Is Nancy Salzman an Idiot or Smarter Than We Know?

Prefect and the Dentist

Bangkok, who is now using the moniker “Pablo,” made some interesting comments in response to an article I wrote about Nancy Salzman entitled Judge Orders Some of Nancy Salzman’s Assets Seized – But Actually Not All That Much.   In turn, I have a response for him:

By Bangkok

This is another example of a biased article which stretches the truth beyond its breaking point.

Frank says that although Nancy forfeited $500,000 of cash found in her home, he implies that Nancy really had another million bucks stashed elsewhere.

Why does Frank say this?

Because his so-called ‘sources’ (Kristin Keeffe) claimed that Nancy had over $2 million in cash.

However, Keeffe’s information is outdated since she witnessed this $2 million dollar ‘stash’ many years before the raid in 2018. Thus, the rest of the cash was likely spent already (or) possibly laundered into other assets, long before the FBI raid in 2018.

Question for Frank Parlato…

Why would Nancy Salzman move only ‘part’ of the cash to a safer location, YET STILL LEAVE $500,000 (of illegal cash) inside a fucken SHOE BOX laying around for the Feds to seize?

Here’s some context…

Some of the cash seized at Nancy Salzman’s former home

Nancy had already known that the Feds were investigating NXIVM (from the NY Times article) and yet she STILL left $500,000 in a shoe box laying out in the open, to be seized.

What does this tell us?

It tells us that Nancy wasn’t a ‘devious’ person with grand planning ability. It tell us that Nancy was a naive IDIOT who never thought about security whatsoever.

It’s the same reason why NXIVM refused to use Windows ‘Bitlocker’ to encrypt their hard drives ——- even though they KNEW the Feds were investigating NXIVM after the NY Times article.

Is Nancy just an idiot?

Keith, Nancy and their entire armada of so-called computer ‘experts’ just left these computers laying around the house ‘unencrypted’ (fully readable) with all kinds of damaging files linked to Keith’s nefarious deeds.

Heidi Hutchinson often claims that Keith was a ‘master planner’ who deviously setup both Nancy Salzman and Allison Mack to ‘take the fall’ for him —- by purposely leaving the ‘cash’ and ‘computer files’ laying around to be seized by the Feds. LOL.

What Heidi is ‘forgetting’ is that the computer files linked KEITH as the grandmaster of DOS and the senior leader of NXIVM who controlled every perverted and illegal deed.

If Keith were really trying to ‘setup’ Allison or Nancy (as part of a devious plan) then he would have created phony documents and email communications showing Allison or Nancy as the senior person ‘controlling’ NXIVM’s illegal activities.

But he didn’t do that.

Grow a brain, Heidi. 🙂

Pam Cafritz, Nancy Salzman and Keith Alan Raniere. Nancy and Keith were not very good planners, but Cafritz was pretty good at planning how to get underage girls to Keith’s boudoir.

The truth is that Nancy and Keith simply had no ability to plan very far ahead. They had no concept of security, largely because they had been untouchable for 20 years and had grown accustomed to feeling invincible.

What else is Frank bullshitting us about?

Well, Frank also implies that Nancy is being allowed to keep all sorts of valuable assets which were attained from the fruit of NXIVM’s poisonous tree.

Frank is implying that Nancy will sail off into the sunset as a wealthy woman, living lavishly from NXIVM’s ill-gotten fruits.

Not true.

My assessment is that the government is NOT going to allow Nancy to retire as a wealthy woman and to retain lots of nefarious assets born from the orgy of racketeering enterprises controlled by NXIVM.

Yes, the government is gonna allow her to keep a few properties — so that she and her 2 youngins won’t be homeless. She’s still a mama bear. Michelle’s husband is probably unemployable now. Lauren needs a home. Nancy must provide for her youngins.

Where’s the harm in that?

Will the DOJ take into consideration that Nancy has her children [l ] Michelle and [r] Lauren to support?.
If the government is allowing her to keep certain assets — to maintain a modest lifestyle — then I’m sure she earned it by agreeing to testify in other grand jury hearings which are currently happening in secrecy.

More indictments are likely coming and Nancy is earning her worth to the DOJ —– by secretly testifying at these grand jury hearings.

PS — I challenge Frank to respond and defend his false allegations against Nancy.

I also call upon Jesus Christ (my Lord and Savior) to give Frank a BUTT AILMENT of the worst kind.

Image result for jesus
Jesus Christ has been called upon by many devotees for many things. At any given moment, there are millions of souls asking Him to answer their prayers. Among all these supplicants, Bangkok’s prayers must stand out just a little to the Gracious Savior of Humanity.

My Response to Bangkok [AKA Pablo]

By Frank Parlato

I had several sources, besides Kristin Keeffe, tell me that Nancy said she kept in excess of one million dollars in her home. Keeffe actually saw $2 million there, she says.  Keeffe left Nxivm in 2014.

Kristin also told me she believed the amount grew based on their money-laundering scheme and estimated that it might be $8 million in cash by 2017.

Some of the cash may have been laundered into real estate, sent offshore through Emiliano Salinas and Alejandro Betancourt, or given to Pam Cafritz, knowing that Cafritz was Keith’s ninny while alive and would leave everything to him in her will.

There is a possibility that part of Cafritz’s estate was money from Nxivm money laundering and not only from her wealthy family.

It is possible that Nancy, knowing the FBI was investigating Keith and Nxivm since November 2017, might have secreted cash in several locations.

Nancy knew Keith was arrested on March 26, 2018.  She learned within moments of the arrest.

She did not know for certain that her home would be raided the following day. She might have left all of the cash there being in shock. She might have also moved cash elsewhere.

One source said Nancy likely intended to move all the cash out of her home and the reason $500,000 was still there was that she forgot about some of the hiding places she had in her home for stashing cash, not unlike squirrels who seem to forget sometimes where they bury their nuts.

Image result for squirrels forget where nuts buried


Nancy did not leave the money in the open. It was buried under insulation.

I think it is intriguing that Nancy had a cash counting machine at home.

Cash counting machine found by FBI when raiding Nancy’s home.

That suggests that Nancy was at various times counting large amounts of cash.  Was it more than $500,000?

Of course, Nancy may have been an idiot and the $500,000 was all she stashed.

Keith was certainly an idiot for not encrypting his hard drives – or better yet – throwing them in the Hudson River before he fled to Mexico.

After all, the world’s smartest man left in his library, in plain sight, a hard drive with nude photos of 15-year-old Cami, the single most damning piece of evidence used against him in the case. It was used as predicate racketeering acts of possession of child porn and sexual exploitation of a minor.

As Bangkok said, “Keith, Nancy and their entire armada of so-called computer ‘experts’ just left these computers laying around the house ‘unencrypted’ (fully readable) with all kinds of damaging files linked to Keith’s nefarious deeds.”

That was stupid and suggests these smart folks were unprepared for the onslaught from law enforcement.  Sure, they had become inoculated from law enforcement in their local Albany area and the assault from Brooklyn found them unprepared.

But was Nancy really unprepared? Was she as stupid as Keith?

Nancy was always good at making sure she got her share of the spoils.  From her $40,000 annual clothing allowances to being named on the deeds of Los Angeles real estate to “protect the Bronfmans”, to a list of more than two dozen homes in the Albany area – which she gave me once – homes in various corporate names – owned by her, funded by the Bronfmans, worth more than $2 million.

I know she has not sold all the homes.  I don’t see one of them on the feds’ forfeiture list.

While Keith controlled every perverted and illegal deed, Nancy always ensured she got a slice of the pie.  I doubt very much she is destitute now and if she gets out of her jam by helping the feds and retires with a few million, so be it.

I never thought of Nancy as being as monstrous as Raniere and Clare Bronfman. Those two would skin the devil alive if they could catch him.

Nancy was just happy to be along for the glory, the glamour, and, most importantly, the money. She did not have the vengeful spirit of Clare and Keith. She knew little about the lawsuits and didn’t really care.

Although she frequently got angry at her underlings, it was usually short-lived. She did not menace them over the years. She could turn from angry to seemingly compassionate on a dime.

Left to her own devices, Nancy would not have sued anyone, nor tried to do things the deliberately illegal way. She would have advised Clare, for instance, to pay the illegal immigrants the mere $10 more per hour that she swore she would pay them on immigration forms.

It was Keith that provoked Clare – under the guise of ethics – that got her to cheat on petty financial matters that made her a felon.

Nancy Salzman was happy to be the Prefect and teach. She is shown here in Monterrey with Mark Vicente, Alex Betancourt, Karen U, Clare Bronfman, Lauren Salzman, and Emiliano Salinas – all wearing their colored sashes indicating rank. Nancy had the highest rank “the gold sash.”

I don’t think Nancy, her daughter Lauren, Allison Mack and certainly not Kathy Russell, should go to prison. I think they should get some help, be sentenced to community service and probation and, if possible, be required to stay out of, or have leadership roles in certain types of organizations [especially including Nxivm or any revamping of Nxivm under a different name] in the future.

I think Nancy and Lauren should be banned from life coaching, and any kind of practice of therapy which they have demonstrated they are uniquely unqualified to do.

Even if Nancy goes to prison for a few years and gets out to enjoy her millions, so be it. She was the first to hop on the plea deal bus and broke the unanimity of the six codefendants. And this helped lead to the truly dangerous one, Keith Raniere, going away for years, perhaps decades to come.

And smart Nancy, she did it through her lawyers who were paid by Clare Bronfman – paid by Clare obviously to keep them in solidarity in support of Keith.

Nancy, the millionaire, did not pay one thin dime to her attorneys. She used Clare’s money to spin against Keith and Clare.

No, Nancy is not the idiot some think she is. She ran on the gravy train for 20 years, may spend a year or two in prison and retire a millionaire.

Viva Executive Success!

This is a slide at a Vanguard Week presentation. The best thing Nancy ever did to help people in her life was when she broke ranks and took her plea deal, repudiating Keith Raniere.


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  • And, if the stashed cash is in one of the rental properties, anyone wanna go in with a roommate? 😂. I’d check the boards around the sunken jacuzzi first. Grandma & Grandpa Salzman next. Then fly to Fiji.

    Btw, who says it was Keith who left the kiddie porn out? Maybe someone (like that Uncle Ben Myers) promised to wipe the discs but forgot.

    • Heidi, I’ve wondered if they did stash cash, if they didn’t bury it somewhere stupid like that, that they no longer have access to. I can almost imagine Nancy Salzman getting out of prison, and then realizing that she can’t recover the cache, or doesn’t dare in case the feds are watching her and her spending habits, and it becomes one of those cases where decades down the road, someone digs up a bunch of moldering old bills.

      I doubt they did, however, though after the house where Nancy Salzman used to live, Lauren Salzman’s house would be the next best bet.

      Reading the accounts of the porn found, and having been in the tech business most of my career, it sounds to me like they just weren’t thorough enough about cleaning up files, and left some backups buried deep in directories on an external drive mostly full of other photographs that Raniere didn’t want to have erased. It’s an easy mistake to make, though it’s perhaps typical of their lack of thoroughness that they failed to at least carry out a more deliberate process, such as where everything to be kept was moved to new drives, reorganized and checked as it was transferred, before the old drives were destroyed.

      p.s. Speaking of paranoia, I was at a coffeehouse concert recently, and someone befriended me – and then sent me a Facebook friend request. I checked them out, and they’re from Clifton Park – though I live nowhere near there, and the event was in another state! Are you sending Pippino-Romano famigghia suldàti out after me?! 🙂

  • “[Nancy] She knew little about the lawsuits, and didn’t really care.”

    You know how I hate to contradict anyone (lol) but…

    Nancy Salzman sued Doug Rutnik for alleged sexual harassment and an airline for allegedly losing her laptop full of priceless trade secrets.

    • Both of those lawsuits were not her doing. Keith orchestrated both. She was extremely reluctant, I was told, to do the laptop one. Keith required it as a matter of ethical duty.

  • Kim Snyder
    Frank, if you think these criminals should be sentenced to community service- you are CRAZY! These are hard core criminals- you need to go to CATHOLIC confession, if you are Catholic. At what age do children receive communion in the Catholic Church? When do they usually receive their 1st Holy communion?
    These are Hard Core Criminals that you are writing about- NOT traffic violators. These are people that have offended over and over again. They killed MY ONLY sister!!!!!! What is wrong with this picture?
    You think community service- this is an outrage!!!!!!!!
    Keith & his minions deserve prison!!!!!! You need to look at their crimes!!!!!!!!

    • Kim:
      I’m going to try and help a little.
      A lawyer in Philadelphia named Neil Glazer is suing NXIVM and its leaders.
      Glazer claims that NXIVM engaged in illegal psychotherapy.
      I believe that might be what happened to your sister.

      Here is what Glazer says:

      “The complaint (PDF) alleges that the defendants peddled an inherently risky “pseudo-scientific hodgepodge of psychotherapeutic methods” as expensive self-improvement courses, taken by thousands of unsuspecting people, many of whom lost their life savings and were severely traumatized by the process. “NXIVM preyed on earnest, intelligent people who wanted to better themselves and the world through what they thought to be a humanitarian undertaking of unprecedented scope,” said Neil Glazer of Kohn, Swift & Graf, P.C., one of the law firms representing the plaintiffs in the lawsuit.”

      For information about this lawsuit please call Neil Glazer at 215-238-1700 or email him at

      Kim, I am urging you to get in touch with Glazer and tell him of Kristin’s story.
      Please do so as soon as possible.
      Tomorrow if possible.
      Or next week.

      For information about this lawsuit please call Neil Glazer at 215-238-1700 or email him at

      Kim, I wish you the best.

    • Kim- “At what age do children receive communion in the Catholic Church? When do they usually receive their 1st Holy communion?”
      A. 7 to 8 years old. Mine was at age 9 😁

  • Kim Snyder
    Nancy is a neglective woman, who, when she was running NXIVM- did NOT physically/mentally/emotionally/psychologically, take care of anyone. She neglected my ONLY sister, Kristin Marie Snyder, and then, had her silenced for good. She is a witch.
    Frank enjoys writing about these convicts- as if they are HEROES! They are NOT! He seems to leave the VICTIMS of NXIVM behind. Frank seems to still be siding with these EVIL people- and that is ALL that he writes about.
    Kris, Gina, Barbara and others, are tragically left in the cold. Who will he write about when these jokers go to the place where they need to be? JAIL!!!!!!!!

    • You don’t know what Salzman’s involvement in your sister’s death was, what you believe is pure conjecture.

      When I first talked to Frank almost two years ago, I told him about Amway and other MLM scams. There is more than enough to cover, although he better hurry if he wants to get more involved in the action and not just the clean-up activities, because there’s been a LOT of good things happening in recent months.

    • As far as I have studied from Frank’s writing, the “hard core” criminals are Raniere/ Bronfman Salinas/Junco teams. Nancy, Lauren, Allison and the, I should have plead the 5th Russell, were hard core followers. Im still not sold on Nancy and Raniere murdering Kristin.
      Esther Chiappone Carlson, Ed Kinnum, Elaine Smiloff, Heidi Clifford seem more of your likely suspects.
      Lastly, I’m one of the die hards here. Kim, I’ve not read one article portraying any of the 6 convicted Nxians as heroic. I would ask what you are talking about but I won’t bother. I wish you all the best.

    • Kim Snyder
      “Nancy is a neglective woman, who, when she was running NXIVM- did NOT physically/mentally/emotionally/psychologically, take care of anyone.”
      WTF 🤬 are you talking about? She took care of Raniere very well. Even cooked for him.

    • Kim
      “Frank seems to still be siding with these EVIL people”
      Frank is not siding with them. Wtf? I see you’re still attacking Frank on his own site that he created to expose Raniere and how you say, “worms”. No one even knew you before Frank Report. Nor Kristin, Barbara, Gina, or the giraffe Pam Cafritz. Feel free to create a Word Press site and start your own blog. I recommend calling it the ‘Kim Snyder Rants and Gossips’. Frank is not the evil one. Lies are evil, back bitting is evil. IMO of course.
      Have a nice day…..not

      • Leave Kim alone. We all know what’s up with that, what she has been through, and here she is safe to rant gossip or whatever she feels to say … we all are, and within very wide bounds of decency, had you not noticed? FR can do without you bullying a Nxivm victim while masquerading as a righteous defender of Frank. Time to roll that forked tongue back into that very wrong head.

        • Sure, so just because she’s had hard times and Frank is writing articles other than Kristin Snyder she gets a free pass to lie on Frank. Okay. Good to know snakes ass. I see you both are drinking from the same poluted well.

  • B/P provides some excellent examples that fit with a point I’ve also been making, that all the evidence is that the NXians were sloppy, amateurish and hapless – and not actually planning cunningly for the contingency that they might get busted and would need to flee.

    On the other hand, there’s enough we don’t know about for certain, for Frank to have some room to entertain speculation regarding the questions – though I agree it sometimes seems to go a bit to far into giving credibility to the improbable.

    As for Nancy Salzman’s assets, she currently lives in a property that is owned by one of the NXIVM real estate corporations and which is presumably ultimately going to be seized and sold off eventually. She doesn’t show up as owning any properties in her own name in Saratoga County, and if she had covert ownership of a home I’d expect her to be living there – any properties Frank might know about would also be known to the feds, and thus not really a secret she would need to try to hide.

    I’m curious then as to what property might seem to be unaccounted for. Saratoga County records show that Lauren Salzman owns a second property besides her house, which I’m guessing is a rental – thus likely providing at least a partial answer about how she gets money to live on.

    p.s. As far as summoning religious retribution, a favorite piece of medieval history is that the infamous phrase “kill them all and let God sort them out” is attributed to a legate of Pope Innocent III (yet another Italian villain for you) who was sent to root out the Albigensian heresy in France – by wiping out the population of entire villages when necessary.

  • “Lauren needs a home. Nancy must provide for her youngins.
    Where’s the harm in that?” Pablo, aka Bangkok

    In the good old days, mentally challenged people like the Salzmans, the Bronfmans, Pam Cafritz and Allison Mack were provided shelter in mental institutions so they would not harm the community with their stupidity and insanity.
    Bring back those mental institutions.

    And seriously consider the words of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes in the 1927 case Buck v.Bell and allow the government to encourage the sterilization of imbeciles.

    “Three Generations of Imbeciles Are Enough” Oliver Wendell Holmes
    So wrote Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. in Buck v. Bell, a 1927 Supreme Court case upholding a Virginia law that authorized the state to surgically sterilize certain “mental defectives” without their consent.

    Do we want another generation of Salzman or Bronfman stupidity?
    Do we want the likes of Keith Raniere breeding with people like Allison Mack or Lauren Salzman?

    As for Nancy Salzman, if she orchestrated the disappearance of Kristin Snyder, even by remote control from Albany, she is as evil as Keith Raniere.
    And her shenanigans with the Bronfman money in Los Angeles demonstrates that Nancy Salzman is as much a grifter as Keith Raniere.
    I hope the lawsuit filed by Neil Glazer conclusively proves that Nancy Salzman was engaging in the dangerous practice of psychotherapy and wipes out Nancy’s ill-gotten gains from her Executive Success scam.

    • As I said in my initial response to Bangkok’s comment, “Mommy Dearest” Salzman’s daughters are grown-ass women, why is she expected to provide for them?

      These are not mentally challenged people, they are evil. They don’t belong in a mental institution, they belong in prison, where they can be kept separate from the rest of society. That’s one of the reasons for prisons.

    • There also is an adage that says the rich only last three generations. The first makes the fortune, the second fails to expand it, and the third squanders it.

  • Just in case anyone missed it – Mr. Frank Parlato, the man who probably knows more about NXIVM than anyone on the planet, AND has as much of a reason as anyone to hate everything NXIVM, just typed this:

    “I don’t think Nancy, her daughter Lauren, Allison Mack and certainly not Kathy Russell, should go to prison. I think they should get some help, be sentenced to community service and probation”

    As usual, Frank is correct.

    • They all committed serious felonies, except for Kathy Russell, and abused dozens of people.
      The purpose of the RICO law is to identify hard core criminals and punish them.
      The NXIVM leaders are hard core criminals.

    • Are you TRYING to drive Shadow (more) mad, Nutjob?

      Psst, Shadow — “ALLIE, ALLIE UM FRUM FREE!”

      • Ha, ha. I actually wasn’t happy with Shadow’s level-headed response to my post, and came back with an immature, instigating reply to him. But, it didn’t make it by the goalie…

    • I disagree. Even the sentencing guidelines disagree, and the sentencing guidelines are written for “typical” crimes of that nature, and NXIVM had extreme crimes in terms of the number of people negatively impacted, the extent of the damage, etc.

  • Bangkok may have changed his name, but he’s still too chicken to come on my show so I can put him in his place, in the gutter, where he belongs. He’s as scared to pick up a phone as NiceGuy. LOL

    “I never thought of Nancy as being as monstrous as Raniere and Clare Bronfman. These two would skin the devil alive if they could catch him.” I disagree, they would bow down and worship the devil.

    Just because “Mommy Dearest” Salzman is smarter than Raniere and Bronfman doesn’t mean she’s very smart.

    The extra money is probably in Mexico.

    If the Feds were doing their job correctly they would require her to sign a sworn statement regarding her assets, and fine her to the maximum extent possible. Then if she can’t pay up, she won’t be able to ride off into the sunset when she gets out of prison. And speaking of prison, all of them should get the maximum years allowed to protect society from them, as punishment, to force them to think about the errors of their ways and get their heads screwed on relatively straight, and as a deterrent to others who are thinking of doing what they did.

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