay in children, and it is the
      plausibility of this excuse, plus the gullibility of the public and
      the cupidity of the public officials that is responsible for the
      present spread of artificial water fluoridation in this country.
      “However — and I want to make this very definite and very
      positive — the real reason behind water fluoridation is not to
      benefit children’s teeth. If this were the real reason there are
      many ways in which it could be done that are much easier,
      cheaper and far more effective. The real purpose behind water
      fluoridation is to reduce the resistance of the masses to
      domination and control and loss of liberty…

      “In the rear occiput of the left lobe of the brain there is a
      small area of brain tissue that is responsible for the individual’s
      power to resist domination. Repeated doses of infinitesimal
      amounts of fluorine will in time gradually reduce the individual’s
      power to resist domination by slowly poisoning and narcotizing
      this area of brain tissue and make him submissive to the will of
      those who wish to govern him…

      “I was told of this entire scheme by a German chemist who
      was an official of the great Farben chemical industries and was
      also prominent in the Nazi movement at the time. I say this will
      all earnestness and sincerity of a scientist who has spent nearly
      20 years’ research into the chemistry, biochemistry, physiology
      and pathology of fluorine — any person who drinks artificially
      fluorinated water for a period of one year or more will never
      again be the same person, mentally or physically.”

      — That’s pretty uncompromising.

  • I use a handheld radio that radiates 10 Watts.

    Is that why I don’t have Glioblastoma Multiforme?

    There must be a rational explanation.

    • The straight answer is: probably yes, the fact that you are using a HIGHER-powered handheld radio will cause the body’s protective mechanisms — heat shock proteins, etc. — to kick in. Research in this field is never complete unless there are apparent anomalies. I’ll try give you a “rational” explanation as to why you’re still alive.

      Watch this video by Dr Leif Salford, a top neurosurgeon, who started investigating the effects of microwave radiation on the blood-brain barrier (BBB) back in the 1980s. He read reports that microwave radiation opened the BBB, a protein sheath that protects the brain from toxins in the blood, and he thought this might help with delivery of drugs to the brain during surgery.

      There’s also a blood-testis barrier in males, with a similar protein structure, that protects the testes.

      Dr Salford found that two minutes of low-level microwave radiation was indeed sufficient to open the BBB, and to his alarm found severe damage in the brains of rats that were exposed to just two hours of ordinary cell phone radiation.

      What surprised him was that the highest levels of leakage into the brain occurred at the LOWEST intensities of radiation. Take a look at around 10:10 in this video and you’ll see the graphs. There is leakage at the higher levels, sure; then the leakages stop completely; and then the highest leakages occur at the LOWEST intensities:


      Dr Salford showed that these lower intensities occur in the middle of the brain with handset use; and that these intensities are also found in the brain at levels of radiation experienced from towers.

      He gave a warning in 2003 of “teenage dementia” in kids who used mobile phones excessively. This is now an established fact; nearly all kids show clear signs of ADD and memory impairment. I studied “attention” in classrooms in the 1980s, I developed the only proper validated protocol in the entire education literature to measure attention in the classroom, so I’m entitled to make this judgment.

      Exactly the same phenomenon, of greater effects at lower intensities, was noted with brainwave changes by Ross Adey at Stanford in the 1960s; there were clear biological “windows” at LOWER intensities that saw enhanced brainwave effects. Adey’s research was used by the US military to unknown ends.

      Dr Dariusz Leszczynksi, as lead researcher at the Finnish government protection agency STUK, exposed one arm of subjects to ordinary cell phone radiation. He found significantly raised levels of heat-shock proteins and other biochemical defense mechanisms, compared with the unexposed arm, a simple but elegant experiment.

      Now: these biochemical changes are NOT supposed to happen with “non-thermal” levels of “non-ionizing” radiation, so this was a significant finding. When Dr Lesczynksi tried to continue his research, his contract with STUK was promptly terminated. He says openly that this was at the instigation of Nokia, then the biggest company Finland had ever seen.

      These heat shock proteins are protective, and they kick in at the HIGHER levels. Lower intensities literally come in “under the radar” of the body’s defenses. In Dr Joseph Friedman’s research at the Weizmann Institute, he found higher levels of oxidative stress (free radicals) in living human cells after two minutes of radiation, than he did after 20 minutes of radiation. Again, this is a result of the body’s protective mechanisms kicking in. Dr Friedman went to great lengths to prove that this was not a “thermal” effect.

      Also: is your handheld radio an analogue device, like old-fashioned CB radio? There is plenty of evidence that digitally pulsed radiation on biologically active frequencies is much more dangerous than analogue signals.

      For example, GSM handsets are pulsed at just above 8 Hz. There are many studies showing that cellphone radiation produces anomalies in brainwaves at exactly this frequency, which is in the low alpha range. These brainwave anomalies persist for hours. This low alpha spectrum is associated with the switch from external to internal attention as you fall asleep, it’s a semi-zombie state.

      Take a look, you’ll see the semi-zombies everywhere, this has become the new normal.

      Mr Barrie Trower’s interrogation of Soviet “microwave spies” was largely concerned with the pulsed frequencies that they used. For example, he says publicly that a pulsed frequency of 6.6 Hz potentiates the brain for uncontrollable sexual violence. If a spy saw that a Cabinet minister was going to visit a prostitute, Mr Trower says, that minister might be irradiated with this frequency beforehand, with predictable results.

      Look at the case of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who allegedly sexually assaulted a maid in a hotel in New York. This destroyed his presidential ambitions and cost him the top job at the IMF. Were I to investigate this case, I would see if anyone carrying an unusually heavy suitcase checked into a room on either side, or above or below, Strauss-Kahn’s room.

      Watch this presentation by an Israeli researcher, you’ll see that 5G radiation resonates with structures in the skin, the sweat glands, and molecules like oxygen and even alcohol. He says they can detect at a distance when your skin starts perspiring — they are already using this in airport security systems. The irony is that the radiation itself will make you sweat:


      Now: there are many studies indicating that about 3% of the population is particularly sensitive to microwave radiation. Prof Olle Johannsen of the experimental dermatology unit at Karolinska Institute in Sweden showed that people with an excess of mast cells in their skin (mysterious cells associated with inflammatory processes, and therefore possibly linked to cancer and a multitude of other illnesses) were particularly sensitive to microwaves. He showed that about 3% of the population fell into this category.

      Based on these studies, Mr Barrie Trower gives this 3% warning wherever he goes. If he speaks at a school with 200 students, he literally tells them that “about six of you” may get ill and die of something like leukaemia, if a tower goes up at your school. Again, he’s given expert evidence in many courtrooms around the world, and never says a thing he cannot justify scientifically. He says that this technology will kill more people than WW1 and WW2 combined. If you take 3% of 6 billion users and exposed people, you get a rock-bottom estimate of 180 million people killed or incapacitated.

      What other word is there for this, but “GENOCIDE”?

      So, Paul, you may be in the lucky 97%. Everyone is different. I heard a talk by Niels Kuster, a Swiss researcher who has created a family of “radiation crash test dummies”, to see how they absorb radiation. He said, the centimetre wavelengths resonate with structures in the body such as “zer fingkers, zer bridge of zer nose, and: zer penis”. So if you have a body part that just happens to resonate with the radiation you are exposed to, you may be in trouble. It’s as random as that.

      The WHO, etc., always say there is no “consistent” evidence of harm from microwaves. But you can never expect “consistency” with human responses. Some people smoke 60 cigarettes a day for 70 years, and die peacefully in their sleep at the age of 99. Other people who have never smoked in their lives, die young of lung cancer from second-hand smoke. Radiation is even more complex in its effects.

      There’s a classic book called Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette by Dr Robert C Kane, an engineer who tested mobile phone antennas for Motorola. He got a lesion on his head right where he held these antennas, and then a brain tumor right under the lesion. He wrote and self-published this book before he died, it’s very roughly edited, but it’s perhaps the single greatest insider account of all time — what Motorola knew and when they knew it, and how they covered up all the hazards, using ignorance as an overt excuse — just like 5G, only now it’s the FCC doing the pushing — and rushed this technology through without any proper health testing. This is an authorized PDF:

      Dr Kane says — every time you hold the phone to your head, this may be the time that you initiate a brain tumor. So I really wish you well, but for crying out loud, just stop holding that thing against your head, unless you are particularly tired of life and want a very nasty way to die.

      As a radio fanatic, I was aware as a teenager back in the 1970s of the dangers of microwaves, from warnings by other radio hams. One wrote a story in QST magazine as to how he worked on an open microwave transmitter and literally cooked his eyeballs, nearly going blind. Never, ever expose yourself to microwaves, he said. This was a standard warning back in the day. As Mr Trower notes, this routine warning is not given to modern engineers during their training any more.

      Partly as a result of these warnings, I was always fascinated by reduced power (QRP) operating. During the sunspot maximum around 1977/78, I regularly talked with people all over the world, on all continents, using exactly one watt (1 W) of input power to the single valve in my home-constructed Heathkit DX60B transmitter, using Morse code. Who are you talking to with your 10 watts? Is it so very important?

      • I, like you, was building heathkit stuff and fascinated with QRP rigs as a kid. (late 1970’s). Anyways, as you know, if he actually has a 10-watt handheld it must be some kind of law enforcement or other antiquated HF “brick” device which are not exactly known for health risks.

        Did you ever work the ham satellites? I used to be able to reach them with 200mw.

        • Oh, that takes me back, OSCAR, Orbital Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio — I never worked the satellites myself, but as a short-wave listener, I remember hearing bursts of communication from them. It was quite something.

          I also remember attempts to use meteor scatter to communicate, the so-called “poor man’s satellite”, I heard a few pings.

          I have a friend who runs a meteor scatter detector for NASA, it basically scans the FM bands for particular commercial radio stations that are usually completely inaudible, hundreds of kilometres away. If you suddenly start hearing fragments of transmission from them, it means the signal is being scattered by meteors. It’s quite a neat way to detect those flying rocks.

          The very most peculiar thing I ever heard on the shortwaves was a “long-delay echo” or LDE, these are some of the most mysterious events in radio. I would often hear a short-delay echo, from a signal that was going both the long path and the short path around the world. Sometimes the long-path signal was much stronger than the short path, so you heard it as a “pre-echo”, just a millisecond or so before the main signal.

          There’s something called the South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly — a strange kind of magnetic vortex in the Earth’s magnetosphere, which disturbs short-wave transmissions. I could always identify a Morse signal coming through this anomaly, it would flutter and waver in pitch, very peculiar.

          But one day, I was listening to a station in the Falklands — I even remember his callsign, VP8HA, he was quite a regular. I was listening to him sending quite a normal message in Morse, and then — a few seconds later, like three or four seconds — I started hearing the identical message, just all fluttery, coming right on top of his signal. I couldn’t understand what was going on — was someone trying to prank this guy, by imitating him exactly?

          Then it hit me, shit, this is a genuine LDE, and I jammed my earphones against my head. This was one of the most eerie things I’ve ever heard in my life. I’m really sorry I didn’t have a tape recorder, but for that reason, I listened all the more carefully. It lasted maybe 30 seconds, then faded.

          No one has ever explained LDEs, although there are various hypotheses, including “aliens” and signals bouncing off the Moon:

          This list doesn’t include my favorite hypothesis, which is the Hollow Earth theory, there’s signals entering and bouncing around the hollow earth before they radiate out again.

          Because of its radio-cloaking properties, the South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly is a major site for military skulduggery. In what was dubbed “the biggest experiment ever” at the time — although it was secret — in 1958, under Operation Argus, the US military exploded three nuclear bombs in the atmosphere right in the middle of the magnetic anomaly. This was done under the cover of the International Geophysical Year, and was very hastily implemented in view of upcoming bans on atmospheric testing.

          They were trying to disrupt radio and radar signals, as a military tactic. This is one of the most egregious examples of the US literally weaponizing our physical environment, on a large scale. They succeeded in disrupting signals and may have permanently damaged the earth’s natural fields.

          Now, the very essence of modern warfare is stealth weaponry — in particular, electromagnetic weapons that can be deployed without any visible evidence of them. Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote a book in the 1970s, Between Two Ages, in which he said that timed electronic pulses would be used to affect the minds of large populations.

          Quote: “The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.”

          It was Brzezinski’s support of Barack Obama, during his first presidential run, that first tipped me off that Obama was absolutely no good. If you follow the electromagnetic war, you get quite a vivid insight into US politics. I’ve always had the feeling that the Republicans have the nuclear cabal on their side, the Air Force generals, while the Democrats are more into mind control via wireless, etc., the Soviet approach. Just a picture that gradually formed in my head over the years.

          The liberal tech elite absolute loves and adores the Internet of Things, they can’t shut up about it on Medium.com, their carefully curated little walled garden. None of them will listen to warnings about the health risks.

          Welcome to the shadow world of electronic warfare …

          • Fred, what year, month, day did you hear the LDE and have you ever heard it again? Tried to zero in on the Falklands sender? Has anyone else heard it? What was the Morse code message?

            Also, how old were you? …If you don’t mind my asking?

          • Very interesting, Fred, particularly your insight about the partisan political preference for war methods,

            I think you’re spot on. Thanks. Would very much appreciate an article on “The Internet of Things”.

          • I can’t remember the exact year or month I heard the long-delay echo, it would have been around 1972/73, I was 15/16 years old. I was still a shortwave listener (SWL) at that stage with quite a good Trio communications receiver.

            I often heard that Falklands station, VP8HA, I’m sure I had a QSL (confirmation) card from him. This was on the 20 metre ham band.

            Lots of people have reported long-delay echoes over the years, but I seemed to be the only person who heard this one. I’m sure I wrote to VP8HA about it, but I don’t remember a reply.

            I’m really sorry I haven’t kept any of the logbooks I kept as a kid, I was up at around 3 – 4 a.m. every single morning, you could literally hear the world turning at dawn, with a magic moment when signals came both long and short path.

            I was always amused that the bird song would rise exactly with the Morse signals — early twitter! I later read a published paper showing that birds are also sensitive to polarized sunlight that reflects off the ionosphere, just like the radio signals, so it was not an accident that the birds were in sync with the radio reception.

            I had QSL cards from hundreds of countries, and literally thousands of cards from the Soviet Union alone, I specialized in collecting cards from the USSR, which all came via PO Box 88, Moscow.

            In Morse code, 88 spells “love and kisses”, so I was always amused to receive my monthly packets of cards from Box 88, from Russia with love. Later, when I got on the air, I used to chat to lots of operators in Siberia who were whiling away the long winter nights in front of a warm, glowing vacuum-tube transmitter.

            So there you are, I’m obviously a Russian asset, I was trained as a Morse operator by GRU operators in Soviet military intelligence, boy, were those Russian operators sharp. The Americans always had more sophisticated gear and louder signals, and some were very fine operators indeed; but the Russians and East Europeans were the artists of the Morse key, true “pianists”, as they were called in WW2.

            There were no radio hams at all in China, and exactly one in Taiwan, Dr Tim Chen, BV2A, I had a card from him. And a card from King Hussein in Jordan, callsign JY1, although I never heard Queen Noor, callsign JY2.

            I’ve only managed to keep a handful of those cards.

            I sadly never heard the one US politician who was a radio ham, Barry Goldwater, callsign K7UGA. He was the very first conservative pol in America I had a soft spot for, just because of his ham radio hobby.

            One of the reasons I am boring you with all this, is that I am convinced that a new golden age of wireless is about to begin. With the Chinese and others putting up their Great Firewalls on the internet, shortwave radio may be the only way people get outside news again, and I wonder when we will hear the Chinese jamming shortwave broadcasts, the way they used to.

            I had a collection of recordings of “Jammers I have known and loved” at one stage, they were all over the dial during the first Gulf War in 1991, it was just like the good old days of the Cold War.

            If you want a great resource tracking pirate radio stations, spy broadcasts (the “numbers stations”, just reading out lists of figures) and the like, check out:


            Did any of you track the infamous Nellie Ohr, who helped compile the Trump dossier for GPS Fusion, while her husband Bruce, in the Department of Justice, was the main contact person for the British spy Christopher Steele? Nellie suddenly took out a ham radio licence, callsign KM4UDZ. Did she transmit a list of numbers or two?

            Be careful, Nellie, one thing I can assure you: there are always ears listening to whatever goes on. I met a couple of British operators at a secret listening post once, no one would ever have guessed they were there, and they never missed a thing, including my pirate radio broadcasts in Morse code when I first built a transmitter and didn’t yet have a licence. It was quite a shock and a stern lesson. The clever people just listen, and listen, and listen.

            I did have a laugh, however, when one ham wrote in a magazine that if you didn’t have a phase when you operated a pirate radio station, you had no cred at all. I even used to broadcast music to my school friends, running the record player straight into the microphone socket. My favourite tune: The Sounds of Silence.

          • Loved reading about this. Not a radio ham myself. But I did have a neighbour who ran a pirate radio station from her spare room, typical urban jam during which you would hear other pirate stations bust in with “don’t listen to that, listen to this!” I found it super compelling. Eventually, an agency with more power than the police came, busted the door down, arrested everyone and dismantled the rig. It was never long before they started up again.

  • Fred, Thank you for the EDTF PDF. Very interesting read, I enjoy these primary source docs from the MI complex, they are always so smooth, so blithe. The quantum splitting experiment in China is indeed ground-breaking, instantaneous, superluminal transfer of information is the most exciting breakthrough in tech advance imaginable!

  • Fred,

    I believe you. I believe the Coronavirus has been sequenced to rewrite people’s DNA. Viruses have been injected into tobacco plants and flies to change their DNA. I don’t know what they’re attempting to accomplish by rewriting our DNA but it can’t be good. The 5G energy weapon is probably the second stage. I don’t know how you came by this information but it seems to make sense to me. I’m wondering if this whole thing about the Democrats and the Republicans is just a ruse for world domination by that illuminati or “The Elders”.
    Excellent article you’ve woken me up and let’s hope you’ve woken everybody else up!

    Stay Free!!!!

    I’d like to seewhat AnonyMaker is going to write about this. I I bet he’s going to try to report you to the others.

    • NiceGuy, you just never know who commenting here is working for who, or against who, or with who – including setting up fake conflicts as a diversions, just the sort of thing that clever conspirators do, of course. 🙂 (In real news, confessed Russian trolls have said one of their tactics actually was to work in pairs with one each on opposite sides of an argument, or even trios playing off each other; see for instance the case of Marat Burkhard)

      Hopefully I won’t disappoint you.

      • AnonyMaker,

        I bet you don’t know anything about contrails do you ?

        What agency are you working for?

        Be honest!

  • Such concerns about 5G are not entirely unreasonable; similar concerns were raised, I’d say reasonably so, about 4G technology at the time it was rolling out. I guess the problem is, as engineers seek to decrease packet latency while increasing wireless bandwidth, they must keep using higher frequency spectrums to transmit and receive data; the higher you go, the more “micro” your “microwaves” become, thereby becoming more directional and closer resembling the energy used to cook your food in a microwave … which itself is a concept some people have also been worried about for years, which I’d again tend to agree with. Friends are sometimes surprised to hear my concern with microwave radiation as I’m known as an advocate for most technologies.

    Yes, it can be argued that conclusive “proof” of direct correlations between microwave energy and cancerous tumors is difficult to find; it can also be argued the other way. And yes, most who have studied microwave radiation would prefer not to be around too much of such energy themselves. That being said, the “risks” drop dramatically as you start to put space between yourself and antennas. The dropoff in energy with even a foot of distance is orders of magnitude. I’ve always suggested it’s a good idea not to hold your cellphone right next to your head … even moreso with 5G. And for those who prefer “not to deal with” worrying about it, whatever the risks are will take years… five, ten, or more years to materialize.

    Considering the short term economic benefits to society, I doubt anyone is going to stop the rollout of 5G. One somber way to try to rationalize al the microwave energy constantly blasting us these days, is to recognize medicine is getting better at treating cancer. A real smart genetics doctor I used to know in Arizona, who Bangkok also knows, Dr. Jeffrey Trent, used to tell me it was a virtual guarantee most types of cancer would be curable “within our generation.” Too broad of a generalization? Who knows. For the time being, it allows one to rationalize things…

    Sort of how Bangkok rationalizes earning a living from sources funded by Mexican cartels…

    As for the technology…broadly, 5G waves operate in the 24-to-300Ghz spectrum (most operate within 24 to 90Ghz but the spectrum is reserved up to 300Ghz) Some good characteristics of the higher frequencies are lower data packet latency (delay), dramatically higher bandwidth (speed), and more devices can communicate with one cell in highly congested areas. Disadvantages are that the signals are more directional; more easily blocked by objects such as cars, buildings and so forth; and the signals don’t travel as far. Many 5G studies suggest there will need to be about one cell antenna deployed in every city block for the network to work reliably. Short story? Expect many more cell antennas and towers to be installed at locations all around you, soon…

    And perhaps look for more croaked seagulls and birds on the ground around such sites as 5G increases in popularity..

    Remember the 5G “last mile” to your phone is conceptually faster bandwidth than the networks that feed it. In some cases the same can already be said for 4G. So simply upgrading to a 5G phone won’t automatically make your downloads instantaneous…in many cases, for now, 5G devices will operate at the same rate as your 4G devices. It’s true that over time, networks are getting faster. It is fair to say the land-based networks will eventually catch up to 5G as it is somewhat ahead of it’s time. Insofar as the technology is concerned, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Again, doubtful it will be stopped or slowed.

    Back to the discussion about possible ramifications of human exposure to microwaves–there’s other studies coming out that talk about risks of microwave energy in ways beyond cancerous tumors. For example, some studies have suggested high frequency EMF causes general confusion and “brain fog” in humans. Maybe Clare Bronfman had been exposed to a high dose of EMF when she decided to hire Bangkok as her lawyer.

    • The very fine print in your iPhone instruction manual tells you to hold your phone at least 15 mm (5/8 of an inch) away from your head, to make sure you don’t radiate yourself above the FCC regulations, the worst in the whole world from a protective viewpoint.

      The Chicago Tribune tested iPhones and Samsung mobiles at 5 mm and found that they were generally radiating well above the FCC limits. “At 2 millimeters, the results from a Samsung Galaxy S8 were more than five times the standard.”


      (Sorry for the long URL, but I’m ad-blocked from the Tribune itself.)

      Men who carry smartphones in their pockets are radiating their testicles well above the FCC guidelines. I’ve already indicated that there are many studies showing severe damage to human sperm from low-level microwaves, I’ll post the references if anyone is in doubt.

      Who holds their phone 15 mm away from their head? Your phone will power up to radiate at its maximum when reception is bad. This is exactly when you jam the phone against your head, saying “What … say that again … you’re breaking up …”

      Every second that you that spend saying this king of thing, you are paying, while frying your brain. The operators win extra revenue by providing bad service, with the extra bonus that they are giving you brain cancer and thus saving on pension payouts. It’s a fact that while overall brain tumour rates have held quite constant, the most malignant ones, glioblastomas, have been rising steadily in the USA, Scandinavia and the UK. Check Microwave News for details, or ask John McCain’s family.

      So: the operators tell you that every millimetre further you hold that phone away from your head, the safer it is. Just a millimetre makes such a difference.

      Yet with 5G, they are saying: look, that mini cell tower is so CLOSE to your kids’ bedroom, so very close, that we don’t have to use too much power. Therefore there’s no need to worry.

      There’s a cognitive dissonance there that is just too glaring to be ignored.

      You have a choice about putting a handset against your head. You have no choice at all about being radiated by towers. This is why I have concentrated on scientific studies around towers. I have constantly challenged industry shills on forums to show me one tower study that did NOT find problems. The only possible candidate is one by Elliot at Imperial College, London, who gets money from the British government to prove that there’s no problem, to allay public fears. He says his results show it’s all safe. But in fact he finds a 16% increase in childhood leukemia at intermediate distances from tower, where the radiation is actually highest. Childhood leukemia has long been associated with power line radiation, it’s not a surprise to find it with tower radiation.

      I have reverse-engineered Elliot’s study to show just how he rigged it, he was very clever. He found a secret way to take the very most irradiated people, and count them as completely unexposed. He does this by ignoring handset radiation completely. The further you are from a tower, the more your handset will radiate. So he took people living more than 700 metres from any tower, said they were receiving no radiation at all, and eliminated them from the study.

      A study in Sweden by Prof Olle Johannsen showed that the very most highly irradiated people in Sweden were rural dwellers who lived far away from towers, but talked a lot on handsets. They were getting far more radiation than urban dwellers who lived near towers. They also showed significantly higher Alzheimer’s rates, completely reversing the previous trend, which was that rural dwellers were generally more healthy.

      Just yesterday, I mailed Prof Johannsen and he sent me a copy of that paper, it’s been removed from the internet, I really wanted a copy. He worked with a very brilliant electrical engineer, the late Örjan Hallberg, who actually measured all these radiation levels. If you want the details, I will happily provide them.

      I queried Elliot a while back as to why he ignored handset radiation. I asked him for his dataset, so that I could prove he was deliberately concealing a cancer cluster in people living far from towers, but who talked a lot on their mobiles. He refused to acknowledge receipt of my query. He is government funded, and there is a longstanding ethical principle that you make your data available to researchers if there are serious questions about your methodology.

      Apple’s fine print warns you not to carry your phone in your pocket. Did you know that? Steve Jobs famously told people that they were “holding their phones wrong” when the devices didn’t work in certain positions. Apple will point to that fine print when you get a brain tumor, and Steve Jobs will speak from beyond the grave, saying “You were holding your phone wrong, that cancer is YOUR fault.”

      They need mini cell towers on virtually every block to make the 5G system function. They antennas will be small, but they will be radiating you from very close quarters. You are going to have to fight for your lives. This vast panic over covid-19 may see people smashing these mini cell towers, they are already hiding them in all kinds of funny places, concealing them as best they can.

      In 2000, there was a huge riot in the Druze Palestinian village of Usfiya, when youths went on a rampage and smashed 16 cell phone towers. There was a major cancer cluster in the village that coincided very closely with the placement of the towers. At least 60 people died of cancer, most of them under the age of 40.

      In 2007 there was a riot in the Druze village of Peki’in after a tower was vandalized. There were more than 100 cancer cases in the village.

      In 2008, the Druze community of Majdal Shams called for a religious boycott of anyone who accommodated towers on their property. This followed the destruction of three towers in the neighboring village of Masadeh, following a huge increase in cancers. Transmitters were also destroyed in the community of Daliat al-Carmel.

      That’s the hidden news from the Holy Land. Israel is leading the development of 5G, with a massive commercial rollout planned in India. A 5G test bed in Harlem, New York, is being led by an Israeli engineer. Look out for mysterious illnesses in Harlem.

      In 2009, a telecommunications engineer took a tank and destroyed six cell phone towers in a two-hour rampage. He got out of jail not so long ago, and now offers radiation testing and measurements to householders. He’s promised not to go on any further rampages. You can see a bit of the action here:

      These are true signs of the times. If the hysteria over covid-19 gets strongly linked with 5G towers, there is going to be deep, deep trouble; and just for reporting these details, my life and liberty will be in the very greatest danger. I don’t care.

      Again, you may say I’m mad, but please remember the very real risks I am taking here in giving you these details. Many people have taken huge risks to post information on Frank Report, “one of the internet’s last destinations for true, unfiltered, hard-hitting journalism.” Just be very grateful for this space.

      • Read that PDF you kindly made available and that I thanked you for above. Seems you have a perfectly valid point, Fred. Alarming news indeed.

  • Frank, you are smarter than to provide this kook nut-job a public forum to spread this nonsense. Just tell him to wear a tin foil hat and go away. Printing this drivel just degrades the value of The Frank Report.

    • Do you think there is nothing to Fred’s position? Some scholars disagree. I think it is worthy of debate – just in case.

      • Yes, 5G has been part of my home broadband router for years. If you have access to high-speed fibre/wired broadband, then my and possibly your router can transmit on the 5G signal for faster wireless transfer. The only issue is, in the home, 5G has limited range.

        The biggest problem for 5G mobile wise is the amount of extra electrical power that will be needed in real-time; hencem the term “dirty streaming” if you watch stuff that is sent to you via a non-renewable power generator like a coal power station.

        • The 5G in your home router refers to the 5Ghz frequency band where your short range wifi operates. Different than 5G Cellular.

          “5G” in the context of mobile service refers to “5th generation” base station/handset specs which are a quite complex, hybrid mix of technologies in many cases, depending on carrier. For example T-Mobile and Sprint are installing 5th generation technologies on existing 4G frequencies, 1900MHz, and 2.5GHz — sans millimeter-wave spectrum but with lower packet latency and many marketing claims. AT&T’s version of “5G” isn’t typical “5G NR” as described by industry whitepapers — they are rebranding the existing 4G LTE network as “5G Evolution”, lol.

          Marketing claims, enhanced opportunities to stay competitive, less dead birds on the ground. Win-win for all….

      • They used to say that using a mobile phone next to your ear would fry your brain like a microwave when not many people owned them. I am still waiting on that one about 20 years later. Now almost everyone has holds them in you hand but how many hand cancers do we see?

        But by the comment above I am already in the ground/hole because the universe invented all frequencies in the big bang and they are still are all toxic in the earths atmosphere despite myself using a high frequency, in my home mere metres away.



    • Frank Report has an unnerving way of taking a comment in a particular context and turning it into a story. It always gives me a shock, but I’m absolutely delighted and very grateful in this case. This comment was just a throwaway on the one issue that really worries me with President Donald Trump.

      I’ve been researching this issue very deeply since 2003. I have a long background in radio communications, I’m not an enemy of wireless communication. I’ll bet I’m the only person around here who knows Morse code, I learned it when I was six years old, operated for many years, and can still take 20 words per minute in my head.

      There are at least 25,000 scientific papers in the literature showing health hazards and biological effects from low-level (“non-thermal”) microwave radiation, dating back to the 1920s and the work of the Russian researcher Gurwitz, who noted that plants emit electromagnetic radiation in the near ultraviolet (he called these “mitochondrial rays” as they are particularly strong during cell division, they are now called biophotons, and are routinely photographed with sensitive cameras). That’s nearly a century of evidence now.

      I have collected every single peer-reviewed scientific paper published anywhere in the world on health risks around cell phone towers, there are about 30 to date. Every single one of them, without exception, shows a consistent pattern of symptoms, including:

      * Headaches;
      * Severe sleep disorders (very common);
      * Attention and memory problems (very common);
      * Mood swings, rages, depression and suicidal thoughts, restlessness;
      * Skin rashes, burning sensations on skin (I have personally collected dozens of affidavits and doctors’ letters to this effect from people living near towers, with drastic pictures of rashes that no dermatologist could explain, some of which I sent to WHO; 5G is mostly absorbed by the skin, so look out for more of this);
      * Lowered immunity, lingering influenza (very relevant in light of the covid-19 epidemic);
      * Joint pains;
      * Eye inflammations, visual disorders (the eye is very susceptible to microwaves, the eyeball resonates with centimetre wavelengths and cannot disperse heat well. Radar operators in WW2 went blind with very distinct cataracts, definitively linked with microwave exposure);
      * Giddiness, nausea;
      * Heart arrhythmias, blood pressure fluctuations. People have been known to faint on entering a microwave field;
      * Gastric problems, loss of appetite;
      * Metabolic problems, leading to pre-diabetic conditions;
      * Hormonal fluctuations, including melatonin depletion, which will impair DNA repair;
      * Tinnitus; and last, but very much not least:
      * Significantly raised cancer rates — a study in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, found literally thousands of excess cancer deaths in people who lived near towers, the cancer rates rising steadily the closer the person lived to a tower. The city promptly removed many base stations. A Taiwanese study found increased cancer rates in townships with towers, and removed them all from schools. An Israeli study found a tenfold increase in cancers in women who lived near a tower for five years.

      This is only a partial list. I can, with pleasure, give you references to all of these papers. The WHO instructed the world’s researchers NOT to look at health around base stations, particularly NOT to research cancer around base stations, from 2006. There cannot be a problem, move on people. Not one study of health around towers has been conducted in the USA. It’s the blind leading the one-eyed.

      I have met and travelled with Mr Barrie Trower, the UK government’s former top scientific officer and intelligence agent researching microwave warfare. Mr Trower held the world’s most complete list of pulsed microwave frequencies and their effects on body and brain. He obtained much of this information from the interrogation of captured Soviet-bloc “microwave spies” infiltrated into the UK with sophisticated miniature microwave transmitters. They targeted government ministers and other influential people. Mr Trower was responsible for advising these ministers on their protection. He also debriefed Soviet-bloc dissidents who had been microwaved in their homes, a story that was recently confirmed by the New York Times’s William Broad, long a skeptic on the issue.

      I can assure you that Mr Trower is very much the real deal, a true 007 agent who was sent on anti-terrorist operations with a large revolver and instructions on whom to kill and when. He has a personal collection from his government service of over 8,000 papers showing health risks, some of them very rare and unobtainable. It took us nine hours to photocopy the papers he brought with him.

      Mr Trower has given expert evidence in courts all over the world, including the USA. He literally does not say one single word that he cannot justify without copious evidence.

      He has repeatedly described the 5G rollout as “GENOCIDE” and confirmed that this is a directed energy weapon, a phased array that will track everyone and everything across the landscape, whether you are carrying a phone or not.

      Why do you think “tinfoil hat case” is the go-to insult for anyone who does any research on what is really going on behind the scenes? We are the object of derision by all authorities, all mainstream media. If you hear buzzing noises in your head, you will be given antipsychotic drugs. If you get depressed, you get antidepressants. If you get ADD, you are given Ritalin.

      There are at least 30 studies showing severe damage to sperm from low-level microwaves. There are dozens of studies showing changes to brainwave patterns from ordinary cell phone radiation. A few minutes’ exposure changes brainwave patterns for hours.

      A study at the Weizmann Institute in Israel, Friedman (2007) found that two minutes of ordinary cellphone radiation triggered a biochemical cascade that flooded living human cells with free radicals, a clear cancer risk. This has been in the hard literature for over a decade, and has been confirmed in every detail by about 300 other studies. The particular cascade that is triggered is found in “long-term potentiation” of the brain, the hard-wiring of the synapses of the cortex. An NIH study has found premature thinning of the cortex in 9-year-old children who use “devices” for more than seven hours a day.

      This thinning of the cortex is usually found in people over 60, who are losing brain cells and going senile. This is now seen in 9-year-old kids.

      The average use of “devices” by US teenagers in 2015 was reported at NINE hours a day. You have permanently damaged the brains of an entire generation of kids.

      The National Toxicology Program conducted a definitive study of irradiation of rats. They found “clear” evidence, their very strongest level of confidence, of cancer. Very rare heart cancers were one finding that got reported, but there were many other cancers. The NTP found “clear” evidence of DNA damage, particularly in brain cells, a known causal mechanism for cancer.

      Yet this is all ignored. The World Health Organization says there is no consistent evidence of harm from base stations (despite 100% of the studies showing a clear and consistent pattern of health damage). This is an outright lie. The WHO refuses to respond to any evidence that is presented to them. All the “official” reviews by governments, who are making a fortune from the telecoms industry, say there is no problem. All the research points the other way, but they just ignore it.

      This is just the tip of the iceberg. And the NTP study is really that guy on the Titanic shouting “Iceberg! Straight ahead!” — and no one listens, because it’s just too inconvenient a truth.

      5G is the end of the line. Which are most 5G-saturated nations on the planet? China; South Korea; Japan, the three worst-affected nations by the coronavirus. There is strong evidence that Iran has rolled out and is trialling 5G. That Huawei CFO who was arrested, Meng Wanzhou, was specifically charged with contravening the sanctions on IRAN. She is something like China’s Steve Jobs, a national icon. Do you think she would be arrested if nothing was going on with 5G and Iran?

      Another country with advanced 5G is Saudi Arabia. I predicted covid-19 cases there. The first death was reported today.

      Everywhere you look, there’s a connection. Covid-19 in Tenerife. Take one look: they’ve got 5G. The one continent that is free of deaths, is Africa, with its generally undeveloped infrastructure. Look out for cases in South Africa, with 5G. One case has been reported there, but he came from Italy (which also has 5G).

      Mr Barrie Trower has stated many times that the single most pervasive impact of low-level microwaves is lowered immunity, depleted white cell counts. Dr Arthur Firstenberg MD tracked outbreaks of lingering flu in American cities in the weeks in 1996 when they rolled out the cell phone networks, and a spike in death rates in 120 cities in the weeks after the rollout. Neighbouring cities with no mobile service did not experience these flu outbreaks.

      I may be nuts, but I’ll quote the great Viktor Schauberger: “They call me a madman. Let us hope that they are right. It is of no greater or lesser import for another fool to wander the earth. But if I am right and science is wrong — then may the Lord God have mercy on mankind.”

      If you’ve read this far, thank you sincerely for your attention. Again: believe me: this is the tip of the tip of the iceberg. I warned way back that there would be an immune crisis with the rollout of 5G. I have personally documented two cases of lingering flu epidemics that coincided exactly with the rollout of new microwave networks. Those epidemics killed many people. I was made severely ill in both cases, the second time I got a severe bronchitis that I seriously thought might kill me. And I have a generally good immune system, I was a school teacher, you know, we have to be robust.

      This is the greatest danger the human race has ever faced. And I rattle on about Steiner, but he predicted all of this, and predicted that a very evil character would arise to inherit and deploy the Internet of Things to terrible effect. Take a look around you, and remember the good old days. We are truly in the end times.

      • Agreed the microwave energy everywhere isn’t great.

        As I argued in another post I made in this thread, doubtful it will be stopped over the short term. Too much $$ at stake, public apathy is at all time highs.

        Maybe 5G will be allowed to operate for a while, later cancelled when people start getting tumors or some kind of internal tissue burns…sort of like the infamous “foot x-ray” shoe-fitting fluoroscope machines of the 1950’s.

        And, you’re not the only one on FR who knew morse code at six years old and still has a license 🙂

        In the meantime, what can we do. Get helmets? Maybe not a bad idea, lol

        • The Nuremberg Code, signed by all the Allies after WW2, specifically forbids any human experimentation without the informed consent of the subject. 5G has never been tested for safety, and not a dime is being spent on any health investigation, as admitted by the industry when queried by Sen Blumenthal:

          This is a vast, unplanned, uncontrolled experiment on all of humanity. You need to fight it with absolutely everything you’ve got. There will be no place to hide: Elon Musk is busy launching 42,000 SpaceX satellites to cover the remotest rural areas.

          I’ve repeatedly asked SpaceX where these services are going to be deployed, they refuse to answer. To the best of my knowledge, no broadband services have yet been provided to any poor communities, as promised.

          However, SpaceX satellites will be taking part in a major “live fire” exercise with the US military on April 8, when they kill a drone and a cruise missile as part of a massive test:

          This was announced at a Pentagon media briefing on February 21. I’m not making this up.

          So here is concrete proof that this whole 5G system is actually as much a military operation as anything.

          I have put it on record, that WHO’s injunction to researchers NOT to look at health around base stations, may be an extremely cunning attempt to get around the Nuremberg Code. If we are explicitly NOT collecting any health data, then we cannot be conducting an experiment on you, can we.

          Glad to know I’m not the only person around here who knows Morse code, we may need it to communicate once the whole show blows up. 73 ob — qrt here, I have to get some sleep.

      • After your comments on Cathy O’Brien, I think your credibility is questionable, Fred.
        Can you explain what you meant here:

        He has repeatedly described the 5G rollout as “GENOCIDE” and confirmed that this is a directed energy weapon, a phased array that will track everyone and everything across the landscape, whether you are carrying a phone or not.

        How will everyone and everything be tracked?

        • Check it out, please. It’s a phased array radar system. In order for 5G to function, signals will have to be bounced off walls, billboards and other surfaces. Literally, if a car is going past, the system will track it, and use it to bounce a signal to someone around the corner if needed. This will all be done dynamically in real time. It’s very, very sophisticated. There’s nothing in the least controversial in what I’m saying here about tracking, these are all facts the industry boasts about. All of this information will also be stored and be available retrospectively.

          Super-surveillance isn’t an optional extra; it’s built into the very way the entire system operates.

          But tracking people and vehicles is old hat. “Celldar”, cellular network radar, was developed 20 years ago by the British company Roke for the UK military. This uses the cell phone base station network as a radar system, to track anyone and all vehicles moving across the landscape. It can track people moving inside buildings (they use software designed to find bodies trapped in avalanches.)

          Here’s a 2002 mainstream media article:
          “How mobile phones let spies see our every move: Government’s secret Celldar project will allow surveillance of anyone, at any time and anywhere there is a phone signal”:

          The movie The Dark Knight features a scene where the cell phone system is turned into a vast surveillance network, tracking people inside buildings. This is a reality, they often slip these things into movies:

          The fact that you have the slightest doubt about what I’m saying, shows that you’ve done no research at all. Please: check it out for yourself. Here’s an industry explanation, “Everything You Need to Know About 5G.” Look at about 3:40 and you’ll see an animation showing how the system maps everything in the landscape to track you and bounce signals to you:

          • I’ve watched it twice and I still don’t see any reference to tracking ability in that video.
            Currently, it is possible to be tracked using cell phone pings. An experiment was conducted recently where they were able to track people’s movement using that data, so I don’t see how 5G technology will be any different than current technology.

        • Flowers, in spite of all the information and the totally coherent follow-up that Fred makes of the information he describes, including names and sources, you only get it at a minuscule point and you want to use it as a cause to call it without credibility. Just because I don’t explain that point well, the primary issue is not about surveillance but about the effects on health in the short and long term, and that without counting what a weaker organism does to people’s minds, just remember what Keith wanted to achieve with Women in DOS.

          • Flowers: watch the animation again of those different “pings” of information bouncing off walls, buildings, etc., and finally all converging on YOU.

            Do you not understand that in order to do this, the system needs to calculate exactly where all these walls and surfaces are? And whether they’re moving? And if they’re moving, what kind of movement it is? And by the disturbance in the signal, what kind of size the object is? And therefore infer: this is a human, this is a car, this is probably a dog? This is exactly how celldar works, only this is immeasurably more sophisticated.

            Do you not grasp what a total picture of the entire landscape is necessary, just in order to send the signal to the correct person, and make sure that they, and only they, receive the “ping”, and no one else, because otherwise there may be interference? What else is this but tracking someone, to within a foot or two?

            To give you an example of how this works, even with the old technology, you can look at an interesting story from South Africa, the murder of the musician Taliep Petersen:

            In this case, Petersen’s wife Najwa gave an account of how robbers knocked at their door, invaded, and then killed her husband. However, from the cell phone records, the police were able to reconstruct her movements inside her own house, and thus prove conclusively that she was lying.

            The method used was actually pretty low tech, and is not even described in this article — basically, when she was upstairs in the house, her phone connected with one base station; when she was downstairs, it connected with another. So, retrospectively, it was possible to determine to the very second when she went upstairs and when she came downstairs.

            To the best of my knowledge, Najwa Petersen is still sitting in jail, largely as a result of cell phone technology being able to track her movements retrospectively within her own house, down to the second. This is seriously primitive compared to what 5G will be able to achieve.

            Do you understand how radar works? A microwave signal is sent out, and then depending on the reflections, you can detect an aircraft, a vehicle, or even a person, crossing the landscape.

            The cell phone network provides a perfect microwave background against which these reflections can be detected and interpreted, that’s all. But a phased array can focus a beam of radiation exactly on one point, this is the big difference with 5G. It’s an active, rather than a passive, microwave radiation system.

            The thing is, with the vast computing power and clever algorithms implicit in 5G, you can track multiple objects moving across the landscape using a phased array. This is identical to military “directed energy weapons” that can be used to take out missiles or human beings. There is absolutely no difference between the 5G network and weaponized arrays. This is what military experts like Mr Barry Trower are confirming.

            Nothing I’m saying here is remotely controversial to anyone who understands the technology.

            You jump immediately to the extreme case of Cathy O’Brien to cast doubt on my credibility. I checked Cathy O’Brien out at first hand, I wrote to her and she replied in great detail, answering all of my queries and much more besides. This is the way I work. I literally stake my life on my research. And (to my surprise) I’m still alive, this is daily evidence for me that I’m not so far off beam.

            I truly, truly don’t care if people think I’m crazy; but I care very much that I have done everything in my power to confirm the truth of what I’m talking about. I try to give the very best information I have, no matter the risk to myself, no matter how mad it may sound. If anyone is truly interested, they will bear with me and check out my sources. If they get bored, well, very good luck to them.

            You talk about doing your own research on “targeted individuals” without providing the slightest detail, without providing any sources or even a shred of evidence. So it’s just a waste of time reading what you have to say. Have you got any real information to provide? I don’t want to be rude, but as they say, put up, or shut up.

          • Anonymous (or maybe you’re Fred?), as
            you seem to be writing from 2 different viewpoints. . ..or are you now referring to yourself in the third person?

            I understand the health concerns, (which are basically the same concerns that are brought up with all new technologies), but I couldn’t see a reason for the tracking concern, which is why I asked about it. However, the video that Fred posted still did not adequately explain it.

          • in response to:

            March 7, 2020 at 2:39 p.m.

            stop saying nonsense, I don’t even speak English, I’m using google translator, the fact that I support Fred is because I notice that he is one of the few people in this Blog that provides good quality information on the topics he is exposing and that I can also see that his intention to teach is legitimate, I could disagree with someone but I could never simplify the contribution that person gives, when they are subjects that he knows quite well, I also confess that I am a follower of the Theories of conspiracy, of course I take it all with a healthy dose of esepticism, I will tell you that the use of 5G technology for surveillance does not surprise me at all, although I do not know all the details such as Fred’s case but I had already I even imagined that kind of use and in science fiction I have also seen how this idea has been used several times, now takes into consideration that many people who know about tea Ma has mentioned that the difference between military technology and commercial use is 40 or 100 years, usually when a technology is used at the level raised by the 5G network is because the military industrial complex already knows it very well

          • Flowers: just for you, I’m going to do some copy typing from a .jpg of three pages of a confidential document from an AI company, showing their strategies in tracking and manipulating gamers in their own homes to carry on playing and to buy more game time.

            You’ll see at the end that the AI start aggressively targeting women in the 48 hours of the luteal phase of their menstrual cycle, as detected by the pitch of their voice. “Obviously we had to turn it off” they say, but this is the only time they express any concerns about tracking and manipulating gamers’ behavior.

            Now, what they describe as “Our Personal Favorite” example is also interesting to me. This outlines what they can infer when there are a lot of chair-scraping sounds.

            Interesting, also, in that it is the only part of this confidential document that is highly redacted.

            I’ve made a claim on FR and elsewhere, that I developed the only properly validated protocol for measuring “attention” in the classroom. As it happens, I had a big, big fight with the university over the dissertation in which I describe this instrument. It’s a long story. I decided that the the thesis was too dangerous to my health, and I withdrew it from the library. It’s a long story.

            So I’ve sat on my little secret for over 30 years now. I periodically check whether anyone has developed some way of measuring “attention” in the classroom, but I can’t find any references to such a validated instrument.

            This is interesting, because some notion of “attention” is vital if you want to understand what’s really going on in a lesson. You may record the teacher saying something, and transcribe it, and say: “This is what the teacher said.” But was anyone LISTENING? How do you know?

            The only instrument I found in the literature was from the Ford Project in the UK, where they took still photographs every 30 seconds, and counted the number of kids who were looking up at the teacher.

            This is next to useless. The kid who’s writing something down may be paying far more attention than the one gazing blankly ahead. There was no attempt to validate this instrument.

            I worked solely from audio recordings, with written notes from what I’d observed from the back of the classroom. I had a microphone at the front, with the teacher, and one at the back. It provided quite a weird stereo picture of the classroom. I transcribed every word I could hear, a really slow and tedious process, but essential to understanding what was going on.

            Eventually, I became acutely aware of the background noise — feet shifting, pens tapping, rustling, and chair scraping. I became aware that at moments of clearly high focus — like when a very strict teacher had just yelled at the class to pay attention — the class would go completely silent, and this background noise would disappear.

            I marked these episodes in the transcripts, and checked multiple times with the students and the teacher, who confirmed how the whole class would focus on the teacher’s exact words during these moments — “You have to listen to every word he says, you’ve got to get it exactly right, or he goes totally mad”, was one comment.

            So in the end, across a variety of classrooms, I could calibrate the level of attention directly from the tape recorder’s sound level in decibels during pauses in the teacher’s delivery. If there was lots of shuffling, scraping and general restlessness, attention was low. I can go back to those classrooms decades later, just from a recording, set a baseline, and put a number to the attention level at any point in the lesson.

            I promise you, I can tell the difference from these recordings between a kid staring straight ahead at the teacher who’s pretending to pay attention, and a kid looking up who is really listening. No matter how much you try, you’ll start fidgeting a little if you’re bored or distracted.

            So, that’s my famous protocol. And now, finally, I discover that an AI has rediscovered it. This is why I’m putting it forward publicly here for the first time, I want to claim it before the machines do.

            What really piques my interest: why is this the only redacted part of this leaked document? What big secrets did they find, correlating with chair scraping?

            And Flowers, please note: this is just what the AI derives from the SOUNDS inside your room. The rest of the document is about how it tracks your devices as you move around your lounge, using electromagnetic imaging. This is under the heading “Mapping Users Homes”.

            So when I say: these systems monitor you, to an unbelievable degree, do you believe me now? This is just a games platform, finding ways to track and manipulate gamers and feed their addictive behaviors to make money. And it’s tracking you inch by inch as you move around your own lounge.

            This isn’t the military surveillance, this is just the gamer companies monitoring you.

            Put it all together, hundreds of companies monitoring you, multiply this by billions of people, and remember that all this vast stream of information is being recorded, so that patterns in your behavior can be identified and tracked.

            We will be swimming in oceans of our own data, streams of information that are constantly used to trick us and game us and manipulate us and identify our weaknesses and exploit them. This is (I hate to say it, but it seems to resonate with people): The Matrix, for real.

            OK, enough intro. This is the first time this document is being made available as a text version, as far as I can tell. I cannot tell you where it’s from, what company is involved, there were no details, this was just dumped on the QResearch board, you find the weirdest shit there. But this cannot be a hoax, it’s just too detailed.

            This is how the algorithms are really gaming the human race:

            —>Schedule “Z” Audio
            Raw information – Detail: Derived Information
            Audio – Processed keyword analysis and non-word sounds: The library of sounds we’ve crafted was made by us gathering sounds from other companies and creating many ourselves. The list of identifiable non-word sounds is currently over 500,000.

            This includes sounds we consider significant to monitoring the user (door slamming, yelling (pain, anger, sadness), laughing, falling down, children crying, television show dialogue) and insignificant sounds (rain, rustling from readjusting sitting position, eating (microwave sounds followed by chewing sounds indicates eating reheated of prepacked food. Also includes guessed food types like potato chips, soup, spaghetti)).

            The library also performs mathematical transformations to detect synchronous vibrations or sound reflective surfaces to determine the size of the room the user is in. It can sometimes even detect if there are open windows despite no sounds coming in through them.

            We are also in the process of contacting the author of http://jmlr.csail.mit.edu/papers/volume14/stowell13a//stowell13a.pdf which with their help in applying their algortithm [sic] listed in the paper will help us to pinpoint certain variables we require.

            Example highlight: In one case, with just a large dogs [sic] footfalls and barks we were able to guess when to stop a game excitement time because the dog needed to go on a walk outside of the normal walking time pattern.

            The user approached their home again, when they approached a sedentary position (guess: couch) then the AI sent a notification of a large bonus to the user to encourage a new game session. The user began a new play session.

            Example Highlight (And Our Personal Favorite): The AI found a correlation between chair scraping noises and high quality, low quantity spenders. If someone has a lot of chair scraping noises, they likely (HEAVILY REDACTED)’

            Using voice tone and pitch, after determining face and gender, we can detect more than just moods. It can tell why the user is feeling that way. The AI started detecting, and then aggressively targeting women during the last 2 days of the luteal phase of their menstrual cycle. It discovered a correlation between the voice pitch adjustment away from the normal standard deviation, and that women would buy more in those 48 hours when the AI used aggressive upselling/advertisement strategies.

            Obviously this had to be turned off, but when we were in the process of confirming the recognized pattern we were surprised. At the time it was given the goal with a high point score for causing ad fatigue and harsh ad experiences, harsh ad content, and intrusive ad placements at time of detected frustration in game.The specifics [sic] audio queues it derived were similar to
            http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?=10.1371/journal.pone.0183462. [Link does not seem to work.]


      • Fred,

        There are too many coincidences and cross-correlations. All of these events cannot be simply mutually exclusive. There hasn’t been a virus since 1918 that has been this dangerous!!!! This virus is killing more people than the Spanish flu!!!!

        All of a sudden 100 years later this just simply came out of no where? Listen two months the entire world has been infected every single continent!!!!

        I joke a lot around a lot but I think you may be onto something. Seriously!

        It’s the right thing to do for Frank to publish this material!



        I strongly suggest staying away from small children if you can.

        In any epidemic or pandemic children are usually the number one contributor to seeding and spreading a virus.

        Today’s Example:
        The town of Wellesley Massachusetts is the newest case. The parent traveled abroad…. came home gave it to the kid…. kid went to school gave it to his classmates…..classmates give it to their parents.

        It’s Friday and the kids have been in school all week. It’s too late and I guarantee the virus has already spread.

        I have never had pneumonia so I’m not worried about myself.

        I’m worried about my wife and I’m worried about the elderly people over 65.

        • NiceGuy, the 1918 pandemic was before humans had biological engineering capabilities, so therefore it must have been the work of the shape-shifting reptilian humanoid aliens – who then have to be implementing this latest virus as part of their ongoing program. What I want to know is why the administration has obviously been working with them to suppress public notice until COVID-19 had already spread too far to stop, set up containment that actually turned out to be porous, and limit testing (reportedly only about 2,000 so far, not the million promised), in order to facilitate spread of the virus – because of course it has to be some sort of planned genius move, not ineptitude, dontcha know?


          It’s certainly good practice to keep children away from vulnerable older people.

          I worry about seniors in our church. Most people I know are somewhat younger and, particularly, healthy and active, involved in things like hiking and dance – I would have to think hard to try to figure out if I know a single smoker – but I can already imagine our congregation is likely to be somewhat reduced.

          • AnonyMaker,

            In all seriousness I’m worried about elderly people as well, my wife’s attorney friend’s wife works at the Middle School in Wellesley Ma. It’s her understanding that the parent had been home from a business trip for over a week……
            Meaning “community transmission” had taken place.

            I’m in my late 40s and I have never had pneumonia. I’m not worried about my at at all. My wife gets pneumonia all the time so I’m just simply worried about her.

            I’m also worried about the elderly.
            If elderly people simply stay away from public gatherings and small children…..and the elderly wash their hands frequently and use hand sanitizer….the elderly will be OK!

            The ironic odd thing is the top 5% [meaning anyone above upper middle class…meaning you, Frank and me] is the cohort that is the main contributing factor to the spread of the coronavirus.

            In fact so far the poor are the least affected by the coronavirus.

          • ….The other scary thing is the coronavirus has the power to possibly upend the entire American political system run by senior citizens.

            It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or a Democrat.

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