AnonyMaker to Kim Snyder –There’s No Proof That There Was a Murder – By Anyone – of Kristin Snyder!

Kristin Snyder

By AnonyMaker

Kim, I’m glad to see you chiming in here.

It doesn’t seem that you’re accustomed to dealing with the sort of rough-and-tumble, and sometimes downright strange, online forum that Frank oversees here.

To get on to what’s most important, I think it’s clear that NXIVM had a hand in what happened to Kristin. At a minimum they recklessly used processes that can be dangerous to mental health in spite of knowing that from previous cases, negligently prevented her from getting necessary professional care when she needed it, and lied about and covered up their role when things went terribly wrong.

The Seward harbormaster has a limited area of responsibility, so I’ve looked instead to what is in the official report about Kristin’s disappearances and the searches that followed. The team at the search command post consulted people with “many years experience Kayaking in Resurrection Bay” and determined a search area ranging at least 25 miles from the harbor, around the capes at the outer entrance to the bay, all the way into the bays to the East and West, and out to open ocean – they apparently thought that a kayak might have gotten quite far. Alaska State Troopers worked with “Seward area fire/EMS volunteers, the U.S. Coast Guard, Forest Service law enforcement, the Seward Police Department, the Civil Air Patrol, and friends of Snyder’s, many of whom were part of an organized search and rescue team as part of the Nordic Ski Club.” When an Alaska journalist asked friends of Kristin’s in 2018, they said they found the murder “theory far-fetched. They believe it more likely Raniere and NXIVM played some role in a mental breakdown that led Snyder to suicide.”

The 2018 article mentions that Kristin’s friend Kenny Powers, the director of the Nordic Ski Patrol who teared up when interviewed by Frank, was also a former Alaska assistant attorney general – so the civilian searchers were lead by someone who was also an attorney.

[Ed. Note. Kenny Powers told me he did not go to Seward during the search but remained in Anchorage and helped coordinate remotely. Powers was at one time an assistant Alaska attorney general, of which there are many, similarly to being an Assistant US Attorney. Powers impressed me as an ethical, upright totally above board lawyer.]

A 2019 Times Union article reported that “Powers saw Snyder in the days before she disappeared. He recalled her as suicidal, a dramatically different person from the level-headed woman he knew for years before she began NXIVM courses and traveled to Albany to meet Raniere.”

He even testified before the jury for the Certificate of Presumptive Death, so he must think that the investigation covered things, and find their inability to locate a body not too troubling. So far as I can tell no one else involved in the search raised any objection that the authorities were missing something or off track, or that there was anything fundamentally wrong, either.

There’s no proof that there was a murder – by anyone.

As for the theory that Kristin was escaping drug dealer’s, that’s NXIVM’s self-serving internal conspiracy theory. I think it should be aired, just as an example to see how a bunch of people convinced themselves of something like that, which we know basically includes finding supposed evidence that’s probably not actually probative, and reading too much into things like the way the memorial service was handled.

And I mentioned Kristen’s work at the National Guard (listed as her employer on the certificate) mostly as a way of demonstrating that it’s possible to come up with all sorts of theories. Sorry if that fell flat.

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  • Kim
    Bangkok GET off of the blog. You do NOT know what the hell you are talking about. You have NO idea whether Kris was raped and pregnant or not.

    Were you there when things happened? To let you know, I am NOT MENTALLY ill- but in your article- you really seem to be.

    Keith and his minions need to take responsibility for ALL of these victims. Pam Cafritz, Gina Hutchinson, and Barbara Jeske. All of them are connected to Keith and his minions.

    Obviously, you haven’t read any information, to do a good comment.

    How dare you go after me. What is wrong with you? I am in a family of a victim.

    Do you have ALL of the police reports? The investigators notes? Are you an investigator? Are you a lawyer??? If NOT, then, stop going after Frank and me. You sound very irrational, psychotic, and rude.

    You were NOT around when we were in Anchorage 17 years ago today, looking for my only sister, Kris.

    Frank is NOT crazy- but you make yourself sound like it. If you don’t care about this case, why don’t you go jump? If you don’t care- and you have NO respect for me, as Kris’ ONLY sister- then, stop bothering me, and Frank.

    Neither of us are liars- and neither of us have anything to hide.

    You have NO facts in the case, nor do you have any room saying anything to me or to Frank. Go away- go argue with yourself in the mirror. You haven’t read enough or anything in this case, to scold anyone!!!!

    Leave us alone- you are rude and nasty !!!!!! Go jump!!!!!

    • Kim, you were at 402 E Godbold St, Marion, SC 29571-3724 run by the South Carolina Developmental Disabilities Council for mentally disabled adults at the time Kris went missing. Shame on Mrs. Snyder for using you to spread ignorance and lies, and shame on all involved in using a mentally disabled woman to peddle their agendas.

      Particular shame on Bob Snyder for changing Kim’s legal birth year (1966) to 1970 so she didn’t appear to be as mentally slow as she was, and shame on Mrs. Snyder for going along with it all these years! Kim is NOT the little sister, she is the older sister! Adopted because the Snyders did not believe they could conceive due to Bob’s poor health! They were shocked and pleased to find out Jonnie was pregnant with Kris AFTER they adopted Kim. Kris was literally called the “Golden Child” because they were told they could not have children.

      Shame on both Snyders for demanding, WHILE AT KRIS’S MEMORIAL, that they get Kris’s truck instead of Heidi because THEY were Kris’s next of kin! Meanwhile, search parties were still looking for Kris!

      And while Heidi agreed to it to their faces from all the pressure Bob put on her, Heidi didn’t sell the truck until 2009 for herself! Good for her!

      Signed-A Family Friend

  • I just wanted to point out Frank’s own hypocrisy in the Kristin Snyder saga.

    I caught Frank violating his own reasoning. Now I will pounce on him for it. 🙂

    Frank and others here (like AnonyMaker) are trying hard to push the “Heidi Clifford is 100% innocent” angle.

    Their main argument — to facilitate this ‘angle’ — is to proclaim that Heidi’s ‘uncaring’ and ‘sociopathic’ behavior (after Kristin’s death) is simply not ‘proof’ of anything and is not a ‘clue’ that anybody should use to gauge what’s really inside Heidi’s heart.

    *However, this directly contradicts Frank’s previous articles about the death of Pam Cafritz —- WHERE Frank tried to pin Pam’s death on Keith by reminding us of Keith’s UNCARING and SOCIOPATHIC behavior just before & after Pam’s death, where Keith was fucking other women while she laid dying nearby, plus spending money from her credit cards without permission, plus acting like a guy who didn’t miss this woman at all, except during media interviews when he faked tears.

    Frank is arguing that Keith ‘may’ have given Pam cancer. Frank is also arguing that even if Keith didn’t give Pam cancer, he certainly HASTENED her death ON PURPOSE (by giving her milky-white placebo drinks) because he wanted her dead as quickly as possible, for her estate money.

    How does Frank support this argument?

    Well, he cites Keith’s ‘sociopathic’ and ‘uncaring’ behavior (at the time of her death) to make his case.

    Yet, Frank is now contradicting that logic when it comes to an INCONVENIENT SUSPECT like Heidi Clifford. When it comes to Heidi Clifford, Frank discounts any such behavior and just ignores it.

    This is called violating your own logic.

    Frank is trying to eat his cake and have it too, but that dog just won’t hunt around here.


    Cuz if you eat your cake then you can’t fucken have it anymore, unless you visit the bakery to buy another fucken cake.

    Eat shit, Frank, not your own cake.

    As for me personally, I don’t know whether Heidi Clifford is guilty or if Kristin suicided herself.

    Nor do I really care.

    However, I do know that Heidi Clifford’s sociopathic behavior — along with her jealousy that wifey was fucking another man (and possibly made pregnant by another man) — is something that should make her a suspect worthy of investigation.

    If you disagree then you’re simply suffering from KDS (Keith Derangement Syndrome) and cannot tolerate ANY SCENARIO where Keith isn’t guilty. LOL.

    Frank suffers from this ailment (KDS) and Kim Snyder does too.

    Kristin deserves justice and TRUTH —- not to have her sister trying to frame Keith.

    Have a nice day.

  • Kim
    AnonyMaker: Kristin Marie Snyder was her OWN EMPLOYER!!!!! She built her own company of from the ground up.

    Kris was NOT psychotic all of her life. Kris never had ANY problems until she met Keith Rainere. This is when the problems began. She was fine until this point.

  • Bangkok- you are full of crap!!! You have obviously NOT read the whole story. Kris was NOT a psychotic person. NXIVM delved her into this problem. They tried to convince her that she had been abused- and that was crap! That was a very serious allegation- that did NOT happen.
    Then, 17 years later, Heidi Clifford told us that, upon a visit from Frank to our home, the Kristin told her she was pregnant.

    I the credit card invoices , it was clear that she had gone to Albany, before and after she came home, in January. You need to read our whole story.
    Kris was NOT always a psychotic woman. You need to go back in the old stories of Frank Report- and find Kris’ stories, and find out the facts again.
    I know you are a blog troll! Go read the story, then tell me I am crazy.

  • Here’s just a couple of very suspicious things about Kristin’s death that make me not believe the suicide by kayak in Resurrection Bay story, starting with — The oddness/craziness of the story: That is, that Kristin intentionally drove 90 miles navigating (carefully) two-lane icy unlit scary roads to Seward, through wilderness, and then found an unattended kayak on edge of a small town (Seward), and then proceeded to kill herself by paddling in kayak she didn’t know in winter at night and drowning herself, and that she had wherewithal to intentionally sink / or, had sent to sea, all evidence, i.e. the boat, her body and the paddle . There are a lot of ways a distressed person could kill themselves in/ near Anchorage in February that would be far easier, more immediate and just as dramatic. Jump into a glacier, and slide down a crevasse into oblivion Jump into Cook Inlet–the water body right there, 5 minutes from Westmark Hotel. Huck yourself off a cliff at the ski mountain nearby. Her alleged plan, though, required a pretty clear mind to pull off, has a to pieces to it, a lot of detail, some luck at finding an available kayak in a tiny town 90 miles away from where she started, and more experience and knowledge of paddling, boats and Resurrection Bay than she probably had. You don’t learn all the stuff she relied on by renting a kayak a few times in summer. She didn’t even own a kayak. She was not in a clear state of mind from reports. And, why would she care if her body was found, or the boat was found, or paddle was found? She wounldnt be around when all was found ….. Mostly, though, there were so many closer alternatives even if she was fixated on the death by kayak routine— she could have easily rented or borrowed a kayak in Anchorage, gone down to the shores of Cook Inlet (5 min away from the Westmark), put the kayak in the saltwater and paddled out for a short time, and rolled over in Cook Inlet, and she would be DEAD. Cook Inlet frequently has icebergs in winter and rip roaring tides that are way stronger than Resurrection Bay’s. Heck, she might have died in the mud flats that are the shore just pulling the kayak out to the water (if she didn’t go in off a dock)–people do die in Cook Inlet mudflats, they are quicksand. There’s a reason there are no recreational kayak rental places on the shores of Cook Inlet (like Millers Landing on shore of Resurrection Bay) because Cook Inlet is huge water and scary– tides are second highest in world in the adjacent arm where they have standing waves Kayak rentals in Anchorage are for taking the Kayaks elsewhere to use, inland or down to places like Seward, from Alaska’s biggest city, Resurrection Bay is a big puddle in comparison to Cook Inlet . Resurrection Bay has sport fishing, sailing, kayaking, etc. It is a recreational destination. Cook Inlet is not. It as barges and commercial fishing. It is not for recreation. If you were looking for death by Alaskan kayak in winter in salt water– She was already right there, at Cook Inlet. Second– how did the death by kayak story in Resurrection Bay get started ?? I think it was Heidi Clifford who directed searchers to Seward, right? Immediately after she didn’t find Kristin at home? Kristin could have been gone to grocery store…..why jump to suicide by some ridiculous means in a crazy place…….. A lot of people feel really down, overwhelmed, especially during Alaska winters — and they mention suicide when they can’t see a way out of their problems…which is a big deal. (and Alaska does have a high suicide rate). but the next step is not to drive to Seward at night in winter and jump in an abandoned kayak…. No one has ever heard of anyone else doing that in I dont think…… Im guessing that many people who feel desperate and contemplate suicide, will calm down and cool down if given a chance…. some time, and breathing room, Just organizing the alleged trip and making the trip to Seward would have given Kristin time for that… maybe she was drugged? Raniere used Valium before on a dissenter….. But it would be hard to do that drive at night on Valium, and hey makes people not care, makes them not be so upset, not known for making someone jump into icy water…….. and it is a muscle relaxant, it take away the energy needs dto pull this off– not that it wasn’t used to sedate her to transport her but I doubt she had it and then drove alone anywhere of any distance… My Conclusion– It is not hard to see she could be driven to suicide by her predicament (unexpected pregnancy with no support system, being a christian lesbian) and that she perceived herself to be helpless in face of the predicament (no one responded positively or helped her at the intensive after she expressed her fear, deep pain and made pleas for compassion). But if she killed herself, I dont think she did it in a kayak as alleged. The weirdness of the alleged facts of this alleged “suicide” make it too suspicious. The story just doesn’t hang together. Leading me to my opinion that the story was likely created as a decoy from something else. By people who aren’t very smart —- or they would have made the story a lot simpler, and more believable, and not so complicated and unbelievable.

  • Kris was NOT doing ANYTHING under the table for the Guard!

    Kris was a biology major – contractor writer – with

    The Guard has nothing to do with her death.

    BTW, I volunteer with the VA in our hometown.

    • Well, if she was doing something secret, then by definition you wouldn’t know about it, would you?

      We could also imagine she ran across something she wasn’t supposed to know about, or in the course of her work found out about things going on that she was going to expose. There are people here who believe that the government – or at least the Clintons – have people killed over things like that.

      That may seem unlikely, and speculative – but a lot of what gets tossed around here is along those lines, just usually not so obviously. It’s a warning to be careful about buying into theories here, even when they seem to make a bit more sense.

  • Anony Maker: You DO NOT have all of the facts of this case——you are NOT her family, you have NO idea of what you are even talking about.

    Kris was beginning to deteriorate – in Dec. 2002 – in Colorado.

    Did you see how she was acting? Were you there to see me call my parents, to tell them something was wrong?

    Were you at our home – in January 2003 – to see how she was acting? Did you hear what went on in our home? Did you see how euphoric she was about Keith Raniere?

    Were you in Anchorage – in Feb. 2003 – when my parents and I were there – searching for my ONLY sister?

    Have you been walking in our shoes for the last 16 years – as we cry? As we hurt? Were you at the services for her?

    Anony Maker: Stop acting as though you have been researching this case for so damn LONG! You do NOT have all of the paperwork – you were NOT at the intensives.

    There is reason to believe this is homicide! All of the changes in stories, from people in Anchorage, NOT our family.

    Of course, the National Guard did NOT kill Kris! That question should NOT have come up – Kris was NOT in the Guard – nor did she work for them. She wrote a biology contract for them. This is a case of murder.

    Kris was kicked out of class so many times, and Elaine was supposed to take her home – and she would have had to come back to the hotel to get her truck. I don’t think she did it.

    • After hearing Kim’s latest rantings…

      I’m now convinced that this whole story is nothing more than UNREQUITED AFFECTION from a crazy woman named Kristin Snyder, who fell hard for Keith but was then shunned and discarded (and ultimately took her own life because of it).

      Kim Snyder openly admits that Kristin was basically a PSYCHOTIC WOMAN who had basically lost touch with reality during her final days.

      Kim admits that Kristin was EUPHORIC over Keith Raniere (she worshiped Keith) and wanted nothing more than to be with him.

      Kristin had allowed herself to believe that she was a candidate for an ‘avatar baby’ and to be Keith’s #1 love —– just like many other women had believed that same lie.

      The only difference (between Kristin and Keith’s other mistresses) is that Kristin had lost touch with reality and was psychotic enough to kill herself over this rejection.

      Kim, you’re giving us the recipe for a psychotic woman who lusted after a man she could not possess —– and was finally brought to thoughts of ‘suicide’ over her unrequited feelings towards Keith.

      As much as you hate Keith, you can’t blame him for her death just because he may have “used” Kristin and didn’t return her feelings of affection. That’s Kristin’s fault for not having control over her emotions.

      Based on Kim’s postings, it’s obvious that Kristin wanted Keith to sire a child with her and to live in harmony with her forever —– but when NXIVM didn’t respond to her ‘screams’ (about her pregnancy) she likely felt alone, worthless and was not able to come to terms with that reality. So she suicided herself.

      It was no homicide, at least not by NXIVM or Keith.

      Keith had no reason to kill her since Kristin was just ONE of MANY women that Keith ‘used’ (sexually) and then discarded. This was nothing new for Keith.

      At this point I no longer give a fuck about Kristin’s case, nor do I know if it was murder or suicide.

      *But I do know that 1 of the 2 below scenarios are true:

      1) Kristin was a nutcase who worshiped Keith and killed herself after realizing that Keith didn’t give a shit about her or her claims of pregnancy.

      2) Weirdo Heidi Clifford was jealous of the love/sex triangle between herself, Kristin and Keith and was likely angry about her wife getting banged by a REAL MAN. This is the oldest motive in the book for murder. …and as I already pointed out, the suicide note was possibly a clever way to frame NXIVM, assuming it was forged and not written by Kristin.

      That’s it. Cased closed. Deal with it, Kim. Or seek a counselor if you can’t.

      The fact that Kim and Frank won’t accept these LOGICAL conclusions is simply a reflection of their own BIAS against Keith and NXIVM.

      Frank is just too invested (professionally) in the “Keith angle” that he can’t disentangle himself from it.

      Kim is so emotionally invested in the “Keith angle” that she also can’t untangle her own web of shit that she’s spun.

      This ship has sailed.

      • There is one possible motive for Keith — he was known as a celibate; his business depended on him being a guru of sorts. Getting a woman pregnant would have been bad = extremely bad – for business. I do not know if it was murder of not. But I am pretty sure he had a motive. And according to his IT man, Clare Bronfman said Keith DID get Kristin Snyder pregnant.

        • Yes, but Clare is a known liar. You have proven this with your case. Frank, if Heidi is innocent, why doesn’t she stand up for herself?

      • Kim, first, just to step back for a minute, please keep in mind that Frank put together several different things I wrote to make this post, and his own eye-catching title. That’s not exactly how I would have addressed you, myself.

        I appreciate and respect that you are the one who has provided us with information about your sister’s deteriorating state of mind prior to her (final) visit for Albany.

        For the period when she was in Anchorage doing that last intensive, we have to rely on other accounts – the best sources being Heidi and Kenny, mostly from what is available online and in Frank’s interviews. From them we can establish that Kristin was in far worse mental condition than when you saw her last, exhibiting symptoms consistent with psychosis and obviously suicidal.

        I actually have decades of detailed experience and knowledge regarding the hypnotic and suggestive techniques NXIVM used in its intensives, and particularly in its EM sessions, that apparently resulted in your sister making allegations of abuse, and which I know could just be a type of false memory syndrome (see, for instance, ). That background includes hypnosis itself, NLP, abreaction and regression in both individual and group settings, and the workings of Scientology – I hope you can appreciate those are relevant things that I understand particularly well.

        And the Certificate of Presumptive Death says that Kristin’s employer was the National Guard. Have you seen the back side which shows the narrative that the jury accepted, which looks like it was probably provided by Kenny?

        I’m trying to stay focused on established facts rather than the sort of speculation that I’ve seen get out of hand in other instances, and most importantly, on what can actually be done to try to get to the truth, particularly including getting people to come forward with what they know. Have you considered my suggestion to contact Kenny, or do you not agree that he’s possibly one of your best resources in Anchorage?

        And I’m actually interested enough in trying to be truly helpful in getting the truth, that as I’ve hinted about previously, I’m doing something about it – you’ll be hearing more soon.

        p.s. Frank, I should have more for you on that last point, hopefully including a relevant photograph, within 24 hours.

        • My friends in Anchorage say Kenny, whom they knew somewhat, awhile ago, is a decent, if kind of eccentric guy. They say he marches to beat of his own drummer but is certainly not evil, or dishonest. He reportedly quit working for the State of Alaska as a natural resources attorney because he didn’t find the job fulfilling. Is involved in folk dancing and nordic skiing. That’s the report I got.

    • Interestingly, you say Kris was euphoric over Keith. Do you suppose this made Clifford or another of Raniere’s harem jealous enough to kill her?

  • Kim
    Flowers- since you seem to want to catch me in misspellings- My sister, Kris’ death, is a HOMICIDE! I am normally a fantastic speller!

    • Kim, I wasn’t the one who pointed out the spelling error, I only commented on that commenter’s post.
      Her death was determined to be a suicide, not a homicide. So, unless some new information is discovered now, I don’t think that ruling will change.

  • Peaches,

    I agree 100% Clifford acted strangely cold and not like a woman who lost their spouse.

    I believe Clifford’s and Snyder’s relationship was at the breaking point when Kristen committed suicide. I believe Heidi Clifford withheld the fact that the marriage was in trouble because she was worried about becoming a suspect.

    I don’t believe a guilty person would have been so honest with Frank or have agreed to participate in Frank’s show.

    Heidi Clifford is a liar. However, I don’t see a motive for premeditated murder. The marriage(civil union) had no assets or money; and the civil union was not recognized by Alaskan law. Clifford could’ve just left the relationship with no worry about alimony.

    Murder by passion? This was a premeditated murder if it was murder and would’ve taken careful planning and accomplices.

    • Good question. For the record as long as Clifford had POA the civil union doesn’t matter. Motive? Jealousy, fear of loosing Kris perhaps. Maybe Clifford is codependent? Does this lady even have any emotions I wonder or if she is sad is it like Raniere sad, where he pretended to cry the 2nd or 3rd time he ” heard” Gina was dead? Motive? Definitely greed. I’d say greed and jealously.
      I think Heidi snapped loosing Kris to Nxivm and set Nxivm up. IMO

      • Peaches,

        The POA, good point and an important point. My memory was off.

        Heidi Clifford is unquestionably cold to the point of seeming like in automaton. Not to be mean but it’s hard to imagine anyone falling in love with her.

        Thank you for replying.

  • Kin
    For all of you out there- that think you are SO smart about my sister, Kris’ case- you are NOT in the loop!!!!
    A) Lie ONE: Was that a family member molested my sister- 17 years ago, and that is why she took her own life. That LIE was made up by Keith Rainere and his minions. That was their “delving into what was wrong with the person”.
    B) 17 years later- we were told, by Kris’ domestic partner, Heidi, that Kris had told her, she was pregnant with his child, that the molestation story was NOT true against the family member. It is too late to recant and apologize to the person.
    C) Kris disappeared, after being tossed out of the class- 4-5x’s, Kris telling people she was pregnant with Keith’s child. Kris was suppose to be taken home by Elaine Smiloff- did she ever get there? No!!
    D) Kris was medically “Neglected”, by Keith and his minions, because they did NOT know what they were doing. They did NOT get the medical attention for Kris, that she SO needed.
    E) Elaine Smiloff was to take Kris home, wait with her, until Heidi got home, but she did NOT do so. If Kenny was living in the home the last 3 weeks of Kris’ life….why didn’t he see Kris???? What happened to the plan?? Anony Mamet??? Trouble maker!!!!!
    F) Kris disappeared from the class- Esther and Ed were in constant contact with Namcy Salzman, In Albany, NY- she was directing them as to what to do. They all had a hand in Kris’ death.
    G) If Kris went home, how did she get back to the hotel to get her truck? Heidi says she was in NO shape to drive 2 hours to Seward, AK. How did Kris get back to the truck- 10 miles from home to the hotel?
    G) Kris was NOT in good shape in December 2002- when I was in Colorado with her. She had already taken her 1st intensive then, she then, went to Albany, NY- (we have the credit card sheets to prove it!). She went to Albany, NY- before and after she visited us, In January 2003.
    She had been to the NXIVM headquarters then. She was seen at night there, but NOT during the day. Why would she make up a rape/pregnancy lie?
    H) Kris was NOT well when she visited our family, in January 2003-here in Dillon. She was so excited about Keith. She was euphoric!!!!! Kris never acted like this.
    I) There have been SO many lies about the “kayak shed”, and the fact that “The Miller’s”, at Miller’s landing, have changed their story many times. (Texted Seward Police Report). They have now said, there was NO shed- the kayak was sitting out in the elements- used as a planter!!!!
    J) Our family was in Anchorage, for a long time, while the search was going on- we had NOTHING to do with the “death certificate”. Heidi and Keith did that on their own. That had NOTHING to do with our family.
    K) Funeral/ memorial services in our home town, were NOT done quickly- we planned them, slowly and with family help- we were NOT rushing things!!!!!! (
    L) NXIVM has a “HUGE” hand in Kris’ death- ANONY MAKER!!!!! I did NOT realize you were there when my sister 1st died- to have so much proof to go after me- You are an ignorant person!!! Get your facts before you YACK!!!!! Idiot!!!!!

    • To bed, hardly. Tell us how well you sleep at night when your thoughts drift off to your ‘suicided’ loved one, Niceguy 3.0? And why are you so emotionally riveted to this blog?

      With all due respect to AnonyMaker, I’ve observed that he is very selective in choosing ‘facts’ that fit his too-quick, foregone conclusions, overlooking those that do not. Troll or no, this factor does bespeak some agenda he is not sharing with us. But, please, feel free Anony.

      • Heidi,

        I should have been more specific, I was referring to the idea of Heidi Clifford murdering Kristen Snyder.

        You can be quite cutting. No one on this blog has ever said anything to me that actually hurt until now.

        I never actually read Kim Snyder’s or your articles because it’s too painful. I just leave comments.

        By the way, you never did anything wrong. You don’t have anything to feel guilty about. Stop blaming yourself.

        I hope you find the answers and the justice you seek, and even more, I hope you find some happiness in your life. You have been through hell. Life is short. I wish you well.

  • Sorry if I over-reacted, too, Kim and AnnonyMaker. I’m just fed up with all the absurd accusations being flung around like flying monkey dung!

  • Anonymaker:

    This case looks suspiciously like a homicide caused by pushing a ;person to commit suicide.
    Your own comments point to the possibility of homicide.

    ” I think it’s clear that NXIVM had a hand in what happened to Kristin. At a minimum, they recklessly used processes that can be dangerous to mental health in spite of knowing that from previous cases, negligently prevented her from getting necessary professional care when she needed it, and lied about and covered up their role when things went terribly wrong.” Anonymaker

    “A 2019 Times Union article reported that “Powers saw Snyder in the days before she disappeared. He recalled her as suicidal, a dramatically different person from the level-headed woman he knew for years ” Anonymaker

    These two quotes by Anonymaker indicate that there is something about Kristin Snyder’s presumed death worth investigating as a homicide.

    Let’s Look at the Law going beyond Anonymaker’s bloviations
    (Bloviation is a style of empty speech described it as “the art of speaking for as long as the occasion warrants, and saying nothing”.)


    This is true! People have been criminally prosecuted for manslaughter without ever laying a finger on the suicide victim, although it varies from state to state.

    “In Missouri, a Dairy Queen manager has been charged with second-degree involuntary manslaughter after a teen she supervised committed suicide.”

    “The 21-year old manager, Harley Branham, was charged after witnesses testified about her alleged treatment of 17-year old Kenneth Suttner at an inquest called by the coroner. Witnesses said the manager made Suttner lie on the restaurant floor as he cleaned it by hand, and that she once threw a cheeseburger at Suttner because he made it wrong.”

    “The coroner also heard that Suttner was also bullied at school by students who made fun of his weight and speech impediment. Even though the coroner’s jury blamed both the Dairy Queen and the School District, the Dairy Queen manager was still charged with second-degree involuntary manslaughter.”

    “William F. Melchert-Dinkel was a Minnesota nurse who encouraged people in Internet chat rooms to live-stream their own hangings. He allegedly told people what methods of suicide worked best, that it was a decent choice to commit suicide, that they would be better off in heaven, and pretended to enter into suicide pacts with them. In 2011 Melchert-Dinkel was found guilty of two counts under a Minnesota law under which it was illegal to “advise” or “encourage” suicide. ”

    The very facts that NXIVM hired private investigators to look into Kristin Snyder’s death and peddled a cock and bull story about Mexican drug dealers show that the NXIVM leadership knew that there garbage psycho therapy pushed Kristin Snyder to kill herself.

    Anonymaker, you are nothing but a gaslighting troll who pushes NXIVM non-sense.

    • There are three things lacking in the Snyder case:
      1. It happened almost 20 years ago, long before any of the cases you cited;
      2. There are very few facts that can be used to charge someone(s); and
      3. Alaska isn’t a snowflake state.

      Good luck with that rabbit hole. LOL

      • It happens 17 yrs ago, Scott.
        Clifford withheld facts…. pregnancy? she says she didn’t want them thinking she had something to do with Snyder’s untimely demise. Any loving normal person would have wanted to help clear their name first and foremost, in my opinion, not hide facts. When you lie, you have something to hide. What was she hiding?

        • Any loving normal person would have wanted to find out what happened to a person they loved, and never would have thought about themselves getting in trouble. Clifford may or may not be hiding something. She is not a normal person in my opinion.

          • Then why lie? Honestly, I think she fucked up with saying she was pregnant 16 yrs later and then her excuse is super fucking suspicious. Top it off she is also brainwashed…. bullshit. POA. Fact…sold the 9,000 dollar Toyota to pay a debt, bullshit. Says Esther made her pay, bullshit.
            She lies like a dog on a rug.

          • Why does an abnormal person lie? There could be a variety of reasons. There are lies of commission (saying something that is not true) and lies of omission (not saying something that is true). When there is a whole group of abnormal people interacting with each other, the possibilities increase geometrically. Add in anonymous people saying things and it’s nearly impossible to sort things out.

    • Shadow, how in the world can you read Anonymaker’s posts and arrive at the conclusion that he is pushing NXIVM nonsense?
      Do you think every person who doesn’t believe that every word Frank posts to be the absolute truth, is, in fact, a troll? In your opinion, Shadow, questioning a theory and searching for the truth is the equivalent of trolling?

      It sounds as though you are the one who is brainwashed, Shadow, not Anonymaker.

      • Flowers-

        How in the “world” indeed, Flowers? Shadow is a flat earther: i.e., the “world” is flat. Shadow arrives at his conclusions by consulting blogs run by highly rational individuals on Zyprexa or Shadow uses his own vast imagination.

        In Shadowstate1958’s world, all mutually-exclusive events are interconnected.

        Did you know the day J.F. Kennedy was assassinated, the temperature in Madagascar was 83 degrees?

    • I agree with all but your last paragraph on this topic, Shadow.

      There is much evidence that NXIVM deliberately, proudly pushed “emotional triggers” in both Gina and Kris’ cases. I’m quoting myself from the Albany TU 2012 series AND the monster himself, Keith Alan Raniere who actually boasted about pulling emotional triggers in a You Tube promotional video made after Gina’s death. He premeditated and contrived Gina’s suicide for years including reviewing methods with her and, then, giving her the CBI computer that had the suicide method images on it. When I extracted and gave that hard drive to the Albany TU and they found the images, they concluded — as I believe Raniere hoped they would — that Gina could not have been murdered and certainly, willingly committed suicide. What they didn’t put together was that Raniere planned it with her and, in fact, could have lost patience with her indecision and pulled more than the emotional triggers in the end.

      Whether or not this amounts to a prosecutable crime in NYS, it’s a story that needs to be told, an investigation that needs to take place to help others avoid the same ‘fate.’

      Curiously, btw, Gina’s laptop was ‘wiped’ otherwise.

    • Shadow, it’s not gaslighting just to point out the truth that there’s no real proof – in fact, it’s the opposite.

      I’m actually concerned that Kim is being strung along by baseless speculation, into believing things about what happened to her sister that may not be true, a matter in which we are just spectators but she has enormous investment. Conspiracy theorizing is not always harmless, and can even itself be a form of psychological manipulation in the same general vein as gaslighting – that’s why it’s common in cults, and we see Raniere specifically using it for instance to get the Bronfmans to believe a false narrative about the commodities losses he was actually responsible for.

      I’ve said that we should push for those involved in what happened to Kristin to come forward and come clean, that there should be a renewed law enforcement investigation, and that the Snyders should at least consider a civil lawsuit. I’m not attempting to dissuade anyone from responding appropriately.

  • Anonymaker: The National Guard had nothing to do with Kris’ death.
    Go read Kris’ story from beginning to end- and then tell me this was NOT homocide.

    • Anony, sometimes things will fall on deaf ears because those who hear them cannot comprehend, but sometimes the deafness is intentional.

      • More likely intentional because anonyfaker has a reputation to keep. Most people tuned anonyfaker out eons ago

        • For what it is worth, I think AnonyMaker’s comments are a benefit to the Frank Report. I do not always agree with his views [and vice versa] but I think he is sincere. He is logical and I also appreciate that he is polite. It is very refreshing to have someone disagree without name calling.

          • I agree Frank, there are too many people who are rude and impolite to each other and I think that’s wrong.

            I think you should ban anybody who’s rude or impolite cuz that’s just not how civilized discourse should happen.

            Oh wait, that’s what a fucken LIBERAL ASSHOLE would say when trying to influence how free speech is spoken.

            Eat shit, Frank.

            You’re forgetting that free speech is so cherished precisely because it’s not scripted, boring and polite. If I wanna read boring and polite bullshit, I’ll read Snow White or Cinderella.

            Besides, Frank, I find it odd that you encourage your members to be polite when YOU crap all over NXIVM members all day long —- using the same harsh, rude, impolite and abusive language that you caution your members not to use.

            So it’s okay to be rude when speaking about Lauren, Keith, Clare, Sara, Allison (etc) but it’s not okay for me to be rude when speaking about ASSHOLES like Niceguy and AnonyMaker, or bitches like Shivani and Heidi?

            I don’t accept that logic, Frank.

            Have a nice day. 🙂

    • Freudian slip? Homicide. Bottom line, we don’t know what happened and it makes the most sense to keep every potential story open and keep looking for more facts to see where they fit, although at this late date facts will be hard to come by – even IF (and that’s a big IF) people are trying to be honest, because memories fade/change over time and many potential witnesses are dead. For example, Snyder may have been encouraged by NXIVM to spill the beans about being sexually assaulted when she was a little girl and then couldn’t live with that secret getting out. That story was hidden from us for several months before being disclosed. What other hidden stories are not being discussed?

    • Kim, as I wrote before, my reference to the National Guard is mostly just to point out that it’s possible to come up with what might be a plausible-sounding theory about almost anything. But I actually do happen to have a bit of personal experience with what National Guard environmental contractors are sometimes sent to do, and it can be stranger than you might expect – I could tell you some real tales. Plus it could be pointed out that if Kristin were doing some sort of secret work, you wouldn’t have known about it. That all may start to sound dubious if not ridiculous, but it’s the sort of thing that’s in the air here, like in the pieces Frank posts by Leonard Horowitz (who might well think that NXIVM was really a government MK-Ultra mind control experiment), and I think that tendency to get too far into speculation has bled over into this case.

      I would agree that what happened to Kristin was something approaching negligent homicide, if only just given NXIVM’s reckless use of potentially dangerous psychological techniques, followed by their inept handling of the problems she was experiencing, and the deliberate denial of proper psychiatric care at a crucial juncture. But if it were an obvious case of intentional homicide, the experienced professional law enforcement investigators would have recognized that at the time. The only thing that’s really different now is that we know that information was withheld from investigators that pointed to a possible motive Raniere and the NXians would have had for something more sinister – though Heidi withheld that because she thought it might point to her. The investigation ought to be renewed to look in to, and hopefully settle, things like that, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that there would be a different conclusion in the end.

      I recently had a chance to ponder this case while on a little trip – and to take a bit of direct action to try to help get at the truth, that you’ll be hearing about soon. It occurred to me, to suggest that Kenny Powers may be your best resource for getting to the bottom of what happened. He knew Kristin well, coordinated the civilian side of the search – and is a former Alaska state Assistant Attorney General as well, so he knows about crime and prosecution. If he thinks there is something to pursue in the case then he would be someone who could tell you how to get law enforcement to take another look; and if not, then he can give you a perspective and opinion far better than you will ever get from any of the amateur armchair speculators here.

      • Hold up one moment, please. Heidi and Kenny should be suspect due to how close they were. IMO and as far as I can tell, they were of little to no use then and from “The Lost Women of Nxivm” till now, I see they are still no help. Powers had plenty of government access then to do more. Instead, he and Clifford quickly signed the presumptive death certificate. Seriously, that Toyota is a crime scene, in my opinion, and should be tracked down. Anonymaker, maybe you can use your “hypnotic” NLP bullshit on Powers and suggest he tell the truth. Heidi Clifford also, she should be easy…..and see about getting some propofol that might help them tell the truth. Thanks

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