Despite Rumors – No Evidence Meghan Markle Connected to NXIVM Sex-Slaver Cult

The website Fellowship of the Minds and The Watch Towers have recently raised a question: Is there a connection between Meghan Markle and Nxivm?
Let’s look at the evidence:


Fellowship’s DR. EOWYN writes:

“Before she married Britain’s dim-witted Prince Harry less than two years ago, Meghan Markle, was a minor Hollywood actress in the cable TV show, Suits.

“But she was more than an actress. Persistent rumors on the Internet say she was also a ‘yachter’ — an actress or model, typically female, who supplements her income by prostituting herself on yachts owned by millionaires/billionaires. The term ‘yachting’ however has been generalized to include not just prostituting on yachts, but sex-for-pay with wealthy men no matter the venue. (Urban Dictionary)

“According to the National Enquirer, in 2017, after Harry and Meghan engaged to be married, MI5 [The United Kingdom’s domestic counter-intelligence and security agency] scrubbed the net [internet] of Meghan’s salacious past, sealed her court and medical records, and silenced her friends and acquaintances with hush money and non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

“But Markle was more than a yachter — she may be connected to the torture and sex-trafficking cult NXIVM.

“Enterprising tweeter ken @ken21710790 found a 2014 tweet by Hannah Bronfman that referred to Markle.

“Hannah Bronfman, 32, is the niece of Clare Bronfman, the youngest daughter of billionaire former Seagram liquor chairman Edgar Bronfman Sr.

“Clare and her sister Sara Bronfman were heavily involved in the criminal NXIVM as financial backers, committed followers, and trainers. On April 19, 2019, Clare Bronfman pleaded guilty to conspiracy to conceal and harbor illegal aliens for financial gain and fraudulent use of identification. She faces several months in prison when sentenced.

[Ed. Note: Actually Clare faces several years in prison.]

View image on Twitter
Will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle no longer be funded by the British taxpayer because of their erratic behavior?

“Meghan, who lived in Toronto for 7 years as an actress in Suits, has the enthusiastic support of Canadian prime minister Justin ‘Blackface’ Trudeau. Trudeau recently grandly declared that Canada would pay for the hefty security costs of Meghan and Harry who announced they wanted to ‘scale back’ on their royal duties to live in North America.

“It turns out that Justin Trudeau also has a connection to the Bronfmans.

“According to a report by The Guardian, Trudeau’s chief fundraiser and senior adviser is none other than another Bronfman — Stephen Bronfman, heir to the Seagram fortune, who was instrumental in Trudeau’s successful bid for the leadership of the Canadian Liberal party in 2013 and the premiership two years later.

“Stephen Bronfman is suspected of tax fraud for moving millions of dollars to offshore havens to avoid taxes in the U.S., Canada and Israel.”


So does anything above evidence that Meghan Markle and Nxivm have a connection?

The evidence is pretty flimsy.

Keep in mind that the Bronfmans are not a close-knit family. Not anymore.

For more than 15 years, the two Bronfman Nxivm members, Clare and Sara, have pretty much pushed off all the family.  [They even hacked their father’s computer while he was alive].

Clare and Sara Bronfman are estranged from most of their family.

And the Bronfman family is not too pleased with the disgrace the two sisters have brought down on the family name by connecting them to a brutal and vicious sex-slaver cult.

Hannah Bronfman, who is Clare and Sara’s niece, is the closest we get to a connection and it is not too close.

Hannah seems to have known Meghan before she was a so-called royal.

Maybe Hannah still knows her.

And while it is true that Hannah Bronfman took several Nxivm intensives, it appears that she never rose in the Nxivm ranks. She may have taken the classes simply because she was pressured by her two aunts.

Hannah Bronfman is the daughter of Edgar Bronfman, Jr. and niece of Clare and Sara Bronfman.

I doubt Hannah made it to even coach status in Nxivm.

More importantly, there is no record that Meghan Markle ever attended a single Nxivm class.  It appears from the Tweet that Hannah and/or Meghan had some interest in attending the City Dance Corps,  a Toronto dance studio offering classes for adults and youths. The studio is not known to be connected to Nxivm.

Overall, we can be pretty certain Meghan Markle did not attend Nxivm classes. Certainly, one of the many ex-Nxivm members would have remembered seeing her in class.

If Meghan did not attend Nxivm classes, she would not have been considered integrated enough to be allowed anywhere near Nxivm leader Keith Alan Raniere.  The hypnotic induction elements of the Nxivm intensives were considered essential to rise in the Nxivm ranks.

Generally, no woman could even meet Raniere unless she had completed the 16-day intensive.

As for Justin Pierre James Trudeau PC MP, the prime minister of Canada, getting some help from Stephan Bronfman, this is less a connection than it may seem.

Stephan is the first cousin of Sara and Clare.

We have heard recently through sources that Sara Bronfman also helped Trudeau during his recent very close election.

Of course, her cousin, Stephan, helped Trudeau much more.

But I do not believe that Stephan and his cousins Sara and Clare are very close.

In fact, evidence suggests that the children of Edgar Bronfman and Charles Bronfman – the sons of Samuel Bronfman – are not close at all.

This is primarily because Edgar Bronfman Jr, squandered most of the Bronfman family fortune when he sold off the Seagram’s liquor business and got the family wealth invested into entertainment, where he lost more than 75 percent of the Bronfman family fortune.

So the connection is tenuous. Bronfmans help Trudeau. Trudeau wants to help the tax grubbing Harry and Markle.

Markle was once maybe an escort. Nxivm is a sex cult.

Hannah Bronfman once Tweeted Meghan Markle.

Image result for trudeau canada prime minister
Always generous with taxpayer money, Trudeau wants to have Canadian taxpayers fund the gorgeous lifestyle of Meghan and the dimwitted and hapless Harry.

There does not seem to be enough to tie Meghan into Nxivm.

Then arguably there is another reason Markle is no Nxian harem member. Meghan is a little too plump for Raniere. He likes them super skinny.

Image result for meghan markle sexy
Is Meghan Markle thin enough for Keith Raniere’s taste buds?


From Meghan Markle’s appearances in film, she appears to be a little too heavy for the emaciated look that Keith Raniere adored. Of course, if she joined Nxivm, she would have been put on a diet and would never have been given permission to marry Harry – unless he was prepared to be a cuckold and allow Keith Raniere’s initials to be branded on her pussy.

It seems improbable that Meghan Markle, even as obscure as she once was, could have attended a Nxivm class without anybody knowing it.  Every newcomer was love-bombed and known.

Even, if by chance, she attended a Nxivm course, even with Hannah Bronfman, she was certainly not a regular member.

She certainly was not on the coaches lists which one has to be on to be an important member of Nxivm and get a good chance at being sex trafficked to Raniere.

Nxivm is not that large and its sex trafficking was really fairly limited, according to what the DOJ presented at the trial of Keith Alan Raniere. It seems to have been limited to women being trafficked to one man – Raniere.

At best, Meghan Markle may have been a student, but even that seems unlikely.

I would rate the chance of Meghan Markle being connected to Nxivm in any meaningful way as ZERO percent.



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  • One can only wish Trudeau would spend as little time play-acting Prime Minister as Meghan Markups will spend on Canadian soil. The land of the fruits and nuts can have her.

  • What – did you wring the Kristen Kreuk angle dry? This another spaghetti test name dropping – throw it up against the wall and see what sticks?

    • –did you wring the Kristen Kreuk angle dry?–

      Interest in Kreuk stories faded when Frank jumped the shark with “is Kreuk a boy?” Not even her fake skin shots have revived interest, and nothing will unless she is named in a criminal lawsuit.
      Markle has no connection to Nx and the rumors of her “yachting” are played to death on CDAN.

      Because both alliterative named actresses worked in Toronto at the same time, maybe Frank hopes rumors will start that KK and MM had a lesbian affair, or a royal threeway with the Prince.

      • Today (Feb 11) Frank reignited (prurient) interest in Kreuk with his GBD tease.

        –a new source has some stories about Kristin Kreuk’s role in Nxivm that supports all of our worst suspicions about her and Girls By Design–

  • “Edgar Bronfman Jr, squandered most of the Bronfman family fortune when he sold off the Seagram’s liquor business and got the family wealth invested into entertainment, where he lost more than 75 percent of the Bronfman family fortune.” George Frobisher

    The business press estimates that the Bronfman fortune evaporated into thin air.
    From 1990 to 2010 that fortune fell from about 30 billion dollars to 6 billion dollars.
    And that was before Clare and Sara started financing Raniere’s law suits Big Time.

    You can buy bits and pieces of the Bronfman fortune.
    At one time the Bronfmans owned:

    DuPont Chemical
    “Bronfman Sells DuPont”

    Conoco Phillips (oil)
    (Bronfmans owned Conoco through their ownership of DuPont stock)

    Universal Movies (now part of Comcast)

    Seagrams Mixers (now owned by Coca Cola)

    Tropicana Juices
    (now owned by Pepsi)
    In the 1980s, Tropicana made history by being the first company to be acquired by The Seagram Company, Ltd.
    Tropicana was acquired by PepsiCo in 1998

    But now the Bronfman sisters own 100% of what is left of the NXIVM criminal gang and cult.
    Well done!

  • Meghan Markel could have qualified for the Vow. She just wasn’t lucky so she wound up with a dolt for a Hubble. She could have been with the smartest man in the world. But it was not in the cards.

    • “She could have been with the smartest man in the world. But it was not in the cards.” Pea Onyu

      Meghan Markle would have been better off with the late Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking than with Keith Raniere.
      Stephen Hawking was far more of a man than Keith Raniere would ever be.

  • The Trudeau connection jumped out at me. NXIVM had a lot going on with Mexican higher-ups…why not Canadian ones, as well…??

  • How does one go about “scrubbing the internet” of any salacious information about someone? Wouldn’t it start to trickle back after a while? What about those internet archives? Is there a way of truly scrubbing it all out?

    • Unless someone makes a copy of it, it can be taken down. People are threatened and/or paid off to take things down. The archive site will take things down upon request. The internets is NOT forever, contrary to popular opinion. I used to think as you did and have lots of links to information on my Amway and other MLM scams websites that no longer exist. I now make copies and post the original link and the copy on my posts. Copyright laws do not apply, as my posts are analysis/critiques of the information, which is an exception to the copright laws.

      • — I now make copies of my post the original link and the copy on my posts.

        Wow!!! That is not retarded or anything.

        So now you are making sure your insane level of retardation will be saved for posterity.

        Scientists in the future will be baffled by how retarded some of mankind were.

        Nobody gives a shit what you write, Johnson.

          • Johnson is now obsessing over my masturbation habits and my p*nis.

            Not only is he retarded, but he is a sexual deviant as well. So sad.

    • For years people have been taking screenshots and also and for much longer, have been keeping sourced, verbatim notes, so merely scrubbing the internet or any media cannot stop everyone’s access to information, no matter how scrubbed it might seem.

      Vested interests who want to squelch or to alter informational output can only do “cleanups,” in a theoretical and cursory manner. Media whitewashing by vested interests preceded the arrival of the internet by centuries, really. But you never know who might have noticed and earmarked whatever “facts” you want to control. Not everyone fits into the the obvious net of those who can be bribed or intimidated. Once anything reaches print, it’s impossible to guess who saw it or who has saved the info, before any changes or censorship could be accomplished.

      You’re correct, Natashka. Often archivists and other researchers are already many steps ahead of whoever has or is still trying to conceal something or to change the public’s perception.

      For people who’ve lived like the generations of Bronfmans, truth isn’t their highest value. Instead the interest is in controlling others’ perception of what’s true and what’s not true. Divide and conquer the “masses,” anything to protect power, big big money and criminalized entitlement.

      Sometimes even a rich and entitled (seeming) character turns out to be too much of an inconvenience. No doubt Harry and his wife are aware about plenty of information about his mother’s death. It would only be natural for him, especially, to have taken in all that he can garner about the circumstances around Diana’s death. Only he would know how losing his mother impacts every fiber of his being. Maybe the last thing that he could bear is to live through a repeat of that kind of an experience with his own son and wife.

      For quite a long time it’s been possible to notice who might be seen as an inconvenience, and especially by now, to the original unit of four Bronfman brothers and one sister, the children of Edgar Bronfman and his wife of 20 years, Ann Loeb, who came from two prominent NY banking families. Edgar Bronfman became a naturalized citizen of the United States in 1959, during the earlier years of his first marriage to the late Ann Loeb. (She died in 2011; Edgar, Sr., who had remarried a fifth time, died in 2013.)

      Edgar Bronfman’s messy affair with a British barkeep’s daughter he met in Spain was Bronfman’s next painful scandal. He had divorced Ann Loeb Bronfman in 1973 and married a Lady Carolyn Townshend. This ended in a quick 1974 annulment. Then in 1975, he married Rita Webb, at least 20 years younger than Bronfman and from a completely different world than his.

      Edgar even divorced and remarried what should have been just a soup du jour, a short romp in some hotel with Sara and Clare’s future mother. The Afterthought Sisters, Sara and Clare, were born in 1976 and 1979, about 2 and a half years apart, as mixed “blessings” and have stayed the course as screwed-up and progressively, regressively evolving, too-public pains in the ass.

      Keith Raniere had gotten more than $100 million worth of Bronfman assets prior to his arrest and by now, he has gotten even more Bronfman money, towards his defense, etc. Most have forgotten when Samuel Bronfman, Edgar and Ann Bronfman’s son was kidnapped and there was a negotiated, sting, along with “ransom” money, back around 1975. The Bronfmans know dodgy, firsthand. Edgar Bronfman, Sr. stepped up and definitively criticized Raniere. He was blunt and publicly called Nxivm a cult.

      Reading back to the Observer, August 10, 2010, ” Poor Little Rich Girls: The Ballad of Sara and Clare Bronfman,” by Maureen Tkacik, quotes Sara about Raniere being like the Dalai Lama to her. Here Sara is quoted about the Dalai Lama and Raniere.

      “The way he [the Dalai Lama] looks at things is very scientific and very much in line with the philosophy of Nxivm,” she told the host, an Albany AM radio man. “I said, ‘Well, that kind of sounds like what we do!’ And I thought, maybe I could introduce myself and bring him here and introduce him to Keith because I think Keith is a scientist and also a great philosopher.”

      Sara ingested how to be a social climber, as it runs through her blood, but she never seems to have understood WHO to let hersef glom onto and who to avoid and seems to prefer ladykillers like Raniere. It is ironic that Basit Itget has latched himself onto her. What does Sara have, a thing for gigolos and sexual sadists?

      Her purported altruism is all just her “I’m so naive and idealistic” snowjob. She happens to be adroit at hiding her lethality and cynicism. Sara is good at batting her eyelashes, unlike poor Clare, but Sara is beginning to look matronly, has two daughters and is now lurching through her forties.

      While Sara claimed, while in France, to have had 15 years of experience working with children, she neglected to mention Raniere’s influence being behind all of her educational concepts. Sara, the Nxivm money purse and a major litigation backer for Raniere, has kept using flowery social language to try to restyle and to keep promoting Raniere’s (and her own) ways and means.

      Plus, it could be that Raniere wanted to have Sara with Itget because both Raniere and Itget shared fantasies of running their own countries and with females only allowed as lesser citizens and/or harem members. Whatever Sara Bronfman’s excuses are now for wanting “to work with children,” any and all of her excuses are inexcusable. The truth about her Raniere obsession, for about 20 years and ongoing, is right out here for anyone to see, and it is in her own words, just like her sister Clare’s own laudatory words about Raniere. So far, neither sister has said a word to indicate any change in course. Both seem to have stayed fixated on Raniere and his “philosophy.”

      Sara ought to hire herself a new tarot card reading marriage broker and a cutthroat divorce lawyer. Anything could be better than Basit Itget, except for Sara venturing to set foot in the United States. Still, Sara is better off than Clare. Sara could even become a cougar, with a little work. There are people for that. She could also work on minimizing her vacant state, using Kristin Keeffe as the example of how Sara simply must not look, or her next stopover might have to become a Bronfman version of Sara Bronfman Igtet’s permanent Grey Gardens.

      Even though it is all there for Sara to see in the letter of her marital surname, Sara doesn’t get it.

      Maybe Blackface Trudeau will extend some Canadian shelter as he has with England’s royal refugees, especially as Trudeau is a fellow McGill graduate, like certain Bronfmans both named Edgar. Trudeau might even decide to ask Bill and Hillary what they think that he can do for Sara Bronfman. Long before Mrs. Clinton ever waddled into the White House, she was known for her big balls as a fixer. Mrs. Clinton is already 72, yet her balls are enormous next to those of the 73 year-old bellowing and tweeting fellow’s shrivelling balls, Donald Agent Orange Trump’s.

    • You need more facts. Ever hear of Six degrees of separation? Virtually anybody can be associated with virtually anybody else through the right sequencing of who they know. It’s easier when the person is well-known, as those connections are better known.

      • ‘Scott’ you are wrong. You should try reading the comment before you attack it simply because it is from an anonymous commenter (we are not all the same person.) I have presented my facts with the news reference to Hillary Clinton visiting Meghan Markle (there are many articles about it – google it) and we all know that Bronfman perpetuated an illegal scheme to funnel as many donations as she could to Hillary Clinton’s failed run from president.
        As for your simplistic 6 degrees reference- my point (to the author whom I was writing to and not you) was that he missed a degree. As time passes, I wouldn’t be surprised that Markle has all 6 with Nxivm connections

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