Old Girlfriend of Raniere Describes Him – ‘He Always Toyed With People – Destroying Them Is His Version of Play’.

Keith Alan Raniere did not want his paternity known to the public for his first born child. But he wants the identity of his victims known to the public at his sentencing.

A commenter using the moniker “L” has made a few comments on this site. She says she has had actual experience with the Keith Raniere, who she indicates she met years ago when she was 17.

Indeed, L had the experience, just as Dani did, of being the cause of Keith Raniere locking himself in the bathroom.

In L’s case, Keith went further, threatening to commit suicide if L did not do what he said.

Readers may recall the episode of Keith and Dani, where she came over to 3 Flintlock, and possibly interrupting his sex with her sister, Keith ran and locked himself in the half-bathroom on the lower floor.

Dani was demanding to know something – quite possibly whether he was having sex with her sister[s].

Keith refused to answer at first; then finally, as one of his ruses, always estimating his great importance in the lives of his followers, he said, “I will tell you the answer but then if I tell you the answer, I will never speak to you again for the rest of your life.”

Stubborn Dani demanded that he answer.


L had her own experience with Raniere hiding in the bathroom and getting to know him when she was 17.

She has made various comments and, insofar as she knew the rascal, some of her comments – collected together for a wider audience – is an important and worthy post.

By L

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[Lauren had testified that Keith Raniere was in need of a “witness” and a [virgin] “successor.”]

Witness and successor – sounds like his own warped version of the Madonna-whore complex. Playing semantics with psychology concepts and claiming them as original technology.

I’d say Karen U was probably his “witness” until Pam Cafritz surpassed her in that category. And once he claimed a virgin, they started their descent into the whore category. So he’d need the next virgin in line as his “successor.” He just wallowed in his mental aberrations, didn’t he (with lots of help and support in creating the perfect sty for himself)?

I know we’re into “humane” incarceration now, but where’s a good oubliette when you really need one?


[The discussion of whether Raniere might enjoy dalliances with men in prison.]

I doubt it – he never went for men.

Always preoccupied about the size of his dick though – wanting to hear his women acknowledge his dick was bigger and better than other men.

He lies like a rug; no comparing of dicks happened. He just wants everyone to admit his superiority. Thinks the size of his dick somehow makes him impressive when he’s actually just a very small-minded man. Poor thing wanted to be seen as a demigod; now he’s a nothing in a cage and probably feeling very very sorry for himself. Karma catches up eventually…

The once omnipotent Keith Alan Raniere

I was 18 or 19 when he hid in a bathroom from me threatening to commit suicide with a safety razor if I didn’t do what he wanted. Must be one of his signature moves. Not very creative if he keeps going back to the old standbys.

Hard to know at what point Lauren went from victim to perpetrator. Even with testifying against him, nothing can give Dani back that piece of her life that was stolen with Lauren’s help. Seems a couple of years taken from Lauren’s life in prison is appropriate.


[Someone expressed regret that L had a bad experience with Raniere]

Don’t be sorry for me – it’s long gone and done. If I share details, it’s just to corroborate others’ experiences. He’s been playing these same mental mind games on people for a long, long time.

In the end, you realize it’s not personal – he literally tries to destroy everyone in his path.

He’s where he needs to be, removed from society so no one has to be exposed to his toxicity again.

To come out of the bathroom?

He demanded I count out loud – I couldn’t quite summon up enough cognitive dissonance.

It was a safety razor – you could give yourself a nice shaving nick but that’s about it.

I didn’t count; he eventually came out; no blood was spilled. Think he might have had one of his “fainting spells” after that because I had “stressed” him out so much.

It’s laughable now – at the time, I was pretty young and pretty scared he was actually going to hurt himself because of me.

What triggered the hide in the bathroom and make threats technique? I don’t remember. It may have been the incident where I contacted an old girlfriend of his for info about him.

He didn’t want me to read the letter she sent me in response (cause he really didn’t want all his lies exposed).

I read it; he flipped; he forced me to write a rebuttal to everything she said.

Someday, I’ll maybe write this all out – black comedy. You gotta be able to laugh at all the stupid things you do in your life.

He was a major stupid on my part. Older and wiser…

…. it was so important that he be acknowledged as “smartest in the world”. How could you argue with him when he was always smarter than you, knew more, saw more, could understand more. It was his ticket to having his minions doubt themselves and put all their faith in him and his teachings.

Whatever his IQ is (and it sure isn’t 240), it’s just a flipping number. It says nothing about his morals or his psychopathology or his empathy or his humanity.

Just a malevolent, manipulative fraud hiding behind a number…

If you are raised by a narcissist parent (Nancy perhaps), you run the risk of normalizing that behavior. Narcissistic abuse becomes your standard so you’re more vulnerable to it – you can’t see it coming as something dangerous and abusive.

Raniere looked for that in women. Something in their past that made them more susceptible. And then he used it as a weapon against them…

He has always toyed with people – destroying them is his version of play. When he breaks a toy too badly, he just goes on to the next one.

I met him when I was 17; he had just turned 19. He started the mind games on me the first day we met.

He was already also playing several women against each other with lies and manipulation at the time. I was really sheltered and naive and didn’t figure all that out soon enough though.

We’ve seen reports from old primary school classmates that he was already playing malicious mind games on people as a child.

He’s a habitual liar, so take these with a grain of salt… He told me he had started having sex at 11 years old and it was with an older woman.

He also claimed he had never left a girlfriend – said it to elicit sympathy for how misunderstood he was that his ladies always left him.

And finally, he claimed some people thought he was the anti-Christ.

When I asked an old girlfriend of his about his behavior, she said she felt it changed (to evil) when his mother died (he was 18 at the time).

My conclusion: he is probably a psychopath; maybe some abuse in his past reinforced his malignant tendencies; maybe his mother kept him a little under control until she died (kind of like Pam Cafritz maybe had some small dampening effect on his maliciousness).

But I feel pretty certain he’s not crazy – he knew exactly what he was doing to people and it was deliberate.

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  • I have been following this cult story since the Vancouver woman appeared on ABC’S 20/20 or perhaps longer. Whatever these Nexium monster evildoers get, I don’t believe they will get it. Meanwhile, I am dumbfounded why this story wasn’t splashed all over the media when it first came to the surface like the recent Sarah Lawrence college scandal has been with very similar parallels. Could it be the money from the Bronfman heirs influence or their threats?
    Am I missing something?

    • You’re missing that the media has the attention span of a five year old and there aren’t enough famous conservatives involved. If these had been Trump supporters, it would be all over the media.

  • I have been following this cult story since the Vancouver woman appeared on ABC’S 20/20 or perhaps longer. Whatever these Nexium monster evildoers get, I don’t believe they will get it. Meanwhile, I am dumbfounded why this story wasn’t splashed all over the media when it first came to the surface like the recent Sarah Lawrence college scandal has been with very similar parallels. Could it be the money from the Bronfman heirs influence or their threats?
    Am I missing something?

  • Sometimes empathic people are drawn to psychopaths because they think they can save them.

    It is problematic to say that Keith’s mom or Pam helped to tame him. He was doing pretty shitty stuff before they died. I think it was more he got lazy and wanted to expand more rapidly than take the time to seduce women as usual. Hence his fall.

    But it is important to realize nobody could save him. He is a psychopath and cannot be rescued. It is dangerous to fantasize about saving him . That is where all the prison groupies emerge. Serial killers and murders usually have groupies, Women who want to rescue them.

    Psychopaths don’t change . There is not cure for their disorder . They get worse with time. More manipulative each time . More destructive. The psychopath wants you dead . Don’t give in.

  • Team – why aren’t we talking about Lawrence Ray and the wackadoo sh*t he was conducting? Exact Raniere playbook. Down to the therapy, the humiliation, the blame, convincing them they were broken. Classic.

  • From DSM V, the standard manual used in psychiatric diagnosis.

    Antisocial personality disorder signs and symptoms may include:

    Disregard for right and wrong

    Persistent lying or deceit to exploit others

    Being callous, cynical and disrespectful of others

    Using charm or wit to manipulate others for personal gain or personal pleasure

    Arrogance, a sense of superiority and being extremely opinionated

    Recurring problems with the law, including criminal behavior

    Repeatedly violating the rights of others through intimidation and dishonesty

    Impulsiveness or failure to plan ahead
    Hostility, significant irritability, agitation, aggression or violence

    Lack of empathy for others and lack of remorse about harming others

    Unnecessary risk-taking or dangerous behavior with no regard for the safety of self or others

    Poor or abusive relationships

    Failure to consider the negative consequences of behavior or learn from them

    Being consistently irresponsible and repeatedly failing to fulfill work or financial obligations

    • Paul, you better not be throwing sly shade at POTUS, or you will be told you have TDS, and that ex-FBI poster will want you arrested.

  • It’s wonderful to read these kinds of observations. Others, including me, can often only speculate. This kind of information helps shed light on the genesis of KAR’s specific personality.

    L has a lot of courage to post here about personal experience.

    KAR: Bad seed, abusive upbringing, both, or neither? Maybe we will know someday.

    • What is so courageous about it? Raniere is locked up and will be for decades, Bronfman is going to be in prison for a long time, she soon won’t have any money to sue, and we don’t even know who L is or if she’s telling the truth.

          • BS – can’t have it both ways. The people to whom my answers were important know the truth: the FBI and James Odato. I don’t owe anything to you – not my identity, or my life story. I answered some of your questions when you were respectful. Now, I’m done.

          • You’re welcome, Frank. I may call sometime – just don’t have much to contribute beyond corroboration of experiences and descriptions of a couple of the older characters in this farce.

  • L, I so gotta meet you! I was thinking me, you and Nancy Durkin — joined by whoever’s left on FR Bangkok & Schlock haven’t cold cocked outta here —could hook up at the April sentencing hearings — maybe plan that Vangone celebration we were planing last year. Whaddya say?

    • Heidi, thanks for the invite. Respectfully, I wouldn’t dignify the man (and I use that term loosely) by spending money on airfare to see him.

      Notice? We have several posters who, intentionally or not, drive away those with any meaningful observations or direct experience. I can name at least three who are gone. So I agree that it took courage for L to post.

      Sadly this website, which has done so much to take down KAR (not the least of which was to locate him in Mexico), is elsewhere being dismissed because of all the crap one sometimes has to wade through to get any decent information.

      Perhaps we’re just entertaining ourselves until April. Thereafter, we can chat back and forth about the inevitable appeal. UNLESS – new charges and defendants are waiting in the wings…

      • LOL, I meant that I can’t find any vitriol to assign to you TODAY, while reading THIS particular article. 🙂

        I spare nobody. Not even Frank.

        I have told Frank to eat shit (or worse) at least 3 dozen times, LOL. Yet I still praise him in other articles, when he deserves praise.

        FYI: Vitriol just seems to pair nicely with online posting, much like peanut butter pairs well with jelly.

        But I am a thoughtful person in real life, a kind person, a merciful person, which is why people love me in real life. That’s all that really matters. 🙂

        • — Vitriol just seems to pair nicely with online posting, much like peanut butter pairs well with jelly.

          Not really. Its more troll-like and just shows your true character.

          If it is true people “love you in real life”—hard to believe in itself—it’s likely because you mask your real self from them. If they were to see how much your character behind the mask you wear for them doesn’t correspond with your real one as it shows itself here, they’d probably tell you to fuck off.

          • Or he could just be “role-playing” acting as a character on Frank Report for entertainment. Supposedly, that’s a thing.

        • Did he faint often… Only when I did something to stress him out – like disagree with him or confront him over his lies. Supposedly he had a dangerous blood clot in his brain that would cause these spells when he was “stressed” (which was the equivalent of not getting what he wanted). Of course, all of it was complete BS.

          Did not meet his mother; she was already gone before I met him.

          • Raniere’s gambit of putting on a facade of self-pity in order to invoke sympathy in others to get what he wanted is rather childlike. I’m not surprised that so many women fell for it given a woman’s nature as it tends to be more compassionate, forgiving, and trusting than a man’s, but I am surprised given the stories of his behavior that must have went around. But I guess he was good at hiding it or shutting out others or maligning them as not credible when they tried to expose him. Such an act was also quite hypocritical since he criticized others as being self-indulgent when they displayed legitimately pitiful emotions. I believe the guy is just emotionally stunted and has never grown up past a certain level of immaturity.

    • Really BabgBallz? I think it lacks color. L seems like she’s full of shit. She isn’t brave imo. She compares a suicide bathroom scene with no events leading up to as to why or how long. To me she just made this story up to feel important. Maybe I should just sign my name “P” instead of Peaches? Jk. “L” stands for laughable. Just a Vanguard groupie. IMO of course.

  • –And finally, he claimed some people thought he was the anti-Christ.

    Well he is according to the definition of the term. Christ means “anointed one”, as it refers to someone who was explicitly chosen by God as an elect for a particular service in His name which means they already possessed an incorruptible moral character. Since Raniere is a total charlatan and a moral imbecile who doesn’t believe in God–and therefore would never be chosen by Him–and practically acts like he is a god to those who he sees as beneath him–which is everyone by the vast majority of accounts–he literally is an anti-Christ, i.e., someone who is not an elect but pretends to be one.

    • Scientology’s L. Ron Hubbard, and his early occult inspiration Aleister Crowley, also made similar claims about being, or being seen as, the Anti-Christ and/or the Beast of Revelation. Raniere was likely familiar with at least one or both of those examples, and may well have been inspired by them in that reference of his.

      Raniere indeed embodied the classic definition of evil in his selfish and cruel end-justifies-the-means amorality, and literally functioned in the world as a great deceiver.

  • “In L’s case, Keith went further, threatening to commit suicide if L did not do what he said.” L

    Too bad Raniere is too much of a coward.
    If only he had had access to a straight edge razor.

    • L could have stuck a loaded 1911.22 under the door and he still would not harm a hair on his own head.

      He was the only child whose parents, instead of telling him no, told him he was more special-smarter-wonderful than anyone else. Put this together and he not only thinks we are always wrong and he is always right, but that we should always agree with him and defer to him on that specific point.

      He felt entitled to have people agree with him and to do or not do whatever he willed including:

      licking puddles, running into trees, locking people in rooms and cages, hitting people, not telling people about his branding initials, poisoning and or drugging people, stalking, cyber hacking, false criminal complaints, revenge litigation, giving up money and assets to him, not eating meat, starving until their menstrual cycle stops, conducting illegal mental shock expiraments, vowing to only have sex with him for the rest of his life, or maybe even refrain after he is gone….Etc…Etc……..

      If you say no you don’t understand that he is trying to help you get over your issues, helping you to obey to build character,
      and you don’t understand how much this directly hurts him.

      So over time, due to human nature and evil (evil people always lie) his pathology grew and grew into one of the most ruthless, remorseless, evil


      All harking back to the spoiled pampered only child who didn’t have to fight or compete with siblings (who would have put him in his place) and didn’t believe anyone can tell him no. Not mommy not daddy not teachers, not kids he tutored
      not anyone in the workplace — note he worked for himself omitting the need to “obey” a boss.

      Absolute power corrupts absolutely. He was like a dictator mafia boss with yes men as his inner circle who ends up arrested and rotting in Federal Max prison for a 100 year sentence.

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