Nicki Clyne – Walk Out on the Crap

Nicki Clyne

By Shivani

Nicki Clyne might be having her wires crossed, but she has a sense of humor.

To me, having a sense of humor could be Nicki’s inborn ticket out of this pig farm, Raniere World. She has an edge to her and isn’t one of those many Raniere spinsters of misery, moroseness, mournful-faced scowling. The ugly scarf crew.

Nicki Clyne actually seems to find DOS and Nxivm, as blatantly revolting as it is, to be a gas gas gas. Humor is a form of detachment. You have got to be a witness to have the insight to see and then to express the absurdities.

Maybe Nicki is psycho instead of miserable, though. She might be an eccentric, however, and not psycho at all. Who knows? I’d like her to eject herself as totally as possible, from all of her personal connections to Raniere and to whatever remains of this now to her. Get out! Get your guts together while you still have this much of a chance left.

Nicki Clyne either has or has not a survival instinct. Which is it?

This lawsuit represents an emergency, and if she still has a rational thought in her head, this is the time to get on her pony and ride, to keep her own counsel and skedaddle out of Brooklyn, unless there’s some unforeseen border problem looming in the background. Marital-status? A terrible cult made me marry Allison Mack. Take a long, long ride west and contemplate the best logistics to use to stay free.

So, I hope that Nicki wakes up immediately, sets her foot hard on the gas and drives herself up and across Canada.

Fake it so you can make it a softer landing, Nicki Clyne. Walk out on the crap. If she’s been served, maybe she can still make it into Canada. Maybe she has family who will help her. She’s not dead yet, but she has been living among many who were like various versions of the walking dead.

Anybody who is still into the Raniere shit who has any wherewithal whatsoever left, needs to get out now. Now is almost too late. The ramifications to come from further association aren’t worth it.

Five are facing prison time now and add to that the latest big lawsuit. Some lives have been ruined or even ended already. Not to mention, all you’ve gotten is bubblegum superglued to limpdick Raniere lingam towers of extremely stinking shit.

Goddamn it, I want to see Nicki Clyne break her spell. If she can do that and prove it to herself, she’ll be able to handle the oncoming consequences for her actions better. She can set it straight with herself. If she does that it will show in her words and in her actions. Giving up one’s freedom never set anyone free. She does not have to represent herself as helpless like Lauren Salzman, unless that’s how Nicki really is, too. I hope that she doesn’t see herself so pathetically.

If she has to be a freak, she can find a better way to be freaky, a way without criminality, lying and ugly harmfulness. There have got to be other ways to have fun and to entertain oneself and others. Hire out as a frigging dominatrix if that’s where the thrill is. Have an affair with a nerd. Nobody cares, as long as no harm is being done. It would be so good to see one of these defendants walk out on his or her own terms and cut all of the ties. Just say “fuck it.” Truth and/or consequences, whatever it takes.

The thing that I’d like to see here the most is for some of the “possessed ones” to break out. Get out. Come back to life. No more monsters. That could be a little success at last from out of the swamp.

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  • Scott’s new fantasy is giving me a handjob with cheese.
    Johnson certainly is gay!

    Sorry, Scott, I’m not gay. But I support your people. Speak with “M.G. red triangle”.

    • Allison’s poaching of Keith Raniere still hurts you all these years later.
      Right, Pea?

      Want to talk about it?

      Let me give you this piece of advice.
      Keith Raniere is not worth fighting over.

      • That’s exactly it, Shadow. Raniere is a sick little turd who won’t be getting out of prison, possibly ever. Allison Mack, Nancy and Lauren Salzman, the hapless Teresa Russell and one of the biggest losers, Clare Bronfman, are awaiting their sentencings. How hypnotized does anyone still want to be, about the terminally sociopathic and criminally sadistic sex-trafficker, Keithy-Weethie Raniere and his troupe of insane spinsters and cuckholds?

        Those still involved or up to their necks in this Raniere/Nxivm/DOS lifestyle need to pay lots of attention, because more criminal charges can be arising. It looks as if those members of Raniere’s series of so-called inner circles who have the money are already jockeying for ways to protect their own “liberty.” Some who have been trying the run the most effectively have huge familial assets, influence and backing. Look at Betancourt and at Sara Bronfman Itget. What about Salinas and Junco?

        Wake up and get out. Those named in the civil lawsuit cannot be feeling comfortable. At least those being sued who have been “out” of Nxivm, some have even spoken to offer evidence to convict Raniere. Even if Glazer has been doing his homework, circumstances are going to keep changing, and there could be some salient questions to come, about some of those who part of the civil suit. Some might be able to get themselves removed from this newest civil suit, especially with good legal lrepresentation.

        Plus, some of those named as defendants in the civil suit might very well have submitted victim-impact statements of their own. Who’d know, and who wouldn’t know about this aspect? I see the civil situation as being fluid, and there could be some changes made. However, common sense spells it out more and more, that staying associated with Raniere or his current groups is self-destructive, not the way to go. And frankly, Mexico isn’t an option to keep going as a Nxivm “activist” unless you have enough real, ongoing assets to protect yourself in Mexico.

  • I’ve often wondered if she would have been punished for giving away KR’s whereabouts in Mexico? It was a dumb move. Remember when people were thinking she was an informant at that point because she just couldn’t have been that dumb. It would be interesting to know more about her and her background and whether there is an ounce of intelligence there

  • Guess Raniere missed when he pithed this one – left the sense of humor intact. You may be right; it may be her only saving grace. You need to be able to laugh at the mistakes you’ve made with your life no matter how big – otherwise you’d go mad. That is, if you’re not completely bonkers already.

    The true Raniere technology – virtual pithing (patent pending)
    Stick in a pin
    Give it a spin
    Stir up the brain
    See what remains

  • Pea Onyu, aka Nicki Clyne told me down below to comment on her now evil spouse Allison Mack.
    As long as Allison was branding and blackmailing women Nicki was fine with her.
    Now that Allison crapped out on her Vanguard and pulled a Judas Iscariot, Nicki has nothing but venom for Allison.

    Pretty soon when Allison Mack gets out of the joint she will be in a similar or even worse situation than Nicki.
    Nicki can get a job in a restaurant selling mocktails to the locals and tourists.
    But Allison Mack has been the focus of media attention and will lose whatever assets she has left.

    The recent RICO lawsuit filed by Neil Glazer sues Allison Mack for the following crimes:

    Sex Trafficking

    Human Trafficking

    Forced Labor


    Unauthorized Practice of Psychotherapy



    Racketeering Conspiracy


    Mail and Wire Fraud

    Most criminals start out small.
    Shoplifting or the like.
    And in state or local courts.

    Allison Mack from the very beginning went for Big Time Crimes in Federal Court.
    Like the saying goes: Go Big Or Go Home!”

    Nicki has no real assets and might very well be judgment proof.
    Allison Mack might still have some assets to lose.

    And any movie or TV studio that saw the range of crimes Allison has committed will hesitate to hire her for any project.
    In the business world that is called Risk Management.

    Now Nicki, fetch me that Pina Colada mocktail I ordered.

    • Shadow, just for the record, Nicki does serve real drinks not just mocktails in case you ever visit Izzy Rose; it is a full bar. Except no milk or cream in the drinks.

  • Dear Nicki Clyne,

    Please keep your bangs long! You do not look good without bangs; with bangs, you look like a sexy she-devil bitch. After you turn your life over to Jesus Christ and grow out your bangs, my spiritual foster child Bangkok may desire your fruit.

  • Great article by Shivani.

    Oh wait, I take that back.

    Shivani says the ‘lawsuit’ (by Neil Glazer) is reason enough to help Nicki break out of her ‘spell’ and run for the sanctuary of Canada. LOL.

    Newsflash for Shivani: It’s just a CIVIL lawsuit — you dope — and Nicki Clyne has no VALUABLE assets or SERIOUS income which can be taken away from her in any judgments.

    Thus, she has NO reason to leave NXIVM or fear this lawsuit, you fucken dunce.

    Guess what?

    Nicki ALREADY gave up a lucrative TV Career (worth millions) in order to join the NXIVM cult and work as a waitress and bar manager.

    She already gave up MILLIONS to join NXIVM, capiche?

    So WHY the fuck would she now ‘flee’ NXIVM just because of a civil lawsuit, which can’t possibly take anything else away from this broke woman?

    Hint: If you’re only making enough money to pay rent and barely scrape by each month (working as a lowly bar manager) —- then you can’t have your wages garnished, as the court can’t take away a person’s basic necessities each month and put them on the street.

    Nicki could only have excess assets taken away IF she owned them. However, I doubt that her name appears on any property documents or asset ownership papers.

    …and even IF she and Allison owned a property together as spouses, her NXIVM benefactors could easily buy them a new place to stay later.

    She’s got nothing to fear from this lawsuit, especially since the Bronfmans will likely be giving her free legal counsel.

    Same is true for Allison Mack and nearly everybody else listed as defendants, except for those with really deep pockets or major assets.

    Nicki will remain with NXIVM.


    Cuz if you’re playing poker and you’ve ALREADY pushed all your chips into the ‘pot’ (i.e., you’ve already given up your lucrative TV career) —– then there’s no reason to ‘fold’ and leave the game early, as you have nothing else to lose.

    Haven’t you ever played poker, you fucken dunce?

    Have a nice day.

        • I drink there all the time. LOL

          I don’t think I’m even eligible to be a VFW member. LOL

          You need to figure out the coefficient of friction before you move on to other issues. Hint: Keep giving yourself a handjob with that “low coefficent of friction” cheese grater and let me know how it turns out. LOL

    • I have to agree with bangkok. I don’t think she will give a crap about a lawsuit. She escaped he indictments so that’s probably good enough for her. If seeing all the others arrested didn’t change a thing, this won’t. Even those indicted were still devoted until they reluctantly decided to plead.

  • I don’t think the author understands that it’s not as simple as “go get you kinks someplace else”…

    I totally agree she needs to disavow the whole cult, but it’s gonna be painful. It’s more like “Hey, I wasted years of my life on a group that branded me and pressured me to abuse others and be a sex slave. I probably have PTSD and after I disavow the group I’m going to then commit to seeking out psychological help.”

    Out of curiosity, does anyone know what her family situation is? Like where the f*** are her parents?

  • Shadow go away and comment about Allison Mack. Stop besmirching good people. Allison is evil. But there are good people and don’t besmirch them.

    • What is delusional disorder?

      Delusional disorder, previously called paranoid disorder, is a type of serious mental illness — called a “psychosis”— in which a person cannot tell what is real from what is imagined. The main feature of this disorder is the presence of delusions, which are unshakable beliefs in something untrue. People with delusional disorder experience non-bizarre delusions, which involve situations that could occur in real life, such as being followed, poisoned, deceived, conspired against, or loved from a distance. These delusions usually involve the misinterpretation of perceptions or experiences

    • Pea, aka Nicki:
      I was trying to be nice to you down below when I wrote:
      “I will try to avoid the temptation to comment on this post.
      For some reason which I can not fathom, Nicki does not like me very much.”

      I have always tried to be nice to you.
      When people said “Ban Pea Onyu” I stood up for your right of free speech even though I disagree with most of what you say.
      And might I add that Frank Parlato has also been most generous in affording you a forum to express your eccentric ideas.

      And don’t worry. I will continue to generate comments about your once beloved wife Allison Mack.
      I recall a time not that long ago when you defended Allison the Dunce and called me to task for grinding Allison’s face into the dirt.

  • I will try to avoid the temptation to comment on this post.
    For some reason which I can not fathom, Nicki does not like me very much.

    “Pea Onyu
    February 6, 2020 at 7:03 pm
    Shadow, before you stick your fat mouth into this keep in mind Monte was not talking about you. “

  • The camera loves Nicki. Izzy Rose is a lovely job for her. Why encourage her to run? That would get her into more trouble. Let’s hear her out in court before we burn this young woman at the stake.

    God speed Nicki and don’t forget to give “good face” on your way into court and out. Also, I’m not a waitress never have been, but I think you request the days you’re in court off. That way you don’t get fired. Lastly, while in court, I heard the disintegrations are well worth the money. Ask Raniere – I mean inmate 57005-177 nicknamed “Baby Jane”. What ever happened to Baby Jane? (Nicki that’s called a movie reference for your enjoyment)

    Question for folks. Would Nicki be Baby Jane Hudson or Allison, maybe she would play Blanche Hudson?

  • Interesting thoughts.

    Clyne is another figure, about whose current state of mind we know little if anything. I’d say it’s a tossup as to whether she has actually posted here, or there are just one or more trolls who have appeared to be her – or it’s even some other NXian or DOS diehard like Michelle Hatchette.

    Sadly, it’s almost inevitable in a situation like this that there will be a couple of true believers who just can’t give up – or confront the mistake of their involvement. As I’ve said before, Clyne may well turn out to be a character similar to “Squeaky” Fromme in the Manson Family.

  • The time has come, Nicki, to leave for good. NXIVM, DOS, Keith Raniere, Clare and Sarah Bronfman and the rest in Mexico have no future. Make yourself the best present for your birthday in three days by getting out of NXIVM.

    • Actually, according to my source, the Mexican Nxivm side is still recruiting and defend Keith. They think Frank is a bad guy, even criminal.

      • I believe you – and I believe after Raniere loses his first and second appeals – Raniere & gang will attempt something stupid.

        • You also believe the exact opposite of what the coefficient of friction really is. LOL

          You also believe that you will turn into a rock of salt if you pick up a phone. LOL

          What else do you believe? LOL

          • Wow,

            Frank will not post my response to you, Scott.

            Only G rated insults are allowed.

            Thus, I will no longer be responding to you from this moment on.

            So-long, TexanTard!!!!

          • It’s good to see that Frank is doing the right thing by going after the initiator of the insults rather than the response to it. As I have shown, I do not attack others, I counter-attack them. Just like Trump! You can’t relate to that, because you’re a RINO/never Trumper. LOL

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