Better to Secretly Enslave By Debt and Only When Necessary Enforce Control Via a Police State

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The Bronfman-Igtet marriage reminds me of those old monarchical alliance marriages set up for political gain.

In this case, to take over the reigns of Libyan government for control of its vast oil deposits among other things.

Do people really believe the atheist Jew Sarah and the nominal European raised Muslim Basit married out of love?

Basit and Sara Bronfman-Igtet with baby daughter.

The first step in the process was the overthrow and murder of the “terrorist dictator” Qaddafi who nationalized oil for the benefit of his people, by the lifelong political vulture Hillary under Obama.

Image result for Qaddafi
The late Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar Gaddafi[b] (c. 1942 – 2011). His net worth at the time of his death was $200 billion, making him wealthier than Bill Gates and Warren Buffett together.
This was to be followed by the establishment of a Zionist-owned central bank to pilfer Libya’s natural resources with its controlled fiat and computer currency.

Only two or three more countries to go!

Have you ever wondered why the tiny North Korea has been an enemy to the US for so long? Yep. They’re one of those countries.

Image result for north korea trump
U.S. President Donald Trump and Korean Chairman Kim Jong-un.

Trump is no different as a member of the one percent of the one percent, being in cahoots with Netanyahu as his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital shows, and, of course, the nepotism displayed to his family, and his Zionist son-in-law.

Public service for private enrichment.

The Saudi Royal family is also in on it, having ties to the Israeli government despite the facade as enemies, and every US administration since the petro-dollar became a thing, as they have likely now close to two trillion dollars in the stock market, obtained from the vast wealth of the oil reserves they’ve usurped from the rest of the Saudi people to consolidate in their own hands.

And it’s not about who started it, or who controls it, even though it is obvious if you look at many of those at the top of the financial industry.

A small minority couldn’t do it all by themselves.

Image result for saudi royal family
The Saudi Royal Family, giant usurpers of the wealth of the people? Their net worth is incalculable.

It’s the system itself that is the cancer.

Sure, it’s a “great” system if you’re at the top of the pyramid. The best parasites get their hosts to work for them without the latter even knowing they’re there.

The world is a game to these people, a territory to be carved up for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many, with the masters controlling their puppet politicians while the pawns are drunk on and distracted by the perpetual gladiator games and other forms of entertainment, most intellectually vacuous and insipid, as the moral constraints are loosened to be cast aside, while the commercial and tax debts the people owe to the hidden elite increases every year to unfathomable amounts that are never meant to be repaid, as they use it to buy up and control every means to production with it.

Trillions upon trillions of dollars in a Universe that is “only” 14 billion years old.

Better to secretly enslave by debt and only when necessary enforce control via a police state and a trillion dollar military budget per annum, paid for of course by your taxes.

Don’t want those crazy, bloody, revolutions like that French one that happened a mere quarter century or so ago!

People are fed the constant lie that consumerism brings happiness driven by the open promotion of materialism and/or hedonism and diminishing of religion, furthered by the not so subtle messages of commercial slogans such as “Just do it”. More like, “just buy it”.

Buy everything they sell. From their goods, to their philosophy, to their entertainment, to their news. Make sure you buy stocks and hedge funds or whatever also to keep the largest ever legal Ponzi scheme afloat, not just in the US but in their analogous markets that exist across the world.

Image result for inflation

Otherwise your money will lose its “value” while they print more—or soon to be implemented everywhere—just flip some computer bits, to lend it to governments to be paid back by the people in a cyclic scheme of perpetual enslavement.

The biggest open secret scam going on right now under the noses of those who have eyes to see and minds to think but don’t want to use them. Money, the original purpose of which was as a means to ease the transfer of sales of goods and services, has become a commodity only in the last century of human history.

A game as old as the human condition: divide, deceive, dumb down, distract, destroy, then conquer. But I think slowly the people just might be waking up because of a thing called the Internet. Maybe.

If they don’t, well then, they’ll just die in their sleep walk as the new generation of human robots come off the manufacturing line to be cogs in the well oiled Matrix machine.

Rant over.

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  • POTUS resonates with a lot of us. All the things I wished a president would do to help the people, HE DOES! When I decided to vote for DJT I kept hearing a guy who knew that “free-trade” was a scam. Losing 70,000 factories after China entered the WTO — for me — that meant underemployment equilibrium/secular stagnation, which for the working man and woman meant, too few good jobs and too many workers. At the same time the Dems were opening the borders to flood the nation with even more workers chasing after too few jobs as more and more factories were shipped to China or Mexico and other countries. You can’t keep doing that! Massive debt was on the rise too. The POTUS did the perfect thing. Dump free trade — America first. It’s turn the U.S. back into a manufacturing nation — this is our wealth! Oh, and get rid of the Fed who makes money buy pushing a debt-based economy instead of a manufacturing economy. Also with this deadly virus starting to affect the Chinese economy, best to be much less dependent on their problems as well as energy independent.

  • Relax Pragmatist. Before President Trump’s second term is finished, the central banking system will be destroyed, not only in the US but in the majority of the worlds nations.. You need to pay attention to the tea leaves a lot better than you have.

    This is why they killed Kennedy, and put a damper on Reagan. It is also why there is so much deep state opposition to President Trump. It has very little to do with policy differences.


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  • What is so special about Libya’s oil?
    In the oil business it is called Light Sweet Crude.
    It is inexpensive to produce, it has few impurities like sulfur and it is close to European markets.

    “Libya is considered a highly attractive oil area due to its low cost of oil production (as low as $1 per barrel at some fields in 2002),[3] low sulfur content, being classified as “sweet crude” and in its proximity to European markets. ”

    In short Libya has some of the best quality oil in the world.
    No wonder NXIVM and the Bronfmans lusted for that oil.

    • There have been others who have wondered about that. Sara married Basit when she was already several months pregnant.

    • Peaches,
      You are a 💯 right!!!!! Wow I totally missed it. It reminds me of when I saw the christening photos for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s house-keeper’s child and the baby was the spitting image of Arnold.

      I guess the celibate monk and Sara performed the immaculate conception in the hot tub. What a miracle.

      White woman and Middle Eastern man have Asian baby…….. 😉

      • Mr Paralato, the above post by this so-called nice guy…lol is making your blog look very uncivilized. It would be nice to see less rancor and more civility here. Sadly, this is a reflection on you.

  • EXCELLENT! So, what do we slaves do about it?

    Also, wish we knew a bit more about how Sara met Basit — who, besides Raniere, may have helped arranged that unlikely romance. From monk to world’s ugliest would-be dictator seem’s a stretch.

  • Now that “Pragmatist” has everything figured out, I can sleep well tonight. But first, a couple of questions:

    “Trillions upon trillions of dollars in a Universe that is “only” 14 billion years old.” Since when do units of money have anything to do with units of time? LOL

    “Don’t want those crazy, bloody, revolutions like that French one that happened a mere quarter century or so ago!” I seemed to have missed the “crazy, bloody” French revolution in 1995. Is there a link to that you could provide? LOL

    • Scooter, don’t let anyone stop you from being your Tex-ass self. Let me make an attempt to explain what is the obvious intent of the author for you. The first was a comparison of similar orders of magnitude of humanly uncountable numbers. The second was an obvious mistake. The author meant around a quarter of a millennia ago, or approximately 250 years. You can thank me later by giving me a free year’s supply of products from Amway.

    • Scott,

      You are such an A-hole hater!

      “Trillions upon trillions of dollars in a Universe that is “only” 14 billion year old”—Makes total sense.

      I have to go take my Zyprexa.

        • I will thanks!

          BTW: Anyone can drink at a VFW. Dollar drafts. We used to drink at one in high school. I bet Frank at some point did as well when he was young.

          Scott your social life must have sucked.

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