Republican Running Against Ocasio-Cortez Has No Plan for Saving the Galaxy

By Ken Gibson

Miguel Hernandez is turning heads in NYC. Not just that he is a handsome, hard working figure about town, but that he is making sense.
This was spelled out in a New York Post article on 23 February – -, in which he was compared to the incumbent in the 14th Congressional District: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Miguel, rather than being raised in cozy Westchester, was born and raised in the poor areas of New York City. After his dad left when he was 12, he took on jobs to support his mother and six younger siblings. With an aptitude for mechanics, he was never out of work – he went on to college and to get a number of top professional skills – he is an electrician, plumber, contractor, – and flies his own plane.

The Latin Horatio Alger. The man who fixes problems without talking about esoteric politics. Practicality over theory.

He sees the needs, he takes care of it. You will not find him portrayed as a super hero in some comic book, but rather as the honest,
hard working man so needed in today’s society. You will not find him on the road in Iowa or Nebraska, talking about saving the galaxy, you’ll find him right here in New York City keeping the lights on and the hot water running. He is in demand.

Today Telemundo is talking to him. Tomorrow he is set to be a guest on the Michael Savage show. And what will he be talking about?
Real issues. In addition to the housing and education issues which he is so experienced in, he will be raising a KEY ISSUE that few if any
other candidates have dared to take on.

Miguel Hernandez hopes to unseat Ocasio-Cortez.

And that is medical preparedness. Sure, there is the coronavirus looming over us all like some dark cloud in a sci-fi movie, but that is not the one and only reality we have to look at. COVID-19 hopefully  will go away. And good riddance. But that is far from being the only virus or disease that we have to think about. There are hundreds of others in existence.

So one would think that the US has, for instance, hundreds of penicillin factories. Wrong. It has none. Zero. Nada.
Where are the pencillin factories? India. China. I do not need to expound on this. We all know that China production is
down and that India, which gets so many raw materials from China, is facing dire shortages.

How was this allowed to happen? AOC never said a word about it – she spent more time voting for and talking about her pay raise in Congress than medical preparedness. While she and her fellow Dems were running their mouths and asking for more money, Miguel was actually working to build a pharmaceutical plant in New Jersey.

And none of the other Democrat congressmen in NYC are doing anything. Which might not be a surprise, as a number of them are on board at the Humpty Dumpty Institute – headed up by Jeffrey Epstein’s brother and with ties to Chinese Communist Party members. The Humpty Dumpty congressmen are presently under investigation, with help from Miguel Hernandez, and certain people in both parties are not happy about that.

So while the common sense of having a Latin, Spanish speaking candidate in a predominantly Latin district might prevail, the GOP NYC seems intent on putting in white and other non-Spanish speaking, non Latin candidates in the 14th. No one really knows why they would do this, and when questions are asked, no answers are given.

Miguel Hernandez faces hurdles thus not only from Democrats and Socialists, but from the very people who have so much to gain from supporting a qualified, popular, Spanish speaking candidate – and win for a change.

If he does, good for the city, good for the country. We need hard working people with common sense – and medicine produced in the USA.

Miguel Hernandez is a GOP candidate, born and raised in NYC, running for Congress in the 14th Congressional District. His website is:

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Ken Gibson
Ken Gibson
3 years ago

After Frank posted this piece, Miguel was interviewed by Michael Savage. A link to that is on his site –
Michael and Miguel are both from the Bronx, and both speak Spanish. Michael asked Miguel
to speak in Spanish at one point on the show, and it was beautiful – not the Spanglish you hear on the NYC streets.
Miguel this month is looking to get his 2,000 signatures of registered Republicans so he will be
on the ballot for the primary. That’s our task this month, but not our only task, we will be working
with the other GOP NYC candidates to form a petition for medical preparedness (more penicillin factories and a law mandating that this and other essential meds be made right here in the USA).
Another petition will be to investigate the ties between 32 congressmen on the Humpty Dumpty Institute and Mark Epstein, Jeffrey Epstein’s brother, – AND to the Chinese Communist Party, Ted Turner, Ghislaine Maxwell and the Clintons.
Once these petitions have 25,000 signatures, they then by law are presented to POTUS for further action.

Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout Cookies
3 years ago

I just LOVE AOC!

3 years ago

A brainless unemployed, unemployable antifa

3 years ago

Just defeating AOC would be good enough for me.
Nicki Clyne as a job as a bartender waiting for AOC in Brooklyn.

Scott Johnson
3 years ago

We definitely need to get rid of AOC, although I’ll miss her pure, hilarious stupidity. LOL

3 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

You will miss her “Mister Ed” gummy smile.

3 years ago
Reply to  NiceGuy3.0

Shergar, a successful British racehorse disappeared in 1983. Now I know where his teeth are.

Scott Johnson
3 years ago
Reply to  NiceGuy3.0

That, too. LOL

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