An Ugly Analysis of Lauren Salzman — Would She Incarcerate Somebody Again, Deprive Someone Else of Freedom?

Lauren Salzman

By Shivani

Would Lauren Salzman incarcerate somebody again, deprive someone else of freedom?

That isn’t a question that needs to be asked about most people, but with Lauren, it’s a different story.

Lauren testified that as Dani’s restriction to an almost empty room was extended month after month, she thought it was because Dani wouldn’t fix her “breach” with Raniere.

Lauren said that she decided that Dani was just seeking attention and using manipulation.

That same condemnatory and discrediting “attention-seeking” gaslighting technique was used on Kristin Snyder before she disappeared forever from one of this cult’s intensives in 2003.

Lauren would know that she was using the same gaslighting tactics used by her mother, Nancy Salzman, who was Raniere’s most official head presidential pimp for a long time.

Lauren also knew that Raniere liked to isolate people to force them into being more in his control. Lauren claimed in court not to have known what the “breach” was between Raniere and Dani (and Dani’s sister, Marianna.)

MK10ART’s sketch of Lauren Salzman [l], Keith Raniere [c], Nicki Clyne [r], and Danella [below]. Nicki was asked to take possession of Dani’s old, unread letters after Raniere fled to Mexico.
Out of the other side of her mouth though, Lauren had mentioned that Raniere and these two sisters, Dani and Marianna, were fighting about Raniere wanting to have a naked nap with them, i.e., a sisterly threesome, with incest thrown into the mix for Raniere’s cheap thrills.

Lauren knew that Marianna was living in a sexual relationship with Raniere. Lauren said that Raniere had been spending lots of time with Dani prior to deciding to isolate her in an empty room.

Lauren Salzman lies to herself like a bat out of hell. She knew enough about why Raniere was punishing Dani.

It just happened that this time, Raniere’s sadism fit right in with Lauren’s own neediness, desires and agenda. Find a way to lord it over one of the sisters.

Climb back up the ranks to getting some Keithy-Weethie sperm of her very own. Keep one of those damn sisters stuck in one room and out of poor Lauren’s way. Lauren needed, had to have her avatar baby, her demented concept of motherhood.

She admits that this was an obsession of hers for a dozen years. That would fix everything, if Lauren got Raniere to impregnate her, and it would suck for all of Lauren’s competition. Lauren didn’t fall off the cliff into sudden irrationality. She lived off of the cliff, perpetually dazed.

Nancy raised an honest-to-God American turkey. So was Lauren crazy or did Lauren know what she was doing? Or was it, is it both?

Realistically, Lauren was the one who was “seeking attention,” from Raniere.

She got more attention from him as his anti-Dani agent. She had to act like a psychotic combo of available old maid and slavish girl scout to get Raniere to even notice her much anymore, but Lauren was in too much denial to see how low caliber her desirability rank was by then.

DOS slave Lauren Salzman never had a baby but she did have a hairless cat, which in itself is a mercy.

Raniere had not only newer conquests but a fresher troop of intimates to destroy. He was busy fracturing Dani’s family, among other things, and Lauren was just old-hat, merely a handy, groveling sub-lieutenant.

Lauren was the one who wanted Raniere’s attention. Lauren was the one using psychological manipulation on Dani, for Raniere’s benefit and for her own benefit. How sociopathic is that?
Lauren was agreeing to do the “manipulations” to be in charge, only second to Raniere, of destroying Dani’s existence. Yes. Lauren was the one seeking attention and using manipulation tactics, not Dani. This has been the only thing Lauren Salzman has been doing for almost her entire so-called adult life, wanting Raniere to be her supreme being and for herself to be his number one yutz and putz, his hole-in-one. Has anything changed?

Of course, Lauren would have been coached by the prosecution (and probably by her mother) to evince feelings of guilt for what she did to Dani.

Lauren had to admit that she treated another human being outrageously and criminally.

She had acted viciously and completely without a conscience.

Lauren had 22 months to get a clue that she was doing something very wrong while she cooperated with keeping Dani as a captive, but any human decency only occurred to her subsequent to her arrest, along with her anxious courtroom crocodile tears.

Raniere picked Lauren well to be Dani’s’ jailkeeper. Lauren was sexually and emotionally jealous of not only Dani but of Dani’s two sisters.

She didn’t get the baby, but as a consolation prize, lucky Lauren was to be one of the privileged slaves who would place her tender lips on Keith’s succulent albeit flaccid member in a noble re-commitment ceremony. Painting by MK10ART.

She knew that the three sisters were more personally interesting to Raniere than she was anymore. Parrot Brain Salzman knew that she could not compete with three younger, hotter sisters. Raniere hadn’t bothered banging Lauren much in many years. Lauren had seen this all before, with others getting what Lauren really believed that she wanted for herself. But Parrot Brain just kept on drooling about her chances of having a special baby with Raniere, no matter who he was raping or screwing.

Maybe Lauren could sue Raniere and his other cohorts too, along with all of his nebulously conjoined victims or survivors who are looking for some relief from a pay-out. Everybody just go ahead and sue the shit out of each other. Lauren, too, could further her victimhood and martyrdom. Perhaps Lauren could even sue her mother. Why not? What the hell.

Before Lauren sues Nancy though, she should go see mommy’s dentist and get him to use his drill on her in a big, big way.

“Revenge is Mine,” saith the Lord. The Lord did not say that Lauren Salzman can’t steal her mother’s dentist cum boy toy. This is not exactly adultery, either, unless Nancy is romancing a married dentist.

Is she, Klaviger? What do you know, Mr. Parlato? Is Nancy Salzman having sex with a married dentist, or is she having sex with a dentist who is single and could marry Lauren? Enquiring mindlessness wants to know.

[Editor’s Note: From what we were  told, Nancy’s boyfriend had a steady girlfriend when Nancy lured him away stealthily.]

Lauren Salzman and her cat.

Nancy seems like she ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog, and if Lauren could only see that, maybe Lauren has time to get in on the dental fun. Take no prisoners. He, the dentist in question, does not seem to mind ankle monitors during sex. That’s a big plus right there.

Who on earth would want to remember Keith Raniere as their final sexual experience? Ugh. Perish the thought. So I just thought that I’d try to imagine Lauren Salzman married, for once, all settled down as a Stepford wife. Her life has been a desperate one, so it could be okay if Lauren got her teeth into her mother’s dentist and boyfriend. That’s how she met Raniere after all, through her mommy dearest.

Give touché a try, unless he’s too fat and ugly. Or, to quote one of Lauren’s briefest statements, “like yeah.”

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3 years ago

“Would She Incarcerate Somebody Again, Deprive Someone Else of Freedom?”

Serving her sentence, might make her less inclined to do so.


3 years ago

I said I wouldn’t comment on Lauren articles anymore. I’m making an exception here cuz I’ll be away for a while and may not be posting as much.

Lauren did not imprison Dani.

Keith imprisoned Dani and Dani’s parents went along with it, much like Lauren was raised by her mom to obey Keith’s every command. Lauren’s mom and Dani’s parents are the real culprits here.

The REAL story (that Frank’s trying to obfuscate) is that Lauren and Dani both had parents who were sycophants of Keith and had raised their daughters to behave likewise. The REAL story is that both Lauren and Dani’s parents had raised them to live in a world controlled by a psychopath.

See the connection here?

Lauren and Dani were both victims of Keith. Lauren and Dani both had parents that raised them to be compliant with the orders of a psychopath.

Lauren was mentally damaged (by her mother) by being raised to obey a psychopath.

How can you blame a child for adhering to the lifestyle that her mom had raised her into?

That’s like blaming an Amish girl for choosing to be Amish when she becomes an adult. Of course she’ll continue to be Amish when she’s an adult, since that lifestyle is all she knows.

Besides, Lauren was merely assigned to watch over Dani and to report (to Keith) if she left the the room.

Lauren was merely akin to a hall monitor. She was merely the gal assigned to write Dani’s name on the chalkboard if she acted up. She was not the ‘mastermind’ who imprisoned Dani.

It was Keith who threatened to use Dani’s immigration status to send her back to Mexico if she came out of the room, not Lauren.

Lauren was simply acting as her mom had raised her to act, which is to obey Keith’s every word.

If Keith had asked Lauren to become Dani’s best friend and to take her to Disneyland each week, she’d have done that too. She was merely acting as Keith’s stooge. She wasn’t acting as an ‘independent thinker’ with malice.

Lauren was merely a blank canvass for Keith to paint on. Her mind belonged to Keith.

Serious question… How is Lauren any less sympathetic than Gina?

What I mean is… If Gina was following Keith’s orders when she allegedly suicided herself due to Keith’s orders (or due to a NXIVM suicide module which took over her own thinking) then how can you blame Lauren for also losing her own ability to think due to Keith’s manipulation?

IMO, Lauren would have likely suicided herself if Keith had asked.

Thus, why do you view Lauren as a rotten person yet Gina was a righteous victim? …Even though they both had become so devoted to Keith that they lost the ability to think independently of him?

Could it be true that both Gina and Lauren were controlled by Keith to the point that they couldn’t stand up to him?

If so, we need to reexamine the vitriol being thrown Lauren’s way.

IMO she needs to be sentenced to 12 months of house arrest only. She also needs to be given a free nose job by the DOJ for her great testimony. It’ll only cost a few thousand bucks to shrink that huge nose of hers into something less ugly.

Truth is, Nancy Salzman created Lauren’s misbehavior by raising her to obey a sicko.

Lauren needs deprogramming and therapy just like India Oxenberg received, not vitriol.

IMO India Oxenberg acted in a sick and twisted manner too, by helping Allison to recruit new people into DOS — yet Frank doesn’t ever condemn her for that shit. Yet he shits on Lauren every chance he gets. Why the double standard?

I think Frank is trying to obfuscate things due to personal bias. We need to explore this more. 🙂

3 years ago

Lauren Salzman certainly displayed no hesitation to brand women with hot irons and collect blackmail information in 2016 and 2017.

As far as I’m concerned all of the NXIVM defendants would follow the same course of conduct today.

Dianne Lipson
Dianne Lipson
3 years ago

We cannot read Lauren’s mind to know if she needed to be “coached” to evince feelings of guilt. Certainly, prosecutors do coach witnesses. My impression was that the feelings of guilt that she testified to were genuine. Maybe I am wrong. But the judge did stop Agnifilo’s cross-examination when Lauren was breaking down on the stand, even at the risk of Agnifilo using the judge’s decision in an appeal.

I could be wrong about Lauren feeling genuine anguish. I never sat in the gallery to watch a trial before. But Judge Garaufis has seen it all, has undoubtedly seen his share of phonies. He has spent a lifetime watching witnesses testify in court. Defending his stopping of Agnifilo’s cross, he said: “This is a broken person.” I’ll defer to his judgment about whether Lauren’s pain was real.

Scott Johnson
3 years ago
Reply to  Dianne Lipson

It doesn’t matter very much whether Salzman’s pain was real or not. She did the crimes, now it’s time to do the time. Being “sorry” should only modify the prison sentence by a minor amount.

Dianne Lipson
Dianne Lipson
3 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson, nowhere in my comment did I say that Lauren is not deserving of punishment. I was taking issue with implication by the author of the article that Lauren did not feel guilt for what she had done. That’s not what I saw, and I don’t think that’s what the judge saw. But that doesn’t mean she does not deserve a prison sentence.

Lauren did terrible things, but I suspect it is Nancy who is the even greater villain. The Gazer lawsuit describes circumstances where Nancy exploited her power as a “therapist” to really f**k with people’s minds. I doubt if the lawsuit even describes the full extent of her evil manipulations. I know that Frank is the decider on what he writes about, but I’d love to see an article from him about the psychological abuse perpetrated by Nancy.

Scott Johnson
3 years ago

The answer to the question in the headline is “yes.”

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