It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Nxivm World

Front row: Vanessa Sahagun, Marc Elliot,  Michelle Hatchette, Allison Mack, Danielle Roberts, Siobhan Hotaling, Chelsea, Nicki Clyne, Camilia Fenrnandez, India Oxenberg, Michelle Salzman Back row: Jim Del Negro, Chris Pearson-Smith, Brian Elliot, Sehajo Haertel, Justin Elliot.
I have published most of the material below before so, for long-time readers, it may be familiar.But I was asked recently to try to explain what I think is so strange about Nxivm – which some think was just a group of intelligent people who chose to live an alternative lifestyle following a mentor they loved so much.The best way I can try to explain the madness of the group is to tell some of their stories. 

Jim Del Negro: what he lacks in intelligence, he makes up for with pure earnest stupidity.


Jim Del Negro quit his $200,000 a year job as a professional design engineer to make his fortune at Executive Success. After 12 years, he was making $35,000 per year.

Kristin Keeffe

Kristin Keeffe was telling people her child was an orphan whose mother died giving birth and the father was unknown. In reality, Keeffe was the mother – and Keith was the father. The lie was told to conceal the fact that Keith was promiscuous since they told everyone he was celibate.  It was also kept secret because Keith promised several women they would have his first-born avatar baby.

Ivy Nevares, writer and dancer,  and member of his harem. Raniere also promised her that she would bear his first-born child.
Ivy Nevares’ hair had grown past her feet. She could step on her own hair. She was not cutting it because Keith told her not to cut it until she healed her ethical breach.  She was told when she did, she would have his avatar baby.

It was now a decade later. She never had his baby. Keith is mocking her to other women behind her back for not cutting her long hair.

Lauren may never get an avatar baby.

Lauren Salzman went to the store to buy items for the maternity room she keeps in her house for the avatar baby she is going to have with Keith. Though she is not pregnant, she expects to become so soon. She has been waiting for the avatar baby for 15 years.

Later, she counsels Ivy with an EM therapy session.  Ivy is worried she will never become the mother of his avatar baby. While counseling Ivy, Lauren does not tell her that she too has been told she will be the mother of the avatar baby.

Lauren thinks Keith is telling her the truth and lying to Ivy.  She tells Ivy to be patient and cure her disintegrations, leading Ivy to think she will one day have an avatar baby.

Afterward, Lauren mocks Ivy behind her back to others because Ivy is so stupid that she thinks she will be the mother of Keith’s avatar baby.

Keith told Nancy Salzman that in her past life, she was a Jew in Nazi Germany who suffered death at the hands of the Nazis. She believed him.

Later, he revised the story and told her she was Adolf Hitler in her past life. She believed him.

She realized that because of the things she had done as Adolf Hitler, she had plenty to atone for. She dedicates her life to atoning for her past crimes against humanity by teaching the truth of Keith Raniere.

She tells a friend she is responsible for 9-11.  She says if only she had believed in Keith more quickly in 1998 when she first met him, the dark forces that conspired to create 9-11 would never have gathered the strength to blow up the World Trade Center. She is “at cause” for 9-11.

Alejandro Betancourt is lusting after his business partner Emiliano Salinas. They run the Mexico City Center of ESP. Alex is thinking of leaving Nxivm to pursue his lustful dreams of young boys in exotic locales.

Keith warns Alex that he was Mussolini in his past life – and that he has a lot to atone for so he better stay and continue to work for Nxivm teaching the truth of Keith Raniere.

Alex is shocked to learn he was El Duce in a pat life and vows to be a better human in this life – which he knows he can only do by teaching the truth of Keith Alan Raniere.

Keith admits he is the only one who can help El Duce from repeating his past tragic and violent fate.

But Alex is still lusting after Emiliano and might leave at any time to go after young boys in the Philippines. Keith tells Emiliano that his soulmate is not a woman but a man. It is Alex, his business partner.

Emiliano did not even know he was gay, but Keith told him he was. Emiliano begins having sex with Alex.

Esther Carlson has dedicated her life to teaching the truth of Keith Raniere.

Esther Carlson Chiappone comes to visit Albany from her home in Alaska to learn from Keith Raniere.  Keith begins to fuck her.

He promises her a monogamous relationship. She leaves her husband, breaks up her family, and relocates to Albany.  After she does, she finds out that she is just another member of his harem. She is upset but decides to remain and spend her life teaching the truth of Keith Raniere.

When she teaches an intensive in Alaska, a distraught Kristin Snyder claims Keith had sex with her.  Esther tells her and the class that Kristin is just seeking attention. Everybody knows Keith is a celibate.

Siobhan Hotaling

Siobhan Hotaling is gay and wants to have a baby. Keith says she should ask him to be the sperm donor.

Siobhan did not want Keith to be the sperm donor. He tells her she can have a half-price slot for the baby at Rainbow Cultural Garden, only $60,000 per year, if he is the father.

She declines. He declares she is in ethical breach for not wanting his sperm. But Keith tells Lauren he was never going to let her have his sperm, he just felt it was her ethical duty to ask him for it.

Keith tells everyone that Siobhan is in ethical breach and cannot be promoted on the stripe path, but no one knows the reason except Siobhan [and a few inner circle women]. Siobhan decides to remain and spread the teachings of the highest truths of Keith Alan Raniere.


Allison Mack turned her back on acting to pursue a higher calling.

Allison Mack is making a million a year as an actress. He tells her that her work has no meaning. She should learn from him to be a true actor. She quits her job on Smallville. He directs her to work in a semi-amateur summer workshop theater

She stays with her princely Vanguard and soon loses all her money, gets branded, and is arrested.

Kristin Kreuk follows the truth of the Vanguard.

Kristin Kreuk is the star of a hit TV show. She has lots of little girls who watch the show and are fans. Keith directs her to start a recruitment program for teenage girls to join a club called Girls By Design, which is a gateway into Nxivm.

Kreuk later learns Keith is accused of raping teenage girls. Despite her fame and reputation, she decides to keep on recruiting and stays to help coach and teach the truth of Keith Raniere.

Pam Cafritz, his long-time wing woman.

Pam Cafrtiz is told she has the body type to win the Olympic mile. She starts practicing and does so for years.

She never gets anywhere near the record but Raniere tells her if she cures her disintegrations, she will run faster. Only she needs to maintain an 800-calorie-per-day diet and not sleep more than 4 hours per night. She is always tired and food-deprived and her speed gets worse, not better.

Raniere tells her it has to get worse before it gets better. She believes him.

When Raniere wanted to fuck a 12-year-old girl, he told Pam to invite her over to walk her dog so he could be closer to her. Pam does and Keith fucks the little girl. Pam is truly happy for the lucky little girl.

Years of poor diet, little sleep and possibly poison, however, cause Pam’s kidneys to fail. She gets renal cancer. Keith tells the others that if only she had listened to him, this would not have happened. She did not practice running enough. She ate too much. Slept too much.

She is blamed for her cancer. She is told to make out a will in Keith’s favor so her greedy mother and brother won’t grab her estate.

At the same time, she is told she will be healed if she drinks a milky white substance Keith mixed for her. She is removed from the hospital by Keith and company, they dropped her along the way on the ground with a thud.

When she died, or just before it, Keith has her put in a bathtub of ice. He wants her in a cryogenic tomb. He is working on a cure for death, which he is close to perfecting and he will bring her back to life. His close followers are in awe of his greatness.

Barbara Jeske at the age Keith prefers.

Barbara Jeske has headaches, She asks Keith if it would be a betrayal if she went to the doctor. He tells her he knows better than any doctor. He tells her she has carpal tunnel syndrome and all she needs do is follow his advice. She does so faithfully and he prescribes for her “doo-doo” balls, which smell like excrement. Keith says it has powerful healing ingredients.

The headaches get worse.  He assures her that it is her disintegrations. When the headaches become unbearable, she finally sees a doctor who diagnoses her with brain cancer.

Keith tells her she will heal her disintegrations if she makes out a will leaving everything to him. She signs over her estate to him and dies within a few days.

Barbara Bouchey learned a lot about Keith Raniere.

Barbara Bouchey thinks she is his only girlfriend and will have his avatar baby. He borrows more than $1.5 million from her, promising he will pay it back with profits. It is her life savings.

He has a sure thing in the commodities market. He loses all of it. She is upset but decides to stick with him and teach the truth of Keith Raniere and have his avatar baby.

Soon, she finds out that he is sleeping with at three other women. She is upset but he tells her that he does not enjoy sex with them but is only teaching them. She decides to stay and teach the truth of Keith Alan Raniere. She tells other recruits that he is a renunciate and very wise about money.

She finds out he is having sex with about two dozen other women. She wonders why she ever believed she would have his avatar baby, especially since doctors had told her she was unable to get pregnant before she met Keith Raniere.

Kathy Russell

Kathy Russell is in her 50s. She used to fuck Raniere a lot when she was younger. He bypasses her now because she is too old. She is the Nxivm bookkeeper, having left her son behind in Alaska to follow the truth of Raniere. She keeps his double sets of books and hides cash for him.

She has no other man. She waits for Raniere to, once again, become interested in her. She is assigned to clean up the jiz on his bedsheets and scour his hot tub after he sexually mentors younger women at his sex lair.

Kathy keeps it secret that Keith is sleeping with lots of women for she knows students are told Keith is a renunciate. Kathy is proud she can keep lying to enable the truth of Keith Raniere.

She wanted to be a professional ballerina since she was a little girl. Keith tells her if she follows his advice, takes more courses which she can pay for from her salary, and loses her disintegrations, she can become a professional prima donna and be world-famous by the time she is 60.

She takes ballet lessons at a local ballet school with 6-12-year-old girls. She performs in recitals with the children dancing before their parents who are younger than she is. She is waiting for the day she will become a star. She ignores her friends’ comments that there are no examples of 60-year-old women breaking into stardom in ballet.  Keith and the women mock her behind her back for her delusion.

By the time she is 60, Kathy is arrested.

Edgar Boone.

Edgar Boone believes that Keith Raniere is the most magnificent teacher the world has ever seen.

His father is rich and lives in Mexico. Edgar leaves Mexico to come to Albany where he recruits Mexicans to learn the truth of Keith Raniere. He makes commissions recruiting others, but Keith tells him to be sure not to report his income to the IRS for that would be unethical.

For years, he gets money from his work for NXIVM – and then, with Keith’s permission, he marries and has children. Keith tells him to enroll the kids in his private child-mentoring school called Rainbow Cultural Garden. It costs Edgar $200,000 per year in tuition which offsets all the commissions he makes.  Edgar strives to bring more Mexicans in to teach the truth of Keith Raniere.

Jimena Garza with her husband, Omar Boone. Both have a green sash. Jimena Garza has Keith Raniere’s initials one inch from her vagina as a symbol of her obedience to Keith Raniere.

Edgar Boone’s brother, Omar ‘Cuckie’ Boone, finds out his wife Jimena has a brand next to her pussy. It is the initials of Keith Raniere.

When Keith flees the US to escape the jurisdiction of the FBI, Omar and Jimena invite Keith to stay at an apartment they rent in San Pedro Garza Garcia. The cuckie couple operates the Monterrey ESP Center and Jimena – with a brand on her pussy – tells members that it is a total lie that Keith ever had any women branded.

They need to lie to ensure they can teach the truth of Keith Raniere since many Mexicans oppose women being branded near their pussies –and because people would laugh at Omar for letting his wife brand her pussy with another man’s initials.

Omar is proud his wife branded her pussy with Keith Raniere’s initials for Keith is the smartest, most ethical man in the world.

Clare Bronfman [left] with her sister Sara Bronfman-Igtet.

Clare and Sara Bronfman are heiresses. They lend Keith $65 million because he has a surefire plan to make money in commodities trading. He loses it all. He tells them their father foiled him and corrupted the market.  They believe him and invest another $26 million in a surefire real estate scheme he devised with the same person who was the broker in the commodities loss. The real estate scheme goes amok.

Both women get more involved in the teachings to promote and spread the truth of Keith Raniere.

Nicki Clyne had a higher calling than acting.

Canadian Nicki Clyne’s acting career is taking off. She gets a regular role on a TV show, Battlestar Galactica.

She joins Nxivm and Keith tells her she has a higher calling, which is teaching the truth of Keith Alan Raniere.

She tells the producers she wants to break her contract. They object. She has a contract. She refuses to appear. The producers have to write an episode to “kill off” her character. She expects to make far more money promoting the truth of Keith Raniere and his Executive Success Programs.

She gets an illegal visa and is paid illegally so she can remain close to Keith and teach his truth.

Without good-paying work as an actress, she is soon broke and has to work for $15 per hour for Clare Bronfman and Rosa Laura Junco.

She went from being a successful actress to a gofer for Raniere’s wealthy women.

Keith tells her she is the luckiest woman in the world. He is going to have a unique relationship with her. He will be her master and she will be his slave. Nicki is happy that she is chosen to be his only slave.

She then finds out that Allison Mack is also his slave and is jealous. Keith tells her to marry Allison Mack and she agrees to be branded on her pussy as Raniere’s lifelong slave, along with Allison and other woman.

Nicki realizes that she was born to teach the truth of Keith Alan Raniere.

Christine Collins

Christine Collins is one of the best teachers next to Nancy Salzman. During a time when Salzman was in the doghouse, it was contemplated that Christine could be the next Prefect.

She had but one disintegration. She was too fat. She could not maintain the 800 calorie diet.

Raniere decides she cannot be Prefect.  She continues to teach the truth of Raniere and [with Keith’s permission] gets married to a rich man and devotes her money to teaching the truth of Raniere and places her children in his experimental child care program called Rainbow Cultural Garden so they can learn the truth of Keith Raniere.


Mariana Fernandez

Mariana Fernandez is an illegal Mexican alien living in the USA. Keith is fucking her. She lives with him and Pam Cafritz, who he is also fucking. To disguise the fact that he is living menage a trois, since he is a renunciate monk, he tells everyone that Pam and Mariana are gay and he is their roommate.

Everyone knows Mariana is here illegally but people believe Keith is not sleeping with her or Pam – let alone both of them at the same time. Keith surprises a lot of his lovers when he gets Mariana pregnant with the avatar baby.


Dawn Morrison

Dawn Morrison is a radio ad salesperson when she meets Raniere. He persuades her to leave that work and enjoy executive success. She quits her job and dedicates her life to teaching the truth of Keith Raniere. She becomes a member of his secret harem and helps recruit people into Nxivm telling them that Keith is a renunciate.

She cannot make enough money at Nxivm to pay for classes so she begins cleaning cars and running errands for people and names her company after Keith’s initials. Twenty years go by and she is broke and not an executive success, but she gives Keith her tithe of profits from her car cleaning business. She gives him $5 or $10 or sometimes even $20.

He secretly scoffs at her stupidity and puts the money in plastic bags and never spends it.

Ben Myers

Ben Myers is a highly-skilled computer techie. He could make $200,000 per year in the tech world. Instead, he devotes his life to helping support Keith Raniere’s teachings – which includes hacking into Raniere’s enemies’ computers and doing computer spying on Raniere’s followers.

He develops a romantic interest in a young Mexican woman named Dani who he was assigned to teach how to hack computers.

She reciprocates his feelings. Raniere, who was fucking the young woman, gets enraged and orders her to not have any feelings for any other man but him. She refuses. He orders her to go live in a room in a house for 700 days without leaving it until she agrees to fuck only him.

Myers is sad that Dani has to be confined to a room but he is busy working to support Keith Alan Raniere and hacking into computers.

Still, he gets so upset about the poor woman slowly wasting away in the room, that he agrees to sleep with one of Keith’s discards, Michelle Salzman. He soon forgets about the woman in the room and marries Michelle. Together, they now teach the truth of Keith Alan Raniere.

The sister and mother of the confined woman know she is confined for almost two years but they are dedicated to teaching the truth of Keith Raniere. They bring the confined woman food each day and ensure she does not leave her room.

Because Keith said she may not see anyone, the sister and mother leave food outside her door.

After more than a year in confinement, the mother decides to go into an adjoining room and never leave her room in order to help heal the disintegrations of her daughter. The mother does not know the reason her daughter is confined in the room. She does not know it is because she refused to fuck only Raniere and not be part of his harem. In fact, the mother does not even know he has a harem.

She thinks her daughter failed to follow some high-minded teaching of the renunciate.

After the parents find out that he has slept with not only the daughter confined in a room but their two other daughters, the parents stick with Keith and are happy to teach the truth of the great renunciate leader.

Brandon Porter

Brandon Porter is an MD. He could make $500,000 per year if he worked full time. Instead, he follows the teachings of Raniere and spends most of his time doing work for free. He pays for Nxivm classes and enrolls his children into Rainbow Cultural Garden. This offsets most of his income and he is broke.

Raniere tells him to conduct human fright experiments on attractive females. The good doctor enjoys scaring the panties off of young women instead of healing patients at St Peters’ Hospital.

It all turns out well in the end. Dr, Porter loses his medical license and becomes an insulation salesman. This gives him more time to teach the truth of Keith Alan Raniere.

Farouk Rojas wants to be a professional singer. 

Farouk Rojas has been teaching executive success for 15 years. He is broke. So broke he cannot afford a car. He rides a bicycle in Albany. It is an odd sight to see one of the top coaches of Executive Success riding a bicycle in the middle of winter on icy roads and come in trembling from the cold.

He believes in the truth of Keith Raniere. Keith told him that if he continues to use his entire salary on more courses, he will achieve his lifelong goal of being a professional, highly paid singer and recording star.

He is fat, balding and middle-aged, yet he dreams of the stardom he’ll achieve if only he can cure his disintegrations.

He has taken so many courses and recruited enough people that he deserves to be promoted on the Stripe Path. But Keith decreed he may not advance on the Stripe Path until he gets thinner. Fatness makes him bad for Nxivm.

Farouk understands and accepts the judgment and continues to teach the truth of Keith Alan Raniere, riding from place to place on his bicycle.

 Michel Chernitzky.

Michel ‘Double Cuckie’ Chernitzy is a Mexican who brought his girlfriend into ESP. She was stolen by Keith Raniere. He recognized his inferior testosterone level and accepted it.

He bought his next girlfriend and she was fucked by Emiliano Salinas, who had decided he was not 100 percent gay anymore.

Michel accepted his lower testosterone level and became the perfect Society of Protectors man – the perfectly selfless cuckold, willing to have his women shared or stolen by Raniere and others and live only to teach the truth of Keith Raniere.


I could go on and on telling more true stories about the followers of Keith Raniere but I am worried you will think this is all fiction and that no one, no group could be this mad.

Viva Executive Success!


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  • Who feels oneself weak, unable to build their own spiritual development, is that why people are looking for a cult, a person? Believe, study, read books, is this perhaps easier? You sometimes struggle with your own demons, but everything comes at a price. You can’t get anything “free”.

  • Franki wrote:
    Frank Parlato
    February 3, 2020 at 10:54 am

    As for Jimmy, I was told by him and another person who claimed to be in the know about his income. Of course, Jimmy could have been lying. If you have better info on what he was earning as a professional before becoming a moron do let me know.


    Right here Fank displays his failings in a nutshell and everything that is problematic about what he writes on this blog. LOL

    • Hi Sultan,

      How are you? If you want to get under Frank’s skin, you’ll have to try harder.

      Sultan, I know your writing anywhere my dear friend. 😉

      Have you traveled to Kristin’s home and neighborhood this month hoping to catch a glimpse? Or is it the off-season?

      • I am soo not Sultan. LOL, If you only knew how wrong you are, you might actually be embarrassed. But keep making a fool out of yourself with your off-base declarations. And how would you know anything about Fank’s skin? You don’t even know how easily triggered he is. Poor dude fancies himself the lion but he’s really more the hyena.

        • Sultan aka Lex Luther,

          Funny, I always envisioned Frank as a sexy-sleek gazelle frolicking on the plains of the Serengeti as mount Kilimanjaro looms in the distance while that song from Toto plays in the background. So much for fantasies.

          Speaking of fantasies…..I am always amazed by the fantasies of screwballs like you, who post grand pronouncements filled with hyperbole and melodrama; and your insufferable belief in your words carrying so much weight. Verbosity is your art and brevity your bane. You’re not Sultan and I’m not a crank. In the words of the immortal Bangkok, I bid you good day.

          PS Later today, will you be hanging in Penn Station or Grand Central Station?
          …..Or will you be riding around on the F subway in Queens Village, New York?

    • You mean failings, like having as much to do with taking down the NXIVM cult and its thugs as anyone, rescuing victims from the cult, and educating readers in over 200 countries about what goes on in illegal cults? If that is failing, I would wager he’s okay with it. And I thought his comment was hilarious and perfect btw.

  • India Oxenberg may have tried to save other slaves without public statements. Just because she didn’t make that public doesn’t mean she didn’t do anything. And when she writes her memoirs, it is her right to process that part of her life to get over it.

  • You can write much more interesting details about Michel Chernitzky than Frank did. But Frank left them out even though he knows them. I can imagine why Frank did that. He has consideration for another person. That’s why I’m not writing about it. Nice, Frank.

  • Don’t forget self-help groupie, has been actress Catherine Oxenberg who gave misleading interviews about how long and deeply involved she was with NXIVM, recruited her own daughter, husband, and teenage step daughter and son into the sex cult despite being told it was a cult by her friend and claiming she had concerns about it from the beginning. Slithers away silently after learning Keith is accused of raping teenage girls fearing her brand will be tainted but abandons her daughter to groom children for Keith and be turned into a sex slave.

    How about India Oxenberg. Won’t leave the cult even after her sex slaver and master are arrested until she falls under the control of another man. Can’t be bothered to make any public statements to try and save other slaves but is apparently trying to peddle her own memoir.

  • Thanks for including some more Nexies I’ve never heard of, particularly the two guys at the end. It’s interesting to hear more about the “men” of the cult and what a hash they have made for themselves. Imagine repeatedly losing girlfriends to KR. It’s laughable really

    • Actually, Kristin Kreuk had lots to do with NXIVM, for around ten years. Coaching, recruiting, trying to lure in teen girls through Girls By Design, using her name to fight off bad press, etc. Don’t ignore facts you don’t like. And who are you? A silly fan in denial? You weird fans are like NXIVM cultists like Kristin Kreuk. She ignored facts about her cult too, because she didn’t like it, or care. Get a hobby and some other interests.

      • —using her name to fight off bad press, etc. Don’t ignore facts you don’t like—

        Please supply this fact: When did Kreuk use her name to fight off bad press?
        If you can’t, don’t make up facts about people you don’t like.

        • Frank, Sir, will you do the honors and take this one. Sultan is upset. He needs to have his warm milk and go to bed (alone of course).

          • I am sorry for Sultan. I think at heart he is a good guy, but unrequited love is very hard on the lonesome lover. If only he could move on and find a nice woman who might enjoy his company.

          • Frank

            First fact—I’m not Sultan and most here are not also.

            Second fact—I asked a specific question, “When did Kristin use her name to fight off bad press?” So, when did she do this for Nx? The original poster said she did coaching and recruiting for Nx (true) and also did this for Nx. So when? If I’m wrong, show when she did this on behalf of Nx. Why make up stuff?

            Third fact—Frank, I expect the Sultan Stalker Kiddies to ignore questions and insult Sultan because they are kids, but I hoped better of you. Show me when KK used her name (not Nx used her name) to fight off bad press for Nx.

            Fourth fact—I’m not Sultan.

        • Lots of true facts in it Sultan. But you don’t care for true facts regarding Kruek and Nxivm as you have demonstrated many many times in the past you creeper!

          • –Lots of true facts in it”

            “Lots?” Name ONE TIME that Kreuk used her name to fight off bad press about Nxivm.
            Not to defend herself. Not Nxivm somehow using her name to defend itself.

            Still not Sultan. Or Jesus.

            BTW, you left out racist or masturbation jokes. Growing up?

        • Stop it, Sultan. You will give yourself whiplash, wrist sprain and calluses on your palm, you crazy penile-stroker.

        • It is common fact Kreuk’s name came up with sales pitches for recruitment into the cult. That NXIVM cannot be a cult if an actress is in it.

          Grow up, sultan. If Kreuk told you to fuck off, would you jizz your pants for her acknowledging your worthless existence or would you finally stop this insufferable behaviour? Weak brown-nosed cuckolds like you who put a single woman above your own self-pride (which you don’t even have), a woman who does not care if you die is REALLY pathetic. Are you not remotely embarrassed and ashamed of yourself? You’re in your fucking forties, you loser. I bet all your siblings are either married or are at least hitched, even if they are younger then you. Your family must think you are a loser too.

          • Again…Nx using her name is the opposite of Kreuk using her name.

            Thanks for including racist and mastubations nonsense so we know you are a child.

            Again not Sultan.

          • Kristin actually may care about him, because he’s the one who warned her father about the danger she was in with NXIVM, which helped save her career and sanity.

        • “Again…Nx using her name is the opposite of Kreuk using her name.”

          What do you know about how Kreuk recruited people? She would know, just like everyone on this site knows, her name came up when recruiting, thus she was happy to allow her name to be used to recruit into a cult, despite all the allegations out there. Stop being you.

          “Thanks for including racist and mastubations nonsense so we know you are a child.”

          “Masturbations nonsense” is poor grammar and there was no “racist” comments. Was it “brown nosed”? Moron. It means someone, like you, a obsequious cunt who kisses ass and sucks up to someone, because you want something from them, in the case of Kristin Kreuk, you want her to wear a wedding hijab/halal ninja suit for you and move into your Beetle burrow/spank cave, where you cry yourself into a frenzy and most likely wake up in the middle of the night to cry, spank and wallow in your self pity, depression and loneliness.

          The usual advice would be to go get some pussy, but you cannot get pussy and nor do you deserve any. You are an autistic little worm. That is why you are lonely. Ask your sister-in-laws, on a scale of 1-10, how much they think you are a pussy. Life has beaten you. It knocks you down and instead of getting up, you spank. Then you spank again. And so on…

          • You don’t sound like you are getting much pussy either. But you do sound racist. Just sayin’

        • “How do you know she doesn’t care about him?”

          The worse thing about that ridiculous comment, SultanOfAspergers, is you are not even trolling. There may actually be the possibility that in your delusional crazy mind, you actually believe Kristin Kreuk cares about you! That is seriously mental. Nobody cares about you spanky. That is why you behave in this horrible manner.

          • Why do you think everyone who asks a question when a Kreuk reference is involved is Sultan? You seem obsessed with him.

            Anyway, rhetorical question and beside the point. You didn’t answer my question and just ignored it by verbally attacking me. How do >youyouany kind< of relationship status?

            A person who constantly berates two people they’ve never even met and don’t even know has some serious issues.

          • I am sure that even those who don’t like Sultan also think you are a pompous child whose rants prove you are unqualified to analyze anyone.
            Your insults are repetitive and ineffective. Give it a rest—you are beating a dead horse’s cock.

          • It looks like the editor messed up what I posted because of the characters I used for emphasis. Here are my questions again:

            How do ^you^ for sure know that she doesn’t care about him? How do ^you^ for sure know that they don’t share ^any^ kind of relationship status?

        • “How do ^you^ for sure know that she doesn’t care about him? How do ^you^ for sure know that they don’t share ^any^ kind of relationship status?”

          Unbelievable. You are beyond reason you crazed lunatic. It is not even an insult, you truly are mentally ill. When the mentally deranged cannot be reasoned with, they get put in the loony house. You are actually disturbing. Stalkers often think their celebrity obsessions are communicating to them through their films, television shows and interviews. You really are insane.


          You clearly have a serious case of Celebrity Worship Syndrome:

          These parts are extremely relevant to you:

          “Love obsessional”:


          “Intense Personal”:

          “This is an intermediate level of obsession that is associated with neuroticism as well as behaviors linked to psychoticism. An example of an intense-personal attitude toward a celebrity would include claims such as “I consider my favorite celebrity to be my soul mate.”

          • You still avoid answering a simple question and instead, just attack everyone who you think is Sultan, as if it does something useful to you or anyone. The question is not on a difficult subject like quantum physics or organic chemistry. Since I’ve asked you nicely twice and you haven’t provided one, you obviously don’t know.

        • There is no question to answer or avoid you delusional freak. John Tighe knows who you are. A former NXIVM female member knows who you are. You have been stalking this actress and cult member for over a decade on the internet and even in real life. You went to Albany, New York in 2010 to stalk this woman. People have seen your ramblings online on various sites, including Saratoga In Decline. You have been shown to be posting on Kreuk fan sites. You found Kreuk’s father’s email address online and sent him a creepy email. He must have been disgusted. Your behavior is that of a delusional, psychotic stalker. You know you are a stalker. Everyone who reads this website knows you are a stalker. You are a social reject. If you went for an asshole transplant, the asshole too would reject you. When your brother’s children are grown up, married with children of their own, you will still be alone. Now, go drain more of your fading life force away with another Kristin Kreuk-inspired bout of self-abuse with your little brown banana slug.

          • This was the question you avoided or can’t answer:
            “Please supply this fact: When did Kreuk use her name to fight off bad press?”

            Another question for you: Does your posting these long angry rants let off steam or build up pressure?

            Not Sultan

        • Still jizzin’!? Here is a simple question for you to answer:

          Do you think you are in a relationship with Kristin Kreuk?

          The question is not on a difficult subject like quantum physics or organic chemistry. Yay or nay, do you think you are in a relationship with Kristin Kreuk? You either think you are, in which case, you need to be sedated, or you know you are not and thus have to admit you are a cringy soyboy bitch.

          Can you muster enough strength from your empty little sack and answer the question?


          Roses are Red,
          Violets are Blue,
          Kristin Kreuk does not give a shit about Spanky,
          Who resembles a smelly Poo!

        • Can’t read loser?

          “What do you know about how Kreuk recruited people? She would know, just like everyone on this site knows, her name came up when recruiting, thus she was happy to allow her name to be used to recruit into a cult, despite all the allegations out there. Stop being you.”


          “Another question for you: Does your posting these long angry rants let off steam or build up pressure?”

          Do your short angry spanks thinking about Kristin Kreuk let off steam or build up pressure?

  • The branding was a sign of ownership of his collateral. Right on the privies for any other man to see.

    And if you ever get the munchies, you’re eye level with it!

    “KAR” in your face for eternity.

    Why would any woman allow that? Why would any HUSBAND allow that?

  • This story is skewed. They were students and Keith was teaching us lessons. You can’t judge this as an outsider. So many wonderfully things happened.

    • So, Pea Onyu aka Nicki,
      Is that why Doctor Danielle Roberts hightailed it to Mexico?
      She knew Attorney Glazer was preparing a lawsuit against her?
      I’ll wager Danielle Roberts rode like the wind down to Mexico!

    • You got fucked up in the head, that’s what happened.

      Now figure out how to get unfucked and get on with your life.

    • Pea,

      I’d like to teach you the international language of love, so many wonderful things could happen….

      …..Oh wait… I am married… and your are a dude pretending to be a woman. You should try taking a bath with a hairdryer instead of trolling Shadow.

    • KAR sold these people on his deification – he’s worshipped by them. Everything he says and does is noble and right because (wait for it) he says so. He’s promised many women that they will bear his Avatar child – born from his sacred smartness and nobility. The child will be godlike and the mother will be honored as the chosen of Vanguard. Except of course that he’s nothing but a lying, psychopathic, abusive freak, and all these women have deluded themselves. It’s gonna be one hell of a “come to Jesus” when they finally start to realize they have been had.

      Personally, I question whether all of them are going to be able to survive the re-entry into reality. Given the prevalence of suicide as a viable option in NXIVMs teachings, I’m wondering how many more deaths might come about due to the Vanguard and his “beliefs”. Hope they can afford therapy – gonna need it.

        • Luckily many of them have probably aged out of the running for motherhood. Too many little avatars running about could get pretty ugly.

        • Scott,

          “It would not be a large loss if they take themselves”, OMG that’s so funny!!!

          What a coincidence, everyone on the Frank Report feels that way about you. Assholes like you shouldn’t breed…..

          …..if God had wanted more assholes, he would’ve given everybody two asses.

          • Glad I could entertain you. I couldn’t care less what all of the children on Frank Report think about me. Too late, my breeding days are in my past. Perhaps that’s why you don’t come on my show, you have an a$$hold for a mouth and can’t speak, only fart. LOL

  • As for the comical character of Farouk Rojas teetering around Albany on his bicycle:
    Farouk actually gets around quite a bit and frequently travels from his home in Toronto by plane to Vancouver, Mexico and even visits New York City.
    Farouk chronicles his travels by photographing urban scenes and architecture in the cities he visits.
    Farouk is a good photographer.
    He uses the name urbanisticismo

    Here is a scene from Vancouver which Farouk posted just yesterday.
    #bicycle parked in #gastown, #downtown #vancouver, #bc
    Photo by Farouk Rojas

    Here is a scene Farouk posted from Toronto about 7 days ago
    Photo by Farouk Rojas
    #toronto #to #canada #ontario #street #neighborhood #traffic
    7 DAYS AGO

    Here is a scene Farouk posted from Whistler ski resort near Vancouver about January 18, 2020
    Whistler ski resort during snowfall.
    Photo by Farouk Rojas
    JANUARY 18

    Here is a picture Farouk took in the atrium of New York’s Guggenheim Museum in December 2018.
    #newyorkcity #nyc #guggenheim #museum #curves

    Here is a picture taken by Farouk at Mexico city’s airport in October 2018
    #mexicocity #mexico #cdmx #clouds #sky #airport #airplane #city #cityscape #cityexplore #urban #urbanphotography #instagood #cityphotography #urbanexploration #city #architecture #architectureporn #architecturephotography #architecturelover

    In September 2018 Farouk was in Monterrey Mexico
    #monterrey #mexico

    In May 2018 Farouk visited Montreal
    #montreal #mtl #city #cityscape #street #mountroyal

    In March 2018 around the time Raniere was arrested and one month before Farouk’s friend Allison Mack was arrested
    Farouk was in Brooklyn New York outside the Williamsburgh Savings Bank.
    Brooklyn, New York
    #nyc #brooklyn #architecture #city #cityscape #building #old #bank #door

    Some of Farouk’s pictures display humor.
    Photo by Farouk Rojas

    @lyviacohen and the fox

    Lyvia Cohen was in NXIVM and a friend of Allison Mack.

    For someone who travels around by bicycle, Farouk Rojas sure travels a lot around North America.

  • “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Nxivm World”

    What a great title.
    Back in 1963 there was a great comedy released called “It’s a Mad, Mad,Mad, Mad World”.
    It showed the folly of greed that can infect people.
    It had a cast of thousands including The Three Stooges.
    If you ever see any American comedy, see this one.,_Mad,_Mad,_Mad_World

    That movie was filmed as a comedy.
    But NXIVM, if it were filmed as a comedy would only have humor as the result of Schadenfreude.
    Schadenfreude is the experience of pleasure, joy, or self-satisfaction that comes from learning of or witnessing the troubles, failures, or humiliation of another.

    Schadenfreude is a complex emotion, where rather than feeling sympathy towards someone’s misfortune, schadenfreude evokes joyful feelings that take pleasure from watching someone fail.

    • How can you mention “Its a Mad Mad World” without mentioning comedian Dick Shawn, who almost stole the whole show?

      “Momma, I’m comin’ to get ya!”

      Shawn was also hilarious in the original “Producers” movie, featuring Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder.

  • “Kreuk later learns Keith is accused of raping teenage girls. Despite her fame and reputation, she decides to keep on recruiting and stays to help coach and teach the truth of Keith Raniere.” Is there evidence for this, or was this just a gratuitous throwaway to make Sultan pop his top?

    • If Kreuk can read, it is probably true. But I’m sure we can all come up with a scenario where Kreuk didn’t read the articles, didn’t talk to fellow members about it, didn’t hear about it via social media, and none of her family/friends/coworkers/agents told her about it.

      • Why would Kristin Crook(ed) read a small town rag, especially when she didn’t live there? You don’t have a clue regarding the culture of an MLM scam, telling her would be considered “negative.” How would the others know about it? Did you know about it when the article was written?

      • Makes sense, Nutjob, but then the same also would be true of the 1000’s who also stayed in and of all those who joined after that article came out. Maybe those accusations against Keith and Nx weren’t widely known to newbies. Maybe members did not read or talk about anti-Nx reports, which was specifically frowned upon.

        Because Keith being accused of raping teenage girls is so revolting to any normal person, what explanations are there for Kreuk and others to ignore that?
        1–never learned about it
        2–learned, but already so mind-fucked that that didn’t believe.
        3–an evil person who didn’t care.

        • NXIVM was very good at explaining away the bad stuff. I’m sure Kreuk and the 1000s of others knew about the accusations, but believed the story NXIVM told about the accusations being false. I’m not indicting Kreuk (like a lot of people do here – in fact, I understand how she got sucked in and trusted NXIVM), but I do think she heard about the accusations. I just don’t think she believed the accusations to be true.

  • Sad set of people so desperate to believe they were worthy to fall for the teachings of an idiot. Long ago, I was asked if I would like to take a course, but a huge red flag waved in front of me that said I had to sign a nondisclosure statement… and no one questioned that???

  • The cognitive dissonance is strong with this whole group. The mental Jedi of the self-help world – except they’ve all been training under the head Sith. Jokes on all of them – welcome to the dark side.

  • The Moonie ad is through Google and Frank did not authorize it!!!

    Attentive Frank Parlato!

    This is not a joke!

    The Moonies are advertising on your website! Trying to sell Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon’s autobiography and promoting a convention.

    Considering this is an anti-cult website I imagine you’ll be upset, but I wanted to let you know what’s going on…

    …This is the epitome of irony.

    I understand Frank, you don’t control the website Google owned advertising.

    Just wanted to give you a heads up!

    • That’s interesting. I do not think I will ban any books, but it is curious that a purported cult is using my advertising company to sell their books. Perhaps they think that a lot of Nxivm members might be reading and in search of a new cult.

      • “Perhaps they think that a lot of Nxivm members might be reading and in search of a new cult”, exactly what I am thinking.

        It’s beyond ‘kinda messed up’ to say the least.

        It’s like selling crack outside a methadone clinic.

      • I was expecting more of a response such as amusement or bemusement. Not live and let live. Has the bane of Vanguard lost his mojo?

      • Come on now. If we’re all being honest, doesn’t joing up with a new cult sound a little intriguing? Do they offer a free intro class? Can we bring a friend? (I’m leaning niceguy, but Flowers and I have been getting along well of late)

    • NiceGuy:
      Re the Moonies.
      Back when I was in college, many moons ago, the Moonies already had a very bad reputation.
      To hide that reputation they set up front organizations, much the same way that NXIVM did.
      One of those fronts was called CARP– the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles.

      One evening I was walking down the university Quad when a young woman I knew who was a Moonie was handing out leaflets promoting CARP.
      This CARPian handed a leaflet to a coed.
      I walked up the coed and said, “Before you take that literature you should know that the woman who handed it to you is a Moonie and CARP is a Moonie Front.
      The coed asked the woman if that was right.
      The Moonie admitted it.
      The coed quickly threw the leaflet back at the Moonie woman.
      “No Thanks!”
      With that the Moonie woman screamed at me, “Devil, Get Thee Behind Me!”


      By the way CARP still exists as does the Moonie Unification church.

      • Shadow,

        LOL thanks for sharing. I had an episode with Boston’s Church of Christ where there was no “Shadow” around and I got honey-dicked by a cute female college coed. She wasn’t hitting on me per-say but being flirty. I went to one meeting and the organization hounded me for almost a full month. Phone calls and showing up to my apartment.

  • Sorry, but I don’t believe Jimmy D. Weakling, the 6’4” man allegedly raped by a 5’2” 100 Lb woman, was ever making 200K per annum pre-NXIVM anywhere. That is upper middle class income.

    You should stick to the truth instead of reporting outlandish claims as fact. Also, the salaciousness is unappealing and an insult to the intelligence, as it only subtracts from the alleged presentation of investigative journalism to those who know what the term actually means.

    • I am sorry you do not like the writing style. As for Jimmy, I was told by him and another person who claimed to be in the know about his income. Of course, Jimmy could have been lying. If you have better info on what he was earning as a professional before becoming a moron do let me know.

    • Anonymous,

      If you are a single man and an attractive woman grabs your jimmie it’s all over. It’s definitely rape. You can’t resist it! It’s like being in the back of a car and someone else is driving. Once a man’s apparatus seizes control its game over.

      Read Frank’s story. Poor Jim was in bed and the nubile vixen snuck into his room 1/2 naked. The End!

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