Is It a Bluff? Mexican President Obrador Says Former Corrupt Presidents May Be Prosecuted, Beginning With Carlos Salinas

This may be just “show talk” – big talk – the kind of thing a new, clean-image president says about his predecessors.

More bluff than reality.

Still, it is bold.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has announced that he would support the prosecution of Carlos Salinas de Gortari.

While Obrador says he is not personally interested in going after Salinas or any of his predecessors criminally, if, through lawful channels, and in the interest of cleaning up corruption and punishing past corruption, the decision is made to prosecute any former presidents, it should begin with Salinas.

Obrador said Salinas is the father of modern corruption in Mexico.

If Obrador is serious and if he lives – that is if Salinas does not assassinate him – it might one day occur.

Or maybe not. For Salinas, not unlike Hillary Clinton, maybe too big to prosecute.

According to sources, Carlos is currently living in the UK, where he has been granted permanent residency.

There is little doubt Salinas was politically weakened by the election of Obrador over his handpicked candidate – and there are some who claim his son, Emiliano Salinas’ complicity in the slave branding sex cult of Nxivm helped caused his party’s loss in popularity and tip the election to Obrador.

Prior to Frank Report breaking – and then the New York Times reporting on – the DOS branding story, his son, Emiliano, was under consideration for the PRI party’s nomination for president.  That fell apart when Mexican media got wind of the branding story.

Emiliano [with sun glasses] [l] and Carlos [blue shirt and dancing ] at a party.
While Carlos may have lost political strength, he has not, according to sources, lost all his power with the Mexican drug cartels.

Is he still in control?

Carlos Salinas’s wealth is unknown, but some estimate it to be more than $100 billion making him one of the richest men in the world. But no one knows. Normally, the bosses of drug kingpins – the true kingpins – do not provide Forbes with information about their net worth.

Still, a lot has happened in the last year, including Carlos’s departure from Mexico. And the possibility that Emiliano may yet be indicted in the US for his role in the Nxivm racketeering enterprise.

The fact that President Obrador would dare make such a bold statement is proof that times have changed.

At a press conference in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Obrador said if it is decided to prosecute Mexico’s former presidents, he would begin with former President Carlos Salinas because “he is the father of modern inequality” in Mexico.

Obrador said, “If the former presidents who caused this national tragedy are prosecuted, Salinas, Zedillo, Fox, Calderón, Peña Nieto have to be taken into account, because they all have to do with atrocities that were committed to cause the decline in Mexico.

“Salinas is the father of modern inequality. He gave his friends and relatives the assets of the nation, the assets of the people of Mexico,” said Obrador of Salinas’ six-year presidency.

Was Carlos Salinas the most corrupt president?

He also said, during Salinas’ presidency, the greatest growth in inequality occurred and that is why, in case the citizens decide to do so, the former federal leaders must begin to be investigated.

He said that his government seeks to end corruption, although he reiterated that he is not in favor of prosecuting former presidents since he is not interested in revenge.

However, Obrador indicated that if a citizen consultation is organized and the requirements are met, he will not oppose the initiation of a trial of his predecessors.

“Not for revenge, not for political persecution,” he said, “but to mark the difference very well and start a new era without corruption, without impunity. And that is what we are now achieving.”

Whether this is tall talk, just bluster and nonsense, the kind of thing a politician says to make himself look big, tough and at the same time above the desire for revenge or politics, is hard to say.

Obrador could really be signaling he is ready to support the prosecution of Salinas – which, in turn, might very well mean he is ready to tackle the drug cartels and possibly the US CIA, which some think supports the old guard cartels in their quest to sell American youth poisonous drugs, in order to earn operating money for the CIA outside the purview of Congress.

If Carlos is, as he is reputed to be, the “boss of bosses,” by going after him, President Obrador might be in danger.

It is not known which is more powerful, the Mexican Federal Government or the Mexican drug cartels.

If this is more than mere tall talk, we might just find out.



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  • The fact AMLO called for former President Salinas’s arrest (see attached article — sorry, it’s in Spanish but you can translate it with Google Translate) a week ago…is unprecedented in the past 30 years of Mexican history. This article is a BIG DEAL
    Salinas debe ser enjuiciado: AMLO • Forbes México
    AMLO manifestó que Carlos Salinas es el padre de la desigualdad moderna, por la privatización de empresas públicas del país y debe ir a juicio
    as each President has been covering up for the prior President until AMLO came along who is truly shaking up the establishment.

    Ok so think about it…things are heating up for Salinas, the most corrupt and powerful President in the old corrupt Mexican establishment,
    Salinas’s people in the U.S. are led by former DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano’s #ArizonaMafia … and all of a sudden we see #PhilipHaney suicided and someone you may not have heard of, my old friend Kevin Spidel who was trying to break away from them.

  • —President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has announced that he would support the prosecution of Carlos Salinas de Gortari.

    I think it’s safe to say someone’s going to get assassinated…..

    The End

  • It’s a farce.
    Here is a quote from today’s (2-24-2020) Wall Street Journal.
    Page A15
    “The (Mexican) President uses his authority to muscle businesses and suppress dissent.”

    If you believe that the current Mexican President is a reformer you will believe that Keith Raniere is the world’s third smartest man.

    • Shadow,

      With all due respect, corrupt politicians go after other corrupt politicians all the time.

      You ever hear of a place called Chicago?

  • Obrador’s closest supporters are all PRI exmembers. He has maintained that his government will not go after criminales.

  • While Salinas is certainly dirty, I think it’s a stretch to blame him for Mexico’s status as a 3rd world, poverty stricken, failed nation.

    Mexico has always been a failed nation.

    I doubt his tenure as president changed the trajectory of that failed nation.

    It has always been poverty stricken.

    It’s always had dirty cops. It’s always been unable to lift itself out of misery.


    I think it’s because Mexicans are inherently less intelligent than Americans. Mexicans just don’t have good enough IQ’s to become a successful society, which is why they hate Americans and blame America so much.

    I think Spain should have retained Mexico as a colony. Mexico just can’t compete with advanced countries. I’m glad we stole California from Mexico.

    You can’t keep blaming America for everything.

    America rose from the ashes of a colony of Britain. Why can’t Mexico rise too?

    I think we need to examine why Mexicans seem to love doing menial jobs.

    I think Heidi needs to explain her connection to Mexico cuz she’s always talking about Salinas’ henchmen coming after her. I think Heidi might have some insight into Mexico.

    I think it’s wrong to be prejudiced against Mexicans cuz they can clean toilets better than anybody else in the civilized world.

    I will not tolerate any prejudice here.

      • How the fuck can one man — the president of Mexico — change the trajectory of an entire nation full of lazy citizens with lower production capacities, lower creativity and lower IQ’s?

        He can’t. No single man can force a zebra to change its stripes.

        Mexico is basically just a misplaced South American country which happens to reside in North America.

        Ever wonder why nearly every South American nation just can’t measure up to wealthier countries?

        You think Brazil’s economy is big and successful? Do you believe that nonsense?

        Forget about Brazil’s GDP, lol. Just look at their cardboard-built shanty-towns, LOL. Just look at their sweatshops and horrible labor conditions. Just look at their massive police corruption. Just look at their prisons which are so poor that inmates must buy their food or risk starving to death. Just look at their poisoned waterways filled with so much pollution that they couldn’t even afford to clean them up for the OLYMPICS, lol.

        Visit Brazil for a day and you’ll be screaming to come back to the USA. Brazil is a shithole.

        South American nations, along with Mexico too, are lifelong shitholes.

        But it’s NOT because of their leaders. A leader cannot change the trajectory of a shithole nation.

        Why not?

        Because you can’t turn a piece of turd into a pound of gold. Nobody has a magic wand capable of that.

        Salinas included.

        Salinas didn’t turn Mexico into a shithole nation suffering from inequality. Mexico was ALREADY THAT long before Salinas arrived on the scene. Sure, he made it a little worse off but that’s just window dressing.

        Here’s a question for you…

        Why isn’t a SINGLE nation located south of the USA, in our hemisphere, capable of having a successful society equal to America or Canada?

        Is that just a coincidence?

        If you think it’s because they were all colonized and repressed by Europeans, then ask yourself why America has risen from that same situation of being colonized and repressed by Great Britain.

        Answer: It’s because the natives of the New World (the people who occupy South America and Mexico) are just not equipped to be successful.

        These people are lazier and less creative than modern day Americans and Europeans (well, except for Italians, Spaniards and Greeks who are among the laziest people on planet Earth).

        That’s the ‘truth’ which we’re not supposed to say out loud. It must only be whispered, for fear of sounding racist.

        But should the truth be concealed just because it may be perceived as racist?

        If so, then ‘truth’ has no meaning in our world.

        If so, then ‘truth’ is just another corrupt commodity to be bought and sold.

        • The difference lies in our history and Constitution. I never claimed Salinas could have turned a turd into gold, but he could have cleaned some of it up rather than make it worse, IF he wanted to do that.

    • You could also view Mexico as just sort of a country-sized version of Appalachia – or like Romania where they still rely heavily on horse-drawn wagons and plows in the countryside (and lots of people emigrate to do menial jobs all over the rest of Europe), or some of the similarly primitive countries of the former Yugoslavia that are still fighting battles from the middle ages. There are quite a few pockets of failure and dysfunction in white European culture, too, for various historical reasons. Mexicans had a developing culture that was set back in a way similar to what happened when Rome was sacked by invading barbarians – primitive tribes that came from areas that may be the homelands of your forebears (don’t forget the Vikings – Scandinavians – whose raids also pushed Britain into decline for centuries).

      So what’s your ethnic background, and what was so awful then about their homelands that your ancestors left those countries?

      (My family came here in 1620, everyone should know the reasons for that though there seems to be a lot of ignorance about history here – who understands the difference between Saints and Strangers, for instance?)

  • I wish people would get it out of their heads that Hellary THE Horrible is untouchable. She isn’t.

    It looks like AMLO is getting ready to clean up his own swamp. I wonder where he got that idea? LOL

  • Here is the crucial question:

    Will the Mexican government allow a foreign government, like the United States, to prosecute members of the Mexican elite?
    Or will nationalism prevent such a house cleaning?

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