Lying Lauren Salzman Babbles About Fertility and Having a Baby With Keith Raniere and Reveals Her Innate, Inordinate Selfishness

Lauren Salzman

This is the next in our series on Lauren Salzman, who we are studying to try to determine if she more of a victim or a perpetrator.

In this excerpt from her testimony as a witness for the prosecution in the trial of Keith Alan Raniere, the often inarticulate Lauren reaches a new pinnacle for nearly unintelligible, run-on sentences.

In case you have difficulty understanding the following, this is about her trying to have an avatar baby with Keith. Evidently, Keith promised her for 12 years that she would and then when Frank Report broke the news about DOS, and Lauren was chosen to take the fall along with Allison Mack, she saw this as an opportunity to press for the avatar child.

Lauren was willing to trade her taking the fall for DOS in return for extracting from her Vanguard his promise that he would impregnate her at last.

They even went to a fertility clinic but Keith dropped out. I suspect he lied and said he would go through with it, to entrap Lauren further into taking the fall for DOS, shielding him from being exposed as the founder of DOS.

If it came down to it, Keith wanted her and Allison imprisoned and not himself.  So, he promised to give what he knew Lauren wanted above all else – motherhood.

But the elusive rascal managed to slip away without fulfilling his promise. He ran off to Mexico and was not in the mood to impregnate anyone, though he was willing to have group blow jobs, sadly interrupted by his arrest.

AUSA Tanya Hajjar is examining Lauren.

Keith Raniere is at the defense table listening to every word, often scribbling quite furiously on little note pads and passing his notes on to his attorneys.

Tanya Hajjar


Lauren Salzman

Q   Did you believe that if you didn’t support the defendant that you would lose your contact with your family, your family members?

A   I believed that if I left this vow [DOS] that I would be seen as somebody who was not — who didn’t keep their word and who didn’t hold growth above all other things and if that happened, I couldn’t maintain my role, my positions, my career in NXIVM as it existed and I had already lost a lot of things because he was saying that the leadership in NXIVM was responsible for a lot — for our lack of success or our failures and so I had reason to believe that I would lose more things and that would affect my relationship with my family.

Q   Did you believe that if you had spoken the truth about DOS at that time, what that would have meant?

A   It would have meant leaving my entire life. It would have meant — yeah, it would have meant leaving, becoming somebody who was considered oppositional to NXIVM, on the outside, not on the inside.

Q   What happened to people who were considered oppositional to NXIVM?

A   People don’t — people shunned them, they don’t talk to them, you know, they speak about them saying that they’re not doing the ethical or honorable thing, that they’ve broken their commitments and their vows, that they don’t have good character or principles, you know, and that the good moral, noble thing is to uphold your word, uphold your commitments and stay committed to this vision and mission, you know, in the face of any adversities.

Q   Ms. Salzman, you testified yesterday that you had wanted a child with the defendant?

A   Correct, I did.

Q   And around the time that DOS was publicly exposed [By Frank Report] did you have renewed discussions with the defendant about having children?

A   I did. It was something I had wanted and had been pushing for 12 years. It was something — I mean I had wanted it forever but 12 years specifically we had been pushing for it. I had given up other opportunities to have children with other people who legitimately wanted to do that with me and he asked me not to do that so that we could do it.

I was going to leave the relationship and he offered that if I stayed, we would do this and all this time he didn’t do any of those things and then all of a sudden when DOS became public and Allison and I were the only people who were publicly outed and he was disaffiliating all connection with it, all of a sudden he’s ready to go through fertility treatments with me which we did do and the entire focus during that time was whether Marianna was going to know or find out.

It wasn’t –I said to him this is the one thing, the one thing of everything, all the things, this is the one thing that should be — like I thought this would be the one thing that would be just us and he said, I know, I’m sorry. Basically, it can’t be because the higher priority is Mariana, you know, and I just find it — and he didn’t even finish the process of the fertility treatments.

Q   Why not?

A   He needed to take a blood test and he didn’t want to take it, he didn’t take it and so it — they weren’t even — I view it as a way of saying that he was going forward with his promise without really going forward with his promise. So, it’s taking another step to defer this over just longer but to keep me doing what I was doing better than anybody else at that time which was going out to the whole world and legitimizing that this [DOS] was good, that it wasn’t what it was, you know, and to all the people in the community who respected me and trusted me and would believe me and to the press and to anybody who questioned us, I was sent to talk to everybody and I did it and I did it because I wanted to protect Keith and I loved Keith and he was saying this was the ethical thing to do, this was the noble thing to do [her lying and taking the blame for DOS] and I couldn’t believe that Keith wouldn’t be telling me the ethical or noble thing to do and I was willing to put my own — my own desires and my own what I hoped for to have for myself above everything else.

Q   Did undergoing the process of the fertility treatments, starting that process affect your decision as to whether to stay?

A   Yes, and Rosa Laura and I had many conversations about it where she was like, ‘see, it was all worth it,’ like ‘see, he really was going to do it, all that doubt you had, all the questions, he’s only doing that with you, he’s not doing that with other people,’ like ‘this is a special thing’ like and would always reassure me like see.

Q   Did the defendant give you an explanation as to why he refused to take the blood test?

A   No, and there were many different ways that they told me that he could have taken the blood test, like he didn’t even have to go in, they could have sent somebody to his house, he could have had whoever he wanted as his choice to do it, there could have been anybody who did it and he was like, you know, it’s not even going to be an issue because at some point I’m — we’re going to have our own fertility clinic; he wanted to have a fertility clinic so it’s not even going to be an issue. We weren’t going to have a fertility clinic, he wasn’t going to have a fertility clinic for years, like that was something that was so far in the future and he absolutely 100 percent knew when he made me the promise that if I stayed in the relationship we would have children because I had expressed it on many occasions that I was not interested in having children in my 50’s and 60’s even if we could legitimately get a surrogate to carry it, like that I didn’t want to be 65 years old when my kid graduated from high school, that I wanted to have — this was something I wanted to do now, you know, not something to put off for some imaginary fertility clinic that he was going to have in five or ten years.



The scoundrel Rosa Laura Junco.

I love the part where Rosa Laura Junco is telling Lauren that Keith is being sincere and that her waiting for the avatar baby was all worthwhile and saying “see, he is really going to do this.” Assuring Lauren – as she helped prompt her to take the fall for Keith.

Rosa Laura is a liar cut from the same cloth as Raniere, the same as Lauren.

All the while Rosa Laura is telling Lauren to believe in Keith about the baby, Rosa Laura herself had another plan. She was at the exact same time offering Keith her own 15-year-old daughter to him for impregnating.

These Nxivm members are not just kooky, They are evil, like their master.

It is karma too for Lauren.

Rosa Laura counseling her that Keith is going to have a baby with her, while simultaneously planning to give Keith her own virgin underage daughter was pure evil.

But let us also recall how Lauren did a similar thing to Ivy Nevares.

Ivy was upset that Keith kept putting her off about having a child. Lauren was her Exploration of Meaning (EM) therapist. She counseled Ivy that Keith would have the child with her if she was just patient. But Lauren never told Ivy that she was in competition with her for having a baby.

She was Ivy’s therapist at the same time she was her secret competition – and everything she told Ivy was a lie.

Lauren told Ivy that Keith would keep his word, while secretly knowing she was lying for Keith and, of course, not wanting him to have a baby with Ivy but to have a baby with her.

Fast forward to the bleak days of DOS being exposed and Rosa Laura counseling Lauren, lying to her that Keith was going to keep his word about having a baby with her, while secretly she was offering her own daughter, 15 years of age, to the monster.

No, the more I learn about Lauren and all the minions, the more I realize they were all evil themselves, or else they could not have stayed with the dark one for so long.

Lauren is no victim. She is a cruel perpetrator who only repented once she faced prison. Always selfish, deeply to the core, only thinking about herself and never of others, she testified against Keith, to save herself.

I do not see a spark of good in her. Just a wickedness on the face of the earth, trying to make herself out a victim after lying to so many for so long, in order to get what she wanted from Raniere – his child and higher status in the cult.

She wanted to be the queen of the harem that’s all.

This is the same woman who shunned her own father because Keith told her to do so – and lied to her mother about DOS because Keith told her.’

And what did she really want – just to be the top woman in Nxivm. She is as greedy and dishonest as the worst of them.

Nancy and Lauren, two very selfish women, casting themselves as victims now.





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  • Thanks for confirming that, L. I’ll admit that little lie shook my confidence and killed my joy for awhile there. I can only imagine how he played the other actresses he preyed upon. I didn’t know you were a source for Odato and Gish’s Albany TU series. Man, were they thorough.

    • What a perverse bastard he is – never lets a chance go by to undermine someone. Any little detail he could grab onto and use as a knife to your spirit.

      Jim Odato did a fantastic job. It’s a shame his work wasn’t heeded. A lot of suffering could have been prevented. Glad the monster has now been removed from society; may he rot there the rest of his days.

    • I suspect you already know the answers to your questions.

      Raniere did you a favor. Would you want your child to grow up without a father?

      You deserve better. Everyone deserves to be loved and every child deserves a father.

      Life is too short. Move on and be happy!

    • No. I think she was using her to triangulate and fuck with the mind of the other women the most. With Marianna he hurt:
      — Lauren
      — Cami
      — Dani (Marianna is her sister, she can never get away!)
      — All the Mexican women who wanted him. He is so close yet so far! (Ivy, Rosa Laura Junco.)
      — Older Nxivm women who feel replaced by a younger version.

      He hurt Marianna too with the other women (He is dating cami!)

  • —It was something I had wanted and had been pushing for 12 years. It was something — I mean I had wanted it forever but 12 years specifically we had been pushing for it. I had given up other opportunities to have children with other people who legitimately wanted to do that with me and he asked me not to do that so that we could do it.

    Binding someone with a promise emotionally important to them for over a decade while constantly putting it off with no sincere intent to fulfill it so that all of their time and other opportunities are lost sounds like something really shitty to do to a person.

  • To Frank, AnonyMaker, Nutjob, Heidi Hutchinson, and anyone with a brain.

    Lauren is evil, BUT…

    Lauren was manipulated along with many of the other women, by Keith Raniere via Psychopathic Triangulation. It’s an actual psychological term. Used by psychologists and psychiatrists.

    Keith Raniere is a master of playing the women off one another.

    Keith Raniere played each women like an instrument and most likely did the same thing with the men.

    Examples of Triangulation:

    /Keith Raniere\
    /Allison MackNicki Clyne\

    Keith Raniere
    Clare Bronfman Nancy Salzman

    Keith Raniere
    Rosa Junco – >Lauren Salzman ->Ivy

    Explanation of Triangulation:

    Triangulation in Romantic Relationships
    Similarly, in a romantic relationship, the manipulator will bring another person, more often than not a new romantic interest but perhaps a platonic friend, into their primary intimate relationship in order to create discord, confusion, and jealousy. The disordered individual will enjoy the attention, whether negative or positive, and may even let the triangulated individuals know about each other so they fight for their attention.

    Sometimes, the triangulated individuals may not even know that they are being used to manipulate others, or only one of them may be aware. Worse still, a narcissistically inclined person may triangulate someone that they are no longer in contact with in order to control those they are in contact with.

    I believe Lauren is a selfish and greedy human being like her evil mother; nevertheless Lauren Salzman was manipulated by a master manipulator. Give the devil his due.

    Further reading:

    Plenty of other articles by leading Psychiatrists exist. Read up please!

    • /Keith Raniere\
      /Allison MackNicki Clyne\

      Keith Raniere
      Clare Bronfman Nancy Salzman

      Keith Raniere
      Rosa Junco – >Lauren Salzman ->Ivy

    • Agree . Keith 💯 operates with pure triangulation. He used Mariana against Lauren, Pam and Cami. “Oh, Mariana is so important! I have to ask her first!!!” Keith preferred the fuel (jealousy energy) he got from Lauren than seeking to get her to take the blame from him. Maybe if he gave her a baby, Lauren would have done what he said. Keith was not a master manipulator. He would be free if he was. He was a sex addict, a fuel addict also (addicted to getting women upset from Jealousy). A classic narcissist/ psychopath.. meh he is B0ring …

    • I agree, and have said that Raniere was pretty good at playing off the women in his inner circle against one another – it may have been almost one of his only real talents, and one one of the few things he was fairly successful at. He then got those women, and then in turn other people outside his immediate orbit, to do the things that made NXIVM work as much as it did.

      I’m familiar with triangulation in general, but thanks for pointing out narcissist triangulation in particular.

      Speaking of which, Toni Natalie has also been exposed doing a lot of very obvious triangulation, such as in her attempt to control communication with the Snyders.


    The other reason Rosa needed to deceive Lauren and Lauren needed to keep deceiving Allison — along with everyone else for decades hence — was to pass the “collateral” aka blackmail — collected for decades hence — down the pike once Rosa was caught holding the bag when the bust was about to happened. Lauren didn’t have that bag in her own claws very long before Allison stooopidly wound up with the whole kit and caboodle, thrilled to pieces over it no doubt.

    Difference is, Lauren knew it was dynamited — that’s why she passed it so fast. IMO. Where Allison scooped it up like a precious baby bundle treasure.

    So sick of hearing how Nazi Nancy knew nothing. My guess is Nancy pushed her in to keep Rosa from stealing HER scepter before she was ready to pass it down to Lauren.

    Rosa’s daughter seems cool. Hope she stays out of “Dr.” Robert’s and that laser’s way if she’s practicing the NXIVM craft down in Mexico w/or w/o KAR. What a legacy.

    Repeat after me: my pussy is my pussy, you don’t go near it without my permission, and if come anywhere close to me with that laser it will wind up right up your ass. Got it?

    • Poor Heidi.
      Still making excuses for Allison Pimp Mack
      Where did Allison Mack get the idea that collecting pictures and videos of naked women was legal?
      Did Allison Mack ever hear of “Revenge Porn”?

      Heidi, both you and Allison are actresses.
      No doubt you feel some sympathy for her, but sadly you feel no sympathy for the women Allison abused and tortured.

      Here is your homework assignment, Heidi.
      Watch the movie “The Big Sleep” starring Humphrey Bogart.
      Or read the book of the same name by Raymond Chandler.
      A young woman is drugged, stripped of her clothes and blackmail photos of her are taken.

      If Allison Mack could not understand that such photos and videos are pregnant with the possibility of blackmail, then Allison Mack is mentally retarded,.

      The Big Sleep the novel

      The Big Sleep (1946 film)

      • Because your obsession with Allison, your narrative makes it seem like she did more than other women, but all of us who read Frank’s report, we know that this is NOT the reality of the situation, if you asked yourself the right questions, you would be more Honestly, I mean how is it that if there were 8 frontline women, there is no formal accusation against the other 6 women who were not charged along with Allison and Lauren, since all the information that was collected by the FBI indicates that both Keith , Nancy, Lauren, Allison, Cleare, Kathy were investigated so why the other 6 women were not investigated or if they were but there were no witnesses that could be used against them, in any case there is a lot of information that is very relevant and has No one seems to care, and then there is you who are only obsessed with Allison I have even used any argument to evade the direct question, such as using the demand of Neil Glazer as a justification when everyone s We know that you have not stopped focusing on allison since you started posting here and the only thing you do is talk about it as if you knew it, people are not only their mistakes and yet you just follow and continue to insist that all I see the world as you see it, that is, EVERYWHERE, because you must have a voodoo doll with your photo or something, I really do not understand you pretend that it is not true but every time you give yourself away more.

      • Shadow, I have not been an actress, per se, for decades. I was an aspiring actress in Hollywood but became more of a screenwriter very soon after learning about the casting couch concept. My point about my acting background — I played the lead character of “Patsy” in a play at RPI called “Little Murders” by Jules Feiffer — was that Raniere took credit for pulling strings to land me the role after I’d caught him in bed with Gina.

        My sister, Gina, and her friend, Gina M. met Raniere over at RPI Players, previously.

        Raniere was active in RPI players, he was fittingly in “Sweeney Todd aka The Barber of Seville” but in reality he had nothing to do with getting me the part. He lied about it.

        You are the one jumping the shark, now. My point when this discussion was relevant was that Raniere was still manipulating actresses like Allison, Nicki and Kristin Kreuk by playing big shot director and actresses tend to take direction, etc.

        • Sounds like his usual bullshit. Raniere had no influence at RPI Players at all! He followed me into Players when I started doing theater – never wanted anyone to be better than him at anything. He was not well-liked by the group in general.

          Apparently, he started going after the young girls there after I left him; the timing of the stories I’ve heard fits. Wish I’d known at the time – would have gotten him booted out of there. I didn’t find out until talking to Jim Odato years later.

          • Thanks for confirming the timing and my suspicions that Keith had nothing to do with my getting the part. He really had me thinking he did for a time there and it did shake my confidence in my ability to win cold call auditions — without knowing anyone.

            Odato did such a thorough job of vetting the timing and facts. Really a shame what he went through in retaliation. I hope someday he and John Tighe and, of course, Frank & Joe — all the journalists who suffered to get the truth out and were quashed for it — are rewarded. Odato’s a largely unrecognized hero, for sure.

    • Cannibals! The cannibals of Clifford Park were bested by the ancient Mexican culture. Only look who never got caught. Plus, look what happened during Raniere’s final Puerto Vallarta vacation. Was someone’s Big Papi sick of the pipsqueak? Were there a few phone calls made?

      Speaking of cannibals though, how come both Lauren and Nancy sport haircuts so not sexy to their Pandora’s Cock of the Block? We have heard that Raniere wanted the dingbat sex harem to have long hair, and Nancy and her daughter look as if they have severe cases of post-lobotomy bedhead. $70.00 bowl-cut, side-slung bobs, and even the hungriest fish would be terrified. Who in the hell would bite that? By crackie.

      Lord have mercy.

      The only way that their hair could look any worse is if Toni Natalie happened to be their cosmetologist and snuck into their house in the middle of the night and shaved their heads. Toni Natalie, that is not intended as a suggestion, since no doubt you are a loyal Frank Report reader. This is just a vision.

      Nancy had her eyes fixed speculatively on that bottle with her teeth out, in public in a great American Starbucks, as if she were ready for her blowjob. She looked like she was fixing to gnaw the head right off of the bottle.

      So is that a photo of The Bottle which Nancy Salzman reportedly broke in the Starbucks, or was that bottle in her paws being recruited to be Nancy’s next victim? How many bottles did Nancy Salzman handle in our great American Starbucks?

      No wonder she needs so much dental care, and now at last Nancy can have garlic chopped into her salami. Nancy Salzman, the dollar store Gloria Swanson of Executive succotash. Meanwhile Lauren was typecast again, even at Starbucks, and she looked like a gremlin at a funeral. Her sense of couture is historic Salem witch trial attire, only with polyester fill.

      Lauren is the first “woman” who waited so many years, through most of her fertility, to have a decisive NO baby with a manwhore. Lauren might win a Guinness World Record for that. This is nothing that I’ve ever heard of a woman doing to herself. Remembering that it was reported that all three Fernandez sisters had abortions after being impregnated by Raniere, did Lauren Salzman also have an abortion or more than one, while waiting to have her special baby?

      If Lauren wanted to be funny she could dress up next Halloween as a DOS turkey baster, but unfortunately she might be in prison by Halloween. Not to give up on the idea, however udderly sad it is, maybe Lauren Salzman would consider wearing a turkey baster costume to court for her sentencing. She could also bring Kleenex to symbolize how furious she is about Keith Raniere and wear a little empty bassinet for a purse. That is, if convicted felons are allowed to carry purses.

      Happy, innocent women like I wouldn’t know any of these fucking details, such as about what to wear to one’s sentencing date. We just say “no” to dates like these, but maybe Frank Parlato has some ideas, because he is a real investigative reporter. That is how come I’m here.

      It’s so strange to have been drawn in and scammed by such a pathetic horndog & manipulator, this chunky-thighed little creep, Raniere, and his equally insane group of sycophants. This was a big troupe of self-important, repulsive and jealous dullards, all fanatically trying to conceal their catastrophic, porno soap opera sex lives. No doubt Raniere stunk all of the time, along with his undeodorized, huge-bushed wimmens. Volleybawl.

      It just seems preposterous that people were willing to get involved, to spend so much money for classes from a shipload of paranoid psychobabbling, busyworking dimwits. Hopefully people reading about Nxivm/DOS spread the word, so that more people learn the warning signs of groups and “groupleaders” who really want power, money and influence the most. These stories are like Twilight Zone nightmares, only Rod Serling zipped things up in less than half-an-hour, but real-life Lauren and Nancy Salzman kept inhaling this scuzzball crud for twenty-or-more years apiece.

      Raniere was never cut out to be an L.A. guru. He would’ve been laughed right out of Malibu. Bronfman money couldn’t have saved him on Sunset Strip, either. There is a guru in almost every alleyway in We-Ho and way too many competitive sex-traffickers. Raniere the Flabturd had to stay put in the Albany suburbs or his entire fuck schedule would have been spoiled. Raniere was a bumpkin, and it’s astonishing that the Bronfman sisters fell for Keith Raniere’s multi-ringed circus act. They really were the afterthought sisters.

      Sometimes people have commented that Allison Mack wasn’t with Raniere that long. Other women were with him so much longer. Well, Allison Mack was with him from what, 2006 to 2018 or so. That’s eleven or twelve years that Allison Mack spent getting deeper and deeper into this snake pit. To me, that’s a very long time for anyone to be so entrenched. The old battleaxe, Nancy Salzman, how did she rationalize Raniere’s other women to herself when she got sexually involved with him? She played at being loyal for a decades. Was she dead to her feelings before she hooked up with Raniere?

      Nancy Salzman, did she want her 2 daughters to have sex with Raniere, too? How cum she was so scummy? Was she detached from whatever he wanted to do, or what? Is it at all possible that, in some ways, Nancy Salzman thought of herself as Raniere’s “handler” and was totally aware of his act?

      Could she have been taking advantage of Raniere’s sex addiction and thinking that she was (secretively) the one who was really in charge? How much money did she squirrel away? She just had to keep him occupied and play into his narcissism. She might have been playing Vanguard like a fiddle. Top of the heap, will she still try to radiate that pride when she gets her sentence? Has Nancy managed to arrange to get a slap on the wrist? She has had to be clever and must try not to be too jealous of the wealthier and so far, unimpeachable Mexican Nxivms. They don’t need her or want her anymore.

      If Marianna Fernandez is playing her cards right, Mexico already has her avatar baby, and the whole Nxivm community should be coming every week, bearing gifts for little Horace, or whatever his name is. If only Quentin Tarantino was in the mood to make another movie about a cult of sexually possessed, degraded and obsessed zombie robot automatons. John Travolta, who is guaranteed to be incoherent, could star as Raniere, and Uma Thurman, all uglified up, could play Clare. Kris Jenner could simply appear as herself and be Nancy Salzman, and Kathy Bates could run the empty Apropos café.

      Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman have to be so incredibly hideous that it will take many vain and hopeless auditions to cast them. Maybe Lady Gaga could do Allison. It would be fine to go ahead and use surrealistic wraiths, without dialogue, to portray Pam Cafritz, the two doctors and Jim Del Negro. There are some bigger stars in mind already for the parts of Alejandro Betancourt and Emiliano Salinas. As you can understand, every man in Hollywood is dying to play Mussolini’s rich gay yet nonhomosexual lover. What a stretch.

      • Oh, you do give a girl the giggles when she needs it most, Shivani. Your casting ‘calls’ are far better than anything produced so far! There’ve been a lot of passes on making a full-length feature bc the story is deemed just too dark for Hollywood. Think it’s time to go-in for a “black comedy” — and that’s not a racist remark but an actual film genre meaning funny in a darkly surreal way. We’ll open on the scene where Pam’s body is being carted out of St. Peter’s hospital, dropped on her head and a drunk Del Negro says, “Geez, are you tryin’ to kill her?” Someone else replies, “I thought she was already dead.” And they all break out laughing uproariously as Pam’s lifeless arm flings up and socks Del Negro in the nose. Tee, hee!

        Cut to, close on Kris Snyder’s alleged suicide note: “I didn’t know I was already dead.” Roger Kirsopp, played by Barney Fife, promptly calls Steve Coffey: “We’ve got a problem.” Pan out to John Tigue sitting nearby played by ? hooked up to an IV drip bag that reads: Nexium. Andy Griffith theme music swells as we zoom into Keith Raniere strolling down Flintlock Lane forcing Bonnie Piesse to run into a tree with a stopwatch. …This slapstick, really, at its finest.

  • Frank says that Lauren is selfish. Okay. Got it.

    I have a newsflash for everybody here…

    Every human being on Earth — including every person reading this blog — will act in a SELFISH manner whenever it comes to getting what they want in life. This includes jobs, families, money, etc.

    So I’m wondering why Frank is so shocked that Lauren acted selfishly when it came to her dreams of having a BABY?

    She wanted a baby more than anything else. Most women do.

    Keith promised her a baby for years. She had this dream dangled in front of her time and time again, only to have the rug pulled out from under her feet every time.

    As years went by, she became more desperate to have that baby. Thus, she became more willing to do whatever Keith wanted. Her life became so entangled within the strands of NXIVM that she could no longer separate herself from it WITHOUT losing her mom, sister, financial security and all of her friends. So she stayed and kept selfishly thinking about her baby.

    I just don’t see why Frank, or anybody else here, sees anything unusual about that.

    True, it wasn’t a saintly life.

    But who among us lives as a ‘saint’, other than myself of course?

    I mean, people like Heidi are always shitting all over Lauren and her ‘selfishness’ — yet is her own life so different?

    I can only offer my opinion here (since I don’t know Heidi) but IMO Heidi seems to have married her former husband (a man at least 11 years older than her) for promises of monetary benefit and/or financial security, judging by the lawsuit claims she’s made about the ‘promises’ that her ex-husband made to her. She apparently tried to sue him in a ‘Marvin v. Marvin’ (pre-marital promises) lawsuit, which she apparently lost.

    Her ex-husband was wealthy and Heidi was apparently not very wealthy, so Heidi apparently married an older man for money and thus IMO she was acting SELFISHLY (in her own best interests). The same is true when it comes to Heidi harassing her ex-husband (after their divorce) with frivolous lawsuits — which were all about MONEY, so that she doesn’t have to actually get a good job and become self dependent like most people are.

    It’s not just Heidi either.

    It’s probably 80% of the women on this blog. You all act SELFISHLY when deciding to marry a man for his money so you don’t have to work.

    …and it’s not just every woman on this blog either, it’s NICEGUY 3.0 too —- cuz that mother fucker is TOTALLY SUPPORTED by his wife and she’s the main breadwinner for their family. NICEGUY 3.0 is reduced to being his wife’s servant while she brings home the bacon. He’s made the choice to be SELFISH and to let somebody else support him, probably because he’s too lazy to get a decent career.

    Thus, before judging Lauren for her SELFISHNESS, why not look in the mirror?

    At least Lauren had a high-paying job —– can the rest of you women say the same thing?

    Why not realize that EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU will also do WHATEVER is in your own SELFISH interests at any given moment in time?

    Well, the true exception here is YOURS TRULY.

    I would never let another person support me financially cuz that’s just pathetic. I’m truly a decent human being. I’m a thoughtful human being.

    I also like to help others in real life instead of just helping myself, unlike the rest of you SELFISH assholes who only think about yourselves.

    FACT: Lauren is no better or worse than anybody else here. The only difference is that she was forced to reveal her innermost secrets and demons on the witness stand for the world to judge, while the rest of you SELFISH people just keep your selfish thoughts private —– while simultaneously bashing Lauren for being just as selfish as you are.

    Have a nice day.

    • If you liked to help others, then you would help with educating others about Amway and other MLM scams. You don’t, which makes you just like everyone else here. Except Frank, of course. But this concept is biblical:

      FACT: Thoughts aren’t crimes. Acting on thoughts are crimes. I never thought about most of what NXIVM did until I read about it, and even then I had no intention of ever doing it. You lost whatever handle you used to have on reality, BANG (YOUR) COCK. LOL

    • Bangcock, you conflate regard for one’s own interest to self-interest or selfishness. Everyone acts in a way for the good of themselves. Whether what they define as good is subjective or objective is another question. In general, regard for one’s own interest is acceptable because that is normal behavior. Being self-interested or selfish is not, hence why it is distinguished by a different term that includes the implication of a negative extreme. To be selfish means you consider only yourself at the expense of others, e.g., you don’t care how you hurt someone or negatively impact someone else’s life. Something VanFake did quite often in his manipulation of others.

    • It is not normal to :
      -accept to gaslight (give EMs) to others
      -accept to confide another human in a room.
      -accept your blackmail another human
      -accept your drug another human

      Even if most humans are selfish most would not engage in this behavior . Maybe mindless soldiers . Lauren was a mindless solider who followed orders to live a good life (selfish life where the suffering of others did not matter,)

      She is like a nazi soldier. Where nazi soldiers considered evil ? Yes. History has marked them as evil.

      Great writing frank.

    • Blah blah Babcock. Your support of Lauren is nearly as pathetic as her wasting her life on Vanturd and as for making her own money. What crap. How is she going to earn it after her time in the slammer? Will it be the Bank of Mam and Dad and their illegally obtained stash? I’ve looked in the mirror and my own selfishness has never led to years of wasting my life pandering after a hobbit who has dangled a fantasy of impregnation in front of me for my entire adult life and the branding, imprisonment, drugging of women. Yes I am proud to say my own selfishness pales in comparison. I think Lauren takes selfishness to a whole new level. There needs to be a new word for Lauren’s monumental selfishness.

      • Natashka,

        Bangkok is a young man who sees an opportunity to score. Would you deny Bangkok of his first sexual experience?

        …Excluding Bangkok’s experience with the Boy Scout troop leader of course. Nothing like waking up in a tent with a tank of ether. Right, Bangkok?

        • Nice Guy, is this necessary – to talk about Bangkok’s sex life. I know he has made some unkind comments about your wife, but I thought you were above scandal.

          • Frank is correct, niceguy. You should be ashamed. We all are owed an apology. But since Frank chose to air Bangcock’s past, could I ask for clarification? I thought it was Bangcock’s boarding school R.A. Or was the ether really courtesy of the scouts? Either (ether) way, poor Bangcock has an asshole the size of Callahan Tunnel.

      • Nutjob,

        Share the same views on/of Lauren? You mean attraction?

        Sounds like the old bull (you) and the young bull (Bangkok) have designs on the same girl. Lauren is still nubile and somewhat attractive in photos after their photoshopped.
        May the best man win!

        • I got this. Bangcock is no match.

          Btw – have you “accidentally” bumped into Michelle of late? Even if you won’t join a new cult with me, we’re practically related!

          • Nutjob,

            I haven’t bumped into Mr. IT & Michelle again. I haven’t made it out to the Cambridge area assuming that’s where they reside. It was so odd running into someone that’s mother and husband allegedly committed crimes for NXIVM and are tabloid fodder. I hope they move on with there lives and forget NXIVM.

            I have a sneaking suspicion Michelle’s husband took her last name to avoid coming up in google searches.

            I have first-hand knowledge of other individuals with public scandals doing the same thing.

    • There is a huge difference between acting in one’s self-interest and using deceit, foul play, starvation, sleep depravation, drugs, false promises, hypnotherapy, NLP, BLACKMAIL, threats, false imprisonment, hacking, tech stalking etc. to achieve one’s self-interests.

      In my view, Lauren & Nazi Nancy Sleazeman — along with a few other strangely unindicted grifters — are culpable of all the above while Allison Mack and Kathy Russel are not. Yet, Allison is charged with the same exact crimes as Lauren. Go figure.

      Meanwhile, the MOTHER of all NXIAN deceptions — Nancy Salzman, of course — is getting away with a hand slap (that looks more like a high five from the platinum card carrying grifters’ club she joined long ago).

      There’s also the very obvious, highly suspect matter of certain elite foreigners not being charged at all. Could be a different story but seems to me they’re linked through the same NDNY/Evil Empire State cover-up that permitted these crooks to spawn and spread to the 3 continents Raniere claimed are after his “enemies” while a fugitive in one of them.

      As is, I believe, Frank Parlato’s indictment. But for all your insults and accusations, I’ve often been known to be too kind.

      The truth about my sister’s slow-cooked, cold ashes and, quite possibly, Kris Snyder’s “disappearance” are also buried in that filthy rotten swampland. Further, I have many living relatives in the Clifton Park area yet being subjected to the putridity that yet pervades the place.

      This is the last time I am going to ask you to keep your schnoze out of my personal business, Bankook. I am not going to defensively succumb to your proddings into it again. It is a distraction to my purpose here and the purpose of this blog.

      As you say, you do not know me. In that case, fine, please quell your all-too-obvious projection obsession with some fantasy of who you perceive me to be and are trying to fashion me into.

      The shoe doesn’t fit. My toes are bloodied and my and my son’s life and property is being wrecked. So, move on to your next QUEEN candidate. Asshole.

    • Bangkok-

      I am going to translate what Heidi truly meant when she said the following:

      “This is the last time I am going to ask you to keep your schnoz out of my personal business, Bangkok. I am not going to defensively succumb to your proddings into it again.”

      Here is the translation in women speak:

      “Bangkok, you are completely wrong for me for all the right reasons. I am a typical woman, I am attracted to you because you are a bad boy and I am a good girl. I am not going to succumb to my feelings, or you prodding me with your well-endowed schnoz. I am sorry but our families will never allow us to be together. Goodbye!”

  • I “like” how a righteous thing—fulfilling oaths and promises—is turned on its head in this cult. Up is down. Down is up.

    Any oath made under implicit or explicit coercion, or without the necessarily true and complete information revealed to the oath taker that is needed to make an informed decision, or one that is made to perform an act that is wrong in itself, immediately renders any such oath null and void.

  • The degree of mental/emotional disconnect is just unfathomable. Cognitive dissonance raised to an all-encompassing insanity. KAR may as well have pithed all these women. That’s his real “technology”: virtual pithing.

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