Rudolf Steiner’s Predictions, From Mistletoe Curing Cancer to Bees Disappearing, Seem to Be True

Rudolph Steiner.

By Fred

Rudolf Steiner’s closest associate, with whom he pioneered anthroposophical medicine, was Ita Wegman. After she died, some of the correspondence between them was made public, a breach of privacy that caused great scandal in the movement. Steiner never, ever, talked in public about who he had been in previous incarnations; but here, he revealed that he had in fact been Aristotle.

You can go and look for yourself at the astounding correspondences between what Steiner said, and what Aristotle proposed. And for entertainment, you can do a search for “Aristotle was right” and see how many strange things the old sage said that have turned out to be true.

My very favorite of these is a scientific paper published in 1987 titled “Aristotle was right: Heavier objects fall faster” by John Donoghue and Barry Holstein:

Using elementary quantum mechanics, they show that Einstein’s fundamental postulate about general relativity — that inertial mass is the same as gravitational mass — is only true at absolute zero. And absolute zero is unattainable. You would think that a proof that Einstein’s theory of GR is wrong in the real world would get a little more publicity.

At least one physicist claimed to have achieved true antigravity using this finding, an obscure Brazilian, Dr Fran Aquino, of Maranhao State University, a backwoods provincial college. I corresponded briefly with him around 2000. He then abruptly stopped publishing and disappeared off the map. Another Brazilian physicist tracked him down and knocked at his door. Aquino told him that the Brazilian military had shown up and taken over his work, and that he could no longer speak about it.

Image result for mistletoe

Another of Steiner’s cranky sayings referenced on this page is that mistletoe is a cure for cancer. Check out the work of Dr Fritz-Albert Popp, who pioneered Western research on biophotons, light emitted by living beings. One of his first discoveries was that out of ALL biological samples he looked at, mistletoe seemed to have the most unusual and active biophoton emissions, which seemed particularly promising in treating cancer:

“It’s known, too, that cancer-causing chemicals alter your body’s biophoton emissions, interrupting cellular communications, while certain substances help restore them. Dr. Popp found mistletoe to be one such substance that appeared to restore the biophoton emissions of tumor cells to a normal level.”

I can show you many more examples where Steiner/Aristotle has turned out to be correct. One of Steiner’s predictions, made in 1922, was that if we did not change our ways, bees would start disappearing in “80 to 100 years”. The term “colony collapse disorder” was coined in 2006, or 84 years after Steiner’s prediction. He was spot on, once again.

Talking about the brain: modern MRI techniques have also completely vindicated Steiner’s statement that the brain does not send electrical signals through the nerves to make muscles move. The nerves are only there to tell the brain the exact disposition of the muscles, etc. What are called “sensory” nerves tell the brain what’s happening outside the body. The “motor” nerves tell the brain what’s happening inside the body.

Image result for bees disappearing

It is the entirely autonomous “will” system, which acts instantaneously throughout the body, that initiates movement. He talks about this in his book on Waldorf education, “Soul Economy”.

The MRI scans show that the “decision-making” part of the brain only lights up AFTER the movement has been made. Materialists have jumped on this as final proof that we don’t have free will; that the brain only makes up narratives to explain what it has already done.

Steiner’s time is still coming, never fear. One day, just one of these revelations will turn out to be crucial in saving the world. Given the catastrophic pollution of the world’s oceans by nitrates from chemical fertilizers, vast “dead zones”, my bet is that Steiner’s greatest gift may be the organic compost heaps he proposed, which were the very beginning of biodynamic farming. He said: you cannot create organic life from dead chemicals.

The Book of Revelations talks about the seas turning to blood; this is exactly what we are seeing, with vast “red tides” of dead ocean.

In case you think biodynamic farming is nuts, I once had to edit a wine guide for a top farming magazine, in which biodynamic wines were rated as far more distinctive and pure than even the best organic wines. These were real wine experts, you cannot fool these guys. Go try some biodynamic wine, if you want some pleasant research in this field. Let us know how you rate it.

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  • He also predicted that the world would be covered in an ‘electric web’ connecting ‘intelligent machine animals’ attached to people…. back in 1916.

    • Haha, this is such a terrible argument, maybe read Steiner’s work on Waldorf Education before you make such an uninformed and misguided statement.

    • You obviously don’t know anything about Steiner.
      He said we must have free will, does that sound like a cult?
      All of which below are are they “cults” ?
      Because they don’t allow “free thought”
      The science of today,
      The medical system,
      The pharmaceutical industry,
      Etc. ………..
      Need I go on?

  • I have read a bunch of Steiner, live down the street from the NYC Anthroposophy center and studied and did biodynamic gardening. Much of Steiner is Theosophical mind control garbage and some is pretty good advice for a healthy life. He was a true pioneer in architecture of all things (!) and was a good sculptor. He had a grounding in herbalism and yes Mistletoe is a very useful medicine, probably destroys tumors as many plants do, like Turmeric, look it up.. He also knew a lot about Goethe, who was a genius and an advanced occultist.

    He did claim to be able to “read the akashic records”, which is a recording of everything that has ever happened. Really? He was a racist and his books have been cleaned up. Find early editions of his writing in German for more on this. He died quite young under mysterious circumstances, no one seems to know what actually happened. Why is that? Why did he die so young if he had all the knowledge in the world? Why did he never denounce Madame Blavatsky who was a horrible mind control charlatan like Raniere? He spoke in reams of gobbledy-gook and never really revealed anything of real importance. Trust me I’ve tried to find it.

    He was right about the bees. He was right about some things. He was very smart. Biodynamic farming makes sense- it is uber-organic~ and based on astrology! I’m not defending Astrology as a science, but at it’s core it is quite deep and all encompassing as a way to look at life. it can be quite profound and who knows- mysterious unknown energy is all around us. it isn’t really used to predict the future. That’s for newspaper columns.

    He was very intelligent and perhaps well meaning. He is a mystery. He didn’t create vast fortunes or prey on women and children physically. I think he was sincere and was trying to make the world a better place. But gobbeldy-gook is a form of hypnosis, which is at the core of all these cults. He definitely draws you in with promises of a better life ahead if you study him. Typical occultist cult garbage to some degree. So there. He’s both good and bad like the rest of us. Maybe a genius at it though?

    His true followers seem to lose all sense of themselves as independent creatures and hang on his teaching like lost children. Their art looks exactly like his art. They lose themselves.

    Raniere’s mastery of the misuse of hypnosis began (even if unconsciously) at Waldorf no doubt. Everything is hypnosis folks. Everything.

    • Everything is hypnosis.

      I’m not sure what you mean by that. Hypnosis refers to entering an induced trance state where the mind is more open to suggestion.

      If Steiner claimed to be able to do certain things, such as read the Akashic records, he was apparently able to go into a deep trance state on his own. However, that doesnt mean that anything he learned while in that state was real, it could all have been his own inventions.

      I’m curious why you think hypnosis is important in regards to Steiner’s teachings.

      • Rudolf Steiner is adamant that the only valid knowledge is that obtained in full waking consciousness. Trance states, channeling, dreams, automatic writing, you name it, are not valid sources of knowledge, period. His occult path can be summed up in three words, “Continuity of consciousness”, i.e. completely lucid and aware perceptions. He never employed hypnosis to my knowledge and never condoned it.

        What he does insist is that the concepts he puts forward do work on the subconscious mind and grow within you. This I can absolutely confirm. People who “speed read” Steiner to pick up points to throw at me, have no idea just how stupid this really is.

        The best example I can give is the work Steiner always regarded as his most important, by far. This is The Philosophy of Freedom. It’s a work of pure philosophy, with nary a hint of an occult insight or principle, beyond the notion that ideas are universal, while perceptions are particular to the person or organism that does the perceiving.

        It’s not an easy work to read, by any means, and I read the whole thing from cover to cover every couple of years. Each sentence grows out of the previous one, Steiner maintains, in organic form, and will continue to grow inside you. Every time I return to it, I find something new.

        Try this from that book for an insight that can grow inside you.

        All knowledge, every single thing you will ever know, derives from one of two sources: (a) Perception; and (b) Thinking. Percept; and concept.

        Consciousness, Steiner says, is the stage upon which percept and concept unite.

        Go and ask any modern psychologist for a definition of “consciousness” and watch them waffle about “emergent phenomena” from electrical activity in the brain. It’s like they think if you squash enough radio components together, a Beethoven symphony will magically “emerge” from the wiring.

        Just note that Steiner says “stage”, a very carefully chosen term. A stage is an artificial construct, it’s a CONCEPT. It’s a place where fantasy and reality meet. You suspend your disbelief when actors on a stage are having breakfast, when it’s 9 p.m. at night, you enter into the fantasy to learn and be entertained. Yes, philosophy always has to pull itself up by its bootstraps; but in decades of reading everything from Sartre to Wittgenstein, I’ve never found anything remotely as clear and concise and complete as Steiner’s philosophy, as put forward in that book.

        If you really want to understand anthroposophy, this is the real starting point. If anyone has any questions about that book, I’d be delighted to entertain them, rather than discuss these random sayings that people throw at me, it’s so pointless.

    • Having tried my best to get to the bottom of the story, I’m fairly certain now that Rudolf Steiner was poisoned, it’s a long story. His associate E. Pfeiffer actually had a confession from an anthroposophist who had moved to America that he did the deed — there’s no doubt that if it was poison, it was an insider.

      His physical body was weakened, he himself said, by the amount of time he spent in astral realms. He was also totally overworked by the incessant demands of neurotic Germans for cures and advice on all sorts of issues, which he always gave. He hardly slept at all, as many first-hand accounts will attest. One person who had him as a house guest tried to get him to sleep, when he had been on the go for days, and he said, if I sleep, I really WILL get exhausted.

      I’ve spent the last year reading as many first-hand accounts as I could find, of people who met him and listened to his lectures, very ordinary people. They are unanimous in saying that he was the very model of courteousness, dignity and good cheer, always with a joke to lighten the mood. The unbelievable amount of work he did in his final years is truly scary. He himself clearly thought that he was going to pull through, right up until the end, perhaps this was denial; but the sheer volume and range of his efforts in those last few years shows that he maybe knew he didn’t have much time left.

      But the final straw that many say destroyed him was the burning-down of his Goetheanum, the magnificent and architecturally completely unique centre he built in Switzerland. It’s another long story, but there’s no doubt that this shock fatally weakened a physical system that may already have been impaired by poison.

      Steiner’s predictions aren’t just for 50 or 100 years ahead; they are for cosmic aeons ahead, and as I say, his time is still coming.

      Absolutely, I agree and keep saying that some folk get trapped in a tiny corner of a vast, unfinished cathedral. It’s a great analogy from a very canny anthroposophist, Stanley Messenger. And again, the movement has without doubt been infiltrated and twisted to take it away from its original aims.

      I judge anthroposophists by one criterion: are they pushing the Threefold Social Order, Steiner’s single greatest social concept, which he worked tirelessly to promote among the general public. Again, note that nobody ever takes me up on that. Interesting…

      • @Fred. Thank you for your insightful comments, I fully agree with everything, and it’s only now, that I learn about Steiner’s death. He was met with enormous resistance, and I believe that the burning down of the Goetheanum was an act of deliberate sabotage. It must’ve been a very hard blow to Steiner’s heart, mind and body. In recent years, I’ve begun listening to podcasts with readings of Steiner’s lectures, on YouTube. There are quite a number of excellent subjects, that are relevant to the time we live in now. Like this one “The impersonal attitude of modern science”
        His prediction that vaccines would begin to break the connection between our human bodies and our spiritual nature, is spot on, as I see it. The mRNA vaccines are designed with gen-technology and nano-implants, Scientific investigations have arrived at that evidence. Dr Fauci will be in trial for his “gain of function” tinkering with corona-viruses. His goal, which is the goal of the Economic Forum as well, is to turn humanity into automatons, just like Metropolis, the movie, is showing us.
        Don’t believe me on these words, do your own research, for that’s most valuable for the making of your choices. Be well.

    • You say you have read a bunch of Steiner but clearly not enough, he did in fact denounce Blavatsky, commenting critically of her several times. He also was NOT a racist, and this has been covered extensively. There was even a Government which did an extensive study on this, they studied his work in depth, hundreds of his quotes which were deemed “problematic” and concluded that he definitely was NOT a racist. There are also great articles on this, here is one of them:

      Steiner himself also exposed the problem of mass hypnosis, for instance in his great work “The Karma of Untruthfulness” where he goes into the propaganda and mass hypnosis behind WWI. He also talked about Hypnotism in other lectures, you can find some here

      Also, the comment about why didn’t he stop his own poisoning if he “knew everything” merely shows your lack of understanding of his teachings? This was addressed when a few years prior to his death he said he became aware of an impending assassination attempt but refused to do anything about it, saying that “using higher knowledge for one’s own self-interest is black magic” thus he was going to board a train that would lead to his death when some associates of him stopped him (I forget the exact details) but here you see why he would have willing drank the poison even if he knew about it.

      Please do more research before you post something like you did.

    • @Robert. I expect you don’t include yourself as one who is hypnotized? When you’ve read Steiner’s books, or listened to the podcasts with readings of his lectures, you will find that Steiner distanced himself from the Theosophical Society and from Madam Blavatsky. The accusation that Steiner was a racist is rather old hat. Already in his time hostility grew fast towards Steiner’s views. The first Goetheanum was burned to the ground, this was possibly an attack to prevent the further development of the Antroposofic Society. Keep in mind that the
      principles, explained in the “Philosophy of Freedom”, one of Steiner’s first books, written at the age of 27, was fiercely resisted by those who were preparing for WWI.

      When those who don’t believe in a spiritual world, and only accept the world of matter, Steiner’s philosophy, and his design for Waldorf Schools, are dismissed and attacked fiercely. Antrophosophic Medicine is the application of practical science with spiritual awareness. It seems that we’re in need of such an approach, now that mRNA vaccines, which are in essence bio-weapons, are meant to turn humanity into soul-less slaves, forever addicted to booster shots, and programmed by nano-implants.That’s the plan, at least, it won’t succeed in my opinion. Although Mark Zuckerberg has announced the next phase of Facebook, called Metaverse. Do your own research, please.

      What I know from studying antroposphy, on-and-off, as an independent researcher, is that, like so many manmade church-institutes, founders of antroposophic organisations have turned themselves into representatives of Steiner’s views, stepping into the role of God.
      In The Netherlands, therer’s been a huge clean up of such condensed group of followers, geared with arrogance, and fanatism. Initiated by those who understand what Steiner’s work implies. That procedure has melted the icy hardening of some fanatic minds. The motive for this cleansing, was the conditions these fanatics began to find themselves in that alienated them from society in general.

      Steiner died at the age of 64, not exactly at a young age. There are all sorts of theories about his death, caused by either stomach cancer, poisoning, or merely exhaustion due to his untiring efforts to be of service to humanity. He left a huge treasure for us that still needs to be unwrapped, I believe. He worked for the future of mankind and foresaw the conditions we find ourselves in right now.

    • “He did claim to be able to “read the akashic records”, which is a recording of everything that has ever happened. Really? He was a racist and his books have been cleaned up. Find early editions of his writing in German for more on this. He died quite young under mysterious circumstances, no one seems to know what actually happened. Why is that? Why did he die so young if he had all the knowledge in the world? Why did he never denounce Madame Blavatsky who was a horrible mind control charlatan like Raniere? He spoke in reams of gobbledy-gook and never really revealed anything of real importance. Trust me I’ve tried to find it.”
      In regards to the above statement :
      We was able to read the record that doesn’t mean he could see “everything that had ever happened” as you say.
      And he wasn’t young he was 64, he was killed by the Jesuits, by the way.
      He could see that he was going to ( *die but that was his destiny and to change it is to practice black magic)
      *My words

  • Fred seems to buy Steiner’s claim that he was the reincarnation of Aristotle.

    One of the problems with reincarnation theory that Fred must not be aware of due to his narrow focus of study, is that when people are run though supposed past life regression or something similar, they all want to imagine themselves being archetypal characters of history – Napoleon and Josephine, Cleopatra and Mark Anthony (the Roman, not the singer), not to mention characters that are mostly or entirely fictional (King Arthur and Guinevere) – and including of course Plato and Aristotle, for students of the classics. So lots of people become convinced they are the reincarnations of the same historical characters, which of course leads to the logical conclusion that they’re probably all wrong and have just fallen for the same spurious phenomenon or belief. I’m told that in Scientology, there are more self-imagined past-life Jesuses wandering the halls of their facilities, than you can shake a stick at.

    Looking for other people who claimed to be Aristotle reincarnated, I ran across this:


    Rudolf Steiner mentioned six previous reincarnations that he supposedly had, and which I will enumerate in chronological order:

    1) Enkidu, who is a character from Sumerian mythology and who was the adventurer companion of the mythological king Gilgamesh (about 3000 BC).

    2) Cratylus, who was a Greek philosopher, born in Athens at the end of the fifth century BC and who was a priest of the Ephesus Temple.

    3) Aristotle (384-322 BC) who was one of the most famous Greek philosophers and was also a forerunner of modern science, since apart from philosophy, he was also a mathematician, astronomer and he is historically recognized as the founding father of logical reasoning and biology.

    4) Schionatulander who is a character from a heroic novel written by the German poet Wolfram von Eschenbach shortly after 1217, and who elaborated it based on the unfinished romantic poem entitled “Perceval, the Grail story” written by the French poet Chrétien de Troyes.

    And although all indicates that this is an imaginary saga, Rudolf Steiner insisted that no, that this story was very real and that it took place between the 9th and 10th centuries in the Middle Age.

    5) St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1270) who was one of the most important theologians of the Catholic Church, to the point that he was proclaimed Doctor of the Church on April 11, 1567, by Pope Pius V.

    6) Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925).

    7) And Steiner also announced that he would return to Earth at the end of the 20th century or the beginning of the 21st century.”

    KEITH RANIERE, 1966- !

    I really do wonder if Raniere thought himself the reincarnation of Steiner – he did after all name his media company The Knife of Aristotle.

    Fred, shouldn’t we take that as seriously as we take Steiner? Have you made the sort of earnest and open-minded delve into Raniere’s teachings, to decide for yourself, as you suggest we take into Steiner? What if Raniere is in fact the new sage of the ages, evolving and perfecting Steiner’s wisdom in his new incarnation, and has just been falsely discredited by Illuminati infiltrators, in the same way that you say that Waldorf schools are corrupted by Jesuits?

    p.s. Here’s another amusing-looking rabbit hole that I ran across along the way, and haven’t had time to go down myself, but offer up for anyone who might be interested – the convergence between similar gurus and cults (Hubbard, like Steiner, had a background in Theosophy, as well as sharing influence from overlapping circles of German occultism) is amusing:

    Scientology vs. Anthroposophy

    “Very recently I became aware of a fact that I find disturbing: Certain anthroposophists pendle Ron Hubbard’s tech along with Rudolf Steiner’s class lessons and Knowledge of the Higher Worlds. They even claim that representatives of The Anthroposophical Society should join forces with top brass scientologists to learn from each other for mutual benefit.”

    • In my original comment, I began by saying “I should NOT be saying this, but what the hey”, this got chopped off when this became a standalone story. I knew I would get into trouble for saying this. Steiner never, ever spoke publicly about his previous incarnations, and I just threw that comment in because someone was pointing to similarities with Aristotle.

      I’ll just point out that Aristotle’s descriptions of the “four temperaments” are basically identical to Steiner’s, Steiner just gave deeper scientific insights into how these temperaments are derived:

      I’m not going any further with this, I should never have pointed it out, and the anthroposophists will have my hide for doing so. This is actually one way I can prove that I’m not a doctrinaire member of this movement.

      As to Steiner’s future incarnation, I have no doubt that if and when he returns, it will be with full knowledge of his previous existences, which will be evident in everything he/she says. I’ve seen no one yet who remotely meets this criterion. There was a German woman somewhere who claimed to be Steiner reborn, she was clearly nuts.

      One woman who asked Steiner if she would be reincarnated with him was told, “Only if you are prepared to walk barefoot through the ruins of Europe” — that’s on the record, so let’s see what the future holds, it hasn’t happened yet, thankfully.

      Raniere may have gone to a Waldorf school, but apart from your mention now of the Knife of Aristotle, I have yet to detect a single thing he said that bore the slightest connection with anthroposophy, apart from using the concept of reincarnation to hoodwink and manipulate people. I’d be genuinely interested to know if anyone can spot any other elements that Raniere might have stolen from Steiner. What’s absolutely clear is that he pilfered much from Scientology, including the propensity for verbose bullshit.

      I know Steiner can look wordy and obtuse, but as I keep saying, you really do need to begin at the beginning. This was a radically unfinished life programme, there’s no question. I will absolutely agree that some people have gotten completely swallowed up in this vast, uncompleted cathedral; but I’ll also point to the evidence that the movement has been deeply infiltrated and deliberately skewed by hostile forces, not least the Jesuits. Remember that Ita Wegman, Rudolf Steiner’s very closest associate and confidante, was herself promptly thrown out of the General Anthroposophical Society and shunned, straight after Steiner died. I’ve never had time to investigate that story, but it speaks volumes.

    • Your first point about everyone seeming to have been a famous personality in a past life is a common, and inaccurate, argument against reincarnation. If you read the books of credible past life hypnotists, basically all of their clients remember the lives of ordinary people.

      I believe Steiner also addressed this, saying that even if people do remember past lives of notable characters it is not to be taken at face value, that some of these strong personalities have their portions of their etheric and astral bodies reincarnated into many people. So, someone, say Cleopatra, has here ego only reincarnated into a new person once every 1,000 or so years, but portions of her etheric and astral bodies may indeed appear in many people between those incarnations. So perhaps, someone having a past life regression merely taps into memories of their etheric or astral body which does have remnants of a notable life. That is merely something to consider.

  • Did Steiner give a reason for why bee colonies would collapse?

    Is mistletoe actually being used in cancer treatment now?

    Also, you have to consider that if someone throws out thousands of ideas and predictions, it’s likely that a few of them might eventually come true.

    • Good questions and points.

      While looking for an answer to your first question, I came upon something that may relate to your last point: Steiner gave 9 lectures, or talks, just on the subject of bees, during the year of 1923 alone:

      Apparently, there are at least 6 more. Typically, he goes on (like Raniere) with a whole muddle of theory that many things could be read in to – AND IS WRONG, not surprisingly, about what might be the exact cause of future problems, a feared over-mechanization and use of artificial insemination that has not come to pass (there is some, but it’s not widespread), and also IS NOT the cause of colony collapse (wild bees are suffering as well – though I have no doubt that a true believer like Fred can still tease out a way to find Steiner to have been perfectly correct):

      “But we must wait and see how things will be in fifty to eighty years time, for by then certain forces which have
      hitherto been organic in the hive will be mechanised, will become mechanical. It is not possible to bring
      about that intimate relationship between the colony and a Queen that has been bought, which results
      naturally when a Queen comes into being in the natural way.
      This is what I mean when I say that from the conditions. of bee-keeping today, you cannot draw
      conclusions as to what artificial methods of bee-keeping signify, or do not signify. One must think how
      will it be 50, 60 or 100 years hence! It is quite comprehensible that someone should say today — I do
      not understand how this will be quite different in 50, 60 or 100 years time — this is quite comprehensible.”

      And as for mistletoe, you’re exactly right – if it were a miracle cure it would be taking the world by storm. I checked and it has actually been studied – probably because pseudo-scientific anthroposophical “physicians” insist on using it – but showed no more promise than some vague indications it might possibly have value as a complementary adjunct (and thus possibly nothing more than a placebo) to real medical treatments, as do all manner of substances, including of course sugar pills:

      Placebo pills prescribed honestly help cancer survivors manage symptoms

      Maybe we can find a lecture where Steiner mentioned sugar and show him to have been a true seer of the ages regarding that, too!

      Back to mass production of word salad, or pseudo-profound bullshit, or whatever you want to call it, one of the descriptions or diagnoses sometimes applied to these leaders and gurus who produced massive amounts of material spoken and written material, is Logorrhea:

      Definition of Logorrhea by › dictionary › logorrhea
      Medical Definition of logorrhea. : pathologically excessive and often incoherent talkativeness or wordiness that is characteristic especially of the manic phase of bipolar disorder.

      Scientology’s L. Ron Hubbard is claimed to have written or spoken (in lectures and dictations now transcribed) over 75 million words – and the Rajneeshees (infamous for the Oregon cult compound, and now calling the late guru who they still follow Osho) have claimed that once they have transcribed all their leader’s recorded daily ramblings, it will exceed even that. In the case of Hubbard, former followers who once studied his voluminous output and its complex application in the highly bureaucratic organization of Scientology, now sometimes refer to what they call “Hubbard’s law of commotion,” or the phenomenon that among the mass of teachings and policies, constructs and their direct opposites can both be found – meaning that by judicious picking-and-choosing Hubbard can always be proven to be right about anything, and the current leadership can always find a policy or writing that justifies whatever they want to do.

      From having read about, observed, and even experimented myself with phenomenon like channeling and clairvoyance, I suspect that they may actually get into some subconscious faculty that does have an uncanny ability, at least to produce wordings that resonate as profound truths while being just vague generalities: it’s all relative, it depends on your point of view, humans are sewing the seeds of their own destruction, and so on.

      • Regarding the reasons Steiner gave as to why bees will start disappearing, as you yourself quote: “But we must wait and see how things will be in fifty to eighty years time, for by then certain forces which have hitherto been organic in the hive will be mechanised, will become mechanical.”

        Please check it out. In modern beekeeping, bees are transported in trucks to the orchards where they are required. What was once an organic process, literally became mechanical. This is just one aspect of the problem, but Steiner made an absolutely precise and correct prediction.

        We can infer the exact prediction made by Steiner from the repeated skepticism of one Herr Müller: “I myself, cannot understand that within the next eighty to a hundred years the whole stock of bees will die out. I really cannot understand what Dr. Steiner means by saying that within eighty to a hundred years bee-keeping will be endangered.”

        It’s over a decade since I read these lectures, and to be absolutely honest, I thought this exact prediction was in Steiner’s direct recorded words, but it seems that the highly pedantic Herr Müller was reacting to a statement or comment that wasn’t fully captured.

        In replying to Herr Müller’s query, Steiner doesn’t quibble at all with the timeline indicated, so we can definitely presume that Herr Müller’s time frame was correct.

        Steiner ends his response to this query by saying: “We will discuss it together in 100 years’ time, Herr Müller, and see what your opinion is then!” — that is three years away, now, and I think Herr Müller would be forced to admit that there is indeed a severe problem with beekeeping.

        I am 100% certain that the proliferation of wireless technology has also had a vast negative impact on bees. Take a look at the research done by the world expert on this subject, Dr Ulrich Warnke, and tell me if it isn’t both convincing and frightening:

        Just his findings on the “midnight phenomenon”, how bees’ behaviour would change radically at midnight when a nearby transmitter was turned off, is startling enough.

        Other recent research has shown that bees are naturally drawn to flowers that have not yet been visited, simply because these flowers are more highly charged — the bees “bleed” the charge off as they harvest the pollen. I’ve often watched bees being drawn towards an unvisited flower since then, and you can clearly see this effect, somehow bees “know” from a distance whether a particular flower is worth visiting or not. Watch for yourself. Even the bees’ “waggle dance” is mediated by electromagnetic forces between them, as Warnke measured and proved.

        I personally feel that just for his discovery as to how flocks of birds manoeuvre together through sensing each others’ electromagnetic fields, should earn Warnke a Nobel Prize in biology. He even derives their flying formations directly by calculating the coulombic electrical forces between them. This is a problem that has never been fully resolved in the literature. An entire flock 500 metres wide reacts within 5 milliseconds, faster than can be explained by any perceptual mechanism.

        Steiner often spoke about the incredible dangers of the proliferation of artificial electromagnetic fields in the environment, and noted that these fields were ever-increasing. From that perspective, I don’t think his predictions were particularly hard for him to make.

        As for cancer and cancer treatments … it’s a very long story, and still very much a subject for research, but you can check out this scientific review:

        “The PubMed database alone lists more than 1,200 citations for “mistletoe,” with approximately 50 new entries each year. There are a multitude of laboratory-based studies demonstrating immune stimulation, cytotoxicity, proapoptotic effects, antiangiogenesis, and DNA stabilisation; animal experiments have found tumor-reducing effects. Recent observations of a potent anti-inflammatory effect of Viscum album via selective inhibition of COX-2 protein expression provide a further rationale for an antitumor role of mistletoe in view of the close relationship between cancer and inflammation. More recent research focuses on new mistletoe extracts that contain lipophilic components, that is, triterpenes, shown to have strong cytotoxic effects in mouse models.”

        Comparing Rudolf Steiner to L Ron Hubbard, a hack science fiction writer, is just absurd. Hubbard had exactly one insight, that of the “engram”, a term he stole from someone else. He then spun it out into a fantastical web of endless total bullshit to control people and extract money from them. I had very good friends who got sucked into Scientology and then got spat out, one of them I rescued personally. I had two other friends who were born into that cult, whose parents had worked directly with LRH when he was in England, and who literally fled in the night from the Sea Org with their possessions in a pillowcase, they told me all about it. There really is no comparison.

    • This does not apply to Steiner because he did not “throw out thousands of predications” the man gave specific and sensible descriptions of forces which would be at work in the future. If you read ‘The Karma of Untruthfulness Vol. 1 & 2″ you can also see that in 1916 Steiner was exposing the true causes behind WWI, not in one sentence phrases but in entire lectures. Much of what he said in those lectures has since been proven true, was he simply lucky to have described in detail the various machinations and secret brotherhoods behind the war or did he have knowledge and insight your average man does not possess? To my knowledge no one else was saying what he said about the true causes of WWI back in 1916.

    • It’s being widely used in Switzerland and Germany and I think other European countries as the number one complementary treatment for cancer. I live in Arlesheim, where Steiner founded his clinic and have heard of many people who had good results. Cancer is complex though and a natural lifestyle needs to be adopted alongside any treatment.

  • ‘Steiner/Aristotle’ : False Relation. Aristotle’s teachings, particularly his laws of thought, underwrite the veracity of ALL Language. so Steiner is a user of language -> therefore Aristotle/Steiner?

    How very Steiner of you Fred! haha

    • I’m so used to this, it isn’t even tedious any more, but I’m glad I gave you a laugh.

      Go and look at the story of Rudolf Steiner, and the thousands upon thousands of people he helped, in particular with medical issues. All the accounts of his life say that he basically worked himself to death, that the incessant demands of people on him — which he always accommodated — helped drive him into an early grave.

      Let’s just suppose that this entirely honourable and decent human being was in fact telling the truth. That when someone’s leg “went to sleep”, he could clearly see the etheric limb beginning to float above the physical limb. And things like that. And thus produce consistent, scientific descriptions of what he saw.

      He knew, full well, that if he started describing these things, he would be called a “kook”, and so he was. But he stuck to his guns, telling the truth as he saw it, no matter the opposition and ridicule, not to mention assassination attempts. That is incredible courage.

      If you read any Steiner lectures, you’ll see at the front of most of them, that there’s a warning — that this material was ONLY intended for people who had a basic grounding in anthroposophy, and they were NOT suitable for the general public. Now much of this material is in the open domain, allowing any skeptic to pick and choose from his “kooky” sayings to ridicule him. Again, this is the very dumbest thing you can possibly do with a body of knowledge like this. Such people only reveal themselves as terminally shallow, prejudiced and blind. It would be better if they just shut up, than put their prejudices and small-mindedness on display. Not to mention their laziness: Steiner is hard work, no mistake.

      I say again, and will keep on saying: you tell me what’s “kooky” about the Threefold Social Order, an idea that he tried to put out to the general public as strongly as possible. That would be a worthwhile debate, but no one responds. This shows me that the critics are not remotely serious, are not even beginning to think.

      To quote Nirvana: Never Mind. You do what you do, I’ll do what I do. Just be very aware that I’m completely used to being called crazy, that insults like this run off my back like a duck. I know from my own decades of research just how much validity there is in these kooky ideas. Anyone with an open mind, who starts at the beginning of anthroposophy — say, with Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and its Attainment — and follows the exercises there, will find very great sense, and a secure footing in real life that will carry them through any adversity.

      • Superficially, this seems to use similar language to Sufic and other religious mystic orders, the difference being that the less deviant of such are rooted in the idea of prophetic Revelation, or direct communication with God via His spirit of Revelation, the Archangel Gabriel. Terms such as perennialism, traditionalism, exoteric, esoteric, and Western philosophic and spiritual personalities rooted in traditions of the East such as Rene Guenon and Frithjof Schuon come to mind.

      • Thank you, Fred. I sincerely admire you for even attempting to debate these ignorant folks. I have tried to debate Steiner critics myself and it is always useless because their lack of understanding is so vast that it would take 50+ hours of lecturing them just to get them to even a remotely useful playing ground. It is impossible to argue with someone when you share no reference point, like trying to explain color to a blind person.

        People who have a secular materialist worldview are simply incapable of understanding Steiner’s work, you first have to establish for them an entirely new worldview, once which takes into consideration more than what the 5 senses can detect. It is simply impossible to get through to such people.

        “A tree shall be known by its fruit”, the fruit of Anthroposophy speaks for itself. The immense breadth of the work, the numerous successful practical institutions, the millions of people who personally benefited from it, etc. No other philosopher can claim to have contributed in as many practical ways as Steiner. I mean just consider the fact that teachers came to him asking him about education and the man created an ENTIRELY NEW method of schooling by standing in front of people and talking, without notes. Is there anyone else alive who could do that and develop a remotely successful method of education?

        Also, let’s just think of this logically, if what Steiner said is not valid that must mean he simply made it all up, pulled it out of his ass if you will. Does it seem possible than a man could give over 10,000 lectures (without notes), write dozens of books, all of which are coherent and don’t contradict each other, every idea logically following the overall cosmology he taught, simply out of his own imagination? All in an age without the internet, so he couldn’t simply easily research source material. It would be impossible.

        These critics do a little googling, pull some quotes out of context, many of which came from shorthand notes of participants and therefore are likely not exactly what Steiner said, and then try to tear down his entire work based on these quotes. It takes a genuine understanding of his entire work to put these quotes into their proper context and even remotely understand what he meant.

        KEEP FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT, we need more people like you.

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