Neil Glazer: Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere: The Institutionalization of Sexual Abuse of Women

The following is from the Nxivm civil lawsuit  It was written by Neil Glazer and is another example of the cold cruel world of Bronfman-Raniere.

Neil Glazer

By Neil Glazer [from the lawsuit]

In or around 2014, [Nxivm] Defendants created yet another set of new programs. Partly as a way to keep existing members on the hamster wheel of endless curriculum, and partly to induce certain members or new recruits to join supposedly exciting new business ventures,  Defendants established the Ultima companies – businesses tailored to appeal to a particular audience.

Among the Ultima companies were The Source and exo/eso.

Allison Mack was put in charge of The Source

The most insidious aspect of these two new programs was known only to Keith Raniere and his Inner Circle: that they would be used to recruit and groom suitable female candidates for sexual servitude to Raniere.

Raniere and Clare Bronfman personally oversaw all aspects of the development and operation of exo/eso, NXIVM’s bodywork program that was marketed to athletes, fitness enthusiasts, yoga practitioners, and others with an interest in physical health and well-being.

To staff exo/eso, Raniere selected six people who fit his criteria: female, young, attractive, thin, and interested in devoting their time to a career within NXIVM.

Among these six were Jane Doe 16, Jane Doe 17, and Jane Doe 18. All were honored to have been selected by the Vanguard to work closely with him on this program and were excited by the prospect of earning thousands of dollars monthly and substantially more over the first few years.

To work closely with Raniere, exo/eso members had to meet with him when and where he commanded. Often this would be in the middle of the night – 3 a.m. meetings were not unusual – which resulted in perpetual sleep-deprivation.

Exo/eso participants were, therefore, physically weak and easy to manipulate in accordance with Raniere’s needs and desires.

Dr. Danielle Roberts was one of the women chosen by Raniere to lead eso/exo.

During often hours-long meetings, Raniere would dictate the supposed exo/eso curriculum to these women. While there was some physical component, it was not particularly challenging or innovative, though the women were told it was a work in progress that Raniere would continue to develop, even as students were recruited and the first trainings were held.

Exo/eso allowed Raniere to captivate and manipulate an audience predisposed to searching for meaning in his every word. But he was making the whole thing up as he went along.

Still, members of the NXIVM community signed up, and the prospect of this radically new and transformative bodywork system attracted new recruits, who were told that once properly trained, they would be among the first to go out and open their own exo/eso centers around the U.S. and the world.

Dr. Danielle Roberts leads an exo/esp class.

In fact, this business was a farce, never intended by Defendants to be a viable company. People paid substantial sums for a program that they thought would change their lives and careers for the better.

To keep the women motivated, Raniere and Clare Bronfman created a costly event where wealthy NXIVM supporters traveled to Clare Bronfman’s private island resort in Fiji for a week-long exo/eso intensive.

Clare Bronfman’s resort on her privately owned Wakaya Island in Fiji [Clare owns 80 percent of the island].
Although, as in all things NXIVM, the women were never paid what they were promised, this event generated revenues that were in part used to compensate the women just enough to keep them on the hook, believing better days were just around the corner.

Back in Albany, the early exo/eso seminars were well-attended, filled with members of the community dutifully taking yet another addition to the curriculum.

Once the initial interest waned, however, the company slowed and then stalled. No exo/eso centers were ever opened. Nobody graduated or obtained a certification to own, operate, or teach in such centers. No resources were made available to promote and market the company and its services.

Exo/eso was starved of resources, as Defendants through self-dealing caused the company to become indebted to the Defendants’ many other entities, as well as to Defendants themselves, including most prominently Clare Bronfman.

Clare Bronfman managed to control exo/eso – and a lot of good it did her.

Exo/eso was ultimately a means for Clare Bronfman to assist Raniere with recruiting women whom Raniere considered desirable. Clare Bronfman helped Raniere groom these women, going so far as to manipulate foreign nationals into positions where their immigration status was compromised, they were completely broke, and thus completely dependent on Clare Bronfman and Raniere.

When exo/eso women complained about the lack of compensation, Raniere and Clare Bronfman told them that they did not deserve to be paid.

Lauren Salzman always ready to enforce Keith Raniere’s bizarre and mean plans. She testified that she did so in order to have a chance at being impregnated by Raniere.

Defendant Lauren Salzman also became involved. Salzman scolded the women for having a sense of “entitlement,” claiming that they had “ethical breaches,” and that until those breaches were “healed,” they had no right to be compensated.

The women were required to attend a private teaching of NXIVM’s “tribute” module, where they were told that they needed to learn how to work for free willingly.

To generate interest in these programs, Raniere announced that The Source – an Ultima program for actors and other public speakers – would also include exo/eso training as an integral component.

This kept the women trying to build exo/eso busy with more teaching but added nothing to their revenues or incomes, because they had no “ethical” claim to The Source revenues.

Over time, as Raniere worked closely with the women whom he and Clare Bronfman had selected and recruited to “own” exo/eso, Raniere and Clare Bronfman used his position of authority – the tremendous power differential he had built into NXIVM – to identify which women would be most susceptible to his grooming methods and sexual advances.

The experience was traumatic for all of the women Bronfman and Raniere “worked with” in developing exo/eso.


The end result for all the work of all the slender, attractive women who developed exo/eso was a chance to have sex with this extraordinary man.

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3 years ago

“Exo/eso allowed Raniere to captivate and manipulate an audience predisposed to searching for meaning in his every word. But he was making the whole thing up as he went along.”

That fits with the discussions we’ve been having about Raniere’s videos with Mack. He’s clearly talking virtual nonsense made up as he goes, and yet she’s seeing it as profound. As I think I wrote in one of my comments on those posts, humans have been shown to have such a strong impetus to find meaning in things, that we can even end up seeing it – including thinking we see patterns – where such does not actually exist, a behavior that is prone to exploitation.

This may, again, get to some version of what is called confusion technique, first used in Ericksonian hypnosis and also by Hubbard in his Scientology lectures, and then adopted by NLP from which Raniere could have gotten it (it’s now known as disrupt-then-reframe or DTR). The concept is, essentially, to subject the individual or audience to such an uncomfortable level of confusion regarding something nonsensical but being presented in an authoritative way that leads them to believe that they ought to be able to understand it, that they will then accept the first relatively sensible idea or suggestion given to them, even if it is something they might otherwise have questioned; essentially, they are left swimming in word salad, and will grab on to the first life preserver thrown to them, even if it’s taking some expensive course backed up only by vague promises.

I found a video that probably explains just how Raniere, and Salzman, were trying to use this in their coaching – the setup of it is somewhat annoying, but it’s all demonstrated in just the first 3 minutes:

Use this NLP Technique to Master Confusion Every Time To Help Your Clients Succeed

And yes, research shows that this does work – including in sales:

“If You Can’t Dazzle Them with Brilliance, Baffle Them with Nonsense”: Extending the Impact of the Disrupt‐Then‐Reframe Technique of Social Influence

Three experiments extended earlier findings on the impact of the Disrupt‐Then‐Reframe (DTR) technique on compliance. This technique is comprised of a subtle, odd element in a typical scripted request, the “disruption,” followed by a persuasive phrase, the “reframing.” Based on the thought‐disruption hypothesis (Petty & Wegener, 1999), we argue that its impact is generalizable across situations and that disrupting a conventional sales script not only increases the impact of the new reframing, but also increases susceptibility to influence resulting from other (congruence‐based) persuasion techniques embedded in the influence setting. Three experiments provided support for our expectations. Specifically, the DTR technique reduced the extent of counter‐argumentation to a sales script and boosted the impact of two other persuasion techniques: the continued questions procedure and message‐goal congruence. The theoretical and practical implications of these findings are discussed.

Fennis, B.M., Das, E.H. and Pruyn, A.T. (2004). Journal of Consumer Psychology, 14: 280-290. doi:10.1207/s15327663jcp1403_9
Retrieved from

3 years ago

“The most insidious aspect of these two new programs was known only to Keith Raniere and his Inner Circle”
Most of the insidious aspect was known only to keith Raniere…period and honestly, if he try to pretend that his “victims” know more about it, then i don’t know why they complain about being in the “unknown”…

It was clearly stated in court and in messages that most of the “inner circle” didn’t knew and worse yet , some (like Allison) believed it was completly something different than what it really was.

The genius (mr “lawyer”) is using another trial to make the vast majority of his point but ignore (willingly) the facts…crash and burn incoming.

It’s also clearly stated (contrary to what you pretend) that Allison wasn’t really in charge of the source…Vicente said he wanted his wife (and she believed she deserved it) to be lead of the source while Allison wasn’t in charge of anything but 13 (or so) people were fighting for the source control…
She didn’t had ANY control on the source…she was (much like the “scapegoating” part) a front for this.

“this event generated revenues that were in part used to compensate the women just enough to keep them on the hook”
That is BS and if some member were making decent money (including 2 of his “victims , Vicente and Edmondson) , Some were not receiving anything in return…
Actually, some were so far out (because of the mental abuse) that they truly believed they were getting healed…
This, once again, come from the REAL trial…

He try to ignore it was a CULT and pretend that it wasn’t all about Raniere just because the money is in someone else’s wallet…this whole “trial” is a shame for money hungry “victims”…

They are no better than the one who stole their money if they go after those without the penny…For instance, Allison is completly out of cash so what is the point to attack a real victim (and it’s undisputable, it’s a victim…she suffered the SAME abuse as glazer’s “victims” and she lost ALL her money to this CULT)

If he wanted justice, truly, he would stop going after people like Allison and concentrate against Raniere (and at worst, since it’s all about the money, against Bronfmans and Salzmans)…

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Once again, reality is not your friend when it comes to trying to deny the ugly truth of just how deeply your Ally was involved – even if she might be seen as a victim to some extent, she had an unusually central role that can’t just be explained away, plus you just plain get the facts wrong.

Vicente – a member of NXIVM’s board of directors – testified about Mack: “she also was the head of the company called The Source, which would be the acting program. And then she also for a time was involved in a company called The Knife. The Knife of Aristotle was a media analysis company.”

Vicente also said she appeared to be “at the top” (of “an alternative stripe path”), and that she “eventually became a proctor. She was one of the heads of Jness… she was one of the leaders. She was [also] the head of humanities in Albany.”

Edmondson wrote in her book that “she’d now replaced Pam [Caftiz, infamous wing woman, and procurer – including of underage girls] as Keith’s number one”

(I’ve had to start keeping a file of inconvenient truths to paste from every time you go on a rant)

Pea Onyu
Pea Onyu
3 years ago

Legatus is faithful and will always be

3 years ago
Reply to  Pea Onyu

Have you shaved your bush off ‘Pea’?

3 years ago
Reply to  Pea Onyu

Pea Onyu, aka Nicki:

You recently commented that Allison Mack is a “vile shit” or words to that effect.
Nicki, Allison fabricated a document that falsely accused her father of molesting children.
If I had a daughter or son who falsely accused me of such a crime, I would kick that child to the curb.
There is absolutely no excuse for making such a false allegation.
A person who would betray their own family like that would also betray their friends.

The next time you choose a friend, Nicki, you should choose a person who is dedicated to tell the truth and not hurt others.
There is no excuse for Allison lying and no excuse for Keith Raniere to encourage such lies.

3 years ago

I urge anyone who was swindled by NXIVM or the NXIVM defendants to contact Neil Glazer of Kohn, Swift and Graf as soon as possible to be included in the lawsuit.

For information about this lawsuit, please call Neil Glazer at 215-238-1700 or email him at

That includes anyone who was a member of NXIVM DOS or the Vow.

It also includes anyone who was a student in Allison Mack’s bogus Acting School, THE SOURCE.

It also includes anyone who was in Danielle Roberts’ bogus Yoga classes exo/eso.

If you are the parent of a child who was in NXIVM’s Indoctrination school Rainbow Cultural Gardens, you might also contact Neil Glazer.

It was run by Sara Bronfman but one of Allison Mack’s last Instagram posts before Raniere was arrested featured a green-shirted child reciting Raniere’s gibberish about Joy.

wisdom…. pure wisdom! #soulfood #inspiration

Neil Glazer can add you to the lawsuit and keep your name anonymous.

As I understand it, attorney Omar Rosales of Austin, Texas is also conducting a lawsuit against the fraudulent Executive Success Program.

3 years ago

You can bet that Allison Mack profited from the Source and its exorbitant tuition and Dr. (?) Danielle Roberts profited from exo/eso.
And they both knew that sex trafficking was involved.

Here is a picture of Dr. (?) Danielle Roberts and her trip to Fiji
comment image?quality=80&strip=all&w=618&h=410&crop=1

And here is a picture of Dr. (?) Danielle Roberts at a Wellness Expo promoting exo/eso
comment image?resize=577%2C431&ssl=1

Scott Johnson
3 years ago

Do you have those pictures cataloged, did you go look them up, or do you have the links committed to your incredible, super-intelligent memory, Mr. Shadow? In any event, you deserve the name Nutjob, but it’s alredy taken by another nutjob. LOL

3 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

“or do you have the links committed to your incredible, super-intelligent memory, Mr. Shadow? ” Scott Johnson

It’s incredible how much information you can store in your head when your brain is not filled with dreams of Amway riches.

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