Ten Tough Questions for Lefty Sympathizers, Pseudo-Commies and Bernie Supporters

By Bangkok

This post is meant for anybody who’s a lefty sympathizer, pseudo-commie, Democrat or Bernie supporter.

It’s a tough 10 question quiz.

1) Explain why it’s not okay for Trump to enforce immigration laws, yet it’s okay for Blackface (Trudeau) to admit that Canada needs to begin blocking illegal border crossings from Haitian immigrants crossing over from the US?

Image result for haitians illegally coming into canada
Photo courtesy PBS

2) Explain why it’s UNFORGIVABLE for Trump to utter the words “grab the pussy” (without actually grabbing any pussy without consent) while it’s FORGIVABLE for Bill Clinton to sexually assault 7 different women over the years?

3) How is it okay for Hillary to support him?

4) How is ‘uttering words’ worse than sexually assaulting multiple women?

Image result for bill clinton trump

5) Explain why it’s not foolish for Muslims to believe in creationism, Allah (God), Muhammad (Prophet) and not eating pork (because God allegedly hates pigs, LOL) — but it’s totally foolish for Christians to believe in Jesus, Moses and God?

6) Do you believe that Muslims are fools for believing in creationism, just like Christians? If not, why not?

Image result for muhammad
Are Allah and Muhammad [portrait above] any more real than Jesus?
7) Explain why you think Trump is acting as Putin’s puppet, when his decision to withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal and to kill Iran’s top General made Putin fume with anger? Likewise, Trump’s decisions about Israel, Syria and China have also angered Putin over the last 3 years.

8) Explain how angering Putin is akin to being his puppet? LOL.

9) If Donald Trump’s son or daughter was making $80k/month to sit on the board of a Ukrainian company (without any real experience in that business) would you be totally cool with that setup? LOL. Or would you demand an investigation? Be honest, now. 🙂

10) If Donald Trump was caught with a secret email server storing top-secret data illegally, would you be totally cool with that? Or would you demand an indictment? LOL. Be honest, now.

Image result for hillary email server
Photo courtesy ABC News.

Are there any Bernie/Democrat supporters smart enough — or brave enough — to answer these questions?

I’m guessing not.


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  • It has nothing to do with nobility or intelligence. When it comes to being honest and sticking to the facts, it is a matter of having enough of a grasp on any one reality that Progressives do not because they are all Hallucinogenic drug junkies.

    Irrefutable proof of my opinion is established through the opinions of the vast majority to the details outlined within the articles peddled by The Hill online magazine/forum.

  • What is the one issue I agree with Donald Trump and why?
    I agree with him replacing “Obamacare” with “Trumpcare” that will cost less and do more for Americans who work for a paycheck.
    I agree with him saying he’d release his tax returns as soon as the audit was done.
    I agree with him saying he’d be so busy doing the people’s business he wouldn’t have time to play golf.
    I agree with him saying “If I’m elected president, I will push for a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress.”
    I agree with him saying “I’m not going to cut Social Security like every other Republican and I’m not going to cut Medicare or Medicaid.”
    I agree with “The Trump Administration seeks to invest $550 billion to ensure we can export our goods and move our people faster and safer.”
    I agree with “A complete ban on foreign lobbyists raising money for American elections.”
    I agree with “Allow[ing] individuals to fully deduct health insurance premium payments from their tax returns under the current tax system.”
    I agree with “Requir[ing] price transparency from all health care providers, especially doctors and health care organizations like clinics and hospitals.”
    I agree with ending birthright citizenship (unlike a majority of my fellow Democrats).
    I agree with “bringing [the GDP] from 1% up to 4%. And I actually think we can go higher than 4%. I think you can go to 5% or 6%.”
    I agree with “get[ting] rid of the $19 trillion in debt. … Well, I would say over a period of 8 years.”
    I agree with “I would not be a president who took vacations. I would not be a president that takes time off.”
    I agree with “The Trump plan rewrit[ing] the tax code to allow working parents to deduct from their income taxes child care expenses for up to four children and elderly dependents.”
    I agree with “Everybody getting a tax cut, especially the middle class.”
    I agree with eliminating the carried interest loophole: “As part of this reform, we will eliminate the carried interest deduction and other special interest loopholes that have been so good for Wall Street investors, and for people like me, but unfair to American workers.”
    I agree with balancing the federal budget ‘fairly quickly’: “It can be done. … It will take place and it will go relatively quickly. … If you have the right people, like, in the agencies and the various people that do the balancing … you can cut the numbers by two pennies and three pennies and balance a budget quickly and have a stronger and better country.”
    I agree with bringing back manufacturing: “My plan includes a pledge to restore manufacturing in the United States.”
    I agree with enacting a 5-year ban on White House and congressional officials from lobbying: “First, I’m going to reinstitute a five-year ban on all executive branch officials lobbying the government for five years after they leave government. I’m going to ask Congress to pass this ban into law so that it cannot be lifted by executive order, right. Second, I’m going to ask Congress to institute its own five-year ban on lobbying by former members of Congress and their staffs.”
    I agree with all of Don’s positions on these issues.
    Just one problem: Don doesn’t. After three years, two of which during which he had all of Congress controlled by his party, along with the Supreme Court…he hasn’t kept a single one of his promises on these issues.
    He’s kept other promises, but in general, nothing that might cost the oligarchs anything. He’s a President of the oligarchs, by the oligarchs, for the oligarchs, when it comes to pocketbook issues.
    Trump-O-Meter: Tracking Trump’s Campaign Promises
    That said, there is one more issue on which I agree with him: all that flow restrictors on showerheads and faucets accomplish is having to run the water longer to wash to soap off.
    He hasn’t done anything about that either.

  • thank you for that part of Bernie. I have no doubt that most American politicians are pedophiles. the same goes for other countrys. there are many universal rules and natural procedures, that make you crazy if you are a monster already. i believe Cathy, its the same story of regina louf, teal scott, anneke lucas, virginia roberts, paul bonacci, alysha owen, natacha jaitt, all victims of saville, edward heat, and cyrril smith have told, the pizza gate describes etc. for me is a pattern, a very visible one. i study magic, so i have a vey different approache to cults. i know psychology, but the spaces that are weird or don’t make sanses in this cases, are very colorfull to me very transparent. the horrible part, is that bangkok, try to insult people, in the same way that a nexiam or whatever they call themselfs, would do to a satanist or a buddist, saying that he/she has a more correct devotion. and bankok was one of the nxvim whistle blowers of at least works for one, so he must know what, cult like thinking, youre politics, how much fuck up is the world. and still has so much energy to defend trump, someone so far from deserving fame/support etvc. he put children in cages, instead of healing the economy i think cases like nxivm proofs, what many people are telling for manny years in courts, but never someone believe in them, that there are many cults, in politics, in groups of powerful people. someone publish a list of sexual legal procudures of trump, 12 accusations of rape to boys and girls i cannot find it. but the katie johnson case its enough, for me, and his repulsive presidency.at least to distance myself of the crimes of hitler 2, and hope that americans and the rest of the world, burn his constitution, laws, an government, instead of putting a deviant in control of a whole nation, that has a horrible habit of invading countries even when all
    options available for them are psychopaths

  • Full disclosure: I supported Bernie Sanders as the best bet to beat Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Democratic nomination. My advice to Americans, as an outsider to your politics, is to try find someone who seems reasonably honest, from either side. Ron Paul is a perfect example, I am still a big fan of his.

    I even (God help me) said that McCain was a more honest bet than Obama in 2008. My main basis for saying this: McCain was the only Republican senator who voted against Bill Clinton’s 1996 Telecoms Act, for me the most fascist legislation in US history — we see impregnable media monopolies and unstoppable microwave towers over the whole landscape as a result of this heinous Act. Obama, on the other hand, was a protege of Zbigniew Brzezinski, who promoted the “technotronic society” and the manipulation of people’s minds by “timed electronic pulses”, check it out. I have never trusted Barack Hussein Obama Jr one teensy eensy little bit. So in 2008, I was very much an outlier in vocally opposing Obama and even trying to make excuses for Sarah Palin. I suffered enormous flak on certain forums for this.

    Bernie was a lone gun for years, his record is very clear. He’s a dinosaur from another era, he’s a very familiar sort of character to many of us. There are reasons why teachers still unionise, why oligarchs like Bloomberg are suddenly so worried. The class war is a very tangible, visible thing — a propaganda feature it shares with the race war. The class war is very easy to agitate over. Bernie is a classic agitator, a genuine maverick, and he was shaking up the Democrat Party in ways it really didn’t like. I strongly felt that the 2016 election could be won by a maverick, and Bernie absolutely fit the bill for the Democrats. I was more than happy to attack Hillary Clinton on his behalf.

    John Podesta said in a leaked email, however, that Bernie was ultimately not a problem, they had “leverage” over him. And Bernie wuz robbed, no question. I still wonder what that “leverage” was:

    When he then went on to endorse Hillary Clinton, instead of either running as an independent or just sitting on his hands, I totally broke with Bernie and cancelled my email subscription to his campaign, citing “Your endorsement of Henry Kissinger, I mean Hillary Clinton” as the reason.

    The whole time, though, I was flagging Trump as the best bet, by far, for the Republicans, and I backed him all the way against Hillary Clinton. I’ve maintained my email subscription to Trump’s campaign ever since. I kept saying in 2016, if you turn politics into reality TV, then you need a professional reality TV star in the hot seat. Trump INVENTED reality TV, for God’s sake. I quoted the story of how Trump consulted Jesse Ventura, who went from pro wrestler to governor of Minnesota. Trump wanted to know how to get people to take him seriously. I can’t find this story online, it was in a biography of Trump I borrowed, but as I recall, Ventura said: talk TO the people, not AT them. Be yourself, and be HONEST.

    I said: what politician these days can possibly be honest? Only pro wrestlers and reality TV stars who used to host beauty pageants. They can’t possibly pretend to be people they’re not. I said: you watch Hillary Clinton yelling into the microphone (the mic works, Hillary…) and you’ll see a classic case of someone talking AT people.

    I just knew Trump was going to win, once Bernie was out of the race. And don’t forget the Democrats (per the Podesta emails) deliberately manipulated the situation to bring about their “pied-piper alternative”, they wanted Trump as an opponent, this was why their media outlets gave him so much air time, they thought they were giving him enough rope to hang himself. What fools. If anyone is to blame for President Donald Trump, it’s Hillary Clinton herself.

    For me, the absolute ultimate moment of the left’s insanity, the final straw that broke this camel’s back once and for all, was the Brett Kavanaugh lynching, I mean confirmation. I’ve never, ever, seen such hypocrisy in my life. I’ve followed the Juanita Broaddrick story closely, I’ve tweeted her in support. “We believe survivors” chants the left, yeah, unless these survivors were raped by Bill Clinton, in which case they simply don’t exist. And as an article of faith, you believe a clearly confused woman in Christine Blasey Ford, who cannot even remember what year an alleged assault happened, or where it was, or how she got home; but is certain that she’s right in accusing Brett Kavanaugh, because scientific research shows her brain had a rush of noradrenaline during the event. This is how you recount a traumatic moment — with a clever academic soundbite? How completely contrived and inauthentic can you possibly get. But the Democrats just ate it up.

    For me, Brett Kavanaugh (I had never heard of him before) will always be an absolute hero for standing up for himself. The way he did it made me 100% certain that this entire story against him was false. I am fairly sure that Christine Blasey Ford did experience a very traumatic event at someone’s hands, sometime, somewhere; but I’m totally certain that Brett Kavanaugh was not the perpetrator. Yet to this day, Kavanaugh still sometimes gets lumped with Harvey Weinstein as an iconic example of the #MeToo movement.

    Check out Blasey Ford’s school yearbook, and the proud stories of drunken parties and picking up men who passed out in the girls’ apartments:

    Yes, I’m quite prepared to believe that there was some drunken groping among that cohort. And some very blurred memories, despite all the noradrenaline.

    Scott Adams, the Dilbert cartoonist, who got into a lot of trouble just for explaining how cleverly Trump was manipulating the situation, pointed out that: “they let you grab them by the pussy” actually clearly denotes a consensual act: they “let you”. It’s highly significant that just after that conversation, Trump and his companion are met by a female hostess who puts her arms around them, it’s part of her job. And you can see that Trump’s friend is very aware of the recent conversation. But he manages to avoid any “conduct unbecoming”. Democrats can let Al Franken tell them about the behind-the-scenes mores of the entertainment business, this is showbiz, darling.

    Now, as Trump said, he has heard Bill Clinton tell far, far worse stories. Clinton was fairly recently pictured in Las Vegas with his arms around a couple of famous ladies of the night.

    I pointed out, over and again in 2016: there are lawyers standing by, offering to represent for free any woman who says she was molested by Donald Trump. I said, listen again: lawyers prepared to work FOR FREE. When do you ever find lawyers working for free? They were absolutely desperate to nail Trump by any means, and yet not one single woman came forward with any kind of credible accusation, except for that great shining hope of the Democrats, Stormy Daniels. And whatever may or may not have happened between Stormy and Donald was consensual, according to the lady.

    Bill Clinton was Attorney General of Arkansas when he raped Juanita Broaddrick, a Democratic supporter of his and a Democrat no longer. She said: what chance did I stand against him at the time, in following a legal route?

    Her descriptions of Hillary Clinton’s behaviour after the rape, truly terrifying intimidation, have forevermore fixed Hillary Clinton in my mind as a rape “enforcer”, more than “enabler”.

    How do Democrats not see what is right in front of their eyes? How can they be such absolutely blatant hypocrites?

    There’s really only one answer: this is mind control. This truly is cult behaviour. If you’ve operated in a left-dominated environment, you know exactly how it’s done, the power of herd thinking. Above all, the mainstream media in the US is totally controlled by a tiny elite with a very narrow mindset. If there was one truly great thing Donald Trump did for America, it was to show the nation once and for all what total fakes the mainstream media is. You should say “media are”, media is a plural term, but in the US, it really is “media is” — they all walk in lockstep and speak with one voice, you can hear the talking points echoing around the channels.

    Who circulates these talking points? Do they honestly think that just mind-numbing repetition is enough to guarantee that people will accept, if not believe, what is being said? Do they think we’re all so stupid we won’t notice?

    The answer from the Democrats is exactly that: yes, we DO think you’re stupid, all of you, even our own supporters, hell, we KNOW how dumb you are. Perhaps one of the most stunning revelations of the Podesta leaked emails was the glib assumption that most people are complete political dolts, to be prodded and poked into action or beaten into submission. Really and truly, Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables” line — which played so well at the California soirees with the fine light wines — was one of the greatest political gaffes I’ve ever seen. It was a total gift to Donald Trump. If there’s one T-shirt I would like from a US election, it’s a Deplorables XL.

    If there’s any truth whatsoever to what Cathy O’Brien says, then there really isn’t a Democratic or Republican party, they’re all in it together. When Skull and Bonesmen Kerry and Bush were contesting an election, I said, the whole of US politics is just a frathouse rivalry.

    Have any of you read Antony Sutton’s book on the Skull and Bones Society? He says he researched history for years, he put all kinds of things together — Wall Street and the rise of Hitler, Wall Street and the rise of Bolshevism, US strategic technical exports to the USSR — but he was just groping in the dark, until one day, he was given just the membership lists of this Skull and Bones society, of which he had never heard. Simply looking at those names, he said, put together the whole of the history he had spent so much time researching, he could finally understand what was going on.

    Skull and Bones is, without the slightest question, a sex and death cult, with its origins in Germany. This is the elite that rules Amerika. Donald J Trump and Bernie Sanders are both outsiders in their own way, although Trump has appointed more than a few alleged Bonesmen to key positions, like Steve Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary.

    This is a large reason as to why I’m here: you are not going to clean out American politics, and have anything like a healthy government in the USA, unless you tackle these deviant sex cults. Nxivm is a very good example, with the Bronfman sisters and Nancy Salzman being esteemed members of the Clinton Global Initiative. Boy, were their names wiped clean from the CGI servers.

    So to try draw this rant to a close, here is a proposition for you, for this election. The Democrats’ Iowa caucus fiasco is proof that American elections need to be supervised, that there is gross skulduggery and just plain incompetence that threatens your whole democratic process. Let’s force the Democrats to hold honest primaries, just through the power of domestic vigilance and international scrutiny, and let’s see if Bernie Sanders really does have the legs to carry the nomination.

    If he does, then let’s have a proper knock-em-down, drag-em-out fight between The Bern and The Donald. Let the American people choose, at least once, between a reasonably honest socialist and an openly maverick capitalist. Trump said, in one interview, that Bernie was the one candidate who could take votes away from him, because of Bernie’s attitude to trade deals like the TPP. I would be tougher on those deals, said Trump, but people do like that Bernie opposes them.

    The most hilarious 2020 campaign adverts I’ve seen so far, are from the Biden camp, suggesting that Trump is terrified of Sleepy Joe. Please. I really wish Joe Biden was a little bit smarter, so he could understand how dumb he really is. If there’s one Democratic opponent that Trump has said might pose problems, it’s actually Bernie.

    Can we have an honest election in the USA? Why don’t you try this time? If Bernie doesn’t get suicided with another heart attack, that is. The world is watching you, America, and your democracy is not looking good, even to yourselves. Something like 70% of all Americans thought the way Dianne Feinstein handled the Kavanaugh confirmation was a “national disgrace”:

    You normally can’t get 70% of Americans to agree that Monday follows Sunday. But those proceedings were so biased, so blatantly partisan and vicious and underhand, that the vast majority of the public was disgusted. Are Democrats capable of reading the signs? Or are they going to double down on their screeching and “resistance”? Do they not see what a hiding to nothing they are facing in this election, if they don’t wise up?

    To be honest, between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, I would pick Trump every time, in this election. Bernie is past it. If the whole 2016 primary had not been rigged against him, he might well have been able to win the nomination, and give Trump a run for his money.

    But if Bernie Sanders is still leading the polls — if he is really and truly the best the Democrats can do — then they should trust the democratic process, the way the Republicans were forced to do in 2016. And the democratic instinct was right: the mood was for the outsider, the maverick, not the ultimate insider and cosy pal of Wall Street and Harvey Weinstein.

    If there’s one reason further why I despise Hillary Clinton, it’s that she says the electorate was not ready for a woman President. I am 100% certain that if a really capable female candidate came along, Americans would be more than happy to vote for her. Hillary Clinton was a fatally flawed, deeply compromised, completely out of touch candidate, who went hundreds of days without giving a press conference — I think it was Human Abedin herself who said this was a fatal mistake. Clinton thought that demographics and inertia would carry her through, she wasn’t campaigning at all, just running down the clock. Even her surrogates admitted that her popularity went down with every appearance she made. American women deserve much, much better. There’s a very special place in hell for women who supported this seriously nasty rape enforcer, just because she was a woman.

    Thank you for your attention, sorry for the rant, but I also would really like to see some Democrats answer these questions about their hypocrisy. It’s so, so blatant. Everyone can see it except yourselves.

  • This web site is losing all the credibility that its investigative reporting on Nxivm once deserved. Frank broke the story about how Nxivm was branding its DOS slaves and today we get the story that the evil Dr. who performed the branding is getting fat (based upon a process server’s estimate of her weight). Here we have another edition of nasty right wing hatred set forth in an article, not as some ignorant musings in a Breitbart comment section or Nazi web site.

    • Bullshit.
      I can tell you exactly who Q is, (as I’ve said ever since Q started posting it’s nonsense….)
      Q is a fabricated conspiracy invented by Roger Stone, Alex Jones, Stefan Molyneux, Ezra Levant, and probably a few other alt-right conspiracy theorists…. (maybe Warren Kinsella?) I also have my doubts about a few other well-known lawyers.

      Molyneux used to do interviews with Stone, Jones and Levant, which was probably an attempt to obfuscate the link between Rebel Media and Roger Stone.
      Obviously, you “boys” failed to do so.

  • Bernie Sanders Porn Star
    1972 Bernie Sanders Had Some Wacky Ideas About Rape

    A man goes home and masturbates his typical fantasy. A woman on her knees. A woman tied up. A woman abused.

    A woman enjoys intercourse with her man—as she fantasizes about being raped by 3 men simultaneously.

    The man and woman get dressed up on Sunday and go to Church, or maybe to their “revolutionary” political meeting.

    Just what America needs as President
    A Geriatric Porn Writer.

  • Good job Bangkook, you really triggered the liberal idiots with this one….Hey aren’t you supposed to be Denny Burke also.

  • I think Frank is looking at politics from a cultish perspective. Many on the left refuse to shift their thinking in any way, shape or form. Many on the left are hysterical and refuse to use common sense or reason because they are blinded by the same fervor and zeal that Nxium members exhibited with regard to Keith. They could never believe that sweet Keith was responsible for such horrible things – especially all those women he ensnared. Politics and cults of personality grip soccer moms and limousine liberals (the Lena Dunham types) much like Keith seizes the minds and sexuality of his rookery. Like Goebbels and Hitler said…”get he women and the children and men will follow.” Blind hysteria on either side is worrisome but it seems afflict women and the far left more than any other group.

  • I’m planning to vote for Sanders, I’ll take your challenge.

    1. Neither is okay.
    2. Both are sickening and appalling.
    3. It’s not okay. Hillary is a criminal.
    4. Who says that “uttering words” is worse than physically sexual assault?
    5. I don’t subscribe to organized religion but I try to stay away from calling any religious practice “foolish.”
    6. See answer to #5.
    7. I don’t think Trump is Putin’s puppet. I believe Russiagate is a hoax.
    8. See answer to #7.
    9. No, I wouldn’t be cool with it, and I would want an investigation, just like any case of nepotism.
    10. I wouldn’t be cool with it and I would demand an indictment.

    This is quite possibly the dumbest post I’ve ever seen on Frank Report.

    And those were EASY questions. LOL. “Tough questions?” LOLOLOLOL.

    You see, there are millions and millions of people in this country who are disgusted with both the establishment Democratic Party and establishment Republican Party.

    I find Trump as sickening an individual as I find Clinton and Obama and Bush. They ALL only care about the uber-wealthy and maintaining the status quo. They are all repulsive.

    Every Republican and Democrat president is corrupt to the core and doesn’t care one whit about the working class.

    Again, this is a dumb fucking partisan post, representing the most insipid and fucking cringe-worthy aspect of American politics…

    Uhhh, derrrrrr you don’t like Trump YOU MUST LOVE HILLARY DERRRRRR
    Uhhh, derrrrrr you don’t like Obama YOU MUST LOVE TRUMP DERRRRRRR

    This isn’t “political dialogue,” it’s dumb fucking corporate political propaganda, trying to convince everyone there’s ONLY TWO SIDES to EVERY argument.

    God, I feel fucking dumber just for answering these questions.

    • I’m glad you took the time to answer. My concern with Bernie is that he may be benevolent but the expansion in government authority that he seems to envision and require will leave the governed ripe for a future tyrant. I could see Bernie being used as the Big Brother icon after he dies.

      If government [i.e. force] is the solution to everything, then once we accept, as the governed, the increase in the use of [government] force to accomplish good, it only stands to reason that it will be used in the future for evil and oppression. Bernie may be a saint but the solution is not to create such a powerful government that whenever we do not have a saint in power, that whoever wields the power of government – for good or for evil – the people must abide. For the government has all the power and the people have none.

      • Frank, I really hope you stop doing these articles and comments like this. People find this site to learn about cults, open investigations into them, use your work for research for other stories, find help to escape, etc. This type of political bias is so deep that it will turn people away that need your help. They will read nonsense like this Bangkok article as a whacko. It really doesn’t belong here. I recommend you start a fresh blog or use your other website for it.

      • Bangkok
        Who said it’s wrong to enforce immigration laws? Trump was criticized for separating children from their parents, and for blatantly lying and promoting hate. He was not criticized for enforcing laws.

        As for religious beliefs, people can believe whatever they choose to believe, but schools should only teach facts supported by science. Schools cannot teach children nonsense, such as the idea that the Earth is flat or that evolution is not real.

        • Trump was criticized for separating children from their parents, and for blatantly lying and promoting hate

          By who? it was you left wing nut cultists that blamed President Trump for the O-hole policies. Hey dippty doo, last year at this time the Mexican border was all a flame. A year later because of President Trump amazing leadership. the border has settled down and The Mexican government is doing their fuckin job. Also where is that hot war with your buddies in Iran. You are one shameful delusional ding bat.

    • I agree with the curse on both houses, Anon. Why should I become a moron just to match the current quality of political discourse as presented by the media? In this case, THIS media.

  • Listen guys, I hate to burst your bubble, but democracy is a hoax.

    Having said that, I would still recommend using your vote.

  • Bernie Sanders went to the Soviet Union on his honeymoon. Who does that? It’s like taking your kids to Detroit instead of Disney World. The Soviet union (Russia) is like Third World country populated by white people.

    Bernie also took part in a Russian style orgy. Here it is:

    • I’ve had a great time in Russia, and also got very drunk there a few times.

      Went from Moscow to Beijing by train.

      Am I a commie too, without even knowing it?

      • Paul,

        I never accused Bernie of being a communist.

        When you walk like a duck and quack like a duck, do not be upset when people start accusing you of being a duck……..


        “TexTex Duck”
        Scott says anti-Semitic and racial slurs such as brown fuzzy-wuzzies and then claims he’s not racist and is upset about such allegations.

      • I’ve had a great time in Russia, and also got very drunk there a few times.

        Went from Moscow to Beijing by train.

        I suppose all was well then

      • Paul-

        I’ve actually read Bernie Sanders’ platform on his website. Let me know if there isn’t a tinge of socialistic communism on the site.

        Bernie wants to end the liquidity of the stock market by limiting people from buying and trading.

        Basically, that would mean the end of fluidity and liquidity in the stock market which would defeat the purpose of having a stock market to begin with.

        Bloomberg is at least a businessman and a billionaire.

        Bernie has never done a goddamn thing in his entire life to help anyone except get himself reelected in Vermont and that’s the God honest truth.

    • Russian style orgy! Must confess, I clicked. Didn’t disappoint but lacks in hot Russian model types — also pales to Trump’s Russian Hooker home flicks. (No, I don’t mean with Melania.).

  • In the coming Primary Election ….. I’m asking for a dim0rat ballot and voting for burnie ……. just to screw the bloomberg/killary ticket !

  • personally the pizza gate, i think was the worst title, that someone could pick for that kind of scandal. it should be renamed, to the democratsareeatenchidren?scandal if you ask me. hillary was a horrible, warlike, aggresive, republican woman, just a farce,a sociopath, even without the podestas, alefantis, epstein or maxwell, shes a criminal worth of a political tiral for making criames awaints the whole human race. but also trump, americans had 2 options, two shadows. a horrible assasin who told you oppnly about hes pervertions,and a killler that didnt tell ypu how horrible she was, and had a peace flag like a comercial. america voted, and choose donald i wanna have sex with my daughter trump, and you defende him even with so much pedos around him, or defending pedos, or cantracting them for legal defense(dershowitz). its super dark that even the whistleblowers of nxivm defends someone like trump, who looks so much like raniere, he has way more acusations iof being a pedophile than raniere. bernie sanders looks like the perfect man, for me, but i have no more hope got politics in general. clinton hates him, so thats yure sign that (hes no satanic) maybe hes actually good. but you using words its disturbing, because you sound like a nexian talking of vaguard, comunist are barbara bouche. comunism and capitalism are just words, concepts, that barely have been expirence in this earth by any humans. the bronfmans have a relationships with the rothschilds right? andrew and esptein? sounds like democracy for you? saville and franlkin, aquino,dutroux, le var , mcmartin etc sounds like freedom, happines, to you? capitalism, newliberalism, the american dream? i dont bilieve that americans are free, specially with the massacres, trump, concentration camps, scandals like nxivm or weinstein. im shocked that you defend trump, i you know it you know hes a fucking cancer, and you have titles like “he didnt kill us, so its fine” trump its a bottom to the human race, rock bottom, a hard one, a fractal that we cannot pass, a sintom of something more big and dangerous.

  • He has caught doing worst, hes a fan of gangsters (cohn)and pedophiles( Casablanca) also. Hes the most similar to nazis that you get, a fame Whore, stupid, misogynist, slow, ancient, Narcisist, talentless, racist, criminal, gangster, Who thinks extortion its making bussines and threats polítical relations. He was friend of Hillary, les remember that satánic pedophiles, sometimes are a generational thing. A network of pedophiles, that are used to it, like it was normal.Exactly the description that the girl Who acussed Trump of making theats of killing her and cathy O’Brien testimony. And since he also met Hillary…. He burn the world(literally, Brasil and Australia), and its obvious that he is a very dangerous sick person, and for me its Amazing that you defend him, specially with crazy paranoia Word that brought so manny deaths to youre country. Communist, its a insult in América, and a motive to be killed no so long ago

  • Did you run out of “meds” again, Dennis?

    Your Mexican handlers should be able to get you a new “prescription.”

      • Uh-huh. Whatever you say.

        Seek mental help, Dennis.

        And while you’re at it, get yourself a book about networking protocols.

        Might help you correctly configure your VPN to achieve the desired result, 100% of the time.

        • What a clown. Since I am not Burke, it shows you know as little about VPN as everything else in your life, absolutely nothing.

          Get back to the psychiatric ward, numbnuts.

  • Explain why it’s ok for Bangkook to argue against his own inane generalizations and outdated stereotypes like “Bernie supporters” or “Libtards” or anything remotely “feminist.” No one said anything Bill Clinton did was ok, for starters.

    • The bulk of Democratic voters don’t want Bernie…

      The bulk of the Democratic Party is voting for moderates and the moderates end up eating each other’s votes. Bernie’s only winning primaries because the far left vote for him and the moderate voters all vote for different people; but if you add up the votes, the moderates’ tally far exceed the votes for Bernie.

      Bernie is not who the majority of Democrats want nominated for the general election.

  • 8 I think its more urgent investigate epstein, where are all the photos full of polititians? Where are the other suspects?its just like zandvoort, dutroux, Franklin, manny proof and the goverment doing nothing.

  • i personally Believe that Trump its so stupid horrible, criminal that hes gonna destroy economy and the sistem as we know ir, por because hes wants to, he enjoys neoliberalism, rapping etc to much

  • i pErsonally believe that Christmas came early for putin when People stop laughing and put Trump on the throne, Just because he has racista. That was the thing that chances every thing, the thing that got him out of the gutter, that made him, a seriuos candidate,for Américan People, they where laughfing of him, Just for proposing himself as presidente, then he show hes true color. Misóginy, racism, stupidity, making threats, concentration camps on the border, extreme deportetion, 397 shootings, epstein death

  • 7 every religión has its value, let me refrase this. Every philosophy of every religión its Amazing, rich, profound every one. Even la vey and mormonism, say something amazing and truthfull for me,manny religions have the same parts,meanings, lessons ,that for its a Proof that all of them try to describe the same thing. The thing that you are saying, its like a Monkey that thinks hes better that other monkeys because raniere told him what to Believe and think, and hes totally sure

  • 5 i personally think that People can believe anything that they want to. I think even if they are wrong, or mistaken, the fact that they are asking themselfs questions and making spiritual practices its the most beneficial thing, por making profundity, and tns in that way preventing things like cults. But América its full of them, and manny People go to them for disapointment of religious insitutions

  • 4 because we are a species that imitates, so is a president its a tyrant manny People are gonna repete that behaviour. One of the manny childs that are suing him, says raniere, i mean Trumpake a threath of making her disapear. Trump its proud of his misóginy, and acusations Just see his comments of ivanka , epstein, Acosta, desrhowitz. He has so manny pedo friends over theyears( Clinton, maxwell, epstein, Casablancas,roy cohn etc etc)

  • 3 Hillary its gross, the pizza gate, epstein,cathy o Brian, Bill acusations, that time that his daughter had a conversation with the Church of satan, her relation with maxwell, bronfmans, cafritz etc its horrible to defend a personas with so Many relationships with pedophiles

  • 2 because its a fucking president, with a predatory way of speak/think. Words shows how youre thought process Works, and he has 22 sexual acusations, 12 of Girls and Boys. Hes a fan of ayn Rand, the philosopher that inspire raniere so much, and she also have a group of People that was accused of being a cult

  • 1 trudeau father its acussed of satanism and rapping woman, for cathy o Brian, so is Miguel de la Madrid. The relation with the bronfmans, its another disturbing fact

  • Actually, I don’t think any of those questions apply to Bernie (I am not a Bernie supporter, either)

    A better series of questions would begin with “How communist are you? Why did you vacation in communist Russia? Canada is begging us not to fall for universal healthcare–how do you respond?”

    • Bernie supporters don’t know the meaning of being communist, so any answer would be meaningless.

      Bernie supporters couldn’t point to Russia on a map, let alone talk about Russia history.

      What is your source of Canada begging us not to fall for universal health care?

      • TexTex
        “….couldn’t point to Russia on a map..”

        Are you not, then a supporter of Bernie Sanders?

        BTW: Did you call anyone a k*ke today?
        Or did you not leave the house all day?

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