The Right Side: Is Adam Schiff’s Daughter at the Bottom of Impeachment?

Adam and Alexa Schiff

By J. Gary DiLaura, FBI retired


ADAM SCHIFF, ALEXA SCHIFF, ERIC CIARAMALLA, MICHAEL ATKINSON. JOHN CARLIN, NANCY PELOSI, JERRY NADLER, all need to appear before a Federal Grand Jury to answer a few questions, as soon as the “Impeachment” process is over.

Schiff, early on, stated under oath that he doesn’t know who the whistle blower is, that he never talked to him and he never met him.

He also said that the whistle blower heard the president’s conversation with the Ukrainian President and told a 2nd NSI employee who told a third party who reported his concerns. That is exactly what Schiff said and it’s probably one of the few times he told the truth!

ACIG Mike Atkinson reported he took Eric Ciaramalla’s compliant even though it was not in accordance with whistle blower rules – that the complainant be first hand.

So Atkinson changed the form to be able to take a noncompliant, complaint. Why?

DOJ refused the complaint because it didn’t follow the “direct evidence” Rule so Atkinson took either Ciaramalla or just his complaint to Congress possibly with NSD Director John Carlin’s help.

Eric Ciaramalla is reportedly the boyfriend of Adam Schiff’s daughter, Alexa.

If that is true, then the following all falls in place, nice and neatly making a perfect RICO case and makes very good sense… and it is a criminal conspiracy, with several RICO predicate crimes.

Let’s call Person #1 the Whistle Blower; Person #2 the relay person and Ciaramalla is Schiff’s actual informant.

I believe that Person #1 listened first hand to the two Presidents’ phone call.

If he didn’t, it makes the case even better because it is then fraud all the way through!

Person #1 told Person #2 that he believed the call was illegal. At this point I believe we have Person #1 and Person #2 (Dumb and Dumber) trying to figure out what to do, as I am certain that neither #1 ,#2 or Eric had any idea what Quid Pro Quo means.

They (1 &2), consult with someone and go to Eric (Dumber Yet) .

Eric tells his story to Alexa Schiff, Adam’s daughter, who absolutely has no “Secret- Classified” clearance and absolutely no business knowing what two Presidents discussed privately.

It’s a felony for Eric to tell Alexa anything NSI. It’s a Felony for Eric to leak. It’s probably a felony for #1 to tell #2 to tell Eric!

Just because they all work for an Intelligence Agency, [an oxymoron] doesn’t mean they can talk at the water cooler about what the President says.

Alexa then told her daddy, Adam Schiff, which is another Felony. Most Congressmen have no Security Clearances, none.

Some on special committees do. Schiff violated numerous conditions that his clearances are based upon, leaking being high on the list!

What we have is two or more people, working at the same goal; to overthrow, impeach and remove a duly elected President and overturn our Constitutional Republic by mail fraud, wire fraud, espionage and other predicate crimes and interfere in a Presidential election to place their choice in the oval office, without any direct evidence of a crime, violating the President’s Constitutional Rights under the 6th and 14th Amendments.

They did so through a pattern of Racketeering Activity with the common goal to remove and replace a duly elected President with someone of their choosing.

They did this for the financial benefit of retaining their high paying jobs.

Mr. President, this is not a game nor is it the time to show any compassion. Direct AG Barr and FBI Director Wray to do a Grand Jury investigation. We all heard your attorneys declare how illegal the Impeachment is… even their attorney, Mr. Dershowitz, said their actions violated the law and the Constitution. What more do we need?

There must be consequences or there will never be an end to their illegal acts.

Also, don’t let James Comey or Hillary go. Get them charged.


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    Adam Schiff’s daughter is not dating “Eric Ciaramella”. One Turning Point, USA blogger made a bad joke and then a bunch of people thought it was serious.

    Her boyfriend’s name is Eric, but it is not Eric Ciaramella. He is a student at Northwestern University and his picture can actually be found on pages for the university (apparently he is in the Department of Mathematics).

  • No English speaking singers in the Super Bowl 1/2 Time Show is a clear indicator the United States is being invaded!!!!!!!!!

  • Regarding the Sciff Daughter Boyfriend Connection:

    Rep. Adam Schiff wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving from him, his wife, his daughter Alexa, and her boyfriend ‘whistleblower’ Eric.

    It’s a tweet, and a poor joke considering the seriousness of the proceedings. It’s a myth or fake news or whatever moniker you want to slap on it

    Trump was never in any real danger of getting impeached.

          • Who cares if you talked to him on the phone. Is this supposed to be significant and elevate him to hero status because he talked to you? Get over yourself. LOL, I asked “you” why you thought he was a hero in your mind, and yet didn’t tell me in your own words. You pathetic piece of shit. Why don’t you go back to selling Amway which is better suited for your intelligence, asshole?

          • You care, because you asked, remember? LOL

            I didn’t connect him being a hero with my phone call with him. LOL

            I told you why, I said to look up information about him online. LOL

            That makes YOU the pathetic piece of sh!t. LOL

            I don’t go back to “selling” Amway because it’s a scam. LOL

            Instead, I educate people about Amway and other MLM scams while you make a fool out of yourself on this website. That’s how the (girl scout) cookie crumbles. LOL

    • How was your call with Gary, for a couple of hours? Please don’t leave us in suspense. No less, I bet you asked to interview him on your radio show. Was the call with Gary equally satisfying for you both? Maybe you should send Gary a lock of your hair so her can put it under his pillow…and remember. Buoahahahahahahhahhhh!!!

  • Isn’t it odd that Representative Adam Schiff of West Hollywood, California wants to tie down President Trump with investigation after investigation while
    when he had the opportunity to investigate the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi Congressman by Islamic terrorists Schiff called an investigation “a colossal waste of time” ?

    Investigation of Benghazi attack
    ” Schiff called the establishment of a select committee to investigate the 2012 attack a “colossal waste of time,” and said Democratic leaders should not appoint any members, ”

    • The admitted REAL reason for the Benghazi investigations:
      Then Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), told Fox News’s Sean Hannity explicitly on Tuesday night that the Clinton investigation was part of a “strategy to fight and win.” He explained: “Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi special committee, a select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping.”

      • You forgot that there were over 300 emails from the US diplomats in Libya begging for protection.
        There were around a dozen well armed Islamic militia groups in Benghazi.
        One of the leaders of those Islamic militias even met with Mr. Sara Bronfman, aka Baset-igtet.
        Instead of increasing security for the US diplomats in Benghazi or pulling out the personnel as the British did, Her Royal Highness Hillary allowed the US personnel to remain sitting ducks.
        It was a shameful episode.
        Ambassador Chris Stevens’ blood is on Hillary’s hands.
        So is the blood of three other Americans.

          • Anonymous, Libya is now a failed state with slave auctions. It’s more than just 4 Americans.

      • Hello comrade, let me say what was actuallly FOUR and One Half years ago.The part you left out you disingenuous hypocritical SOB

        From the left wing nut site VOX
        Sep 30, 2015, 11:50am EDT

        Here’s what he said, via Roll Call:

        What you’re going to see is a conservative speaker, that takes a conservative Congress, that puts a strategy to fight and win. And let me give you one example. Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right?

        But we put together a Benghazi special committee. A select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping. Why? Because she’s untrustable. But no one would have known that any of that had happened had we not fought to make that happen.

        Seems the democrat leftist commenter left out the last part as he takes the comments of McCarthy out of context.
        BTW junior, it has nothing to do with what is happening today almost five years later.

    • Isn’t it odd that Representative Adam Schiff of West Hollywood, California wants to tie down President Trump with investigation after investigation while

      No it is not odd. Schiff is a deep state operative who is slowly and soon to be painfully exposed.He has much in his corrupt closet and the assets that have been protecting him are being stripped away. His political days are numbered. Keep an eye on Ed Buck also as that is another major problem for the Schiffty one.

      His pencil neck is going to fit nicely into the noose of treason.

  • No Ciaramella is not Schiffs daughter’s boyfriend. That is disinfo being put out by the leftists to create confusion and make the justice movement look foolish.

    You need to read this as it will inform you what is really going on and the extent of the corruption.

    The Plundering Of Ukraine By Corrupt American Democrats
    By Israel Shamir

    Top Dems are involved in the plundering of the Ukraine: new names, mind-boggling accounts. The mysterious ‘whistleblower’ whose report had unleashed the impeachment is named in the exclusive interview given to the Unz Review by a prominent Ukrainian politician, an ex-Member of Parliament of four terms, a candidate for Ukraine’s presidency, Oleg Tsarev.

    It’s more that only the Ukraine,

    that was our “starter for 10”

    Many more countries will emerge as Free & Sovereign after the dust settles.

    Neither is the criminality partisan and only democrats.

    The dems or exposing themselves daily, with their antics. They are in focus right now.

    See what crawls out from under the rocks when the Republican crooks have some light shone on them.

    Romney is looking like an early candidate.

    The cancer in both sides needs to be cut out.

    I view it as, we have a single political class of people who are positioned on both sides of the divide. This ensures that the controllers have all their bases covered.

    They own all of the horses and they never lose a race.

    However,the Democrats and DS partners are like feeding jackals. They see a distressed target of opportunity and can’t wait to dive in and plunder.

    They gorge on the host and all the hangers on want to join in. It was done in Ukraine but also Haiti, Afghanistan and Iraq among others.

    Flood the place with US Aid then siphon it all off into their own pockets. Set up family, friends and associates with contracts to suck up the free cash.

    Take advantage of natural disasters or bomb the place to justify contracts to rebuild at super inflated prices. Suck the marrow out of the country, capture the drugs, traffic the kids. Then these same criminals act all holier than thou. Some are politicians who think their criminal activities will never be exposed. Their ill-gotten gains make them feel superior to the honest hard working people they pretend to represent.

    Some are the middlemen who dress in Armani suits and carry suitcases full of cash. Some are hidden behind layers of classification that laugh at the money that floods into their overseas accounts. These are the bastards that never wanted Trump and for good reason.

    They wanted Hillary because they knew she was all in on the scams and they were “with her”.

    Trump would hinder their cash flow. And this is why he is our hero. Who else would do it? Nobody else could even try. He knew their game and knew many of them personally. Who better to end this massive corruption?

    • The Vampires of Wall Street, who now work predominantly for the Imperialist Democrats, want to establish Global Hegemony and control the world’s natural resources.
      When these Wall Street imperialists controlled the Republican Party under the Bush Family Criminal Gang led by Dick Cheney, they tried to take over the huge oil deposits of Russia by grabbing a company called Yukos.
      Under the Biden criminal family the Wall Street Imperialists wanted to seize the oil and natural gas deposits of the Eastern Ukraine, an area populated by ethnic Russians.
      Since 1900 every major Global conflict has been a struggle for control of the world’s oil.
      That’s why the US Deep State tolerates Saudi sponsored terrorism.

      And who sacrifices their lives to make Wall Street billionaires even richer with Russian, Ukrainian and Middle Eastern oil?
      The American middle and working class.

      The American Deep State hates Donald Trump because he took over the Republican party from the Bush gang and Trump wants peace with Russia.

      “Putin’s Oil: The Yukos Affair and the Struggle for Russia”

      These conflicts are not about Communism vs. Capitalism.
      These conflicts are a geopolitical struggle for control of the world’s economic resources.
      The ultimate goal is Global American Hegemony for the Wolves of Wall Street.
      America wants its hands on the oil spigots of the world so that if Europe or China “misbehave” their energy supplies can be shut off.

      By the way Fort-Russ is a good website.
      So is New Eastern Outlook.

      “Trump’s Impeachment Is About Russia — via Ukraine”
      “Not only is it official American defense policy to ‘take down’ Russia due to its mineral wealth, Hillary Clinton, who leads that campaign, although she is not running has accused the one anti-war presidential candidate, Tulsi Gabbard, of being ‘a Russian asset’, forcing Tulsi to sue her for slander.”

        • I don’t know about him – but any country that America has raped in the last couple of decades should be defended. Qadaffi was not the “brutal tyrant” but his removal cost Libya all of their gold…and they had a lot! Anybody know where it went? We enacted the Magnitsky Act against Russia at the behest of Browder…who is a criminal; Magnitsky was an accountant, NOT an attorney, and that entire BS was a fraud on us, and on Russia! I could go on…and you probably don’t believe me…but maybe one day the truth will come out, if the truth-tellers can manage to stay alive.

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