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Neil Glazer

Now perhaps readers can understand why I like Bangkok being on this site.  He raises controversial issues that should be addressed. He is the loyal opposition. And let me say again, I do not know who Bangkok is. And I am not trying to find out.  I do not know if Bangkok is male or female, though I seriously doubt he is Dennis Burke, but I cannot say that for certain. I do know he is not me. 

Here is what Bangkok wrote today.

By Bangkok

It’s a shame that Neil Glazer and Frank Parlato became opponents, and possibly even enemies over the last 6 months.

These are 2 guys who should be on the same side in this battle against NXIVM.

Although Frank would probably hesitate to confirm that Neil Glazer and him are enemies —– the truth is that Neil’s representation of Toni NataLIE did make him enemies with Frank, since Toni had tried to sully the reputation of many people that Frank respects while even talking trash about Frank himself.

I think that Neil Glazer needs to bury the hatchet and make amends with Frank Parlato, perhaps inviting him to a ‘beer summit’ or having a cup of java together.

Neil needs to realize that he was on the wrong side of this case when he came here to defend Toni NataLIE against Frank Parlato.

I encourage Neil to stop being a PUSSY and to finally make amends with Frank Parlato.

Somebody must make the first move and Neil has got to be that person, since Frank was disrespected and it’s not up to him to be the one to apologize.

It’s your move, Neil.

PS — I also encourage Heidi Hutchinson to NEVER go back to kissing Toni’s ass like she did a few months ago. I still can’t believe that after Heidi heard that Toni was talking shit about both her and Gina —— Heidi actually apologized to Toni and started kissing her butt. But Frank became a pit bull and stood up to both Neil and Toni.

Toni Natalie sports a tattoo that says “In war, truth is the first casualty – but not this time.” And it is 100 percent true. Truth was the first casualty for Toni. She even lied about her tattoo. Her tattoo, she said, was in memory of her brother who committed suicide because of Nxivm. The only problem is that her brother did not commit suicide. He died of a heart attack.

By Frank Parlato

Bangkok, Neil and I are not enemies. We have never been enemies. At times, we have disagreed on matters, mostly over naming his clients on Frank Report.

But he has never tried to interfere with my publishing – and I never tried to interfere with his legal representation of his clients.

I would say overall we have mutual respect.

I think the Nxivm prosecution would have not been successful except for Neil Glazer who provided incredible legal representation to key witnesses like Daniela, Jay, Nicole and others that made the prosecution’s case.

I had a hand in getting Nicole to the FBI and had ample communications with Daniela prior to the investigation, encouraging her to go to law enforcement.

But it was Neil who got the job done.

When I had documents or info to give to the FBI, I gave them to Neil, who turned it over to the FBI. During the entire course of the investigation and trial, I never once spoke to anyone from the DOJ.

So, we were in the war together. And that bonds people in a special kind of way.

No, Neil and I are not enemies. I can’t imagine we ever will be.  In fact, I would use him as an attorney myself, and I have recommended numerous people to him.

As evidence of his not having any animus towards me, I believe Neil released his civil complaint to me prior to anyone else in the media. I believe I broke the story the night before other media outlets had it.

On numerous occasions, Neil has asked me to take down names or identifying information about victims. Most of the time, I did that for him. Sometimes I declined.

My position is that if a victim helped the prosecution – she need not have testified but was at least willing to testify – I deemed that sufficient to not use her full name.

With few exceptions, I followed the court’s policy on naming people with first or first and last names. There were exceptions. For instance, the court directed that witnesses and lawyers use only the first name for Sarah Edmondson. I found that nonsensical. After all, she had appeared on Page 1 of The New York Times – and written a book about her experience in NXIVM.

Sarah Edmondson with Lauren Salzman, pre-branding.

India Oxenberg is another exception. Her own mother made a movie about her involvement. And everyone knows who she is now. It is pointless to use only her first name.

Cami Fernandez

As for Camilia Fernandez, for a time I did not use her last name, but when I found out she still supports the Vanguard and is working for Rainbow Cultural Garden – which means that she’s still possibly hurting little children – and that she was an unindicted conspirator [she was part of the sex trafficking of Nicole], I chose to use her full name.

My general policy is that if people remained with Keith Raniere – or refused to do anything to help and yet were important people in Nxivm – I generally did not take their names off.

I have removed several names of people who did nothing to help in the takedown, but whose mention on the Frank Report [because people Google all the time and Frank Report dominated their search results] was ruining their job opportunities or the chance of their getting married.

I took their names off because they were comparatively low level members.

Important members deserve to be named for they are part of Nxivm history.

For instance, I have not removed Mark Hildreth’s name from the blog.  It is not that I have anything against Mark, but he was a big part of Nxivm history.

If he makes money from the lawsuit, good for him.

Kristin Kreuk and Mark Hildreth promoting Nxivm on a video.

As for Toni Natalie, Bangkok, you’re wrong.

There is no animus between Neil and me over Toni.  In fact, I was amused when I saw her name on the lawsuit.

She never misses an opportunity to try to cash in on her Nxivm faux victimization.

But I don’t dislike Toni. I actually like her.

Just like one would like an amiable scalawag, a lovable rogue. Sure, she’s a rascal, with a backbiting tongue, but she is an excellent con artist/grifter. And one always admires talent.

She has made a career out of being a victim and a damsel in distress for 20 years, when I know for a fact that she started at least half the fights with Keith Raniere.

Toni Natalie by MK10ART putting voodoo pins in a Frank Report doll.

I wish her well. Her book bombed, maybe partly because she lied to the world in it and it came off as inauthentic.

It is not as though the whole story is false. [And I do think that her cowriter, Chet Hardin, is a marvelous writer and a good guy.]

In some ways much of the greater story is true, but I do not understand her need to lie.  She could have had a so much better story if she told the truth.

I probably would have let her lies in her book go unmentioned. In fact, I would not have bothered to investigate. And for the most part, she spoke quite favorably about me in her book.

But her real-life behind the scenes backbiting of me was a little unfriendly and when I saw she lied about me to former Nxivm and DOS members, I suspected she lied in the book too.

Still, if she can make money off the Glazer lawsuit, I wish her well. I know she needs the money.

She’s an aging grifter with less and less feminine charm to beguile her marks.

I do not completely understand why Neil put her so prominently in the lawsuit. I think she is highly impeachable and will be easy to discredit on the witness stand and in depositions.  I also seriously doubt most of her claims to being a victim.

I rather suspect Toni will be a liability to Neil’s case.

But, as I said from the start, I do not interfere with his case, any more than he interferes with my blog.







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  • Actually the video is about a documentary supporting combat veterans, and doesn’t mention Nxivm…so I guess you could call it virtue signalling.

  • For respect of Dani wouldn’t you avoid using Camila ‘s last name? The position of using Camila’s last name does not make sense to me.

    • My concern is she is still a member of DOS, is part of Nxivm Mexico and is part of Rainbow. That makes her a menace to society. People who Google her have the right to know who she is and her history, especially if she is trying to sell women on a great sorority, or parents on a wonderful childhood teaching experiment, or the general public when she talks about a super human growth course. Or maybe she is just looking for a virgin for her latest leader of Nxivm, reportedly Jack Levy.

      • Thank you for the reply. I appreciate it.

        It is very complex. Not sure what the best protocol is for this case. Because one victim (Dani) can be affected by this. But I guess it could save dozens of other victims. Is DOS really still running? I was going to ask: “What proof is there that Cami is a menace to society? I could see more dangers in the people with money.“ But in reality, I guess you are right that we don’t really know. Enablers could get back to helping Raniere even when he is in prison. We don’t know to what they are capable of.

        I guess an advantage that Dani has is that her name is very common. I hope she had freedom from the cult. Looks like she does.

        • Dani might make some money off the lawsuit. Plus I understand she has a very well paying job now. One could say she has found success after the cult. But her two sisters, one of them the mother of Raniere’s child, still seem to be following Raniere, as is her father. In fact, her father wanted to testify for Raniere, but the DOJ would not agree NOT to arrest him in connection to his role in Dani’s confinement, so he chose not to come.

          • The real victims in this story to me are Kristen Snyder, Gina Hutchinson, and the 15 year old rape victim; Dani and her sisters.

            Those 6 women are victims in the purest sense of the word. They did nothing wrong and suffered the most.

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